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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  August 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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claimed two lives in philadelphia. we take a live look at the center city skyline. it is sticking around today and into the workweek. many are struggling to find ways to beat the heat. we'll show you how people across the region are coping with it. >> it is a good way to end. this is exactly what i wanted to do to end my career. >> michael phelps takes his final competitive swim in the olympic pool. we have the podium moment, and a look towards today's action in rio. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news. it is now 6:00 a.m. and we continue to track this dangerous heat, which sadly has claimed two lives in philadelphia. nbc 10 meteorologist chrkrystal klei is here with the forecast.
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>> thanks, ted. unfortunately, when we look at those dangerous conditions that affect the region and currently a live look outside philadelphia, center city, things look nice, but already feels very hot. let's do a little comparison. right now, the temperature in philadelphia, 83 degrees, winds, 12 miles per hour. like yesterday, we may see the wind picks up a bit in the afternoon with any storms that do develop in the area but it is really all about the temperatures. it already is all about them, almost a ten-degree difference in what we're sitting at and what we feel like in philadelphia. 92 degrees the feel-like currently. it feels very hot, very steamy out there. 93 in dover, it was 95 for the feel like. coatsville, that area looking better, we could see showers move through that did produce
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higher winds and lightning yesterday. atlantic city at 92 for the feel like temperature. on your radar and satellite, clouds, activity, mostly stayed well to the north and west. we're in the clear again. should be a mix of sun and clouds as we move into the afternoon, with the possibility of thunderstorms and that same zone as yesterday. we're going to take a closer look at the possibility of showers. thunderstorms with your futurecast coming up in just a bit. >> all right, krystal. >> another dangerous day of heat. monique braxton is live in center city. >> reporter: hi, ted, the sweltering conditions, and the philadelphia corporation of aging and health department told us two women have died because of heat related issues. their ages, 67 and 82. they also had other health concerns.
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and pta also has told us that means sh th yeathis year six pe died because of the heat. social workers were answering calls and sharing tips. they stressed the importance of checking on elderly neighbors. >> sometimes their bodies aren't telling them. there are certain ailments that don't allow your body to regulate itself with the heat, or like i said, the isolated population is really dangerous because nobody is checking on those people. nobody is there to say you don't look good, how do you feel. if you're not feeling well, it can deteriorate very quickly. >> pca is urging everyone to keep your windows open, your doors open, especially if you have fan operating. now, the heat line opens again this morning at 8:30. we're going to keep you posted on how the heat is affecting everyone across our area. live for now at the art museum,
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monique braxton, nbc 10. we caught up with firefighters doing what they could to get out into the communities on this hot weekend. in philadelphia's mayfair sections, they hosed down kids as the heat and humidity turned the neighborhood into an oven. camd camden, it didn't stop cops from playing catch, while in full uniform. at the spray park, they stayed cool while running through the sprinklers, and the family members found shady spots under the trees. >> it's pretty cool as long as you're in the shade. >> camden county cooling centers will be open today. if you have heat emergency, a number to call if you live in philadelphia. 215-765-9040. trained staff will speak about
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the medical problems. we have that number and other numbers in the area on the nbc 10 app. day 9 of the olympics is dawning, as we take a live look at rio. the united states is building a mountain of gold in the games, crushing china, great britain and japan in the medal counts. the most decorated athlete in olympic history is calling it quits by hanging another gold around his neck. swimmer michael phelps, stood on the medal podium getting gold for the 23rd time. he led his team to victory with his butterfly portion of the men's medley relay. he leaves his racing life behind at the top of his game. he did quit swimming once before after the olympics in london, but this time, he says that's not going to happen. the title of world's fastest man will be up for grabs tonight, when gentleman make can usain
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bolt and dustin gatlin. simone biles goes for her third this afternoon. the u.s. men's and women's basketball team also play tonight. don't miss a minute of the action. just tap on the nbc app to live stream where ever you are. six minutes after six right now. city leaders plead for calm, following a night of unrest in milwaukee. we'll explain what triggered the violence. plus stranded cars and people. that's the aftermath of severe deadly flood anything louisiana. what police are doing to rescue victims.
