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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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escaping the flames. a teenager and another woman jump out of a window when their house catches fire overnight. case closed. the feds wrap up an investigation into a deadly police shooting. it happened in cumberland county. >> presidential polls. new numbers have just been released that show how likely voters are leaning in the race for the white house. nbc 10 news starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. you see behind us be it's just getting light out there. we think you'll like what you see today. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. >> 21 minutes away from sunrise, vai. skies are clear over philadelphia. we won't see a lot of wind, in fact it's already lighter this morning. that's leading to a cooler morning. the temperatures have dropped down into the 50s and 60s to start with. we will see enough sunshine that they'll warm into the 80s this
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afternoon. sunny skies and 80s today. through the day today, the humidity will stay low. i'll take you through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in just a few minutes. first, pamela osborne has your first alert traffic. >> that'a right. we're taking a look at the schuylkill expressway. this is right around belmont avenue. you can see we're beginning to see more cars on the road this morning around this time which we normally do. no problems to speak of there. if you're getting off in bala cynwyd, we do have an alert. belmont avenue, levering mill road, some of the traffic lights are out. something to keep in mind if you approach the intersections. the stoplights are not working right now. drive times for route 42, 60 miles an hour. a fire at this home in philadelphia, cedarbrook neighborhood, crews were called to michener avenue around 3:30 this morning. this home is gutted. fire officials tell us the
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victims jump out of a second floor window. they're being treated for smoke inhalation and broken bones but are expected to be okay. new from overnight, firefighters battled flames in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. here's a look at the three-story home. the fire department says no one there was hurt and there's no word yet on how it started. 6:02. now to decision 2016. a new poll released just minutes ago shows hillary clinton holding her lead over donald trump nationally. the tracking poll shows clinton up eight points to 52%. the results show clinton more than 80 points better with african-american voters and similar story with hispanic voters. campaigns are returning to our region today. >> mike pence will be in the pennsylvania suburbs today. he'll visit tech tube
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incorporated, a private event. later pence will hold a town hall in pipersville, bucks county. that event will be at worth & company, aç mechanical contractor. today hillary clinton's campaign will open three new offices in pennsylvania with one of them in lansdale, montgomery county. the other two offices are near harrisburg and pittsburgh. the came pain says the offices will host phone banks and organizing meetings and serve as hubs for the democratic nominee's get out the vote effort. >> show me your hands. >> this dashcam video shows what happened just before bridgeton police shot and killed a man in 2014. the investigation into the shooting is now closed. monique braxton is live in bridgeton. tell us about the results of that investigation. >> federal investigators have concluded there will be no
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charges. you may recall, bridgeton police officers who were involved in the incident said they fear for their lives. the death of jerome reid was captured on dashcam video in 2014. reid was killed during a confrontation with police. he was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for running a stop sign. police found a gun in the car but reid was unarmed. investigators reviewed if the shooting violated federal law. the u.s. attorney's office released a statement that says in part, viewing the evidence as whole, the government determined that federal charges are not warranted. >> angry, upset, it's just disheartening. who do we turn to when a government that is set in place for checks and balances but yet we see where the deference goes to. >> reporter: after the shooting, the mayor appealed for calm but there were protests and marches
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from the scene to the courthouse. the feds can't bring charges without proof the officers involved acted with malice or acted improperly.ç now, this isn't outcome reid's family had hoped for. throughout the morning we'll work to try to get reaction from the family as well as the police department. live in bridgeton, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. jerry sandusky meanwhile will be back in a central pennsylvania courtroom today for the third and final day of his appeal hearing. the former penn state assistant football coach is trying to get his 2012 conviction on child sex crimes overturned. the sandusky contends he wasn't properly represented at his trial. yesterday his lawyers focused on conflicting statements from a man who settled a child sex abuse claim with penn state but did not testify at sandusky's criminal trial. if the appeal is successful, the judge could order a new trial for him. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after he was shot
