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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 11, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> boy, that was really something, wasn't it? so we conclude here with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey toward olympic gold. the americans still have a sizable lead. meanwhile, kohei uchimura was part of a big day for the japanese. they won three gold medals, their most in a single day since 2004 in athens. you know, the very best athletes like uchimura often win overwhelmingly but sometimes what's needed is the knack for winning even when you don't have your a-game. last night we saw michael phelps swim an imperfect race in the 200-meter butterfly and yet still win by 0.004 of a second. today kohei uchimura was at less than his best today so he needed a sterling high bar. although this was the biggest
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one here for him, uchimura still has another event remaining in rio, that's the floor exercise, but it won't end for him here as his final olympic bow will likely come four years from now in his home nation when tokyo hosts the 2020 olympics. as we say good night, the medal ceremony for uchimura, ukraine's oleg verniaiev who had gold in his sights until the final restation winds up with the silver and britain's max whitlock wears bronze. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and that does it for us. matt and hoda have the "today"
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show from copacabana beach bright and early and we'll see you tomorrow night from rio. nascar's infield is a place of pride, glory, cultural expressions, it has more flags than the opening ceremony, only here it's all stars and stripes.
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nearly deadly mixup. a family outrage after a man is shot by new jersey police when troopers accidently show up at his home. isis accusations. what donald trump is suggesting about hillary clinton as their battle for pennsylvania heat the up tonight. party in rio. we're live, bringing you a taste of the brazilian samba, plus all the star-studded action inside the pool tonight. nbc 10 news starts now.
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and good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin with dangerous heat that's about to smother our region. we've declared a first alert from tomorrow through saturday when it will feel hotter than 100 degrees. let's get right to meteorologist sheena parveen. really hot and humid. >> yeah. lot of heat, a lot of humidity h heading our way. we have now made it into the 90s. going to be in the mid to upper 90s going into the weekend. look at the feels-like temperature. 102 tomorrow, 105 into friday. it is going to be way above normal this time of the year, normal high, 86 degrees. and because of this heat, we have declared a first alert. so expect those triple digits feels-like temperatures to be back in the forecast thursday
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through the weekend. we expect this to last for quite a while. the heat and humidity making it feel like triple digits. when we have this kind of weather we also expect poor air quality. you want to avoid several hours at a time outside in this heat. we don't have any relief from it right now, but we're watching an area of rain trying to move into burkes county. i'll show the timing and how hot it will be no matter where you live, coming up. ♪ good evening. i'm jacquelyn london, coming to you live from rio de janeiro, brazil. michael phelps may be the face of american swimming, but katie ledecky is quickly becoming a close second. both were back in the pools doing what they do best. with two individual medals already in tow, ledecky was
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going for medal number three. ledecky anchors the u.s. women for yet another gold medal win. and chester county's only cierra runge also takes home a medal. one night after sharing the podium after winning relay gold, michael phelps and ryan lochte went head to head in the semi in the 200-meter individual medley. lasse finishing less than a second behind. nathan adrian looking to make it back to back medals, but it was not to be. australia is on top. a real test for the men's basketball team. australia gave them a scare. the u.s. men plunged to a 5-point lead with less than a
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minute to play but managed to pull away for a 10-point win. up next, they take on serbia on friday. and we are bringing you the flavor of rio with a trip to a samba street party. you don't want to miss that. there is a lot of that going on here in rio, brazil. always, and especially now with the olympics, but now let's send it back to the nbc 10 studio the in philadelphia, jim rosenfield. >> looks like a lot of fun, a lot of smiles there, jacquelyn, see you soon. how could something so devastating happen for what appeared to be no reason at all. >> here at home. outrage in south jersey after a 76-year-old man was shot by police inside his home during a 911 mixup. gerald sikes is now out of the hospital, but requewith three bs fired by a state trooper still in his body. and they are all waiting for answers.
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>> reporter: there are still many questions surrounding this case. we asked the team looking into it for us. the investigation is ongoing. >> i think he still is in shock that it happened. >> reporter: gerald sikes is physically recovering. the doctors kept the bullets in his body to prevent more bleeding. but her 76-year-old step dad is ki disturbed. >> the first question he asked myself and my mom was did they catch the bad guys that shot me? and he had no idea. and when we told him the gentleman out on the porch was state police, he was completely shocked. >> reporter: it began with a disconnected 911 call with late at night. the troopers were incorrectly directed here to an are your area. sikes and his wife live on this farm. >> both of them were asleep waking up to what they thought were intruders. >> reporter: the troopers knocked and announced they were responding to a 911 call with.
