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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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moms know kids grow strong when they milk life. . . community in shock. a 6-year-old girl gunned down in the streets. who's got the edge. we'll go county by county to show you how pennsylvania is divided between clinton and trump. live from rio.
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a local wrestler gets a last-minute ticket to rio. he has a big surprise waiting for him back home. we heard the gun shot. we all started running. >> they were just kids playing outside when one of them got shot. a 6-year-old girl is in the hospital. >> family, friends and neighbors are telling nbc 10 what they witnessed and what's now happening in their philadelphia community. >> that's right. monique braxton joins us live with new details from the investigation. monique? >> reporter: hi, keith and rosemary. a 6-year-old was shot. her parents asked that we not reveal her last name. here outside the 39th district, one lieutenant told us simply, there is no excuse. >> i just heard the gunshot. i heard the pow, pow, pow.
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>> what did you do when you heard the gunfire? >> i went in the house. >> were you afraid? >> yes. >> reporter: terrified children and parents who live on this east germantown street said just before 7:00 last night, everyone ran for their lives. we spoke to the playmate of nala. her parents asked that we not show her face. >> she got shot. >> it was crazy. she was coming up the steps. as soon as i got to my son, i turned around, she was down. >> reporter: chauncey banks said he shielded a baby and his 5-year-old son. >> he kept telling me, daddy, i just don't want to be shot. i said, you're going to be okay. >> reporter: we watched as investigators spent checking videotape like this. police believe two shooters fired at least 20 bullets from 9 millimeter and 40 caliber handguns. >> the male was running down woodstock street southbound.
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within seconds witnesses heard and saw the offender shooting several times. >> reporter: on the video we've obtained, you also see a bullet shattering both windshields of this minivan. he said in 30 years he's never seen this type of violence here. nala's friend just hopes her playmate is going to be okay. >> i hope she get better. and i love her and i miss her. >> reporter: police also tell us that nala is in guarded condition. she's been upgraded. there were two other shootings in the same vicinity, but police don't believe they were related. as for this shooting of nala, there is no clear motive. no doubt we're going to stay on top of this case. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. a live look at the nbc 10 radar. we're keeping an eye out for rain and possible storms today. if you step out your door, the
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heat -- >> and humidity. sheena parveen has all the details on that. ? yes. that humidity and heat will be increasing over the next several days. so we have a first alert out because of the dangerous heat for the philadelphia area, pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and northern delaware, especially. but even central parts of delaware right now. thursday through saturday expect temperatures to be feeling like triple digits. hot and humid. anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. we also expect poor air quality which tends to happen in this type of weather pattern. 89 in the new jersey neighborhoods. 89 degrees in the pennsylvania suburbs. when you factor in the humidity, it feels a lot hotter. dover feeling like 109 degrees right now. philadelphia feeling like 99. allentown feeling like 98. 96 in atlantic city. and really in delaware with the
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higher humidity, we do expect some of those to be the hottest areas, or the hottest feels-like areas over the next several days. currently we're dry on the radar, so no rain relief right now. what we're watching for possibly later on this evening is that cluster of storms off to the west. that could be moving into the lehigh valley, maybe the poconos later on tonight. we'll look at the timing of that and how hot it will be over the next several days and over the weekend, straight ahead. i'm jacqueline london live in rio de janeiro, brazil, coming to you from a very wet olympic park. the tennis stadium that you see behind me was cleared out earlier today because of all the rain we had here in rio. so much rain, that tennis was delayed indefinitely. from gymnastics to swimming, they are racking up the gold
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medal count for team usa. so if you're wondering what to watch tonight, keep it right here on nbc 10. another star-studded evening of swimming reaction in rio. all will be in that pool. gymnasts will represent the americans in the individual all-around town. kyle loury facing their toughest challenge this evening against australia. and a local wrestler thought he was getting the surprise of his life by getting a spot on team usa. but he got an even bigger surprise after he arrived here in rio. we'll tell you what that's all about. for now i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> jackie, we'll see you at 5:30. looking forward to that story. all right.
