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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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they're doing some work there. that closure is in under until 6:00 this morning. a look at your majors, septa, patco, amtrak, all running on time. thank you. we're following breaking news of a house fire in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. the fire started about 30 minutes ago on north 37th street and wallace street. we're hearing reports that a person jumped out of a second floor when dough to escape the fire. we have a crew on the way. as soon as we get additional details, we'll bring them to you. crews were called to mischner avenue around 3:30 this morning. the victims are being treated for smoke inhalation and broken bones. they are expected to be okay. in decision 2016, the race is on to turn pennsylvania from blue to red. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live
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in king of prussia where today republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will be campaigning. matt, tell us more. >> tracy and çvai, governor pee will be here in king of prussia at tech tube, this company here. that speech will be happening this morning. he will then head to pipersville in bucks county. the details of this speech here have not been revealed, though. this company does specialize in manufacturing. the company tech tube touts more than 70 years of experience in custom tubing for a number of industries. pennsylvania has been viewed as a must-win state for both parties. we've seen both campaigns here quite a bit recently. we've also seen the republican campaign, namely donald trump himself reaching out over the past few days. he's been making a push for more support among african-american voters. >> never. never. if there was no one else to vote for, i would vote for myself. >> it's like we're doing the same thing over and over.
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we are doing it. it's insanity, to continue to vote for policies and emwho do not care. >> still more work to do but this event here in king of prussia with governor pence is not open to the public. the speech later on this afternoon is. that will be at worth & company in pipersville at 4:00. tickets are being given out for that. mean tame, for the democrats, hillary clinton's campaign is opening three new offices in pennsylvania today with a focus on voter turnout and gaining more support. live in king of prussia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. meantime, donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor to take over the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. trump says that's because the fbi and justice department cannot be trusted. trump's comments came hours after the state department announced it is reviewing nearly 15,000 new e-mails. the fbi recovered those messages as mart of its investigation into clinton's private server at home. lawyers for the state department
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say they expect to release the new e-mails by mid-october. the department said it's unclear frm clinton's team as secretary of state. follow our continuing coverage of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy and see how donald trump's campaign is doubling its spending as it pushes for pennsylvania. that and more are on the decision 2016 section of the nbc 10 app. no justice. that's what a south jersey family who lost a loved one a police shooting says a federal prosecutors closed the case yesterday. authorities announced they will not charge two bridgeton officer who pulled over a car in which jerome reed was riding in in 2014. police say the car ran a stop sign. the dashcam video shows what happened just before the confrontation. they recovered a gun from the glove compartment but reed was unarmed. here's the reaction from activists speaking for reed's family. >> angry, upset, disheartening.
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who do we turn to when a government that is set in place with checks and balances but yet we see where the difference goes to. the issue is the law, the law has to change. >> the two officers said they feared for their lives that night. under law, federal authorities cannot bring charges without proof that the officers acted improperly. also in south jersey, a man charged with the murder of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son is set to be arraigned today. they say he kicked and punched the child in his stomach saturday in pennsauken. the mother told 911 dispatchers that her son vomed and suddenly stopped breathing. >> he has bruising on his chest. >> his chest is moving? >> no, his chest is bruised. >> the two other children inside the home may have also been beaten by the suspect. additional charges are pending. a delaware county man is in
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jail facing child rape and pornography charges. police say michael sexually assaulted a 7-year-old in middleton, new castleç county. authorities found child porn at his home in ashton while serving a search warrant. he's being held at the delaware county priz. authorities plan to return him to delaware. police in new castle county want you to look at surveillance video they hope can help them catch a suspect in a home invasion that left an elderly man injured in edenridge. this happened last friday. got into a scuffle with the 81-year-old victim. authorities are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. president obama is heading to louisiana today to see firsthand the damage from the worst flooding since hurricane sandy. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal disaster
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aid to repair the flood damage. nearly 3,000 people are still in shelters. 13 deaths are blamed on the weather. more than 06,000 homes are damaged. critics say the president should have cut short his summer vacation last week to focus on the federal response. >> the president has been focused on the response on the ground and people whose lives in louisiana have been turned upside down by this terrible flooding event. >> more than 20 inches of rain fell in some parts of louisiana in less than 24 hours. ryan lochte is paying a price for his controversy at the rio olympics. >> he's losing sponsors. yesterday, four companies, including speedo and ralph lauren cut ties with lochte. the sponsors dropped lochte in the wake of a drinken incident at a rio gas station that the swimmer originally described as an armed robbery. lochte later apologize for embellishing the incident. a hometown olympian returns
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and the crowd goes wild. >> new this morning, we check iç with runner nia ali, right after she touched down in philadelphia overnight. as another atlantic city casino gets ready to close its doors, surrounding businesses are bracing for impact. we tell you why business owners we talked to say the den the in their bottom line won't last. the wind is taking a break. that's making for a cooler start this morning. your first alert forecast, just ahead.
