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tv   Today  NBC  August 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. she rules in the pool. katie ledecky proves once again she is unstoppable. >> another gold medal in the 800 and the world record. >> leaving the competition in the dust. while michael phelps misses out on another gold. >> a three-way tie for silver. >> grabbing silver. and today swimming in what is likely his last olympic race ever. and maya dirado pulling a stunning come from behind victory. >> to get the gold. unbelievable. >> plus, a soccer shocker. >> and the united states are out.
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>> the u.s. women knocked out of the olympics in the quarterfinal round missing the opportunity to go for gold for the first time in olympic history. but there are plenty of other chances for team usa to add to the medal count as week two of the olympic games gets under way, today, saturday, august 13th, 2016. >> another gold medal in the 800 and the world record. >> dirado gets the gold. unbelievable. >> three-way tie for the silver medal. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today at the olympic games." >> and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm craig melvin alongside natalie morales and al roker is here. what another fantastic night. >> and a gorgeous morning.
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where do they come? you come to the "today" show set. we have them in the house fresh off the first week in the stunning 800-meter victory last night. katie ledecky with the gold medal. lots of gold around her neck. >> and not to be outdone. we have two other gold athletes. maya dirado with another win with the 200-meter backstroke and anthony ervin making an amazing comeback in the 50-meter free style. 16 years after he first won the gold in that event. >> we will get to all of them and more in a moment. let's start with keir simmons. he is with us with all of the olympic action from friday. good to see you. >> craig, good morning. good morning, guys. a beautiful sunny day. a night for new records in rio. team usa with incredible wins and surprises. there was heartache as well.
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five medals in the pool friday for team usa. katie ledecky leaving everyone in her wake as she easily takes home gold in the 800 free. smashing her previous time and setting a new world record. >> another gold medal in the 800. >> reporter: the nearest competitor 11 seconds behind her. >> i could feel it was faster than any other swim i had in that event. >> reporter: miraculous three-way tie in the men's 100. michael phelps sharing the podium with two others with 27 olympic medals. >> always i want to be faster and on top of the medal podium. that's what i can do today. i have another race tomorrow. >> reporter: phelps giving up gold to singapore's joseph schooling. a familiar face when he met phelps in 2008 before the
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beijing olympics. >> watching joe and what he has done over the last two years, he is swimming great. my hat's off to him. >> reporter: and maya dirado surprising herself as she snagged the win in the 200-backstroke. >> i was just trying so hard to get my tempo over and hit the wall. i can't believe it. >> reporter: her fourth medal in these games. overcome with emotion on the podium. ♪ >> is he going to do it again? you bet. >> reporter: and considered an old man in the games. anthony ervin taking gold 16 years after he won that event at the sydney games in 2000. >> maybe a piece of me wanted to see if i could get it back.
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>> and nathan adrian. and stunned as she hurled her way to the first gold medal ever in the team usa shot-put. and fencing finally bringing home hardware in the form of the bronze medal. first for the team usa in the event since 1932. while u.s. women's soccer still reeling after the defeat from sweden. the defending gold medalists now heading home. not used to emotions running this high. and kerri walsh jennings and april ross advancing to the quarterfinals in straight sets. and all eyes will be on michael phelps tonight swimming in what will probably be his last olympic race ever hoping to get
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a 23rd gold medal before going home. the atmosphere will be incredible. >> keir simmons, thank you. let's get a check on the medal count as the competition begins today. usa by china and japan. check out the olympic action as keir mentioned. this is michael phelps last opportunity to go for gold in rio. he is competing in the 4x100-meter relay. and usain bolt will run the first race in the preliminaries in the track and field. and phil dalhausser will be back on the sand. and catapulting team usa is katie ledecky. check out the photo from the nbc sports. katie was finished and you can't
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even see another competitor in that shot. pretty incredible. katie is with us this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> thanks for having me. >> congratulations, first of all. >> thank you. >> wow! >> our viewers at home, i want to give them a sense of 11 seconds. in swimming, this is an eternity. we will put this clock up and show them the length of time that elapsed when you finished and the second place competitor came in. at what point did you realize you shattered the world record? >> i had a pretty good feeling. >> by the way, that's 11 seconds. >> i had a good feeling i could have a really good swim. i had a great week up to that point with best times in all my events. i knew if i won a best time in that race, it would be a world record. i wanted to have a lot of fun. >> a really great week. that is putting it mildly. look at your neck. you must have a lot of neck
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pain. >> this is the second time i put them all on together. it will take getting used to. >> we were huddled around the television at the hotel watching the event. first of all, the 800-meter freestyle lasts forever. >> over eight minutes. >> it was striking at the end. you are on the podium doing what you have done five times this week. listening to the national anthem and the flag goes up. once again, you were emotional. even during the fifth time. >> all of the emotions of the week hit me. it was my last race of a four-year journey. i shared that with my coach and family and my teammates. i'm proud to be part of the usa swim team. it is a special team this year. just looking back on the past couple weeks. the emotions just hit me because i had so much fun. >> you are in a league of your own with the competition. you are 19. you are going to stanford in the fall. you will keep swimming.
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what does tokyo look for you? >> it is hard to look that far just having finished the meet. i know i will set new goals and work toward those like i did now. >> you are done here in rio. there is more than a week left. will you hang out? >> i will be here a couple more days and then head home. i have to get ready for school. i want to share this with my family and friends back home. >> this is your first time getting a chance to see your family? >> i have been away for about a month. >> we didn't want you to leave empty handed. we heard during your training you had to give up something. you had to give up pizza. >> i didn't really give up pizza. >> we wanted to make sure. >> i'll share this with tony and maya. i have plenty of people to share with. >> katie, thank you. >> congratulations. >> katie ledecky. >> two other swimmers, al, you have two other swimmers with
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you. >> that is right. they proved they got what it takes. maya dirado and anthony ervin. they have what it takes. good morning. you were sitting down and it was like cow bells going off. medals banging up against each other. what a great sound. for the first time taking home four medals. two of them gold. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. i woke up it this this morning a lot of pain. we got an hour of sleep. this is, this is unbelievable. >> well, you say this is your last set of games. you are getting ready to start a job as a business analyst as mckenzie in atlanta. you are sitting here next to anthony who 16 years ago was in the olympics. is it giving you second thoughts about tokyo? >> if i could swim the 50 free, i would think about it.
