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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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spots today. crushing the competition. katie ledecky looks like she's swimming alone. really blowing away her fellow swimmers and smashing her own world record. plus, calling them cowards, hope solo takes aim at the swedish soccer team after team usa gets eliminated from the olympics. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm george spencer. it's now 6:00 on this saturday morning. we have issued a first alert because it is another one of those hot and steamy days outside. perhaps dangerously so. let's get you started with first alert meteorologist krystal klei and your neighborhood weather. krystal. >> unfortunately, that's the case through the weekend here. this is a live look outside at citizens bank park. it looks nice with the sun coming up. clouds mixing with the sunshine this morning.
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but don't be fooled. we have feel-like temperatures in the low 90s around parts of philadelphia. to put that in perspective, midweek, we saw highs peaking in the low 90s. this is very hot for us to kick off your saturday. we're under that first alert as we mentioned because of this dangerous heat. it's for everywhere. we're not going to skip out on locations. new jersey, delaware through the suburbs and in philadelphia. through sunday, we're talking hot and very humid which means we feel like temperatures around 100 to 110. today leaning more so to the 110 direction over many locations in our viewing area as a result of actual temperatures soaring into the upper 90s around areas like philadelphia. here are the feel-like temperatures. philadelphia, feeling like 90 degrees. 91 in dover. coatsville at 82. still a sticky start out there. 76 in allentown and 81 for
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trenton. in mt. holly, 83 degrees. at the shore, look at that. atlantic city. 89 for the temperature. unfortunately, if you're hoping for relief out there, not looking at a ton. each along the shore. we're going to check in taking a look at some expectations for the shore forecast and then more on feel-like temperatures for the rest of the weekend all coming up in a bit. >> krystal, thank you. we have team coverage this morning on that dangerous heat. monique braxton is live in fairmount park already watching people dealing with the warm temperatures. monique? >> reporter: hey, george. we've seen a few runners out this morning and i can tell you that they are already drenched. now, this is the time when police and work crews are supposed to be moving in to shut down kelly drive for the bayada regatta. we're just a few steps away from the kelly statue. you know the history of the kelly family and mr. kelly was an olympian rower. it is the nation's oldest and
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largest all-adaptive rowing competition for athletes with disabilities. that's the bayada regatta. this weekend, folks will be heading to pools. philadelphia announced the staggered closure of city pools. that plan has been delayed. the department of parks and recreation was going to close 21 pools because the lifeguards are heading back to college. but the heat emergency changed things. right now, all but eight pools are open today and tomorrow. up in allentown, mayor ed pawlowski announced he's waiving admission fees at city pools through the weekend during the excessive heat watch and warning. pawlowski advises some residents will be directed to use other city pools if their first choice is overcrowded. i can tell you from covering the summer season and the pools here in philadelphia, it's amazing. a lot of anger, a lot of feathers ruffled when folks show up at the pools because they're
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hot and they have to wait for folks to exit so that they can enter. the best advice is grab your patience, your towels and your sunscreen when you head out to any of the municipal pools in your area this weekend. the regatta is supposed to get under way at 8:00 this morning. we'll have video of that for you coming up in our later newscast. live for now. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. monique, thank you. there is a number to call if you live in philadelphia and you have a heat emergency. that number is 215-765-9040. trained staff will talk to callers about precautions to take against the heat and related medical problems. we do have that number and the number for other counties in our area on the nbc 10 app. michael phelps has a final shot at gold today at the rio
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olympics. phelps came up short last night in the finals of the 100-meter butterfly. he was looking for a fifth gold medal in the games. but it wasn't meant to be. he rallied from sixth overall to finish in a three-way tie for silver. he does have a final shot at gold in the medley relay today. he says it will likely be the last swim of his career. the athlete who took the gold from phelps idolized him as i young swimmer. this is the two of them in singapore back in 2008. schooling was a star-struck 13-year-old at the time. he beat his own idol at the rio games bringing singapore its first olympic gold medal the other members of maryland double feature continues to shine. katie ledecky shattered her own world record in the 800-meter freestyle. she powered away from the rest of the field to grab her fourth gold medal of these games.
