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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new questions today team us statements to brazilian police after they say they were robbed in rio. meantime, ryan lochte is in american soil. survival story, we have an update on a 6-year-old boy shot ten times. his family is rallying for the vial thrones stop. and the future of medical marijuana, we're learning what the city is doing to prepare for the program recently signed into law. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. the little bit of rain we've gotten has helped to cut the heat. let's get to bill henley with the neighborhood forecast. is that right, bill? >> yeah, temperatures are lower with the showers overnight. there's still clouds around. in fact more clouds than showers with a cloudy view from center city. we're not going to see sunshine to start with, but we will get
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some during the day, what we do have are the showers but you can see the tail end of the showers moving through the philadelphia right now and into delaware. right up 95, the rain has started. that's just light rain. wilmington has cloudy skies, the rain in delaware county and moving towards philadelphia. heavier in westchester, that's a moderate shower, westchester seeing rain drop, east whiteland, it's on the way to you, sugartown, getting moderate shower right now. it's not going to last long. all of the shower, on the move and we're seeing drier conditions on the way. cloudy skies in the lehigh valley. 72 degrees right now, 77 at 9:00. and there's sunshine coming through at lunchtime today. in the suburbs, king prussia is cloudy. sunshine and 82 degrees. what you will not see today are high temperatures in the 90s. we'll number the 80s, first time in more than a week. the longest heat wave of the summer comes to an end, 89
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degrees for philadelphia. and the suburbs. close to 90 degrees. as we go into the afternoon with clearing skies, we'll also see drier air blowing into the area. a nice shift in the wind is going to occur that's going to keep the humidity lower. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in a few minutes first an update with the "first alert" traffic center with jessica boyington. >> thanks, bill, we're at an accident scene, schuylkill expressway at belmont avenue. around city avenue. 19-minute drive time so a little slow already. you can see a crawl from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we're adding about seven minutes on-average speeds dropping to the 40s. i expect this will get worse in the next half hour or so. also lower merion, watch for the
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accident scene right around the morning there that accident investigation under way. and tracy. today, brazilian police are expected to question team usa swimmers about their claim that they were robbed in rio. nbc10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center. matt, where does the investigation stand this morning? >> address, ryan lochte returned to the u.s. yesterday, but some of his teammate reece main in rio this morning facing more questions from police there. jacques connor and gunner benz were taken off a flight and detained. their lawyers say they will not be allowed to leave brazil until they give testimony to investigators. a third swimmer also remains in brazil. ryan lochte said the four men were robbed at gunpoint. investigators have not found evidence, and adding that the swimmers were not able to provide key details. when a brazilian judge ordered
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that lochte's passport be seized, he had already returned to american soil. matt lauer will talk about that later on on the "today" show. the state department says they are ready to provide assistance to those swimmers who are still in brazil if necessary. local authorities released them last night with the understanding that they would make further statements about the robbery later on today. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." crews battled a fire that swept through a row home in north philadelphia that damaged that home and two others. the fire broke out at north newkirk street and west somerset street. officials say everyone got automatic safely and no one was hurt. and an update from harrisburg's pennsylvania senate will update the medical marijuana program. governor wolfed signed a law
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that will be implemented in april 2018. this morning, pennsylvania has a new attorney general, bruce castor appointed kathleen kane. he was previously her first deputy. as for kane, she's going to be sentenced in october. >> it's bittersweet. i loved my job. i'm proud of the work that we've done, but at the same time, it's time for me to focus on other things and it's time for pennsylvanians to continue to move forward. >> kane wouldn't talk about her conviction or possible prison time. she is facing up to seven years behind bars. the governor has to decide whether to nominate a replacement for kane or leave castor in place. a 6-year-old boy shot six
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times last night is awake. his family and community have a message, these shootings must stop. >> just put the guns down, it's not that deep. stop killing more children before they even get to high school. >> that's the mother of 6-year-old mamag brown. the family got together to rally for peace. they prayed and had a candid conversation about shootings. brown was caught in crossfire one week ago. he was in a car with his father when he was hit ten times. his mom tells us he's a superhero. she gave us this picture. >> he was awake. he told the officer they took him to the emergency room. they shooted me. >> brown is expected to spend
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another few weeks in the hospital recovering before he can go home. if you're going to see the blue rocks play tomorrow, you can do something to keep yourself safe. the beau biden foundation for protection of children will create hundreds of i.d. kits, the blue rocks play the carolina mud cats tomorrow night at 7:00. >> happening today -- employers will learn more how they can manage the risks and reap the benefits of firing people convicted of crimes. philadelphia works the city's workforce development board is hosting the event. the mayor will speak about the city's commitment to fair chance hiring practices. also happening today, the courtyard at city hall will transform into a festive beer garden, here's a live look at city hall. the job people will perform
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reggae music with plenty of food and drinks for sale. the eagles are looking for their second preseason win against the pittsburgh steelers. the team arrived in pittsburgh yesterday afternoon. it's a video of the eagles getting off the plane. action begins at 7:00 from heinz field. and the pregame at 6:30 you can watch it on csn or cozi-tv. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> c-o-l -- over wilmington right now. the showers dropped temperatures in wilmington to 71 degrees. lincoln, lewis, rehoboth beach, a few showers for the delaware beaches and a few rain drops have moved into newark and red lion. you can expect light rain showers in wilmington.