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let's talk some politics now. you may have already made your decision about which presidential candidate to vote for, but what about everybody else? >> tonight we have a look at how voters in pennsylvania are split between two presidential candidates. this is a breakdown here of the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. the dark blue area in the bottom right-hand corner, that little spot is philadelphia. heavily favors hillary clinton. the counties in light blue are also laeping towards clinton. >> voters in those red areas support trump. but the counties in purple are the ones we're really watching. voters there are split right down the middle and could make the difference in november. the purple area. >> presidential hopeful donald trump refused to back down over a controversial comment he made yesterday. aimed at his rival. >> that's right. today trump told fox news that the media is responsible for the backlash. it all started yesterday when trump told people at his campaign rally that gun owners may have a way to stop hillary
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clinton from becoming president. trump later insisted he was talking only about their right to vote. clinton fired back at a campaign rally today saying america cannot tolerate this kind of politics. >> words matter, my friends. yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton has her own crisis brewing today. a new e-mail release suggests contributors got special treatment by the state department. we want to turn to breaking news happening right now out of new york city. someone is climbing the outside of trump tower. there's a live picture of it. police haven't said exactly why this person is climbing the building. it's home, of course, to donald trump's campaign headquarters. he also happens to live there. nbc news reached out to a campaign spokesperson who didn't
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immediately comment. the part of trump towers opened to the public during the day, as we continue to watch this person. looks to be wearing harnesses and climbing with suction cup type devices. we don't know how high up on that building he is. we'll make sure we keep our eyes on this live picture. if there are any developments out of new york city, we'll make sure that we bring them back to you. for now, a guy climbing trump tower in new york city. >> presumably without permission if the police are involved. as keith just mentioned, we'll keep a close eye on it. clinton and trump aren't the only candidates battling out this november. pennsylvania senator pat toomey is facing a tight race of his own for reelection. >> toomey isn't just targeting his democratic opponent. he also went after the city of philadelphia for the city policy. lauren mayk is here to explain. >> reporter: this case involves a man who authorities say came into this country illegally. he is in jail right now and the
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government wants him turned over once local charges are resolved. senator pat toomey said i.c.e. has asked the same thing before and he was released instead. and is now accused of the disturbing crime. the case against a 45-year-old honduran national accused of raping a child is pitting pennsylvania's republican senator against philadelphia's so-called sanctuary city policy. >> i have called on mayor kenny to end this policy. >> reporter: kenny reinstated to advocates this year, but now senator pat toomey is highlighting a case where i.c.e. officials say philadelphia failed to honor a detainer on ramone achoa when he was in custody last year, releasing him. he was arrested on child rape charges in july. >> this is the most heinous crimes to commit, committed against a young child. it should not have been possible. and it would not have been
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possible but for the fact that philadelphia is a sanctuary city. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for mayor kenny said he stands by the city's policy on cooperation with i.c.e. and that, quote, the federal government had full authority to obtain an arrest warrant for this deportation offense in 2014. if they had done so, the individual would have been released into their custody without any interference from the city. toomey also pointed to former mayor nutter's change to the policy at the end of his term saying it's not a partisan issue. >> folks, this is not about immigration. it's not about the politics of immigrati immigration. it's about public safety, about common sense, about all of our security. >> toomey criticized his opponent, katie mcginty, not to end this policy, too. i reached out to her campaign and they told me she has been, quote, clear that she wants federal and local law enforcement to work together. they accused him of copying the
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trump play book. we'll take a look at where toomey stands on trump coming up at 6:00. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. when bad weather's moving into your neighborhood, we're the only station with storm ranger 10 to bring you the best forecast. we'll show you how it works coming up next. plus, on the verge of yet another heat wave. a lot of people will try to cool off at the beach. but the water may be a lot warmer than they expect. still ahead at 5:00, how that's good and bad for beachgoers. let's take a live look right now at the olympic torch in rio. nbc 10 is keeping track of every olympic event. we're about to show you the latest medal county. if you're worried about spoilers, avert your eyes for the next few seconds. we'll be right back. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
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a little segway there. thanks to our smartphones, we can take our cameras just about anywhere. >> but only storm ranger 10 has cameras that you can take right to a storm. a storm that could be headed to your neighborhood. >> storm ranger is better than