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that's not what sikes recalled. >> he kept saying over and over, why would they not identify themselves. >> reporter: this shows the backsliding door. there are four bullet holes from a trooper's gun and one from sikes' shotgun. they've hired a private investigate and believe the evidence will show the trooper fired first. >> how could something so devastating happen for what appeared to be no reason at all. >> reporter: we're told sikes doesn't have anything against the police in general, but -- procedures were not followed. at the state police barracks, drew smith, nbc 10 news. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. and i would say the co-founder
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would be crooked hillary clinton. >> in decision 2016, tonight donald trump says president obama and hillary clinton founded the islamic state, as you just heard. this happened tonight in ft. lauderdale, florida as trump targeted the president's foreign policy agenda. meantime, the clinton campaign is slamming donald trump forred comments he made tuesday that some took for a call for clinton's assassination. >> words matter, my friends. and, if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >> the response game a day after trump suggested that second amendment supporters could possibly stop clinton from nominating federal judges if she becomes president. trump insists he was not advocating violence.
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and both see pennsylvania as a must-win state. the wall street journal maris poll shows clinton with a 11-point lead. it is in dark blue and heavily favors clinton. the suburbs in light blue lean toward clinton as well. but the lehigh valley is in purple. clinton and trump are neck and neck in that region. live from the studio, a fight for this battle ground state. >> absolutely. eight offices are opening across pennsylvania, dedicated to hillary clinton's campaign. three are in philadelphia area. it comes as her lead widens. but trump supporters say don't count him out just yet. with the new office opening in frankfu frankfurt, volunteers are flooding the office. >> it gives me an opportunity to
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get involved. if it weren't so close i probably wouldn't. >> reporter: the latest wall street journal maris poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in pennsylvania. >> what you're going to see is big turn out because of the ever order to put together a really strong field program. >>'s the best choice between the two. so you got to get on the phone, get people to come out and register to vote. >> reporter: philadelphia republicans know it's an uphill battle for donald trump. the poll found clinton dominated in both philadelphia and the suburbs. in fact, the margins were only narrow is the norn the northeas of the state. >> trump needs to trump up the ground game. >> reporter: trump supporters say he was in the same position during the republican primary
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but still came out on top. >> i wouldn't count him out. he may pull it off. >> locally, the republican party has coordinated all of donald trump's outreach. there hasn't been an office opened by the campaign. but clinton's efforts point to how important pennsylvania is and that she's ready for a fight. new information about the man who attempted to scale trump tower in manhattan. the 20 year old virginia man wanted a personal meeting with trump. he climbed for nearly three hours, using ropes and suction cups. it all ended when police grabbed him and pulled him inside the building. the man is undergoing a psychiatric examination and is expected to face charges. turning the tables. a black lives matter repeatedly destroyed. how they plan to turn the vandalism into a profit for
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their cause. plus the ocean, unusually warm at the jersey shore right now. it's luring lots of people into the surf and a lot of creatures too. what you should look out for if you are heading to the beach soon. sheena? and we have more hot weather. with humidity making it feel like triple digits. i'll hshow you what it will loo like going into the weekend. but first, a live look at the olympic cauldron. we're about to check out the kuntz m current medal count. if you don't want to see it, look away from the screen until the music stops.
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deadly shooting in north philadelphia leads police on a foot chase to catch the suspect. police on patrol near came bria street heard gunshots. they found a 46-year-old man lying on the highway. he later died at the hospital. police also saw a man running from the scene with a gun if his hand. and they caught and arrested him. their black lives matter banners have been vandalized three times in less than a week. but they are not backing down. members of the first unitarian church gathered near the sign and they have a sign telling the vandals they will continue to we place the banners, and for each new banner they will make a donation to black lives matter. >> to be black in this world is not the same to be white. black and brown friends are treated very differently, and we don't think that's a just society to have. >> delaware state police trying to track down those vandals.