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this is a system moving through the area. here's the tail end it's drying out in lancaster and berks county. allentown seeing a few showers moving into chester county and into philadelphia and delaware counties to start with. you might not have rain right now, you probably have clouds. those will be lingering in the late morning hours. there are showers in the area. you might need an umbrella this morning. as the day goes on, we'll get more and more sunshine. a cloudy start, 76 degrees in philadelphia. middle 80s at 1:00 and 88 degrees at 5:00. the suburbs will warm into the low 80s by 1:00. more sunshine for the suburbs and lehigh valley. mostly cloudy at 9:00. then the clouds start to break by 1x. 84 degrees by 1:00. upper 80s in delaware and new jersey. notice, we're not see anything 90s today.
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for the first time in a long time, the heat wave is finally breaking. 82 degrees at the shore after a cloudy and rainy start this morning. you'll see the clouds thin out. there will still be lingering clouds this afternoon. the chances of showers will go down as the afternoon progresses. the weekend is getting better. have a look at the weekend forecast when i come back with the 10 day on 10 in a few minutes. 10 minutes past 6:00 is the time. let's check the roads. >> jessica boyington has her eyes on that. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're going to new jersey roads first, admiral wilson boulevard around 676. up ahead, you can see a string of lights right there. that's the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no problems getting over the bridge right now. once you get over into philadelphia, maybe a different story. pennsauken township, an accident, traffic signals and
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route 30 southbound, right around route 38. over towards the schuylkill expressway seeing bigger delays. right around belmont avenue is what we're looking at here. that's the eastbound side. and we're seeing delays headed eastbound. 26 minutes right now, at least adding on 12 minutes to your morning drive. it will get a little worse of course as rush hour gets under way. because of one lane get big that accident scene. 27 minutes as we talk about it eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. vai and tracy. >> thank you, jessica. raging wildfire in california has crews scrambling to get control of the flames. >> we'll explain why the fire chief is not optimistic for some families facing uncertainty about the safety of their homes. plus, praise for the police. we'll tell you how one officer is getting a lot of attention after buying a meal for a hungry child. with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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>> announcer: you're watching nbc10 the official station of the philadelphia eagles. happening today in the lehigh valley, the allentown police department is looking for feedback from the community. they're inviting neighbors to a town hall amiting tonight at sheridan elementary school. the meeting comes after a couple hundred people held a rally outside of city hall, calling for unity after a reverse of police-involved shootings across the country. in chicago, a police officer charged with the murder of a 17-year-old boy is in court today. jason van dyke is accused of shooting him search times. former police commissioner john timoney died after being
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the top cop to 2001. he's also remembered for hopping on a bicycle and joining his officers during protests in the 2008 convention in philadelphia. john timoney was 68 years old. and a ohio police officer who bought a meal for a 7-year-old trying to steal a teddy bear to buy food. authorities say they've been inundated with phone calls about the officer's actions. the officer saw the boy, took him to a restaurant after the boy said he hadn't eaten in several days. his parents have pleaded not guilty to child endangerment charges. a fierce wildfire continues to rage in southern california and the fire chief warns there will be a lot of families that come home for nothing. so far, the fire in san bernardino county has raged across 40 square miles.
