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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the story of getting robbed at gun point. now police want his passport. i'm jacqueline london in rio with the latest. the first alert weather team will let you know if it's going to get loud in your neighborhood. off the field. the heat is sending student athletes to the hospital. now schools are making changes to keep them safe. good evening. i'm keith jones in the nbc 10 studios. joining me live from the olympic games in rio de janeiro, is nbc
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10's jacqueline london. jacqueline, big news there today. >> reporter: today new developments regarding one of the biggest headlines of these games, outside of competition. the robbery of ryan lochte, and three of his teammates. today a brazilian judge actually ordered that lochte and jimmy fegan remain in rio while police investigate. no key details, no taxi driver, and no witnesses. rio police say those things are missing from their investigation into the ryan lochte robbery in rio. today a brazilian judge ordered police to seize the passports of lochte and his teammate, as authorities investigate their claims. lochte and three other swimmers say they were robbed at gun point in a taxi early sunday morning as they returned from a party at the french house. >> we got pulled over in our
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taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. no lights, no nothing. they pulled us over. they pulled out their guns, and told us to get down on the ground. >> reporter: rio police say the swimmers did not call police and officers only began investigating after media reports surfaced of lochte's mother speaking about the robbery. since then, police say they've found little evidence to support the swimmers' accounts. police went to the athletes village this morning to seize lochte and fegan's passports. lochte's dad said his son came back to the u.s. yesterday. steve lochte said it was an unfortunate experience for him and the other three. the main thing is he's very lucky that he's safe, and that all they got was his cash and wallet. lochte's dad also said the idea that his son's story was
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fabricated is, quote, ridiculous. lochte's attorney said there's no question that that robbery actually happened. and a spokesperson for the u.s. olympic committee said they will continue to cooperate with brazilian authorities. now moving on to competition here in rio de janeiro, brazil. after a disappointing and shocking loss in last night's semis, we know that kerri walsh jennings and april ross will go for bronze in beach volleyball this evening. they face another team from brazil, and likely another tough crowd at cope a pa ban a beach, and the fastest man in the world is just two races away from another gold. usain bolt will go against team usa's justin gat lin. today, women's golf made its return to the olympics for the first time since 1900. and back then, in paris, the u.s. swept all three medals. we'll be watching it closely. for now in rio de janeiro, brazil, i'm jacqueline london. back to you in the studio,
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keith. >> thank you, jacqueline. let's get back home and talk about the weather. your first alert weather. nbc 10 tracking storms that could hit parts of the region later tonight. let's get to sheena parveen for more on the neighborhoods that could see a lot of rain. >> it's not going to be until late tonight. if you look at the radar, these are the storms that we're watching. they're all still mostly west of washington. they're moving in this direction, and we're going to keep our eye on those when we go through mainly late tonight. i would say after 10:00 p.m. and especially closer to midnight. we're dry locally in harrisburg. maybe a few showers trying to move in. we're not really looking at the rain until all of you are in fact sleeping. 7:00 p.m., temperatures about the mid to upper 80s, still dry. closer to midnight, thunderstorms around. and if you're in trenton, you can be seeing thunderstorms by midnight as well. some of these could even be lingering into the morning for
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some of you. so we're going to keep our eye on that as well. in the meantime, we're also talking about the heat. it is not as oppressive today. humidity is not nearly as high as it has been. so look at the feels-like temperature. yesterday at this time we were a little over 100 degrees in philadelphia with our feels-like today, we're at 90. feels like 87 allen ton. 95 in vineland. we'll look at the timing of the storms tonight coming up. the heat wave is really hitting hard for student athletes in delaware. several of them had to go from the practice field to the hospital. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong joins us in claymont, new castle county. it's got to be hot on those fields, tim. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. none of the students were from here. they're not messing around with any of the heat. they're keeping an eye on every single athlete coming out here on the field. children's hospital wants us to know the signs of dehydration
