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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a deadly fire rips through a germantown home. we talk to a neighbor who smashed a window to save those inside. a rain-soaked sunday but it won't stick around for your monday. the workweek forecast that's finally bringing relief from the heat. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> and now to that breaking news. the philadelphia fire department is now confirming that one person died after a fire in germantown. nbc 10's drew smith is live at temple university hospital tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: we've been checking in with the fire captain aural
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nig -- all night. despite the best efforts of the firefighters and the neighbors in those rescue attempts, one person has died from that fire. another remains in critical condition tonight. on a rainy night in germantown, these neighbors ran toward this row home as flames spread throughout both floors. >> we've seen the smoke coming out. we knew house on fire. run and try to get whoever we can get out. >> reporter: eugene brown tried to get in the door but it was too intense so he smashed the front window. >> we couldn't get in. >> reporter: firefighters arrived and the ladders went up. they quickly pulled out the people trapped but it took 13 more minutes to douse the flames. >> an outstanding job and going above and beyond. a courageous act. >> reporter: in all, five people need help. three with smoke inhalation and two others furiously hurt.
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a man lived there with his wife and they are good people. >> he was working on both of them. looked a little grim right through there. and we're waiting on confirmation of the name of the person who died in that fire. the fire marshal's office still investigating trying to figure out what started this fire and caused that home to ignite. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. ♪ good evening. i'm jacqueline london live in rio de janeiro where just a short while ago, the games of the xxxi olympiad just concluded. the end of the summer games means it's time to look forward which meant the passing of the olympic flag on tokyo's governor symbolizing the summer games leaving rio for tokyo in 2020. first, one last look at the closing ceremony here in rio. gymnast simone biles carries the
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american flag during the closing ceremony commemorating a memorable experience for team usa. only 4'8", she's larger than life in these olympic games. winning five medals, four of them gold. admiring athletes from all countries stopped to take a picture with her. mariel mag ow nis. and the rain didn't dampen the spirits of princeton's water polo champion ashley johnston and her teammates. new jersey's laurie hernandez dances with her teammates showing it's no longer about the competition but a celebration of camaraderie, hard work and sacrifice. they bid farewell to rio. its rich culture and beautiful scenery that's provided a backdrop to historic moments thee athletes will never forget. ryan lochte was a factor in the pool week one of these rio
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games, and the 12-time olympic medalist continues to be a story line here in rio de janeiro, brazil. the u.s. olympic committee said lochte and his three teammates will face discipline after it was determined they lied about being robbed at gunpoint at a rio gas station. the ceo said lochte's story harmed brazil and took away from the olympic games. no word on what type of punishment they could be facing. prior to tonight's closing ceremony, there was some final business to tend to. other medals were handed out to some local athletes as well as those all over the world. on the court, villanova alum kyle lowry and his u.s. men's basketball teammates took on serbia in the gold medal game. this one was never in doubt. the american team won 96-66. lowry scored five points and added four assists. it's the first olympic medal for lowry and third straight goal for team usa. victory on the volleyball court
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for the americans. team usa battled back from a two sets to one deficit to defeat russia in the bronze medal match. three of the team's members are penn state grads. brazil defeated italy to win the gold medal. olympic heartbreak for u.s. wrestler frank molinaro. he made it to the bronze medal match in the 65 kilogram class but eventually came up two points short and lost out on a chance at a medal. coming up in aboutine ten minutes we'll recap the best moments of the games. i'm jacqueline london in rio de janeiro. back to you. and turning now to our weather. people out enjoying a comfortable night at the camden waterfront after the rain stopd falling this evening. now we're in for a mild start to your workweek. details are in the first alert neighborhood forecast. we turn to karen thomas. >> all right.
