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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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witness to tragedy. children were in the same room where their father was shot and killed by intruders. and police do not think it was a random act of violence. another day in court. jerry sandusky is expected to appear before a judge as his three-day appeals hearing
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continues in central pennsylvania. and passing the flag. the summer games in rio have come to a close. now the olympic flag heads to tokyo. nbc 10 news starts now. >> just after 6:00. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're expecting clear skies, temperatures in the low to mid-80s perhaps, going to be fantastic. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and neighborhood forecast. >> pretty nice right now. the temperatures are cooler this morning. clear skies, look at the suburbs. 66 degrees with the northwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour. that's drier air starting to blow into the area. 70 at 9:00. 75 degrees at lunch time. the lehigh valley and delaware looking good, too. that's frawley stadium. nice and clear, 67 degrees. at 8:00, by 11:00, 76 degrees. in philadelphia, in fact all the areas will warm into the low 80s. as we go into the afternoon, the winds get stronger. we'll see gusty winds this
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afternoon. but that's really going to bring the humidity down later today and keep temperatures cooler across the board. even at the shore, it will warm into the 80s. but the humidity dropping there, too. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour with futurecast. i'll come back in a few minutes to show you how quickly that humidity will be dropping during the day. first, let's get an update on traffic with pamela çosborne. >> good morning. we'll start things off with a look at our camera in cherry hill, new jersey, route 70 at kings highway. quite a few cars on the roadway but no trouble to speak of. the theme of this morning seems to be if you have some place to go, now is a good time to head out the door. 95, 76, 476 are all clear this morning. if you're hitting the pennsylvania turnpike, drive times looking good as well. average speeds in the 60s, 70s, drive time about 22 minutes. 6:02. this morning, we're following breaking news in the hunting park section of philadelphia. police are looking for two men
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who shot a man and wife inside their home while six children were inside sleeping. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene along 7th street in hunting park. what are you learned about the investigation? >> well, tracy, police tell me those children are among the witnesses, they were in the room and watched their father be shot and killed in front of them. within the last 30 minutes we noticed that police left the scene, clearing the area. i'll step out of the way. this is the house where this all happened on the 3700 block of north 7th street. the shooting happened just about 1:00 this morning. two men went into this house through a window, went upstairs to a bedroom, demanded money and then, for some reason, both of them were shot. the 35-year-old man was pronounced dead here at the scene, his 40-year-old wife was shot twice, once in the face. she's in critical condition at
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university hospital. the grandparents of the children came to take them away a little bit earlier. investigators also found a shotgun an a bag in a back alley behind this home. it had a skullcap and shotgun rounds. at this point, police do not think this was a random crime. there have been no arrests so far but police did tell us that they!relieve they have a good lead in terms of a nickname of one of the men that they are looking for. also, they were able to find some surveillance cameras from the homes nearby. so they will be looking at that throughout the day. hopefully trying to find these people as quickly as possible. live in hunting park, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. about three miles away from where matt delucia is standing in port richmond, another family recovering after a home invasion on east lippincott street. two armed men pistol whipped a man inside that home. he's expected to be okay.