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weather. >> welcome back. very happy sunday morning. but for you to stay inside. because just like yesterday, still under the first alert, still expecting the extreme heat as we move through the afternoon. you can see the seven-day
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forecast at the bottom of your screen, showing a lot of 90s. live look outside, it does look nice, but already very hot and humid to kick off your sunday morning. let's talk planners for today. if you're getting out later in the day, make sure it is brief here. 9:00 a.m., sunny, 86 degrees for the temperature, as we move along, mid to upper 90s, expecting to cap at 97. remember, that hits between the 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. hour. mix of sun and clouds. we could see an isolated storm and temperatures into the 90s in the afternoon. for the lehigh valley, some pop-up thunderstorms as we move into the afternoon. very similar to what we saw yesterday. for delaware, 92 at 1:00 p.m., and that will be the same about 5:00 with the peak in the upper 90s as well.
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shortly lower for the jersey shore, where we see some sunshine, clouds mixing it, but models indicating, everything we're checking this morning, we're going to stay on the dry side for delaware and new jersey as well. that's for today. but the chance of showers, possibly some thunderstorms, it continues on and off right through next week. that's also with the 90s that continue. we'll take a closer look, and your extended forecast, coming up. >> thank you. you've heard of a firestorm. how about a firenado, how a brush fire morphed into this. you can buy liquor on sun y sundays in pennsylvania. we'll have all the details.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home.
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donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. new from overnight. a plea for calm in milwaukee after a deadly police shooting.
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protesters set fire to at least four businesses. police shot and killed a man that they said had a gun that turned out to be stolen. milwaukee will be back out in force today. a georgia police officer is killed in the line of duty. officer tim smith was shot last night around 9:30 in the small town of eastman. officer smith was responding to a suspicious person call when the gunman opened fire. that shooter is still on the lose. police in north carolina are trying to figure out if there was a gun inside a raleigh mall. shoppers say they heard shots fired yesterday. eight people went to the hospital with minor injuries, after they were hurt rushing for exi exits. witnesses say an argument between two men escalated with one man firing a gun, but police did not find any victims or shell casings. the mall will reopen today. today, a muslim community is
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grieving the loss of two people and calling for justice. yesterday, imom and his assistant were shot in the head by a lone gunman. the search is on for the shooter. last night, more than 100 people attended a rally. they chantsed, we want justice. said they wanted the shootings cheated as a hate crime. at this point, there is no evidence they were targeted because of their faith. in mercer county, police are investigating the death saturday morning in hamilton township. the man killed is dominic neil. the correction officer's girlfriend had a restraining order against neil. he was off duty when he saw him walking towards the home with one hand on his waist band and that he told him to stop but did not. that's when the administer shot
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neil through the glass of his front door. no one else was hurt. no charges have been filed. but the investigation is ongoing. floodwaters take over parts of louisiana, leaving at least three people dead, and forcing thousands from their homes. several roads were closed and hundreds of vehicles submerged in what is being described as unprecedented historic floods. officials say more than 1,000 people have to be rescued. in some places, 24 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour time period. the rain is expected to continued to. in oregon, a brush fire morphed into a twister. the cornelius fire department had this photo, high speed winds may have caused it form in the shape of a funnel. the process p opening all liquor stores in pennsylvania on
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sundays begins today. 94 stores that were closed on sunday will now be greeting customers. the state liquor control board plans to add sunday hours for 26 store months next month. and 188 stores that were open will be expanding their hours. a new law prompted the changes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we'll begin by taking a look at the temperatures. in your neighborhood, starting with the suburbs, 76 for west town township, the mid 70s, west bradfo bradford, the same. west chester, 78 degrees, and shift farther along here, warrington, 79. for most of us, upper 70s, but
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the feel like, it feels like 10 degrees hotter, because of the high humidity we haven't been able to escape. now to the jersey shore, 76 for ocean city, 76 to atlantic city. low 80s for the harbor. and that is just the beginning of what will be a very hot afternoon. we have the chance of storms popping up we'll look at that in a second. let's talk about the heat wave in philadelphia. had is what we're talking about. red line is what it feels like. already feeling like 90s. by lunch hour, triple digits. not a day to plan lunch in the backyard. do it in doors. we'll be at 1 07.