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while playing in chester. the victim's mom says her son an other kids were playing in front of the house on west 9th street yesterday when someone started shooting in their direction. the 6-year-old was shot in the finger. vai? >> we have new details on a home invasion that ended with a philadelphia man shot to death while six children were nearby. police yesterday identified the victim as 36-year-old ha kekeem rahman. his wife was also shot. she's listed in critical condition. rahman's six kids were all home at the time and some of them were in the bedroom and witnessed the deadly shooting. police say this was not a random attack. police in new castle county want you to look at this surveillance video they hope can catch a suspect in a home invasion that left an elderly man injured in edenridge. take a look. this is a red four-door sedan. officials say the man forced his way into the home, got into a
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scuffle with the 81-year-old victim. the suspect made offç with mon, tric electronics and jewelry. three men burst into a 7-eleven road on welsh road on august 7th pointing guns at the clerk and a customer inside. if you recognize the suspects, police want to hear from you. nearly two dozen pennsylvania airports are about to get much-needed upgrades. 23 airports in all have been selected for safety upgrades and expansion opportunities, including five in philadelphia, montgomery and bucks counties. a heads up if you travel i-95 north in philadelphia. penndot says lane closures will be in effect from 9:00 to 5:00 in the morning tonight through friday morning. crews will be doing repair work on the northbound viaduct over
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lehigh avenue. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 6:08. we are in the clear this morning. look at cape may. the sky is glowing ahead of sunrise this morning. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. temperatures are cooler this morning. 50s and 60s. 62 degrees in philadelphia. look at the 50s in trenton and mt. holly. they're down 15 degrees in new jersey. and still falling at this hour. at the shore, 58 degrees for cape may courthouse, atlantic city is 65. cape may point is 63 degrees. interior new jersey, all these numbers were in the 60s yesterday. in fact, upper 60s for most of the numbers. medford, voorhees at 55, lumb lumberton at 53, 57 in cinnaminson. a cooler start this morning. the cooler conditions coming courtesy of the wind dying down. very little to no wind for most of the area. just a 5 mile breeze at wilmington and dover.
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light wind and clear skies and low humidity have combined to give us a nice cool start. it's going to lead to a sunny, warm afternoon, just not hot. nowhere near it. the hçumidity stays low all da long. the forecast hour by hour for philadelphia, 70 degrees at 9:00. by early afternoon, very low 80s and stay in the low 80s later today. sunshine for the suburbs with low humidity and a light breeze today. 77 degrees at 1:00. by 5:00, in the upper 70s. just a little bit warmer in the lehigh valley. 79 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon, after a cool start this morning. so cool at 9:00 this morning. 66 degrees. for dover, delaware, sunshine will be bright, 80 degrees this afternoon. new jersey into the low 80s with a quick warmup this morning to near 80 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. and even the shore will be seeing sunshine all day long with a little bit of a sea breeze developing late this afternoon. and the humidity stays low even at the shore today.
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but there is some humidity in our future as well as some hot weather, too. i've got the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. >> thank you, bill. 6:10 this tuesday morning. looks like we have an accident to tell you about. >> let's find out exactly where it is. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne is watching the roads for us. where is the accident, pam? >> this is right on 95. i'll step out of the way, show you the picture near route 332. some of the crews are blocking off this far right lane here. there's a semi truck, also a couple vehicles involved in this accident. traffic going down to one lane. if you're not familiar where this is at, right around exit 49 again on 95 this morning. we'll continue to keep an eye on this for you as well. also, the traffic lights in bala cynwyd are out. this is right around belmont avenue and levering mill road. keep in mind if you're headed out your door this morning, if you're going that way, expecting to see some of the lights, you may have to stop and anticipate
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there. also check of mass transit, everything is running on time. thank you, pamela. ryan lochte's robbery in rio scandal is costing him some endorsements. >> we'll tell you about the sponsors who dumped the swimmer in the aftermath of the olympic controversy. plus, spilling secrets. we'll tell you about the overnight report that claims wikileaks is exposing the private lives of innocent people.
