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tv   Today  NBC  August 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ working 9 to 5 >> yeah, tre she is. she's with us today. any day's a good day when it's dolly day. it's wines-day-wednesday. she'll be sitting next to us in the kitchen. >> it has been the best day since you got here, dolly. the whole place, the vibe change when you walk in the room. >> that's sweet. i'll try to fix that. >> by the way, nothing's change period dolly. not her hair. not her body. not her voice. it's crazy, right?
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>> she works at it, don't you? >> i work hard. you wouldn't believe how hard i work at it. we'll talk about it. >> yes. she just released a new album that's fantastic, filled with love songs. different kinds of love songs. she recently celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary to carl. she married him all over again. we'll talk about that. then she's going to sing for us in a bit. then we'll catch up with one of the golden globe-winning series from the series "mr. robot." grace gummer. she's excellent in her role. it's no surprise, theshe's the daughter of meryl streep. and to "hot wives of orlando." casey wilson is always making us laugh. now she's in "one mississippi." she's going to tell us about that. somebody called dom. >> d-o-m. >> can we do words of wisdom, please? >> uh-huh. >> every week, hoda calls it wednesday, call it hump day --
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>> yeah. two humps. [ laughter ] >> yes. this is what we do. we get in the groove. >> i do "words of wisdom" and quote a great person. >> philosopher. >> these are great words of wisdom today. "i'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because i know i'm not dumb, and i also know that i'm not blonde." dolly parton, baby. [ applause ] that's the best. >> true wisdom you're giving out. >> if you google "dolly parton quotes," there are a million that are awesome. >> she and yogi berra had the best natural quotes. yeah. all right. >> we've had the best day. not only has dolly been here since early morning, we had charlie, our little puppy, and his brothers. his sisters. and we had 9-year-old zion harvey on earlier. >> did you see him, dolly? >> this story is unbelievable. >> this little 9-year-old boy
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developed an infection in his hands when he was 2. >> and his feet. >> they had to amputate both his hands and legs. well, surgeons did something miraculous. they attached hands, working, functioning hands to little zion. well, he's 9 years old now. he came to see us today. and he made us -- we were weeping, joyful weeping in the make-up room. take a look at the moment he threw the first pitch at the baltimore orioles game this month and what he told savannah about his new hands. >> okay, zion. whenever you're ready. >> it was like, okay. when i let this ball go -- >> it's your pitch. >> i have to see how far it will go. and i was surprised it went that far. >> zion, i loved shaking your hand this morning. what's your favorite things about these new hands you have?
10:04 am
>> just being able to wrap them around my mom. >> aw. give her a good hug. >> unbelievable. we just lost dolly. the first time she saw -- >> my lord. that got me -- >> that's a song, isn't it? >> yes. i didn't see that part. i don't want to mess up my -- >> i know. heaven forbid. mess up eyeliner. >> let's get serious. >> oh, thank you. i'll run it over to dolly. here you if, my love. >> thank you. >> there you go. >> that's so touching. then something interesting with courteney cox. >> court me teney cox from "fri" you don't see her opening up about a lot of personal stuff. you just don't. she office that show with bear gryl grylls, "running wild with bear grylls." she started talking about her own looks and, you know, the
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pressure to stay youthful and stuff like that because -- she is such an icon on "friends." take a look. >> i think there's a pressure to maintain that not just because of fame but just, you know, being a woman in this business and getting older's not been -- i don't think that's the easiest things. but i have learned lessons. you know, i think i was trying to keep up with getting older, trying to chase that -- something you can't keep up with. so the more you relax into it and the less i try because sometimes you find yourself trying and you look at a picture of yourself and go, oh, god. >> yeah. >> like, i look horrible. you know, i have done things that i regret. and luckily, they're things that dissolve and go away. so that's good because -- it's not always been my best look. so now, i just have a new motto. just let it be. >> wow.
10:06 am
>> good for her. >> what do you think? >> amazing. that's touching, too. >> yeah. >> i need some more snot rags. >> well, will you ever just let it be, dolly? i don't think so. >> no way will i let it be. i don't mind getting older. i'm just going to try the best i can. i'm going to get a nip, tuck, something plucked -- i'm not going to just let it go. >> her attitude and my attitude. do whatever you got to do. a little at a time as often as possible? >> told you that time you had no make-up on. i said, "kathie lee, put that make-up on." don't go out like that. we have an incredible performance from last night's -- i didn't see it. "america's got talent." apparently the second time this girl's sung. she's 12-year-old grace vanderwahl's second appearance. dolly, you're going to love this girl. young singer/songwriter. first performance got over 125 million views on facebook. >> simon called her the next taylor swift.
