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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 18, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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high level. >> no man has ever won a global championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has won the bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic history.
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strong storms roll being -- rolling through the delaware valley. will they stay for your morning commute? is lochte lying? we're live were the story that seems to be changing. welcoming wine. pennsylvania grocery stores can now sell you bottles of red and white. which stores are on board and
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more will likely jump on soon. and the rain falling right now in wilmington. nbc 10 at merchant's square just a few minutes ago where you can see it's coming down pretty heavily right there. let's take a look at conditions in south philadelphia. rain falling in citizens bank park but no rain during the phillies game. the strong storms are moving across part of the area, so let's get right to sheena parveen. rain could still be around in the morning? >> yes, we could have rain around in the morning commute, but the strongest storms are in south jersey. and we have the heavier rain approaching the philadelphia area. dewey beach, louis up through milford seeing heavy rain shown by the red. a lot of lightning here, and we have seen hail around walnut
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side, potentially golf ball sized hail in this, in sussex county mainly. we go up to laurel lake. we have heavy rain moving in here and gusty winds in that line of thunderstorms. vine land will see in a couple minutes. it's moving in to vine land at the moment. ocean city, 12:26. it's moving fairly quickly to the east, right around 45 miles per hour, and mostly light rain falling in philadelphia, reading seeing more moderate rainfall. coming up i'll hshow you the timing and how long the 90-degree temperatures will last. i'm jacquelyn london in rio. the burning question tonight, is ryan lochte lying? the swimmer said he was robbed at gun point here in rio early sunday morning, but now there are some real questions about what actually happened. this video, obtained by the
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daily mail shows lochte and his teammates arriving back at the olympic village after an out at the french house. authorities are investigating whether the swimmers filed a false report after inconsistencies came up. lochte initially said one of the men put a gun to his forehead and cocked it when he refused to get on the ground. but the story changed when he spoke with matt lauer by phone just a short while ago. >> you had said before it was placed on your forehead and cocked. he said no, that's not exactly what happened. and i think he feels its was more of a traumatic m mischaracterization. >> the drama does not end there, the three other swimmers are still in brazil. late tonight, conger and bentz
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were pulled off the flight home. they are ready to provide assistance to the swimmers if need be. we will keep you updated on that situation. now back to the competition here in rio. and we can tell you that the u.s. women really lit up the track tonight, making olympic history in the 100-meter hurdles. the u.s. women taking a sweep in this. gold, silver and bronze, including philadelphia native, nia ali. take a look at this one. this one went down to a photo finish. ali, brianna rollins neck and neck the entire way. rollins taking the gold, ali just .10 of a second behind. and kaplin takes bronze. and the coach was brought to tears by his protéges winning
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performance. >> satisfying and fulfilling as a coach. i'm proud to be able to help in any way that i would. she's worked hard. she's earned it and deserved it and she's made everybody here in philly proud of her. >> reporter: so happy for her. she definitely deserves it. and vashly cunningham, the daughter of the quarterback is here competing in the high jump. i caught up with randall cunningham, and we talk to him in a few moments. but first let's turn it over to jim rosenfield in the studio. >> we'll see you soon, jacqui, thanks. police have found a woman's body in a trash bin along east 22nd street near thomas editiso
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charter school. it was found around 3:00 this afternoon. they're still trying to figure out how she died and who she was. new jersey governor chris christie is issuing an executive order to fund the emergency road projects. the transportation trust fund which pays for many projects just days away from running dry. christie and lawmakers are at r odds on how to fund it. a deal needs to be struck and fast. >> reporter: it's prime season for construction. but for some workers, it's been nearly two months since they've been on the job. hopes of finding a new one, slim, because lay makelawmakers agree. she used to direct traffic at this construction site until she was laid off at the end of june. >> they just said this is it. you're done today. no explanation. >> reporter: thompson believes
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she lost her job due to cuts and the shutdown of state-funded kr construction projects. >> you pay a little bit here and a little bit there and try to keep the bill collectors at bay. >> reporter: governor christie's tax hike with a cut to the sales tax was shot down by the state senate, another proposal from the senate and assembly was rejected by the governor. >> we're going to have to cut some more spending. if they're ready to do that, i'm ready to join in with them. >> reporter: christie issue add new executive order that only funds emergency projects. >> they're not looking at the long-term economic effectes. >> reporter: not consolation for thompson who relying on her income. >> i need the work and so do my union brothers and sisters. >> reporter: lawmakers are demanding a deal, but governor christie met with senate and
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assembly leadership on tuesday, and they're no closer to coming to an agreement. reporting in magnolia, nbc 10 news. tonight chris christie's facing new criticism for his relationship with donald trump. it follows a "new york times" report showing trump's atlantic city casinos once owed $30 million in taxing to new jersey. that was before trump's friend chris christie became governor. two years into the christie administration the tax bill was settled for $5 million. the state hasn't commented and t. trump received his first national security briefing in new york. clinton and trump are entitled to those briefing as presidential nominees. trump also spoke with advisers. he named stephen bannon as his
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new campaign ceo, bannon the head of breitbart news. he also named kellyanne conway. it's his second shakeup in weeks. clinton says it will have little impact on their message. nothing could change trump's unpredictable and provocative nature, in her words. in pennsylvania you can now pick up bottles of wine on your trips to the grocery store. the governor loosened the liquor laws. it includes several stores and we explain why more stores will likely get on board soon. >> reporter: here it is. the first shipment of wine to arrive at the below deck bottle house. >> i think it's going to be
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fantastic. >> reporter: owner bill weber was surprised at how quickly the state approved his permit. now they're working on making room for those bottles of red and white. >> consumers will be very happy about that, giving them more choices, more places to come and buy wine. >> reporter: this law change doesn't just affect how you buy wine in stores, now you can get it directly shipped to your home. >> it's about time they get up to speed. >> reporter: this grocery store in port richmond is the first philly spot to get a permit which just became available last week and dozen more are pending. >> we have enough going on to have wine easily bought at a super market at any given time. >> reporter: pennsylvania's governor is applauding the changing, welcoming the state wine system to the 21st century. nbc 10 news. up next, little survivor. a 6-year-old boy shot ten times in german town determined to
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recover. his mom talks to us as his neighborhood rallies to stop the violence. and we have severe storms moving through cape may. i'll show you the timing of it and when you can expect some showers around for the morning commute. that's coming up. and we're about to show you the current medical coual count. if you don't want to see it, look away until the music stops. locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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legend, hall-of-famer and arguably one of the most revered and respected athletes in philly history. randall cunningham left ansuch mark on the city of brotherly love and is hoping his daughter will leave the same type of mark as she competes here in rio at the olympics. 18 years old and ready to soar for gold. she's destined for greatness, not just because of where she's going but also because of where she's from. her father and coach, former eagles superstar quarterback randall cunningham, we caught up with legendary number 12 in brazil as his daughter gets ready to enter the spot light he's spent so much of his life in. >> there's the get up. and then the clean your room, and when it's on the field, it's like, dad, i know what you're going to say, so leave me alone.
