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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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service. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 5:30, good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm lauren mayk. let's go to bill henley with the "first alert" neighborhood weather. good morning, bill. >> good morning, lauren. back in the 60s, though, not as cool as it has been, the cool spot, lehigh valley, where there's scattered clouds. that's a live view from easton. warm temperatures up into the 80s by late this morning. 72 degrees at 8:00. with that warmer weather will come more humidity. even a chance of a late day shower in the lehigh valley. rest of the area most likely stays dry. definitely warmer. additional humidity, it will feel like lower 90s for philadelphia. and look at the warmup for delaware. there's that chance breezy, too. a look at the forecast hour by
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hour. we'll see when the showers are likely to pop-up. >> just a few moments ago, we had an accident scene that cleared out of the way around girard avenue and headed eastbound. no problems or delays because of that. everything is moved out of the way. we do have the left lane blocked. all lanes getting by. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway having no problems, westbound no delays as well. also checking with whitpain, there's an accident scene here blue bell. you can see around the intersection. lower merion, edgehill road and old lancaster road. lauren and tracy. breaking news, this morning, a police sergeant is now in stable condition after he was hit by a car. the driver left the scene but officers were still able to make the arrest. on the scene in manayunk to explain what happened, pam. >> reporter: well, tracy, it
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started as a vehicle investigation. officer has pulled over a driver on main street. a sergeant arrived on scene to assist. and as he was talking to an officer on the driver's side of one of those patrol cars he was hit. according to witnesses, the suspect was traveling south on main street at a very high rate of speed. he hit the cruiser and the sergeant, knocking him out of his shoes and launching him 15 feet down the street. the driver was driving -- or the suspect, rather, was driving a 2008 toyota rav4. he left the scene of the accident, but he didn't get far. a tow truck driver who saw what happened followed the suspect to ridge avenue and called police. we caught up with the suv and can see damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. the driver was taken into custody. we're not showing his face right now because he's not been charged but police say he's 21 years old. and they suspect he may have been drinking. the sergeant is recovering at
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einstein. he's in stable condition with a broken collarbone but expected to be all right. there were several witnesses to that accident. he was positively identified. he'll be tested for alcohol conassumption. i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." thanks, pamela. this morning, police are looking for the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl in the head in camden. the child was outside of her home on spruce street. nbc10 was there as investigators searched the sidewalk for evidence last night. paramedics took the girl to cooper hospital for surgery. at last check the police chief said it didn't look promising. we spoke to a neighbor who heard the shooting. >> i thought it was firecrackers, to tell you the truth. it was so many of them. just to hear that, it's a shame and to hear a little girl in the midst of all of this get shot.
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>> i assured her that we're going to do everything we can to bring the cowards responsible for this -- to bring them to justice. >> police are looking at surveillance video as they gather leads in this case. rescue cruise are racing against time to dig out survivors from yesterday's earthquake in central italy. hundreds were hurt in the magnitude 6.2 quake. the powerful quake devastated towns in central italy, trapping people under piles of rubble. 90% of those they pull out are dead. some did make it out alive. it shows them airlifting one survivor. and then rescuing an 8-year-old while the crowd applauded in relief. nearly every building is amatrice is damaged or destroyed. >> it looks like a bomb went
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off. >> many survivors slept outside overnight, not daring to go back inside the old buildings that could collapse in aftershock. this is video we just got in from a drone that flew over the damage in one of the mountain towns devastated by the earthquake. it will give you a good idea of the extent of the devastation. all you can see is the crumbled buildings and dirt. the national italian-american foundation is working on plans to help the towns damaged by the earthquake. nbc10 met with the foundation's chairman who said yesterday's quake was similar to the one that hit central italy in 2009. some members will meet with the italian embassy in washington and the state department to talk about what the region needs and how they can help rebuild. >> that rebuilding effort is also here in the states to make sure we get the word out why this would be important and other things to remain their economic vitality. >> he said he didn't know anyone
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personally impacted by the earthquake but he was in that region earlier this summer. and he plans to visit this fall to help with relief efforts. police are trying to figure out how a day of fun turned deadly at a delaware state park. >> a woman was on the go ape adventure in bear when she fell 40 feet and died. the zip line operator said it would be inappropriate to comment until the investigation is complete. the people on the zip line were surprised to hear what happened. >> went through all of the safety precautions with all of the kids. i felt safe the whole time we were doing it. >> state police have waited to release the woman's name until family is identified. pennsylvania will now offer support and oversight to charter schools throughout the day. governor tom wolf set up a commission to review finances
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and programs at charter schools. the division will help the schools set goals for students boost involvement by parents and increase the school's accountability to the public. there are 160 brick and mortar charter schools. and 14 cybercharter schools in pennsylvania. it's 5:37. 69 degrees outside. montgomery county prosecutors are filing animal cruelty charges against a berks county man who supplied animals to well-known pet stores. clinton homes showing bins of dead guinea pigs and live rats stuffed in a bag in the freezer. the u.s. department of agriculture also found dozens of animals in need of medical care. holmes is charged with 28 counts of animal crueltypy petsmart and petplus have disconnected ties with holmes. and now they think they found one right next door by
