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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," apartment explosion and fire. nearly two dozen are hurt in maryland after an apartment building is destroyed by flames. we're now hearing more evidence in bridgegate, hear what governor christie is involved in doing. and golden girls, katie ledecky and team usa pulloff a huge come back and pull off another gold for the stars and stripes. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's warm and steamy out there. we start with bill henley in the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. bill. >> you may not want to look out this afternoon. temperatures are really going to take off today. even hotter and more humid than yesterday. that's why we've issued a "first alert" for our area, philadelphia, suburbs and new
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jersey and delaware. right on through sunday. you can feel that heat and humidity that will make it feel like 100 to 110 this afternoon and will lead to poor air quality as well. 81 degrees in philadelphia. upper 70s. lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware just short of the 80s. and south jersey, warm start at the jersey shore, to 78 degrees. philadelphia, no real cool spots but there are 70s. upper 70s. chestnut hill is 79 degrees. and 79 degrees at summerton or east philadelphia airport, 82 degrees. 90s this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast for each part of our area. hour by hour, back in a couple minutes. but first, let's get another update from "first alert" weather center jessica boyington. >> thanks, bill, in new jersey, in cross keys road. just a couple cars out there. no problems or delays. roads are dry. good news out the door there. also watching delaware for
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construction. on damon's road and damon's creek road. everything running on time. at least so far for the morning, septa, amtrak, new jersey transit and patco all good. new information out of maryland. the fire chief just spoke within the last half hour saying five to seven people are still unaccounted for. this is a look at the damage after the explosion and fire in silver spring. this happened around midnight. here's what the fire looked like, neighbors rushed outside to take videos of their home. searching for missing people, 30 other people are hurt, including three firefighters. and neighbors say people were throwing children over balconies to get them out of the burning building. we'll continue to monitor the breaking news. we'll bring you updates on air
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and on our nbc10 app. it's almost time for the first time since january, the eagles will hit the field tonight for the first preseason game. nbc10's pamela osborne is live outside of lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. pamela, we understand it's a preseason game. but the excitement is getting a glimpse of the eagles futures right? >> reporter: that's right, vai. i think the players are just as excited about the return of football as we are out here, right? the guys have been practicing for a while now. tonight, we're going to get the first real sense of what they're bringing to the field this season. at 7:00, the eagles will take on the buccaneers, and a lot of eyes are on carston wentz. he tells us he's excited. >> i don't get too excited but the first night, i'll be ready
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for it. >> reporter: and one more thing, we want to mention to you this morning, as bill has said, it's going to be extremely hot later on today. very humid. very muggy. the linc is allowing fans to bring in one water bottle. it has to be a sealed water bottle. 16 ounces or smaller. that's one thing that's different that you can take with you at the stadium today. reporting live outside of the lincoln, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> water bottles have to be sealed. remember that. the birds face the bucs tonight at 7:00 starts at 7:30 on csn and cozi-tv. csn on 847 for comcast. verizon, 576. cozze is 248 for comcast, channel 460 for verizon and 10.2 over the air. you can get your first look at new buses.
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they used a $2 million grant to buy buses like these. the buses run on batteries. you can check them out in dover today or rehoboth beach tomorrow. a former aide to christie said the governor flat out lied. the comment was part of a text message sent by the aide of the governor that will be used by a former christie appointee. that appointee charged with the staffer of helping to arrange lane closures on the bridge allegedly for not voting for the governor. yesterday, christie denied he lied. >> it's ridiculous. it's nothing new. there's nothing new to talk about. >> christie also pointed out the information about the text message came by a filing by defense lawyer and wasn't by someone under oath. the trial of the governor's two former associates is set to begin next month. welcome news for people trying to beat the heat in
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abington, montgomery county. the crestmont pool will reopen today. the montgomery county health department shut it down tuesday someone diagnosed with a parasite had been swimming in the pool. the pool has been treated with extra chlorine and will open today at 11:00. and mayor jim kenney to repeal the policy southwest democrats katie mcgintsty, his challenger in the re-election campaign. the sanctuary involved philadelphia's cooperation of federal immigration authorities. toomey highlighted the case where officials say they failed to but a retainer. who was released and arrested last month on child rape allegations. >> it's one of the mole heinous crimes possible to commit, committed against this young child. and it should not have been
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possible. and it would not have been possible, but for the fact that philadelphia is a sanctuary city. >> the spokeswoman for mayor kenney says he stands by the mayor's cooperation with i.c.e. she said she's been clear, she wants local and federal law enforcement to stop dangerous criminals. delaware downtown development district is expanding. the governor unveiled a new district in smyrna, milford, harrington which means money will pour in to expand development in those downtown areas. the program also offers incentives to private investors. nbc10's jacqueline london is bringinging us the flavor of rio during the olympic games. >> yeah, that wouldn't be complete without a trip to a samba street party. take a look.
