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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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away. >> france is going to challenge. >> a challenge coming. >> christenson likes this serve. inside out. it's a tough one for a lot of receivers to handle. you serve from about seven feet inside the right hash mark and you work back to the small side of the court. >> ball was called in. grebennikov, matt anderson, all waiting. tillie has helped his team with two challenges. that's good for two points. >> put that on the stat sheet. >> what would the score be under the old system? the united states -- it would be 11-6. >> far different match at 11-6.
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>> holt again. combination. not there. ngapeth gets the ball up again. back to aaron russell out of the back row. >> he's not happy with the way he's played. he's attacked the ball pretty well with 14 kills but his overall game is not as good as it has been and he set the bar awfully high. huge wet spot from earvin ngapeth so court attendants coming out making sure it's dry. here's the service story for the united states. three aces, ten errors. for france, 13 errors, 4 aces. back row combination and that ball quickly tucked inside holt.
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ngapeth and rouzier tied for the team lead for france with 17 kills. shoji not a good pass. that was a relatively easy shot and then a stuff block . >> that allowed him to get there. that's a big right hand in the seam. >> remember the scenario, the united states got out to 0-2 start. they're now 1-2 after the win over brazil. france is 2-1. that's a gift as that ball drifts out of bounds. it's a must-win situation. united states has to win this match. >> nothing changed. after the brazil match, nothing had changed because of the 0-2 start. it was great. it was exciting if you're a u.s. fan or u.s. coaching staff member or player. it didn't change anything about the predicament you put yourself in. >> missed serve by holt. tied at 11. >> u.s. needs a couple blocks.
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needs to side out consistently. >> like i mentioned to you, kevin, ten stuffed block in the first two sets and none since. better offense by france? >> better offense and better passing with fewer opportunities. we've seen the united states also be out of position a few times and just miss playing missed opportunities to block a ball. >> taylor sander jumps well over 40 inches and needed all that hang time to get a hand on that ball. 12-11. united states leading two sets to one. and off the block and out of bounds. >> united states has two of its best servers in this match. max holt missed.
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matt anderson skipped it off the tape. france breathes a sigh of relief. >> with this jump float, united states out to take it overhand. >> russell, what a dig by tillie. and saved. get back on the court, rouzier. and again with the dig. >> shades of 2000. put those two highlights side by side. what an effort. filling the stat sheet on one play. >> overhand pass into david lee. dug by tillie again. and a net violation. it was so loud.
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net violation called against ngapeth and france but they're going to challenge the call. given france's track record, just give it to them right now. they've been really good on challenges so far in this set. >> they is a good way to describe it. excellent way to talk about it. >> there's a net. it was ngapeth's hand. >> they have to communicate whether they did or didn't. in this case earvin ngapeth may have numb hand because it was in the net. aaron russell back to serve. if you're just joining us, the united states a stunning comeback in the opening set. they won it 25-22. also on the second set by the same score. france came back. drilled the americans 25-14 in the third. americans out to a 6-1 lead but now we're tied at 13. >> brazil's favorite player at
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the line. >> le roux. ngapeth. and he's stuffed. finally a stuffed block for the united states. >> talked to kevin le roux earlier. >> easy serving right now for the united states. good play by lee. >> rouzier through a seam in the block and down. we're tied again.
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>> a lot of jump floats from france right now. tight set. taylor sander off the top. what a swing by matt anderson. wow. talk about taking out the trash. >> i'm watching this and watching the transition block of france and with kevin le roux out there i would go set to middle. i would exploit that matchup in transition. le roux is taking off way early. >> easy serve again gobbled up. over the top and ripped. the united states serving has really dropped. >> hugely important for americans to get out of this
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match with a win in four. save that point in case you end up in a tie situation. you want to have maximum points on your side. three points for a win in three or four. two for a win in five. >> ngapeth with a serve into the net. we don't like the system. it's fine for a long club professional season over 30 or 40 matches but not in a tournament. it is what it is. it's the same for all the teams. 16-15. the united states got to get back on track serving. france has been superb receiving since the first set. back to rouzier. down the line again. >> with the delivery. huge pressure on the block. that's about as far as you can back a ball in this game today. all of the way from the opposite sideline. the american block not able to get there. that is a special kind of set. >> here's kevin le roux
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inconsistent from the service line. you never know what to expect. that's the same as a receiver. he served the ball out of bounds. >> i don't think kevin le roux is your thinking man volleyball player. instin instin instinctual guy. perfect pass again. every pass is right on target for france. >> with france's passing capability, you have to remain aggressive. americans have got in errors so they are getting a bit timid. i thought the one hit by micah christenson was a good one and france handled it well enough. >> tied at 17. to holt. there's max holt unloading out of the middle. you called it, kevin. that wle goff.
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>> missed that serve well out of bounds. wow. >> earful from john speraw on that. >> that ball drifts out of bounds. france going with a lot of jump floats except from ngapeth and rouzier and now matt anderson will go back to the line. if someone could put together a serving streak, they'll win this set. if the united states does, they'll win the match. if france does, we'll be playing five. >> look at that pass. good touch out of the middle. big swing for anderson.