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my first answer is terrible than his. he is a naturally talented swimmer i have seen. i guess it shows you that you never know what will happen. i'm pretty sure i'm done. >> you won't close the door? >> she'll close it, but she won't lock it. >> well said. >> well said, anthony. talk about a close race. what was going on during the race? >> i was trying to execute my plan. >> what was the plan? win? >> no, the plan wasn't to win. the plan was to be my best and show my best swimming as i have been working on it for the last four years. and the evidence was what came out there and just winning was like a bonus. >> talk about a bonus. you have battled besides what you have to do in the pool, battling depression, drug abuse
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at 35. you are an inspiration both inside and outside of the pool. i mean, what drives you? >> i really -- i just like swimming. i just like swimming and feel faster. >> you guys have made us so proud. look at the smiles and hardware around your necks. is it hard to keep your neck up with that? >> oh, pizza delivery. fantastic. maya, anthony, thank you. congratulations. one of the most talented pizza deliveries you will ever have. >> they can afford the pizza and calories. all eyes on the pool tonight in what michael phelps says is his final olympic race ever. if he wins tonight, it is his 23rd gold medal. janet evans has a gold medal
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dating back to the seoul olympics. is the 4x100-medley relay. >> if there are no disqualifications, i believe the men will win. we have the breaststroker second. it is a strong team. and traditionally our 4x100 is strong. >> are you buying it this is it for phelps? he would be 35 or 36 when he came back in tokyo. his mom wants him to come back. >> ryan lochte wants him to come back. >> he said he was retiring after london and he came back. it took two years to come back and do his thing. he is swimming faster than he did in '08 in beijing. why not? >> and i mentioned ryan, he said yesterday, i will be there. michael's going to be there.
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they are roommates, but competitors at heart and great friends. how much has the team, the bond, really pushed phelps and lochte? >> i love seeing them together. you know, you go through so much and you listen to the athletes that were just here talking about the team and think about all the stress. you live with them and train with them. those bonds form. for michael and ryan, they very been doing this for many olympics. >> let's talk about the pizza delivery woman, katie ledecky, for a moment. in terms of what with we have seen from her here in rio, how would you khar ak after 00 it? >> she won the race by 11 seconds. she holds herself with class and respect and excited for her teammates. she is building a legacy and she
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understands that. that's what's so amazing about it. we love her. >> sadly for missy franklin, it wasn't the olympics she wanted. she leaves disappointed. it is hard to keep repeating the way we have seen phelps and katie do it. it is hard to sustain that. >> it is. we all have bad swim meets and seasons. missy fell this year. i think the mark of the champion is how you carry yourself in bad times and good times. she is amazing. >> quickly, i know you are chairman of l.a. 2024. >> vice chairman. we are here in rio and we are trying to bring the summer games home for the first time since atlanta. >> janet evans, thank you. you can catch all of the olympics coverage tonight at 8:00/7:00 central. we start with the race for the white house now. donald trump still under fire for saying president obama was
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the founder of isis. this as we learn aides are taking a new tack trying to keep him on message. katy tur is outside trump tower this morning. katy, good morning. >> reporter: craig, will that new plan work? he is in connecticut trying it out today. last night, he backed away from calling president obama the founder of isis, but then he went on to say he was warning of voter fraud in certain parts of pennsylvania. >> i want to get the hell out of here. i want to go home. >> reporter: down in the polls and facing threats of a gop revolt. the nominee has a chaperon. trading off trump sitting with reince priebus. traveling with the candidate to keep him on message. >> don't believe the garbage you read. >> reporter: it is not always working. a day after doubling and tripling down on the accusation that president obama is the
7:17 am
"founder of isis," trump claims it was satellite/radrcasm. then reconsidered. >> obviously i'm sarcastic. >> reporter: and a new marist poll shows donald trump down in several states. minority groups and women overwhelmingly favoring clinton. trump down in pennsylvania. >> we're going to watch pennsylvania. >> reporter: now warning supporters the only way he'll lose there is if someone cheats. >> go down and watch and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. >> reporter: trump questioning the system without proof as clinton asks for different proof. releasing his tax returns as she has done. >> he will not release his tax returns like every other
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candidate has done. >> reporter: the clintons made $25.7 million last year. the bulk of the cash came from paid speeches. trump deflected on releasing his taxes saying clinton released the only document that nobody wants to see. instead calling to find the 33,000 deleted e-mails. guys, back to you. >> katy tur outside trump tower. thank you. right now, the entire state of louisiana is under a state of emergency as record flooding swamps parts of the deep south. in some areas of louisiana, residents bracing for more rain after some areas saw 20 inches of rain in 24 hours. rising water leaving dozens stranded in homes and now responsible for one death. all that moisture also to blame for the suffocating humidity in the northeast where more than 70 million people under heat advisories or warnings this morning. i'll have a lot more on that in
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just a minute. natalie. we know what caused the ferris wheel basket tumbling over harming the girls in tennessee. the rivets on the basket came loose and caused the bottom plate to drop. two of the girls have been released from the hospital. the third in critical condition. this morning, a woman in critical condition following a vicious alligator attack in the florida everglades. authorities say it happened last night at a fishing camp at coral springs when the woman dropped a can from the dock and tried to retrieve it from the water. the gator nearly biting off her hand. rescuers say witnesses sprang into action to keep the woman from going into the water during the attack. frightening. he is out now. controversy slugger alex rodriguez played his final game as a yankee last night. a-rod going out with a bang.
