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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  August 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today, racking up the goal, team usa picks up more medals, heading to the final day of come particular -- competition. a shooting in burlington county. we'll update the investigation. nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking a system that could bring thunderstorms later on today. wet weather comes, as it has been with us for days. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary conners.
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it's 5:30. thanks for getting up with us. krystal klei has the weather. >> good morning. this is what we're expecting today. we're going to start with the early afternoon, still hot and humid today. in fact, the humidity should bump up a bit, as we prep for later in the day and then into the evening. that's when we're talking thunderstorm development also in the forecast. it is looking likely that throughout the region, we'll see the scattered storms, more on the strong to severe category. as we look ahead, temperatures will be dropping. this is the good news. if we can get through sunday here, early part of your workweek is looking very nice. if you want to check the temperatures now, you've got the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. radar and satellite, we've got the storm that is sitting along to the west of us. this is a cold front, and that cold front is bringing a lot of showers. in fact, yesterday, into the overnight it, did bring tornadic
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activity, some thunderstorms development in the forecast. what you see currently, not a lot going on yet. the clouds, all to the west. it is going to move from west to east as we move into your afternoon and your overnight hours. we're going to start timing them out as they move from the farther western zones to our viewing area. and how hot will we get with the heat in the forecast and how big of a cool down we see. coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, krystal. team usa, more gold medals in rio. our local athletes stayed in the spotlight. delaware's a lena delle donne.
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expect to get a taste of brazil. flag bearer, simone biles. 4x 400 relay yesterday, the team's anchor made the history's books, her sixth olympic gold medal, the most for any woman in history. ellis watson of phil dadelphia d not compete, but still bringing home gold. the daughter of randall cunningham did not medal. she was eliminated when she failed to clear a jump of 1.93 meters. she is expected to compete in tokyo in 2020. the women's basketball team winning the sixth gold medal.
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wilmington's alena dellh. >> to be wearing the gold medal, it is pretty crazy. it feels like a dream. >> she also said nothing in her career has compared to the olympic stage and standing on the podium was an emotional experience. coming up, we'll hear from ryan lochte about what is being called the biggest blemish at the rio game, saying he over exaggerated the robbery claims. we'll have more ahead. also coming up, celebrating an olympic star, nbc 10 was there, as the gold medal swimmer made her return to the delaware pool where she trained and coached. we'll take you there later in this hour. now to a police investigation in south jersey, where detectives are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting that forced an entire community to stay indoors yesterday.
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nbc 10 monique braxton is live in burlington city with those details. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. police have assured the residents that they're safe today. take a look. police were combing the scene for clues. we caught them on their hands and knees, as they were trying to find a murder suspect. here is what we can tell you. police say as many as ten shots were fired here in the 100 block of east federal street in broad daylight. we've learned a 24-year-old man died, a 5-year-old female had nonlife threatening injuries. >> it makes me angry. it makes me very angry, because my kids shouldn't have to live in fear. my grand kids. >> reporter: now, police tell us
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they're unsure of the relationship between the child and the adult, who has since passed away. right now, a manhunt continues for the murderer. live in burlington city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in east mount eerie at vernon road, where police say somebody shot a man in the legs just before 1:00 this morning. right now, the man is in stable condition. in west philadelphia, a shootout yesterday morning left three people injured. one of the victims is just 15 years old. police say the gunfire erupted during an argument over money. they tell us a man confronted his ex-girlfriend, 49th and haverford and then followed her home. he and three others started an argument with the woman's neighbor and then opened fire. the neighbor's family shot back. >> bullets are flying and people
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are getting hit that have nothing to do with this. they have to resolve these situations in a better way. >> the ex b-boyfriend and one other man are facing charges. 5:37 on saturday -- sunday, rather. on the presidential campaign trail, donald trump makes a pitch to a specific group of voters. and hillary clinton is out with a celebrity. a warm welcome after scoring a gold medal at olympics.
