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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a child shot in philadelphia. police are looking for anyone involved in the shoot-out that sent a 6-year-old girl to the hospital. left in the dark. that's what happens to neighbors in a high-rise apartment in south philadelphia. making death threats? that's what some lawmakers are accusing donald trump of doing, after his latest round of controversial comments. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. welcome to nbc 10 use. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is steamy out there. let's begin with bill henley with nbc 10 first alert weather. i know you said it was warm outside. when i walked outside, woo. >> we're feeling it this morning. and the temperatures are running much warmer this morning as a result. in the 70s. upper 70s with scattered clouds were philadelphia. the suburbs, 75 degrees. new jersey 75 degrees. in the lehigh valley, upper 70s right now. and delaware 75. we don't have fog around this
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morning. we do have clouds. we'll be watching for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. that's a possibility during the day today. philadelphia the suburbs, partly-sunny skies, can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm in new jersey. while the lehigh valley warms up to 88 degrees. 89 degrees with a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm for delaware. and you will see clouds and sunshine at the shore, low enough to warm in the 80s. got your hour-by-hour forecast. first, jessica boyington is standing by with traffic. >> we're starting things off on the schuylkill expressway. around our cameras, coming towards the vine street expressway. this on-ramp is one of the last pieces to the construction that's in place. they have crew members out there. looks like this guy is going to come move this sign. this is the ramp to the vine street expressway, headed eastbound to 95. all lanes are back open. you should be good. looks like we're back in
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business right here. watch for the construction crews. probably will be out there for the next five minutes or so. for the most part, no more problems. local vine doesn't need to be an alternate for you. mass transit at the airport. line 40 is running late. but everything else on schedule. 5:02. a power outage caused problems for septa passengers. a rider said he spent hours on a stalled train out electricity. septa says the problem was the result of downed wires. crews have been working to get the line up and running. we've been making calls. getting new information in. we'll update you on the progress in a live report in the next half hour. a 6-year-old philadelphia girl in the hospital after she was caught in a shoot-out. matt is live outside st. christopher's hospital for children, in the hunting park
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section. police said the little girl was playing outside before she was shot, right? >> that's right, tracy. the 6-year-old was shot twice. her aunt tells us that she has broken ribs and a collapsed lung. the girl was shot while she was playing outside last night. on the 6300 block of north woodstock street in germantown just before 7:00. police say she was there when the gunfire started. 21 shots were fired from 2 different guns. police say they cannot imagine that anyone would intentionally shoot a 6-year-old. so, they believe these were stray bullets. but there's no arrest and no motive at this point. only a little girl in the hospital. >> they found a 6-year-old female laying on the sidewalk. she was unresponsive. the bullet went under her left arm. her left armpit area, which is a very bad spot to be hit by gunfire.
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>> reporter: that little girl was at einstein. she was transferred here to st. christopher's. investigators are looking at surveillance video in the area. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. >> 5:04 right now. police are investigating another shooting in germantown about a block from where that little girl was hit. they're looking into the possibility that the shooting may be connected. officers found a car hit by gunfire at 21 and shelton after. they followed a blood trail to norwood street. a man is in the hospital in stable condition. the power is back on at a high-rise building in south philadelphia. people were without power for three hours at the wilson park apartment building. one person was taken to the hospital with a minor injury.
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several others were checked out at the scene. philadelphia police are trying to track down a second car that appeared to be street racing before a crash that killed a 3-year-old girl. this new surveillance video shows two cars moving down seventh street on monday night. the lighter colored car hit the car that esther palmer was riding in. the 17-year-old driver is in the hospital. the darker colored car hit a traffic light and took off. meantime, a memorial grows for esther. her sister who was too distraught to speak on camera, said the little girl was courageous after a fight with diabetes. >> she was getting strong. she was doing it here. she was telling you how to do everything. you know? she was strong. >> esther's grandmother was hurt in the crash and remains in the hospital in critical condition. new jersey loses its latest attempt to legalize sports
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betting. a federal appeals court shot down a law passed in 2014 would allow sports betting at casinos and racetracks. the sports league sued new jersey claiming that legalized betting would damage the integrity of their games. nbc 10 has uncovered more details about the burkes county couple that died in a murder/suicide along with three children. court records show neither mark short or his wife had filed for divorce. and neither had asked for protection against the other. this is despite megan's alleged facebook post that expressed desire to move out. the shorts and three young children were found dead from gunshot wounds over the weekend in their home. investigators have not said which of the adults they believe pulled the trigger. but we do know the d.a.'s office has only request an autopsy of mark short, not megan or the children. this morning, loved one are