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galactic standards. the european observatory said they found an earth-like planet orbiting the sun close toast our own. it's rock-like, like our earth, only slightly larger. they say it's in the so-called gold delock zones where it's not too hot and not too cold. it's 29 trillion miles away. that means a small unmanned space probe could reach it by the end of the century. 25,000 strollers are being recalled because a baby in the attached infants car seat can fall out. it rolls the step and go travel systems. if you have one of these, by dorell juvenile. if you have a stroller you should stop using it and contact them. the 100 anniversary of the national park service. >> the senator was among those who toured the national park
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landmark in wilmington yesterday. the landmark is part of the historic parks created by president obama in present between. the park service was formed in 1916. today, philadelphia's independence national historic park will also mark the national park service 100th anniversary with a day of activity, including a picnic and concert on independence mall, pat of a year-long celebration. >> we have been celebrating all year long across the entire national park service. our theme has been we don't want just a birthday cake on one day. >> independence national historical park is more than 400 national parks across the country. and yesterday, president obama named the newest national park
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katownen park in maine. we may see a few scattered clouds this morning. there's a cloudy afternoon in store but also a warmer afternoon. 87 degrees this afternoon. and the winds out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour. that's going to bring in more humid conditions. you'll feel the difference today. we've again in the goldilocks zone for the last few days. that changes, especially tomorrow. 64 right now. scattered clouds. 80s and additional humidity in the suburbs. it's a cooler morning, 63 degrees. 75 degrees at 10:00, warming into the 80s. the southwesterly winds not quite as strong as philadelphia and the suburbs but just enough to bring in additional humidity in lehigh valley. and the clouds increasing late this afternoon. there's a slight chance of late day showers or thunderstorms in the lehigh valley. sunny disease start with, still
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cooling down with clear skies. 63 degrees. upper 70s later this morning. into the 80s this afternoon. at the shore, plenty of sunshine to the day. a little stronger at the shore coming off the ocean. 81 degrees at 2:00. temperatures in the low 80s this afternoon. it's going to be a quick warmup into the low 80s into the shore as well. as for delaware, bright sunshine, showers through the day. 68 degrees this morning. enough sunshine to warm into the low 80s by lunchtime. and then middle to upper 80s this afternoon. it will feel at times like it's in the 90s today. it will be in the 90s tomorrow. you'll see the preview with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i'll take a look at the heat and humidity on the 10 day on 10 in just a few minutes. it's 5:41. let's get a check of traffic with jessica boyington. including route 78. >> 78, around lehigh street. over lehigh valley, looking great. no big problems or delays.
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a couple moving along east. disabled vehicle reported out in montgomery, and hourham road and upper state road looking fine. more updates in the next ten minutes. >> getting a boost. you'll now be seeing more donald trump ads in battleground states like here in pennsylvania. hear who is putting millions of dollars in ad money for trump. plus, tornado aftermath. take a look at what happened after a tornado touched down and hurt a dozen people. we'll tell you how this happened and how it is impacting the campaign trail.
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>> announcer: you're watching nbc10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. good morning, delaware county, it's 5:45. here's a live look at the media theater in state street. right now in media, it's 66 degrees. that sounds pretty good. in condition 2016, donald trump will hold a rally in new hampshire today. yesterday in mississippi he unveiled three tests that his immigration policy must pass. trump says any immigration policy he supports must support jobs and wages for u.s. citizens, improve the safety of
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u.s. citizens and improve the quality of life for u.s. citizens. after that trump told fox news anchor sean hannity, he's open to softening immigration laws. >> those people that have been working so hard to come into the country and going through the process, we're going to take them in, and we're going to cherish them and they're going to love us. we want the ones that want to love us. not the ones that want to create problems. >> trump said he would propose those who called for previous deportation to remove all of the limited 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country. meanwhile, hillary clinton is defending her family's charitable association. she's calling the report of the associated press of absurd and a lot of smoke and no fire. the report says officials who met with hillary clinton while secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. bill clinton is also defending the clinton foundation after shaking hands and posing for
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selfies at an atlanta restaurant. he addressed the controversy surrounding his wife. >> we're going to transition all of these responsibilities that would require foreign donations and it won't make money for the foundation if she wins. >> clinton says it's part of the election season. get ready to see more ads for donald trump in pennsylvania. trump is getting battleground assistance from the national rifle association. the nra has pledged $2.7 million in funding for tv commercials to run from september 5th to october 18th. meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie rejected a proposal aimed at increasing smart gun sales. christie says the democratic-backed measure would make new jersey inhospitable to legal gun ownership. the bill with smart gun
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technology. >> take a look, at the starbucks destroyed yesterday outside of indianapolis. about a dozen were hurt when the tornado touched down. the governor and mike pence toured the area. he wants to talk to families impacted to make sure they get the help they need. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. and we are in the clear. you can see just a few scattered thin clouds in this live view from center city. we will see plenty of sunshine during the day today and see the temperatures climb into the upper 80s. running warmer than yesterday. low 60s in the lehigh valley. 64 degrees in the suburbs. look at philadelphia, 69 degrees. 64 degrees at the jersey shore as well. we will see the numbers climb into the 80s this afternoon. and we'll see those temperatures go even higher for tomorrow. bringing in additional humidity.