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and heat exhaustion. yet another sweltering day for practice at archmare academy. the coaches push hard on techniques, but they don't mess around with their players' safety in weeks like this. the kids take their own precautions, too. >> my mom actually packed me some ration that i keep cold. sometimes i put them on my neck. >> reporter: the head athletic trainer is in his fourth decade here. if there's any questions about giving longer breaks for the athletes' safety -- >> i win the debate every time. >> reporter: his coaches know to protect their players. players know they can go to their coaches. >> they have to go to a coach and say, i'm thirsty, i'm going over and getting a drink. >> reporter: the e.r. team saw a bunch of athletes with heat exhaustion this week. >> several cases. >> reporter: severe dehydration can lead to the severe break down of muscles which can be deadly. prevention is the best medicine
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here. plenty of water, and you should know what symptoms to look for just in case. nausea and trouble keeping liquids down. that's just the start. >> we're looking for a very, very dark colored urine, almost rusty colored urine. and severe muscle swelling, that's the time to come and see us. >> reporter: high schools and colleges pretty much have pros on staff. keep an eye on your grad school kids and youth os, volunteer organizations like that. you have to be extra careful. nobody can keep an eye on your kid better than you can. i called home at lunchtime and told my son, make sure you're sipping water throughout the day in advance of your practice tonight. he says he's doing it. live in claymont, delaware, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> good advice, tim. one person died in a fire in philadelphia's fox chase neighborhood this morning. the fire chief tells nbc 10 crews found the body after they put out the flames in a home on
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emerson street. they're not releasing the victim's name just yet. crews were on the scene this afternoon to find out what caused it. a firefighter was hurt battling a fire in south philadelphia this morning. the flames shooting out of this apartment building on broad street. it started around 1:00. we're told the firefighter had smoke inhalation, his injuries are minor. no one was inside the building -- no one, inside, i should say, was hurt. kathleen kane no longer pennsylvania's attorney general. bruce castor was sworn in. this could be the first of many shakeups at the office. deanna durante explains. >> i want to say to pennsylvanians, i have been truly honored to serve them. it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. >> reporter: she enters her scranton office for the last time, now the former attorney
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general and convicted felon. late today a man she elevated to second in command took over the post of attorney general. but for how long. >> i make decisions out of ability and loyalty and competence. >> reporter: bruce castor talk about the future of his office under his watch. he wants people to know he will restore faith in office. legislative sources say governor wolf is already working to nominate a replacement for kane and castor. legislative sources say, the governor was already talking about a replacement when castor gave this announcement. if wolf does pick a replacement, the state senate would have to approve that choice, and they don't return to work until the end of september. as for kane, she'll be back at this courthouse before the november election. the guidelines of sentencing call for years behind bars. they won't be surprised if kane
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returns to scranton without doing any jail time at all. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> if the governor does appoint another candidate, that person will only be in office for a few months. that's because there's an election for attorney general this november. democrat josh shapiro is running against republican john rafferty. listen to this. three men, three hammers, and a whole lot of damage. coming up at 5:00, the smash-and-grab inside a local mall. plus, up, up, and away. how these planes stole the show at the jersey shore. one day, history was made.
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number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all.
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listen to that aircraft screaming across the sky. the atlantic city air show gave a major midweek boost. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city with that story. ted? >> reporter: yeah, really beautiful day for it, keith. hot, but beautiful. lots of sunshine. air show wrapped up just about an hour ago. take a look, you can still see we have a lot of people out here on the boardwalk this evening. organizers believe more people took in the show than last year. with an estimated crowd of between 450,000, and half a million. aerial thrills above with eyes and phones focused on the sky, from both the sand and surf.