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4:39. we are following breaking news out of philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. this is a live look at a fire scene at north 37th street and wallace street. we're hearing reports of a person jumping out of a second floor window to escape this
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fire. the fire department says no one was hurt. good morning. we're watching a few things on the roadways for you. the first thing i'll pass along to you, until 6:00 this morning, the west sedgely avenue bridge is closed between 7th and 9th street. that goes on until 6:00 this morning, while that bridge gets repaired. we're also looking at an accident in lower merion, right at the schuylkill expressway in the millcreek underpass. you'll want to avoid that as you're headed our your door. 95, 76, 476 all clear this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. heading out the door, the temperatures are falling. it's cooler this morning, anywhere from 6 to 14 degrees cooler this morning in the area. a sunny day and less breezy than yesterday. with lots of sunshine and less wind, the temperatures will warm up pretty quickly. the low 80s this afternoon.
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clear skies and low humidity we're on track for another beautiful evening this evening. right now, 65 degrees in philadelphia. that's 6 degrees cooler thanç yesterday at the time. look at the 70s for this morning and into the afternoon hours, then low 80s this afternoon. and the winds will be staying lighter today and the suburbs 55 degrees right now. 62 degrees at 8:00. just a light breeze this afternoon as the temperatures climb into the upper 70s today. for the lehigh valley, you'll see sunny skies there. the skies are clear. temperatures down to 54 degrees. 58 degrees, still in the 50s at 8:00 this morning. the quick warmup into the upper 70s this afternoon. you'll find light winds in the lehigh valley as well. on track for plenty of sunshine in new jersey, the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. but starting off cooler at 54 degrees. 76 degrees at lunch time today. and at the shore, bright, sunny skies and a little bit of a sea breeze developing this
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afternoon. 77 degrees at 2:00 and your day in delaware starts in the 50s. right now, 58 degrees. skies are clear. they'll stay clear all day long. 73 degrees at 10:00. by noontime in the upper 70s, near 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. there is some warmer weather on the day, maybe you've noticed it with the scrolling seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. that's one seven day for each part of our area. we'll take a look at the warmup and how long it will last when i'm back in a few minutes with the 10 day on 10. cheers. you no longer have to stop at the state store to buy wine. >> you can buy ice cream, milk, bread, and wipe all at the same place. nbc 10 is taking to the water to show how the jersey shore beaches are rebuilt to protect the coastline. you love summer
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pedi perfect. it's the beauty secret that's earning five star reviews for buffing away hard, dry skin leaving feet salon pedicure smooth. feel the difference for yourself. amopé. love every step. and right now save $15 at in china, gaming tycoon steve wynn is trying to revive
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the biggest gambling market with a new $4 billion casino. the wynn palace opened its doors yesterday in macao. it has thousands ofç hotel roo, dancing fountains and artwork worth millions. the macao rakes in five times the gambling revenue as las vegas. to atlantic city where the trump taj mahal is set to close in about six weeks. neighboring businesses are optimistic it won't stay closed. the steel pier is next to the taj. the owner tells nbc 10 business is down there but expects it to bounce back. other shops also say that the situation at the taj is putting a den the in their bottom liens but it's nothing new for them and any sort of casino shutdown won't be for long. >> if they close in october, they will re-open in the spring either under the same umbrella of the icon corporation or somebody else. >> business owners also said the
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revel will be opening next month and the showboat casino back in action will help supplement revenue. acme markets are starting to sell wine under the new law. the store is offering dozens of varieties for sale. six more acme stores in the state will start stocking wine soon. pennsylvania began issuing licenses for grocery stores earlier this month. and pennsylvania officials formed a new task force aimed at improving the lives of military veterans. the panel will work to bring together resources. that includes employment, housing, mental health and legal services. it includes world war ii, korea, vietnam and wars in the middle east. we'll be getting an update on a boy from who had ground
