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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the showers are most like throw pop up when i come back in a few minutes but first, jessica boyington has an update from the "first alert" traffic center. >> thank, bill. we're starting off with the vine street expressway. we're closed for construction right now on broad street. this is the westbound side, both sides are closed. westbound and eastbound from broad street to the schuylkill expressway. typically removed around the 5:00 hour or so. but earlier this week, we were going earlier than that. so watch out for that. maple avenue and chestnut street to watch out for. 422, drive time nine minutes into the schuylkill. >> thanks, jessica. breaking news, a driver in philadelphia hit the police officer and then goes off. pamela osborne is live on the
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scene. it didn't take long to catch the driver. what happened. >> reporter: it certainly did. that driver is in stable condition in einstein. district 6 officers had pulled a vehicle over here on main street. the sergeant was standing alongside the driver's side of a police cruiser. he was talking to an officer when police say a man drive a 2008 toyota rav4 came speeding down main street in the southbound lane. the driver of the rav4 struck the police sergeant knocking him out of his shoes and hat launching him 50 feet up the street. the driver took off but the tow truck driver who witnessed the hit and run followed the suv and alerted police. officers located the suv a mile away. we learned the driver is safe since he hasn't been charged yet, but here's what police are telling us about him.
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>> the driver of the vehicle that hit the sergeant is a 21-year-old male. he did appear under the influence of alcohol, so he was taken into custody. and he was taken to get a  breathalyzer test. the cruisers did have heir lights on at the time that sergeant was hit. we're told he has a broken collarbone, he has injuries to his head and legs. but expected to make a recovery. the driver who hit that officer and took off is facing a variety of serious charges. it's 4:32, 69 degrees outside, new from overnight, six bullets went flying into a home in germantown. three people and five children were in that home. a woman in the home was hit. a man who was outside the home was also shot. it's not clear if the shootings were related. police say the shooters
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intentionally shot inside of that home. they don't know who the intended target was. police thought the man was shot in retaliation for a fight earlier yesterday. detectives are talking to the witnesses and going through surveillance video to look for new clues. in camden, police are searching for a man who shot an 8-year-old girl in the head. paramedics took the girl to cooper hospital for surgery but at last check, the police chief said it did not look promising. we spoke to a neighbor who heard the shooting. >> i thought it was firecrackers, to tell you the truth. it was so many of them. so close. to hear that, it's a shame to hear a little girl in the middle of all of this getting shot. >> i can't even imagine what she's going through at this point in time. i assured her that we're going to do everything we can to bring
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whoever is responsible for this to justice. 4:33, the death toll is rising as rescue crews race through time to dig out survivors. >> the magnitude 6.2 earthquake killed at least 270 people and hurt hundreds more. the powerful earthquake devastated several towns in central italy, trapping people under piles of rubble. a volunteer of the rescue teams say 90% of those pulled out are dead. some did make it out. this video shows crews airlifting one survivor. they also rescued an 8-year-old girl while the crowd applauded in relief. nearly every building in the town of amatrice is damaged or destroyed. >> it's like a bomb fell here. there's nothing there anymore. >> before and after, the earthquake, many survivors slept
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outside overnight. not daring to go inside buildings that could collapse in aftershock. here in the u.s., work on plans to help the towns damaged by the earthquake. the chairman said yesterday's quake was similar to the one that hit central italy in 2009. foundation members will meet with the italian embassy in washington and the state department to talk about what the region needs and how they can help rebuild. >> that rebuilding effort is also to get the word out of why this region would be important and other cities to retain their economic vitality. >> he said he didn't know anyone personally impacted by the earthquake, but he was in that region earlier this summer and plans to visit this fall to help with relief efforts. we have more details this morning on the attack on american university in afghanistan. officials say the attack is over
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after special forces responded and killed two gunmen. those gunmen set off the attack at the campus in kabul yesterday with explosives and gunman. 12 people are dead, including seven students. scores of others were hurt. t there's been no claim responsibility for that attack. back here at home, police are trying to figure out how a day of fun turned deadly at a delaware state park. >> a woman was on the go in bair when he fell 40 feet and died. state troopers are investigating the accident. the zip line operator said it would be too to respond. >> i felt safe the whole time doing it. >> state police are waiting to release the women's name until her family is notified.