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yeah, the music and energy give the people of rio real life. they dance to the beat of their own drum, as they enjoyed food and drinks. and the problems at least for the night, well, getting lost in the crowd. >> it's always felt like overall your problems, you have fun. >> well, the people call rio home, you can see they know how to celebrate their lives to music and dance. jacqueline is also following all of our local athletes in rio. live reports continue this afternoon and tonight on nbc10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. well, it's winter in rio, we could use some of the cool there that they might be experiencing there. it's going to be a steamy one here. we're in the dog days of summer heading into the 90s. already steamy in philadelphia.
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no showers around, but that is a possibility later today. we've seen a few sprinkles fizzle in chester county. more accurate north and west. 81 degrees right now in philadelphia. a few scattered clouds. look at this other number. that's the feels like temperature. almost in the 90s at lunchtime. it will be nearing 100 degrees. feels like temperature this afternoon. we'll see it top 100 degrees later today. if you're looking for showers and thunderstorms, a better chance north of philadelphia which includes the suburbs. 82 degrees, no storms at 10:00, but later this afternoon, when the temperatures will feel like closer to 100 degrees and temperatures near 90 degrees. that's where we could see scattered thunderstorms. certainly not all day or afternoon. lehigh valley, 77 degrees now. 80s at 10:00. it will feel like the 90s at lunchtime today. and new jersey, you'll see the clouds break for sunshine this morning. but the chance of storms, even
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in parts of new jersey, later this afternoon. look at the feels like temperature peaking at 2:00 at 100 degrees for new jersey. a steamy day for the shore, too. the temperatures in the upper 80s with feels like temperatures near 100 degrees at 2:00 and 4:00. an isolated storm possible. and delaware, humidity's already higher this morning thanks to southwesterly winds which will keep the humidity elevated through the day. 79 degrees right now. you're less likely to see any showers in delaware this afternoon. low 80s at 10:00. into the 90s later today. and the feels like temperature topping 100 degrees in delaware. and it's going to get hotter and more humid before we get a break. your 10 day on 10 when i come back in a few minutes. 20 minutes to 6:00, just getting to work. >> jessica is looking at route 202. what are you seeing there,
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jessica? >> we're all right at 202. if you're heading towards the schuylkill expressway, a nine-minute trip. northbound and southbound lanes, a couple cars there, no backups or delays. say for the blue route. if you're heading out the door there, you'll be fine. typically, we see the southbound delay a little quicker, 15 minutes from the schuylkill. more updates when i come back in about ten minutes, vai. >> jessica, thank you. summer meals. we'll tell you about the local program that's making sure kids are getting the food they need. and it's all thanks to volunteers. and here's a live look at the olympic cauldron in rio. more of what to expect in brazil. plus, a big comeback with team usa last night.
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well, it's not just the epidemic, it's the plague. and that was pennsylvania governor's tom wolf's message as he addressed the opioid crisis in montgomery county in norristown. he talked about improving about session of treatment and quality of services. the governor said 3,300 people died of drugs, overdoses in pennsylvania just last year. and he expects that number to be higher in 2016. the administration will work with the federal government to open 20 centers of excellence
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across the state to assist people in getting the help they need. >> thousands of kids in south jersey don't know where their next meal is coming from. when school is out for the summer they don't get the free lunches from the school. >> reporter: attending summer camp at st. anthony in camden get lunch every day. how it gets there is the real story. >> we all need food in order to live our lives. and kids need it not only to live their lives but to have productive lives. >> reporter: just a few years ago, the food bank of new jersey saw a big problem. students getting free lunches in schools had nowhere to turn during a summer break. >> we're just working on a solution. right now, we've got to feed kids for summer. >> reporter: hungry for change, volunteers stepped up. >> i'm a mom, i'm thinking in our country of ours, no family should worry about having their kids go hungry. makes me feel really terrific.
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>> reporter: last no, ellen patterson and her legal team from td bank pitched in, it became an assembly line. 1,500 volunteers will make 2,000 lunches for 3,500 kids. last year, it was only half that. >> and without this, where would the kids be? they would actually be wandering on their own, trying to figure out how they're going to feed themselves. >> sigh know the parents count on our programs being able to take care of their children and feed them. >> reporter: whether by donation or service, it's about making a difference one tray at a time. >> we said we can solve this problem. >> 3,000 kids in south jersey are el jibl to get these lunches but there aren't enough resources to provide them. the food bank can only reach 3,500 this summer but they want to double that number next year. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather.