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breaking surgery. he's the first child in the world to receive a double hand transplant. surgeonsç at philadelphia children's hospital performed the surgery. tap the nbc 10 app for an update on zion harvey. members of congress are demanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of epipens. the device that can prevent potential fatal shock in those who are allergic. officials say the cost has gone up more than 400% since 2008. senators sent a letter to the makers of the epipens asking them to justify the increase. the company declined to kmpt on the price hike. philadelphia's mayor will be at funeral services this morning for the city's former top cop. >> former police commissioner john timmeney died after a
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battle with lung cancer. he will be laid to rest today. he was philadelphia's police commissioner from 1998 to 2001. he pioneered the use of crime mapping. he's also remember for hopping on a bicycle and joining his officers on the front lines during protests surrounding the 2000 convention. jn timmeney was 68 years old. today is move-in day for new students at wynnewood. the enrollment is up with 45 new seminarians. 4:48. hoping most seminarians don't run into traffic on their way. >> let's check what you'll run into if you're heading out the door. pamela osborne has an update. pam? >> we were watching construction
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on the vine street expressway. it looks as though things are clearing up, which they are expected to by 5:00 this morning by the way. this is our camera at 16th street. we're also monitoring another situation for youç this mornin this involving a closure. if you travel the west sedgely avenue bridge, it's closed between 7th street and 9th street. this closure goes from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning. it will also be taking place tomorrow. route 202 drive times, everything looking good. speeds in the 60s. a peek at new jersey roadways when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 11 minutes before 5:00. a nice start this morning, a cooler morning. even in the city, looking across the delaware, temperatures in the 60s right now for center city. most of the rest of the area is running cooler, including the shore. north wildwood, new jersey, stand by for a sunny, beautiful day ahead. humidity will stay low as well. the 50s, the lehigh valley,
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suburbs and into delaware, south jersey, the jersey shore in the 50s and in the 60s right now for philadelphia. but it is cooler down. in south jersey, yesterday these were all in the 60s, running a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 59 in pitmann, voorhees is 56 degrees. look at medford at 55 this morning and 54 in lumberton. a beautiful start to the day. like yesterday, the humidity will stay low with plenty of sunshine. the humidity, highest in the morning, drops in the afternoon as those temperatures climb. we didn't see that yesterday afternoon. 39%. that's at 4:00 this afternoon. it stays low in delaware and at the shore. a little bit lower than yesterday. a warm day today and a warming trend, though, will have us back in the 90s at the end of the week. allentown, 90 degrees on friday. upper 80s in wildwood. philadelphia gets beautiful weather over the next few days but the humidity starts creeping back in at the end of the weekend. a nice one for dover.
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low 80s. by the end of the week it will be in the low 90s. what we won't see is wet weather. satellite and radar are clear. you might see a few fair weathwr clouds but no sign of any rain. the nearest rain is in northern michigan this morning. next chance of rain will come in next week. 10 day on 10, 80s, low humidity for today and again tomorrow. a little bit warmer in the afternoon. tomorrow starts the warming trend. it will have us near 90 degrees on thursday and into the 90s on friday. that will be a hot and humid one friday afternoon. 94 degrees. the temperatures start coming down, moderating a bit over the weekend. upper 80s for saturday and again on sunday. monday will be dry as well as tuesday. there's a chance we'll see showers on wednesday. then they clear out of here thursday afternoon with partly sunny skies, high of 88 degrees. enjoy the beautiful cool breeze that's going to be blowing with low humidity while it lasts. vai? >> thank you, bill. stumping hard in
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pennsylvania, the trump and clinton campaigns are pushing to win this battleground state in the race for the white house. >> next in a live report, we'll tell you what both camps are doing today to get votes. and olympian nia ali is back and bringing home a medal. we'll show you the warm welcome she received when she touched down here in her hometown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning, pamela osborne in the first alert traffic center. this is a look at route 38 in cherry hill, new jersey at haddonfield road. a few cars on the roadway this morning. everything is trafi itraveling y in either direction there. when i come back, we'll take a look at mass transit as well as some pennsylvania roadways. >> see you then, pamela. a helmet cam is giving us a first person view of a barn fire. the footage shot by one of the first firefighters on the scene on sunday. several propane tanks exploded inside this barn that touched off this blaze. two firefighters were hurt but