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6:14. good morning, drexel park, a live look at university city where it is 58 degrees right now. a pretty look at the skyline. meteorologist bill henley is
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back if a few minutes with your neighborhood forecast. wikileaksç crew siusade ma having harmful effects on several people. sensitive family, financial and identity records have been posted on the web as well as medical cards. the ap pp says it's attempts to reach the wikileaks founder have been unsuccessful. speedo and ralph lauren cut ties with ryan lochte. they dropped lochte in the wake of a drunken incident at a rio gas station. an update on efforts to expand early education in philadelphia. a total of 85 providers have applied to expand quality pre-k in the city for more than 4,000 students by the start of next
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year. those applications are being reviewed. and students in our area are already back to school, some of them. one group of kids in philadelphia was greeted at the school door by some of the city's finest. philadelphia police officers welcomed students back to douglas elementary wednesday morning. part of an ongoing effort we wanted students welcomed with a high five, a hug, we thought no one better than the members of our community. philadelphia public schools welcomed students back on september 7th. we're seeing lane restrictions because of an accident, you can see traffic is really starting to build up there now. this was a multiple vehicle
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involved accident, including that semi truck you see right there. you also see flashing lights in the area, a couple other vehicles further up the road there. likely also involvedç in that accident. again, traffic in the southbound lanes, this is right around exit 49 are restricted. they put cones out. they are trying to get people in the far left lane. that's something to be aware of if you're headed out your door this morning. looking at the majors, 95, 76, 476, looking pretty clear. another look at route 42, traffic moving smoothly there as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 17 minutes after 6:00. here we go. sun coming up right now. that's a live view from center city. sun crossing the horizon and nothing overhead. no clouds this morning. clear skies overnight and the temperatures got a little chillier overnight. look at the 50s for the lehigh
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valley, the suburbs. delaware 61 degrees and 62 degrees in philadelphia. there are cooler neighborhoods in philadelphia. andorra 55, parkwood at 58 degrees right now. in the 60s in center city and the airport just dropped to 62 degrees this hour. the temperature is coming down. the winds will be lighter today. it was a breezy day, not today though, just a light variable wind. a nice warmup, bright sunshine, no clouds around, into the low 80s this afternoon. through the day, all that dry air that arrived yesterday will stay with us. the humidity will not be an issue today. chestnut hit, 81 degrees this afternoon. look at the suburbs, west chester 80 degrees. the lehigh valley, allentown and easton, very low 80s for today. for new jersey, sunny skies, low humidity, even at the shore where it warms up to 79 degrees for ocean city and atlantic city. into the low 80s for wilmington with clear skies, we're heading
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into a few more days of nice weather before things really heat up. chances of showers minimal. no storms to show you the nearest wet weather is in headed our way. we will stay dry until we get toward the very end of the week. that's when we could see a pop-up shower on friday. the next couple days, forget about the umbrella. you'll need sunglasses, definitely and a really comfortable day today. we'll repeat tomorrow. just warmer in the afternoon. come thursday, that's when some of the humidity starts creeping back into the area. 69 in the morning, 89 in the afternoon. it's not just the afternoons that are warmer. it's the mornings, too. that's an indication of humidity coming back into the area. you'll really feel it on friday. 74 the morning temperature, 94 the afternoon. humidity will be around. partly sunny skies for most of the day. could see an isolated shower on friday. saturday, sunshine right back in the airia.
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a sunny sunday as well with a few scattered clouds. rain holds off for monday and tuesday. by wednesday, that's our chance of showers and into thursday, both days will warm into the upper 80s. enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts. >> absolutely, bill. a local olympian returned home overnight to screaming fans and family. we'll show you more of this welcome home celebration. plus, rip current rescues. we'll tell you about the life-saving efforts at the jersey shore yesterday.
