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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a family tragedy. what investigators found at the scene of a murder/suicide where two parents and three young children were found dead. >> another investigation, days after fbi raids targeted the union is defending if the self in another probe. plus day two under way. team usa fighting to stay on top at medal count at rio games. a look at where they stand. nbc 10 at 6:00 begins now! tracking the highs and the
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lows on day two of the olympic games in rio. good evening. reporting live from rio de janeiro, brazil. team usa celebrating history making win in women's basketball. while a local family is speaking out after her dreams were dashed. plus, mother nature adding extra dose of drama to the games. good evening, i'm jacqueline london, reporting live from rio de janeiro, brazil tonight. we are overlooking the olympic park in barra. in a few minutes. i will show you the highlights from day two of the games. and we'll talk to the family of south jersey's kelsey, on how she is coping with the loss last night. right now, turn it over to the nbc studios in philadelphia. denise. >> jacqueline, we begin on a somber note. search for answers. one day after a family of five including three children was found dead in burkes county. investigators say they discovered a murder/suicide note in the home along with a handgun. but they are not revealing the
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identity of the shooter. nbc 10's reporter is near reading and joins us outside the family home. lauren, what have you learned? >> authorities do tell us their investigation has shown some evidence of domestic issues between the husband and wife. they have not revealed details of those. now, their investigation here at the home, that has wrapped up you've can see no crime scene tape, no police out here today. just a very quiet neighborhood, where neighbors i spoke with are shocked, they remember the kids, running around here at the home saying, hello, to the father. they just cannot fathom what happened. the family of five posing together. smiles from mom and dad with their young family. photos posted on face book show them huddled together. youngest already having endured so much as told by megan short in this video posted by children's hospital of
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pennsylvania. >> hi, i am megan short. and she was born here in the delivery unit. she had severe heart defects. she had surgery at three days old. >> saturday, 2-year-old willow found dead with her siblings, leanna and 5-year-old mark and parents mark and megan shork at their sinking spring home. police came hereafter being alerted by a family member that megan didn't show up for a lunch and couldn't be reached. inside the home on winding brook drive, the district attorney's office tells us officers found what appeared to be a hand written murder/suicide note. all five body with gunshot wound in the living room. the family dog was found dead too. while they found a handgun near one of the adults. authorities have not identified a shooter. saying they have more forensic work to do to be 100% sure, calling it a "apparent tragic domestic incident." and while police are no longer
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working here at this home, they are doing that forensic work off site. searching for some answers of what happened here. live in sinking spring, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, lauren. in an hour, fifth harmony will take the stage at camden bb & t pavilion which saw a railing collapse. on friday, the railing gave way. the crowd spilled on to the concrete. 42 people went to the hospital. the concert ended after the collapse. -- the concert ended after the collapse. jacqueline london, live in rio. second full day of competition got under way. the u.s. women's basketball team, in the quest for its sixth consecutive gold medal got off to a dominant start. take a look at what they did today on the hardwood. it was all team usa. u.s. women took on senegal in the olympic opener. u.s. women crushed the african
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champs, 121-56. 65-point win the largest margin of victory in u.s. olympic history. all 12 women on the team, registered at least four points led by diana taurasi, who scored 15. lea smith got her olympics off to a good start. pittsburgh native. took her top spot in the freestyle. goes for the gold alongside, fellow american, current olympic holder, katie ledecky. all eyes have been on south jersey's contender expected on the medal podium for the u.s. in the 100 meter fly. in less than one minute, those hopes were dashed. >> kelsey rural, kidded a hopeful in the 100 fly. failed to advance to the finals. finishing fourth and shut out from the opportunity to medal by .03 second.