7:20 am
he hit an rbi double in the first inning. helping the yankees beat the rays 6-3. a-rod joined the team in 2004. he was suspended for the 2014 season for ties to performance enhancing drugs. he can still sign with another team if anyone comes calling. mr. roker on a saturday morning. this is a treat. >> it is fun to be here. especially in this kind of setting. unfortunately, we have rough weather to talk about back home. we will start off with what's going on down south. look at the radar. it is not moving. we are just seeing the same areas getting dumped on. over the next 48 hours, here's what we're looking at. heavy rain continuing down in through louisiana. then that moisture makes its way up to the north and you can see from parts of arkansas into central indiana, we could see 3 to 5 and upwards of 7 inches of rain. we have all that heat to deal
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with. we're talking about some really tough heat out east. we will deal with that in the next half hour. you look here for the athletes and everybody visiting. good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. neighborhoods -- for dangerous heat. 98 the temperature in center city. a mix of clouds and sun. feeling like 110. 96 in landsdale. feeling like close to 105. could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm. parts of new jersey or delaware looking at temperatures in the 90s. most of us feeling above 100. and that's your latest weather. craig. craig. >> al, thank you so much. still to come here, tennis star serena williams ousted early. she will talk about what it took to get to the top of her game.
7:22 am
and plus, we wonder if the adorable kids wondered if they would be olympic stars one day. but first this is "today" on nbcment
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post card perfect look at copacabana beach here. still to come, carmelo anthony at olympic games and being a
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good morning. i'm george spencer. temperatures already in the 80s in philadelphia. it's one of those days you may want to stay inside and out of the extreme heat. here's meteorologist krystal klei. that's right. the first alert already feel-like temperature of 90 in
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philadelphia. vineland, dover as well. upper 70s. the best we can do. allentown, coatsville. if you look at this feels-like temperature, in the afternoon we should peak in philadelphia with a high of 98 degrees. with that feel-like temperature by noon already above 105 and by 4:00 in the afternoon, feeling around 110 degrees for that temperature. >> all right. the philadelphia corporation for the aging has activated its heat line. you can call 215-765-9040 to talk to trained staff about how to beat the heat. nurses will also be able to speak to callers about medical problems related to the rising temperatures. we do have that number and numbers for other counties in our area on the nbc 10 app. week two of the rio olympics begins today on nbc 10. jamaica's usain bolt races for the first time and all-time
7:27 am
olympic champ michael phelps swims for the first time in rio and the first time in his career. we're profiling local athletes. kch our going for the gold presenttation tonight on nbc 10. the battleship new jersey in camden celebrating the 71st anniversary of the end of world war ii. visitors will see re-enactors in artifacts. the battleship was instrumental in winning the war of the pacif pacific. also tonight in the lehigh valley, lady antebellum will headline music fest in bethlehem. that music fest runs through tomorrow. and that is all for now. i'm george spencer. now we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a good morning. differently. fix things thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working.
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we are back for a saturday morning, the 13th of august, 2016. it's day eight of the olympic games here in rio. what an amazing first week it has been. we have a full look back at all of the highlights coming up. first, let's get to olympic headlines. katie ledecky, team usa's golden girl. picking up the fourth gold after the 800-meter freestyle. with an 11 second lead over the second place, katie sat down with us and said she felt good going into the race. and michael phelps will compete in his last olympic race tonight
7:31 am
in the 4x100-meter relay. this would bring his gold count, if he gets it, to 23. talk about a close call for the basketball team. team usa barely holding on to beat serbia after a serbian player missed a three-pointer at the buzzer. the score 94-91. >> wow. they were cutting it close. it has been an amazing first week at the rio games. from michael phelps making history and the final five can't be stopped. the gold medals keep coming all week long. >> and the united states will win gold at the 400-free relay. >> michael phelps and his fifth olympic games still dominating in the pool.
7:32 am
first a gold in the 4x100-relay and in the ready room before the butterfly and epic staredown with le clos. >> going on to beat le clos in the final. phelps son boomer cheering him on all the way and even making a visit to the "today" set. >> it is amazing to share it with boomer although he won't remember outside of the pictures and videos. it's really neat. >> for the women, katie ledecky also back on top. >> looks like she's going to win another olympic gold and she does. >> the world's best female swimmer on a gold rush in the freestyle event. absolutely crushing her competition this week. and american simone manuel made victory. the first african-american woman to win a gold medal in swimming. the 20-year-old in tears during the medal ceremony. while the swimmers were going
7:33 am
for gold, some pools in rio were turning green. >> stunning admission by the officials. caused by the water tank running out of the chemicals used in water treatment process. normally blue like this, instead looks like this. despite the irritation, competition moves forward. american divers winning a team silver in the green water. >> the u.s. gymnastics team dominated crushing the team competition for the all-around gold and simone biles finishing on top in the marquee event. the women's all-around. her teammate aly raisman winning silver. in beach volleyball, kerri walsh jennings looking for the fourth gold with april ross. the duo narrowly beating
7:34 am
switzerland. >> we have it in us. we are ready. >> and tonga who stole the show at the opening ceremonies might be the best sport of alls he joined the "today" crew in rio. >> beautiful. >> later explaining why he chose to wear the tonga traditional garb. >> i want to match what my a ancestors wore year ago. >> you will see a lot less of the garb when he competes next saturday. and billy bush got say full brazilian wax with supermodel anastasia. >> how about a three, two, one?
7:35 am
>> but for all his pain, he did at least get a standing ovation for his bravery. >> it started off so strong with all the highlights and then that. >> he's a little less the bush man today. >> oh, al. only you would go there. >> one of my favorite moments from the week. michael phelps. that face. that staredown. >> that face. that was good. >> what is your favorite? >> i loved having little boomer here. he is a beautiful little boy. >> he looks like a little old man. all babies look like that. come on. that is adorable. i think my favorite is the final five. seeing simone and aly and the hug at the end and we have their parents here. we will talk to them in a little bit. >> and simone manuel. beautiful.
7:36 am
good day for simones. >> how about the forecast? we have a lot of heat and humidity along the northeast. that is the bermuda high pumping up the moisture. the feels-like temperature from new england, providence, new york, atlantic city, down to elizabeth city, williamsburg, it will feel like over 100 degrees right through sunday. we don't see a break until that cold front comes through until some time early next week when the temperatures will still be up. at least the humidity gets knocked down just a good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. neighborhoods for today going to be very hot. we're under that first alert for dangerous heat. 98 your temperature in center city. a mix of clouds and sun. feeling like 110. 96 in landsdale, allentown the same. feeling close to 105. could see an isolated shower or
7:37 am
thunderstorm in that area. parts of new jersey, though, through delaware looking at temperatures as well in the 90s. most of us feeling above 100. and that's your lat latest weather. guys. >> thank you. >> al, thank you, sir. still to come here on "today." this guy might be the most popular person at the olympic games here in rio. how he managed to get dozens and dozens of selfies with athletes and celebrities all week long. >> who is he? >> who is he? we'll let you know. >> up next, one-on-one with venus will women. jenna bush hager talks to her about her (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats.