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anything the national weather service even has. it's the first of its kind in the world. check this out. we've got cameras all over this thing. the front, on the passenger side, and then on top a 360-degree camera so we can show you the storm and warn you before anyone else. the storm moves in, so will nbc 10. when you see storm ranger in your neighborhood, you should feel safer. it's the newest tool in sheena parveen's arsenal. >> we can take it to any storm in the area to get a perfect look at that storm, that some stationary radars are going to miss. >> mobile radar, nowhere else in the world. a clearer forecast and a clearer view of the most dangerous weather events. multiple cameras, including this 360-degree camera. the eagle eye. every angle uncovered, so you
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see the storm on nbc 10 before it's in your neighborhood. >> we're able to now get closer to the storms that are about to move in, and tell you if there's heavy rain, if there's hail, lightning. >> nbc 10 storm ranger designed by world-renowned experts and puts the radar in tornado alley. a $1 million investment. if you see it, spread the word. the first in our area, the first in america, the first in the world. >> now nbc 10's krystal klei is joining us live. >> a better look at what storm ranger 10 can do. fill us in, krystal. >> reporter: we're going to sneak in a little science lesson here. you might have heard us talking about our radar dome and how it is setting us apart from the rest. i want to explain. let's pretend for purposes of this example that this is a
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raindrop, and this is a hailstone. now, old school radar would just take a horizontal sweep. if you look at that, that would mean they were the exact same size when obviously that's not the case. with our dual pole radar, we're now going to have a horizontal sweep to tell us the width as well as vertical sweep. we'll know have a 2-d view of what's falling in the sky around you. we're going to have that truck in your neighborhood down at the ground. that means we're going to be able to determine if we're seeing rain, snow, or hail right near your neighborhood where it matters most as it's falling to the surface. that's something that only we can say at nbc 10. back to you. >> yeah, krystal, it will be so useful when we get it close to storms and we have storms actually moving into the area. it will give us a more detailed look, and that is something that no other station has. so we will certainly provide the
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specifics of those storms. we do have some heading our way, but also a heat wave. this is a live look at rehoboth beach right now. it is hot across the area, especially if you are in delaware at the moment. and through the next several days feeling like triple digits. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, you see we have a lot of 90-degree temperatures in a row, and that, in fact, is a heat wave for the area. we do expect a heat wave to be upon us, especially starting with today. temperatures will continue to be in the 90s as we go into the next several days. so, yes, we have a heat wave in the forecast. temperatures will be staying in the 90s from today on out right now. we're already in the 90s across a big portion of the area. and with the humidity on top of that, it's actually going to feel like triple-digit heat. coming up, we'll talk more about the heat wave in the forecast, and also we'll talk about your shore cast coming up. we'll look at the storms ahead as well as your weekend forecast. that's all straight ahead. >> we'll see you shortly.
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thanks, sheena. is hollywood headed to bell a wear? we'll show you what's happening to lure moviemakers to the first state. plus, the new products you can buy throughout pennsylvania. it has nothing to do with alcohol.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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many del a warians still remember when debt poet society was filmed at st. andrews school back in 1989. now a new bill could encourage more filmmaking in the first state. nbc 10, governor jack markell signed into law which creates a
5:23 pm
delaware film commission. the foal is to come up with financial incentives to entice tv production companies and filmmakers to shoot their projects in delaware. >> we've got plenty of backland, plenty of small towns. >> the dead poet society alone raked in $6 million for the state of delaware. other movies filmed in delaware include beloved starring oprah winfrey, days of thunder with tom cruise, and the village directed by a man from chester county. this custom-made doll house was given to the museum in wilmington. students have spent their summer researching each piece. it will go under wraps until november, then it will debut as part of the museum's yuletide celebration. next time you pick up a bottle of alcohol in pennsylvania, in one of the
5:24 pm
state stores, you could get locky in the lottery, that is. 22 stores across the state sell lottery tickets. by this fall the number will jump to 300. state stores can now stay open until 7:00 in the evening on sundays. a new girl scout cookie has a lot of people wondering what took so long? >> listen to this. get ready for the new s'mores cookie. in fact, choose between two varieties. today is national s'mores today. the new cookies won't have artificial flavors, fake colors or high fructose corn syrup in them. >> yum yum. >> delicious. that means football is back. the eagles are just hours away from their first preseason game. the birds take on the bucks tomorrow night at lincoln financial field. kickoff 7:00. our coverage starts at 6:30 on csn and cozi tv. >> here's how you can find the channels, csn is 847 for comcast
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customers. 576 for verizon customers. cozi 248, and 10.2 over the air. >> we're talking about sports, let's go back to jacqueline london live in rio de janeiro. >> jacqueline, going to the olympics is exciting enough. now, one of our local athletes has a big surprise waiting for him back home. >> reporter: yes, rosemary and keith. it's fair to say frank's experience has been unlike any other. we're going to tell you about his very unusual path to the olympics and fatherhood. that's coming up next. nbc 10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by the all new 2017 chrysler pacifica. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