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homeland security chair jeh johnson will get a look at the devastating flooding in louisiana this afternoon. johnson will visit baton rouge in the ongoing recovery efforts going on there. 13 people have died in the flooding. it's 6:17, thursday morning, about the time you get out the door. we'll check the roads. >> jessica boyington is going to help you out. what do you see? >> big delays on the schuylkill, vai and tracy. there's an accident. we're going to show you the delays right now. you can see our cameras around belmont avenue just approaching the accident scene, heading eastbound. only one lane is getting by around city avenue. causing big delays. 32 minutes right now eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. this is typically a 12-minute trip. you can see things starting to get hairy out there. average speed down into the 20s. you can see, heading westbound, we're seeing normal delay, a little brake lights by the
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scene. we're seeing that normal rush hour volume that we see at this time. lower merion there's an accident, lancaster avenue. checking mass transit. 19-minute delays on thorndale. i'll have more updates for you when i come back around 6:30. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 6:18, hard to tell, but the sun is up right now. that's a live view from center city. clouds are with us to start with. they won't be here all day. the temperature now 75 degrees in philadelphia. it's been cool in the lehigh valley, down to 70 degrees. 70s in the suburbs. delaware is 73 degrees in philadelphia. we will warm into the 80s this afternoon, not the 90s. finally an end to the heat wave, 72 degrees, 73 in brewery town. the airport is 75.
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75 in torres hill and buffington. you may have heard some thunderstorms, especially at the shore overnight. they are way offshore. now, we're just looking at scattered light showers moving through the area and they'll keep on going. and look at this. an end to the heat wave. the 90s we've been through will end with a high temperature of 89 degrees. looking for sunshine, over the weekend, saturday is your best bet. saturday will see temperatures into upper 80s and low 90s for inland areas. the shore, 79 degrees with sunshine during the day. a chance for showers and thunderstorms for much of the area. a little less likely at the shore and delaware. cooler monday. it all clears out for monday afternoon. there is one more 90 degree day before we get to the weekend, friday. tomorrow, up to 91 with partly sunny skies. back to the 80s. there's your sunshine on saturday. chance of showers and thunderstorms for sunday. by monday, we're clearing out.
6:20 am
the temperatures come way down. the humidity, too, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all looking good. a nice extended break from the high heat. by friday, another round of thunderstorms possible. next weekend, warming up. saturday afternoon, up to 88 degrees. tracy. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. there is debate over donald trump bet in atlantic city. we'll tell you what new jersey governor's achris christie has to say about the trump tax deal. plus, jumping into olympic action. we have a preview of a team usa athlete who according to her coach is a legend.
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her dad was an eagles legend who made a big impact here in philadelphia now the daughter of lionel cunningham is looking to make her debut on the world.
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>> the 18-year-old makes her olympic debut in rio. the competition starts at 9:00 in the women's high jump. we caught up. with her father and coach, the legendary number 12 in brazil as his daughter gets ready for the spotlight he's spent so much of his life in. >> there's the get up. time to get up. clean your room. then on the field, dad, okay, i know what you're going to say, so leave me alone. that's the kind of relationship we have where we can communicate like that. >> randall cunningham, here he is in high school, also a former high jumper, and a businessman in las vegas. he missing the people the most because they're real and humble. and humanity is the number one character trait that he tries to instill in his daughter. >> good morning, everyone, jessica boyington checking on
6:25 am
the roads right now, and the washington 95 over in new jersey right at belmar at the black horse pike. cars are moving along fine. from 38 to the black horse pike, just a 12-minute trip. no real problems there. we'll check back in on the schuylkill expressway when i come back. but right now, the forecast. >> clouds and showers, too. you might run into a few rain drops this morning but you'll be reaching for sunglasses. 6:25 is the time. 75 degrees, there's something missing from the forecast today. i think most people will be happy about it, too. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> now, there's a tease. next up at 6:30, swimming in question. we'll have an update on ryan lochte and his teammates who are caught up in an investigation of whether they were robbed in rio. plus, safety on the tracks. why commuters may are to wait for new technology aimed at keeping trains from going off the rails.