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grieving the loss of a burlington county family. ruben johnson shot and killed his wife and 10-year-old son in their home and turned the gun on himself. officers found the bodies in the home. it's 5:07. zika is on the rise in florida. there's four new cases in the miami area that are not travel-related. that brings the total number of people who have contracted zika to 4 2 1. all of the people have been inflecti infected in the same florida neighborhood. governor scott is calling for funding to fight zika. officials say a newborn died after she was born with birth defects a few weeks ago. the girl's mother was in el salvador while pregnant. there's no evidence that mosquitos in texas are
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transmitting the virus. even though summer is in full swing, doctors are already to combat the flu this winter. >> the first shipments of vaccines are rolling off assembly lines. you have to get a needle not a nasal spray. the centers for does control and prevention no longer recommends flu mist. they say the spray doesn't do a good enough job protecting people from the flu virus. that's news to some parents. >> that's the first i heard of that. i would feel comfortable with whatever my son's pediatrician recommends. >> i hold my breath and close my eyes. >> that's the way to do it. >> that's what we all do. if your child is afraid of needles, doctors suggest blowing bubbles, singing to them or watching videos when they get the shot. experts recommend everyone get vaccinated against the flu. today is the first day you can walk through pennsylvania's first mormon temple. a public open house starts on
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the temple on vine street and center city. anyone can take a 40-minute tour. but reservations are requested. the temple will be formally dedicated on september 18th. vai and his wife gave us a tour yesterday afternoon. it's extraordinary. i highly recommend it. >> it's really a great privilege. it will serve about 40,000 mormons in our viewing area. all of delaware, half of new jersey and most of pennsylvania. you and i did facebook live out there. >> it's on my facebook page. you can check that out. it was very impressive. thank you so much. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm guessing the air conditioning is good in the new temple, too? do an extended tour. it's steamy this morning. hot, humid conditions will take us into the weekend. what you won't see today is fog. not happening.
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easton, it's steamier and warmer. and warmer air can hold more moisture. we're not seeing it as fog. we're feeling it in the air this morning. philadelphia, a live view from the comcast center. no showers or thunderstorms this morning. that is a possibility during the day. scattered clouds and 77 in philadelphia. 74 in the suburbs. the lehigh valley at 77 degrees, along with south jersey. a warm, muggy start with no real cool spot. endora 76. should be in the 60s. right now, 78 degrees. and 78 in bustleton at north philadelphia airport. radar screen, pretty clear. there's one tiny shower. it might not be reaching the route. it's fizzling along 95, moving through maryland. doesn't look impressive. the impressive storms are to the north this morning. that's where some heavy showers and thunderstorms are lingering. they're a possibility for us today. isolated showers.
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not expecting to see widespread activity like to the north this morning. what we will feel is the he'd heat and the humidity. the air temperatures will be in the 80s at 2:00. peaking in the low 90s. but thanks to the elevated humidity, it will feel like 100 degrees later today. a stormy day. 96 degrees in summerton. 94 for lance dale. and 93 in kutztown. there will be filtered sunshine and enough to warm hamilton to 87. pemberton feels like the middle 90s today. at the shore it will feel like the low to mid-90s. 95 degrees the feels like temperature for cape may. and rehoboth an isolated shower is possible. we're not looking at an all-day rainfall. just a chance of some spots showing up on the radar screen later this morning and this afternoon.
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wilmington, 90 degrees will feel like 96 this. it gets hotter. a ten-day when i come back in a few minutes. >> thank you, bill. 5:12, this humpday, wednesday morning. there's a problem on mass transit on the septa haley-thorn dale line. and people were stuck on the trains a couple hours. >> a big suspension that occurred last night. and people were stranded for several hours. now, we're dealing with some problems for the line. service is suspended between thorndale. they had a downed wire and power outage. they are trying to get that situation under control. as soon as they do, we'll let you know. the vine street expressway, around 24th street. all of the construction out of
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the way. problems westbound towards the schuylkill or eastbound on 95. 5:13. accused of making death threats to hillary clinton. lauers are fairing back against donald trump for his recent comments involving the democratic presidential nominee and the second amendment. hear what trump said and the outrage he sparked. and little to no cause. a new report slammed the baltimore police department for a policy that goes back to the '90s. to win anle ask me wholympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze.
