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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  August 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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yesterday we hit 90 again. today still looking hot. now, humidity is not as rough as it was, say, a week ago, but we are still looking at somewhat muggy conditions as we move into those afternoon hours. then you move into your sunday here, humidity will be on the ride. that's with the potential for late day thunderstorms so feeling very hot sunday as well. on your extendedl temperatures take a big drop, that's going to make us feel much more comfortable. philadelphia right now at 80 degrees, outside live look shows us clear blue skies overhead, 78 the suburbs, new jersey as well. 74 degrees your temperature in the lehigh valley, delaware sitting at 79. flip it over to your forecast highs for today. a lot of us in the upper 80s to around 90 in philadelphia, that is accompanied with mostly sunny to partly sunny conditions. meaning a few clouds move in. the potential for stormy weather, that is really focused on your sunday. that's when we have the possibility of thunderstorms popping, especially into the
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afternoon. so we are going to take a look at your saturday and your sunday in more detail coming up. an old city bar becomes a crime scene overnight, a man is in the hospital this morning with stab wounds and police are questioning a person of interest. nbc 10's monique braxton is live just outside the bleu martini on 2nd street. fill us in. >> reporter: hi, rosemary, i've been speaking to investigators all morning. now, when we arrived here almost four hours ago it was a bloody scene just outside the bleu martini. since that time the sidewalk has been washed down. we've learned the 33-year-old victim stabbed here inside the bar is in extremely critical condition. investigators also tell us the incident occurred as the clubs were closing for the morning. the streets outside were crowd. now, he was stabbed in the neck here inside bleu martini, then stumbled outside. when i asked police about the motive i was told there was an argument between two men at
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adjacent tables here at the martini bar. earlier this morning police also told us witnesses were being interviewed but most were afraid to talk. i also asked investigators if they were able to find a knife. i was told they are not sure exactly what the victim was stabbed with or injured with. the owner and manager of bleu martini walked away when we asked to speak to him. no doubt we are going to stay on top of this investigation. any new developments you can count on us to have it for you. live for now in old city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to news in the lehigh valley, one person is dead and another seriously hurt in a crash that flipped a pickup truck on route 22. a fire official tells us two cars were involved in the crash just before midnight on airport road in hanover township. one victim was thrown from the pickup and trapped under the vehicle. state police had been detouring traffic around that scene but at this point we believe that they've cleared that area if you
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are headed that direction this morning. in philadelphia police are investigating a crash in west kensington where a woman in a wheelchair was killed. officers tell us a car hit the woman at asher street and lehigh avenue around 2:00 this morning. according to authorities the driver took off but police caught up to him. they are looking into whether the crash was a possible dui. a store from our delaware bureau, a teenage girl accused in the beating death of a classmate will not be tried as an adult.yl,zç the judge announced the defendant accused of tacking amy joyner francis will be tried in family court on homicide and conspiracy charges. authorities say the victim died of cardiac arrest in a brawl inside a bathroom at the howard high school of technology in wilmington. authorities tell us she had a preexisting heart condition. two other girls are being charged with conspiracy in the case. nbc 10 is not naming the defendants because they are
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under age. golden perfection, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, finishes his olympic career with another gold medal. bolt led jamaica to victory in the 4x100 relay in rio last night, the win gave him the triple-triple, a perfect nine for nine in his x-rays i. races over three olympiads. >> i knew it was going to be done, i just have mixed feelings now. i will definitely miss the sport, miss the olympics because it's the biggest stage for us athletes so i definitely miss t but i've done all i can do. i've proven to the world that i'm -- i'm the>k greatest in sport. >> bolt added that he now has to make a new bucket list. well, it was all about the relays last night, the u.s. women's team took gold in their 4x100 relay, the american men fell short, but they are challenging the ru89, here is the deal, the u.s. men will come
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home without a medal, they were disqualified for passing the baton too early in their race. the team has filed an appeal. we will find out more about that a little bit later on today. the women's team faced a similar problem in the week, but their for tunes turned to gold last night. english gardner gave the team its big lead in the third leg leading to the victory. the women defended their olympic title with the second fastest time ever for this event. now to the alleged robbery involving u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte and three of his teammates. the last of those four is on his way home from rio. this as the incident has sparked an international controversy. nbc olympic correspondent miguel almaguer reports from rear owe. >> ryan lochte breaking days of silence saying in part on instagram i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events that early morning.
