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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a 72-year-old man in west philadelphia died. he also had other serious health problems. nbc 10 was on the schuylkill banks this afternoon and these people braving the heat to get some exercise and some were prepared. saw quite a few carrying water along the way. the way to go in these extremes. nbc 10 also down on the shore in cape may. some relief on the beach today as the mercury didn't climb quite as high as it did the last couple of days and nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking our extended heat wave. any end in sight, glenn? >> i think we'll be seeing relief in the form of low humidity in a couple of days. the temperature eventually by the weekend will be getting down significantly, but for tomorrow it's a different story. the first alert is extended for philadelphia, the p.a. suburbs, new jersey and delaware and through tuesday evening. toys going to feel like anywhere between 88 and 108, and, again, you've got to hydrate when you
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have day after day after day of this, and that's what we've had. it started on wednesday of last week. it peaked over the weekend when it felt like 110 in philadelphia. 100 degrees is the way it felt today and back up to at least 102 tomorrow with a high of 95 so if anything it's going to get a little more hot and human tomorrow. 87 in the parasuburbs and philadelphia 93 degrees. feels like 100 in vineland and 102 in dover which, of course, is nothing compared to what we saw over the weekend. i'll let you know when we see that significant relief and when storms are going to come in just a few minutes. >> okay, glen. >> to decision 2016 and the push for pennsylvania. today hillary clinton campaigned in scranton, and she brought vice president joe biden with her. that's his hometown. biden said electing clinton as the first female president would change the lives of women and girls. nbc 10's lauren mayk reports from scranton.
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>> on cancer research, hillary clinton told the crowd if she's elected she will ask jiden to condition the work he's done on that moon shot project. it is an issue personal to him as is this place. his hometown. >> on this trip to pennsylvania hillary clinton had some hometown help from the vice president who grew up here. >> hillary understands the hope and aspirations of the people in clairmont, in scranton and every scranton and clairmont in the united states of america. >> reporter: clinton is taking on trump for working class voters in northeast pennsylvania. does she have support here in this area? >> i think she does. >> reporter: does donald trump? >> well, false support. i think the economy is the big issue in lucerne and lackawanna county and i believe hillary's program is much more realistic. >> reporter: clinton took aim at trump's economic plan. >> he would end up paying a rate
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lower than millions of middle class families. now, that is assuming he pays any taxes at all because we really don't know because we haven't seen his tax returns. >> reporter: show he's recently been winning over some republicans not sold on trump but there are others to win over here, too, like this bernie sanders supporter. >> i would still like to see a little bit more. i'm still undecideded a little bit, but i'm definitely towards clinton. >> reporter: already has becky williams support. >> she's the experienced candidate and who would vote for donald trump. >> reporter: it's important to her that clinton would be the first woman president, something vice president biden highlighted using his own family. >> it will prove that moy daughter and my grand daughters can do anything my son and grandsons can do. that's what it will mean! >> reporter: clinton campaigning in pennsylvania tomorrow with a stop in philadelphia. it's a place where turnout is critical, and tomorrow her team focuses on registering new voters. in scranton, i'm lauren mayk,
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nbc 10 news. >> meantime, donald trump is unveiling a proposed new immigration policy. during a speech in ohio today he specifically spoke about how he would overhaul the country's screening process. >> we should only at mitt into this country those who share our values and respect our people. >> trump says he would use questionnaires, social media and interviews with friends and family to vet immigrants trying to get into the u.s. the republican presidential nominee also said he would temporarily suspend immigration from nations with a history of what he calls exporting terrorism. other news now. tonight we now know new details about a murder-suicide that left a family of five dead inside their burks county home. nbc 10's cydney long reports on the wife's calls for help and the family's final hours together. >> reporter: mark short spent friday august 5th at herve park with his children, willow, the
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tiny warrior and m.j. his only son and leanna. the next morning they were dead along with short's wife megan who planned to move from the family home with their children that very day. >> mark short committed the homicide of his wife, three children and the family dog. >> reporter: investigators say the children were in their pajamas, each shot once. mark short used a gun he purchased just weeks before as the short's relationship unraveled. investigators say that while neither mark or megan short had filed for divorce, they say there had been two domestic altercations just weeks prior to this horrific tragedy. in early june police say they fought inside a philadelphia hotel and didn't call police. on july 18th megan did dial 91 is from her home and she told, police, quote, i'm afraid of him. >> no charges were filed and no physical injuries were found. >> we advised her on how to get
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a protection of abuse order and in fact she said she would get one the next day and she never followed through. >> reporter: that next day mark short purchased a handgun in lancaster county, the same gun found by his body with his fingerprints. police say he wrote a suicide note after he killed his kids, megan and their dog and then pulled the trigger one last time. >> whenever we lose youthful, innocent human beings it's never easy for a community to recover. >> reporter: a puppy dog stuffed animal and flowers cover the couple's front walk. from sinking springs, cydney long, nbc 10 news. jury deliberations are under way in attorney general kathleen kane's hour. within the hour the jury asked the judge a question and we're waiting to hear what that question was. in closing arguments prosecutors told jurors that kane abused her power when she leaked secret criminal files to get revenge on a colleague.