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♪ by now you likely have a grasp of what the olympic venues are like here in rio de janeiro, but we wanted to give you a true taste of brazil, from the locals. so come with me inside the world of samba. ♪ in the heart of rio, you find its beating pulse, the music and energy that give its people life. the samba, a language all its own. enjoying life is their sport, a favorite pastime and what they live to do. >> here is the center of rio. so everyone comes here to, to see people from all around the world. >> reporter: people dancing to the beat of their own drum, as far as the eye can see. and a drink in the center of it all. the people who call rio home are
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called care okas anded satisfy their palettes through music and dance. and their problems for now get lost in the crowd. >> overall, the problems, you have fun. so everything. >> reporter: there are economic issues here, and concerns over polluted water, crime and 15zik. the people here tend to focus on the positive and not the negative and it's just their nature. for now, let's send it back to you in the studio. >> love that optimism. looks like a lot of fun, jack questi jackqui, thanks. the water temperature was
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just under 83 degrees. it's bringing additional wildlife close to the coast, including jellyfish. there have been more sightings of sea turtles, sharks, especially hammerheads. yikes. well, the heat and humidity will reach dangerous levels tomorrow as we've been saying through saturday so we've issued that first alert. and sheena parveen is backtrackibacktrac, track being ting the heat. >> heat will be at a dangerous level because of the humidity. we have an alert out, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. if you look at the seven-day, the first alert days that we're talking about, those are highlighted in red for you. and you will see a stretch of 90s, and not everyone is going to see rain relief, even though we have rain in the forecast. the first alert goes from thursday through sunday. so your entire weekend is going
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to be hot and humid. feeling anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. with this type of weather pattern in place we also expect poor air quality. so you want to avoid several hours outside in the middle of the day. it's going to be too hot, and you need to stay hydrated. by 9:00 a.m., already in the mid-80s. we'll be warm and very humid to start the day. more humidity throughout the afternoon. some parts of the area could see a stray shower or storm, but fo n not everybody. those seeing the storms could be cooling down to the upper 80s, but it is still going to be very humid. we have a feels-like temperature around 100 degrees. today we hit 93, felt like 100. tomorrow, 95, feeling like 102. friday, 97, feeling like 105. and to start your weekend, it will be feeling like 107. it will be very hot across the
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weekend. make sure you stay cool. we have the clouds around. there is an area off to the west of rain. light rain trying to move into parts of burks county. tomorrow afternoon, like i mentioned, spotty showers, not for everybody. summerton, 90. if you are in allentown, temperature right around 91. very little chance of rain. stone harbor, 86. if you're in harrington, 93, but feeling closer to 110. future weather, maybe a stray shower overnight. tomorrow, north and west of philadelphia, you do have a chance of a shower in the afternoon. friday, most of the rain is going to stay pretty much out of the area. hot and humid into the week and then we go into the weekend. still some small rain chances but not for everybody. if you're heading to the eagles game, 7:00 p.m., it is going to be hot. 95, feeling like 101.
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kickoff, 97 degrees. going into friday, mid-90s. the weekend, there you see the 90s continuing, especially as we go into sunday. we have better rain chances in the forecast. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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tonight police in medford warning neighbors to keep a close eye on their mailboxes and patio furniture. a string of bizarre and unrelated crimes is unfolding. at least three people have reported back yard patio benches, chairs and heavy glass tables stolen. the outdoor fuchb tour seems to be disappearing in the middle of the night. >> to pick up a bench like we had, you need a pickup truck or something and at least two dudes to pick it up and put it on your truck or two people to move it.
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>> and in the wind gate 55 and older community, crooks have stolen mail. in one incidence, residents were robbed of $1500 of eagles season tickets. ouch. another pitcher going on the disabled list. cars carson went.
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there's a moment... when you push... past walls... and limits. panting... sweating... smiling. and you realize... you've just pushed past... what you ever thought possible. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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this is sports sdefx, brought to you by xfinity. x 1 will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from csn. we're just over 18 hours away from the eagles first preseason game. carson wentz will make his debut. are you nervous? >> i don't get real nervous. it's just a game. i don't sweat too much about it. i just go out and have fun with
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it. if anything, i'll be calming down the excitement. >> watch it all, the pregame, the actual game and post game live tomorrow on ysn and cozy. jeremy helekson left the game with tightness in his back. in the seventh, freddie fal advice. three-run shot. his first as a righty. and bases loaded for the big piece. knocks in three more with a double. since july 1st he's batting in 300. i'm john clark. we're right back. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!


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