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after police released security footage proving lochte and three other american swimmers were not victims of a robbery but instead are vandals, damaging the gas station after a night of drinking after facing an angry crowd in,ze÷ rio bentz and cong arrived back.ñ in the u.s., brazilian authorities clearing them to go back home. according to partial transcripts of their own sworn statements conger said they had been drinking vodka and champagne before they stopped at a gas station where ryan pulled off a sign from the wall. conger admitted he and lochte urinated on the plants. bentz said the story ryan told the american press was different from what really happened. >> they could have avoided all these problems. what they need to do is go over everything and tell the truth. i got drunk, i broke a few things and i got involved in the
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confusion. big deal. >> as for jimmy feigen, the fourth swimmer who police say fabricatedg"lñ parts of his stou revised his original statement thursday after agreeing to pay nearly $11,000 in restitution to a brazilian charity, his lawyer says his case is resolved. lochte can also face a fine, but will likely pay a much higher cost with his endorsement deal. >> a review committee has been set up to look at the actions the swimmers did while they were here in rio, they could face probation to being kicked off the team. >> that was nbc olympic correspondent miguel almaguer reporting from rio. seven minutes past 9:00 on this saturday. south beach, a very popular destination, well, for now pregnant women are being warned to steer clear of the vacation spot because of the zika virus. we will have the latest on that. in our area researchers are looking for volunteers to help find a cure for the disease. how you can help coming up.
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seven minutes past 9:00 on how you can help coming up. hello!
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and welcome back. we're looking at a live view from cape may in new jersey here. kind of hard to see the beach, about an hour ago this was still a lovely shot but the fog has been settling in. this is going to clear as we heat up into your later morning, early afternoon so don't worry, this isn't going to be the scene the whole day. right now we are seeing some of those foggy hazier conditions outside this morning. now, with that we are looking at a hot day ahead, even on the shore, although not quite as toasty, you can see that at the o bottom of your seven-day forecast. let's go over the planner. lunchtime philadelphia 86 degrees, we should peak up to 90 degrees for the high temperature, we're close to that at 4:00, a little cloud/sun mix out there but isolated showers not very likely here, mostly had a slight possibility around new jersey to philadelphia. 4:00 p.m. 86 in the suburbs in the lehigh valley 87 degrees,
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also looking at upper 80s by this afternoon. most of us are there, delaware at 87. then you see new jersey to the shore, this is where we could see an isolated shower, 85 at 4:00 p.m., your lunchtime 82 along the jersey shore. that will pretty much stay the same through your afternoon. by 8:00 dropping down to 79 if you have plans to stay there for the weekend. we will talk more about your ten day forecast and a big cool down coming up. tonight the phillies' wives will do what they can to help save the lives of pets in need. they will host the tenth annual save a pet at the park at citizens bank park. there will be$vq adoptable dogd cats plus a silent auction benefitting the pennsylvania spca. it's also the phillies' bark in the park theme night so if you have a pet at home, a dog and you want to bring them to the game owners and their pets can watch the game from the rooftop in ash burn valley. in the lehigh valley get a close up look at planes and fast cars today, the queen city airport is holding a wings and
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wheels day, aircraft will be on display along with hundreds of exotic cars, they will also offer helicopter tours. that event begins at 11:00. 12 minutes past 9:00 on this saturday. donald trump is reaching out to african-american votersmsrw% wie question -- >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> next, the case he's making against hillary clinton. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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coverage. republican presidential nominee donald trump will be campaigning today in virginia. it follows a very busy friday. yesterday he wasué'÷ in louisia during glad damage. during glad damage. a little bit m= he was in michigan urging african-americans to vote for him. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose? >> trump made those comments right about the time his first tv ad of the general election started airing in battle ground states like pennsylvania. >> donald trump's america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out, the border secure, our families safe. >> the ad focuses on immigration and national security drawing trump's contrasting views with hillary clinton. trump's friday began with a