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small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. she is one of the biggest stars in tennis, but a rough time at the olympic games here in rio. venus williams eliminated in the first round in singles and knocked out with her sister in doubles. she is still in it with mixed doubles. jenna bush hager spent time with her. >> good morning, guys. i sure did. although she came to rio with four gold medals, rio has been disappointing. she continues to train and break boundaries on the court and off. >> it's venus time. >> she is celebrated the win.
7:41 am
>> she has won her gold medal. >> and dealt with the losses. >> the williams sisters lose a first round exit. >> venus is one of the greatest tennis players the sport has ever seen. it has been a rocky time in rio, venus has big goals. >> i have more i want to achieve and every day i play is a day i want to be better. i hope when i retire and hang it up, that was my best day and i can end on my best day. >> venus now, 36, grew up in compton, california. she started playing professionally when she was 14. she grew up with the sport alongside her younger sister serena. >> we were playing doubles forever since the '80s. i always played the ad court and she played the deuce. that is where dad put us. >> she was ranked number one in the world and the first
7:42 am
african-american woman to achieve this ranking in the open era. >> changing the face of tennis is not something i planned. all of a sudden, you change the game and it is beyond a dream come true and beyond anything i expected. i have been blessed to be part of it. >> venus also fought for equal pay for female tennis players. >> before hollywood got into it ten years ago, you changed the conversation of pay gap between men and women. >> we went into the board room at wimbledon before the finals. i asked everyone to close their eyes and that when they closed their eyes, could they tell if the next person was a man or a woman and that all of our hearts beat in the same way. why should we not be treated the same way. after that, i think i went to practice. get ready for the final. >> in 2007, venus herself was
7:43 am
the first woman to benefit from the equal prize money after winning wimbledon. earning the same as roger federer. >> absolutely. >> and what she's learned on the court helped venus start a career off the court. she has her interior design firm v-star as well as her own fashion line 11. >> when you're on the court, you learn about the stuff in life. you learn how to lose. you learn how to win. you learn how to set goals and reach goals and you learn how to be a team. you learn how to be a champion. >> i got to experience a little court time with this champion. >> this is better than i thought it was going to be. >> when you think about everything you accomplished, what do you hope people know about you? >> i just hope that wherever i went, i left a better place. i gave something. i have been fortunate to live my dreams so i like to help others live theirs.
7:44 am
>> thank you, olympian. >> so venus told me that her idol is tennis legend billie jean king. she is one of my idols. we like her. we were chanting for her. >> you were amazing. >> amazing is overexaggerated. >> you impressed. >> she said it was 60% of what she could really do. >> pretty good. >> she plays again. >> we're all pulling for her. saving the best for last. a big win for the american shot putter as she followed in her father's footsteps. it's a familiar name. right after this. my girl cindy bought this fridge from lowe's
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greatness can happen anywhere, even in your kitchen. smucker's, proud sponsor of team usa and the all-american pb&j. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. this morning on "today" a first ever olympic gold in the shot put. >> michelle carter took the gold and following in her father's footsteps. a shot putter himself.
7:48 am
michelle is the best in the family. >> michelle carter saved the best for last. breaking the american record in her final throw. >> boom. she goes 67.8. >> beating new zealand's valerie adams to become the first american woman to take home gold in the sport. >> there is a new queen of shot put. american michelle carter. reign supreme in rio. >> the professional make-up artist is a second generation shot putter. her father, michael carter, competed in '84 and if the name sounds familiar, that is because he is also a three-time super bowl champion with the san francisco 49ers. >> your father, who has an olympic silver medal from back in 1984. he helped you through the trials and into the games and through the years. what was that experience like? >> well, now i can say i
7:49 am
officially beat him. >> you officially beat him. >> we say on the way to trump him is get the olympic gold. i can't believe it happened today. he's my dad. he taught me everything he knows and i came through on the last throw. it was amazing. >> it was amazing. those things are about nine pounds. >> like a bowling ball. >> two feet. >> at least three or four. still to come this morning from rio. basketball star carmelo anthony as he goes for the fourth gold medal. but first th is "today" on but first th is "today" on is
7:50 am
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still to come, what michael phelps is saying about his future with the olympics and what his fiancee nicole is
7:52 am
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7:55 am
good saturday morning. i'm george spencer. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei with your neighborhood forecast on this day of extreme heat. krystal? >> today, we're talking a chance of thunderstorms. mostly isolated, mostly
7:56 am
northwest of philly and track to the northeast. the focus is on heat wave number 5 continuing to today. we're looking at a forecast temperature of 98 degrees. because of that high humidity, feeling like 110 outside. that is dangerous heat. same for your sunday. 97 the temperature. feeling like 106. even into early next week here, 92 your temperature monday with that feel-like temperature still in the mid-90s. all right. krystal, philadelphia has decided to keep more of its pools open this weekend because of that extreme heat. the department of parks and recreation's originally planned to close 21 pools because the lifeguards are heading back to college. instead, they will just close eight of the pools. all the others are open today and tomorrow from noon until 5:00 p.m. up in the lehigh valley, allentown's mayor is waiving admission fees at city pools both today and tomorrow because of the excessive heat. some residents may be directed
7:57 am
to use another city pool if their first choice is overcrowded. the philadelphia heat line is open. that number is 215-765-9040. trained staff on the hotline will talk to callers about precautions they can take against the heat and related medical problems. we have numbers on the nbc 10 app. right now, a live look outside. the start of that warm day. that's citizens bank park, it's phillies alumni weekend. dozens of greats from the past will gather this for a pregame tribute. before that, fans can get autographs at various locations around the ballpark. that is all for now. i'm george spencer. now we'll accepted you back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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♪ good morning. the golden girl. katie ledecky makes history again. swimming the fastest 800-meter freestyle race in history. leaving her competitors more than 11 seconds behind. and two of her teammates grabbed gold by the slimmest of margins. maya dirado surprised herself in the 200 backstroke and anthony ervin. >> he wins it by one-hundred of a second. >> we have a three-way tie for the silver medal. >> he only has one more chance
8:01 am
for gold in whethat he says is olympic swansong. and hoop dreams. why carmelo anthony could not miss the olympic games. as team usa moves on after a nail biting win over serbia. and training like an olympian. keir simmons get put through the ringer to see what it takes to get in shape like the athletes here in rio. today, saturday, august 13th, 2016. ♪ give it to me >> hi, mom. welcome to the "today" show. boomer sooner. >> welcome to the "today" show. >> roll tide. >> the davis family from dayton, ohio.