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south jersey's english gardner easily advanced to the semifinals in the 100 meter dash. this is her first olympics. she's a native of voorhees and former track runner. she's back on the track for the semis tonight. you can watch that competition coming up in primetime. the finals will be about an hour after that. the winner of that race is widely considered the very fastest woman in the entire world. and american goalkeeper hope solo is handling her team's stunning loss to sweden not so well. following that defeat, she called the swedes a bunch of cowards. solo was apparently angered by sweden's defensive style. they beat the u.s. in a penalty kick shootout. it is the very earliest that the united states has been eliminated from the olympics since women's soccer became a sport back in 1996. in the meantime, though, team member carli lloyd, the two-time gold medal winner from
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new jersey had this to say about the loss yesterday. she tweeted, "this one hurts. i'm proud to be a part of this team. i am not stopping and will be more motivated in 2019 and 2020. back to work soon enough." still ahead, the making of michael phelps. meet a local woman who crossed paths with phelps when he was just 8 years old and see the part she played in his remarkable swimming career. this morning, a community in shock and in prayer. family, friends and neighbors gathered last night at the spot in germantown where a 6-year-old boy was shot. it was the second time just this week that a 6-year-old became the victim of gun violence in philadelphia. on wednesday night, a child in hunting park was hit by gunfire. police are now searching for answers in both of those crimes. mahaj brown remains in critical condition. he was shot ten times just seconds after getting in the car with his godfather, who was also
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wounded along with two others. homes are riddled with bullet holes in the area. the other child shot this week is recovering. police say the gunfire is part of a turf battle with at least one assault rifle used. >> this little boy is only 6 years old and he's fighting for everything he have in his soul to stay alive. you just can't keep walking around shooting people, innocent people. they have nothing to do with this. >> no one has come forward with information on those shootings. police are now offering a reward up to $10,000 in each case. in the meantime, though, late last night in germantown, each more gunfire. nbc 10 was on the scene of a deadly shooting on column street. one of the victims died and the other in critical condition. still ahead on "nbc 10 news
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today," hillary clinton releases her tax returns. we'll tell you just how much she made, how much she paid and what donald trump is saying about his own taxes. plus, we're all cheering on michael phelps. for one delaware physical therapist, his races mean so much more. we'll tell you about that local connection.
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welcome back. under that first alert. you'll see why here. we're going to look at a few planners. different parts of our area. all above 100 for feel-like temperatures in the afternoon. so we start with philadelphia. we're at 82 right now. 10:00 a.m., about 88 what we expect. 93 by lunch-hour. already feeling about 107. up to 110 that you see in red. high temperatures should peak at 98 degrees in philadelphia this afternoon. meaning, like we've been saying,
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best option, especially past the lunch-hour, stay inside if you can. because the temperatures will be at that dangerous level. it's too much for the body to handle. especially if you're not properly hydrated using sunscreen and seeking the shade whenever possible. in new jersey, 82 the temperature around 8:00 a.m. by your lunchtime, only into the low 90s. we get into the triple digit feel-like temperatures in red. 94 at 2:00 p.m. 106 is what we're feeling like outside. we're looking at areas like philly, new jersey, today, mostly staying on the dry side of things. mixture of clouds and sun. not expected showers. we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm pop up in the lehigh valley. 90, moving into the mid-90s in the afternoon. still very hot. again, possibly a storm rolling by later in the day. we'll talk more about those feel-like temperatures and how hot we get each into your next workweek coming up. all right. thank you, krystal. a live look outside in that heat
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right now at citizens bank park where it is alumni weekend. dozens of phils greats from the past will gather for a pre-game tribute. before that, the good stuff. fans can get autographs at various locations around the ballpark. last night, the phillies inducted jim thome on to the team's wall of fame on ashburn alley. he slugged the fils in a winning direction in the last decade. >> a picture of meikle when he was young. a physical therapist talks to nbc 10 about her connection to michael phelps and how he serves as a special inspiration to her. camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home.
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philadelphia on tuesday. she plans to campaign at west philadelphia high school. on monday, hillary clinton will be courting voters in scranton. vice president joe biden will join her there. both leaders have ties to the scranton area. biden was born there. so was clinton's father.