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in murky waters. questions surround members of the usa swimming team and their claims that they were robbed at gun point in rio. friendly deal, new jersey governor chris christie said he had no role in a taxing issue in atlantic city that reduced donald trump's debt. riding the rails. the technology aimed at safety on the tracks is slow going. and we'll tell you about the holdup. >> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." it is just about 6:30 on a thursday morning. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with bill henley in the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> we've got a few showers but no heavy rain. the storms in cape may are offshore. this is the tail end for the shower activity for today. moving into wilmington and
6:30 am
philadelphia. up 95 in the wilmington area. chester is drying out after a few rain showers but the rain has just moved into philadelphia. some spots north and west right now. pottstown is driving out. hatfield has got a few rain drops. a few rain showers, they won't last long and we will see sunshine. right now, cloudy skies for new jersey, lehigh valley, delaware. more clouds this morning, 81 degrees. for the suburbs, 72 degrees now. king of prussia, well, it's looking rather white. maybe that's for the dinner en-blanc tonight. there is going to be sunshine to warm temperatures near the 90 degree mark. look at this, missing 90s for the first day in more than a week. the longest heat wave of the summer finally comes toen end. morning showers and temperatures in the upper 80s this afternoon. let's see if there's any
6:31 am
applause for the traffic. jessica boyington has an update from "first alert" traffic center. >> you just set me up for major failure right here. no applause. i never have good news at this time. right around, that comes out on top, though, right around belmont avenue. now starting to see delays on the other side. westbound, king of prussia, no problem there. 41 minutes eastbound, approaching that earlier accident scene around city avenue. the accident scene has cleared out of the way with 41 minutes. normally a 12-minute trip towards center city. definitely pack your patience there. new castle county watching a set of downed wires on marshal road, vai and tracy. pulled off a plane and held for questioning. today, brazilian police are expected to grill team usa swimmers over their claim that they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. meantime, their teammate ryan
6:32 am
lochte is on american soil. matt delucia is in the digital operations center. tell us more. >> right, ryan lochte returned to the u.s. yesterday but his three teammates are still in brazil. this new video shows two of them, jack connor and gunner benz being detained just before their flight was leaving rio. local authorities released them. another swimmer james feagin is also expected to talk to police today. the state department says they are ready to provide assistance to those swimmers who are still in brazil if necessary. this video came by the daily mail shows the three teammates, lochte, arriving back in the olympic village after a party. the athletes say they were robbed at gunpoint in a taxi just before this video was recorded. brazilian authorities have found little evidence to support the claims the swimmers were not able to provide key details in
6:33 am
interview. lochte spoke with nbc's matt lauer by phone last night. >> and i pointedly said to him, you said before it was placed on your forehead and cocked. he said, no, that's not exactly what happened. i i think he feels it's more of a traumatic mischaracterization, i think people at home feel that's more of an embellishment, but that's up for people to decide. >> we'll talk more with matt about ryan lochte on the "today" show that starts about 30 minutes from now. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." hillary clinton plans to campaign in new york today. she will meet with law enforcement officials planning to talk about how she's tough on crime and stands with police officers. meantime, with new campaign leadership in place, donald trump will appear in a rally in charlotte, north carolina.