8:02 am
♪ >> and a good saturday morning to you live from rio. what a fantastic crowd we have with us on copacabana beach. this is a lively bunch. >> i must say this is a lively bunch. considering we were out pretty late last night. including keir simmons. >> yeah. guilty. guilty. >> some of these folks stayed up late or woke up early. >> we're in rio. you have to enjoy the night life. >> that was a highlight. >> or low-light. >> speaking of keir simmons. olympic highlights. keir is following the action. good morning. >> what a night of records. the night belonged to katie ledecky smashing her world record in the 800-meter freestyle. plenty of gold although michael
8:03 am
phelps missed out on that. he has one more chance today. team usa winning five medals in the pool friday. >> another gold medal and world record. >> katie ledecky once again bringing home gold shattering her world record in the 800 free docto freestyle. >> i want to have a lot of fun. >> her nearest competitor 11 seconds behind her. ledecky celebrating her victory here on "today" early this morning. >> i had a pretty good feeling going into it i would have a good swim. i had a great week up to that point with best times in all my events. i knew if i won a best time in that event, it would be a world record. >> michael phelps sharing the podium in a three-way tie for silver in the 100 fly. >> i always want to be faster and on the top of the medal podium. that's what i could do today. you know, it's okay. i have another race tomorrow and
8:04 am
we'll get ready for that. >> and singapore's joseph schooling taking the gold. a familiar face for phelps. the pair met in 2008 before the games in beijing. >> watching joe and what he has done over the last two years, he is swimming great. >> here they come. and hosszu? no, it is dirado. unbelievable. >> maya dirado coming from behind and surprising herself as she snagged the win in the 200 backstroke. this is her fourth medal in rio. and 35-year-old anthony ervin taking gold in the 50 freestyle. 16 years after he won that event at the sydney games in 2000. >> everything was perfect for him and he wins this by one-hundred. >> ervin is the oldest swimmer to win gold. >> a piece of me wanted to see
8:05 am
if i could get the gold back. >> on the sand, jennings and ross making quick work of the italian rivals. over in the olympic stadium, team captain michelle carter hurled her way to the first gold medal ever for team usa in the shot put. and foil team fencing brought home hardware breaking an 84--year-old drought for team usa. and finally, it was a close call on the court. usually dominant team usa with an 18-point lead over serbia and won by three and it was enough to advance to the quarterfinals. and tonight all eyes on michael phelps as he takes his last swim at the games in the 4x100 medley. he says it is the last ever for him. the team is three medals short of the milestone 1,000 medal
8:06 am
mark. checking out the medal count today, team usa is far ahead with 50 medals of china and japan. >> keir, thanks. you can catch nbc's primetime coverage of the olympics. it starts tonight at 8:00/7:00 central. first we have other news of the day. more rain expected across flood ravaged louisiana. some areas have already received more than a foot of rain in just 24 hours. devastating deluge leaving dozens stranded. so far, at least one person has died. right now, more than 70 million people are under heat advisories or warnings. now to politics and donald trump returning to the campaign trail today after doubling down on the claim that president obama, he said, founded isis.
8:07 am
the bold accusation as the republican nominee falls behind hillary clinton in battle ground states. a wall street journal marist poll shows trump down five in florida and nine in north carolina and 13 in virginia. meanwhile, clinton released tax returns on friday and said trump should do the same. in a statement, trump's camp called the move an attempt to distract the voters from the e-mail stcandal. a small many crashes killing all six on board. they slammed into the wooded area at the airport near fredericksburg. the those are board have not been identified. the ntsb is on the way to the site to investigate the cause of the tragic crash. the wildly popular "making a murderer" back in the spotlight because a federal judge
8:08 am
overturned the conviction of brendan dassey. dassey is the man as a teenager, confessed to helping steven avery in the murder of teresa halbach. he should be freed within 90 days unless it is appealed. dassey and his uncle were convicted in 2007. dassey was sentenced to life in prison. mr. roker is back with a look at the forecast. that's right. let's show you what we have for you as we move into your saturday. getting things started here at olympic park in rio de janeiro. great weather for the olympians and families and you at home watching. closer to home, we are talking about the heavy rain in the lower gulf. you can see it on the radar. also the moisture will stream up to the mid mississippi river valley. northeast and mid-atlantic states with the rain today. heat out west. look at portland, oregon today.
8:09 am
94 degrees for good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. neighborhoods today going to be very hot. in fact, we're under that first alert for dangerous heat. 98 your temperature in center city. a mix of clouds and sun. feeling like 110. 96 in lands daily. allentown the same, feeling close to 105. could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm in that area. all looking at temperatures in the 09s. most of us feeling above 100. and that'st's your latest weather. natalie. >> we mentioned a few minutes ago, it was a nail biter for the men's basketball team barely squeaking by over serbia. 94-91. >> leading the team is carmelo antho anthony. he has now scored more points than any basketball player in history.