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right now, probably 17 flights. >> new information about breaking news we're following. what you're listening to is an on-air feed from new york city. about 17 stories up, you heard them just report a man is seen scaling trump tower. again, this is a live picture as this person continues to climb, with what looks like professional equipment. you can see just how high he's there. at one point police tried to
5:29 pm
break through glass windows just above him to catch him. he simply moved away from them and continued his climb. he is communicating with police and acting calmly. this building is home to donald trump's campaign headquarters, by the way he also lives there. but right now, he is not home. we will continue to follow this breaking story. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. including whether or not the secret service is involved, as this man continues to ascend trump tower in new york city. you're watching nbc 10, home of the 2016 olympic summer games. i'm jacqueline london live from rio de janeiro. imagine this. you are in brazil just days away from competing when your wife suddenly goes into labor back home. that's exactly what happened to a wrestler. just one more twist in his unusual road to rio. >> yeah, it's been a roller
5:30 pm
coaster ride. >> reporter: yesterday frank mol i naro got some news he didn't expect, his wife was going into labor at home. but he was in rio for the olympics. >> i thought she was due on the 28th. so i figured i would be able to come home and watch that. >> reporter: but his son had other plans. at 9:54 last night, little frank jr. made his big debut. >> three weeks early, 7 pounds 4 ounces. real healthy baby. it's been an extremely eventful year. >> reporter: he was told he didn't qualify for the olympic team but two wrestlers from other countries were caught doping and that freed up a spot for him in rio. his faith is keeping him grounded. >> these trials have really built me up. i'm extremely grateful for them. >> reporter: he's sad about missing the birth of his second child but he's also feeling blessed. >> now, some day i can tell him that this whole story, and it will be really cool. hopefully there will be a gold medal involved in it.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: frank's wife is already home from the hospital. an interesting footnote here. back in 2005, frank competed against fellow olympian and south jersey wrestler jordan burrows. jordan lost that match. and today he joked that he wanted a rematch. not sure if that's going to happen. jordan burrows was also on the "today" show this morning talking about his family. let's listen. >> no more naps in the afternoon. late nights and very early mornings. but a lot of purpose involved outside of the wrestling arena. my family is very encouraging. and i appreciate their support greatly. i'm excited. they're all coming down monday. >> . >> he already has gold around his neck. and he wants more. don't miss jordan burrows return
5:32 pm
home right here on nbc 10, that comes your way saturday in our going for gold special. burrows' first competition is august 19th here in rio. when it comes to the olympics, there is so much excitement and businesses are booming with all the things people are buying. not here in rio, but also back home. we can tell you that a lot of swag is being sold here. e-mail me your size. >> i was about to say -- >> back to you. >> thank you so much for being thoughtful. let's take another look at the nbc 10 radar. talking about our weather. you can see the storms just off to the west. the first alert weather team is tracking them very closely. >> let's get an update from meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena, you're also keeping an eye on that heat, right? >> yeah, the heat is the first thing. the storms aren't here just yet. but we could see some of them try to move in later tonight. the heat is dangerous. as we go into the next several
5:33 pm
days, we have a first alert out for this. the pennsylvania suburbs temperatures currently feel like triple-digit heat. this will be the case thursday through about sunday now. if you look at the sunday at the bottom of your screen, we have days outlined in red. and those are the days with the first alert. very hot and humid. temperatures will be feeling like anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. and with that, we also expect poor air quality which we typically see when temperatures are this high as well as humidity. right now, 92 degrees in philadelphia. 88 wilmington. 90 in vineland. so it is quite a bit hotter today than it was yesterday. the feels-like temperature when you factor in the humidity, vineland feeling like 101. dover feeling like 109. feeling almost like 100 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. feeling like the mid-90s in wilmington. the heat's going to stay with us for the next several days and into the weekend. and for tonight, we do have these thunderstorms back off to the west. i don't think it's going to
5:34 pm
provide much of the area with relief from the heat. we will be tracking those, they're continuing to move closer to the area. we'll keep an eye on them to see if they die out at all. more rain chances for parts of the area. i'll show you that as well as hot hot it will be going into your weekend. sheena, look at the jersey shore right now. it is packed out there. this is ocean city beach. with the heat wave, doesn't that make you want to hop on the expressway and get down there? >> philly to ocean city, about an hour, hour 15 or so? the water right now 80 degrees. very rare. very inviting to more than just tourists. nbc 10 jersey reporter ted greenberg live in longport. hey, ted. >> reporter: hey, rosemary and keith. i checked a couple of minutes ago, 83 degrees. right now in the ocean here in longport. 83.