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still feeling like 105 as we move into the 7:00 hour. and later into the night, the same. in fact, heard complaints of even into the overnight hours, still felt so hot and sticky, that is going to continue. here is your hour by hour. some clouds out to the best, the nos north, 6:00 a.m., similar to yesterday. that's at sunday, 12:30. then afternoon/evening here, scattered showers near allentown, northampton county, otherwise not a great chance of thunderstorms here, aside from that northwest part of our viewing area. most of the southern portions will stay dry. that rules out, we move into the overnight and into monday again. mostly on the clear side of the things. take a look here as we move into monday later in the afternoon. showers starting to build off to the west, could see some of the activity bump into our neck of the woods. we'll talk more about the possibility of pop-up showers
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and a closer look at forecast, continuing in the heat wave for several more days. all the details will be coming up in a bit. >> all right, we'll see you then. last day of music fest in bethlehem and another day of dealing with the dangerous heat. last night, the performances were put on hold for a short time, due to a passing storm. before that, we found concert goers taking their own precautions. they relied on fans and cold beverages. the stages are under tents to provide shade. there a whole day of performances on tap today. music fest wraps up today with a fire work display. here is a live look at citizen's bank park. philly's alumni pregame retirement ceremony for planko, the former infielder will throw out the first pitch before the game against colorado at 1:35. i think it's great.
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give rosie some credit. >> a celebration of the working women of world war ii. we'll take you to where thousands gathered for a record-setting, rosie the riveter rally.
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1,500 athletes l had compete in the triathlon as they swim 1/4 of a mile, ten miles along route 40, and then run on the boardwalk before finishing at bader field. eagles takes a hit.
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that shot, quarterback carson wentz took thursday night will sideline him for most of the preseason. wentz suffered a hairline fracture in his ribs. nbc 10 asked eagles fan if they see the injury as a problem. >> it is unfortunate. it is a minor set back. overall, i don't think he'll play in the beginning. >> things happen. you know, people get hurt. >> it was, oh, boy. oh, boy. >> we'll have more on the carson wentz injury, including reaction from the eagles, coming up in sports. thousands of women come together to pay tribute to rosie the riveter. a rally was held in northern california to set the guinness world record for the most people dressed as rosie in one place. rosie the riveter represents women who worked during world war ii. they called themselves
6:26 am
roosevelt's secret weapons. >> i think it's great. to give the rosies some credit. because after all, we're the ones that fought the war. we're the ones that were working. with the war, because the guys were out getting shot at. >> more than 2,000 people gathered at the rosie the riveter home front national park. right now, 6:26 on your sunday morning. philadelphia reports two deaths related to this heat. and the sweltering conditions aren't letting up today. monique braxton is live in center city this morning. monique. >> reporter: hi, ted, after the break we're going to tell you how old the women were and what were the heat related issues may have led to or contributed to, after the break. >> already this morning, feeling like the 90s in some parts of the areas. we're going to tell you how hot
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the heat wave that's gripping our region turns deadly. we're facing more dangerous heat today. sheer a live look from camden, the battleship nurew jersey. the heat and humidity will climb again today in the uncomfortable zone. in rio, the historic making career of michael phelps. hear what we had to say africaning off his golden run in the pool. we'll update a road tory recovery after he was caught in the crossfire in philadelphia. good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us. it is 6:30 on this sunday morning. yes, we are bracing for more dangerous heat today.