10:07 am
she performed last night. a song that she wrote. it's called "beautiful things." take a look, and then the judges' reactions. ♪ beautiful things gather even when the weather is low ♪ ♪ ah high above ♪ ♪ up in the sky don't you cry it's all gonna be all right ♪ >> some of the stuff you were playing, maybe the notes are wrong, your voice is a little croaky at times. but that is what makes you perfect. >> i predict that you're bigger than taylor swift. i predict that you are the biggest star to ever come out of this show. people are going to be saying "grace vanderwahl" from time to time. 400 million people on line are watching you. all the biggest people in the business ask me about you each and every day. you are a superstar. america's going to vote. you're the best things i've ever seen on this show.
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i love you. >> thank you. >> wow. >> wow. >> did you see her? >> yes! i thought she was great. simon don't know what he's talking about. she didn't miss nothing i saw. she's great. >> you know talent when you see it. >> she writes her own stuff. >> i know. it's amazing. there's always somebody great out there right around the corner. >> and god bless them. >> yes. i don't know if you've ever had a backup plan, hoda? that time you started on your career, and you went to -- is it 39 different -- >> 27, yeah. got a bunch of rejections. i think i wasn't 100% sure this is the job i wanted to do. you know when you can't get something so you want it really bad? >> to prove. >> i think i wanted to prove i could do it, and i fell in love with it once i started. i didn't know what it was to love it or not love it because i hadn't experienced the job before. >> with every rejection, you got stronger. did you go back to your hotel room and sobbed your eyes out? >> i did the sobbing, but i kept going because i'm stubborn. if i were to have a backup plan
10:09 am
for this job, mine would have been to be a teacher. >> you've always said that. >> what would your backup plan have been? >> i don't think i ever had one. >> do you know why -- by the way, research says having a backup plan sometimes makes you not pursue your dream because you think if this doesn't work out, that's okay. i'll go do this other things. >> i think mine is i'd be a florist. i love flowers. i've done my own flowers. that is really hard work. >> i know. >> and a big, old mess. dolly? >> i'd of been a beautician. i'd have the make-up. discounts on make-up and hair products. i played tr eed truvy, so i havl for it. i did my sisters' hair, my mom's hair. i can do it. >> of course you can. >> she is an american treasure. we absolutely adore miss dolly parton, on her long lasting
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jolene ♪ we are in the presence of greatness, and i don't mean just hoda. a living legend. the most decorated female country artist of all time. dolly parton! >> she's sold more than 100 million records worldwide, has won more awards than you can shake a stick at. and she's currently out on her largest tour in 25 years. she's promoting her album of love songs called "pure and simple." >> i'm surprised you didn't come up with that title until now. >> things always happen at the right time. >> this is your 43rd? >> yeah. it's amazing. i hear that, and i don't remember when i'd of had time to do all that. the life i've lived -- >> plus all the touring in between and opening up
10:14 am
dollywood, which is now its 30th anniversary. >> open 30 years. >> do you know what i love about doll? people can tell her no or that's a bad idea. and you end up going with your beautiful guts, haven't you? >> i have. i try to do that because that's the only way to go as far as i'm concerned. >> they said it wouldn't work, it would be too much trouble? >> it's too much of a risk and all that. i said, no, we've got to have dollywood. now we're very prosperous, doing really good. we do a lot of wonderful things through the dollywood foundation. >> sure. >> imagination library. a lot of -- we give back, and we get it. it's a good situation. >> look how many people she's put to work in your own hometown which has seen hard times. >> yeah. yes. but that's good because a lot of my own people work at the park. a lot of my brothers and sisters and cousins work in the dolly show, the story. so you know, we do a lot of wonderful work. we actually have a children's book that's through the dollywood foundation, "the coat of many colors," it's illustrated. the money's going to go to the
10:15 am
imagination library. >> could you believe what a hit "coat of many colors" was? to bring that up again. that was astonishing in terms of the numbers it did. >> it did great. >> did it surprise you? >> it did. we have a new movie called "christmas of many colors." it will be shown on nbc on the 30th of november. >> i think we have a picture. our agent for years -- >> a great guy. >> that's not sam. >> that's me. no, that's me playing the painted lady. >> oh, my gosh. >> i get to play a little part in the christmas movie. i pattern myself -- >> can we just look at -- >> there he is. we'll go back. there's sam. that's the painted man. >> uh-huh. >> anyway, i pattern my look after the town trollop. we thought it would be fun for me to play the painted lady for real. i got a fun acting part in addition to producing it with