5:35 pm
i can tell you, it feels absolutely awesome. a lot of folks are loving this very warm water. and so are plenty of other creatures. a dip in these waves comes with a minimal adjustment period. >> usually i feel cold when i enter the water and a little uncomfortable. but this year it's like a swimming pool. >> reporter: the ocean temperature in cape may topped 80 degrees today, well ahead of the normal of 72. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: the warm water is also bringing additional wildlife close to the coast, including jellyfish. >> a couple stings today. a couple little guys came out of the water. >> that's part of it. warm water, jellyfish. >> reporter: staffers at the whale watch research center in addition to the massive mammals they typically see, there's more sightings of sea turtles and sharks. especially hammerheads. >> sharks and sea turtles, they
5:36 pm
love the warmer water. >> reporter: this sea turtle ended up in the care of the stranding center with a cut on its head, likely caused by a boat propeller. >> they could possibly be sleeping at the surface. definitely keep your distance. >> reporter: they tell me if there's ever a shark in an area where you're swimming, it most likely will turn around and go the other way. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> you hope so, that's for sure, ted. thank you so much. a big boost in violent crime in reading catches the attention of pennsylvania senator bob casey. today casey met with reading's mayor and police chief to discuss universal background checks and banning assault weapons. casey also supported a bill to keep gunds out of the hands of suspected terrorists. reading's mayor said he supports much of what casey has proposed. educators and parents in our
5:37 pm
area are going to get better at spotting the signs of sexual abuse in children. nbc 10 was at the junior league of wilmington today as governor jack markell made delaware the 28th state in the country to enact erin's law, programs that will teach educators about sex abuse, and teach kids about inappropriate touching. the law is named for childhood sex abuse survivor erin marron. she's in illinois. but there facetime she was able to watch the bill become law today. the head of the joe biden foundation works to carry on the legacy of protecting children. erin's law officially goes into effect in delaware at the start of the 2017 school year. coming up, a fashion lover's frustration. a woman buys a designer bag but notices problems the first time she takes it out. so she reached out to "nbc 10 responds."
5:38 pm
we'll show you how harry hairston got her results. that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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the first victims of last year's trade derailment settled lawsuits with amtrak. the two women suffered head injuries and broken bones. one becoming permanently disabled. their lawyers refused to say how much money the pair will receive blaming it on a strict confidentiality clause. dozens of other lawsuits remain to be settled. it's not just an epidemic, it's a plague, that's what tom wolf said as he addressed the drug crisis this morning. he spoke at the montgomery county recovery center in norristown to talk about improving access to treatment, and quality of services. the governor said 3,300 people died of drug overdoses in pennsylvania just last year. and he expects that number to climb in 2016, throughout the rest of the year. his administration has worked
5:41 pm
with the federal government to open 20 centers of excellence across the state to assist people in getting the help they need. comcast is helping to bridge the digital divide in wilmington. lawmakers are trying to get people in the city to apply for the expanded internet essentials. the program provides internet service for low-income families and helps increase employment and educational opportunities. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. well, get ready for more heat and more humidity. 90s are in the forecast for a while. i'll show you how hot it will feel, even going into the weekend, and who can expect other storms. that's next.