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are expected to be okay. and you probably heard about beach replenishment projects. now we're getting an up-close look at how they happen. the headç of a beach protectio advocacy group was among those that got a chance to board the liberty island after long beach township yesterday. it's part of a major army corps of engineers beach replenishment and repair project. the work includes fixing areas damaged by coastal storms last fall and winter. >> each load is about 500 dump trucks. we take six loads a day. >> the timing of the work during the summer has drawn criticism from some beachgoers. the army corps of engineers say in order to protect 127 miles of new jersey coastline, some of the work has to be done over the summer. poking fun at rumors about
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her health. >> that's what hillary clinton did on jimmy kimmel's show last night. >> can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with. this is -- >> clinton showed her strength and laughed off questions about her stamina posed by donald trump and other republicans. that included asking kimmel to take her pulse, just to see if she was still alive. gabby douglas is moving from the medal stand to the judge's table. the olympic gymnast has been added as a celebrity judge for the 2017 miss america competition in atlantic city. douglas helped team usa take home team gold in rio. she was also the first all-around olympic gold medalist in u.s. history to earn a spot on a second olympic team. a big philly welcome home overnight for an olympic medal winner from germantown. >> this is big. nia ali arrived at the airport just before 1:00 this morning. take a look.
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>> dueling cell phones there. what a homecoming it was for the philly native. she won silverç in the 100 met hurdles last week. her mom and 15-month-old son titus maximus, arrived home a few hours before nia. they were determined to show nia how much she is loved with this welcome home party. >> it's been an overwhelming week. i love philadelphia. i'm grateful to have everybody here. >> nia made history in her race being a member of the first country to ever sweep winning gold, silver and bronze in that race. another local olympian fresh off winning gold in rio returned to the place where she learned her craft. sierra runge showed off her
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medal and signed autographs. runge says winning gold is great but giving back to the future of her sport is the most rewarding thing. >> if i had somebody when i was 4 years old come here with a gold medal i'd be freaking out. it would have -- i mean, been inkred experience for me. to be that person for those kids and to be that inspiration for them is something that i'm really proud of. >> as for her post-olympic plans, it's back into the pool. she's focused on training for the 2020 games in tokyo. >> you can see by the looks of those little girls faces as they're looking at her, someday they hope to be olympians themselves. more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. >> back in the battle ground state. vice presidential nominee mike pence returns to our area for his first campaign stop in the philadelphia suburb. no charges. the case is closed in a police-involved shooting in our area. the victim's family says they're not getting justice. >> new this morning, forced to
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jump out of this house fire and now two people are in the hospital in philadelphia. nbc 10 news starts now. >> just before ç5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to tuesday and "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's going to be another nice day. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. morning, bill. >> it's hard to beat yesterday, vai but we are going to try. breezy yesterday, the winds have died down this morning. that's making for a cooler start this morning. we're in the 50s right now in the lehigh valley, 58 degrees at 7:00. 10:00 this morning, 72 degrees. and sunshine will be nice and bright for philadelphia. warm spot right now is the city at 64 degrees. the rest of the area is in the 50s and will warm into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. 82 degrees in philadelphia. the normal high temperature is 85 degrees. a little bit below normal again today. the suburbs, new jersey, lehigh valley and delaware all in the very low 80s with lots of
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sunshine. and at the shore, sunny skies, less wind and 79 degrees. the humidity today will be even lower than yesterday. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in just a few minutes. first, pamela osborne has an update from the first alert traffic center. >> good morning, bill. good morning to all of you at home. everything is looking good on the roadways this morning. this is a look at route 1 at broad street. just a few cars on the road this morning. everything traveling smoothly at this hour. also the same story for mass transit today. take a look. amtrak, septa, patco, new jersey transit, all running on time for you this morning. if you're hitting the freeway in your car, 76 looking good this morning as well. average speeds in the 60s. new from overnight, an adult and child are in the hospital after a fire at their home in philadelphia's cedarbrook neighborhood. the home is gutted. fire officials tell us the victims jumped out of a window and are being


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