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and a big philly welcome home overnight for nia ali. she arrived at the airport just before 1:00 this morning.
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yes, family and friends there, fans, what a homecoming it was for the philly native. she won silver in the 100 meter hurdles last week. her family, including her mom and son, titus maximus, arrived home from rio just a few hours before nia did. they were determined to show nia how much she is loved with this welcome home party. >> it's been an overwhelming week. i love philadelphia. i'm very grateful to have everybody here. >> nia made history being a member of the first country to win gold, silver and bronze in that race. swept it. another local olympian fresh off winning gold in rio returned to the place where she learned her craft. sierra runge held a meet and greet at the jennersville ymca.
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she showed off her medal and signed autographs. for a breakdown of the athletes that competed in rio, tap the nbc 10 app or go to nbc10.comç good morning. we're still keeping an eye on an accident for you. this is on 95 near route 332, the southbound lanes. there were multiple vehicles involved in this accident. you can see flashing lights, police activity there. that tractor-trailer and two other vehicles also pulled over on to the shoulder of the road. now in the meantime, it looks like they have things down to one lane there. something to keep in mind if you're headed out your door this morning. if you're on 95 southbound trying to get to woodhaven or allegheny ave, it will take you 19 minutes. average speeds dropping down into the 40s. for a look at the weather, meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning, pamela. clear skies this morning. 62 degrees at 6:25. humidity, nice and low and the
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sun is just coming up. neighborhood forecast just ahead. up next at 6:30, battleground pennsylvania. how the trump campaign is focusing on the keystone state today. plus, an up-close look at what it's like to be inside a firefight.
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pence in pennsylvania, today the trump campaign sets its sights on the keystone state. final farewell. today philadelphia's former police commissioner will be laid to rest. tragedy in the streets. we are learning more about a wheelchair bound iraqi war veteran killed in a hit and run crash. this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert neighborhood forecast. a beautiful morning so far.
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bill? >> looks good in each of our neighborhoods this morning. philadelphia, the suburbs, look at the temperature difference. low 60s in philadelphia. 55 degrees in the suburbs and middle 50s also for new jersey. the lehigh valley, a little bit cooler with sun coming up. we'll see bright sunshine and these temperatures that are in the 50s and 60s will be warming into the 80s this afternoon. right now, there are some cooler spots in the city, andorra 55 degrees, low 60s at the airport. center city is in the 60s this morning. northeast philadelphia, much of the area dropped into the upper 50s. cooler this morning an a quick warmup into the 80s this afternoon. these temperatures will just barely make it into the 80s, for delaware 82 degrees. 80 degrees for the lehigh valley and new jersey at the shore, close to 80 degrees this afternoon. humidity stays low at the shore. in fact, low for the entire airy. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour to show you how quickly it will warm up when i'm
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back in a few moments. first, pamela osborne has an update from the first alert traffic center. >> these are the southbound lanes of i-95.ç there was a tractor-trailer as well as a couple vehicles involved in that accident. they've restricted access that that far right lane. they're pushing traffic over to the far left as they deal with the accident there. if you're headed to allegheny avenue from there, it will probably take you 21 minutes drive time, low 30s right now. we're also looking at an accident in norristown. this is arch street and east johnson highway. you can see where it's causing backup and delay right there as well this morning. also want to check in on mass transit for you. doylestown, thorndale line, both running about ten minutes late. pamela, thank you. today, donald trump's running mate, mike pence is making a swing through the battleground state of pennsylvania. matt delucia is live in king of prussia. tell us about today's visit. >> pence is making two stops in
6:32 am