10:16 am
sam and voice. the 30th of november, it airs on nbc. >> excellent. >> this c.d. is chocolate full of lo -- is chock full of love songs of all kinds. >> i wrote all the songs. they're all based on a lot of things of my own, a lot of my feelings and my and carl's relationship. i picked other songs. i just wanted to cover all the colors of love. so you got your fun songs, your cheating songs. you've got your -- >> longtime love songs. >> they're all new, but they're all good hopefully. >> it's kind of cool what you did. i've never heard this before, but you have different c.d.s, and there are additional bonus tracks. if you buy them from certain places, right? >> that's all about promotion and making extra money. and like my joke you said -- it costs a lot to look this cheap. i try to pick up every dollar i can. the three versions, we have the one with the ten songs only. then we have a deal, we work with cracker barrel which is --
10:17 am
>> who doesn't love cracker barrel? >> we do. it's a great teaming for me being a southern girl, southern food. they have two extra bonus tracks on this album, "jolene" and "9 to 5," live from glastenberry. and live from walmart, the greatest hits -- hits, album. >> you said that fast. >> i have to be careful. >> they are among the greatest of all time. i'm sorry. i don't think anybody's going to argue that. >> i've got something going for me. i can't be tall like you two. i'd be six-feet tall if i hadn't gotten so bunched up at the top. >> dolly, we love you. >> love you so much. >> you can see her on tour. she's going to sing "coat of many colors" for us later. >> yes, i am. >> stick around, everybody. all right. don't mess with this fbi agent from the golden golden globe-winning series "mr. robot." grace gummer after this. grace gummer after this. ♪
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grace gummer dream of becoming an olympic swimmer. instead she took her cue from her talented mom. you may have heard of her, oscar winner, meryl streep. she dove right into acting. >> she could have been a consult\ sculptor like her dad. now she's starring in one of most critically acclaimed shows on television, "mr. robot," playing a young, brash, fbi investigator. >> let's look.
10:22 am
>> official, so don't worry. but i had to ask, what were you doing on a restricted floor? >> making plans with agent thom thomas. we were trying to decide drinks tomorrow or lunch today. >> where did you land? >> lunch. >> she's so -- you took her down! >> tell us about dom. >> dom is an fbi agent, obviously, on the case of the 59 hack. and she's complicated, she's complex. she's -- she's definitely not what you think she's going to be as the season goes on. >> is she like you in real life? >> she is a little like me. she's a little nutty. >> in a good, granola kind of way? >> yeah. in a jersey sort of way. >> speaking of jersey, we did hear that are you a fan of the jersey housewives.
10:23 am
>> i am. all the housewives. >> you watched that instead of the first season of "robot." >> why? >> i wanted to get into the jersey mode, yeah. and i actually had a dialect coach who said, you should watch that as practice, and to hear how people speak. fine, i got it. >> which did you end up picking? >> northern new jersey, like new york and brooklyn. >> bergen county. >> who's your favorite new jersey housewife? >> i have so many. i love erica jane. >> so funny. >> i love them all, though. >> you could probably do anything you wanted, so was this character that appealed to you when you read the script? >> it did. it was unlike anything i had ever read before. yeah. i just -- i loved her. i surprise myself every devil ray this part. >> it's interesting, in the lead-in we talked about you loving swimming and thinking about the olympics. was that one of those wish things, or were you thinking if i train really hard, i could do
10:24 am
this? >> i think as soon as i got to college and gained ten pounds -- >> it happens. >> i had a beer, i like didn't -- that dream was sort of squashed. no. >> didn't take much, did it? >> it didn't take much, no. doing a play, it was like immediately i fell in love. >> oh. >> did you watch the olympics, by the way? >> i did. i was obsessed with it. >> weren't you? >> yes. >> katie ledecky. >> and all the girls. so bad ass. yeah. >> i'm glad you cursed. thank you very much. >> we're so happy to finally meet you. give our love to your family. and "mr. robot." >> tonight, 10:00, 9:00 central on our sister network usa. >> get ready for a little canine conversation when we celebrate our new pup charlie and our four-legged friends with a game. >> have you met the puppy? >> oh, m
10:25 am