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>> we get to see a great air show and be at the ocean at the same time. >> we've gone to a couple of different place toss see air shows. this is the best one because it's on the beach. >> reporter: melissa provided her own shade for the air show, on a day bringing lower humidity, but still plenty of heat and blazing sunshine. >> we've come here years previously. you definitely can get sun burned pretty bad because you're here all day and i don't really realize how much sun you're getting. >> reporter: the show featured the return of the air force thunder birds. beaches packed for miles. and in extremely crowded boardwalk. >> it's about 22 million economic impact for the region. >> reporter: a big boost for businesses in this cash-strapped resort city. last year's air shows was in september, but organizers decided to schedule this one during summer vacation. >> they're out of school this
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year. you can definitely tell the difference of the people that are down. >> reporter: this year's show really took on more of a patriotic theme. that part of the story when we see you again at 6:00. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> what a fun day for it. of course, less humidity meant a pretty nice day to hit the water out there. nbc 10 along the banks of the schuylkill river where a team of rowers were in action perhaps inspired by team usa. you probably noticed this heat wave is finally letting up. >> yes. temperatures are still close to 90 degrees in some areas. so borderline heat wave continuing right now. we'll get the official high in just a bit. so far we have 89 in philadelphia. for tonight, you would never know it, looking at center city right now with clear skies. we do have storms moving in, late tonight, while many of you are sleeping. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, you
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see another chance of storms over the weekend. right now, here's a look at the radar. these are all the storms we're watching as we go through tonight. they're still back off to our west so we won't see them move in for your evening commute or even around dinner tonight. they should still be off to the west. closer to midnight, that's when we'll see thunderstorms roll in. a few showers in parts of maryland, also near harrisburg as they get closer. that may be the overall trend over the next several hours. the showers that try to get closer to berks and lancaster county may fall apart. tonight we'll see a better storm chance move in. temperature-wise, though, we're still around the low 90s through south jersey. philadelphia coming in 89 right now. even wilmington 89 degrees. more comfortable today. especially with the lower humidity. not as oppressive. over the past many days, we have felt over 100 degrees. but not so much today with the low humidity.
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86 degrees west bradford township. cochranville coming in in the upper 80s as well. 87 elroy. 88 degrees ft. washington. warrington comes in at 87. not as bad. the farther south you are of philadelphia, the more humidity there is. now here's the feels-like temperature. in philadelphia it feels like 90 degrees. feels more than ten degrees cooler right now than we felt yesterday at this time. feels like 97 dover. feels like 95 in vineland. trenton feels like 88 degrees. coastal feels like 86. so again, it's not as uncomfortable. still a hot day, though. here's future weather as we go into tonight, a late-night storm, 11:00 p.m. tonight, mostly south of philadelphia. if you're in delaware, you have a chance of strong to severe storms late tonight. by 11:00 p.m., going into the midnight hour, there's 1:00 in the morning right over the philadelphia area. many of you may be sleeping and start to hear rumbles of thunder. by early tomorrow morning, a lot of the thunderstorms should be
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out of here. we could still see lingering showers around. for the afternoon for the most part we're going to be dry. the best chance of storms is very early tomorrow morning. then we go into friday. friday looking like a dry day to start your weekend. tomorrow, 89 degrees fairmont. allentown 89 degrees tomorrow afternoon. again the best chance of any showers would be early in the morning. if you're in voorhees township, 88 degrees. delaware, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. friday, around 90 degrees. mid-80s at the shore. over your saturday, looking dry. temperatures around 90 degrees. chance of showers and storms into sunday. still staying around 90 degrees. >> sheena, thank you so much. truth is, we can't all be olympic athletes, but you can feel like one at least over at penn's landing tonight. nbc 10 meteorologist krystal klei is there to show us how. >> reporter: yeah, hi, keith.
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we are at the blue cross river range here for summerfest. you can see behind me, nbc 10, telemundo 62, join us for a fun-filled night for the olympic celebration. there's going to be a lot of goodies out there. i already got one of my lightup wrist bands here. on top of that, there's going to be a lot of viewing of the olympics on the big screens you may have seen. and they're going to be having a few specials if you're interested in tapping into your inner olympian. i'll show you what's going on outdoors. we've got the rink out here. this skating rink, equipped with an agility setup. so if you want to test your speed on those roller skates, you can go ahead and do that. now, i'm not going to be doing that, because i am not interested in becoming a viral video. but i might be tapping into some of the specials going on for mini golf. for now i think i'll hang tight here and relax for a few minutes and send it back to you guys in
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the studio. >> krystal, i think that's the perfect place to lace up some roller skates. just my opinion. come on. viral video? i can smell is from here. krystal, thank you so much. i think you're having a hard time hearing me out there. believe it or not, it's already back-to-school time for some students. leaders in one state have a big message for parents. that's still ahead at 5:00. plus, get ready for more donald trump. the presidential candidate is about to put his first ads on the air. how soon you'll see them on your tv, is next.