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as soon as we have more information on this story, we'll post it on the nbc10 app. pennsylvania will now offer support and oversight to charter schools throughout the state. the division will help set goals for students and increase the school's accountability to the public. there are 160 charter schools and 14 cybercharter schools in pennsylvania. and the new jersey dmv. >> we'll tell you about two changes governor christie is putting in place to help drivers get on the road faster. and you won't see hope solo anytime soon. her comments at the rio olympics are coming back to hurt her.
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new luminous lightshows andhydrating lotiont? pearl-optics science fades the look of dark spots evens tone and hydrates skin for instant illumination. olay luminous ageless. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on
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the road real quickly. we'll start on 95. right around girard avenue is what we're looking at here. no big problems on inner city right now. 13-minute trip. speeds into the 60s no big problems or delays there. throughout new jersey, blackwood and chews landing road is closed between the black horse pike and lower landing road until september 7th. seven more days of that to plan for your morning commute. watch east norrington. and watch for the clearing of a scene in hatfield, maple avenue and chestnut streets. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. we've got a clear start this morning. if you're heading out, clear morning, but there are some changes this afternoon. wind's blowing this morning. a fairly breezy day. and that will lead to a warmer day as well. temperatures near 90 degrees.
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humidity will also be increasing. and later today, clouds increasing as well. there's even a chance for showers in parts of the area. completely dry. but the system that could bring us those showers is in western pennsylvania. it's moving through the pittsburgh area right now. it's late this afternoon and this evening that we could see showers. an isolated thunderstorm is also a possibility. most of the day will be dry. 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're held to the upper 80s today. sunshine, 79 degrees at 10:00. it will be in the mid-80s at noon time. look at those winds. much stronger than yesterday at 12 miles an hour. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. for the suburbs, clouds increasing after a sunny start. a breezy day, too. 81 degrees at lunchtime. middle 80s this afternoon. the lehigh valley, 68 degrees to start with. clouds will be increasing this afternoon. we go into the late afternoon hours, that's when we could see a brief shower or possibility a
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thunderstorm in the lehigh valley. sunshine to start with. scattered clouds leads to a significant warmup. 63 degrees right now. 78 degrees at 10:00. 82 degrees by 2:00 in the afternoon. the shore, plenty of sunshine there. 62 degrees right now. a little cool. 73 degrees at 8:00. we'll warm to the 70s this morning into the low 80s this afternoon. the wind's picking up there, 14-mile-an-hour wind at 2:00. a little stronger at a4:00. for delaware, we start with sunshine and 68 degrees currently. it warms as 8:00. the clouds will be increasing some this afternoon. we still see plenty of sunshine. 83 at noon time. 86 degrees this afternoon at 2:00 and at 4:00. 80s for today. but serious heat on the way for tomorrow. the 10 day on 10 when i come back. presidential candidate
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hillary clinton is going from her e-mails to her family's foundation. >> we'll tell you how hillary clinton is defending the foundation and why she's calling a new report absurd. and a camden county boy did something selfless. we'll show you what he did for those who protect and serve our community.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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it's quarter to 5:00. take a look at this flattened starbucks in indiana. the coffee shop was destroyed by a tornado yesterday. this is about an hour outside of indianapolis. about a dozen people were hurt when a tornado touched down, indiana governor and mike spence cancelled tours today to tour the damage. and with pence temporarily off the trail, donald trump will appear solo at a rally in new hampshire today. >> yesterday in mississippi he unveiled four tests that his
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immigration policy must pass. trump said any immigration he supports must improve jobs and wages for u.s. citizens. improve the safety and security of u.s. citizens and must improve the quality of life for u.s. citizens. after the rally, trump told fox news anchor sean hannity, he is open to fashioning immigration laws. >> those people that have been working so hard to come into the country and go through the process. we're going to take us and we're going to cherish them and love us. we want the ones who want to love us. >> and trump said it called for a deportation to remove all of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. meanwhile, hillary clinton is defending her family's charitable operation. >> she's said the associated press about meetings with donors is absurd and a lot of smoke and no fire.