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♪ "they say you can only be great if you're full of goodness." chobani. available at shoprite. and good morning, we're looking out live right now in philadelphia. still the dark skies, and later this afternoon, we may return to dark skies, because we're tracking potential thunderstorms as we move into mid-afternoon into the evening as well. so here have a look at
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philadelphia, currently 74 degrees, winds 5 miles per hour. feels okay currently, but it will be hot and humid before the storms hit. so we're not going to feel relief until tomorrow, with your temperatures. here is the forecast. your planner for us. 8:00 a.m., 76 in philadelphia. 84 at lunch hour, lunchtime is when the thicker clouds will start pulling in, although, wouldn't be surprised it will move ahead of the front. then as we move into the afternoon, pulling in the chance for thunderstorms. notice in the suburbs, it is a little earlier. it is moving from west to east. lehigh valley and parts of delaware, a little sooner than new jersey to philadelphia. temperatures lower and peaking in the mid 80s. lehigh valley, lower 80s, with the thunderstorm potential as well. delaware, 75, 8:00 a.m., 83 by noon. new jersey, mid 80s by lunch
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hour, and along the shore, capping in the lower 80s, but by late day early evening, even along the shore, showers are possible. we'll take a look at the ten-day forecast, coming up. let's look at boat house row. breast cancer survivors will race dragon river here to celebrate their healthment studies show upper body exercise help avoid side effects. it is set for 5:15 this afternoon. it is happening at the dragon boat docks along mlk drive. today, the flyers alumni continues at the state zone in atlanta city. dozens of adult participants from the u.s. and canada, fans can interact with former stars like bernie, danny. proceeds benefit the charities.
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5:41 on sunday morning. let's talk sports. eagles, back on the practice field this morning. injured quarterback, carson wentz did some test runs. the phillies get out over to early lead. could they hold on for the win? those highlights, next. plus we'll go live to rio for a recap of all the action on the final weekend of the olympic games. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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just about quarter of six right now on this sunday. we're following something of a mystery involving a private plane in philadelphia. police are working with federal authorities to try to figure out if the small plane was flown from florida to philly without the owner's permission. it landed yesterday afternoon. investigators tell us right now,
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they cannot locate the pilot. now to decision 2016. donald trump is off the campaign trail today. yesterday, he sent ae message to african-american voters at a rally in virginia. he said he wants to make the gop home for black voters. he hmet with a spanish advisory. he has limited support among minority voters. meantime, hillary clinton, spent yesterday on martha's vineyard in massachusetts. bill clinton celebrated his 70th birthday. today, she will be on cape cod with singer, cher. thank you, rio. that's the message today from members of the u.s. women's track team. they opened this banner, after
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winning their sixth straight gold. the u.s. track and field won 31 medals, the most by any by track and field since 1984. a local olympian returned to the pool where she trained in del what -- delaware to inspire more. she showed off her medal yesterday. >> it's what cierra runge loves about being from a small town. >> amazing. it is a dream come true, for sure. >> her dreams for olympic gold began at age four and she has come a long way since this pool, preparing her for that big moment in rio. >> once i got in the block and dove in, that's when all the release and stress washed away and i had a fun race. >> rung helped team usa winning, her mom says it was an incredible moment. >> you don't know whether to laugh, cry. yeah, it's a pretty incredible
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feeling. >> runge embraces her young fans the most, cheering on their dreams. >> it is really cool, and i always wanted to meet her. >> to have these little kids and people look up to me is pretty incredible. >> she isn't done. she hopes to be back in four years in tokyo. nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we're starting with a look at the neighborhoods right now. here are the temperatures. 74 in philadelphia. lehigh valley, 73 degrees, and 72 in delaware. sun, not yet up. looking at a temperature right now in south jersey, patchy fog and 70, temperature along the jersey shore. temperatures are looking similar to yesterday morning, upper 60s, lower 70s. like yesterday, still hot. the big difference, more likelihood of thunderstorms as we move afternoon into evening. here are some of the
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philadelphia neighborhood, germantown sitting at 73, chestnut hill, 73. fox chase, 74. buzzleton in the low 70s as well. still, upper 80s. yesterday, we climbed to 93 degrees. day two of 90s. today, very close to a heat wave, forecasting the high at 89. thicker clouds building this morning and then you see out to the west, already in pittsburgh, you're seeing scattered storms, and that goes through charleston. it will head our direction first and then bring us the humid conditions, and then the storms. then the drier and cooler air. let's take a look. first off, the hot and humid conditions we have for today. this a look at feels like in
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red. your actual in yaellow. we'll peak right after 2:00 p.m. but feeling like low to mid 90s, thanks to the high humidity ahead of the storms that we expect to develop. then on the fact that we're hot and humid, afternoon to evening thunderstorms developing. sheer a look at the potential for severe thunderstorms. the risk level for us. very light will me isolated potential. deeper blue is where we start to see the focus. you see it, does include parts of south jersey, delaware, lehigh valley and areas farther to our west. this is athe area that we have o focus on. high wind gusts that can cause damage. we'll keep an eye on it toward mid to late afternoon and early evening hours. you can see, it clips through philadelphia as well. that's something we'll have our eye on into the later newscast and tonight. shore cast for us, this is what we're looking at today.