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to decision 2016 now. donald trump will soon hit three big battleground states in a new way. starting on friday, the republican will air his first gem election ads in
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pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina. so far, team trump has spent $12 million on ads. clinton has spent more than eight times that, $104 million. in the meantime, we are learning about yet another shakeup within the trump campaign as he continues to trail hillary clinton in the polls. trump was bringing in steven bran none as the new campaign manager. some say trump won't be toning down his aggressive style. trump said paul manaforte will stay in his role as campaign chair. hillary clinton commented on the campaign today. she said this won't change his past insults on minorities, women and people with disabilities. >> remember what a great american maya angelou said. when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> clinton also attacked trump's tax plan saying he would cut
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taxes for rich people while she would force the super wealthy to pay more. i'm jacqueline london live at the olympic games. nia ali will run for gold tonight here in rio. and she credits much of her olympic success to what she learned back home in philadelphia. we'll go back to track where she got her start, next.
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three robbers left behind a big mess at a local mall today. now police are searching for three men behind this smash-and-grab. monique braxton is live at philadelphia mills with the very latest on this story. monique? >> reporter: hi, keith. the people here at philadelphia mills said the mall had just opened, then just inside this door here people tell us they heard loud noises coming from zales jewelry store. >> it was a very scary moment. everyone just stopped and people started to run out. i just hear these noises. they sound like gunshots but i guess they were the hammers hitting the glass. >> reporter: one teenager who saw what happened inside zales jewelry store was too afraid to show his face. >> the woman screaming. >> reporter: witnesses tell us three men wearing masks and gloves were smashing glass counters and grabbing jewelry
5:31 pm
here inside. >> they got the jewelry. they take it. and put it in the bag. >> like a backpack? >> yeah. >> reporter: store managers nearby took steps to protect their own merchandise. >> i stood there for a second, kind of panicked and shut my gate. >> reporter: the teenager ran for help. >> when you saw it, i go to security to come. >> reporter: zales is now closed for the day. the robbers ran out this red exit near dave and buster's and got away in a gray and blue hatchback, possibly a kia or toyota. philadelphia police tell us they have seen the mall's surveillance video cameras, videotape, but they're still awaiting tape from zales. no doubt we'll stay on top of this story, and the investigation. live for now outside philadelphia mills mall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. in the past few minutes, monique found out detectives in
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philadelphia are trying to check out and see if today's smash-and-grab is connected to a similar one at the montgomery mall earlier this month. take a look at this video from august 2nd. it was taken insigned the helsburg diamond store. just after 11:00 that morning, men started smashing displays. they took more than $10,000 worth of jewelry. across the delaware river, a follow-up story. this time in south jersey. police have arrested three people who may be involved in a series of liquor store robberies. this is videos from one of the earlier crimes. two men and a woman are being questioned after they were caught breaking into a burlington county car wash last night. all three could face multiple felony charges. the robberies spanned 11 towns in three different counties. the man who brought community policing back to philadelphia has died. john was philadelphia's top cop from 1988 to 2001.
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during his time here, he pioneered the use of crime mapping to change the way the department deployed its officers. he's also remembered for hopping on a bicycle and joining his officers during the 2000 republican convention. he died after battling cancer. he was 68 years old. summer break already over for some students in west philadelphia. classes begin today at the global leadership charter school. they start the school the year mid-august to are avoid the summer slide. if you're getting ready to bring kids back to school, don't wait, vaccinate, part of a campaign to remind you to make sure children's shots are up to date. some clinics are offering low-cost vaccines to eligible students. >> students who are at risk of
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illness or students who fall ill are less likely to learn and less likely to be productive in schools. >> the affordable care act, most insurance plans are now required to cover the cost of school vaccinations at no cost to the consumer. back here live in rio, as the week comes to a close, and we get closer to the closing ceremony, a lot of athletes are anxious, wanting to make sure they go home with a medal. a lot of our local olympians are just one competition away from striking gold. case in point in the water. let's go to the pool. princeton's ashley johnson and the women's water polo team beat hungary 14-10 to advance to friday's final game. and within the next 15 minutes, the elimination round begins for men's basketball. team usa will take on argentina for the quarterfinal.