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5:16 this morning. donald trump is under fire for making controversial comments. this time, accused of making death threats against his rival, hillary clinton. katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. katy, there's been nationwide outrage over what trump said at a recent rally. >> and it followed quickly after the comments. it followed the second amendment vibe. here's what trump said to a crowd in north carolina that's getting so much attention. listen. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, she gets to pick --
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if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> those words illicited a fire storm in action and beyond. chris murphy tweeted, don't treat this as a misstep. it's an assassination threat. seriously upping the possibility of a tragedy and crisis. and elizabeth warren reacting with, trump makes death threats because he's a coward who cant handle losing to a girl. mike pence defended his running mate minutes after those were made. >> hillary clinton is going to rewrite the second amendment as she said and inferred many times. rolling back the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and
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bear arms is enshrined in our constitution. >> reporter: you don't believe he was inferring violence towards hillary clinton? >> of course not. >> reporter: clinton's camp calling the comments dangerous. saying a person seeking to be president of the united states, should not violence in any way. coming up at 6:15, you'll hear how trump's advisers were clarifying the comments he made yesterday. clinton will reveal her plan to boost the economy during a campaign stop in des moines, iowa. she will create an economy that works for everyone not just the rich. and if elected, she has promised during her first 100 days in office, to make the biggest investment in good-paying jobs since world war ii. this morning, paul ryan is waking up victorious. he beat nealon. he landed in the spotlight after trump praised him on the campaign trail. and trump refused to back ryan
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until last week. nbc 10 is on the campaign trail. our digital reporters are following mike pence on his political trail to ohio. you can look for their reports on the nbc 10 app. a justice department report founds baltimore police routinely stop, search and arrest african-americans with no cause. the department pushed zero tolerance enforcement, encouraging officers to make arrests without much training. the city has agreed to make reforms. in light of the death of freddie gray in 2014, sparked the investigation. last month, charges were dropped against the police officers in the death of the 25-year-old who suffered fatal neck injuries while in police custody. it's 5:19. we get new information from septa about the thorndale line
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that was suspended last night. >> what do you have? >> we have some updates for you. and probably some good news, as well. the paoli-thorndale line is suspended on septa, due to the wire issues that are closer to the thorndale area. they're going to allow one train to pass through every 40 minutes. first one at 5:30. the next one at 6:10 or so. expect some delays, even though they're allowing trains through the area. they expect a full restoration of the service starting about 7:00 this morning. if that gets pushed back further, we'll keep you updated there. also, watching septa airport train 403. running about 11 minutes late, as well. updating you on mass transit. out in morrisville, where we have route 1 and perry street dealing with some lane restriction there's in both directions. updates for you on mass transit when i come back.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds overhead. no sign of showers just yet. but that's a possibility today. what you will feel is the humidity that may fuel ice lamed thunderstorms this afternoon. much steamier this morning. plan on a hot day in delaware, too. clouds are overhead. and it is a warmer day. 75 degrees right now in delaware. 77 in philadelphia. the lehigh valley and south jersey. warmer at the jersey shore. 78 degrees currently. the numbers are coming down at this hour. but i don't expect them to fall much farther than they are right now. 74 in exton, middleton. everybody is in the same ballpark this morning. sat late and radar shows storms to the north. we have clouds in our area and a chance we'll see some isolated showers and thunderstorms during the day. for now, all of the activity is the north. we're watching the immediate
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area. we saw some cloudiness and a few isolated rain drops in maryland. they have fizzled in the last few minutes. we'll watch for more storms today. we'll watch the temperatures climb today and go higher for. first alert for dangerous heat for philadelphia, the suburbs, new jersey and delaware. this is tomorrow through saturday. it gets hot and humid in this time period. it will feel like 100 to 110 degrees. and the air quality will come down, as well. temperatures will be going up. 92 degrees this afternoon. a steamier day tomorrow. 78 in the morning the possibly up to 95 in the afternoon. clouds, some sunshine and isolated shower. it's possible for thursday. steamier on friday. and hotter and more humid on saturday. by sunday, the temperatures come down a bit. and a good chance we'll see storms in the area for sunday afternoon, 93 degrees. and then, finally, a from the
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90s for monday, tuesday and wednesday. even cooler with partly-sunny skies, 83 degrees after a chance of showers starts off the work week. another round of thunderstorms possible on thursday. unfortunately we stay in the 80ed next friday. vai? >> thank you, bill. nbc 10 needs your p spreading the word about free money to those making a difference in their communities. we're giving away grants to nonprofits. the goal is to support programs with new and innovative programs. the dead to amrau is august 26th. trying to find bridgegate evidence. what attorneys are trying to get their hands on in the case against two former aides to governor chris christie. and a tragedy inside a gun range in philadelphia. hear how a man accidentally killed himself while he was at the range.
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it's 5:26. the markets will look to remain in positive territory after making gains yesterday. landon dowdy is here with the cnbc business news. landon, good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. the markets will try to build on tuesday's gains. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were able to lock into milestones. you want to look for the job openings and labor turnover surveys or jolts that gives
5:27 am
different information than the jobs report, like how many people are quitting their jobs. you look for earnings from michael kors and ralph lauren. the nasdaq up 12 points to 5225. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks. 5:27. 77 degrees. and it is steamy outside. a warm, muggy day to start with. a hot, muggy afternoon. and clouds, as well. that's a cloudy from cape may. no showers in the area. but there's a possibility for a shower in parts of the ya. neighborhood forecast is coming up. first, jessica boyington with an update. >> we're watching the new jersey roads right now. quick update on route 70, around haddonfield roads. you see things are fine in new jersey. not the same story on mass transit.
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updates on septa when i come back at 5:30. and possible suspensions. the eagles could deal with a major loss before they take the field. we'll tell you what's happening with lane johnson and why he could be out for most of the season. also, it's the app that lets you pay for parking in philadelphia by using your smart phone. hear what officials are planning for meter up, after its test run in center city. i remember when i started painting the sistine chapel,
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