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which is why it can feel like your opioid pain med is slowing your insides to a crawl. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. ♪ good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast, for a forecast right where you live, with meteorologist bill henley. >> decisions to make today. where to spend this beautiful weather. look at sea isle city. that's enticing. the sunshine and temperatures
10:27 am
warming to near 80 at the shore. a bit warmer inland, philadelphia at 85 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon, low 80s for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. nothing but sunshine and 83 degrees. for delaware, a few sunny skies. a few scattered clouds, fair weather clouds at 3:00. and new jersey, warming into the middle 80s. but at the shore, upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. tracy? >> bill, thanks. a man is dead after he was shot and killed during a break-in overnight in philadelphia. police say an ex-boyfriend tried twice to force his way into a woman's row home on marco street. the second time, he fought with the couple and the woman's current boyfriend shot the intruder in the chest. he died at the hospital. the ex's children with the woman were in the home when the shooting happened. police interviewed the mom and are now looking for the current boyfriend. and police are looking for the gunman who shot a man outside a philadelphia home. the victim was standing outside a friend's house in gray's ferry when he was hit by a bullet. other bullets shattered a glass storm door. the victim is in stable
10:28 am
condition. a man wrongly convicted of murder and rape will meet today with some of the jurors who freed him after 25 years in prison. nbc 10 was there as anthony wright left the correctional facility in northeast philadelphia yesterday. a jury acquitted the 44-year-old after dna evidence proved his innocence in the death of a 77-year-old woman in 1991. that evidence linked the crime to a man who died in 2013. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. we'll keep you updated and you can always stay updated with the nbc 10 app. ♪ sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... and security camera lenses. just right clean. just right price. sparkle. just right.
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[ applause ] all right, we're back on this winesday-wednesday. we're back to play a game of "who knew." this friday is national dog day. we're celebrating with our puppy with a purpose, little charlie. we're going to put your knowledge to the test. kathie lee is across the street at the shop nbc -- oh. beco she's ready to hand out money to anyone who gets the questions right. those who don't get a c.d. i'm holding charlie. here with me is dan shanneker, the referee for one of most adpoes adorable events on tv, "the puppy bowl." how about this puppy here? >> linebacker.
10:31 am
going to be a big one. i'd put him right there. >> across the street to you, honey. >> where are you from? >> colorado, canyon city. >> which of the following dogs does not have a from on the hollywood walk of fame? rintintin, lassie, or old yeller? >> old yeller -- >> sorry. what is the most popular male dog name in america? max, buddy, or cooper? sorry about that. >> buddy. [ buzzer ] >> she gets my fabulous c.d. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. okay. i think he chewed up part of my mike. sorry. i think he did. you want to help -- you want to get him? i want to make sure -- he's got it in his mouth. everything good. everything's good. what's the most popular name? >> that was exciting. the answer is max actually. charlie is actually the second-most-popular dog name. >> he's good? he's good. all right. can you hear me? it doesn't matter.
10:32 am
>> she's from birmingham. which of the following dogs does not have the star on the hollywood walk of fame? rin tin tin, lassie, or old yeller? >> old yeller. [ bell ] >> wow, old yeller it is. >> rin tin tin and lassie were old movie stars. they were in multiple movies. rin tin tin was nominated for an academy award in 1929. old yeller, great dog, but not as popular. >> over to you. >> stop that. this beautiful lady's from west point. listen, is it -- it is estimated that 30% of u.s. households own a cat. what percent own a doll? 4 -- a dog? 40, 37, or 25? >> i would say 40. [ buzzer ] >> it's not correct. she wanted to say -- >> the correct answer is 37%. >> there's more households that own dogs but technically more pet cats in the u.s. something like 75 million cats. they have more than one cat. >> that explains a lot. >> we're trying to change that
10:33 am
number. make it more pro-puppy. >> your mom's 75? god bless her. >> she said -- there she is. >> happy birthday, darling. all right. here's your question. snoopy is one of the most famous dogs in pop culture. what breed is he supposed to be? a dalmatian, beagle, or bassett hound? >> he's a beagle. >> yes, he is. [ bell ] >> you know, that was nice of you to give that little light -- >> that was a gimme piece of cake beagle. fun trivia, snoopy's original name was sniffy. debuted in 1950. turned out there was another cartoon dog by that name so they changed it. >> i didn't know that. >> i'm full of good advice. >> we have a 50th wedding celebration going on. >> right here. >> which of the following universities does not have a dog for a mascot? northwestern, texas a&m, or georgetown? >> texas a&m? [ buzzer ] >> oh! >> lifeline didn't come through this time. >> sorry. >> the correct answer is --