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also competing tonight, phillies nia ali. she credits so much of her success and why she is here in rio competing to what she learned growing up in germantown. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal goes back to the tiny track where she got her start. >> reporter: this overgrown dirt and gravel running track is where olympic dreams begin for kids in germantown. >> this is the track that we started training on. >> reporter: george anderson founded the running club here back in the '70s, recruiting neighborhood children to run and jump. >> trying to make the olympics one day was all the kids' goals. >> reporter: now 40 years after it began, the club has their first olympic athlete. >> ali is the champion! >> reporter: nia ali got her start on that small club team running on that tiny track. >> philadelphia really just made me who i am.
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>> reporter: she told nbc 10's jackie london that her humble beginnings shaped her future. >> the drive, the character that i have, the determination that i have. >> i told people when she was 10 years old, she was special. >> reporter: her former coach said nia is running her best at the olympics, hoping for a medal tonight. she's no quitter. nia had her first child just a year ago, and trained hard to make it back into the games. >> she has this god-given talent. she works extremely hard. you have to make her take a day off or take a minute off of practice or relax. >> reporter: back at the old track her club team said nia's story means so much to kids growing up in this neighborhood. >> it represents her country, her family, and our club. after all these years, i was still alive to see it happen. >> reporter: you can catch it tonight, nia competing in the 100-meter hurdles. the first race begins just before 8:00. you can expect her former coaches to be cheering from germantown. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news.
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>> nia ali will try to win her heat in the semis to advance in the finals tonight. and when i interviewed her, i said to her, nia, hurdles seem so hard. you make it look so easy. she says, it's not hard for her. she just tries to get out in front, and stay there. of course, she'll be looking to do that tonight. we'll have the results in late news. you can, of course, watch it in primetime right here on nbc 10. live in rio de janeiro, brazil, reporting for the games of the 31st olympiad, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. >> thank you so much, jackie. back at home, a local music store is helping residents beat the heat. they handed out fans at chester city hall this morning. the platinum selling rapper and producer teamed up with the help partners foundation for the giveaway. this heat wave is finally starting to let up. now you're tracking storms, right? >> it doesn't feel as oppressive outside today, but we do have some thunderstorms moving in.
5:38 pm
some of these will be here, while many of you are sleeping. i'll show you the timing of it, and if it will last into your thursday, that's coming up next. one day, history was made.
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number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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the eagles travel to the other side of the state today as they get ready for their second preseason game. the birds arriving this afternoon in pittsburgh where they'll take on the steelers tomorrow night. see the game on csn, or wamp it on our sister station cozi tv. 847, 576 on verizon. cozi on channel 248, verizon channel 460, or over the air on channel 10.2.