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the report said about half gave money to the clinton foundation. >> bill clinton is also defending the clinton foundation after shaking hands. he addressed the controversy over his wife. >> we want to address the irresponsibility as far as the donations and it won't make money for the foundation. >> clinton says the criticism is just part of the election season. 4:47. get ready to see more ads for donald trump in pennsylvania. trump is getting battleground assistance from the national rifle association. the nra has pledged $2.7 million for funding for tv commercials that run from september 5th to october 18th. and chris christie rejected a proposal increasing smart gun sales. christie said the gun measure would make new jersey inhopsable
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to gun ownership. the bill would mandated all handguns sold in new jersey have smart gun technology. starting in october, you can tour the home of the late rock star prince. the singer's family said it will offer guided tours of paisley park. they'll be able to see rehearsal rooms, sound stage and concert hall. tickets for the tours go on sale tomorrow. prince died an an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl in april. less time in line at the motor vehicle. >> is and governor christie offered a series of regulations to reduce wait time. the dmv will eliminate the fee for online transaction as and hope that will get drivers to use their website instead of going into the offices. the change takes place in october. christie is also promoting a bill that would change expiration dates for licenses and registration to the last day of the month to a driver's
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birthday. that would spread out transactions instead of a logjam. >> speaking of driving, heading out the door. >> "first alert" reporter jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the road for us. >> on the vine street expressway, two things going on. we're used to this construction. you can actually see one of the police vehicles that just moved by here headed westbound. it's probably one of them stationed around the broad street exit blocking off off traffic. seems like we're starting to see improvements here. we get a little ahead of schedule right now. some cars being allowed to move through westbound. you can see they opened up some of the lanes. some of the ramps still closed. we'll keep you updated there. for now, if you're watching this broadcast at home, then you'll be fine. and whitpain, an accident. and route 202 looks great so far. also in the green, drive time looking good. ten minutes or 11 minutes southbound from the schuylkill to route 30.
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average speed still up in the high 50s. i'll check in with mass transit when i come back in the next ten. now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 10 minutes before 5:00. live view of boathouse row. a clear view of it. we will see sunshine. it's not as bright and sunny as yesterday. it's not as cool. it is in the low 60s right now in south jersey but definitely warmer in the lehigh valley, the suburbs and delaware. the suburb, still cooling at this hour, but with additional humidity already in place and a nice breeze blowing, these temperatures are not going to cool quite as quickly as the last three mornings. 64 in north wales and northeast philadelphia is going to warm up into the upper 80s, as well as portions of the suburbs, too. new hope, 62 degrees right now in warrington, 66 degrees. and it's the wind that's going
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to really warm up the entire area today. southwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. sometimes, a little stronger. closer to 20 miles an hour for gusts. humid air coming into play. our area seeing clouds increasing. the clouds are just moving through central pennsylvania with storms in western pennsylvania. and lots of muggy conditions for the entire east coast. you'll really feel the difference this afternoon and even more so tomorrow. 10 day on 10, near 90 degrees this afternoon. and then into the 90s tomorrow. at 94 degrees, we'll feel like it's closer to 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. fortunately, the temperatures will moderate over the weekend. near 90 degrees for saturday and sunday. just a bit warmer on monday. up to 92 degrees. here come some showers and possibly thunderstorms for tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. and even into friday. next week. we could see some storms at the very end of the week on saturday
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with a high of 85. lauren. >> thanks, bill. it's 4:51. you have two days left to apply to get free money. nbc10 is giving away to local nonprofits making a difference in the community. we call this 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website and the deadline to apply is august 26th. we continue to follow breaking news about a police officer hit in a hit and run. >> next on the update at 5:00, we'll get the officer's condition. eagles nation, get ready. it's almost time for takeoff. we'll talk to two players getting fired up for the game.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on the roads. we're now looking at 76.
