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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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course. i suspect if he were to hit another grand slam tonight, they play again tomorrow, right, the cheers may turn to boos. >> might not be loving him so much. >> exactly. more of the stories we're following for you right here on nbc 10 news at 5:00. breaking news out of south philadelphia. a two-alarm fire rips through this apartment on broad street sending a firefighter to the hospitq&. breaking news from the campaign trail. donald trump makes a change at the top and brings on a new hire to lead his presidential bid. kane to resign, one day after she's found guilty of perjury and conspiracy, kathleen kane announces she's stepping down as pennsylvania's attorney general. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. it's 5:00 on the dot. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 81 degrees outside. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. storms overnight. >> they have cleared out. they are watching the clouds
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thin out. the humidity still elevated. we will see a change during the day. it's not going to be as hot as it has been. here's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. flags are blowing. the winds shift today. that will make all the difference in the world bringing the humidity down during the day today. you still have to deal with the steaminess this morning. it is in the very low 80s right now in philadelphia. normally this time of year, our temperatures would be in the 60s. you'll need your sunglasses today. you will not need your umbrella. but the next chance to use it, really not that far away. i'll take a look at that when i'm back in just a few minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. we're watching the schuylkill expressway this morning. our cameras right around montgomery drive. as you can see right in here, everything looks great, eastbound, westbound, no big problems or delays. we're now at a 13-minute drive time into center city from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds are almost into the 60s there as well. i'm watching some storm damage
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out in blue bell, a downed tree on fenton avenue, closing that between butler pike and melissa hill road. follow the detours. you'll be just fine. we're following breaking news out of south philadelphia this morning where a firefighter was taken to the hospital after trying to put out an apartment fire on broad street. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the sceneorning near the corner of broad andç wharton. walk us through what happened. >> tracy, the fire has been out for a couple hours. you can see there are still firefighters at the scene. they are starting to clean up now. a few of the fire trucks have already left the area here by broad and wharton. we do want to tell you that there was no one inside these homes at the time. a firefighter was hurt battling the intent flames and smokes. a little before 1:15, this is what we saw pulling up to the scene. heavy flames through the second and third floors of the row home. this is on the 1300 block of south broad street. it took firefighters about two
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hours to get this under control. a lot of fire there. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. it's unclear on his exact injury. the extent of it, but the fire commissioner told us a little while ago that he is stable and expected to be okay. he also said that these firefighters, they have really been up against big challenges as of late. >> it's so hot out here, even after the storm, it's not as hot as it was. it takes take toll on our firefighters. on sunday we had three all-hands fires going at the same time across the city. our firefighters, our medics have been working in the heat for almost a week now. it takes its toll. it's hard to stay hydrated when you're out here doing this every night. >> another live look here, the cause of the fire is under investigation. there was a storm that rolled through right around the time that this fire happened. some of the neighbors were woken up by all this. people were honking their horns from the street here to alert
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everyone of what was going on. we spoke to some of the neighbors. i'll have that audio coming up at 5:30. another point to mention here, that south broad street right by wharton is still shut down for now. we'll keep you posted when it re-opens. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:04. we're also following this breaking news. norristown, burlingtonç county. multiple units damaged on windrow cluster drive. everyone did get out safely. also breaking this morning, with less than three months to the election, republican donald trump is shaking up his campaign. he's bringing in breitbart news executive steven bannon as his campaign ceo. he's promoting kelly anne conway to campaign manager and manafort will keep his current roll. we'll tell you about trump's first intelligence briefing today in new york, that's coming up.
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vai? kathleen kane is resigning following a perjury conviction in a grand jury leap case. her deputy, bruce castor, will take over as acting attorney. he's the former montgomery county district attorney who ran unsuccessfully for the job of attorney general in 2004. kane is announced her resignation just a day after being found guilty. former congressman chaka fattah is challenging his conviction on corruption charges. a jury found fattah guilty of taking an illegal million dollar loan and using taxpayer money to pay it back. his lawyers are now asking a federal court to overturn that conviction. they are relying on a supreme court ruling that vacated the sentence of former virginia governor bob mcdonald.