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before the game, tune in for eagles preseason kickoff. we'll show you how one new eagles safety is learning from a coach who played the same position for the birds just a few years ago. see that, and much more, live from heinz field. next at 5:00, a man says he owed money for a driving course he never completed. see what happened when "nbc 10 responds" stepped in.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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"nbc 10 responds." an allentown man looking to get a commercial driving license said he ended up owing money on a course he never completed. here's his story. what happened here? >> the viewer went back to school to learn a trade. but when he didn't like the class, he changed course, and it ended up costing him. julio garcia is showing us the area where he used to train for a commercial driving license. hoping to one day drive a tractor-trailer truck. >> i was just looking at a better way to make more money.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: garcia signed up for a course at smith & solomon driving school in norristown. after about a month, he was unsatisfied with the training and dropped out. >> i was wasting my time. >> reporter: he paid the school $1,400. but once he left, a collection agency came after him for the remainder of the tuition. another $2,900. >> you can have the money, but i already paid. just let me go away. i go to another place. >> reporter: garcia disputed the bill but the school told him he had signed an agreement and still owed the outstanding balance. that's when he called "nbc 10 responds." we called the school. a spokesperson told us garcia is right, he doesn't owe the full amount but he still has to pay some more money for classes. smith & solomon updated his balance to $1,700, about $1,200 less than what his bill showed. >> i'm happy with you. i appreciate your help. what you do for me. >> and the school offered garcia
5:46 pm
a payment plan on the remainder of his balance, and said he is more than welcome to return to the school and complete the course. the spokesperson also told us the other students in garcia's class graduated in three months, and are all working. so we'll add his money back to our nbc 10 responds recovery counter, and now it's at $81,788. >> got to love that number right there. by the way, i love that harry hairston got the hug and you got the pound. if you have a consumer complaint, head to or give us a call at the number right there on your screen. tomorrow, a woman waits months for her tax return refund, without any answers. then she called harry hairston. that story tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 5:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, still hot outside
5:47 pm
today. humidity not as bad. not as oppressive, i should say. so you might have felt some of that drier air. in rittenhouse square this morning, a lot of people out for a stroll. and others were just getting some sun. but everyone still wants to make sure they're hydrated. the humidity is not as oppressive so it doesn't feel around 100 as it has the past many days. in philadelphia right now, 89 degrees. delaware coming in 89. south jersey neighborhoods coming in in the low 90s right now. at least some of them. for the most part, temperatures are going to be staying in the low 90s. for some neighborhoods, as we go into the next several hours, 91 degrees in medford, and if you look in hamilton township, temperature right around 88 degrees. not as oppressive today. we're looking at conditions a little bit more comfortable with the lower humidity. our feels-like today has gotten as high as 92. compare that to the triple-digit
5:48 pm
feels-like temperatures from last thursday. we did hit 91 degrees today, the normal high is actually in the mid-80s. so we're still well above that. we'll stay around 90 going into the weekend. we have late night thunderstorms moving in mostly while many of you are sleeping. and by this weekend, we're not going to look at a big cooldown after those storms. it's still going to be around 90 degrees. a lot of the storms are well back off to our west. they're approaching the washington area. we won't expect them until the middle of the night tonight. right now we're dry. we do have a severe storm threat through the area, mainly sent and suffolk county areas. that will be late tonight. i would say between 10:00 p.m. and about midnight. this is future weather here. we mostly stay dry this evening. 10:30 through south philadelphia and delaware and extreme south jersey. we can already see storms flaring up, 10:30. closer to midnight to 1:00 in
5:49 pm
the morning, some of the storms continue to move north into the philadelphia area. some of our pennsylvania suburbs. so don't be surprised if you're sleeping and you start to hear thunder. those are the storms rolling through. some could contain pretty gusty winds and lightning. tomorrow morning we could have a few lingering. by the afternoon, though, fairly dry for the most part. friday, dry day, but temperatures will still be around 90 degrees. now, tomorrow, 89 fairmont. reading 87 tomorrow afternoon. robbinsville 86 degrees. avalon 84. best chance of showers will be fairly early in the morning. now, if you're heading to the shore this weekend, the forecast is looking pretty good. temperatures will be staying for the most part around 80 degrees. the rest of the area going into the weekend, including your friday, right around 90 degrees. it's still going to be a hot one, just not as oppressive. 83 monday. 81 tuesday.
5:50 pm
83 wednesday and sunny. same thing on thursday. lots of sunshine. temperatures mid-80s. really comfortable as we go into next week. but so far your weekend's also looking pretty good. >> sheena, thank you so much. lester holt joins us live from rio de janeiro. good to see you, lester. >> hi, good afternoon, keith. good to see you. ahead from rio, the video that has a brazilian judge questioning american swimmers who say they were robbed at gun point here. and the explosive southern california wildfire that stunned the fire commanders and forced up to 80,000 to evacuate. and a big shakeup at the top of the trump campaign. more on that, when we see you here for "nightly news" at 6:30, keith. >> looking forward to that. thank you so much, lester. also live in rio, nbc 10's jacqueline london covering the olympic games. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hi, keith.