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cool night now that the cold front is making its way through the area. and we are saying good-bye, of course, to the heaviest rain that moved through earlier. right now pretty mild out there with temperature readings mainly in the lower 70s. mid-70s in delaware. clouds around. especially to the north and west and also down to the south, south jersey. things will be clearing out overnight. and turning cooler as the humidity will feel a bit more comfortable out there. here's the latest radar satellite picture. we see the bulk of the heavy rain push through earlier tonight. it really dropped quite a bit of rain through central delaware, parts of south jersey up to about four inches of rain in some areas. right now we're just seeing a shower moving into parts of delaware. doesn't look very heavy but still, nojs, some residual showers left over for about the next hour before the whole system clears out of here. we are talking about a cooldown. i'll be back with more on that in just a bit. new dein ttails in the murdf
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a penn state professor who was pushed off a cliff and fell 80 feet. danielle guyer was arraigned in the death of ronald bedtick. george isler jr. had already been charged. he was an associate professor of media studies at enstapenn stat. the two plotted to kill him because they thought they'd benefit from a will he recently signed. a delaware man is in police custody following a deadly hit and run involving a victim in a wheelchair. nbc 10 was at a makeshift memorial for the victim hit near masher and lehigh in north philadelphia. the suspect was driving eastbound on lehigh when he hit a woman in her wheelchair in the center median. the same vehicle then struck another person. police say the truck ran a red light a few blocks later. the suspect was arrested and identified by one of the
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victims. he's facing vehicular homicide and other charges. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, a church in standing up to vandals. this morning, the first unitarian church of wilmington dedicated two more banners in support of the black lives matter movement. since may, vandals have targeted several of these banners. the church has long been active in racial justice, women's rights and lgbtq initiatives. >> we actually are a leaderful movement. we have many people who have been involved who understand and are standing with what we're doing and understanding what we're doing and how we're doing it. >> the church says it's working with police to install motion sensors and every time a banner is vandalized, a donation will be made to the black lives matter cause. several local families from diverse backgrounds took part in a special reunion today. ♪
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the first annual habitat for humanity family reunion was held today in fairmount park. look at that guy. some of the 194 families habitat has helped get into a home got together for today's barbecue. habitat for humanity has been helping local families since 1985. how safe are you at the phillies games. the debate over the danger of foul balls tonight after a little girl is hit in the stands of the weekend. plus, a special delivery to delaware's tiniest residents from a 6'5" olympic hero. how alaina delle donne is trying to inspire the next generation of athletes on their birthday. but first, a look at the final medal count for the 2016 rio games. >> nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ blood, sweat and tears to get here to the rio 2016 games. for athletes, it's much more than just four years of preparation. it's a reflection of a near lifetime of tireless work to be among the best in the world. ♪ english gardner gets her gold. as a little girl, she dreamed of the olympics and wearing a medal around her neck. she no longer has to dream it. she's living it. >> you said at your championship dinner in high school, you weren't going to stop until you got this, a gold medal. how does it feel? >> i definitely didn't take it
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off. i took it off to shower but i definitely slept with it. it's super exciting. >> reporter: super exciting for so many of our local athletes. laurie hernandez taking home one gold and one silver as part of the final five. a golden moment for ashley johnson in the women's water polo team. kelsey flew for a medal. nia ali with a 100-meter hurdle performance. and with victory comes the agony of defeat. vowing to come back stronger. jordan burroughs, carli lloyd, joy malloy and vashti cunningham falling short during the high jump. for some, a chapter closed. for others, a new beginning as the games of the xxxi olympiad are now history.
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and what a cinderella story for english gardner who you saw at the top of the piece. not only did she lose her right shoe during the 4x100 relay and had to borrow allyson felix's, who was much bigger, and she still won gold. also because she had a project in high school to draw an attainable goal and all she drew were olympic rings. teachers did not think it was possible and she proved them wrong. elena delle donne not only an olympic gold medalist but also a woman of her word. the wilmington native said if she and her teammates were to win basketball gold in rio, she would buy every baby born in christiania hospital this weekend a pair of nikes. here's a look at delle donne's gift with a note from the wnba's
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mvp and now gold medalist. what a sweet touch. >> what a special gift for all those families. all right, jacqueline. back here in philadelphia, a call for change after a girl was injured by a foul ball during saturday night's phillies game at citizens bank park. the girl was hit by a line drive off the bat of freddy galvez. some express concerns about whether there's enough netting to protect the fans. nbc 10 caught up with the injured pitcher after the game. >> some people are trying to catch it. some are trying to dodge it. >> reporter: prior to the start of this season, the phillies were one of 19 teams that extended the netting to the size of the dugout near home plate. the team released this statement that read in part, we decided earlier this season to consider the possibility of further expansion next season. and now let's take a live
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look at citizens bank park where the rain has stopped tonight. but it was soggy during the fillies game earlier today. are we done with the rain now? >> not quite. the heaviest rain is out of here but still residual showers left in and around the area. but the good news here it's a cold front moving through. so once it's all the way through our area, we're in for a cooler feel. in terms of our weather stories, we set up with a sunny and dry week ahead. that's a really nice thing to look forward to. we have a lot of rain move through the area. and this is what i'm focused on. radar showing us still some shower activity for delaware. and really the delaware does the bulk of the rain. we look at the key up here. close to two inches. just over two inches of rain. you see the magentas and red in maryland pushing through into delaware just north of dover acquiring about four inches of rain in some of those areas in a very short period of time. that's why we had the flash
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flood warnings down here earlier this evening. the sun did move off quickly. everybody seeing one to two inches of rainfall across the region as that system moved through earlier. we take you hour by hour. really high pressure moving in. it's going to be good news for us tomorrow. we'll see the shades. plenty of sunshine. dry conditions. and, yes, dew point temperatures coming down. less humidity is going to feel quite comfortable as we start our next workweek. just a few fair weather clouds around. the breeze will be kicking up tomorrow out of the northwest. look at these temperatures. they fell and keep falling. we're 69 degrees right now in phoenixville. it is 70 degrees in malvern. 70 in west bradford township. we'll go up further north. it's 71 degrees in new hope. 72 in newtown and the same with warrenton. temperatures overnight, mid-60s to upper 60s.