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he's at the hop a child was inside the home but was not hurt. neighbors who tried to save the victims of a house fire in germantown say the thick smoke made it impossible for them to get inside the home. this morning, one person is dead. another is listed in critical condition. monique braxton is live in northeast philadelphia. >> that person listed in critical condition is here at temple university hospital. firefighters have not released the survivor's relationship to the person who passed away. our cameras are on the scene outside 56 clappier street when flames roared through this two-story home. initially five people were trapped. firefighters pulled them out. three were suffering from smoke inhalation. two were taken to local hospitals, initially listed in critical condition. as you know, one person has passed away. we spoke with one neighbor about the frantic moments before firefighters arrived. he told us the smoke kept him
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back. >> seeing the smoke coming out. that's all we knew, house on fire, run, try and get whoever we can out. >> the fire marshal is still investigating the cause of this blaze. we're going to stay on top of that investigation. you can count on us to bring you update s çonline or on air lat this afternoon. live for now outside temple, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. jerry sandusky is expected back in court today to resume his appeal hearing. the former penn state assistant football coach is trying to have his child sex abuse conviction overturn. earlier this month, sandusky testified he never molested boys and he was not properly represented at his trial in 2012. if his appeal is successful, the judge could order a new trial. 6:06. a second person is now charged in the murder of a penn state professor who was pushed off a cliff and fell 80 feet to his death on saturday, geier was
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arraigned in the death of 56-year-old ronald bettig. george ishler jr. also facing charges. bettig was an associate professor of media studies at penn state. the two plotted to kill bettig because they thought they would benefit from a will the professor recently signed. happening today in kent county, several lawmakers are hosting a job fair for local veterans at wilmington university dover campus from 10:00 to 2:00. the job fair is free, no registration is required. for a list of employers and more information, you can go to now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> seven minutes after 6:00. getting ready for sunshine. in fact, 13 minutes away from sunshine. clouds on the horizon in the distance over the ocean. the storms we had yesterday have completely cleared the area. they are way offshore. they've cleared the way for a nice sunny start to the day. actually sunshine all day long. cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel.
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60s now for the lehigh valley. the suburbs, delaware, south jersey. 70 degrees, 1 degree cooler than it was last hour. at the shore, you'll find a mix of 60s and 70s. inland, those cooler temperatures for mullica township and may's lappeding. 71 in atlantic city and cape may point is 75 degrees to start with. into the 80s at the shore today. you won't see is any activity oç the doppler radar. completely dry for cape may, atlantic city. no sign of wet weather for any part of the area. in fact, most of the week there will be nothing going on on those radar screens as we've got really nice weather ahead. we will feel gusty winds during the day today. those are the winds that will bring in the drier air, especially this afternoon. the winds get stronger later this morning and into the afternoon hours. steady winds of 12 miles an hour for allentown and codesville, stronger for philadelphia and millville. that dry air, you'll really feel it as we go through the day. cooler and comfortable.
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the temperatures will start in the 60s and warm into the low 80s this afternoon. and not a big warmup for the next four days for allentown, middle 80s. that's normal for this time of year. wildwood will drop into the 70s for high temperatures tomorrow. and then for philadelphia, upper 80s on thursday but some really comfortable air for the next few days. dover you'll feel the same nice cool conditions for the next couple days and no sign of any wet weather. the forecast for today, sunglasses. you'll definitely need those. 81 degrees. nothing but sunshine for the suburbs. the wind, you'll feel it in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. that's the dry air coming into play. both areas in the upper 70s later today. for delaware, sunny skies, 80 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. new jersey, the humidity comes down during the day. 9:00, 72 degrees, 79 degrees at 1:00. into the low 80s for the jersey shore. nice weather will continue but
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there is going to be more humidity coming our way toward the end of the week. i've got a look at that with the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. >> all right, bill, thank you. 6:10. monday for the vast majority of people in the delaware valley, back to work. as you always say, re-entry is the hardest. >> re-entry is the hardest but we're here to help you. >> that's the hardest part, waking up on a monday morning and having to get to work. it's going to be an easy commute. you haven't seen major problems so far. this is a look at 95 at girard avenue. even see something school buses out there this morning amongst the people traveling to and from. if you're dropping someone off, certainly a good time to do it is now. this is i-295 at tillman. this is in lawnside, new jersey. cars on either side of the roadway, traffic moving smoothly in both directions there. if you're headed on the pennsylvania turnpike this morning, that's also looking good right now. average speeds in the 60s.
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>> thank you, pamela. team usa is leaving rio with a lot of gold, silver and bronze. we'll take a look at the final medal count, next. >> we'll show you how things wrapped up during last night's closing ceremony. and putting your coffee to the taste test. we'll take a look at how an inexpensive no-name brand stands up to a gourmet brew.
