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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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spectacle outside of the olympic venues. ryan lochte is sticking by his story that he and three teammates were held up at gun point on their way back to the athletes village from a party. >> a guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, put it to my forehead and set get down. i was like -- i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> reporter: brazilian police say it was a drunken argument over a broken bathroom door. today lochte's three teammates are stranded in brazil after police seized their passports. two of them appeared to fold. after authorities forced them off their plane last night. they reportedly told investigators today the robbery was fabricated. police also gave their side of the story at a news conference and released this surveillance video from a rio gas station. investigators say the swimmers were drunk sunday morning when they damaged a bathroom, then tried to leave.
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two armed guards told police they confronted the athletes and pointed their guns at them. through a translator, the gas station manager told the swimmers to pay for the damage. but why would lochte lie? the police chief said a motive may have to do with two women who bragged about being with the swimmers at the french house party. some athletes say the story gives a black eye to team usa. >> to have somebody, you know, make up a blatant lie about something, that's pretty shameful. >> reporter: lochte arrived home to north carolina tuesday on a previously scheduled flight, before he was ordered to stay here in rio. now, if investigators find the swimmers guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, they're not looking at any prison time. rather, community service and fines. more headlines from rio in just a moment. but for now back to you in the studio, jim. >> this story is not over yet.
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clearly, jacqueline. thank you. meantime, breaking news here at home to tell you about. sky force 10 live over a fiery crash involving several vehicles here. along route 55 in vineland, cumberland county. this is near exit 36. we're told the freight truck caught fire. there's also a dump truck involved. two people have been flown to the hospital. and there are other people hurt as well. we will continue to monitor this situation at this accident in vineland. a lux are you upgrade at our area mall is complete. new jobs for those who need work. the king of prussia mall is no longer two sections. a new indoor corridor now connects the plaza in the court. deanna durante takes us inside. >> we're going to have lunch here. i like them all. >> reporter: the stores are high end, like club monaco, and the dining. not your typical mall food.
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>> whatever you want. come have a bourbon and hot chicken. life's pretty good. >> reporter: despite the increases in online shopping and outlet malls -- >> i think it's frankly one of the top shopping centers in the united states. >> reporter: they're betting big on this new expansion. >> we have in this market, it's growing. we've been able to put together a world class selection of retailers. >> reporter: boasting amenities you can't get anywhere else. it's not just a mall, but a tourism destination. it not only brings valet parking, but the parking garage will show you how many spaces are available on each floor. you can also see it being brought to you from this screen. shoppers can also have their bags delivered to them. and that car that's parked in valet? >> anybody that parks valet will have a free car wash. >> reporter: 12 stores opened
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today and others are in the final stages. they're still looking for workers. 700 jobs have been added to the mall for permanent slots. stop by and apply. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new details this evening about a body found in a trash bin. we now know the victim was a young woman from wilmington. the victim was shot several times and then dumped on east 22nd street in wilmington. the mother of 21-year-old precious hoskins said her daughter had been in an on-again/off-again relationship with a boyfriend who went to jail for pulling a gun on her. precious touched many lives, and her mother said she wasn't aware of everything her daughter was going through. >> she helped anybody she could. i just found out that he was abusive to her. and i didn't know that. because she didn't tell me that. >> this morning a wilmington s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home
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on locust street near where the body was found. they found a man in custody and detectives are questioning him. so far no charges have been filed. in a span of three days, the office of pennsylvania attorney general has gone from kathleen kane, to bruce castor, and soon bruce beamer, because today governor tom wolf nominated beamer to take over as state attorney general. beamer is the current inspector general, and served as kane's first deputy. the senate has 20 days to confirm beamer's nomination. no word on when that vote might happen. even if governor wolf, his choice of beamer is approved, he will not be in office for long, that's because there's an election for attorney general this november. democrat josh shapiro is running against republican john rafferty. new at 6:00, a bucks county woman accused of drugging horses to rig races at parks casino. she gave performance-enhancing drugs to several horses at the casinos racetrack.