8:10 am
he is making history as the first to compete in four olympics and a few games way of winning his third straight gold medal. that would be an olympic record. he told me that is not all he wants. >> carmelo anthony knocks it down. >> carmelo anthony is the heart of the men's basketball team. >> i enjoy competing and playing basketball. >> carmelo leading the way for the u.s. >> i enjoy playing with the best players in the world. we don't get these opportunities often. i wanted to take advantage of that. >> another motivation? olympic greatness. >> anthony fires a rainbow. >> if team usa keeps winning, he is the only man in basketball history to snag three gold medals. he wants a legacy bigger than basketball. >> the system is broken. >> in july, anthony opened the
8:11 am
espys to ask people to speak up. >> the violence is not new. the racial divide is definitely not new. the urgency for change is at an all-time high. >> let's talk about off the court. you have become a social activist. how did that become? >> it was a build up of watching what is happening in front of us and right in front of me. those things hit close to home. >> things like? >> freddie gray situation for example. that's my neighborhood. those are my people. i know the families and the moms and dads and uncles and aunts. >> as you know, in the past, guys like you have not always spoken up. >> you know, a lot of people tell athletes stay away from politics and religion. we're human beings at the end of the day. we have the right to speak up on
8:12 am
what we want to speak on. >> the knicks star took to instagram to post this famous picture of athletes in the '60s and call for peace in the wake of the dallas police officer shootings. a week later? anthony organized a town hall meeting in los angeles on policing and race relations. he says part of the fix is better schools in poorer areas along with more after school programs and rec centers. it is a social consciousness that is celebrated. >> athletes develop a platform. if it is only used to sell shoes or whatever they're doing, then it is not used to its ultimate. >> while carmelo has talked about social issues at home, don't expect it in rio. >> my statement is getting up on that stand and bowing my head and putting that gold medal around my neck and my hand over
8:13 am
my heart and looking at that flag and listening to the national anthem. there is no bigger statement than that. >> carmelo is a good guy who has grown up a heck of a lot. >> we keep rooting for team usa. still to come, olympians before they made it big. can you guess which swimmer this is? and we have leslie jones here in rio. ♪ what makes a woman feel beautiful? it's an unstoppable energy, from deep inside... a "je ne sais quoi"... a youthful aura. advanced génifique by lancôme. every serum drop infuses youthful radiance throughout the skin. patented until 2029. advanced génifique. lancôme. receive a free 7-piece gift. only at macy's, your skincare destination.
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8:16 am
young michael phelps on the left side. >> it is like he is wearing an outfit from "christmas story." >> and simone manuel in swimming. and ryan lochte there. the second most decorated male swimmer. and kayla harrison. she won gold in judo on thursday. >> they are all adorable and have medals. we all remember the phelps face. it went viral this week. before his 200-meter semifinal race staring down chad le clos. to say it end viral is an understatement. someone now has to live with that on their leg. they got a tattoo of the famous death stare on the leg. he says he is a huge fan. the artistry. amazing. the tattoo parlor is in canada.
8:17 am
the phelps face transcended borders. >> finally, here is a guy we're dubbing team usa super fan. why you ask? brent has managed to grab a picture with nearly every athlete and celebrity this year. three years ago, he signed up for the rio olympics. through fortunate events, he had great access. he landed a picture with warren buffett. impressive. >> you have to volunteer. he is volunteering his face as well. time for pop start. >> i have you covered for that. simone biles has stolen everyone's heart. the world's greatest gymnast in rio. when you thought things could not get better, they do. the gold medalist is scoring an invite to "pretty little liars"
8:18 am
and it played out on social media. the show runner tweeted this from the series, simone biles, marlene king wants you and the final five to the set. biles did not hesitate. tweeting back a huge yes. i think they need to work them all into the story line of "pretty little liars." moving on to the other breakout star. snl's leslie jones. the most spirited cheerleader of team usa. she has been live tweeting throughout the 2016 games. she is rubbing elbows with olympians and making friends with matthew mcconaughey. we just can't get enough of it. ♪ mary caroll ♪ >> are they insane? i'm good to have a damn heart attack.
8:19 am
riding on top of the stadium. >> leslie jones is here. >> i love her. finally as michael phelps' olympic medal collection continues to grow in rio, there is one piece of hardware that he is missing. yes, a wedding ring. according to nicole johnson, that is not the case much longer. with an interview with kit hoover, she opened up about the wedding plans. the date has been set and it is later this year. it will be a small and intimate wedding and they will throw a massive bash for everyone in the states. sounds like a destination wedding. >> good time. still ahead, we have seen agony and joy and nerves and relief as well. we will talk to aly raisman and simo biles' parents anes
8:20 am
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8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come, think you got what it takes to train like an olympian? keir will see. he will see how grueling the workouts are. and the streets of brazil with the vibrant art everywhere you look. and the meaning behind all those paintings. >> and look at all the olympians we are gathering on the beach. yeah! we are so excited. it's all coming up
8:23 am
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come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will. ♪ good saturday morning. i'm george spencer. we are already in the 80s in many areas and getting hotter. let's get right to nbc 10's first alert meteorologist krystal klei with your neighborhood forecast. >> george, that's right. already in the 80s but feel-like temperatures, look at this.
8:26 am
94. what it feels like now in philadelphia. check out vineland. 97 from feel-like temperature and 98 in dover. we're talking feel-likes later today up to around 110 in some areas because of the high humidity and these warm temperatures. so again, these are not your actual temperatures but what it feels like. meaning in a lot of areas it feels uncomfortable to be outside. you will see your radar and satellite. most of us dry. there's a chance of scattered showers. most it north and west of us. that will be later today. thanks. philadelphia has decided to keep more of its pools open this weekend because of that extreme heat. the department of parks and recreation originally planned to close 21 pools because lifeguards are heading back to college. instead, they will close just eight of the pools. all the others are open today and tomorrow from noon until 5:00. the philadelphia home for the aging activated their help line.
8:27 am
215-765-9040. you can talk to trained staff and you can speak to nurses about medical problems related to rising temperatures. happening today, the battleship new jersey in camden is celebrating the 71st anniversary of the end of world war ii. visitors will see re-enactors and artifacts and listen to swing era music. it was instrumental in winning of the the war of the pacific. celebrating insects of all kinds. bug fest at the cad may of natural sciences on the ben franklin park way. there will be roach races and bug walks and bug tasting. on the serious sides, you can talk to them about mosquito problems and invasive insects. takes place tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00. that's all for now. i'm george spencer. we'll sends you back to the "today" show. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ surf's up on copacabana beach here in rio. welcome back. it is august 13th, 2016. day eight of the olympic games. still to come in this half hour of "today," we have very proud olympic parents. their kids have already won gold and silver and these parents have been there every step of the way. every practice. we will talk to aly raisman's and simone biles' parents about what this week has been like. and we spent a lot of time around rio. there is one thing you cannot help but notice everywhere you turn in the city. the street art.