our area, one later on this morning at king of prussia at this company called tech tube. then he heads to pipersville in bucks county. the details of this speech have not been revealed. this company does specialize in manufacturing. of course, pennsylvania has been viewed as a must-wane state for both parties. both camps made frequent visits to the keystone state in recent weeks. we've also seen the republican campaign as of late, namely donald trump himself, reaching out, especially over the past few days. he's been making a push for more support among african-american voters. but trump also canceled a speech he planned to give on thursday about immigration. supporters were told the speech was still being modified. the event here today in king of prussia with mike pence is not open to the public. the speech later on this afternoon is, the one in bucks county at worth & company in pipersville at 4:00. tickets are being given out for
6:33 am
that. the democrats, hillary clinton's campaign has -- or is going to be opening up three new offices in pennsylvania, allhfocused o getting out the vote and of course gathering more support as we get closer to the november election. live in king of prussia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. speaking of the democratic nominee, hillary clinton, she's grappling with her e-mail controversy. the state department says it will review nearly 15,000 new e-mails the fbi recovered in its investigation into clinton's private server at home. lawyers for the state department say they expect to release the new e-mails in mid-october. donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor. a man charged with the murder of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son is scheduled to be arraigned today. police say 24-year-old zachary tricoci kicked and punched the child in the stomach on sunday in pennsauken. sources tell nbc 10 the two
6:34 am
other children in the home may have also been beaten by the suspect. additional charges are pending. a delaware county man is in jail facing child rape and pornography charges this morning. police say he sexually assaulted a 7-year-old in middletown, new castle county. authorities found child pornography at his home while serving a search warrant during the sex assault investigation. and philadelphia's mayor will be at funeral services this morning for the city's former top cop. >> former police commissioner john timmeney will be laid to rest in new york city. timmeney died after battling lung cancer. he's remember for hopping on a beak and joining his officers on the front lines during protests surrounding the 2000 republican convention. he also stirred controversy when it was later disclosed that police infiltrated the protest groups. john timmeney was 68 years old. a helmet cam is giving us a first person view of a bucks county barn fire. this footage was shot by one of the first firefighters who came
6:35 am
on the scene of this fire in bensalem on sunday. investigators say several propane tanks exploded inside this barn, touching off this ç blaze. two firefighters were hurt but they are expected to be okay. (will visit louisiana today to see the damage from the worst flooding since hurricane sandy. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid. 3,000 people are still in shelters. at least 13 deaths are blamed on this flooding. lifeguards at the jersey shore made at least a dozen rescues because of rip currents yesterday. strong tides and winds triggered a powerful undertow in the surf from monmouth county to atlantic city. the mother of this boy from ocean county pluck him from the water herself just moments before others were trapped. >> i felt like i had to keep going further to run after my son. normally i go to my knees, my waist. i felt if i didn't go all the way in with him, he could have
6:36 am
been drown in by the undertow. >> crews banded together to rescue people, getting in their last swims of the summer season. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 6:36. heading out right now. it is clear and cooler this morning. the winds were very quiet overnight. we're starting to see a little bit of a breeze. overall, the wind is going to be less breezy than yesterday. sunshine will warm us into the 80s this afternoon. the humidity is already low. it stays comfortable this evening. another beautiful evening ahead with temperatures dropping from the 80s into the 70s, then eventually the 60s. the 60s is where we're starting in philadelphia. 62 degrees with sunshine. we'll still be in the 60s at 8:00. then into the low 70s at 10:00. upper 70s at lunch time with a light breeze out of the north at 4 miles an hour. winds stay light this afternoon. into very low 80s. little bit cooler than yesterday. a little bit more comfortable,
6:37 am
too. the humidity very low. suburbs 50s to start with, low 70s later this morning. into the upper 70s, near 80 degrees this afternoon. nothing but sunshine for the suburbs and the lehigh valley, we'll see plenty of sunshine, too. here comes the sun right now. view from easton this morning. the temperatures still dropping right now. usually the coolest time of day is just after sunrise. that's when we're losing more heat than we're getting from the sun with its low an. that changes. by noontime, 75 degrees, low 80s for the lehigh valley and low humidity as well. and sunshine, nice and bright in new jersey. humidity already low this morning. 70s by noontime and into the very low 80s this afternoon. the humidity will stay low at the shore as well. with blue sky overhead. 70 degrees right now, 60s at 8:00 an then into the upper 70s by later this afternoon. and topping out at 80 degrees in delaware, well, right now it's 57 degrees. a light breeze, gentle, much