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the visits to scranton and philadelphia are part of clinton's push to win pennsylvania, which is a key battleground state in the upcoming election. yesterday, hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, released their 2015 tax returns. clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton, made $10.5 million and paid more than 34% in taxes. kaine and his wife paid almost 26% in taxes. republican white house nominee donald trump says an ongoing audit is preventing him from releasing his tax returns. speaking of trump, he's making his own push for pennsylvania. at a rally in altoona last night, trump said there's only one way that hillary clinton can win the state in november. >> only way we can lose in my opinion -- i really mean this pennsylvania -- is if cheating goes on. >> the latest nbc news poll
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shows him trailing by double digits in the keystone -- her trailing by double digits in the keystone state. starting with eye look at the temperatures outside. we're under the first alert for the same thing as the last few days. but we're talking even hotter today. that extreme dangerous heat is in the forecast today. excessive heat warnings all across the region. we're at 76 this morning in the pennsylvania suburbs. 82 in philadelphia and 81 in delaware. areas like the shore, those sitting also in the low 80s at 82 degrees. clear skies for the most part to kick off our morning. that's what we're looking at today. areas farther south, mostly on the dry side. areas farther north, possibly isolated storms later today. here are a few temperatures for you dropping down into some of our neighborhoods. kennett square at 78 degrees. we're looking right now west township at 76. 76 is the temperature you see
6:20 am
popping up over the board, 77. very consistent temperatures as we move along here. we've got consistency moving into the suburbs. these temperatures, though, are going to be bumping up as we move into your afternoon. very quickly we'll move 80s. breeze by those and bump into the 90s. in fact, mid-90s will be easy for some of us to see with feel-like temperatures above 100 degrees. radar and satellite for us, showing that we don't have any showers to track. as i mentioned, mostly it will stay like that. as we move into parts of new jersey and delaware. areas like lehigh valley, some of pennsylvania suburbs and tracking to the northeast, may also see storms popping up. that will be later today. more on the isolated side. chances of thunderstorms develops in new jersey, delaware in the days to come. for today, it's all about that heat wave and it continues today. today 98, feeling like 110. sunday 97. feeling like 106. even monday here still continuing the heat wave.
6:21 am
92 degrees. feeling like 96 degrees for that temperature. those conditions, again, going to continue into early next week. tuesday even in the 90s. 96 saturday, 97 sunday. scattered clouds mixing in. could see a storm pop up sunday. although it's looking like we're mostly dry out there. bethany beach at 91 for your saturday. that warming a tad higher by sunday with a possibility of a shower as well. even in ocean city, maryland, sunday at 91. upper 80s for us today. that's going to be the best relief that we do get out there across the map. overall, those temperatures going to be around 100 to 110 for the feel-like conditions outside today. it's why we're under that first alert. all right, krystal, thanks. michael phelps has a chance to win april 23rd gold medal tonight. as it happens, a delaware physical therapist will keep a
6:22 am
close eye on his performance. julia gorman helped to coach phelps as a young boy and more resintly worked with the athlete at the olympic trials. she's an accomplished swimmer in baltimore who went on to become a therapist. her clinic in dover is set to treat sport and spinal injuries. but you just take one look at those walls there of that clinic and you really get a history lesson in olympic swimming. she says both phelps and katie ledecky are inspirations. >> katie ledecky is a one in a million athlete and person all around. it's like art watching her. you see the skill and everything. it's beautiful to watch. >> gorman will, no doubt, be watching phelps again tonight when he has a final shot at the gold in the 4 x 100 medley replay. from wilmington, alaina delle donne to joe kovacs, we're profiling local athletes who you want to watch in week two of the
6:23 am
olympics. catch our special tonight at 7:00 only on nbc 10.
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. 6:26 on this saturday morning. a live look outside. a beautiful picture as the sunrises over the comcast tower in center city. we have issued a first alert today for the hot and steamy weather we're expecting across our region. one of the menefee toured in the netflix documentary making a murderer is set to be freed after a judge overturned his conviction. brendan das i confessed to helping his uncle rape and murder a woman at an auto salvage yard. he was 16 years old at the time. his attorneys argued his confession was coerced, though, and the judge yesterday ruled that investigators made repeated false promises to him, assuring him he had nothing to worry about. today is expected to be one of the very hottest days we have felt so far this summer.
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we've issued a first alert because of the dangerous heat. nbc 10's monique braxton is live along kelly drive this morning. monique? >> reporter: hey, george. after the break, we'll tell you ways to beat the heat in your neighborhood. up. and not a lot going on, on the radar and satellite right now. could that change? we're going to look at the possibility coming up. at the the lincoln summer init's time to relax.t, from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers.