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resignation, paul manafort announced he was stepping down as campaign chairman. manafort came under fire in recent days for his previous work with pro russian politicians in ukraine. on democratic side of the race for the white house hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today. tomorrow she will be holding a fundraiser on cape cod with cher. clinton's campaign brought some star power to philly yesterday. take a look, that's actor sean patrick thomas. he grew up in wilmington, he is well known as the star of the movie barber shop. presidential nominee at this barber shop in center city. >> within philadelphia that's the biggest voting pool we have for the democratic party and for hillary clinton so i want to make sure everybody remembers to get out there and vote. >> after this stop thomas visited with volunteers at a hillary clinton phone bank, also in philadelphia. now to news on the zika virus. the cdc is warning pregnant
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women to avoid south beach, florida, over concerns about zika. five cases have been connected to mosquitos in that area. containing zika in south beach will be very difficult as high-rise buildings and strong winds make it hard to spray the insecticide that kills the bugs. in our area in montgomery county researchers are looking for volunteers as they work to find a vaccine for the zika virus. the study would be conducted a little later on this year in the wintertime. would you be willing to volunteer? most folks we spoke to yesterday told us they would not be willing to have zika injected into their body even if it leads to a vaccine. >> i would prefer not to be a guinea pig. >> i don't think i would be willing to do that. that doesn't sound like something i would be interested in. >> i don't want the virus, i don't want to take that risk. >> inovio pharmaceuticals is looking for 40 volunteers to take part in the trials. participants are compensated for their time and their travel. if you are interested, if you
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would be willing, you can apply online. also yesterday we talked to a local doctor about what you can do in the meantime to prevent zika until a vaccine is developed. >> these type of mosquitos tend to bite more during the day. so longer clothes and i know that's hard when it's warm out, lemon eucalyptus or another substance ir-3535, they are all approved repellants by the cdc. the doctor also reminds homeowners to remove all standing water from their yards. standing water is a breeding let's he head out west now to southern california. that's where more people are beginning to return home. firefighters have made significant progress against a massive wildfire that's been burning. containment of the fire in san bernardino county jumped from 22 to 40% overnight. nearly 100 homes have been destroyed since the fire started just on tuesday. authorities say that number could have been higher, though,
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as the firefighters had not taken the offensive. several other fires continue to burn in that state. we're going to start with a look at your neighborhood temperatures right now if you're trying to sneak in that early workout this will be the best time to do it because we will be hot this afternoon. in the pennsylvania suburbs 73 right now, 74 lehigh valley, upper 70s in delaware and along the shore you see that temperature at 80 degrees. we are looking at temperatures out there already starting to bump up into those 80s. your neighborhoods right now in parts of philadelphia, many sitting at 78, brewerytown at 81 and the airport 80 currently. fox chase at about 80 as well and bustleton holding on to upper 70s at 79 outside. so already in the 80s, getting ready to make it to upper 80s and the low 90s by later this afternoon. not going to be quite as humid as we did see this past week,
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but we will still feel some of that moisture in the air, so still a bit muggy in the peak afternoon hours and worse off tomorrow. radar and satellite right now, we are clear and maybe a few spot clouds, we do have fog hanging over cape may allow wildwood not seeing fogginess there, so this is not the entire shore looking at those foggy conditions outside. then we pull this camera out a little here so you can see the view of radar from afar. well to our west you've got the cloud coverage, you have those showers that are pulling through chicago. those thunderstorms associated with the cold front and that cold front is going to be heading our direction. it won't make it to us, though, until sunday. today not likely we will see storms. by tomorrow, though, certainly a possibility. we do have a cool down ahead but it takes a couple days to get there. today forecasting a high at 90, the feel like about 94 degrees. so still feeling very hot in the afternoon. look at this interesting situation, though, because we have sunday a feel like also at 94, but the temperature a couple