6:34 am
yesterday, trump announced steve bannon as his new ceo. new recruit fli follows "the new york times" showing trump's atlantic city casinos once owed $30 million in taxes to the state of new jersey that was before christie became governor. two years into the christie administration, new jersey settled the trump tax bill for $5 million. a spokesman for christie said the governor wasn't aware of tax dispute. and therefore could not comment on the settlement. and governor christie has issued an executive authorizing the state to dip into the general fund to pay for emergency road projects. the transportation trust fund which pays for many state wide projects is about to run dry. the governor and state lawmakers are at odds on how to raise money for the funds. more than 1,000 workers are without jobs while road projects are on hold. and union leaders are
6:35 am
approaching lawmakers to reach a deal with the governor. cisco sims said it's cutting 5,500 jobs which is 7% of its global workforce. cisco's website says it has locations in malburn, norristown and wilmington. we have you details about the implementation of a key safety system on the nation's railroads. a government report finds railroads have made little progress installing the safety technology called ptc, or positive train control. a report shows that it's operating on 19 miles and 22% on passenger miles. it uses radio communications and track signals to monitor its trains. it can automatically stop or slow down trains to prevent crashes. congress has installed p "t" c
6:36 am
until the end of 2018. it came to light after this deadly derailment in philadelphia last year. officials say ptc could have prevented the detailment. amtrak says it now has ptc along the northeast corridor and other routes and continues to implement it across the system. meanwhile, according to septa's website it's installed ptc equipment and on rail lines including the recently adds manayunk lines. 6:36 and cloudy to start with. storms overnight in cape may, but going out right now. just a few showers in the area. you see them on the doppler radar which shows very light
6:37 am
rain. philadelphia seeing some rain, too. and it reaches into the suburbs and the lehigh valley. this is just light rain. it's on the move. these will be the last showers of the morning. we'll get some sunshine this afternoon. 74 degrees with the rain coming down in philadelphia. temperatures going up. when the sun starts breaking through. partly sunny skies and 85 at 2:00. upper 80s at 4:00 this afternoon. for the suburbs, we're watching a few scattered showers this morning. this afternoon, you can count on seeing scattered clouds and more and more smith. 85 degrees. lehigh valley, a few rain drops falling. 80 degrees at lunchtime. 86 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. notice one more thing, the winds that will be calm at noon has become a little more accurate as we go into the afternoon. that's a northwesterly wind. that's drier air that's going to move in. the humidity will be dropping during the day. clouds to begin with at the shore at cape may.
6:38 am
you'll see sunshine and that will warm temperatures into the 80s. middle 80s for the shore. 73 degrees right now with 79 degrees at 10:00. no sign of the 90s for delaware today. we will see the clouds thin out and any showers disappear this afternoon. 88 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. there is some more heat and some more humidity on the way. chances of showers, too, as we get closer to the weekend. i'll have the 10 day on 10 when i come back in a few minutes. 6:38, creeping in on the 7:00 hour. nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jessica has it. >> we are checking with the bridges we are seeing construction. eastbound on the walt whitman bridge, right lane is closed. heading back from philadelphia into in which. no problem on the ben franklin
6:39 am
and the burlington brookville is fine as well. 35 minutes now getting better. from the expressway, speeds in the 20s. westbound delays in some parts as well. and 24 minutes from the vine street expressway to the blue route also into the high as well. team usa is adding to its medal count. next, we'll take a look at the leaderboard. plus, clean sweep, philly native,nia ali is part of the team of sprinters. and a south jersey woman doesn't receive her tax refund. we'll show you how we helped her get that cash, after she waited for months.
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>> announcer: you're watching nbc10, home of the 2016 olympic summer games. it is exactly 6:43. 17 minutes before 7:00 a.m. good morning, upper darby. here's a live look at the 69th street transportation center where it is 71 degrees right now. we're back in just a couple minutes here to check on the neighborhood forecast. in today's "nbc10 responds," a woman waited months for her tax refund from new jersey but it never showed up. >> harry hairston has the story. >> reporter: he went to see her son hank graduate from high school. >> i was looking forward to it. >> reporter: she planned to use her tax return to have a celebration. >> he was asking for a dinner
6:44 am
out with friends and loved one. >> reporter: she filed her state and federal taxes back in february. getting money back from one return was easy. >> in two weeks i got the federal one back. >> reporter: but getting the new jersey tax refund was another story. >> oh, my gosh, it was -- it was pretty horrible. >> reporter: jeffrey called the state and was told to admit additional paperwork and she waited 90 more days. >> there was really no excuse for the delay. i immediately and professionally gave them anything they asked for. they got it in a timely manner. >> reporter: after 90 days was up and still no answers she is called "nbc10 responds." >> i kept getting a different story. >> reporter: we contacted new jersey a spokesperson got right back to us. days later, she checked the website again. >> when i went there saturday morning, i was like whoa!