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kane is charged with leaking that evidence and lying about it under oath. the defense tlargd were inconsistencies in the prosecution's testimony. now we go to rio and week two of the summer games. nbc 10's jacqueline london with a look at tonight's action and some local athletes competing. jacqueline. >> team usa is looking to add to its medal counts with big events taking place in gymnastics. the venue is right there. i was just inside and talking about gymnastics. this is the last chance that new jersey's laurie hernandez has to win a medal and take it back home to new jersey. in the team competition she would love another one and so would simone. she's getting against her final five teammate simone biles in that balance beam final. biles will be going fob for an up precedented fourth gold after winning last night's vault final. also in the water, princeton's ashleigh johnson helped host
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country brazil to just three goals as the water polo team won by ten points and team usa moves on to the semifinals against hungary on wednesday. and really terrifying moment at olympic park earlier today. take a look at this overhead tv camera. it came crashing down injuring seven people. witnesses say they heard a wire snap causing the camera to plummet about 30 feet. rio organizers aren't sure why the camera fell but witnesses say, and i can attest to this, it was indeed very windy in olympic park. one woman did go to the hospital but everyone is expected to be okay. the weather is changing constantly here. we can tell you that right now a delaware county father is so he's exciting in philadelphia and his story is remarkable, about how good mayor shans allowed him to come for trip. his name is alice hill from darby township and never dreamed he could actually get to rio to
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see his son through shot put and ellis is an usher driver. a few weeks ago a chicago woman got into his car and could not fath ho m the idea of him watching his son on tv and she set up a go fund me page. friends and neighbors helped raise thousand of dollars and tonight ellis is on his way to rio. >> i am so grateful that there are people out here, man, you know, that still believe that they can help somebody. >> i think this really is a good story of following your dreams and believing in what's possible. >> ellis's son is a pennwood high school and penn state universitiad and he and the other shot putters compete tuesday. derrell's mom won't be in rio because she's afraid to fly. and tonight in rio allyson felix
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is going for her fourth gold medal in the 400 meter. >> love that derrell's dad is on his way soon. such a great story. see you again in a few minutes. >> the school district of philadelphia shuk kids have safe drinking water. several schools will be placed with new hydration stations and the plan is to very many inner school. which city do you think is the most unfriendly? "traveler" magazine released its list of the ten most unfriendly cities. philadelphia is not on the list and newark, new jersey is number one and atlantic city number three, dover 7th and wilmington was the eighth unfriendliest city. next at 6:00, the late on the injury that sidelined carson
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wentz. what his eagle teammates are saying about the and a going for goal. what an medal means to her and speaking of medals look away if you don't want to know the current medal count. we'll be right back.
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she says she is philly to the core and is here in rio to show you what she's made of. nia ali is in the best shape of her life and is overcoming tragedy with triumph and has the support system for somebody who has been to the olympics before and the hardware to prove it. >> born to run and fly. 10 hurdles in 12 seconds for this germantown-philly raised
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phenom. how much has philadelphia get you to where you are? >> it's made the me what i am. this drive and the character that i have and the determination that i have. the strength and the people that support me. >> reporter: and that support system helped her overcome and the tragedy involving her father in philadelphia seven years ago. >> it was a murder-suicide so he shot someone and then he shot himself. all in all from that situation my family became so much closer, like like even me as a person, i've just like grown so muchp. >> reporter: her family has grown so much with the birth of her baby titus and the father of her child is michael tinsley, silver medalist from the 2012 games. it's cool to say i'm freaking the, what should i do, just ask
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about difference things and he'll tell me how to handle it. >> reporter: and both of you are competing here in rio? >> you couldn't write a better story. it's really a dream come true. >> reporter: a dream that she knows her dad is watching. >> reporter: what do you think he would say to you today and how proud would he be of all that's acplirkd? >> that's really a good question because he was not a sports person. >> reporter: really? >> he was always about books. i think he would be very proud, but i think he would also be like talking about what's next. you would know that he's going to go there and it would be great. >> reporter: he would be screaming and your little baby would be clapping and all would be good. >> and all would be good. >> reporter: nia races in the semis tomorrow and the finals on wednesday and while she says she's not superstitious she does have race day rituals including not eating anything the day she races regardless of what time she hits the track and her play