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the moisture is riding in on winds out of the south at 12 miles an hour today. so that's going to make it feel like it's in the 90s this afternoon. this is 6:30 this evening. doylestown, trenton, voorhees, wilmington will all feel like the 90s. tomorrow, the numbers go even higher. temperatures will soar into the 90s. the feels like temperature, the heat index, will top 100 degrees, according to this computer model tomorrow afternoon. we will start with sunshine this morning. you saw how nice and clear it was on that live picture. clouds will be increasing in the afternoon some of them to the west producing showers. ahead of those showers very muggy air. another line of showers will give a possibility of showers for tomorrow. just a slight chance for both. you see the futurecast hour by hour. 12:30 this afternoon, clear of any rainfall. during the afternoon, you could see showers develop in the lehigh valley and suburbs. that computer model shows
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showers. a thunderstorm in chester county. most of the day, dry. we'll be watching for showers, otherwise sunshine and 89 degrees today. 94 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that will feel like 100 degrees plus in the afternoon. the humidity comes down and the temperatures moderate a bit over the weekend. still quite warm, 90 degrees on saturday. and into the low 90s, a bit hotter on monday. that's ahead of showers and possibility thunderstorms for tuesday and wednesday. thursday afternoon, 84 degrees. and 82 degrees on friday. and sunshine is back on saturday. up to 84. ladies. >> back to the heat and humidity. thanks, bill. 10 before 6:00 right now. >> jessica boyington joining us. what are you finding out there? >> 309 looks great so far. the cameras on the p.a. turnpike showing us that. both directions look fine. no problems or delays there. route 309, it's still a little el to see delays.
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the downed tree reported in lower merion at edgehill road and old lancaster road. and some delays, train 1512. other than that, mass transit running on time or close to time. tracy. thanks, jessica, for that. well, much needed relief could be coming to tens of thousands of drivers in our area. we'll tell you about the changes now being made that could mean quicker times at the motor vehicle commission. and high school football returns to nbc10 friday night "in the blitz." upper darby and bonner presentdy. or father judge at council rock south. you can go to or call or text your vote. 610-624-4111. did you know trading in your car
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it's 5:54. new jersey drivers could soon get relief from long lines at motor vehicle commission oses. governor chris christie announced a series of changes
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designed to eliminate wait times. it will eliminate the fees for online transactions. he hope drivers will use their website instead of going to their offices. change takes in effect in october. christie is also promoting a bill that would change registration dates for licenses and registration to from the last day of the month to a driver's birthday. that would spread out transactions instead of causing a logjam. u.s. goalkeeper hope solo has been suspended for six months from the u.s. women's soccer team. it's for, quote, conduct that is counter to the organization's principles. the goalkeeper called the swedish women's soccer team cowards after the heavily favored u.s. team lost to them in the olympics. solo was suspended back in 2015 following a dui arrest. the eagles are headed back after a free season game saturday. >> we know not to get too pumped
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up about preseason games. but some players just can't help it. take a look. >> one, two, three! >> one two, three! >> whoo! >> yeah, can you feel that energy? players tell nbc10, something just comes over them when they get on the field. >> i think for me, you know, a lot of smiles, try harder. when i step in between those lines, something inside of me comes out. >> i love my job, i love being around the guys. i just stay in the moment. when it comes to sundays, you've got to hit that switch. >> game against the colts is saturday at 7:00 p.m. you can only watch the game on nbc10 your official eagles facial. the live pregame coverage starts at 6:30. i know it's early. i bet you there are some people at home yelling with them. >> sure. a camden county boy has not even started kindergarten but
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he's given back to his community. >> he's given up seven months of his allowness to feed local police. his name is william edwards. he tells us he wants the cops to be healthy to continue to keep us safe. as a reward, he got his own badge, time in charge of the chief's office and a special ride home. >> i can't wait until you're old enough to be a policeman. >> me either. >> me either. he told them that he cleans his room, he helps his mom and feeds the ducks and chickens to earn his allowance. a viewer told us he was down on his luck when car trouble took his vehicle off the road. coming up we'll show you how the "nbc10 responds" team helped to save him thousands of dollars. and a hit and run and we'll
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tell you how officers tracked down this suspected driver.
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in custody, officers say they caught the driver accused of hitting a police sergeant in manayunk and then taking off. gunfire in the streets a man and a woman are hurt after bullets start flying on a germantown block. and controversy on the airwaves. the fallout from a philadelphia sports radio scandal leaves to a rival host getting fired. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm lauren mayk. let's get to bill hen lynn with your neighborhood forecast. >> good morning, sunshine, plenty of it in the suburbs right now, king of prussia. the numbers warming from 65 degrees to middle 70s at 9:00. by midday, 83 degrees. notice the clouds increasing. there is


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