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if you're spending money on a cup of coffee every morning, you know how much that cost adds up day after day. is your expensive brew worth the cash? >> "today's" show jeff rossen is put be gourmet coffee up against a cheap no-name brand. tell us about your latest rossen
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report. >> i know you love your morning coffee. i'm obsessed with my morning coffee. i spent so much money on coffee every single day. i don't want to think about what it adds up to all year. we did a blind taste test to see if you can really taste the difference between the expensive stuff, say $3.50 a cup, $3.25 a cup or a cheap deli coffee that's a buck a cup? we set it up. wait until you see the rules and what people were saying about both that may change the way you buy coffee. this is the kickoff to a big rossen report series called "don't pay that." we're showing you how to live large with less. we're starting with the coffee. we'll expand to whether you pay more for weddings. we've heard all this year weddings cost more than a regular party. we'll put that to the test on hidden camera, along with a lot of other topics. we're kicking off with coffee
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this morning. >> i have a feeling we'll rethink what we pay for some things. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. thanks. there's the music and here's your final olympic medal count. from the 2016 summerç games in rio, united states racked up 121 medals, followed by china and great britain, and russia. the 2016 rio olympics are now history. >> we can look back on record-setting performances, magical moments including last night's finale. closing ceremony, simone biles, u.s. champion gymnast, she almost got blown away, holding on to that flag, she's so tiny. athletes from around the world took pictures with biles who won five medals, four of them gold. the finale included a tribute to
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brazilian culture and the handoff to tokyo, the host four years from now. keeping in tradition, water poured down the flame until it slowly flickered out. the u.s. men's basketball team took care of business. lowry helped team usa beat serbia in the gold medal game, 96-66. lowry scored five points and four assists. america also medaled on the volleyball court yesterday. team usa battled back from two sets to one deficit to beat russia for the bronze. three of the u.s. team's 12 members are penn state grads. there's also olympic heartbreak for u.s. wrestler frank molinaro. the barnegat native made to the bronze medal match but came up just a few points short. even so, president obama saluted team usa with this
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tweet. couldn't be prouder of team usa. your determination and passion inspired so manufactuy of us. you carried that flag high tonight, simone biles. matt lauer will talk exclusively with ryan lochte on "today," coming up this morning at 7:00,ç right after nbc 10 news. 6:18. let's get another check of your morning commute this monday morning. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne has that. what are you seeing, pamela? >> we're seeing one accident on the roadway this morning. this is new hanover, big road and north charlotte street, an accident blocking traffic. that's something to keep in mind this morning. if you're headed out the door and getting on the schuylkill, this is 76 at passyunk avenue. traffic moving smoothly in either direction. it seems to be the theme of things this morning. drive times looking good all over. if you're headed out the door and take 202, average speeds in the 60s.
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drive times right on time. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 19 minutes after 6:00. 70 degrees and here comes the sun, just getting ready to cross the horizon. that's a live view from center city. look how clear it is. no sign of the clouds. all the storms we had yesterday are completely out of the picture and behind those storms coming in the cooler air, which has us in the 60s for most of the area, lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware in the 60s. there are even 60s in philadelphia as well. that's 70 degrees at the airport, 71 in society hill. look at pennsport, 66 degrees, andorra is 65 and 68 for fox chase and torresdale is at 69 degrees. the wind is already blowing out of the northwest for much of area, 7 miles an hour in philadelphia. 10 miles an hour in wildwood. it will be increasing as we go into the late morning hours for the afternoon. that's the dry, comfortable air flooding into the area. it will bring the humidity down.
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by midday, 50% humidity in philadelphia. as we go into the later afternoon hours, those numbers drop into the 40s for philadelphia. you'll even feel the drier air at the shore. it will be a huge difference compared to where we've been lately. satellite and radar, really nothing to show you here except how clear it is. there are the storms we had ç yesterday. completely through the area. new england is getting that storm this morning. the nearest showers crossing lake erie, heading into northeastern ohio. it will be days, if not an entire week before we see wet weather in our area. the 10 day on 10 shows you the next seven days plus a few more. 83 this afternoon, 82 tomorrow. tomorrow morning even cooler than this morning. the air will be drier tomorrow morning. that allows the temperatures to cool down. a slow warming trend at the end of the week, 88 degrees on thursday. up to 90 on friday.