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live pictures outside philadelphia on what could be one of the hottest days of the year with feel-like temperatures at 110 degrees in some places. pushing the way into history, we're catching up with the u.s. women's fencing team and talking a lot about new jersey. plus, smash and grab robberies. police are investigating at least 15 break-ins in 11
6:31 am
different towns. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i am george spencer, it's now 6:30 on this saturday morning. our team of first alert meteorologists have issued a first alert because of that dangerous potentially extreme heat. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> george, you're exactly right. we're looking at serious heat moving into the afternoon. we've felt it the last couple of days. that's going nowhere over the weekend. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. a live shot from wilmington delaware at frauly stadium. the camera is fooling you. it feels very sticky already. steamy conditions out there as a result of high humidity and temperatures that are going to quickly warm up into the 90s. this is where we are right now. we're at 82 in philadelphia. trenton at 78.
6:32 am
81 in dover. wilmington where we were looking. coatsville lower, 77 the current temperature. we switch it over to the 24-hour difference. what you're seeing is we're a couple degrees warmer in some areas than yesterday at this time. yesterday in the afternoon, it was hot. i was outside yesterday with storm ranger. and you could feel that high heat in the afternoon hours. in fact, i was mostly hiding out in the air conditioning in between tracking storms. philadelphia, mt. holly, the same. 2 degrees warmer. the temperatures as we move along will continue to crank up in the afternoon. a bit warmer than yesterday's high. that's a look at your temperatures. then we check radar and satellite. we don't have any relief in the form of showers yet. we're seeing clear conditions out there. just scattered clouds. possibility of showers will start to pick up, though. mostly to the northwest of us. tracking to the northeast of us later today. we'll look at that futurecast model coming up.
6:33 am
this morning we do have team coverage of the extreme hot weather. nbc 10's monique braxton is live along kelly drive. monique? >> reporter: hey, george. we've been out here for two hours now. in that time period, we've seen about a few runners and a few cyclists. what's amazing is they're already drenched. but another not as large in number as they normally would be for a saturday morning. i'm standing a few feet from the jack kelly statue. many of you may not know the olympic rower won three gold medals. later today, disabled -- race for their own prizes in the bayada regatta. they're beginning to shut down kelly drive for the regatta. this weekend, folks will also be heading to pools and parks to seek relief from the heat. philadelphia had announced a staggered closure of city pools for this weekend. that plan has been delayed.
6:34 am
the department of parks and recreation was going to close 21 pools to end the summer season. but the heat emergency changed all of that. so all but eight city pools are open today and tomorrow. in allentown, the mayor announced he's waiving admission fees at city pools through the weekend because of the excessive heat watch and warning. mayor pawlowski advises some residents may be directed to use other city pools if their first choice is overcrowded. we should also let you know, that's pretty much the same situation for philadelphia because this time of year everyone has to water and a cool breeze to find relief. we'll keep you posted on the regatta later throughout the day. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thanks. the philadelphia corporation for aging has activated the heat line in this weather. you can call 215-765-9040 to
6:35 am
talk to trained staff about how to beat the heat. nurses will also be able to speak to callers about medical problems that may be related to the rising temperatures. we have that number and the number for other counties in our area on the nbc 10 app. >> today the saber fencing team goes for the gold. three of the four members are from our area, new jersey. jacqueline london has more. team usa for women's fencing in rio ready for competition and their time in the spotlight. stopping by the "today" show set to talk to matt and hoda. they're ready to fight. >> a shout out to new jersey. we don't have olympians. we have one other in the past. it's exciting to be one of them. >> a shout yut to new jersey. it's been a phenomenal
6:36 am
experience. representing such amaze will talent. thank you for all love, appreciate it. ibtihaj muhammad, the first american athlete to wear a high hijab. >> i want to hopefully be that source of inspiration for other minorities out there who have been told there are things they can't do. >> for her, being a positive role model for the muslim american community is just as important as getting a medal. all will be decorated in the american flag. >> i definitely have changed my hair color often. i just wanted to do something bold and show people that i'm not afraid to do it and hopefully inspiring other kids. doesn't have to be changing your hair color but being who you are and not being afraid to stand out. >> standing on a podium, the ultimate goal. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news.