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degrees lower. the feel like still at 94 because the humidity is going to pick up. we're talking those dew points right back into the 70s. when we see that happen that's when it starts3[÷ to feel hotte than it actually s on your monday we are at 81 degrees that temperature and with that temperature of 81 we aren't looking at a feel like condition because we are looking at much lower humidity outside. here is a look is a severe thunderstorm threat not for today but actually for tomorrow, you see it shaded in deeper blue, it includes philadelphia, delaware, parts of new jersey as well, so these areas possibly seeing stronger thunderstorms, maybe some severe thunderstorms developing although that's looking for isolated to scattered in the forecast for your sunday. and again that does include the philadelphia area. here is your ten day on 10, temperature of 88 on your sunday with those thunderstorms, then the cool down, so much better here, 81 monday, tuesday at 82, mid 80s for you wednesday and thursday and then still dry even
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to the end of next workweek. 9:21 on this saturday. olympic athletes have made a lot of incredible moments and memories at the summer games and they are not the only ones. >> at the copa, copacabana. >> we take a look at a few of jacqueline london's favorite rio moments.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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our local athletes are shining in rio. nbc 10's jacqueline london has been with them every step of the way. as we approach the closing ceremony tomorrow here is a look back at what's been a very memorable summer games.
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>> congratulations, laurie. >> thank you. >> can i take a look? i've never seen a silver before. how do you feel with your performance. >> pretty good. >> we found him along the streets of rio. >> fencing is aggressive, emotional. >> she was always a stand out goalie, always amazing. >> you have to be so proud of all you have accomplished. >> of course i'm proud that i got here, but it was a bigger picture for me. >> we heard that you love wawa. >> oh, yeah. >> wait a minute. at the copa, copacabana, the hottest spot north of havana here at the copa ♪
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one thing you probably don't realize is that jacqueline london has been working around the clock and barely slept. if you don't see her on the air in the coming days you will know why. she returns with live reports tomorrow night after the rio closing ceremony, you can watch that starting at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. 9:27 on this saturday. we're following some breaking news from overnight. we're learning that an argument has led to a stabbing at a bar in old city, philadelphia, this happened just around closing time. now a man is fighting for his life in the hospital. we are live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. and a live look outside, philadelphia looking very nice out there, but we have heat to track today and storms to track tomorrow. hello!
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police swarm an old city bar after someone stabs a man inside around closing time. now the victim is in the hospital and police are questioning a person of interest. we will have details in a live report. going out on top, the world's fastest man takes gold in his final olympic race, we will have all the highlights from rio coming up. oh, man, it's going to be another hot one. the sun is out, the heat is on but real relief is on the way. we will have the story on that in just a few moments.
9:31 am
good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's just after 9:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. we will get to those other stories in just a moment but let's get a check on our weekend weather with meteorologist krystal klei. >> good morning, rosemary, we are looking at a forecast that has a few ups and downs here. today it's about the heat, the sun is out, this is a look in wilmington, delaware, you see it's a nice shot right now, but the temperatures are going to bump right up to those upper 80s and lower 90s. this is what it feels like outside right now, some of us feel like the actual temperature, 84 philadelphia, 80 mount holly, trenton as well, allentown 74 and dover sitting at 80 for that current feel like temperature as we go into the afternoon some of us should be feeling close to around 90 or even those low 90s. on your radar and satellite today humidity not too high,
9:32 am
it's tomorrow because of this line of storms, the cold front that sits to our west that will move into our area and as it does so humidity is going to continue pumping up, that will make it feel hotter than it is and then the thunderstorm potential. we are going to track that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, krystal. we are following a developing story from over.'q'h, a stabbing at a bar and restaurant in old city, the victim is in the hospital this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene on # 2nd street. what are you learning from philadelphia police? >> reporter: this had been a very bloody scene when we arrived here outside the bleu martini. more than four hours ago. but as you can see the sidewalk has since been washed down. investigators tell us the 33-year-old victim who stumbled outside was stabbed here inside bleu martini. investigators also tell us the incident occurred as the clubs were closing for the morning. the streets were very crowded.