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by friday, the humidity returns to the area. you'll feel some of that humidity over the weekend, too, as morning temperatures drop into the low 70s, upper 80s for saturday and sunday. much-needed rainfall will hold off until monday and tuesday when we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms, 80s for both days and near 90 degrees come wednesday as we clear out with partly sunny skies. tracy? 6:21. donald trump's cam pan may be shifting positions on a key issue. we'll hear why he may be reconsidering his plan on immigration and mass deportations if he gets elected. plus, golden pitch. we'll tell you which olympic athlete made her way from rio to citizens bank park.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:24. nikes for newborns. that's what elena delle donne promised before the olympics.
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she said if the u.s. women's team won the gold medal in basketball, she would buy every newborn in christiana hospital over the weekend a new pair of nike. gold medal swimmer kelsi worrell threw out the first pitch of the phillies game yesterday. she was part of the 4x100 relay. >> she's got it. >> tonight, american ninja warriors back in philadelphia. the hit nbc show returns to the city. for the first time in its history, four women will compete in the philadelphia finals. the contestants are all vying for a chance to compete at the las vegas finals where they can win a cash prize of $1 million. our own keith jones tried the first course here in philly. just like hundreds of others ended up falling into the water. nice job, jonesy.
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whoa. >> the water's warm. good morning, pamela osborne here in your first alert traffic center. you're taking a live look at 95. this is our camera near cottman avenue. you can see quite a few cars out on the road this morning. everything is moving smoothly at this time.ç now for a check of the weather, we'll head things over to bill. >> we have sunshine, clear skies, a nice clear view of boathouse row from center city. 70 degrees right now. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon. might be tempted to take a dip later today. but the humidity will really be dipping later on. neighborhood forecast, just ahead. all right, thank you, bill. this morning we are following breaking news in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood where police say six children were inside this home that became the scene of a deadly shooting. we are live with the overnight developments.
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family tragedy. a man is dead after a home invasion, his wife is shot and six children were inside the house when the violence unfolded. >> rescue attempt. neighbors push to save the u @(t&háhp &hc% in germantown. they say the smoke was too thick to get into the home. deportation plan. donald trump's campaign may be considering a new position when it comes to the immigration debate. this is nbc 10 news. >> 6:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast for your monday. bill? >> tracy, sun has been up for about ten minutes. the temperatures are still coming down at this hour. 60s for most of the area, the suburbs, new jersey, the lehigh valley and delaware. about 70 degrees in philadelphia. you can see the glow of sunlight on the buildings, looking across the delaware from the adventure
6:31 am
aquarium. also look at the wind, 10 mile-an-hour wind at 8:00 this morning. increases at 11:00. that wind will make temperatures stay lower today and bring in drier air. the humidity will be falling as the day goes on. 83, the high temperature in philadelphia, low 80s for suburbs and new jersey inland and at the shore at 83 degrees. thanks to those winds. the winds have an equalling property to them, keeping the temperatures pretty close to each temperature. look at the sunshine, right now breaking across frawley stadium in delaware. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour to show you when the stronger winds will kick in during the day today when i come back in a few minutes. first, pamela osborne is tracking your first alert traffic. >> good morning, bill. good morning to all of you at home. your major problem right now if you're headed out the door is sun and sun glare. sut sunglasses can fix those. other than that, no major problems to report on the roadways this morning. this is route 70 at old orchard road in cherry hill, new jersey.