6:45 am
it was unbelievable. i said what harry hairston. >> reporter: $882 back in her account just in time for college to start, now shepherd can give her son the celebration he deserves. >> thank you so much. unbelievable. amazing. amazing. nbc10. >> reporter: harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." "nbc10 responds" recovery now stands at $82,642. if you have a problem, go to our website, fill out the complaint form and give us a call, we, meaning harry, will get right back to you. it's a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and hoda kotb are live in rio for the summer games. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, guys, if we seem a little distracted it's because the final five is sitting just beyond -- >> there they are. >> anyway, coming up from rio on
6:46 am
a thursday morning, how about these new twists in the saga over the alleged robbery of four u.s. swimmers including ryan lochte. two of his teammates detained at the airport overnight. what lochte had to say to us in an exclusive conversation. also ahead, kerri walsh jennings and april ross stopped by art big win with the bronze. and the women's gymnastics team. what's left for the final five after taking rio by storm. >> look where they are. they're right here. right there. >> right there. >> here. here. >> i'm anxious, hoda to figure out how you're going to bring in the other four girls. that should be exciting for us down the road. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll see how that goes. she's got her work cut out for her. >> there you go. >> we'll see you guys at 7:00. thanks.
6:47 am
nbc10 "first alert" weather. it's a cloudy one to start with, we've seen showers heading out, still tracking clouds and showers this morning. this afternoon, we'll see gradual clearing. the clouds will break. we'll get sunshine and the temperatures will warm into the 80s. partly cloudy. maybe a little muggier than last night. but it should be dry for most areas this evening. right now, it's drying out in chester county and portions of montgomery and bucks county. the showers moving through philadelphia are on the go. it's already moved into cherry hill, that light rain fall. looks like it's going to fall south of bensalem. at the shore, storms scattered light rain over cape may. there has been more rain. there will be a few more showers this morning, before we dry out going into this afternoon. temperatures this morning in the 70s for dover, allentown, trenton and the low 70s. 74 in philadelphia.
6:48 am
everybody is running a little cooler this morning. five degrees cooler in philadelphia. compared to yesterday at this time. allentown also down by 5. look at dover, 8 degrees cooler. off by 7 in vineland. it's a trend that will continue during the day. the heat wave finally ends. yesterday, it was 91 degrees. the humidity came down yesterday. feels like temperatures not bad. this afternoon, 89 degrees and humidity will be dropping this afternoon as well. tomorrow, though, back into the 90s. the showers end today. sunshine breaks through this afternoon. and lots of sunshine. just a few scattered clouds for your friday. 91 degrees does not last very long. back into the 80s for saturday and sunday. sunday is the most likely day to see showers and thunderstorms in the area. by monday, though, we're clearing out first thing in the morning. in the savran, 83 degrees, the high temperature. nowhere near the 90s for tuesday, wednesday or thursday. by thursday afternoon, sunshine and 85.
6:49 am
and then a chance of some storms by the end of the week. friday, 85 degrees. and warmer day. but a dry day on saturday. >> all right, bill, thanks so much. just about ten minutes before 7:00 right now. get you out the door on the roads. let's get a check of 95. >> jessica is tracking that for us. jessica what are you seeing? >> a little bit of a slow go, headed southbound into center city, also watching a disabled vehicle in the right-hand shoulder just past girard avenue. now checking in with mass transit, the broad street line, southbound, ten-minute delay. nothing too major now. equipment problems reported. other than that, mass transit pretty much running on time or close to schedule. we are watching out in new castle county for a set of downed wires on marsh road and philadelphia pike. checking with the bridges. huge delays into philadelphia or new jersey for that matter. watch for construction heading eastbound. over the walt whitman bridge, we
6:50 am
have the right lane closed there. the tacony-palmyra all look great. vai and tracy. nbc10 olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross, live fearless. team usa picked up nine medals including a clean sweep in the 100-meter hurdle sfwlps jay gray joins us. she took the medal and her little boy was there to cheer her on. >> reporter: it was fantastic to see first in race, one, two and three for team usa, ali doing her part. taking home the silver. and her family and fans. you talked about her son, her mom there, celebrating the big win in the american sweep. a tremendous show there yesterday by team usa on the track. >> so sweet. hey, two shot putters from our
6:51 am
area bethlehems joe kovac and darrell hill from darby, tell us about that. it's. >> reporter: it's amazing when you see this tutoring by his mom, that's how he learned the shot put. and they both went to penn state. hill learned to throw the shot he said not from his mom but from pennwood high school. they'll be in competition. both excited to be a part of this olympic team. and looking very good. it should be a fun event to watch. jay, team usa boxer and new jersey native is scheduled to step into the ring but that might not happen. fill us in on this. >> reporter: yeah, we're hearing from his coach, his opponent in the match, the russian may not fight, this is again from the u.s. coach, said he's got a nasty cut on his face. he had some problems after a
6:52 am
tough, tough quarterfinal match. now, there's been no conversation that the russian has withdrawn at this point. we'll have to see if the fight goes on. it does not, then he would automatically move to the gold medal match. so some intrigue here as boxing muses closer to the medals. >> we'll see what happens, shakur stevenson fights southpaw which is difficult for the opponent. he's going to have a shot at the gold. >> reporter: i agree. >> thanks, jay. >> announcer: nbc10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by the all new 2017 chrysler pacifica.