9:33 am
the victim was stabbed in the neck but police say the motive still unclear. other than two men at adjacent tables here at the martini bar started arguing. earlier this morning police told us witnesses were being interviewed. i asked investigators if they were able to find a knife. i was told they aren't sure what the victim was stabbed with. we also approached the owner/manager who was on the scene at the time and he walked away from us. but no doubt we are going to stay on top of this investigation. count on nbc 10 to have the very latest developments for you as we find them from police. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 n a central pennsylvania man is facing charges this morning for allegedly pushing a penn state professor to his death at a quarry. ronald bettig an associate professor ofk÷ media studies vanished last week. police say george ishler admitted to driving him to the quarry near state college,
9:34 am
luring him there, and then pushing him off a ledge. according to investigators bettig signed a will recently and ishler told police that he thought he would be left money and would have benefited from bettig's death. now to news from our delaware bureau. a wilmington man is facing charges for murdering his ex-girlfriend and stuffing her body in a trash can, ildrees merritt is accused of killing precious hoskins. her body was found in wilmington, she was shot to death. a situate team arrested merritt on thursday at a home not far from where hoskins' body was found. this morning/gñ philadelphi police are trying to track down this man who robbed customers at gunpoint at a bar in hunting park. take a look as he walks behind everybody sitting at the bar and this happened early wednesday morning inside frank's place bar, the owner tells us he was surprised that the incident happened in the first place. >> i mean, you've got good
9:35 am
people coming in here, very nice people, very good customers, the neighborhood is very respectful to us and i'm -- you know, i just -- i feel -- i feel -- i really do feel hurt. >> investigators tell us the gunman had everyone hand over their money and phones before taking off. if you recognize the man call philadelphia police. golden perfection, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, finished his olympic career with another gold medal. bolt led jamaica to victory in the 4x100 relay in rio last night. the win gave him the triple-triple, a perfect nine for nine in his races over three olympiads. it was all about the relays last night, the u.s. women's team took gold in their 4x100 relay, the american men felt short on a botched baton handoff, but they are challenging that result. coming up today in rio more medal chances for some of our local olympians and olympians
9:36 am
with ties to our area. delaware's elena delle donne goes for gold, philadelphia's taylor ellis watson is in the women's 4-by-400 meter relay and vashti cunningham is in the high jump. tomorrow night you can watch the closing ceremony right here on nbc 10, our coverage begins at 8:00 in the evening. it ends with the passing of the olympic flag to the host of the next summer games, tokyo. then the olympic flame will be extinguished. that's tomorrow night on nbc q=, your home for olympic coverage. at 2:00 this afternoon in new castle county the not ingham swim club will celebrate cierra rungy. she won dwold in the women's 4 by 2 o 00 meter freestyle in rio. she will sign t-shirts, swim a lap with area kids and hold a q & a followed by a community
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♪ there's a moment... when you push... past walls... and limits. panting... sweating...