6:32 am
traffic moving smoothly in either direction there. check on mass transit for you. everything is going smoothly except there are some minor delays with septa. this is the doylestown line, the thorndale line, they're running about ten minutes behind. that's something to be aware of. if you're getting into your car this morning, 95, 76, 476 all looking good. a look at the blue route when i come back. >> pamela, thank you. this morning we are following breaking news. a man is dead after an intruder shot him and his wife inside their hunting park home. it all happened as six kids were sleeping. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in hunting park. tell us what happened, matt. >> right now, vai, police are working to find the people responsible for this. what we can tell you is a woman is in the hospital, a man is dead and his six children were in this house at the time this happened. this happened just before 1:00. we're on the 3700 block of north 7th street here in hunting park. police are telling us that two men went into this house through a window, went upstairs to a
6:33 am
bedroom, saw the man and his wife, demanded money and then both were shot. the 35-year-old man was pronounced dead here at the scene. his wife, a 40-year-old woman, was shot twice, including once in the face. she is in critical condition at temple hospital. those children ages 5 to 13, some of them were in the room, witnesses to this crime. investigators also found in a back alley behind this home here, they found a bag that had a mask and some shotgun round as well. at this point police do not think this was a random crime. it appears that the man who was killed in this home is known to the two who did this. the grandparents we noticed a little bit earlier, came here to take those kids away. fortunately they were not physically injured in this attack. at this point, again, just to recap, no arrests so far in this murder here in hunting park. police are looking for any information. they did find some surveillance cameras. they'll be looking through that as well, trying to find these
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people as quickly as possible. live in hunting park, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a delaware county man is in police custody following a deadly hit and run involving a person in a wheelchair. victim was hit nearç masher an lehigh in north philadelphia. he was driving eastbound when he hit a woman in the center median. the truck ran a red light a few blocks later. the suspect was arrested and identified by one of the victims. he's facing charges, including vehicular homicide. this morning, police in south jersey are looking for this suspect, accused in a shooting that left a man dead an a young girl hurt. burlington county prosecutors have charged samuel james with murder. police say james shot byron turner in the head outside a home in burlington saturday night. a 5-year-old girl was hurt while running from gunfire. she was not shot. three catholic churches will close for good next month in the
6:35 am
archdiocese of philadelphia. st. john of the cross in rosslyn, st. cecilia in coatesville and matar delorosa church. the churches had been former parishes that were merged in recent years. the churches were being used occasionally for mass as well as weddings and funerals. fire trapped people inside a house in germantown. nbc 10 on the scene on east clappier last fight. neighbors rushed towards the heavy smoke but could not get inside. firefighters pulled the victims out. investigators are looking at how this fire started.
6:36 am
two firefighters are covering after being injured in a propane tank explosion in bucks county. investigators tell us that several propane tanks caught fire yesterday at a garage along tennis avenue in bensalem township. medics took the firefighter to the hospital with minor injuries. donald trump, many are looking toward his immigration policy speech on thursday. >> will that plan include a deportation force? >> to be determined. >> that was trump's new campaign manager kelly anne conway yesterday. she behinded that trump might walk back part of his law and order immigration proposal. during the primary, he called to removing some 11 million undocumented immigrants from the u.s. mike pence will hold a rally in pipersville, bucks county tomorrow. it wilin held at worth & company, a mechanical contractor. earlier this month, pence hosted a town hall in lancaster. a lawsuit involving hillary clinton's e-mail scandal will be addressed during a hearing today. the group judicial watch is trying to get all of clinton's
6:37 am
e-mails between 2009 and 2013 when she was secretary of state. clinton used a private e-mail server to send messages during that time. on friday, a federal judge ordered clinton to answer questions from the group about her e-mails. judicial watch has two months to submit their questions to clinton and she has 30 days to answer them. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 6:37 and we've got sunshine. skies, the clear skies we have this morning will stay with us this afternoon. also check out that flag blowing in a northwesterly wind. we'll get gusty winds this afternoon. that's going to make it much more comfortable and cooler during the day today. we'll warm into the 80s. also make for a comfortable evening. the humidity will be much lower later today. it's really not bad right now. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia. 7 mile-an-hour breeze. look at those northwesterly winds. that will have us in the upper