6:38 am
lower than yesterday. that will allow temperatures to climb into the upper 70s by lunch time. a little bit warmer later this afternoon. humidity stays low today. if you've been checking out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see we're in for warmer weather. hot weather at the end of the week. with that will come humidity as well. i've got the t10 day on 10 to show you how long that will last when i come back in a few minutes. >> pamela has a similar shot of the sun glare. >> 6:38. pamela? >> this is cherry hill, new jersey, route 38 to be more specific. right at haddonfield road. you can see that sun glare up in the corner there. just a few cars out on the roadway this morning. no major trouble or problem spots there to speak of as of now. also giving you a look at your majors this morning, 295, the new jersey turnpike, 42, all clear this morning. we're also keeping an eye on an accident on 95. these are the southbound lanes. i'm going to have an update for you there on that multiple
6:39 am
vehicle accident and let you know if things are clear. >> pamela, thanks. the "today" show's al roker one burger at a time. >> up next, we'll check in with al to hear how he is teaming up with shake shack for the cause. plus, in today's nbc 10 responds, we'll show you how we helped a bucks county man save hundreds of dollars after a flight into minnesota turned into a stressful trip.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:42. good morning, cape may, where it is 61 degrees there right now. we take a live look at beach avenue. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the conditions where
6:43 am
you live. even though folks in cape may, he's back in a minute with the neighborhood forecast. we haveç a follow-up on th deadly hit and run and arrest. >> he is the man charged. this is where acedo was driving drunk in kensington when his pickup truck hit the veteran in her wheelchair at masher and lehigh, and kept going. he also hit a second victim. elaine heyl was an air force veteran who served in iraq. a worker at the outreach center she attended said heyl battled post traumatic stress disorder and used a wheelchair after she lost her leg to frostbite. today we get an update on 9-year-old zion harvey of baltimore. he's the first child in the
6:44 am
world to receive a double hand transplant. surgeons of children's hospital of philadelphia performed the operation last year. little zion lost his hands and feet to a bacterial infection when he was just 2 years old. in today's nbc 10 responds, a viewer from bucks county was flying to minnesota to volunteer his time but he had problems with the trip right from the get-go. >> he claims an airline treated him poorly so he turned to nbc 10 responds and harry hairston. >> we served a total of 600 kids while i was there. >> reporter: harry abers spent much of his summer in northern minnesota. the camp needed a cook. he says he felt a calling to volunteer his time. >> i immediately responded and said i'm your guy. i'll get right on it. i'll book a ticket today. >> reporter: he bought a united airlines flight out of philadelphia. he arrived at the airport on the day of departure. he said he had problems right from the start. >> the lady said i'm sorry, sir,
6:45 am
there's no seats available. >> reporter: the only way avers could guarantee himself a seat was to upgrade toç economy plu for a fee. he paid the premium and took the flight but had more trouble at baggage claim. >> it looked like someone took a box cutter to my luggage. >> he tried reaching out to the airline three times and almost gave up. >> i'm thinking there's no way i'll get a resolution. >> reporter: as a last resort he turned to nbc 10 responds. >> i was upset. i'm doing something to be of service here and all i am getting is grieve and aggravation and stress. >> reporter: we reached out to united airlines. >> miraculously, the day i called you, the airline called me. >> reporter: after we got involved, avers got a $300 travel voucher and this letter of apology. avers says now he couldn't be happier. >> thank you. thanks for helping me. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> united airline states on its website that seat assignments
6:46 am
are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. a spokesperson tells us the airline hopes to welcome avers on another flight. 6:46. this week you could help fight childhood hunger by get a shake shack burger created by "today" show's al roker. >> tell us about the roker burger and how it helps to aim kids in need. >> we're really excited. we teamed up with shake shack, created a burger. it's a burger, two slices of american cheese, three pickles. it's got a redeye gravy mayo, coffee scent to it and it has a dollop of pulled pork with a sweet spicy sauce together with a potato bun.