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fattah is scheduled to be sentenced in october. the search continues this morning for the second man in this surveillance video wanted for home invasion robberies around philadelphia. one suspect is under arrest. officers believe the pair broke into 11 closed asian businesses that were attached to homes since may. they would tie up, threaten and rob the people inside. take a look at the suspects. norman bowen is under arrest this morning. the other is anthony campbell. if youç know anything about whe he might be, philadelphia police want to hear from you. governor chris christie says he's all in for expanding casinos in north jersey. christie plans to vote in favor of the expansion in november. critics worry the addition of the casinos in northern part of state would draw gamblers away from atlantic city. eagles training camp is officially a wrap as the start of the regular season inches closer. yesterday was a the final day of training camp for players at the nova care complex in south
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philadelphia. there had been great chances for fans to meet the players. the birds are looking for their second preseason win tomorrow night against the pittsburgh steelers in pittsburgh. yesterday, the eagles picked up wide receiver green-beckham f. m you can watch the game at 7:00 on csn or cozi-tv. csn is channel 847 for comcast customers, 576 on verizon. cozi is 248 on comcast, 460 on verizon and 10.2 over the air. before the game, don't miss eagles preseason kickoff. this week, csn's john clark takes new eagles quarterback coach, back to his high school 20 years after leaving his own legacy hen. he shared words of wisdom for
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the radnor quarterbacks. mosquito spraying happens today in delaware county. trucks with spraying equipment will roll through upper darby and lansdowne targeting mosquitos that could be carrying the west nile virus. jersey is heating up at the jersey shore because of the hot and sunny weather we've been having. >> shops like george's çhomema ice cream are busy serving up cool treats to people looking for relief from the heat. they say it's tough keeping up with demapped. >> the heat wave, we're starting to see our inventory decline. so we'll probably have to make an extra day or two this week just to catch up. >> probably a good problem to have, right, if you're a business owner. the owner of the ice cream shop tells us he's thinking about getting additional equipment to meet the needs of all those
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scoops and swirls. now nbc 10 first alert weather. >> even at the shore, the temperatures are in the low 80s for many locations. cape may, no sign of rain this morning. none expected during the day. a dry day. 82 in ocean city. atlantic city, 81 degrees. even inland where it's typically cooler, clouds overhead and northwesterly wind. we will see the temperatures climb from the 80s into the upper 80s this afternoon. now, there are cooler spots. coatesville is 73 degrees. 79 in wilmington. into the low 80s right now for dover and philadelphia. look at vineland at 81 degrees. clear right now. no storms. the nearest showers are just moving through the harrisburg area. you can see them in advance of more wet weather that will be into our area late tonight and tomorrow morning. but it's not going to be an all-day rainfall tomorrow. the chance you'll get to use your umbrella will be returning. hour by hour forecast during the day today. we will stay dry. that's 5:30 this afternoon, just
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a few scattered clouds as we go into the evening hours, we'll be watching to the west. there's a line of showers and potentially some thunderstorms. by late tonight, 10:30 tonight, those showers and thunderstorms will also be a possibility for tomorrow. there are dry days to come. maybe you've noticed the seven day forecast at bottom of the screen. also cooler days, too. the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. 5:10ç on this hump day, wednesday morning. time to get a check on traffic. >> yes. including 295. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered if you travel that route. >> jersey roads for the most part right now look great. we're checking out cherry hill, new jersey on 295 and route 70. looks great north, southbound, no problems. if you're heading down towards the black horse pike area through 38, through route 70. average speeds into the 60s. 295 looks great right now and so does the 42 freeway. taking a look at that northbound
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55 to the walt whitman bridge. looks the same also if you're headed southbound. maybe headed to the shore or towards the sticklerville area, you'll be fine as well. watching that construction on the vine street expressway. both back open between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. more updates when i come back. tracy? campaign milestone. we'll tell you about donald trump's meeting in new york today that is a tradition for president ol nominees. school burglary. we'll tell you what these two men are accused of taking. nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless.
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one number 21 in the books. a dog, talked.
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we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. 5:14.ç george worked his life to protect the animals right up until his death in june. they talk about the challenges and the new opportunities for the spca. >> here at the spca, every animal gets a second chance. >> we get thousands of animals coming through our door in a given year. >> reporter: the rescue and rehabilitation work they do, a labor of love, funded entirely by donations from you and i.
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only now the work is more meaningful than ever. it's george bengal's last wish. >> when i'm going out of the department, this department has to go on. the work has got to go on. that's what i'm passionate about. >> reporter: sergeant nicole wilson is picking up where her friend and mentor of nearly 15 years left off. >> i have no expectations of being able to fill his shoes. the best i can do is continue on with the principles that he left and instilled in us. >> reporter: george fought to end animal cruelty by breaking up dogfighting rings and stiffening penalties on criminal owners. in order for it to continue, they need funding which will help them get more officers on the ground and more animals in need into their care. it's going to take more than the $75,000 that the george bengal fund has raised thus far to do it. here, no animal is turned away or told their stay has been too
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long, their manners too bad. working to get each and every animal to an adoptable state is what they do. >> we lake to refer to it as the family. we honor like you would a family member, the morals they stood for, the ethics. there's not a single person in that department that doesn't think to themselves, how would george handle this? >> that was nbc 10'sç pamela osborne reporting. it cost the pspca $1 million each year to serve the animals in our area. they do not get money from the state or city. we put a link to the george bengal memorial fun on our website at now to decision 2016 and a milestone for the donald trump campaign. today the republican presidential nominee gets his first classified intelligence
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briefing. a federal official confirms to nbc news that the office of the director of national int intelligence will conduct that briefing with trump in new york. a senior government official says the briefings are broad overviews unless detailed on what president obama receives. donald trump is bringing chris christie and retired lieutenant general mike flynn to today's briefing. up until now, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton has dominated the airwaves this election season. >> but now, donald trump will start airing his ads. they'll be on tv here in pennsylvania, ohio, florida and north carolina. in pennsylvania, an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows trump behind clinton by wide margins in west philadelphia and suburbs. but he's doing better in rural counties. many of these people have lost manufacturing jobs.