8:31 am
jenna bush hager finds out the meaning behind all of it. and later on, no question rio is gorgeous, but plenty of other places around the country you can visit. we will talk to one expert about the places you should explore. and before we do that. look who we have. more than a dozen team usa athletes. more than a dozen medalists. we will have fun with them as well. >> let's limbo. >> through the olympic rings. go ahead, craig. >> it should be higher, guys. bad back. bad back. >> all right. >> i'm sorry. all right. come on. >> go ahead. there we go. say your name. >> michelle carter. >> fencing and i'm from new york. >> i'm on the fencing team from
8:32 am
san francisco. >> and i'm joe hernandez from wichita, kansas. >> jake on the archery team. >> we get the point. >> we have a back up. >> and u.s. archery. >> i'm alexander moss. i'm from san francisco, california. >> grayson building. fencing. brooklyn, new york. >> brooklyn. >> jack. u.s. archery team. wellington, missouri. >> kim rhode. shooting. big bear lake, california. >> congratulations. >> that's some limbo style. >> maya dirado, santa rosa, california. >> maya. >> who's that? >> oh, she got stuck. >> katie ledecky. >> i'm a little sore.
8:33 am
>> katie, good to see you. >> from odessa, maryland. >> and last, but not least. >> oh, he is styling. >> he has done this before. >> the old man. >> still has that flexibility. >> i'm anthony ervin. swimming. valencia, california. >> congratulations to the united states of america. >> nice lineup. >> great group. >> let's show you what we have for your weather looking ahead toward the weekend. not too bad. we will see plenty of sunshine here for women's water polo. women's diving and beach volleyball tonight. perfect weather. the rest of the country today, wet weather through the gulf coast making its way through the ohio valley. sunday, sunday, more wet weather from the gulf coast into the mississippi river valley and
8:34 am
ohio valley. the heat and sunshine continues out west and it is hot, sticky and dangerously humid in the good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. neighborhoods for today going to be very hot. in fact, we're under that first alert for dangerous heat. 98 your temperature in center industry. a mix of clouds and sun. 96 in landsdale, allentown, feeling close to 105. an isolated shower or thunderstorm in that area. parts of new jersey, through delaware, all looking at temperatures as well in the 90s. most of us above 100. and that's your latest weather. weather. >> thank you, mr. roker. you know the saying, behind every great kid is great parents. that is the case in rio. in the face of the phenomenal
8:35 am
gymnasts. the parents of aly raisman and simone biles. >> nellie and ron and lynn and rick. good morning. i have to start with you. it is an olympic sport watching for you competing in the stands with your moves. tell me what it was like to see aly take home silver and gold earlier in the week. >> it was awesome. watching her was amazing because it meant so much. going one-two, perfect. you could not have written it any better. >> how does this develop? you guys are just about as big contortionists we have seen. has it developed or gotten worse as it has gone along? >> we have no idea we're moving when we're in the stands. we're so caught up in the moment, you don't think about
8:36 am
it. >> the girls work so hard and what they give to the sport. we just want it for them so bad. we know what they go through. that's why we get so nervous. >> i want to come to you, nellie. how is it going so far? has it been what you expected? >> so far, words could hardly express how i feel. it is an experience and it is definitely more than i expected. i'm proud of simone. >> i want to share with the viewers at home. take a look at these nails. talk about patriotic. did you get those done here? >> no, i got them done before i got here. >> ron and nellie, you are cool as cucumbecumbers. in the stands, you sit there taking it all in. >> it is a calmly fear. she is squeezing my hand really hard. it is a calmness for me, but she is squeezing my hand really,
8:37 am
really hard. >> now things are done. how are you celebrating? what are you doing? >> they are not done yet. >> oh, that's right. >> one more competition. >> three more competitions for simone. then we will be finished on wednesday. >> talk about the sacrifice being an olympic parent. rick, you have been there every single meet and every single practice. >> it is one of the things you do to support your kids and your daughter. you know, to see them work and give up and sacrifice, you know, day in and day out. it's just, you know, the only thing we can kind of give back to be there for them. you know, it makes it all worth it in the end. >> and i'm sure you get recognized more often than aly? >> i tell aly i'm more famous than her. >> lynn and rick and ron and
8:38 am
nellie, congrats. up next, how you can train like an olympian. keir simmons tried it out. you can imagine how it went. we'll show it to you after these messages. poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian.
8:39 am
poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. ♪ ♪
8:40 am
♪ it's no secret it takes a ton of hard work and athletic ability to think about competing in the olympics, but what's it really like to train like an olympian? nbc's keir simmons is back with us now. >> i guess this is great, guys. you get to use the techniques that olympians use to improve your own fitness. the training is not easy.