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in new jersey around glouster city. you can see the roads are fine right now. overnight construction taking out a few lanes in either direction. it's already cleared. not causing any delays right now. we'll check in with the vine street expressway again and more construction when i come back in the 5:00 hour. today in philadelphia, independence national historical park will mark the 100 anniversary eye the national park service for a day full of activities. this morning, they'll unveil a bronze plaque dedicated to steven matter whose efforts persuaded to create the park service. and you can also enjoy a picnic at independence mall. yesterday, philadelphia celebrated the centennial anniversary for the landmark in wilmington. the landmark is part of the first national historical park created by president obama in
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2014. fred woodrow wilson started the park service in august of 1916 to protect and manage our national parks. a camden county boy hasn't even started kindergarten yet, but he's already giving back to his community. >> ease super cute. he saved up seven months of his allowance because he wanted to feed police. he told his mom he wants the cops to be healthy to keep them safe. got their own bags and oh, a special ride home. >> i want to be a policeman. >> i can't wait. >> you either. >> william told his new police friends that he helps his mom and feeds the ducks and chickens to earn his allowance. u.s. goalkeeper hope solo
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has been suspended for six months from the u.s. women's soccer. u.s. soccer said solo's suspension was for, quote, conduct count tore the organization's principles. the goalkeeper called the swedish women's soccer team cowards after the heavily favored u.s. team lost to them in the olympics. solo was suspended in 2015 following a dui arrest. on her facebook page she wrote, i have only wanted belt for this team for the players and the women's game and i will continue to pursue these causes with the same unrelenting passion with which i play the game. the eagles are getting ready for the preseason on saturday. >> at aleast two players are pretty prompt. >> one, two, three! >> whoo! >> players are getting pumped. when they get over there on the
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field. >> you know, i think for me, a lot of smiles, when i get on the field, i step in between those lines, something inside of me comes out. >> i love my job. i love being around the guys. i like to stay in the moment. when it comes to sunday, you got to hit that switch. >> hit that switch. the game is saturday at 7:00. you can only watch the game on nbc10. your official eagles station. the live pregame coverage starts at 6:30. now they think they have found one that is right next door by galactic standards. the european observatory said yesterday they found an earth-like planet orbiting the star closest to our own sun. it's a rocky planet like earth only a bit larger. and they say it could campaign light because it's the solid
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go goldilocks zone. more of the stories we're following right now on nbc10 at 5:00 a.m. >> we're following breaking news out of philadelphia's manayunk section. a police officer is in the hospital after hit by a car. and police have somebody in custody. university attack. this morning, we have more information about a shooting that's killed 12 people at a university campus. and new information at bikes stolen at a charity event for soldiers. find out what police discovered. it's about 5:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news." >> i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm lauren mayk. good morning, bill. >> good morning, lauren. we're a little warmer this morning. still in the 60s.
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67 degrees right now in the suburbs of new jersey. it's 66 degrees, the temperatures are closer to each other this morning. a little bit of a breeze blowing, 68 degrees right now in wilmington. and you'll see sunshine. winds will be picking up later this morning. and that is going to make it more humid and lead to a warmer afternoon to 78 degrees. that's at 10:00 this morning. we'll number the upper 80s this afternoon. in fact, the entire area will be running warmer. near 90 degrees. clouds will be building this afternoon. a breezy afternoon in the suburbs. a chance of a late-day shower. a better chance of seeing a late-day shower in the lehigh valley. that's just a chance. you will see sunshine this morning. in delaware, partly sunny skies and 88 degrees. go to the forecast, with that chance of showers, hour by hour, when i come back in a few minutes. but first, an update, jessica boyington with your


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