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>> announcer: you're watching nbc10 the official station of the philadelphia eagles. 74 degrees, 4 minutes before 7:00 a.m. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on today. >> one of the country's biggest malls is getting bigger. the king of prussia is expanding. two buildings have been connected. 50 stores and restaurants are opening. and the state's efforts to launch a medical marijuana program. governor wolf signed a bill into law that will be implemented in early 2018. the 55th annual folk festival begins in upper montgomery county. the longest running outdoor music festival of its kind in
6:57 am
north america runs through sunday. the eagles arrived in pittsburgh yesterday afternoon. the action begins at 7:00 from heinz field. you can watch it on csn or cozi-tv. well, we have rain moving through the area starting to cause a little bit of problems for morning drivers. we're starting off on the 42 freeway, route 41, heading northbound here, you can see slow go, heading towards the philadelphia area. no problems heading southbound. as you can see, all of that traffic is moving along nicely. pennsauken township. an earlier accident and downed wires. now they're dealing with electrical repairs. the right lanes are closed around route 30 southbound is and route 1 is 38. mass transit doing okay for the rest septa broad street.
6:58 am
and also checking in at the schuylkill expressway, heading eastbound towards city avenue, that's where that accident was, that's cleared. now, we're still slow with 26 minutes there. 38 minutes, really heavy now, heading westbound from the vine street expressway. towards the king of prussia area. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. less than two minutes before 7:00, we've got a cloudy start. and these clouds are going to be slow to clear out but they will be bracing for some sunshine this afternoon. this morning, still tracking a few showers, jessica mentioned the rains, light scattered showers for new jersey and clearing northeast philadelphia. those showers have moved through wilmington. less likely that the rest of the day will see any shower activity. burlington is getting a few rain drops in mt. laurel as well. lots of clouds. not too many showers as the day goes on. 68 degrees in the lehigh valley.
6:59 am
there's a slight chance of showers this morning. more likely, we'll get breaks of sunshine, 82 degrees at noon time today. the suburbs, 72 degrees right now. king of prussia, mostly cloudy. into the 80s this afternoon. what we won't see today are the 90s. each of these locations will fail to reach the 90s. 89 degrees, the showers will be tapering off in philadelphia. 89 for the suburbs. into the upper 80s for interior new jersey. at the shore, 84 degrees with slow clearing there, too. you'll see sunshine, and humidity coming down during the day. improving conditions today. if you're on the go, getting ready and heading out the door, you can turn into 101.1 fm for the forecast on the go. >> congratulations to katy zachry, a new baby for them. >> local updates throughout the
7:00 am
morning and traffic on the nbc10 app. "today" show start the right now with matt lauer's exclusive interview with swimmer ryan lochte. good morning. clean sweep. team usa takes gold, silver and bronze in the women's 100 meter hurdles. a first in olympic history. kerri walsh jennings and april ross rallying in dramatic fashion to win bronze in beach volleyball. and hot water? two of ryan lochte's teammates abruptly pulled from a plane as they were on their way home from rio. detained for hours before being released overnight. officials now questioning the accounts of four swimmers who claim they were victims of a robbery. does their story hold up? what ryan told me in an exclusive conversation, "today," thursday, august 18th, 2016.


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