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we're going to stay comfortable as we move through our monday and tuesday. here's a look at philadelphia. plenty of sunshine. high temperature tomorrow about 83 degrees. our average high temperature this time of year is 85. we'll be just shy of that. but, wow, what a span of sunshine as we go ahead and look at the ten-day forecast. this is just about the entire region we're looking for dry conditions all week long. we do get warmer. more humid as we go into the end of the week. temperatures bump up to 90 degrees on friday as we head into our next weekend. we will be teetering with the 90-degree mark again. right now upper 80s with clouds mixed in. we do stay dry and as i mentioned, we are going to be feeling much more comfortable as we wake up tomorrow morning and start our next workweek. i'm ron burke. the eagles address a problem with depth on defense. and the phillies have not won a game since the all-star break.
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and the struggles continued again today. that's next in sports. ♪ from whole natural to wasabi & soy sauce. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. it's a wonderful feeling, a magical feeling, and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm ron burke. the eagles go back to work tomorrow after joe walker toreas acl in thursday's preseason game. the eagles addressed the knee. tulles agent tweeted to congratulate his client. he's familiar with the defensive
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coordinator jim schwartz having played three years with him in tennessee and three more in detroit when schwartz was the lions has coach. it's been a rough preseason for eagles wide receivers. one person turning heads is paul turner. he made a nice one-handed catch. he was asked about making the transition from college to the pros. >> being able to have great coaches and great older guys to watch, that gave an opportunity to study them and understand their game and how to play -- how to be a receiver. and that's helped make the transition so much easier. the phillies wrapped up their nine-game home stand against the cardinals. another tough outing for vince velazquez. among those attending, part of the 4x100 relay team. a home run off velazquez.
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in the same inning, pitcher mike leak pounds a base hit to score two more. leak also threw seven shutout innings. the fiphillies lost 9-0. >> early in the game, obviously don't have the electric stuff, and the next thing you know, everything just goes south. kind of hard to make pitches when you lose everything. when everything is not in sync. >> that's sports. i'm ron burke. we'll be right back.
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♪ some bright sunshine late this morning at the philadelphia folk festival. the three-day outdoor music fest wrapped up today. celebrating its 55th anniversary. ♪
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tonight officially ends our coverage of the 2016 olympic games in rio. and jacqueline, you have been in rio for nearly a month now and have anchored nearly three dozen shows from olympic park. you've talked to nearly every local olympian athlete at the games. what are your thoughts as the olympics come to a close tonight? >> denise, it's just been so rewarding to see their journey from when i interviewed them in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware and then following their journey here to rio and watching them handle the pressure with such grace. it was beautiful to see and remarkable to see that transformation. meeting the final five gymnasts, that was a delightful moment, as was meeting the legend randall cunningham as he talked about training his daughter, an 18-year-old competing in high jump. a lot of incredible memories to take back with me. it was just an honor to be here to witness it all.
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for the final time, good night from rio de janeiro as they say here in portuguese -- [ speaking portuguese ] denise, back to you. >> thanks, jacqueline. you've really brought us some great coverage throughout these summer games. we'll be back in two years for the winter olympics in south korea and in four years for the next summer games in tokyo. definitely some great moments to remember. >> it's kind of sad to see it go, right? i've been enjoying it. it flew by. the coverage has been fantastic. we're watching our weather this evening for sure. it was a little exciting earlier tonight with all the rain moving through the area. but it was a little price to pay for some cooler air that is coming into our area. this is the leading edge of a cold front that's moving through overnight. and so it's going to feel much more comfortable. radar satellite showing us we still have residual showers, isolated showers around, mainly in delaware and western interior
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south jersey. just south of vineland moving through toward cape may. but that will be moving out of here along with the clouds over the next couple of hours. we'll wake up tomorrow morning, be prepared for nice sunshine, dry and mild conditions. you will feel the difference for sure. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come seek the royal caribbean
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michael phelps is going to do it again! they reach for gold. >> he did it! at every olympics there are memorable characters, remarkable achievements, moments of exultation. over the last 17 days and nights, these games have provided all of that. new stars ascending boldly to the stage alongside legends somehow finding ways to enhance


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