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500 trump volunteers signed up in the past few weeks. meantime, trump held a campaign rally in west bend, wisconsin where he courted african-american voters. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future. >> trump accused the democratic party of betraying the african-american community. he also said the clinton campaign talks down to minority groups and only sees african-americans as votes.ç hillary clinton visited philadelphia yesterday, she continued her push for pennsylvania. she took the stage at a voter registration rally at west philadelphia high school. while clinton leads the polls in this battleground state, she still had this message for her supporters. >> so don't be complacent, my friends. even though we're doing fine,
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i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> this morning, clinton will appear with running mate tim kaine in iowa. then she'll travel to ohio for what's being called a tax fairness event. the cape may-lewes ferry carried it's 45 millionth family yesterday. the ferry carried its first passengers in 1964. works year round to shuttle riders between new jersey and delaware. 14 million vehicles have gone along for the ride. >> nice deal for that family. they got to take her camper and boat as well, it looks like. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered on the blue route. >> thanks, vai and tracy. good morning. just heading out the door, we are checking out the blue route. these are our cameras around germantown pike and on rample. no big problems or delays in either direction. north, southbound, still doing great and drive times are still
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in the green. we're watching a downed tree in blue bell. some of the storm damage, stenson avenue is closed between of that between butler pike and militia hill road. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. skies are going to clear out. we'll see sunshine today. there were storms overnight. right now it is dry in easton, pennsylvania. 75 degrees. the suburbs cooler at 73, while it's still in the low 80s for philadelphia and south çjersey we've seen 80s at the shore as well. the suburbs will warm into the 80s this afternoon. not the 90s. a break from the extreme heat later today. y big change today, the wind has shifted. northwesterly winds, this is the forecast for today. that is dry air that will be flooding into the area.
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it was a southwesterly wind bringing in the humidity from the south. we certainly felt it yesterday afternoon. improving conditions. it's still muggy. as the day progresses, we'll look at the drier air. noontime, 54% in philadelphia. that will drop into the 40s later today. it will still say elevated in central delaware and at the shore, a nice break from the humidity inland. the temperatures will be warming up. we'll make it into the low 90s this afternoon. not the extreme heat that we've had to deal with. the showers, they're off to the west this morning. harrisburg getting a few rain drops. it's part of a system that will likely bring us some rain late tonight and tomorrow. showers and possibility of thunderstorms. those showers right now are in the ohio valley. tonight we could see some of this move in. during the day today, forget about carrying the umbrella. your 10 day on 10, 91 degrees
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this afternoon, just warm enough for the heat wave to continue. tomorrow, 89 degrees, the heat wave breaks, some showers and a chance of thunderstorms during the day on thursday. sunshine is back on friday. low 90s for friday and saturday. near 90 degrees on sunday. sunday, will bring with it a chance of scattered showers. by monday, showers and thunderstorms and even cooler 83 degrees. we'll get sunshine and enjoy the cooler temperatures on tuesday. 68 degrees in the morning. that's an indication that the humidity is dropping when the morning temperatures are lower. low 80s for çwednesday, then staying in the 80s with a warming trend at end of next week. vai? >> thank you, bill. a charity service is dealing with a theft worth tens of thousands of dollars. we'll show you what was stolen from a local wounded warrior project team and how officials are responding. plus, answering the call for help. we told you about local volunteers heading down to
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louisiana in the wake of deadly flooding there. hear how local american red cross centers are now helping out. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ ♪ ♪ what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary stay at it's 5:25. all eyes will be on wall street today after its biggest drop in two weeks yesterday. more people are flying for the next big holiday. landon dowdy is here with details on this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. good morning. more travelers are expected to fly over the labor day holiday than last year.
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airlines for american industry trade group predicting a 4% boost. the average price for an airline ticket costs 5.2% less than in 2015. meanwhile over on wall street, the markets could see more volatility with the federal reserve scheduled to release the minutes from the last policy meeting. the minutes are expected to provide more clarity on when the food could raise interest rates next. investors will also be watching earnings results. the dow fell 84 points to 18,552, the nasdaq downç nearl 35 points. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. 5:26. 80 degrees right now. still muggy outside. the storms overnight have cleared out. you can see a few scattered clouds in this live view from center city. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. jessie? we're watching cherry hill, new jersey right now.
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this is route 70 and haddonfield road. i think we only see a few cars right now. hopefully it stays like that for the rest of the morning. i'll be here, keeping you updated. back at 5:30. a liar, snake and hypocrite. that's what former mayor michael nutter is calling a philadelphia employee. hear how the new york city marathon and nearly $400,000 are involved. plus -- >> second baseman, chase utley. >> hats off to utley. chase utley comes home for the first time since being traded. we'll show you the heyls from his big night. ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital
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twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. there's a moment... when you push... past walls... and limits.
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panting... sweating... smiling. and you realize... you've just pushed past... what you ever thought possible. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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breaking news this morning in south philadelphia. an apartment fire on broad street sends a firefighter to the hospital. we're live on the scene. kane to resign. she's expected to step down just after she was foundç guilty of perjury and conspiracy. and team usa's final five top off with a gold and silver. 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get a


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