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>> i caught up with family members who traveled to rio from south jersey. >> i am, so, so proud of her. i've don't know what is more important. how you handle success. or how you handle defeat. >> i told her, it's easy to win. it's, i am more impressed with how you lose. >> kelsey could medal in the 4 x 100 medley relay and is looking ahead to 2020. >> the entire worrell family have such a good attitude about everything. say they celebrate together in victory and defeat. it is just, an example of how the slightest margin can make the biggest difference. of course, she has the another chance with the relay. and in four years again. right now. send it back to you in philadelphia. >> win or lose, she still makes south jersey proud. thank you, jacqueline. turning to the latest on
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friday's fbi raid. targeting philadelphia's most powerful union boss, among others. today the union he represents. local 98, defending against another investigation. nbc 10's drew smith live at the union headquarters in spring garden with more. drew, the state attorney general's office is involved this time around? >> yeah, this time, local 98, calling out the state attorney general's office directly for speaking to the media about reports of alleged claims and threats of intimidation. now the union spokeman came out with a statement right away. saying, that never happened. local 98 uses peaceful and lawful appropriate test a-- protest actions. it's known that local number 9 # and leader are under the microscope. we saw tax records and other evidence collected by the truck load friday. but to date union is responding to a separate possible
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investigation. referencing a report in the philadelphia inkwenquirer, and probe into intimidation by the union. the a.g. office has the not responded to nbc 10's request for comment. we do know the office began investigating what happened moments before this surveillance video earlier this year. a nonunion electrician claimed daughtery hit him in the face. the report claims the investigation has since widened. union spokesman released a statement that reads any allegation that the union engaged in threats or intimidation are utter fabrications regardless of our questions. ibew, local 98, intends to cooperate with the investigating authorities. despite all the scrutiny the union is facing we want to make clear that they have not been charged with any crime. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> main courthouse at philadelphia's criminal justice center will open tomorrow. closed since thursday when an
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elevator shot up and crashed through a concrete floor. a sheriff's deputy was badly injured. he remains in critical but stable condition tonight. debris from the incident, injured another employee. cause of the accident remains under investigation. >> what changes you need to know about before you catch your train for tomorrow's commute. glen? >> kind of on the hot side today. not all that humid. that's going to change. i will tell you when we will see a heat wave in my first alert, neighborhood forecast. >> here is a look at the olympic medal couldn't so far. don't want to see it. turn away from the screen until the music stops playing. nbc 10 live from rio sponsored locally by the pennsylvania lottery. creating winners every day. ♪
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change is coming in the regional rail schedule will start rolling out tomorrow morning. starting tomorrow, the lines will operate on updated week day schedules. all other lines on schedules that went effect last month. and working to get a third of the rail cars repaired after defects were found. to see that schedule, tap on the nbc 10 app. >> i am live in rio de janeiro,
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welcome back. i am jacqueline london, reporting live from rio de janeiro, brazil, tonight. it was a mixed day for the u.s. men's fencing team. the philly native, mimes chamblee-watson came up short falling in round of 32. can tell you another american, talked about, massialas, made it to gold medal match. the fencer from san francisco put a fight. eventually taking home the silver. the first fencing medal for the u.s. men in 32 years. and he'll get another crack at the podium in the team competition later this week.
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and the big story of the day, you can't tell right now, but i noticed it the moment i woke up this morning. and it affected competition. we are talking about the wind. which has calmed a lot from earlier. you could hear the wind. >> when you walk that way. you go flying that way. >> you could feel it. >> it was insane. crazy. >> you could definitely see its impact. umbrellas were flying around. fencing areas were being blown away. >> kats blown over. umbrellas knocked down. the wind so strong. postponed. not only is the wind here in rio de janeiro, brazil, causing problem for rowing and tennis, take a look at what this wind did to the outside of the aquatic center. but inside. swimming still went on. tonight, team usa goes for the gold in primetime. >> and the wind is expected to
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be a factor tomorrow as well as the wind should continue. but we will let you know if it will affect play. and we'll have continuing coverage as the games continue tonight. reporting live from rio de janeiro, brazil, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. >> looking forward to all the games. thank you, jacqui. hundred are rallying in mayfair to show support for philadelphia police officers. the philly cops rock, attracted the support of local residents and biker clubs. drivers passing by, honked their horns in support. and there you see commissioner richard ross coming out to shake hand. that event lasts until #:00 tonight. that event lasts until 8:00 tonight. >> now your nbc 10 -- >> great weather for that event tonight or any other event. temperatures are in the 80s. the humidity is way down.