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for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ♪ in today's "nbc 10 responds," a fashion lovers frustration. >> a woman buys a designer bag, but notices some problems the first time she takes it out. so we're checking in with harry hairston to find out what's going on here. >> a woman sent the back in for repairs, after she says the material bled. but months went by and she said she couldn't get answers. >> this is gucci items i've always purchased. >> reporter: deborah said she knows how to motivate herself to be successful. >> as i accomplish certain goals, i buy myself some things.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: she likes bags and shoes and has quite the collection. >> i have seven gucci bags. >> reporter: everything has to coordinate. >> shoes, to match the bags. bags to match the sneaks. >> reporter: she bought this dpuchy pag at the end of 2015. >> i had the bag for about six months. and i went to wear it. >> reporter: that's when she noticed the flaw. >> there was dye on the side where the bag had bled. >> reporter: she called sachs fifth avenue where she bought the bag. they told her to bring it in. and saks sent it to gucci for repair. >> i still don't have my bag. >> reporter: williams tells us several more weeks passed. now gucci wanted to charge williams for the repair. but she had already had enough. >> i feel like i need to be compensated for my bag. they can keep the bag and give me my money. >> reporter: she called "nbc 10 responds." >> you get the job done. >> reporter: we reached out to saks which told "nbc 10 responds" it would look into the matter. just days later, williams not
5:46 pm
only got her money back, she also got to pick out a new purse and wallet, all free of charge. >> everything's great. thanks to nbc 10. you're the greatest. can i get my hug? >> for sure. you got it. thank you so much. >> and hugs for harry hairston. >> gucci would reach out to "nbc 10 responds" if the company wanted to offer a comment. we didn't hear back from them. let's take a look at our counter and see where we are. $5,276 refund. that goes to our "nbc 10 responds" recovery counter, now it stands at $76,173. we love helping people. that's why we do this. but a viewer we helped out just gave us this as a small token of appreciation, a little mug. we don't do it for things like this, but i am so humbled by the fact that someone would send in a little something. and give it to us. look at it.
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take a closer look at that. >> you know what. it says harry hairston nbc 10 hero. >> and the profile. take a look. >> that's nice of folks. >> put it on social media. >> it's out there already. we did that already. >> my bad. >> it's all about you the viewer. >> if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc 10 responds," the phone number and website are right there on your screen. coming up tomorrow, a local woman was on the hook for a big bill when her rental car was damaged. she reached out to us and we discovered a strange twist that may have made all the difference. that story on nbc 10 nbc at 5:00. your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we are tracking a lot of heat in the forecast. heat and humidity. also some thunderstorms for part of the area. not everybody. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, you'll see several days of
5:48 pm
90-degree temperatures. that's heat wave number five. a first alert out for the dangerous heat in philadelphia. the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and through delaware, where temperatures are already feeling above 100 degrees. thursday through sunday, that's going to be our first alert. it's going to be a hot weekend. and the humidity also making it feel over 100 degrees this weekend. anywhere from 100 to 110. poor air quality also expected. you want to limit your time outside, especially several hours at a time outside in the middle of the day. today we hit 93. this begins the heat wave. felt more like 100 in philadelphia. tomorrow mid-90s. friday, 90s. the feels-like will be rising each day. tomorrow feeling like 102, friday 105, saturday 107. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain relief. but a few areas could see some thunderstorms. 90 through south yearsy. along the shore temperatures are in the mid-80s with the
5:49 pm
humidity. look at the water temperature, 83 degrees. that's actually tying a record water temperature record heat for the ocean. we're going to keep tracking this as we go through the next several days and weeks, and see how high it actually does end up getting. right now on radar, we're dry but we're watching some showers and storms approaching harrisburg. there's a small chance that a lot of this will make it into the area. but we'll keep our eye on it to see if maybe it moves into berks county, poconos, lehigh valley. a lot of models showing that falling apart. but the heat will still be around for the rest of this evening and tomorrow. warm start to your morning tomorrow. afternoon highs mid-90s. 95 packer park, feeling around 100. allentown 91. chance of isolated thunderstorms. 94 eastern township. if you're in longport, 86 degrees there. feeling more like the upper 90s. wilmington feeling like 100
5:50 pm
tomorrow. here's future weather. possibly a few isolated thunderstorms mainly in the lehigh valley tomorrow afternoon. possibly the poconos. the rest of the area in new jersey and delaware expected to stay dry. friday afternoon, we do have a chance farther north and west but that's really going to be the best chance. we go into the weekend, and so far it's just going to be starting off hot. if you're going to the eagles game tomorrow, it's going to be a hot one, 101 is the feels-like. by the end of the game, still feeling around 90 degrees. going into the weekend, here's your friday, mid to low 90s across the area depending where you are, but feeling around 100. saturday and sunday we have thunderstorm chances across the area. but not for everybody. sunday looks like a better of a chance, but temperatures will still be keeping us in that heat wave. glenn will have a closer look at your neighborhood weather coming up at 6:00. lester holt joins us now live from rio de janeiro. >> he's got a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." lester? >> hi, keith and rosemary.
