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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  August 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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temperatures. just how hot it will feel when you add in all of that humidity. take a good look at this video. police hope it will help them catch a man who attacked a septa bus driver in philadelphia. today in rio, the u.s. women's saber fencing team goes for gold. majority of the team's members are from new jersey. we'll have a preview. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm george spencer. it's now 5:30 on this saturday morning. it's already so hot and sticky out there, we'll get right to meteorologist krystal klei with our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather and krystal, man, how hot will it feel today? >> we're looking at serious heat in the forecast. i was outside yesterday with storm ranger, in between times that i was on air, i was sitting in the car with the air conditioner. it's not a day, nor today, for
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us to be looking at being outside much. hot and humid for your weekend. that's going to continue not just saturday but sunday as well. there will be a possibility of isolated thunderstorms, mostly going to be seen north and west of us. tracking to the northeast of us. but we will look at that slight chance in the forecast this weekend into next week as well. on the extended, the heat wave continues. the 90s going nowhere. the seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. in your neighborhood, several more days in the 90s. here's where we are right now, 83 in philadelphia. upper 70s in parts of the suburbs. upper 70s as well for new jersey, lehigh valley in the mid-70s. delaware at 81 degrees. as we flip this over to forecast for today, that's a lot of 90s. upper 90s in philadelphia. new jersey at 98. spot thunderstorms possible around the suburbs as well as into the lehigh valley. overall, looking like we won't be tracking a ton of storms.
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we'll be focusing on the heat and humidity. that puts us in a danger zone. continues into your sunday. more details on your weekend in a bit. all right. krystal, thanks very much. today's heat and humidity will make it dangerous to be outside for long periods of time. but for some people, being outdoors is really unavoidable. monique braxton is live along kelly drive where a regatta is happening today. monique, how is it feeling out there? >> reporter: it is terrible out here, george. like you said, some people can't avoid it because it's part of the job. but this is a place where some people will come today to seek relief along with other spots across our viewing area. in about an hour and a half, the bayada regatta gets under way here along kelly drive. no one has come yet to set up. trust me, we're being told kelly drive is going to shut down at 6:00 this morning as city crews move in to set up for the
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regatta that's the nation's oldest and largest all-adaptive rowing competition for athletes with disabilities. keeping cool is the goal for the next few days. philadelphia announced a staggered closure of city pools to begin this weekend. but that plan has been delayed. the department of parks and recreation had planned to close 21 pools to end the summer's swim season because lifeguards are heading back to college. but the heat emergency changed things. all but eight pools are opening today from 11:00 to 7:00 and tomorrow from noon to 5:00. up in allentown, the mayor announced he's waiving admission fees to city pools. that means you get to get in free today and tomorrow. the mayor advises some residents may be directed to use other city pools if their first choice is overcrowded. no doubt, you're going to find that same situation happening in philadelphia. there is a capacity. so when the pools reach the capacity, you have to stand
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outside until some folks exit so that you can enter. the regatta gets under way here on kelly drive at 8:00. we'll have some of it later in the newscast. live, monique braxton. >> the philadelphia corporation for aging ak at this stated the heat line. 215-765-9040 to talk to trained staff about how to beat the heat. they will also speak about medical problems that may be related to the rising temperatures. we have that number and the numbers for other counties in our area on the nbc 10 app. philadelphia police hope this video will help them catch a man who attacked a septa bus driver. take a look. the passenger was just getting off the route 37 bus in south philadelphia last week when he started arguing with the driver. he walked off and got back on the bus, slammed the driver's head into the dashboard and then
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bit his face before running away. you're asked to call police if you have any information about the attacker or how that happened. jerry sandusky's words are now on the record after he took the stand at an appeals hearing to try to overturn his child sex abuse conviction. the former penn state assistant football coach testified yesterday near state college. sandusky told the court he never molested the boys and he wasn't properly represented back at his trial in 2012. he was convicted of molesting boys and was sentenced to prison. the judge could order a new trial or disdismiss the charges altogether. it resumes on august 22nd. skinny joey mow lynn owe is out of jail in florida. he's released on a $5 million bond. the reputed philadelphia mob
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boss was arrested linked to a health care fraud scheme. a judge ordered him to wear an ankle bracelet and stay in his home in boca raton. the judge said that he can travel to philadelphia to attend a parents weekend at his daughter's college. if you are looking to beat the heat, you may find little relief by the ocean. we'll show you how they're dealing with this heat wave at the delaware beaches next. plus, caught on video. thieves break into a south jersey liquor store and police say that's the tip of the iceberg in their smash and grab spree. we'll update the investigation.
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we're starting with a look at temperatures. temperatures in the low 90s for philadelphia. currently at 83 degrees. we're feeling considerably hotter than it truly is outside already this morning.