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smiling. and you realize... you've just pushed past... what you ever thought possible. independence blue cross. live fearless. kindergarten registration in philadelphia starts on monday. summer is almost over. the school district right now is pushing parents to take advantage of it. the district is hoping to avoid chaos when those five year olds head to class next month. that's because thousands of kindergartners show up every year without being registered ahead of time. the district tells us that this causes aalhh headache for scho district staff and families. >> we're going to spend a lot of time waiting, producing documents, not having a classroom or any assigned for your child. >> what advice would you have to other parents? >> just look around and, again, zgñ >> here is some advice, parents
9:41 am
registers their child at elementary school need to bring with them to registration starting monday, an id, the child's birth certificate, the child's record of vaccinations and two forms of proof of address. the first day of school is september 14th. it's not feeling like that first day of school moving into fall weather, instead we're talking summer heat still. take a look at august, we're seeing a lot of red on the board here because we have seen a lot. the 6th was that solo day in the 90s then the following week we had an eight-day stretch. that heat wave in the 90s for that period of iijñ time. broke this thursday but then we have been back at it. yesterday we hit 90, today we're forecasting 90 as well, i dropped that temperature just slightly sunday. this shouldn't make a heat wave but sunday will be a close call, it's something we will be watching. as we move into next week temperatures are better, in the
9:42 am
80s. we're talking low 80s for a couple of days next week. we have to get through today, that summer heat still on. by today don't be quite as humid as tomorrow, not looking at storms today, either. so we move through maybe an isolated light shower moving philadelphia through your afternoon and overnight. not looking very likely, though otherwise a mix of clouds out there into your saturday evening and then we move overnight into your sunday morning, you see a thick layer of clouds moving in, that's at 11:00 a.m., check out harrisburg, we start to see showers out farther to the west. we continue on your sunday, that line of thunderstorms moving through from about 4:00 to 8:00, you see it moving from west to east here arcing right over through delaware into new jersey and you see some of the yellows, oranges, reds, that indicates potentially strong to severe thunderstorms popping up as well. that is something that can turn into a more dangerous situation which is what we will have an eye on into your sunday night.
9:43 am
storms start to out out through midnight into your early morning, maybe lingering spot areas of rain still. your shore cast on this sunday means we are looking at the possibility of storms late in the day on sunday, but today looks good for the shore. temperatures right around the low 80s, atlantic city at 83 degrees as well. that mix of mostly sunny conditions. late day sunday temperatures don't change much, maybe a j two lower, but otherwise it's that possibility of thunderstorms, higher winds picking up as we move into the end of day for you. if you have an early start sunday at the beach you should be okay. neighborhoods for today 90 center city, 88 somerton, lansdale upper 80s. well. allentown 88 and the lehigh show us we will feel a few degrees warmer than we are, new jersey the same as well as into delaware, mid upper 80s for
9:44 am
highs. as we saw the shore low 80s for your temperatures out there across the board, though, it will still feel hot through your afternoon. >> let's talk sports now. the same of the game for the eagles is defense. just ahead we will take a look at how their defense is outshining their offense.
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♪ "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite. if you plan to go out tonight in philadelphia looking for something to eat but you don't know where to go yet, there is an app for that. a new app, it's called spot
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luck, it offers smart discounts, meaning you get more money off on a monday than, say, a weekend but you might get a deal this weekend. or you might see a biggerc discount on a rainy day than a sunny one. the app began as a project at georgetown university, it then became a startup business in washington, d.c. before expanding here to philadelphia. hungry users >wi people who want to fill some tables. prices on a restaurant on a tuesday at 2:00 p.m. shouldn't be the same as prices on friday night at 6:00 or when it's storming. >> when using spot luck you get one spin a day and it only applies for the day you use it. in other news this morning president obama plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday where they have had that devastating flooding. right now he's vacationing on martha's vineyard, the white house says the president is eager to get a firsthand look at the impact of the floods and to learn about how the federal government can help the victims.