6:31 am
with the heat wave we have seen pop up thunderstorms like this one, and nbc 10 viewer sent us this viewer of lightning in montgomery county last night. fortunately, not a lot of run, so the storm didn't provide too much relief from the heat. let's get right to the hot first alert forecast with meteorologist krystal klei. crystal, not much of a cool down overnight. >> no, there wasn't. hot and humid, first alert still in effect because as we continue through today, same thing as we saw saturday. philadelphia, parts of the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and delaware, all of us feeling the heat again today. and that first alert, i guess you could say this is good news. lasts just through today. then feel like temperatures should bump below 100 degrees. but for today, because of the very high temperatures mixed with the high humidity, feeling like 100 to 110, there is an excessive heat warning still in effect as we speak.
6:32 am
right now, these are the temperatures outside, like i just said, not feeling relief in the overnight temperatures. some of us in the 70s, 80s. philadelphia at 83. 73, the lehigh valley, that's about as good as we get. delaware, already at 82. a lot of sunshine to kick off the day. you can see the live cameras right now. mostly blue skies. that's going to be the cass e a we move into the afternoon. chance of a thunderstorm in lehigh valley, 97 in new jersey, as well as for philadelphia, and then in the sub you arfeel like temperatures coming up. authorities said it has led to the death of two women. monique braxton is live with more details. moniq monique. >> reporter: hi, ted, this current heat wave has gone from
6:33 am
dangerous to deadly. two women have passed away. their ages, 67 and 82. the corporation for aging and health department tell us so far this year, six people have died due to heat stress. the two recent fatalities had heart disease and diabetes. we stopped by the office and they tell us their goal is to save lives. >> yeah, the worst that we see that somebody can do is shutting their doors and windows to try to keep the heat out and running a fan. that's the worst thing you could do. >> reporter: pca urges people to refrain from cutting the grass and not working outside in the heat and humidity. back out here live, usually this time of morning, you see people running up and down the steps, you see people doing the loops,
6:34 am
jogging, we've seen no one this morning. an indication of just how bad it is outside. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> very telling, thank you, monique. if you have a heat emergency, there is the number to call if you live in philadelphia, it is 215-765-9040. you'll find that number and other heat related information on the nbc 10 app. now to the rio games. michael phelps ends his olympic career by adding another goal. the u.s. took the number one in the 4x100. he put them ahead with the butterfly relay. he swam what he says will be his last olympic race. >> it is a good way to end. you know, it is a good race. victory. probably top three fastest
6:35 am
butterflies i've ever swam. couldn't be happier. this is exactly what i wanted today do to end my career. >> he came away with his 23rd career gold medal. fe phelps finishes with 28, and he is the most decorated olympian of all time. the men's swimming victory came minutes after the women's relay gave the u.s. its 1,000th olympic gold medal at the summer games. it wasn't all happiness. burlington county's woman blamed crowd noise for not hearing the starting gun. an american won silver in the race. gold went to the gentleman mjam. men's basketball against france and the women against china. the final round of golf, tennis
6:36 am
and track, all eyes on the sprinters. american justice gatlin is challenging usain bolt for the title of fastest man alive. live stream off the events on the app. new from overnight. a driver is injured after this car crashed into the front steps of a frat house. nbc 10 was at broad and north in philadelphia. it happened around 3:30 this morning. witnesses told police the car lost a wheel, just before the accident. investigators believe that car was involved in an earlier hit and run somewhere else in the city. we're working to find out more about that plus the condition of the driver. this morning, a 6-year-old philadelphia boy is talking, after he was shot ten times. yesterday, we spoke with the aunt of majah brown. they took him off the va ventil
6:37 am
and he got up and started talking. he was shot in germantown. the two were caught in the crossfire of a turf battle. >> you know, i put down failing at "new york times." >> donald trump unloads on the media again. this time, taking aim at the gray lady. more of his blast from the campaign trail, coming up. a final farewell to one of the six "star wars" fans. he brought life to one of the most beloved characters of that series. at the the lincoln summer init's time to relax.t, from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged
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taking that live look outside north wildwood new jersey. the sun is coming down and the relief from the heat, really can't be found any where, but you can squeeze it in at the shore. otherwise, temperatures just so toasty out there. even along the beach. the sand not as comfortable as the water. let's look at the neighborhood temperatures. we're talking numbers in white. your actual temperatures. the numbers in red, your feel like temperatures. center city, 107 what it will feel like, 97 for the forecast. doyle, 93, suburbs, can't rule out an isolated shower, although not likely. just like yesterday, a better chance in lehigh valley. 95 in allentown, feeling like 100 there. wardentown, 97, feels like 105.