5:51 pm
the olympic games bring out something in all of us. for one man in south jersey, he's putting his olympic spirit on display, and it's drawing quite the crowd. we'll have that story for you next. one day, history was made.
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number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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simone biles captured her fourth and final gold of these games last night. she is stealing the show here in rio. but somebody else has stolen her heart. and the "today" show's hoda kotb brought her celebrity crush to rio. take a look. >> do you remember that? do you remember that? can the screams get any louder. minutes after simone biles and ali raisman won gold. the feeling is now mutual for the actor. he said he knew he had to come
5:55 pm
to rio to see team usa compete in person. the final five is known for their calm and composure as olympians. last night they were just teenagers at heart. can you blame them. efron said the final five made his olympics dream come true. biles actually tweeted out today, you can just call her mrs. efron. turning to a story in south jersey. a retired postal carrier who is showing his olympic spirit country style. nbc 10's cydney long has the story from burlington county. >> reporter: smack dab on the side of his barn -- >> that was pretty tricky. >> reporter: dave hung olympic rings and a scoreboard. >> i tried to do the top five countries, because there's five rings. >> reporter: as the athletes reached perfection -- >> the greatest female gymnast. >> reporter: -- stacking up medal after medal, he gets on his ladder and changes the totals before dawn. >> yesterday japan was in fifth
5:56 pm
place. but now as you can see, france jumped up in fifth place. >> reporter: he does it for three reasons. >> i just love our country. our country is awesome. >> reporter: he served a year in vietnam with the army, then devoted 43 years as a postal carrier. so he missed watching the sports and who was winning during the summer and winter games. >> the olympics, i love all the aspects of it. >> reporter: before the olympic rings scoreboard, he made dollar bill rings for the kids on his route. now he wants residents who are busy at work to know the olympic score. >> they slow down and take a look. they're noticing this. that's what i wanted it to do. >> reporter: the other reason he built it is because he refused to retire, and in his words, sit on his front porch and drink beer. >> why? because people on my route did that. and i noticed within three years they had health problems. after five years they were gone. >> reporter: so he stays active, and at 68, says it keeps him young. >> i like to be here for the next 10 olympics if i could. >> reporter: from southampton,
5:57 pm
cydney long, nbc 10 news. coming up next at 6:00, live from rio de janeiro, new meaning for jersey strong. performing really well at one event is tough enough. but next at 6:00, i'll introduce you to the jersey shore man who is competing in the triathlon and why he says the shore has helped him train for rio. plus, the two women showed amazing sportsmanship yesterday on the track. tonight an update on the injured american. y clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
5:58 pm
and as of now, i'd have to say no. iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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ad wars, donald trump now plans to get into the tv games. packed beach. thousands flocking to the shore with their eyes to the skies. passport problems. i'm jacqueline london. why detectives wanted to stop ryan lochte from leaving the country. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin with decision 2016 tonight. a shakeup for donald trump's campaign. there's a new ceo now in charge. his name is steven bannon of the conservative bright bart news and he's named a new campaign manager as well. another big move, trump will begin running tv ads in key states, including right here in pennsylvania. with hillary clinton spending the past two days in the keystone state, nbc 10's lauren
6:00 pm
mayk looks at how trump is trying to make a splash in the push for pennsylvania. lauren? >> jim, trump campaign hasn't advertised on tv since the primary. but that is expected to change on friday. further taking this race into voters' homes. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes -- >> reporter: ads like this one have already made an impression on voters here. >> i think the one hillary put out with trump where the little kids are watching tv, i think that was tremendously effective. >> reporter: now donald trump is preparing to run his own ads in pennsylvania. >> what you do with the political ads is you establish a presence and reinforce a message. >> reporter: matthew says whether ads are persuasive depends on their message. >> donald trump needs to figure out how he can craft a message that will appeal beyond his core supporters. and in pennsylvania, that means bringing in voters from the philadelphia suburbs. >> reporter: he said he expects to see some voters t


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