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she's out on bail tonight. we have new details on the three men who used rubber mal lets to rob a jewelry store at the philadelphia mills mall. the three made off with about $100,000 worth of merchandise. they used the mal lets to smash glass display cases in the mall yesterday morning. grand nearly 20 different rings. police are still looking for them. new at 6:00, people from halfway across the country are filing a lawsuit in lehigh county, all because of one image in the county's official seal. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal tells us what's causing the commotion. >> reporter: plastered onto granite outside the lehigh county headquarters -- >> to me it's not something you would really notice. >> reporter: and printed on the flag flying high above is the decades-old lehigh county seal. >> what i see first is the american flag. >> reporter: most people never give it a second look, but when you get up close -- >> and then there's a cross in the middle. >> reporter: you'll see the
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latin cross. >> unless you're looking at it hard, you can't tell it's a cross. >> reporter: now at the center of a federal lawsuit filed yesterday, the wisconsin-based freedom from religion foundation demanding the cross be removed. >> the government can't post symbols as parts of its logo or seal, there are probably a dozen or so cases struck down by the courts. >> reporter: at the county courthouse, on the county website, even here inside the county jail, critics say it violates the constitution, but for two years the county hasn't budged. and today officials declined comment, citing pending litigation. the exact genesis of the cross is somewhat unclear. it was designed in the 1940s. history experts we spoke with today say it was likely intended to be decorative, but the county reportedly said in the past it was designed as a tribute to early christian settlers. >> that cross is more important to us. we have freedom in this country. >> the government is supposed to be neutral and not promote any
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religion. >> reporter: the lawsuit now triggering anger from christians here. >> if the atheists don't like them, let them go to hell where they belong. >> reporter: randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. city of philadelphia took another step to make it easier for ex-convicts to get a job after their release. philadelphia works hosted the discussion today on fair hiring practices with local employers. topics at today's meeting included hiring incentives and the legal risks and benefits for hiring ex-cons. to the eagles now, who are less than an hour away from their second preseason test. csn's john clark is live in pittsburgh for tonight's game. key players are out, john? >> reporter: yeah, i've got breaking news for you. earlier doug peterson had said that new receiver doriel green beckham would not play. but he was out on the field warming up and they thought he looked pretty good. i'm hearing that he will probably play a couple snaps tonight. take a look at sam bradford.
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listen, he only had three plays in the first preseason game, so he's excited for tonight. he's going to play into the second quarter, with the starting offense. so we'll be seeing a lot more of the starting offense, which is good. the eagles had their inactives sent out. the rookie running back smallwood apparently is not going to play. so we still won't see him for a second time here in the preseason. coming up in sports, we'll hear from sam bradford and more on doriel green beckham possibly making his debut tonight. i'm john clark, live in pittsburgh. back to you. the longest heat wave of the summer is over. and the 90s are gone for a little while. i'm tracking thunderstorms ahead for part of the weekend. that's next in my first alert neighborhood forecast. plus, a special honor for a young phillies fan. how the team plans to honor this young man with a rare health problem, but a giant smile. that's all new next at 6:00.
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and the baton drop that rattled team usa's top female sprinters. why the woman's 4x100 relay after the handoff fell flat. a look at the current medal count. if you don't want to know, now is the time to look away. one day, history was made.
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the greatest olympic career of all time. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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back here live in rio de janeiro. one of the biggest talkers of these games today involves a relay redo. and south jersey's english gardner, team usa will get a second chance tonight at the 4x100 relay. they're getting that second chance because of something that happened earlier today. take a look. alyson felix was trying to pass the baton it english gardner in this morning's qualifying heat, but felix collided with the runner next to her. they will now run again tonight by themselves.
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they have to beat the slowest qualifying time to make it into the finals. also, from the track, bethlehem nati natives qualified in shot put today. kovaks will compete tonight. hill fell short of the final. we know his biggest fans back in delaware county are so, so proud of him. philadelphia is making history at these games. nia ali took silver last night. her teammates took gold and bronze making it the first time ever that team usa has swept an olympic track event. ali said she had good intuition that she and her teammates would take over that podium. >> more concerned about doing my part and making sure that i was able to complete the sweep. when christie's name popped up, it was a feeling like no other. >> shout out to philadelphia. i'm so happy to be able to represent you guys.
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i want you guys to know you can be here on this stage as well. >> reporter: ali's mother and little baby titus were in the stands. you probably saw the baby made it down to the track. and nia was able to parade around the track with baby titus in her arms. a beautiful sight. so happy for her. let's talk about the "olympic zone" tonight and what you can look forward to. the face of nbc at the olympics. tonight he unveils his secret athletic talent. wait until you see his skills. nbc 10's keith jones will have that and more on the "olympic zone," that's coming up at 7:30. a lot going on here in rio de janeiro. as we get close to the closing ceremony. a lot of developments continuing every day. for now, live from rio, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. jim, back to you. >> who knew, costas is really good. can't wait to see that story. we'll see you in just a bit, jackie. in the meantime now, a story
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just in to the newsroom. sentencing has been delayed for fatta. that case in virginia would not cover all the charges fattah was convicted on. a judge is considering his motion and wants to hear from prosecutors before any sentencing is given. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. we finally broke the longest heat wave of the season. it started last wednesday. the red days are 90-plus. we broke it today. we have a couple of near 90-degree days over the weekend. but we've got a long stretch, maybe the rest of the month without another 90-degree, once we get into next week. we were 94 tuesday. we dropped to 88 today for the high. going back up just a little bit.