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inside and france's block is down and now americans with a two-point advantage. >> this time it's le goff pushing off. watch his body position. way off the net fading to the left side. that's a terrible way to block. anderson takes advantage. >> time-out called by france. the united states leading 20-18 in the fourth. hello. hi. welcome. this is the chevy malibu. it was awarded "most dependable midsize car" by j.d. power. it looks great. wow! what is happening? oh my gosh, it's going up! but the malibu's not the only vehicle that was awarded. this is mind blowing. the chevy camaro, equinox, and silverado hd were awarded most dependable as well. this is extremely impressive. there's so many! doing it once, yea, great job, four times, obviously, they're doing something right. absolutely
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>> anderson served 18 times. only one ace. that doesn't tell the story. he's put a lot of pressure on france. can he withstand the pressure now coming out of the time-out? excellent serve. to ngapeth. what a dig by shoji. taylor sander cannot impersonation and get that ball. >> big-time swing by a big-time player. ngapeth goes over the top perfect timing. >> le goff. another jump float serve. to the middle. no. combination play. not good timing. micah christenson, what a play! i told you he was a former basketball player. that was a two-handed slam dunk. >> he hits right or left handed. this one hanging on the top of the tape. you couldn't get bigger.
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>> that was a huge play. that was an absolutely marvelous instinctive play. >> time and time again micah christenson has proved himself smart beyond his years, ice water in his veins. love the way he competes. >> pretty good serve. on the overpass christenson again and a net violation. what a good job by murphy troy coming in to serve. united states leading it 22-19. they lead two sets to one. last group match will be two days from now against mexico for the united states whereas france has to take on brazil. and that ball served out of bounds. one excellent serve, one long
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for number 9. murphy troy out of st. louis and usc. aaron russell will come back on. another jump float serve. should united states receivers move up farther? >> they struggled in this rotation. >> perfect pass by shoji. anderson down the line. >> matt anderson played in big matches in his career. second time in the olympics. multiple time winner of champions league. russian super league. he's not feeling the pressure. he's simply in the groove. >> matt anderson had 24 kills against brazil. having another big match here late in the afternoon. ngapeth off the block and out of bounds. anderson's number, 13 of 31. hitting just under .300. taylor sander has ten kills. this is a very dangerous server
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in earvin ngapeth. coming to anderson. outside to taylor sander for the kill. what a swing by sander down the line. and now three match points for the united states. the united states has gotten off the deck after being swept by canada to open the tournament. match point number one. and micah christenson misses it into the top of the tape. and it is kevin le roux going back to serve. >> we saw them struggle against brazil. >> time-out called by the united states. head coach john speraw.
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>> if the u.s. takes this victory, it will be because every player on the court contributed. the kill from taylor sander there. erik shoji fighting off a bomb of a serve. the clutch swings of matt anderson. the blocking of the middles. another true team effort. >> it was a team effort in that huddle. 20 people chiming in. here's le roux. russell with the pass. here comes anderson. france a chance to get within one. out of bounds. the united states has won! they are now 2-2 in group play and they have put themselves right back in the mix. let's go back to the studio and
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al michaels. >> and on that note, that's the end of our daytime coverage. olympic prime time with bob costas coming up. michael phelps making his final olympic swim live in the medley relay. you don't want to miss it. our whole crew down here at the beach, see you tomorrow from rio. to win anle ask me wholympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all.
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liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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beating the heat. when it feels like it's 100 degrees outside, staying cool and safe is the name of the game. crisis for carson wentz? the injury that's keeping the eagles quarterback on the sidelines. and one more dip in the pool. we'll look ahead to what will be the final olympic race for michael phelps. first we do begin with breaking news. a fire at a day care center that broke out just after 5:30 at mt. pleasant and brian streets. the day care center is on the site of a former church. crews just got the flames there under control. we'll keep you posted on what our crews are finding out at the scene. now back to our first alert weather. baking in the sun. another day of dangerous heat and humidity. here's a look at center city, philadelphia.