6:37 am
also today, jamaica's usain bolt races for the first time and michael phelps swims for the last time during the rio games. perhaps the last time of his career. coming up, live in rio with more of the olympic action. philadelphia police hope this video will help them catch the man who attacked a septa bus driver. take a look. the passenger was getting off the bus in south philadelphia when he started arguing with the driver. then see him get back on the bus, he slams the driver's head into the dashboard and then bit the driver's face before running away. you're asked to call police if you have any information about that septa attack. jerry sandusky's words are now on the record after he took the stand at an appeals hearing to try to overturn his child sex abuse conviction. the former penn state assistant football coach testified yesterday near state college. sandusky told the court he never
6:38 am
molested boys and wasn't properly represented at his trial back in 2012. a jury convicted sandusky molesting ten boys. he was sentenced to decades in pris prison. if it's successful, the judge could order a new trial or dismiss the charges altogether. that hearing will resume on august 22nd. still ahead, video you will only see on 10. a smash and grab robbery in south jersey. we'll tell you how much this trio was able to take from one store in under a minute. plus, parents listen up. a new law is in effect that could impact the way your child rides in the car. it does depend on where you live. we'll tell you the three things you need to know coming up.
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start off with the live look outside. 82 degrees in philadelphia right now. winds about 7 miles per hour. winds picking up just a tad in the afternoon. but otherwise, looking like we will not have an issue there. the issue is with that temperature. 82 sounds okay. but with feels-like conditions already in the low 90s, we're looking very hot this afternoon. that's why we're under that first alert. because take a look. in red you see the feel-like temperature. what it feels like to our skin as you step out the door. in white is the actual temperature. 98 center city. feeling like 110. 96 for chestnut hills feeling close as well. 96 in landsdale. westchester at 94. in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs, we may see an isolated shower or thunderstorm popping up. can't rule that out. same for the lehigh valley. 94 degrees. feeling like 105. and easton at 95 degrees. feeling like 106. these conditions, again, could include in the afternoon a
6:43 am
pop-up shower moving through those areas. new jersey through the shore and delaware, less likely to see storms should just see a mix of clouds and sun and then the serious heat as well. 98 berlin. 107 for the feel-like temperature. stone harbor, along the shore, sitting at 89 degrees. but the feel-like close to 100. and rehoboth beach, 96 the temperature. feeling above 105. the conditions outside almost all of us feeling above 100. a lot of us feeling above 105. that's why -- that first alert will continue with the temperatures hot in the days to come as well. we'll track that temperature trend coming up in just a few minutes. as krystal has been saying, it's probably not a good idea to spend long stretches of time outside this weekend. but if you're going to do it, the delaware beaches are definitely not a bad place to be. it was very hot along rehoboth
6:44 am
avenue yesterday. the water temperature is notice by above average. plenty families were cooling off at jungle jim's water park. businesses say the heat can turn beach-goers into shoppers on days like we're seeing. the manager at a popular ice cream store says her sales go down just a bit. >> quite a few people are coming up. about as much as a normal day. it is so hot. the ice cream melts really fast. >> up and down delaware, some events have been canceled. others postponed because of the extreme temperatures and the humidity. still ahead, nbc's jay gray will join us live from rio. from heroes in the pool to a stunning loss for the united states on the field. breaking down all of the latest for us. plus, talking about what to expect from rio today.
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6:47 on this saturday morning. a nice looking shot at cape may. you will feel it when you step outside today. it is hot and very humid. we're actually under a first alert because of the dangerous heat. take a look at this smash and grab in south jersey. these burglary lass used a brick or cinderblock to get inside the liquor store. police tell nbc 10 this is just the tip of the iceberg. right now they were investigating at least 15 break-ins in 11 different towns. the crime spree began in mid may
6:48 am
with the most recent burglary just this past tuesday. burglars smashed their way into the stores, then in less than a minute they grabbed the cash and get back outside. thousands of dollars have been stolen. not to mention the cost of damages for those businesses. we want them caught. not only just because they came after our liquor store, but everybody else works hard. we're all part of yun industry. >> police are warning businesses to keep as little money as possible in their overnight registers and to install bars on their glass doors. it's now the law in pennsylvania that child car seats must face backwards until kids reach the age of 2. that law took effect yesterday. drivers who do not comply will get a warning for now. beginning next year, violators could face a fine of $125. a similar law is on the books in new jersey but not in delaware. under that first alert, the
6:49 am