8:41 am
diet and excise is super intense. i had to try to out. can the olympic techniques benefit you and me? modern olympians analyze their genes. now you can do the same. >> advanced fitness. >> dna fit highlight your physical strengths and weaknesses. >> if you wanted to get bang for buck out of every session, you should figure the sessions to be one-third power and two-third endurance. >> which foods to eat and avoid. >> you are likely to store excess carbs. >> french fries, chocolate. everything i like. >> your injury risk is high. >> yes. got that right. and i have cramps in my muscles here. >> taking the guesswork out of your workout. >> you can save time and money
8:42 am
and frustration. powerful stuff. >> the first of three training sessions. she puts me through my paces and soon has me all figured out. >> many people fail. >> are we done now? olympics? not. >> so perhaps i need to get some help. at a university sports lab, we go for some brain doping or transcranial stimulation. >> the exercise feels easier and small reduction in pain. it is legal. it is not regulated. this is untested. we have not tried this technique. >> i'm a guinea pig? >> essentially, yeah. three, two, one. off you go. keep going. keep going. great effort. awesome stuff. >> thanks. >> you were more efficient
8:43 am
today. that 1% more efficient. do this continually, we repeat it and you reduce the effects. >> nutrition is a key part. i have never made a smoothie before. >> that is really awful. >> no pain, no gain, i guess. and the latest technical accessories which monitors your sleep pattern and lifestyle and tracks your exercise accordingly. >> primarily resting heart rate. it can be an indication you are overdoing it. >> the results of four weeks of pain and sweat. impressive says the app. >> jumping squats. phenomenal. 300% increase. massive increase in everything. and those are the gains you can get when you work with your genetics and not against them. >> give it a few more months and
8:44 am
olympic trials? >> possibly for 2020. why not? >> one piece of advice. it is okay to go out and have fun. that's fine. you should. the four of us were out last night. i kept going a little longer. a few more hours. >> not like an olympian. >> not like an olympian. >> you party like an olympian. olympic partier. >> you will be fine for 2020. thank you for that. >> keir, thank you. coming up next, we will explore the incredible street art all over brazil. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back on a saturday morning from rio and if you walk around the streets around here, you notice many towns throughout the country lots of colorful art. it turns out it is more than
8:47 am
meets the eye. jenna bush hager went to see what it is all about. >> it is art with a purpose. murals with a story and social political imbalance and hope for better times. at sao paulo or batman alley, street art covers walls of several blocks. recently made legal by the city's mayor, it is a small sample of the graffiti that turned highways, bridges and tunnels into canvases. >> you have graffiti and each art manifestation has their own intent. and some of them are social and some are political. some are social in terms of poverty and social divide. >> and part of the movement across the country of brazil.
8:48 am
where artists like eduardo and the twins and el have made a name for themselves internationally. >> so the issues that brazil is facing are so intense that there is a lot to be said. wherever they are in satisfaction and happiness, there is a need to expression. >> much of the art is social and political frustration hidden in plain sight. street artists say paintings give a voice to the communities they are in. and it is work symbolic of the struggle between classes. >> here, we don't have nature. we have only buildings. street art has very big contributions to the people living here because they can have a little bit of escape from the city. >> if there was no street art, then it would be a very sad
8:49 am
world. a population with no voice. the value of the street art in the culture goes well beyond the location where it was created. >> and the art really is beautiful. the other night, natalie and i went out in a neighborhood in rio. it is all over. >> i love that. >> it makes the city vibrant. >> sure does. jenna, thank you. coming up next, exploring the other hidden gems brazil has to offer, but first these messages. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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8:52 am
brazil is a gorgeous country and while we got to know and see a lot around rio, there are so many other cities and beach towns that are worth visiting. >> mark is with conde naste traveler. he saw some of the sights. >> good morning. >> we have seen christ the redeemer and sugarloaf. take us outside. >> i'm going to take you on a sea part of brazil. it is right in the center of town. just under the christ the redeemer statue. the botanico. it is named after the botanical gardens. you have 800 plants in there. amazing lilly pond. >> and other spots outside rio. what is the great destination
8:53 am
folks should consider? >> the place you have to go is iguacu falls. that is a world landmark. it forms the border with argentina and brazil. it is like niagara, but larger. >> i haven't been, but my wife and kids came back from there on both sides. they raved about it. they said it is unbelievable. >> i have never been. i'm dying to go. >> they will have that story next week on "today" as well. >> the beaches of brazil. besides copacabana, there are other beautiful beaches. >> natalie, the most glamorous corner of brazil. >> oh, that's me. >> it is buzios. it is like the hamptons of rio. she made them a chic get away. now madonna and mick jagger and
8:54 am
everyone goes. >> what about the next one? >> this is brasillia. it is bra's capital. it was invented in 1960. they hired the man to build the dream city. the whole building is laid out like a jet plane. the fuselage and government buildings and wings. it is like an architecture wonderland. >> there is another place to check out the architecture. >> paraty. if you want to kickoff your shoes, enjoy the old colonial era of brazil. it hasn't changed in 250 years. you will instagram like crazy. >> how far from rio? >> about four hours drive. no cars. close your eyes and it could be 1800. >> beautiful. >> such a wonderful period here. mark, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> enjoy the weather.
8:55 am
that will do it for the special edition. so good to see you. thanks for hanging out with us. i know you usually sleep in. a big day of olympic action ahead, including what is likely to be michael phelps final race at the olympics. plus, usain bolt hitting the track for the first time in rio. >> you can catch that and more on nbc's primetime coverage of the olympics. it all starts tonight at 8:00/7:00 central. >> have a great weekend, everybody. enjoy the weekend and the olympics.
8:56 am
i'm george spencer. a dangerous heat wave across the valley. we'll have what you need to beat the heat. across the area it might look nice. but we're talking about above 100 for feel-like temperatures. we'll have the details coming up. the only way we can lose in my opinion -- i really mean this, pennsylvania -- is if cheating goes on. >> warning for pennsylvania. we'll have more on why donald trump says he's keeping a close eye on the keystone state. and olympic swimmer phelps makes history by winning another medal. but he got this one in an unusual way. we'll have those stories and
8:57 am
much more coming up next on "nbc 10 news today" at 9:00. ♪ "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite.
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it is going to be a very stream i day. our temperatures will hit the 930s. but it is easily going to feel like the triple digits. a 6-year-old boy shot ten times in germantown and now police are offering a $10,000 reward to catch the gunman. racing against the best. olympic swimmer katie ledecky, not only beat the competition, but she beat herself as she took home the gold. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today". i'm george spencer. it's almost 9:00 on this sticky hot saturday morning. we'll get a check on your weekend weather with meteorologist krystal klei. krystal, already warming up. >> sticky and hot, not the word
9:00 am
you want to use to describe your forecast. for dangerous heat this afternoon. this is for our entire area. we're looking at philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and delaware. no one going to escape the heat. it lasts through your sunday. you can see on the bottom of your screen, our neighborhood seven-day forecast. everywhere temperatures around the 90s. feels like 100 toe 110 degrees. here's a look at what it feels like right now. 95 philadelphia. look at vineland. feel like 101 at 9:00 a.m. 98 for dover and wilmington at 95. when your feel-like temperatures are around triple digits at 9:00 a.m., your afternoon will be unbearable and dangerous. staying hydrated and staying inside, key for you. if you have plans later today, i would suggest you try to alter them. we talk more about


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