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so that's the kind of relationship we have where we can communicate like that. >> reporter: she's so graceful but also so strong. is that the gene her mother as a former ballerina and you as a quarterback, that combination? >> i think she has a focus from mom, from the ballet, like being on point with everything. i think her strength probably comes a little bit from mom as well, but we train very hard. her legs, it's like 270. she gets stronger every year. >> reporter: she could get taller every year. she's only 18 and already 6'1". the jumps may get easier. >> if she getting another inch, she could be looking at the world record. >> reporter: will you be more nervous watching her in the olympics than you ever were in any of your football games? >> no, i don't think i'm going to be nervous. i think the energy's going to be flowing. kind of like as i was as a quarterback.
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you throw an interception, you've got to throw it off. she's good at that. >> reporter: and also a former high jumper in high school, randall knows what it take, including faith. >> people see her, they say, there's no way, she's 18 years old. she's young, she's going to get nervous. i'm not worried about any of those things, because when he's in control, it's in his hands. it's his will. i'd be honored to see her win the gold. i'm trained. i have no doubts that she has the ability to do it. >> reporter: randall cunningham not only coaches his daughter but also a high school football team and is also a pastor in las vegas. he says even though his daughter is very competitive, he still allows her to be a child. and, as for philly, he says he misses the people the most, because they are real, and they are humble, and humility is the number one character trait he tries to instill in his
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daughter. >> what a great job he has done and she is doing now at the olympics. thank you. we'll see you in a few minutes. we had our own test of olympic skill and knowledge, a skating agility course while others relaxed to watch the games. there was an olympics game quiz. rosemary connors was the guest emcee there. let's get back to meteorologist sheena parveen tracking the strong storms out there. >> it's mainly heading into cape may county. most of the storms south of philadelphia. but cape may county under a severe thunderstorm warning. a lot of lightning with this thunderstorm. the villas seeing quite a bit of lightning. and we have that severe thunderstorm warning until 12:35, extending down into parts of atlanta county. a lot of lightning, the heavy
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rain too, and potential hail. we've seen indications of possibly walnut-sized hail. it's moving quickly, around 45 miles per hour. cape may court house expected by 12:42. so it's going to keep sliding up the shore in cape may, then move into atlantic county, but take a look at the lightning. in the past 15 minutes, we've seen 130 lightning strikes. so about 5 minutes before that, we had about 80 lightning strikes. you can see the lightning in this thunderstorm is building. getting a lot stronger. i don't think it's going to be weakening anytime soon. egg harbor township, very heavy rain heading your way as well as corbin city. heavier rain now across parts of newcastle county, also approaching the philadelphia area. the rain is getting steadier and heavier, and if you're in burkes county, approaching the lehigh
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valley, we have fairly moderate to heavy rain there too. as far as the heat is concerned today was not as oppressive as we've seen the past many days where temperatures felt over 100 degrees, we've been in the 90s since last wednesday. so today we got to 91, so we are still in the heat wave. aside from that, we do have the late-night storms moving through. as we go through the week we'll still be around 90 degrees. for the morning commute, 6:30, still showers around, 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., maybe thunderstorms along the shore. the afternoon tomorrow, we're dry. friday we're dry, too. temperatures still hanging onto 90 degrees from friday into the weekend. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast coming up. stay tuned. one day, history was made.
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residents in german town want the shootings to stop. the family of 6-year-old mahajj. we spoke to his mother at the rally, she says he is improving but there is still work to be done. >> i want to see him that the haji that we know, the fun-loving, outgoing kid that he is. >> the 6-year-old has see vever stomach injuries. despite those injuries, mom says he's in really good spirits. maybe he's an eagles fan. >> let's hope so. eagles quarterback sam bradford talks about what he wants to see
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to play into the second quarter tomorrow against the steelers. sam bradford was asked what he wants to get out of the game. >> i think the biggest thing to me is that we find that rhythm. i'm not sure how many plays that takes, how many plays we need. but i'd like to see us come out and establish a nice rhythm in the run game and the pass game. >> game time with the steelers, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. coverage begins at 6:30 with eagles preseason kick off. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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