10:34 am
>> northwestern. they're the wildcats. that's not a dog. texas a&m has revely, georgetown has jack the bulldog. that's the most popular -- 30 something. >> wow. i think we have time for one more. >> here she is from portland, connecticut. how are you? what influential singer inspired the name scooby doo? was it louie armstrong, tony bennett, or frank sinatra? >> frank sinatra. [ bell [ becom ] >> the famous song, doobie, doobie doo. fred silverman was on a plane and heard the sound and said scooby doo. >> you're kidding! we learned a lot today. >> we try. >> thank you very much. coming up, dolly parton sings her "coat of many colors." you don't want to miss that. then from sketch comedy to "snl" to her latest dark comedy, the very funny casey wilson's here. and why she's a little angry after this. ♪
10:35 am
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casey wilson's the star of the big and small screen who you may know as her hilarious turn as a cast member on "saturday night live" for two seasons. we can't forget her parody of reality tv in "the hot wives of orlando" and "hot wives of vegas." >> they promised to have on us and never did. >> we're waiting. >> we love her anyway. she's starring alongside ti tig nataro in the amazon prime
10:40 am
series "one mississippi." it's based on tig's life story as she travels back to her southern hometown to deal with her mother's death. >> she's there to help tig get through her grief. take a look. >> just a reminder, my stepfather, bill, he's not the warmest guy. you'll find him somewhere between room temperature and sleet. >> he's probably just in shock. denial like in the stages of grief. >> cubeler. keebler is the tiny elves who live in the hollowed out tree and make the cookies. regula regular-size cookies. >> right. how are you since you last caused the hilarity here with us? >> i am very well. not the same since i left you ladies. >> no one ever is. >> no one. >> this is going to premiere on september 9th. what can we expect? hodi wants to know, too. >> it starts tig nataro, the
10:41 am
most unique and brilliant comedienne. it's about her life. she battled breast cancer, and her mom passed away. and it is a tragi-comedy they call it. >> is it hard to walk that line sometimes? >> i think so. i am so used to doing comedy, but i had a blast doing this. it's more understate than parodies of the "housewives." >> we love those. did we love those? >> yeah. >> it was so much to work with. >> these are the great roles for women. the "housewives." >> you've got a 16-month-old. >> i do, yes. his name is max, which i understand is the number-one name for dogs. you know and babies. >> is his real name maximilian or just max? >> it's just max. there he is. >> he looks like a max. >> what does max call you? >> he calls me dada. >> these days -- >> you know, we zaall answer to anything these days. >> so how motherhood? >> i'm loving it. it's so much fun.
10:42 am
he just says, what is th -- what is th about everything. >> you should take him to spain where everybody says th. >> where he belongs. he belongs there. >> so what else is going on? is this -- you have like 20-hour days on this? this is a long shoot? >> no. i mean, i've been having fun. i play tig's girlfriend on the show. it's been -- tig is the star. i am but in her shadow. and it's been so much fun. i do a podcast about the "housewives" called [ bleep ] sesh on the sides. can i say that? >> you can. the title. >> apparently you can say it one time. >> she said it three. >> she keep -- >> we'll clean it up for the west coast. >> mea culpa. mea culpa. yes. >> life is good for you. >> great. >> life is really good. we tease that you were angry. >> oh. oh. >> we said, she looks angry. you -- >> wrote the whole things about in your family -- >> i wrote a piece about how i struggled ann anger problem.
10:43 am
if someone's like, are you still pregnant? things. >> that would do it. what makes you most angry? >> i think people who are rude. >> rudeness. >> or you're walking behind them and the door -- they hold the door open for themselves. should we let our anger out? let's do it. >> we'll do something -- >> that made us angry. do we have protective eyewear? >> yes, we do. >> it's union. >> sometimes you want to throw something when you're angry. >> you say something and do. it do it. >> i will. when people give me a dirty look on the plane because my baby is crying. >> that was a good one! >> when my spanx are showing! >> when somebody is late and i've been sitting waiting for 17 minutes! >> i don't have to wear spanx at all. >> that everybody thinks i'm not wearing spanx! [ laughter ] your turn, hoda. here. she wears two pairs at a time.