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73 in mt. pocono. allentown at 76 degrees. wilmington in the low 80s. cape may also at 82 degrees. the same for atlantic city at 82. millville at 81. these temperatures, a lot of us in the lower 80s already to kick off the morning. not a lot of overnight relief here that we're seeing. as we move into the afternoon, that's when the temperatures get serious. what we're looking at in your planner, philadelphia around lunchtime, already the low 90s. a nice mix of sun and clouds. in the suburbs, could see an isolated thunderstorms. 90 at noon. about mid-90s for highs. in the lehigh valley, 4:00, 91 for the temperature. also could see an isolated storm pop up. we're looking for a possibility like yesterday of some activity mostly north and west of us. delaware, 92. mid to upper 90s in the afternoon. new jersey, around the mid-90s. at the shore, we should track into the upper 80s to low 90s. for the most part, the shore will be that one escape from
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temperatures and thunderstorms mixing together. but we're going to talk more about that potential through your whole weekend with your shorecast coming up. krystal, thanks. it's not a good idea to spend long stretches of time outside this weekend. delaware beaches are definitely not a bad place to be. the watt r temperature is noticeably above average right now. we found plenty of families cooling off at jungle jim's water park. businesses say the extreme heat can turn beach-goers into shoppers on days like we're seeing. her sales go down a bit. >> quite a few people are coming up. not as much as a normal day because it is so hot. ice cream melts really fast. >> melting ice cream up and down delaware. some events have been canceled or postponed because of the extreme temperatures and all of
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that humidity. today the women's saber fencing team goes for the gold in rio. three of the four members are from new jersey. nbc 10's jacqueline london has more. >> team usa in rio ready for competition and their time in the spotlight. stopping by the "today" show set to talk to matt and hoda. for the fencers, many from jersey, ready to fight. >> i want to shout out to new jersey. we have one other one in -- it's pretty exciting to be one of them. >> i have to shot out new jersey, it has been a phenomenal experience representing such an amazing townment thanks for all love, i appreciate it. >> a first for the olympic history. the first american muslim athlete to wear a hijab. >> i was told i couldn't do it
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because i was african-american, muslim. i want to be the inspiration for those who have told they can't do something. >> it's just as important as getting a medal. all of the women will wear a mask decorated with the american flag. some are likely to stand out more. >> i change my hair color often. i wanted to do something bold and show people that i'm not afraid to do it. hopefully, inspiring other kids. it doesn't have to be changing your hair color. but being who you are and not being afraid to stand out. >> standing ipodium, the ultimate goal. also today, jamaica's usain bolt races for the first time and michael phelps swims for the last time during the rio games. it may be the final swim of his entire career. the phillys honor jim toomey and the man who replaced him, ryan howard as the phils win in
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grand fashion. that's up next in sports. "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite.
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take a look at this smash grab in south jersey. the burglars used a brick or something to get inside the liquor store and get outside in just a minute. >> we want them caught. not only because they came after our liquor store. but everybody else works hard. we're part of one industry. >> thousands of dollars have been stolen, not to mention the cost of damages. police are warning businesses to keep as little money as possible overnight in registers and install bars on glass doors. a burglar in berks county made an after-hours trip to a drive through, but not for a combo. take a look at these pictures and you can see he actually squeezes through the tiny drive-through window at this
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mcdonald's on meridian boulevard early wednesday morning. he got into the safe and stole a bank bag filled with cash. it is now the law in pennsylvania that child car seats must face backwards until kids reach the age of two. that law took effect yesterday. drivers who don't comply will get a warning for now. beginning next year, violators could face a $125 fine. a similar law is already on the books in new jersey, but not in delaware. >> atlantic city's beach concert series kicks off. parrot heads will pack the beach to see jimmy buffett and another band this afternoon. jimmy g love and the special sauce will be there too. this is the fourth of summer beach concerts that will happen through labor day. today in the lehigh valley, lady
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antebellum will be there. music festo runs through tomorrow. lot going on outside. make sure you're being safe. the temperatures you see here, not going to hold on too long. we're talking that extreme heat, dangerous heat moving into your afternoon. it's why we're under that first alert and we have been under that first alert for several days now. looking at parts of the neighborhoods, temperatures mostly upper 70s, low 80s. currently 77 at ocean city. it's the low west on the map. 81 for woodbine. 81 mays landing. right now, atlantic city is sitting at 80 degrees. these temperatures starting off don't sound bad. but you have to factor in that we've got all that moisture in the air. that's the higher humidity. it feels hotter than it truly is each out there this morning. we look over to your delaware neighborhoods, temperature right now harmony hills at 80. odessa at 81 degrees.