6:47 am
the profit goes to no kid hungry, an organization that is tasked to end chidehood hunger. you can satisfy your hunger with a great burger and help in childhood hunger in the philadelphia area by going to shake shack between now and friday. >> al, you sold me. you had me at two slices of cheese. >> pulled pork. >> we often don't associate childhood hunger with this country because we're not a third world country. it's a problem everywhere, right, al? >> it really is. one in four children go to bed hungry in this country. that is a national disgrace. if we can help do something about that and have fun trying to help end that childhood hunger as well. we hope you'll go to shake shack. when you buy the roker burger, take a picture or a selfie
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eating the roker burger and tweet it, #roker burger. i'll retweet your picture and get it trending. >> all right. >> between now and friday, we can sell a ton of roker burgers, not just in philly but all across the country and raise a lot of money to help end childhood hunger. >> might be a good way of getting in the orange room. having al retweet you. >> there you go. >> our team will do it for sure, al. thank you so much. we'll see you at 7:00. >> all righty. i want to see those pictures. >> okay. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 6:48. the sun is up. we've got bright sunshine and clear skies this morning. a live view from drexel park in university city. nice morning for walking the dog. the temperatures are running cooler this morning. the suburbs are in the low 50s in a few spots. unionville right now, 51 degrees. look at gilbertsville.
6:49 am
52 in north wales. bedminster 51 degrees this morning. a cool start but a wrarm afternoon. temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. it's in the 60s in philadelphia and lower 50s for mt. holly and vineland. the temperature is down significantly thanks to clear skies overnight and light wind. 14 degrees cooler this morning compared to yesterday this time in mt. holly. wilmington down 8. 11 degrees cooler in coatesville. the humidity that's low will stay low on through the day. in fact, get lower. these numbers come down even lower than yesterday. 39% humidity. low humidity also for delaware and even at the shore, a comfortable day. but enjoy it while it lasts. there's a warming trend on the horizon. in fact, temperatures take off at the end of the week. 90 degrees in allentown on friday. heat and humidity for philadelphia friday afternoon, 94 degrees and into the 90s for
6:50 am
dover. even at the shore you'll see a significant warmup for wildwood. 87 degrees on friday. we have a couple nice days before we get to that hot and humid weather. what you won't see are showers and thunderstorms. no clouds around this morning. we saw a few fair weather clouds blowing through the area yesterday. less wind today and no showers anywhere near us. the few thin showers in northern michigan, those are not destined for our area. the next chance of a shower will come on friday when we get the heat and humidity popping up, showers possible friday afternoon. not today. not tomorrow. not thursday. the humidity stays low for a couple days before it starts creeping back into the area on thursday. high of 89 degrees on thursday. then the temperatures soar along with the humidity. friday afternoon, it will feel like it's closer to 100 degrees. partly sunny skies on friday. it will be watching for an isolated shower on friday. the weekend is looking dry and nice and sunny, too. high temperatures in the upper
6:51 am
80s. humidity won't come down as low as we're enjoying today. it looks leak a nice weekend, continuing into next week,ç monday and tuesday. by the time showers and warm, muggy weather are with us on wednesday, we need the rain by then. 88 degrees on wednesday, thursday afternoon up to 87 degrees. don't forget your sunglasses. enjoy the sunshine and the comfortable conditions today. tracy, vai? >> will do, bill. thanks. we launched skyforce 10 to check out a water main break in montgomery county. >> pamela osborne is keeping an eye on that. give us details. >> this is a water main break. it's creating hazardous road conditions near the cheltenham square mall parking lot. skyforce 10 is on the way to that scene. hopefully within a few moments we'll be showing you a picture and how that's impacting the road. also this morning, i-95 near route 332, there was a vehicle accident, you can see the semi
6:52 am