10:44 am
>> loud laughers and giant people. >> the worst -- they're the worst. >> "one mississippi" premieres september 9th. >> watch it or else! >> the dolly parton -- >> dolly, i love you! >> dolly will sing right after this. ♪ >> she didn't leave. yay! ♪ (cheering on tv) you may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies. you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, i rise. you can shoot me with your words... you can cut me with your lies... you can kill me with your hatefulness. but still, like air... we rise. if you'vtry clarispray.mes to escape your nasal allergies. new, from the makers of claritin.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things
10:49 am
he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] the citi concert series on "tod "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. i was kidding before. we couldn't let dolly parton go without singing for us. >> the legend is celebrating the release of her 43rd, that's right, 43rd album, "pure and simple." here she is singing one of her classic hits, "coat of many colors." miss dolly. ♪ back through the years
10:50 am
i go wonderin' once again ♪ ♪ back to the seasons of my youth i do recall a box of rags someone gave us ♪ ♪ and how my momma put the rags to use there were rags of many colors but every piece was small ♪ ♪ i didn't have a coat and it was way down in the fall ♪ ♪ momma sewed the rags together sewin' every piece with love ♪ ♪ made my caught of money colors that i was so proud of ♪ ♪ while momma sewed she told a story from the bible she had read ♪ ♪ about a coat of many colors joseph wore and then she said ♪ ♪ i hope this coat will bring you good luck and happiness ♪ ♪ and i just couldn't wait to
10:51 am
wear it and momma blessed it with a kiss ♪ ♪ my coat of many colors that my momma made for me ♪ ♪ made only from rags but i wore it so proudly ♪ ♪ and although we had no money i was rich as i could be ♪ ♪ in my coat of many color momma made for me ♪ ♪ so with patches on my britches holes in both my shoes ♪ ♪ in my coat of many colors i hurried off to school ♪ ♪ just to find the others laughing and making fun of me ♪ ♪ in my coat of many colors that mom had made for me ♪ ♪ and i couldn't understand that cuz i felt i was rich ♪
10:52 am
♪ and i told 'em of the love momma sewed in every stitch ♪ ♪ i even told them all that story momma told me while she sewed ♪ ♪ and why my coat of many colors was worth more than all their clothes ♪ ♪ they didn't understand it and i tried to make them see ♪ ♪ one is only poor only if they choose to be ♪ ♪ it's true we had no money but i was rich as could be in my coat of many colors momma made for me ♪ ♪ because she made it just for me ♪ >> wow. we love her. love you! [ applause ] >> dolly! just the best. dolly's new album is "pure and simple." available now cracker barrel, walmart, and regular way. >> yeah. we'll be back in a moment.
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we have extra time today. i was telling heed about 16 years ago -- hoda about 16 years ago i called up dolly after a tough time in my life. frank's unfaithfulness. it was a devastating time. i called and said, "dolly, i hear you singing on the end of this" not just the end, "all the way through it. would you record it with me?" so she said yes, and then she -- she performed it with me a little bit later. we thought we'd share a little of it with you in honor of miss dolly, who's the best woman on the planet. it's called "only my pillow knows." this is the last chorus of it. ♪ break through the death in its way dare to believe spring is still on its way ♪
10:57 am
♪ go ask the river that's run here so long go ask the sparrow that still sings its song ♪ ♪ go ask the willow that bends when wind blows but only my pillow knows ♪ >> that's beautiful. >> i want to thank dolly for that. she's just the best. >> she is. tomorrow, florida georgia line's brian kelly and tyler hubbard. >> have an awesome winesday-wednesday. what's that? >> "only my pillow knows." >> beautiful! ♪ whispering my deepest fears
10:58 am
my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through
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11:00 am
votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. deadly quake in italy. the frantic efforts underway right now to save lives as the number of people killed in the powerful earthquake keeps growing. first day of freedom. a man who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is meeting the jurors who helped get him to this day. we all know he's got talent. tonight, you'll get to see the greatest olympian of all time on the popular nbc show. right now at 11:00, devastation in italy. a powerful earthquake and numerous aftershocks rattle italy. dozens are dead, hundreds are hurt, and rescuers are trying desperately at this hour to free survivors trapped in the rubble. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. one resident of a town in italy strucky


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