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from what it was yesterday. and, we got into the 90s yesterday. and even got into the 90s from the shore locations because it was mostly a land breeze today. with that west wind. that's going to change. look at the ocean temperature show. 79 degrees. that is really warm. and it is going to be heating up this week. that's for sure. not all that hot, the next two days. but, look at, starting on wednesday. all of the way into next weekend. i have temperatures at or above 90. and, high humidity. so those days in the mid 90s is going to feel like it is over 100, moest likely. right now dry conditions across the area. it looks like it is going to stay that way for at least a couple of days. and the, futurecast shows that, as we go through monday, and into tuesday. things are still looking pretty nice. and for the neighborhoods, we have temperatures getting into the upper 80s. relatively low humidity. even in allen town.
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at 86 degrees. jersey shore, getting a sea breeze tomorrow. not as hot. avalon, 81. long port. 82. notice nobody is getting to 90 degrees tomorrow. but that's going to change. here is 92 degrees for philadelphia, by wednesday. 90 in the pa suburbs. lehigh valley, finally getting a chance of thunderstorms by wednesday. so that's a sign of things to come. as well. so take a look at the -- the ten-day forecast. you are going to see, the, the temperature thousands, starting to go up wednesday. and thursday and friday. look at that. mid 90s. we go into next weekend. it does look fairly stormy. though saturday and sunday. then we start to -- cool back down. next week. but we have got some really hot weather on the way. i'm coming of in sports. the eagles appear on the verge of adding a potential starter on defense. we have details.
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marshal harris here. they lack depth at linebacker. according to an espn report, bird are in heavy negotiation with free agent linebacker, the vet has been a starter, stephen tulloch, playing under jim schwartz, asked about the possibility of adding tulloch earlier today. >> i got a lot of background with steve. i was with tennessee when we drafted him. ended up being starting middle linebacker for us there.
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head coach in detroit. brought him up there. i have a lot of respect for the guy and his production. >> schwartz and the eagles on the practice field today. still missing key pieces, notely. and, receiver jordan matthews. tackle jason peters. all dealing with injury. preseason opener is thursday on comcast sports net. at 7:00. >> phillies prospect, jay thompson was roughed up in his debut. six runs in 4 and 1/3 innings. back to back series. and start things off right. top of the first. opposite field home run. his 12th of the year. game then tied tatat 1. and the veteran going the other way. brings home ryan howard. later in the inning. pitcher. struggles. gets involved. and, drives in a run with a double. right now the phils up 5-2 in the sixth. some history on the lynx for a
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local pro. jim furyk called it home today. both areas celebrated after he carded a pga record. 58 in the final round. and put it in ink. crazy to think despite the 58. he will not win the tournament. that is your look at sports. i'm marshal harris. back to you, denise. >> thank you. time to check in with lester holt in rio for a look at what is coming up on "nbc nightly news." good evening, lester. >> hey, denise. coming up tonight, the entire russian team has been banned from next month's paralympics in rio, because of the doping scandal. hillary clinton increases her lead over donald trump in a new poll. tell you what many voters are saying about trump. and take a look at a fresh american face here in rio and how she gets to compete in fencing in her own way. see you in a few minutes with "nbc nightly news," denise. >> lester, thank you. we will be right back.
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some call it the best block party of the year. the second street festival culture, food and more than 150 vendors to northern liberties today. you have several hours to got out and enjoy the festival wraps up at 10:00 tonight. people are going to have great weather for it. >> yes. look how nice it looks outside. got to 89 degrees today. but low humidity. pretty similar tomorrow. humidity goes up a little bit tuesday. by wednesday, it's going to get steamy. we have got some really hot weather that's going to be going on, wednesday all the way into next weekend. also. some thunderstorms added to tip. >> nice heat wave. that's nbc 10 news now. for glen marshal and all of us, we'll see you back here tonight after the games.
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competition over doping while on day two here in rio wild weather spoils events and among the medal leaders of the must-see events ahead. he's out. the end of a tearful alex rodriguez announces his retirement. walking away with millions. in the lead, hillary clinton increases her advantage over donald trump in a new poll. how his campaign is planning to reverse the trump slump. safe haven, in the middle of a crushing war zone, a place where hundreds of kids can be kids. and hit hadding the beach. we get to the bottom of the question.


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