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early to the shore, you'll observe kay. later, not a guarantee. lower 80s, stone harbor, and in atlantic city, 82, the temperature. water temps are looking okay, but we can't focus enough on the possibility of thunderstorms as we move later into the day. we'll continue to track that, your futurecast in the next half hour. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. >> the phillies along ways from the cardinals, final playoffs spot making them under dogs to make the post season, trying to take a bite out of st. louis's nine-game lead. b bottom of the first, going deep. first time hernandez has gloved off the game with a home run.
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2-0, using the entire field, takes jeremy, tying the game. bottom of the fifth. al franco, who was a triple shy of the cycle, 3-2. power and beyond. his fourth, 4-2 game. seven innings, gomez gets his 33rd save and phillies hold on to win it, 4-2. >> that was just what the doctor ordered, alexson gave us seven innings, saving the bullpen a bit. >> we had a few games where cruising and something happened and yeah, it was good to save the bullpen a little bit tonight. >> after a day off, the eagles back on the field yesterday and that includes some people who didn't even play on thursday. carson wentz, chopping up with north carolina and flyers head coach, he has a hairline rib fracture. doug peterson saying before practice, he wanted to give hmm a test.
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he also says he hopes wentz can play in the preseason game on september 1st against the jets. meanwhile, the eagles matthews continues to miss practice. peterson said if he doesn't play next week against the colt, he'll be held out of a final game. even if he misses the entire preseason. >> i played, you know, i played enough football to obviously i know i could do that. is it ideal, no, especially for me. i like to get reps, but i'm in preseason, when i come back in practice, week one, or whatever it may be, i'm going to go out there and put 100% into it. >> that's sports, i'm marshall harris, csn. nbc 10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by the all new 2017 chrysler
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tonight it is time to say goodbye to rio, the closing ceremonies begins at 8:00 right here on nbc 10, and these have been games to remember. nbc 10 jay gray joins us live from rio, and one more day of competition for the u.s. to rack up even more medals. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, a strong chance to do that. look, if team usa continues to win gold here, we're now learning that ryan lochte, the swimmer broke the golden rule, he wasn't a victim. he was in fact a vandal here, damaging a gas station restroom. >> it was my immature behavior. >> reporter: in an interview with matt lauer, the swimmer at the center of the controversy, admits, no robbery in rio.
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>> i over exaggerated it. we wouldn't be in this mess if i hadn't done that. >> reporter: family cheering him on, matthew stiflus, wins the first one, in more than 100 years. j both the women and men's 4x 400, as expected, the american women grabbed gold in basketball, the men will try to do the same this afternoon against serbia. no gold medals may mean as much to as many as this one. >> and scores! >> reporter: brazil, with the winning ball in soccer, a sport that borders on religion in the host country. yeah, quite a celebration there, and look, team usa with strong
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chances at gold in boxing and wrestling, before rio closes out, the first of south american games tonight. that's the latest live, olympic park, back to you, rosemary. >> jay, i hope you've been taking a lot of pictures. >> reporter: i have. i have. >> memorable for you too. all right, jay gray live in rio. we'll see you later on. quick note for everybody out there. we need your help to spread the word about free money for those making a difference in our community. this is a good thing. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits. we've been doing this the past few years. 21st century solutions, to support innovative programs. we've got the application on the website, it is fast approaching, deadline is august 26th. few minutes before 6:00. this morning, police are on a
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manhunt in burlington city. monique braxton is live. monique. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. an adult was killed, a little girl shot we're going to have details, after the break. >> a live look outside cape may, gorgeous right now. but later today, this could be lined with thunderstorms. we'll take a look at the timing of when those storms may move through. here is a live look outside center city where we have your yeahs of fog this morning.
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this morning, the hunt for a killer is on. police get on their hands and knees to search for evidence in a deadly shooting in south jersey, after a man is killed if a hail of bullets. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility. a maya cullpa from ryan lochte, after the armed robbery claims got him and three other u.s. swimmers in trouble. let's take a live look outside over center city. we see i believe some clouds out there. it is going to heat up today, plus we're tracking storms that could roll through later on today. the first alert forecast is coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm


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