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the humidity will be there. it's going to feel like summer, but not feel like last weekend. temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s now. lots of sunshine. the ocean 71. a little bit of a land breeze pushing temperatures up at the shore. 89 at ventnor, 87 in summers point, 87 in stone harbor, 84 in cape may point. temperatures will get around 80 degrees this weekend as you'll see. a couple of showers well north and west of allentown. they are weakening somewhat. but they certainly could reach the poconos and the lehigh valley in the next couple of hours. and we have just isolated showers in the forecast for tomorrow. not in the morning. we could see a few of them in the afternoon. with the heat of the day. then again, on saturday, there's a possibility of, again, some isolated showers. most of you not seeing rain at all. but then on sunday, we've got a
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legitimate cold front coming in from the west. and this is going to bring showers, thunderstorms, maybe even some really heavy rain. that's especially sunday night. so most of the weekend is looking pretty good. tomorrow, the heat's there, but it's not that humid. it's 89 in somerton. 90 chestnut hill. allentown feeling like 89. at the shore, in delaware, a little bit higher humidity, so in harrington it's feeling like 95 tomorrow. still not as bad as it was a couple of days ago. over the weekend, near 90 degrees in philadelphia. at the jersey shore, we're closer to 80 degrees with a nice sea breeze coming in each day. and in the pocono mountains, that's looking good, too, with high temperatures in the low 80les. >> glen, you've got to see this. a phillies fan with a big smile,
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special story. just might melt your heart. rosemary connors is live at citizens bank park with more on the young man who's getting vip treatment at tonight's game. rosemary, he's actually from baltimo baltimore, right? >> reporter: exactly, jim. 5-year-old caden o'rourke is from baltimore, from ft. mead, maryland. but a phillies die-hard through and through. right now they're based out of ft. mead, that is where his father is an army staff sergeant. they're all thrilled to be here tonight. how big of a phillies fan are you? caden got the opportunity a little bit earlier to meet with phillies catcher cameron rupp who signed baseballs for caden and his two brothers. he was born with amniotic band syndrome, a double amputee and shows his phillies pride on his prosthetic legs. two years ago he had a very rare surgery at shriner's hospital
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for children in philadelphia. doctors there transplanted his foot to his hand for better function. today it was all about being a kid and giving caden the chance to enjoy the experience, taking in a ball game inside citizens bank park. >> i'm going to eat a bunch of junk. >> hotdogs? >> no. >> crab fries? >> huh-uh. >> i think it's cool for him to have the experiences, and for people to, like, see kids that have different abilities than most kids you see. >> reporter: caden and his brothers also met with country singer chase rice who will be performing at tonight's game. this was all organized, by the way, by mlb shriners hospital for children in philadelphia. and of course, the phillies' game is at 7:05 tonight. of course, caden's going to be throwing out that first pitch. shriners hospital said they wanted to do this for caden because through all his surgeries, triumphs and trials,
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he always has a big smile on his face. a great attitude. out on the mound he's going to be flashing a big grin. outside citizens bank park, rosemary connors. >> rosemary, thanks. great story. i'm john clark live in pittsburgh. we've got breaking news about doriel green beckham, the new receiver playing tonight. we'll hear from sam bradford. all the news. stay tuned for that.
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i'm john clark live in pittsburgh getting ready for the second preseason game. starter sam bradford into the second quarter tonight. we were the first to tell you that the new receiver they traded for, look at doriel green-beckham, he is going to dress for the game. he's out on the field right now. doug peterson originally said he's not going to play, but they have a few plays in for him. i'm hearing he may play. and i'm hearing that he looked really good in warm-ups. that's why they're going to go with us. sam bradford is all for another deep threat receiver. >> as many of those guys we can have on this offense, the better. you're always looking for ways to create explosive plays. you know, if you've only got one of those guys deep in the middle where he is, but i think if we can have a couple of those deep threats, we can create explosive
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plays from a variety of different positions and different concepts. i think it's going to make it tough on defenses to defend. >> reporter: you will not see carson wentz in the game tonight. this is encouraging, pregame he was out here throwing. but the ribs are still hurting. he'll return when he can tolerate the pain. join us for our pregame show coming up at 6:30 on csn and cozi today. we're less than ten minutes away. we're going to take the eagles new quarterback coach back to his old stomping grounds of radner high school as he meets the new young radner quarterback. game is coming up. we look forward to that. and more olympics coverage is coming your way tonight in primetime. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is coming your way next. we'll see you again coming up after the olympics.
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breaking news tonight. caught in a lie. the tale of the tape in rio. surveillance footage revealed as police accuse ryan lochte of making up a story about being robbed with team usa swimmers. a stunning turn of events. double disaster at both ends of the country. raging fires and floods. so bad they can't even count the number of homes destroyed. face of war. a 5-year-old boy dazed, covered in dust, pulled alive from the rubble of a horrifying air strike in syria. the latest atrocity in aleppo shocking the world. and conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. outlandish claims fueled by the far right. the clinton campaign hitting back hard. "nightly news" begins right now.


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