9:48 am
and for us taking a live look in philadelphia out to center city right now, nice, clear blue skies out there, the sun shining on us, your temperature is sitting right at 80 currently with winds only 6 miles per hour. so it is a nice start to your morning. your ten day on 10 shows us today we should stay nice, 94 your temperature this saturday, it will be hot but we aren't tracking storms, just shineú: a some clouds out there. thunderstorm potential does pop up sunday late in the afternoon into the night. temperatures still hot and it will be very muggy on your z
9:49 am
next weekend and early next-next workweek. we are seeing a dry spell following those storms that are potentially picking up by your sunday with the cold front and the focus will be the cool down that we see on your monday. kt@@ this is sports desk bro to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi, i'm amy fadool from csn. weekend series last night, st. louis in the thick of thed6vrç card hunt. bottom sixth 1-1 game, herrera takes wainwright deep and that is gone. followed by frank co, back to back home runs. top of the ninth gomdíp trying o close it out but he doesn't. two run shot to jeer co ties the game at three. randall grichuk homeredr@ earli in the game, nearly does it úñ
9:50 am
around and the cardinals won it 4-3. major league baseball has cleared ryan howard of any wrongdoing regarding an al have a zeer report that he used performance enhancing drugs. he has sued the network over the report. halfway through the pre-season and the defense has been the story for the eagles. in two games they have as many takes a ways as points.=allowe nine. >> take a ways obviously is one of those points of emphasis that really can impact games4iñ and seasons. so to begin those right now is just a good start for us defensively. >> and the newest eagle wide receiver doyle green-beckham not supposed to play on n3úzthursda night but did briefly get on the field. he is looking forward to playing for his new team the eagles. >> this is a fresh start, a new start, new teammate, new family, great family atmosphere. so i feel like this is a brand new start. >> and that will do it for sports, i'm amy fadool from csn.
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9:54 am
commands. >> she wants to go home with crystal. >> she's used to being spoiled by everyone at the shelter. apparently she loves chicken nuggets. >> what dog doesn't. >> and she loves kisses. kissesb2' her favorite. >> she seems to be people friendly. everyone in the studio she has been loving on. >> we have a ton of dogs that are reallyd!j friendly and lov and beautiful like this at the shelter in need of homes. >> and need homes.  big push is that the shelters are reaching capacity. >> it is. summer months are tough for her and the last few weeks especially it's been so hot, people have been going down the shore, going on vacation, that's increased our intake and decreased adoptions. we get to the situation when we have all these dogs that need homes. we're trying to encourage people to come home by offering free adoptions this weekend. >> big event saturday and sunday all day long. >> 10:00 to 5:00 and that includes dogs and cats, we don't
9:55 am
want to leave outs the cat lovers but the dogs are what's urgent right now. there's always people out there thinking about adopting, ready to get a pet and we want them to think about coming this weekend. don't wait. come now. >> this is it, free adoption, right. >> exactly, yes. you don't need to buy a pet, either, we have awesome dogs at act philly and you can support your shelter and save a life by adopti adopting. >> i remember the first time we got a dog it was around this time of year because my siblings and i were getting a little older and my parents were working andwy wanted a dog in t house for when we came home, we were too old for a baby-sitter but it was nice to have a pet, a bigger dog in the house as we not back from school. >> maybe that would be good for some parents whose kids are going to school, maybe some stay at home moms or dads want a friend during the day. >> you have dogs of different sizes i would imagine as well. >> yes. >> if someone is"uo)> we have a lot of chihuahuas right now. >> hamming it up for the
9:56 am
cameras. >> you are a silly girl. alishia from last week, if you are, she is still at the shelter in need of a home. anyone looking for a great little medium-sized dog she's there, scoop her up. >> we have that information that we want to pull up for you on your screen right now. as you heard amy mention the free pet adoptions, free is the keyword here, it's happening today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00, the show is 111 west honey park. you can go to the nbc 10 app for more information or give them a call, that number is right there on your screen. before we leave you, one last check of the weather, krystal. looking not too bad out. >> right now pretty good if you want to walk the dog now is the time to do it. later today it gets hot again. temperatures if you're heading out to the beach will be a little better off today and then we do have that potential for rñ your sunda >> all right. so get the umbrella today, get your errands done outside. >> yes. >> amy thanks for being with us,
9:57 am
we really appreciate it and gracie you were pretty good here. you did a good job. that's going to do it for us on this saturday, krystal and i will see you right back here tomorrow morning, have a good one.
9:58 am
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welcome. good saturday morning. here we are right next to one of brazil's most famous strands of sand, that beautiful atmosphere along copacabana beach. welcome again. eight hours of daytime coverage. i'm mike tirico. we'll get you trite to the women's


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