6:38 am
70s at noontime. low 80s. yesterday we were close to 90 degrees in the city. 60s for the suburbs. nothing but sunshine this afternoon and that nice wind bringing the humidity down for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. seeing the sun come up, 62 degrees right now. by 10:00 this morning, 07 o cfo degrees. it will warm into the middle 70s at lunch time and get close to the 80 degree mark later this afternoon. the dry air is already in the lehigh valley. but with that same northwesterly wind this afternoon, the humidity will be dropping there, too. for new jersey, you'll see sunshine. 67 degrees right now. in fact, everyone in new jersey is in the 60s to start with, except right on the beach where it's warmer. inland new jersey will warm to near 70 degrees at 8:00, near 80 degrees at lunch time and then in the low 80s this afternoon. you will feel that drier air for this afternoon for new jersey and for the shore as well. the jersey shore will see temperatures warm into the low 80s. it's a land breeze today. frequently when you get a wind
6:39 am
out of the northwest and feel the lower humidity for the suburbs and for philadelphia and interior new jersey, frkly it doesn't reach the shore. that's not going to happen today. you'll feel the dry air, even at the shore. at 2:00, winds of 14 miles an hour. we may see gusts of 20 miles an hour this afternoon at the shore. you'll see that in delaware as well. a lighter breeze with sunshine and 6 degrees. 75 at 10:00. still in the 70s at noontime. and into the very low 80s this afternoon with winds at 14 miles an hour. steady at 14 miles an hour. gusts will likely top 20 miles an hour, also in delaware. i'll show you how long this nice weather will last when i'm back with the 10 day on 10 in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. 6:39. let's take a look at the blue route this morning for your morning commute. >> first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne has that for you. pamela? >> good morning. we're taking a look at 476. this is right along reed road.
6:40 am
traffic is moving freely in either direction this morning. if you're traveling mass transit, everything is looking pretty good so far. the only thing to let you know about right now, septa experiencing ten-minute delays line. that's what's going on there. overall this morning, 95, 76, 476 if you're traveling any of those roadways, things are looking pretty clear. there is an accident on 676 we're keeping an eye on. i'll tell you more about it when i come back. two fans are hurt after foul balls zipped into the stands at citizens bank park. >> up next, we'll explain what the team may do to prevent more injuries at the ballpark. >> also in today's nbc 10 responds, a viewer had to put off a trip because of a health scare and she could have lost hundreds of dollars in that process. we'll show you how the nbc 10 responds team made sure she did not lose out.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful.
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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quarter to 7:00. good orning, cape may where it's 70 degrees right now. take a live look down the shore. beach avenue. meteorologist bill henley tracking the conditions where you live. he'll be back in just a few minutes. right now, a call for change in major league baseball after two people were hurt by foul balls during phillies games over the weekend. >> it started during saturday night's home game. a girl was hit by a line drive off the bat of phillies shortstop. she was taken to children's hospital of philadelphia where she underwent further eval witnessing. on sunday, a woman was hit in the face by another foul ball. phillies fans expressed concerns about whether there is enough netting to protect the fans. the phillies were one of 19
6:45 am
teams that extended netting to the sides of the dugout by home plate. the team said we decided earlier this season to consider the possibility of further expansion next season. a church is standing up to vandals. the first unitarian church of wilmington dedicated two more banners in support of the black lives matter movement. the church has long been active in racial justice, women's right and lgbtq initiatives. >> we actually as i say in the black lives matter movement, we are a leaderful movement. we have many people who have been involved who understand and are standing with what we're doing and understanding what we're doing and how we're doing it. >> the church says it's working with police to install motion sensors. church leaders say every time a banner is vandalized, a donation will be made to the black lives matter cause.