tractor-trailer involved in the crash. it's still there alongside the road. you can see flashing lights and police activity. earlier we saw them putting cones out on the roadway restricting the southbound lanes down to one lane. you can see the huge backup that's being caused as a result of that. so drive time if you're headed to allegheny avenue is going to take you about 27 minutes. average speeds, 30 or below right now. we're also keeping our eye on an accident in norristown near arch street and east johnson highway. you can see where it's slowing things around there as well. back to you. >> pamela, thanks. nbc 10 needs your help about spreading the word about free money. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits. it's called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs, innovative solutions. the application is on the deadline to apply is this friday. next, the headlines that
6:53 am
we're following for you today. >> that includes repair work on i-95. high school football is back. and so is the high school blitz. it's your chance to vote for the game of the week. here are the week one choices. to cast your vote go to or the nbc 10 app. also text the number on your screen. we'll announce the winner wednesday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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thanks for watching nbc 10 for breaking news, weather alerts and live streaming, download the nbc 10 app. a few minutes before 7:00. here's a look at some of the stories we'll be following today. >> funeral services will be held in new york city for former
6:57 am
philadelphia police commissioner john timmeney. he died last week after battling lung cancer. the philad!a!%juju plans to attend. decision 2016, hillary clinton's presidential campaign will open three new offices in pennsylvania today with one of them in lansdale, montgomery county. the other two offices are near harrisburg and pittsburgh. the offices will host phone banks and organizing meetings and serve as hubs for clinton's get out the vote effort. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence visits our region today. this afternoon he'll stop at tech tube incorporated, a tubing manufacturer in king of prussia for a private event. and then later pence will hold a town hall in pipersville, bucks county. that public event will be at worth & company, a mechanical contractor. jerry sandusky will be back in a central pennsylvania courtroom today for the third and final day of his appeal hearing. the former penn state assist and the football coach is trying to get his 2012 conviction on child sex crimes overturned.
6:58 am
if you normally travel 95, you may want to try another route. penndot says closures will be in effect 9:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning tonight through friday morning. crews will be doing work on the viaduct over lehigh avenue. skyforce 10 is over this scene, cheltenham square mall parking lot. you can see pretty significant water pooling in various areas of the parking lot. take a look there. you can see the water. it appears as though it's still running right now. this is driving hazardous driving conditions. if you were headed there today, you might want to look and make sure everything is running according to plans. there's a water main break in the mall parking lot that's slowing things down, creating hazardous conditions.
6:59 am
now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> one minute0bfore 7:00. we have bright sunshine for each of our areas. look at the lehigh valley. 53 this morning. 50s also in delaware and south jersey is 58 degrees while philadelphia is right in the low 60s. look at the clear skies over center city. that's a live view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. we will see the temperatures climb slowly to start with, 8:00, 66 degrees. still in the 70s as we approach noontime with a light breeze today. not the gusty wind we had yesterday afternoon. during the afternoon, that sunshine will have an effect into the very low 80s this afternoon. the humidity stays low all day long. it was low yesterday. it will go even lower today and make for a comfortable evening this evening. by the end of the week, as you can see by the seven-day forecast, scrolling at the bottom of the screen, the temperatures will be climbing. friday looks like it will be the hottest day of the week. but we have lots of nice weather
7:00 am
to enjoy before we get there. >> what an incredible morning. >> thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now. good morning. pay for play. donald trump asks for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton after a watchdog group accuses of her of giving clinton foundation owners special access when she was secretary of state. >> i've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. on late night, clinton laughed off trump's unfounded claims that she's in failing health. >> it's part of the wacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. deadly encounter. a north carolina trooper shoots and kills a deaf driver. after a traffic stop turns into a chase. that officer now on leave. an investiti


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