5:51 pm
how did a police training exercise turn deadly for a civilian volunteer. we'll look into the mystery how real bullets ended up in a training weapon. trump's remarks about hillary clinton, follow-up on that. and full coverage of the olympics including tonight's big showdowns. and our interview with missy franklin when we see you for "nbc nightly news" live from rio. >> thanks for that, lester. see you at 6:30. jacqueline london is also live in rio. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hey, keith and rosemary. as you know, the united states is winning medals left and right. and that has so many people wanting to show their olympic pride any way they can. nbc 10's cydney long will have that story coming up next. got olympic fever? you don't have to be in rio to show your team usa spirit in more ways than one. >> with the rio games, we're
5:52 pm
getting hyped up. >> reporter: how you can be just like the after the leelts right here at home. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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5:54 pm
the excitement for the games here in rio is being felt all the way back to you in the delaware valley. businesses are booming there because of some really inspired
5:55 pm
shoppers. nbc 10's cydney long shows how from head to toe. >> reporter: from the pool, to the gym, to the beach, usa female olympic athletes are nailing it. showing off not just their perfectly man cured muscles, but posh fingernails and sharing it all on twitter and instagram. >> i saw the blue and the red and fingernails, and i went, this is gorgeous. >> reporter: eleanor can't take her eyes off the tv. >> coming from the gym, i just love it. >> reporter: she's inspired to work out and buy the fashion of the world's fittest. >> i look how they're all styled. >> reporter: she's not alone. >> we've seen a lot of nail art coming in. polishes that are big now. >> reporter: at this salon, jim said nail art olympic style is huge right now. >> when they show their medals, they want to show their nails. they look fantastic. >> i got red, white and blue. i got a little american flag.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: u.s. athletes in rio are showcasing their individuality. how we did it today? well, there are olympic rings and then perfectly polished patriotism. but let's also not forget about the official athletic gear. >> nike has the rio brand of t-shirts. >> reporter: it's all about red, white and blue. >> you can see behind me i have the america. everyone's so ex side about that with the rio games. >> reporter: finally, if you love the breathtaking brazilian views of rio de janeiro and beyond, this restaurant wants to send you, dine in or sign up online. a contest for a seven-day trip to brazil ends august 3 1st. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> and speaking of great things to wear, did you see what those gymnasts had on last night? how could you miss it. we're going to talk about that clothing, and the secret behind
5:57 pm
the sequins. that's coming up a little bit later. so much buzzed about that gorgeous red, white and blue they had on. we'll take you inside the local company that masterminded the dazzling red, white and blue. celebrating in style, super bowl champs go to disney world. but what about an olympic gold medalist? we'll tell you the favorite when laurie hernandez arrives home to new jersey. nbc 10 live from rio sponsored locally by the pennsylvania lottery. creating winners every day. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
5:58 pm
one day, the world came together. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday.
5:59 pm
welcome, to it all. comcast. stand by your man. one of pennsylvania's top republicans reveals whether he's now ready to back donald trump. dangerous heat returns. the 90s are back. the highest humidity of the summer is on its way. final five fashion. the local designer outfitting team usa with its patriotic sparkle. nbc 10 news at 6:00 starts now. tonight at 6:00, battleground breakdown. a new poll shows presidential preferences in pennsylvania and how local voters could influence the election outcome. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. hillary clinton leads donald trump by ten points nationally. nbc's latest poll. but tonight we have new numbers
6:00 pm
that appear to be very lopsided across the state of pennsylvania. here's a look county by county. the dark blue area in the bottom right corner, that's philadelphia. heavily favors hillary clinton. the counties in light blue also lean toward clinton. voters in the red areas support trump. it's the counties in purple that are split. berks, lehigh and hampton counties could make the difference in november. also having an impact on pennsylvania's senate race, where republican pat toomey is often forced now to answer for the man at the top of his party's ticket. we sent lauren mayk to ask him if that's a problem for his campaign. lauren? >> republicans across the country are being asked to weigh in on trump. it's sometimes controversial comments. but pat toomey, he's in this tight senate race. so will he go with the top of the ticket or go it alone? either way,


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