6:46 am
in today's nbc 10 responds, a viewer's plan for a special trip took an unexpected turn and it could have cost her hundreds of dollars. >> instead of losing that cash, she contacted nbc 10 responds and harry hairston.ç >> pictures from past vacations at disney world document the special moments teresa french shared with her family over the last ten years. >> we've probably been there more as adults. >> this year she planned an extra special trip with her husband and daughter. >> 60th birthday. it's the happiest place on earth. >> she was forred to place happy times on hold. a serious health issue forced her to change plans. she called disney to postpone it. >> they rescheduled my dates, everything, until it came to the airline. that's where my problems began. >> disney told her she needed to contact american airlines to handle the flights. when she did, american informed her there's a $200 change fee
6:47 am
for each of the three tickets. she said that's when she thought of nbc 10 spodz. >> that didn't sit well with me. i thought about who to contact. i contacted harry. >> we contacted american airlines. the company told us part of the problem is, the airline tickets were purchased through disney and not directly by friend. however, the company sent us an e-mail stating in part, quote, we will happy to assist the customer by issuing them a travel voucher for future use on american airlines. those vouchers cover the $200 change fee, saving friend 600 bucks. >> for them to not charge me anything is amazing. amazing. all because of you. you. you're doing an awesome job. thank you again. >> thank you. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> we do want to point out american airlines went above and beyond by offering the vouchers on friend's nonrefundable
6:48 am
tickets. we're also wishing her a speedy recovery and happy 60th birthday. >> if you have a problem for nbc 10 responds, head to the website, fill out the complaint form that's there or give us a ç call. we will respond to you. it looks like the band is back together in new york. >> matt and savannah back together in new york. >> that's right. we are reunited and it feels so good. >> so good. >> all right, guys, good to see you. coming up on a monday here on "today," we'll take a closer look at what was a spectacular closing ceremony for the 2016 olympic games. we'll have an exclusive interview with ryan lochte as he opens up and takes responsibility for that incident at a rio gas station. the start of a special rossen report series this week. the whole goal is to save you money. do we really need to spend so much to get great tasting coffee? we'll see. >> savannah doesn't. she gets it free here every morning. we get a new puppy with a purpose. it's one of these little guys,
6:49 am
meet the newest member of the family when we see you here on a monday morning on "today." >> cute alert. love it. >> going to be good. >> you know that smell, we're going to have that new puppy smell around here. >> excellent. >> that's my perfume. yes. >> we'll see you at 7:00, guys, thank you. >> thanks. >> all right. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 11 minutes before 7:00. sunny view from center city. the sun is up and we'll see plenty of it today. a look at north wildwood, new jersey, nice sunny and clear view of the storms we had yesterday afternoon, completely out of the picture. 60s for lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware at 64 degrees. interior new jersey is in the 60s as well while philadelphia is 70 degrees. washington township, voorhees, right in the middle 60s this morning. down to 60 in princeton. while lumberton is 66 degrees along with cinnaminson. pleasant start this morning and we're going to get winds.
6:50 am
we are already feeling a little bit of wind right now. gusty winds this afternoon will kick in. winds steady at 14 miles an hour for philadelphia and at the shore. a little bit stronger in atlantic city. gusts topphíg 20 miles an hour. that's going to make things cooler and more comfortable for today. for the next few days, in fact. the humidity projection shows it's dropping by noontime, midday will be in the 50s. by later this afternoon, 44% in philadelphia. and you'll feel that drier air in delaware and at the shore as well. some really nice weather ahead. satellite and the radar, we're completely clear. the storms we had yesterday are offshore. there goes that cold front. that's cleared us. the comfortable air is here. no sign of wet weather to the west. we'll be dry and comfortable for days. the 10 day on 10 is looking cooler than last week. 83 today. 82 tomorrow and tomorrow morning, a little bit cooler in the morning.