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>> 5:46, like yesterday, we're starting off with clouds and warm and muggy conditions. actually it's warmer in philadelphia at low 80s right now. there are some breaks in the clouds. we'll see the clouds thin out and temperatures that are going to be soaring. it's already warm and muggy this morning. the elevated humidity. combining to make it feel like 100. very hot and humid and over the next few days. this evening, it's going to be a steamy one. we're watching for isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon and this evening. for now, 70s and low 80s. mullica hill. 80s right now, pemberton and lumberton both at 75 degrees and floorington, 84 degrees. very warm and muggy start. we've issued a "first alert" for philadelphia, suburb, new jersey and delaware through sunday, the heat will be building as we go through the weekend. very hot and humid conditions. the feels like temperatures
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range from 100 to 110. it looks like the hottest will come on saturday. and each of these days will feature poor air quality for our area. and a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. there's one line of some scattered light showers moving through pennsylvania and into northern new jersey. we've seen a few sprinkles there. there are a few sprinkles right now in berks county. it's a really light shower. in fact, it's a pretty good chance it's not even reaching the ground but don't be surprised you see a rain drop or two move to get north. maiden creek, we're seeing the light showers move into the area. really more likely to get a chance of thunderstorms later today in the afternoon hours and during the evening hours. so that could pose a threat for tailgaters, during the evening hours, 95 degrees. 101 as you look the feels like temperature is. even if we don't receive the storms for the tailgating, the extreme heat is something we'll have to deal with. do your best to stay hydrated.
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97 degrees at kickoff time. then it will feel like 90 degrees by the end of the game. the chance of showers will be decrease as the evening goes on. "first alert" for dangerous heat, as we mentioned, that's going to be building in our area. look at the temperatures climbing into the middle 90s for allentown. upper 90s saturday for philadelphia. some very steamy weather ahead. the high temperature this afternoon in philadelphia, 95 degrees. just a chance of scattered storms later today. less likely to see the storms but not completely out of the question for friday, saturday and sunday. look at those afternoon temperatures getting close to 100 degrees on saturday. still steamy on sunday. then we finally get a break on monday. the storms, 87 degrees, next week in the 80s with a chance of storms right into the end of the work week. by saturday, though, we're looking at partly sunny skies. tracy, vai. >> looking at that cooldown on thursday. ten minutes before 6:00 right
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now. jessica's got her eyes on the cameras there. jessica, what are you see? >> we're doing great on 422. we're still ahead of that curve where we're starting to see volume pick up. we watch as it jams up later, but you can see right now, a little more traffic heading in that direction towards the schuylkill expressway. average speed into the 60s there as well. also watching for construction on kelly drive. there are lane restrictions between huntington park avenue and 5th street. another 40 minutes or so for that. whatting more construction in delaware county. meeting house road. tracy. into today's summer games of rio, the u.s. holds the lead and athletes hold 32 medals. >> jay gray joins us live from rio. jay, the swimmer, katie ledecky doing her part after that medal
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count? >> reporter: yeah, vai and tracy, good morning. how great is katie, 19 years old. she gets in the water with the leg there, next in neck, with the last 100 meters from behind. she just comes from behind, gives it her all. they win another gold medal. fantastic to see that last night. and she's got nor give. she's back in the water for the 800-meter. >> jay, i don't know really what to say about michael phelps. these are like the michael phelps games. >> yeah, for sure. tonight, he squares off with his friend ryan lochte in the 200-meter final. they say they love racing against each other, right? >> reporter: i think that's a love that developed over the years. i'm not sure they were best buddies as this started. you're right, phelps continues to win. this is the last time they'll
5:52 am
likely face off against one another in the olympics. it should be very special. phelps is faster than the qualifier. it will be a great race. they are good friends. they push each other and they understand that. maybe it won't be the last time. maybe they'll both come back in four years. the way phelps is going, who nose. >> let's talk about gymnastics. simone pilebiles, ali raisman, go for gold. that will be exciting? >> reporter: yeah, women's gymnastic unbelievable. you talk about simone biles, she could theory re redically come with more goals and she'll be pushed by al racemi raisman. one other thing that is going on that we should talk about is golf the first time since 1904
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that they bring it up in the olympics. this is one of the shirts that team usa, the men's golf will be wearing. we also have their shoes. the red, white and blue with usa on the side. vai and tracy, we always want to start the day on a positive note. something good. i'm positive it's a good thing that i decided to share with you the golf uniform, instead of what the diving team wears which they did a great job last night. this is the diving wear. back to you. >> jay gray, one of a kind. we can't wait to see what you're going to wear in the 6:00 hour. what a tease what was right there, my friend. >> reporter: i'll have something new. >> jay gray, thanks. oh, boy, jay gray. a new study is shedding light on the air that we breathe here in philadelphia. we'll tell you where the city stacked up against the rest of the country and when it comes to air quality.
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try the new egg white grill from chick-fil-a. a new study has philadelphia as the 15th worse city in the
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country when if comes to air pollution. the study found 126 people die each year due to air pollution. the study looks at air quality data across the country. the worst was los angeles where more than 1300 deaths related to air pollution happen even year. next at 6:00, philadelphia police officer jumps into action after hearing gunshots. we'll tell you about the foot chase through the streets and the arrest. plus in "nbc10 responds," a viewer on the hook for damage to a rental car. turns out the car should not have even been on the road. we'll tell you how the "nbc10 responds" team sorts this out. from whole natural to wasabi & soy sauce. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. it's a wonderful feeling, a magical feeling, and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do.
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policing the streets, officers heard gunshots and quickly made an arrest after chasing down the suspected shooter. searching for clues. police believe this video


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