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in middletown at 79. we drop a little farther south, dover at 80. and lincoln as well at 81. these temperatures soaring. we had feel-likes in delaware of close to 110. on your radar and satellite, we don't have the showers. we're seeing instead tons of moisture in the air. not actually thunderstorms to make that moisture move through. instead, we feel the humidity. the steamy, sticky air moving -- today is a good day to stay inside, enjoying air conditioning, because those temperatures are going to be high across the board. one of the first alert for our entire region. this is heat wave number 5. yes, number 5. take a look at how long this is blasting. wednesday we started off low 90s. feel like bumped up to above 100
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thursday. for today, our saturday, 98 is the forecast high. feeling like 110 by your middle afternoon. 97 on your sunday in philadelphia. 106 for the feel-like temperature and then your heat wave defined by the 90s continues monday and tuesday. we see a dropdown lower 90s and humidity drop a tad. it will still feel a bit humid as we kick off early next week. looking at hour by hour, some clouds mostly moving out here. we move through lunchtime and plenty of sun mixed in with clouds. spot showers near allentown about 6:30 in the evening. otherwise, not likely for storms today. your sunday, as we go from morning into afternoon, showers near harrisburg. heavier than we should be. the possibility of showers and thunderstorms do pick up late day into your sunday. we'll look more into the potential for storms. not just sunday but into the
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next part of your workweek with that ten-day on 10. all of that in a bit. hey, the phillies opened their series with the rockies with a win last night. before the game, they sent down cody ash i to aaa. he's batting joust .213. that was to clear a roster spot for this guy off the d.l. and delivers. the double scores a run. the pig story, bases loaded, ryan power. he knows it's gone. 14th career grand slam. most in phillies history. there's the guy who ryan replaced, james toomey. three hits, five rbis. he's hitting .333 since july 1st. be able to do it in that situation on a night like tonight, i mean, it was pretty cool. trying to take it as it comes.
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not trying to put too much thought into anything. >> back to jim thome. he was inducted into the phillies wall of fame. he was only here 2 1/2 years. there's bobby abreu. he helped bring them into their best era. >> baseball has given me so much. what i treasure most are the friends that i've made in this game. many of them are from my time here in philadelphia. i'm always happy to come back to this incredible city. i will continue to do it as long as i'm alive. thank you. a-rod playing his last game last night. the baseball gods raining on his parade. didn't have clear skies last few years of his career. a-rod got a hit in his first at-bat. he will be released today and become a special assistant for the yankees. you may not have seen the last of him, though. i'm john clark.
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enjoy your weekend. nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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look at boathouse row. but looks can be deceiving. temperatures rising and it's already very steamy outside. that high heat hit workers pretty hard yesterday in delaware county. as you can see out there, trying to cool off. wearing a hat was absolutely necessary to protect the construction workers. there he puts it on. they were laying driveway in brook haven. in the meantime, this cannot be an easy job either on a sweltering day. nbc 10 found these workers installing cable lines in township line road in
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springfield, delaware county. yesterday, hopefully they had a lot of water on hand. definitely a necessity to beet the heat that we have been seeing. well, today the focus of the rio games turns from the pool to track and field. we are now heading into the second week of the games with the united states racking up 50 medals and 20 of those medals are gold. nbc's jay gray joins us live from rio. and jay, it was a big upset yesterday on the soccer field. >> it really was. we'll talk about that. it was a strong effort in the pool. two of the real superstars of the games wrapping up their run. it was the americans who are also now having to deal with the reality that for the first time in olympic history, women's soccer will be going home empty handed. >> the semifinals and -- in a shocking upset, the heavily
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favored u.s. women were out of olympic soccer tournament losing 4-3 in a shootout from sweden. the heroes in the pool. the final race in rio, katie ledecky shattered the world record in the 800 -- for the fourth gold medal here. >> i'm honored to be on this team. >> a team that continued dominance with 35-year-old anthony urban winning gold in the 53. a stunned maya da rad odirado. >> hard to believe, no gold medal for michael phelps. he finished with a tie for silver. michelle carter had the winning throw in the shotput. >> that throw shattering the world record. coming up later today, michael phelps in the pool for the last time ever in international competition.
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the 4 by 100 medley relay. we have usain bolton the track for the first time at these games. men's volleyball in copacabana trying to get to the quarterfinals when they take on austria. >> that is the latest live in rio. back to you now. george? >> jay gray and rio de janeiro. amazing time there. a lot of people watching michael phelps and the attention turns to track and field. jay, thank you very much. >> back here at home. the time is 5:57. we're already warming up big time. monique braxton is live outside along kelly drive where people will be dealing with this dangerous heat today. monique? >> that's right. they'll be dealing with the disabilities and the dangerous heat. regatta set to take place here in two hours. we'll tell you other places to go to keep cool. we're talking a heat wave continuing not just today but several days. plus the possibility of thunderstorms in our area. we'll take a look at all the
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changes for your weekend and into next week with the ten-day forecast coming up.
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dangerous heat. you might want to consider staying inside today. feels-like temperatures kicking up to get this, near 110 in some
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spots today. crushing the competition. katie ledecky looks like she's swimming alone. really blowing away her fellow swimmers and smashing her own world record. plus, calling them cowards, hope solo takes aim at the swedish soccer team after team usa gets eliminated from the olympics. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm george spencer. it's now 6:00 on this saturday morning. we have issued a first alert because it is another one of those hot and steamy days outside. perhaps dangerously so. let's get you started with first alert meteorologist krystal klei and your neighborhood weather. krystal. >> unfortunately, that's the case through the weekend here. this is a live look outside at citizens bank park. it looks nice with the sun coming up. clouds mixing with the sunshine this


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