dangerous heat. temperatures this morning a lot of us upper 70s, low 80s. right now, atlantic city sitting at 80 degrees. 77 ocean city. upper township at 79. cape may point in the low 80s out there to kick off your morning. the shore will be somewhere with a little relief but very hot and humid later today. meaning the sand a bit toasty as we move into the afternoon. your radar and satellite shows us a few clouds out there. not tracking any storms. for most of us, i don't expect to track storms. we'll get to that futurecast model in a moment. let's talk more about heat wave number 5 here. we are looking at conditions in those 90s. just day after day. we already officially hit that heat wave with a temperature of 97. that was the third day. today, forecasting a high at 98 degrees with a feel-like of 110. we're looking at peak
6:50 am
temperature in the afternoon. could feel like 110 degrees outside. 97 with a feel-like of 106 on your sunday. so both days not the best to be outdoors. except if you must be staying hydrated and getting into air conditioning whenever you can. 92 on monday. tuesday still at 90. put that in perspective. the average temperature is 86 for this time of year. we're well above that with these temperatures we've been seeing with heat wave number 5. now for your hour by hour. clouds out there, sun this morning. that moves out. by 1:30. possibly showers starting to pop out near mercer counties, near trenton. most of it will be tracking to the northeast. not really affecting philadelphia. parts of new jersey or delaware in our viewing zone. that's through this evening. we move overnight into your sunday. sunday should start dry. we'll still feel humid but won't see the rain coming to the
6:51 am
surface. we move into the afternoon and we see the possibility of showers picking up first west then moving east. now it shows pretty strong thunderstorms. i think we could see isolated potential. but that will actually continue in to parts of south jersey, the shore and even into delaware as well. let's look at your ten-day on 10. lots to talk about. today, very hot, sunday the same. sunday we will include the possibility of thunderstorms popping up into philadelphia. then we keep going here. isolated scattered activity monday through your tuesday, wednesday as well. even into thursday. notice we stay in the 90s through tuesday. then we drop into the 80s. that will continue actually looking into next weekend. things finally starting to look better there with chances of rain being pulled. instead, mid-80s for the forecast high temperatures. team usa continued its medal
6:52 am
run in rio at the summer games. there were a couple of surprises during friday's competition. nbc's jay gray has a closer look at the golden moments as well as the surprising loss for the americans. he joins us live this morning from copacabana beach. jay? >> reporter: hey there, good morning, george. great to talk. another strong showing in the pools for team usa as two of the superstars finish their run here in rio. you're right, a big disappointment for the women's soccer team here. for the first time ever in olympic history, they will leave without a medal. >> the semifinals. she scores! >> in a shocking upset, the heavily fiefrd u.s. women were kicked out of the soccer tournament losing 4-3 in a shootout with sweden. heartache on the pitch. heroes in the pool. in her final race in rio, katie ledecky shatters the world
6:53 am
record for her fourth gold medal here. >> i'm just honored to be on this team. >> a team that continued its dominance with 35-year-old anthony urban winning gold in the 53 and a stunned high i can't dirado touching first in the 200 backstroke. >> i can't believe that just happened. >> also hard to believe, no gold medal for michael phelps in the 100 fly. he finished in a tie for silver. things were golden for team usa on the first day of track and field. michelle carter with the winning throw in the shotput. and carter setting a new american record with that throw. what's coming up today? michael phelps back in the pool for the last time in rio and perhaps the last time in international competition. he's part of the medley relay team. bolt will be on the track for the first time today. the american men taking on austria right here in copacabana trying to get to the quarterfinal of the beach volleyball tournament. that is the latest live here in rio. george, back to you.
6:54 am
>> all right. jay, lots to watch. jay gray live for us in rio at the olympics this morning. thanks, jay. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. definitely another first alert today. krystal, this is the type of hit that hits you when you walk out the door. >> you can feel it.
6:57 am
that air is sticky. this is a live look at boathouse row. while it looks like, it's already very hot and humid out there. this is a look right now at radar. we don't have any showers to track. but what we'll be seeing the possibility of activity north, mostly west tracking to the northeast of us. so not looking at rain for relief. it's all about the temperatures. feeling like 110 in areas, including philadelphia by this afternoon. >> the 110 feels-like temperature, these are temperatures that truly can be dangerous if you're out in them for a while. >> absolutely. both saturday and tomorrow for your sunday, probably better to stay inside. >> when you can. definitely. thanks, krystal. >> that is all for now. we'll see you for an update in about 25 minutes. we're back with a full hour of news at 9:00 this morning. the "today" show is next. have a great saturday.
6:58 am
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good morning. she rules in the pool. katie ledecky proves once again she is unstoppable. >> another gold medal in the 800 and the world record. >> leaving the competition in the dust. while michael phelps misses out on another gold. >> a three-way tie for silver. >> grabbing silver. and today swimming in what is likely his last olympic race ever. and maya dirado pulling a stunning come from behind victory. >> to get the gold. unbelievable. >> plus, a soccer shocker. >> and the u


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