6:51 am
drier air will be in place. that will allow the temperatures to start lower for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. comfortable even though we will see a warmup, middle 80s wednesday up to 88 degrees on thursday. by friday, the humidity will be back. 69 in the morning. 90 degrees in the afternoon. then the humidity will continue, though not as hot for saturday and sunday. upper 80s both days, 87 degrees, partly sunny skies, saturday and sunday. then we need some rainfall and we'll get showers and thunderstorms for monday and into tuesday. some late-day clearing on wednesday. it will clear us for a warmer day on wednesday afternoon with a high of 89. tracy, vai? >> nine minutes before 7:00. there's an accident to know about on 676. >> pamela osborne is looking at that. there was a standstill a minute ago. it just started moving, right whack pam pam? >> yes, we're working to get a crew or a picture of that right
6:52 am
now. this is our camera on broad street approaching that accident. you can see traffic is pretty much slowed down here. we know the westbound lanes of the vine street expressway are closed at this hour as they try toç clear that accident scene. that's something that we're keeping an eye on for you this morning. look at your majors right now. 95, 76, 476, all clear, aside from that accident which of course we are monitoring for you. next we'll take a closer look at this morning's headlines and stories we'll be following throughout the day. >> that includes the appeals process for jerry sandusky. and we'll tell you about his latest attempt to overturn his child sex abuse conviction. plus, school days. we'll tell you how parents in philadelphia can get a jump on registering kids for kindergarten.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a few minutes before 7:00. here's a look at some of the stories we're following today. >> jerry sandusky is expected back in court today trying to overturn hisç child sex abuse conviction. earlier this month, the former penn state coach testified that he was not properly represented at his trial in 2012. if his appeal is successful, a judge could order a new trial. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal will be addressed in a hearing today. a conservative group filed a lawsuit to get all of her e-mails while secretary of state. a judge is giving them two months to get questions to clinton about her e-mail and she has a month to answer them. the school district is hoping parents will sign up early to avoid a jam when kids show up to lass next month. they need implgs d., record of vaccinations and two forms of proof of address. crews in north philadelphia will be demolishing the west
6:57 am
sedgely avenue bridge starting today. that starts at 6:00, expected to end at 6:00 tomorrow morning. neighbors should expect men mall noise during the construction work. the bridge is being replaced and officials say the project should be done by the end of the year. we are watching an accident on 676. take a look at the backup you see going on here. we have skyforce 10 overhead. i mentioned when i saw you last there was an accident with injuries. there was a car overturned on the vine street expressway, right at 76. you can see some of the delays that are taking place because of that. it looks as though the accident itself has been clear but there certainly is and has been a backup leading to that point for a certain amount of time. all the westbound leans were closed. it looks like everything is moving right there. expect delays if you're headed in that area this morning. we're also working to learn more because of the accidents because
6:58 am
of that injury. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> two minutes before 7:00. we've got a sunny day ahead. we're startingç off with clear skies and a nice comfortable morning. 60s for most of the area. the suburbs, new jersey, lehigh valley with sunshine. 63 degrees right now. a little bit of breeze out of the northwest. that's at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia. that wind will be increasing this afternoon. it's a 13 mile-an-hour breeze. we could see gusts of month are than 20 miles an hour, possibly up to 25 miles an hour. that's dry air flooding into the area. it's going to bring in humidity that will be lower and also keep the temperatures lower this afternoon. 76 degrees at 11:00 this morning. for delaware, frawley stadium seeing sunny skies now. 68 degrees at 8:00 and 77 degrees at 11:00 this morning. in the suburbs, we'll see a nice warmup with sunshine. this is king of prussia, 69
6:59 am
degrees at 9:00. by lunch time, 75 degrees. looking pretty nice. afternoon temperatures, a little bit below normal for this time of year. by a couple degrees. for philadelphia, 83 degrees. sunny and breezy for the suburbs and new jersey. 83 in interior new jersey and 83 degrees at the shore as well. you'll feel that drier air this afternoon at the shore with low 80s for delaware and the lehigh valley. quite a difference compared to where we've been lately. >> you'll notice it right when you walk out the door. >> i like what we see. >> local updates throughout the morning, including the situation on 676, that accident on the vine street expressway. you can always get weather, news and traffic, of course, on the nbc 10 app. >> next on the "today" show, see an exclusive interview with ryan lochte. thanks for watching. have a great day. tad tod "today" show starts right now.
7:00 am
good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an historic medal haul. another u.s. athlete is still making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could face more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be walking back his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.


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