6:42 am
sunshine, look at the feel like temperature above 110. wilmington, 94, with feel like triple digits as well. across the region, for the feel like temperature, above 100 degrees. good news, looks like today will be the last day we see the feel like in triple digit territories. bad news, the heat wave continues. we'll talk more about that in just a bit. still ahead, live to rio for an olympics recap, including an emotional night for michael phelps. we'll look ahead to all of today's action. ♪
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"they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite.
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now to decision 2016. donald trump is not releasing his tax returns, but trump's running mate says he will release his, before election day. republican vice-presidential nominee, mike pence, make that decision yesterday. the day after democratic nominee hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, released their tax returns. trump says an audit is stopping him from releasing his returns. if trump withholding them through the election, he'll be the first major party nominee in 40 years to do so. also, donald trump is threatening to take away the campaign press credentials of the new york times. he is a frequent critic of the times. he continued his attacks on the newspaper during a rally in connecticut last night. >> the newspaper is going to hell. when they write dishonest stories, we should be tough, don't we agree. the headline on "the new york
6:46 am
times" web side reads the trump camp failing effort to tame his tongue. meanwhile, house minority leader is advising her fellow democratics to change their phone numbers and not let family members answer the phones. they were targets of what she called an electronic watergate break in, a hacker calling himself gucipher 2.1. this morning, "star wars" fans are remembering the actor in six films, kenny baker died after a long illness, at 3'8" tall. baker fit into the mechanical droid who partnered with his taller counterpart. baker co starred in the original "star wars," and it went digital in the "force awakens."
6:47 am
he served as a droid consultant. he was 81 years old. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. that first alert for the heat. forecast for today is very similar to yesterday's forecast, as we go into the afternoon, it is going to be a scourger out there. already, 83 in philadelphia, 79 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs and we did see some showers and thunderstorms pop up just north viewing area. late in the day, early into the night yesterday. chance again for the zone. 82 in delaware, that's the temperature as well along the jersey shore. philadelphia neighborhoods, germantown, 80, chestnut hill, 79. fox chase at 83, for the current temperatures. radar and satellite, right now, clear. if you're getting out, heading
6:48 am
to the shore for sunday, things are looking okay, but heads up, we have to keep saying it. stay hydrated, taking breaks in air-conditioning is the best option. the dangerous heat for us, if we take a look, it is going to be continuing right on through the next several days here. peaking yesterday and today. we saw the 90s start wednesday. it started off the first of a long trend of 90s, officially hitting a heat wave on friday. since then, 98 saturday and today, forecasting a high of 97 degrees. feel like temperature for today, up to 108. and as we drop off here, not going to call it relief, but a little better. still going to be hot, though. 93 monday, 91 tuesday, feel like temperatures, should be in the upper 90 these two days. fall out of the first alert, but still under a heat wave.