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list is very important, anything from hip-hop to smooth r & b and slow jazz, depending her mood and how much she needs to calm down. we also interviewed nia's mom as she was in philadelphia headed here to rio and little baby titus, we talk to them as they make the journey to see doubt ederer and mom. also coming up at 7:30, we've been hearing a lot about basketball. well, we're going to talk to the woman's basketball coach. of course, he knows his players really well and coached most of them in college. we'll take a look at team usa in our "olympic zone" which is host bid keith jones. for now let's send it back to the studios in philadelphia and jim. >> and how cute is that little titus. adorable. >> reporter: i know. >> all right. jackie, more to come from you. great stories as always. all right. our weather is the big story here at home, and this heat wave. back to gern for the latest. >> day six of the heat wave and
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the first alert continues through tuesday evening through the fufltia and p.a. suburbs. the jersey shore won't be so much effective. we'll get a nice sprees. again, tomorrow, keeping things a little more comfortable. lehigh valley will the no quite as hot. the heat wave started last wednesday and the temperature climbed and peaked over the weekend when it felt like 110 rand tomorrow it's going to feel hotter than today. take a look at this. tomorrow morning we're feeling like we're in the 80s and by afternoon 103 in philadelphia and 107 in suitesboro and in dover so we have one more day of that dangerous heat, and then as we go into wednesday we're only talking about near 90 degrees the way it's going to feel. more like typical summer. 93 in summer and 939 in south jersey and 90 in delaware. at the jersey shore we've got that onshore wind so it's cooler
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right at the beaches. the ocean temperature now back up to 22. it's done some crazy things over the last thing. last wednesday it set an all-time record of 83.3 and then it dropped all the way to 64 on saturday. just as the land temperature got extremely hot. why did that happen? check out our website and our app, and i've got a blog to explain all of that. well, we can show you that we have some big thunderstorms approaching baltimore, and if that continues that would head tomorrow just like storms last night. futurecast shows a few left over and more coming in tomorrow morning and another round coming tomorrow afternoon. as you can see with the front that's going to drop the humidity a little bit by wednesday. so the temperature down a little. the humidity is down significantly and then by thursday we have a chance of rain keeping the temperature down a little bit more.
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lehigh valley barely 90 degrees tomorrow and at the jersey shore lock at the temperature drop and thursday a high of only 82 degrees so we have relief in sight. just not tomorrow. 95 degrees and feeling like 102, and in some places up to 107 or 8. wednesday humidity down a little and rain-free thursday and some rain around and friday is hot, but not as humid as it has been. saturday, 89 degrees. imagine temperatures only in the 80s as we go through next week with another chance of rain coming on sunday. thanks, hurricane. i'm john clark. how are the eagles planning without one teammate not on the offensive line?
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that when we come back and the latest from rio. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. hey, i'm john clark in csn. the eagles practiced with a new-look offensive line with lane johnson reportedly getting suspended. allen barber at right tackle and the rookie at left guard. carson wentz is sidelined with hairline fractures in his ribs, out for at least a few weeks. hoping to play in the final preseason game. he's focused on getting mental reps and here's zach ertz on carson missing this valuable
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time. >> i think that preseason is extremely important for everyone, especially for rookies to learn the offense and find the speed of the game and injuries are an unfortunate part of the game. we want to see every player grow as individuals out there, and i think the games are huge pieces of that. >> so who spoke to the team after practice today. that is jim cramer from cnbc's "mad money." a mad'sles fan and grew up in the philly area and spoke to the team and broke him down and the question is why he buy or sell this eagles team this year? we'll find out. eagles second preseason game is thursday in pittsburgh against the steelers. catch it on csn or kosei-tv. >> tomorrow chase utley makes his first trip back to philly after being traded a year ago this week. chase usually does not let his feelings out but this could be emotional. >> for the teammates, yeah, said
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good-bye to most of the players but the fans i didn't have an opportunity to do that. the fans there treated me outstanding. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> looking forward to that tomorrow night. what an ovation he'll get. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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i'm jacqueline london on this monday night in a now rainy rio. it started very hot today and then it got windy and now it's starting to rain. hence the hat. i can tell you that inside this gymnastics venue it was so exciting earlier today. we were in there for the balance beam finals. new jersey's laurie hernandez going up against simone biles. it was a nail-biter. watch that tonight in primetime. interviewed both of them and watch for that in the news. an exciting night. jim and glenn, back for you. >> we'll see you later tonight. that's hour news at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield.
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for glenn and everyone here. up next "nightly news" from rio as well and we'll see you after the olympics. good night. tonight, relentless disaster. 20,000 rescues as floodwaters carve a deadly path of destruction. emergency shelters packed as we see the mammoth scale of devastation. residents running for their lives as homes burn to the ground in california. firefighters unleash a masse attack. extreme vetting. donald trump's new ideological test for immigrants, what he said today about allowing only people who support our values to enter the u.s. trapped by war. richard engel with a report inside aleppo, treating syria's children who fill bed after bed. and


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