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if you are out dining indoors, it's your best bet. beachgoers got a little relief today, that is if they took a swim in the ocean. he's a live look at the shore from our camera in cape may where a few people are still hanging out on the sand before the sun goes down. >> good evening, i'm rosemary connors. it's been feeling like it's in the triple digits for most of the day and tonight the philadelphia fire department confirms a 67-year-old woman and an 82-year-old woman have died from conditions related to this hot weather. we have live team coverage of this extreme heat. we begin with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. karen, this is going to be with us a little while. >> it sure is. oftentimes we get to the nighttime hours and think we're going to be cooling off but that isn't going to be the case tonight. excessive heat warning is in effect until tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. so the extreme heat and humidity is expected to continue overnight tonight into our sunday. so whatever you did today to cool off, you'll want to repeat
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tomorrow. these are our current temperatures right now. temperatures in the 90s with the exception of allentown, just down one tick to 89 degrees, but 96 in philadelphia, 95 down here in dover, delaware. and these temperatures will be dipping down just a bit through the overnight, but they're going to be slow to go. so we topped out at 98 degrees today. that's one particular tick belod of 99 set in 2002. tomorrow, look at this, 97 degrees our temperature reading, so tomorrow it is going to feel once again like triple digits. >> we continue our team coverage with nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal who's live in camden. today you caught up with some first responders trying to help people stay cool. >> reporter: we're live here at the camden splash park. you can see some of the kids taking advantage of the sprinklers. we also caught up with firefighters, cops out on the job in camden and philly doing what they could to get out into
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their communities on this, one of the hottest days of the entire year. in inner city camden today, the pavement on the streets felt like 110 degrees. >> it's crazy. hot all the day, hot all the night. >> reporter: but this heat wave not stopping camden county cops in full uniform from playing catch with local kids sweating it out to make a difference. and across the river in mayfair, it was local philly firefighters keeping the neighborhood nice and cool. kids getting a hosedown as the sun turned this block into an oven. the oppressive heat keeping most people inside. if you had to venture out, the best way to keep cool was a steady supply of water. >> it's burning hot. >> reporter: at the camden spray park, kids running through the sprinklers. >> it's pretty cool as long as you're in the shade. >> reporter: hundreds of people coming out for this event, a back-to-school camden kids day.
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organizers offering supplies and backpacks to local kids. >> we're doing a back-to-school giveaway. we have giving some book bags to some of the kids. >> it's really cool. you can make new friends and this is the perfect time to make new friends. >> reporter: back here live, a few stragglers still cooling down. it still feels like more than 100 degrees out here. as we mentioned, this heat can be very dangerous. at least two deaths in philadelphia. we can tell you here in camden county there are a number of cooling centers open and in philadelphia the heat line is taking calls from families without air conditioning. >> we do have that heat line, we'll get to that in just a moment. from south jersey to the lehigh valley, we check in now with and dr -- andrea cline-thomas. >> reporter: this fan definitely helps. take a look around me.
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a lot of people out here have some sort of beverage in their hand. water, as we all know, is the best way to help replenish yourself if you're dehydrated. but there are tents to provide a little bit of shade. there are also misting areas, water fountains, things like that to help people stay cool, but it does not seem to be stopping people to come out and enjoy all of the music. bethlehem ems has this warning, though, for visitors. >> if you stop sweating, that's very bad. if you start feeling confused and weaks are that's the beginning of heat exposure. >> reporter: now, this is the last weekend of this ten-day music festival. tonight the big act is lady antebellum. the doors just opened not too long ago. again, people are just out here despite the heat enjoying the
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music. >> thanks for that, andrea. as i mentioned, just a moment ago randy talked to you about that heat line in philadelphia. that number is right there on your screen, 215-765-9040. you can get information on cooling centers in philly. we also have that number posted on the nbc 10 app. let's talk eagles now. a setback for the birds' first-round draft pick. it turns out carson wentz suffered a hairline fracture in his ribs during thursday night's preseason game against tampa bay. csn's amy fedoul will have more on what it means a little later in sports. now to the olympics. it's day eight of the olympics in rio. a big win for the u.s. men's volleyball team against france. right now team usa is taking on great britain in women's field hockey. many of the players on the many team are from pennsylvania, south jersey and delaware.
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here's a live look at the olympic flame as darkness falls on rio. the you have is building a mountain of gold in the games, crushing china, great britain and japan in the medal count. it's the last day of the swimming events and the momentous night for michael phelps, who wants to end his career as a champion. brian mooar has this covered from rio's olympic park. >> reporter: it was a divine day on the water for team usa. >> three golds in a row for the women's eight. >> reporter: gevvie stone silver in women's individual scull. american allyson felix is going after her fifth olympic gold in the 400. in the last night of swimming, simone manuel is looking for another medal and michael phelps looking to rebound after falling behind a competitor who once idolized him. >> daring kids to dream.
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that's the only reason why i'm sitting here. i was a little kid with a dream. >> reporter: but the reality tonight, phelps wants to go out on top. brian mooar, nbc news, rio. >> you don't have to miss a minute of the olympic action. check out the nbc 10 app to live stream all of the events on your smartphone or tablet. tonight at 7:00, randy gyllenhaal profiles the pride--f joe kovacs is the reigning world champion men's shotput and he said he couldn't do it without his mom, joanna. we'll have more on jo and some of the other local athletes going to gold tonight at 7:00. coming up at 7:30 on the olympic zone, we'll give you a tour of the athletes village in rio, right here on nbc 10. tonight we are following some breaking news out of north carolina where shots have been fired inside a mall. it was a chaotic scene that sent
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shoppers running. coming up, who police believe pulled the trigger and why officers say it could have been a lot worse. here is a live look again at rio de janeiro. nbc 10 is keeping track of every olympic event. we're about to show you the latest medal count, so if you don't want to see it, look away from your tv for the next few moments. nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning. at td bank we do things differently, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello! don't just bank, bank human.
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