6:49 am
86s norm 86 is normal for this time of year. we'll holding onto the 90s. today, the light blue indicates very low likelihood of seeing that. possibility of stronger storms, hail, damaging wind gusts. in blue, isolated, but possibly, so it is the same zone we saw yesterday. allentown, macy, but not likely just a slight potential. forecast for the beach 96, sunshine through the afternoon. maybe a few spot clouds. be bethany beach, 90s, ocean city, maryland, 92 for sunday. here is the ten-day on 10. 97 for us today. still in the 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. thursday, the 80s, tuesday for us is looking like the best chance for us to see thunderstorms into philadelphia,
6:50 am
but we'll isolate a chance monday, wednesday and thursday as well. dry drier with the 80s. >> krystal, thank you. michael phelps ends his olympic career on a gold medal high and the americans are jumping for joy on the track. now we're looking for to day nine in rio with big auevents. jay gray joins us live from rio this morning. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. team usa continuing to select medals in rio at a near record pace. the americans with the most olympic hardware ever, ending his career, but not before he adds one more gold as he walks away. >> michael phelps! >> reporter: his goodbye, fittingly, golden, the most decorated olympian ever, emotional, ending his career
6:51 am
with his 23rd gold. >> it was something special. something that, now, it is a perfect way to end. >> the women's medley grabbed gold as well. from in the water to on the water, where the women's eight won gold, their straight olympic gold. getting the early jump in track and field, jeff henderson took gold in the long jump. >> my last and final jump, it was like a dream come true. >> the dream is still alive for kerry walsh jennings. they play at copacabana beach tonight. simone biles will compete in the gymnastics vault finals. >> reporter: also a handful of track and field events, several americans with strong medal opportunities, including justin gatlin, who takes on usain bolt, to find out who is the fastest man on earth.
6:52 am
ted, back to you. >> thank you for being with us. the eagles get some unwelcome news when it comes to carson we carson wentz's status. and franco got the phillies off to a fast start for the rocky. the highlights, ahead in sports.
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hi, i'm amy from csn. cars carson wentz has a hairline fracture, and may not play the rest of the preseason. he'll turn the fourth quarter preseason opener, peterson said he was sore and he'll play on thursday. after the press conference on saturday, he said, quote, carson felt discomfort as he started the practice. as a precaution, we sent him for a ct scan after practice. it revealed a hairline fracture in his ribs. we hope to have him back before the end of the preseason. offensive tackle lane johnson worked out with his second team on saturday, as doug peterson prepares for a potential ten game suspension.
6:56 am
he tested positive for peds. it has been a nightmare. i've known this for a couple of weeks, and i have to come out here like nothing is wrong. that's been the hardest thing. i don't want to be labeled as a cheater. my son look at me in my eye, hey, daddy, what you been doing. i have nothing to hide, so from that standpoint, moving forward. >> the phillies announced efloh has a fracture in his foot. morgan will start in his play today. randy walls throwing out the first pitch. he officially retired yesterday as a philly. you see the wolf pack there. mike el franco blasts a three run home run, 21st of the season for franco. phillies up 3-0.
6:57 am
franco stares him down a little, and anderson ejected. benches cleared, but nothing else happened. that does it for sports. this morning, people and their dogs are up for a run. the shirley's 5 k will happen at 8:30 at the maple manor, and it serves animal organizations in montgomery county. south jersey's 23rd rubber shucky rigada happens in cape may county. thousands will make a splash to at the landing peer in wild ln wood at 6:30 p.m. the goal is to help make sure all kinder gardeners have books
6:58 am
in their homes. the sweltering conditions continued to. we'll check in with monique braxton in center city, when we come right back. >> the best temperatures right now, we're at 83 in philadelphia. temperatures will be bumping up very quickly. here is a live look outside from the melon cam, looking at the sun getting ready to bear down at our area.
6:59 am
7:00 am
dangerous, and now deadly heat. at least two people have died this weekend from the hot weather, and another round of heat and humidity ahead. one last goal. michael phelps, ends his olympic swimming career on top. plus, open for business. a new liquor law takes effect today, allowing more stores in pennsylvania to sell booze on sundays. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news. i'm ted greenberg. it is 7:00 a.m. thank you for being with us and yes, another hot and steamy morning with dangerous heat. more on the way. meteorologist krystal klei is here with the first alert forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we've u


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