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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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police have strong words for the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl in the head in camden last night. and another aftershock in italy this morning as the search intensifies for survivors trapped under the rubble in yesterday's powerful earthquake. and she ruled the pool, but how did olympic gold medallist katie ledecky do on the baseball diamond last night? see what she did at the pitcher's mound. right now at 11:00, an 8-year-old girl remains in critical condition after being shot in the head last night. it's the latest example of gun violence affecting innocent children in our area. good morning. i'm lauren mayk. the child was outside her home when the bullet struck her. nbc 10's cydney long is live in
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camden with more on the investigation today. cydney? >> reporter: lauren, good morning. i just hung up with a police contact, and for the past 14 hours since this shooting occurred before 9:00 last night, detectives have been out here, pounding the pavement, here in this community. they are handing out flyers, you can see, from corner to corner, detectives are combing the alleyways, talking to residents. they are handing out these flyers to get residents here to speak up. this shooting occurred just before 9:00 last night. we are told that the little girl, 8 years old, was struck in the head. neighbors say the gunfire sounded like fireworks. she suffered a gunshot wound to her head, that little girl. we don't know her name just yet. was rushed into surgery at cooper medical center and is right now fighting for her life. we're told her mother is by her side. we are working to find out if police will release any surveillance video today, that they will share with us, of any suspects involved or perhaps a
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car. sources close to this investigation tell me the child was not the intended target. they are utilizing every law enforcement asset they have to solve this. the residents have been quiet this morning, but they spoke up last night. >> i thought of firecrackers, to tell you the truth. there were so many of them. it was so close by the windows, i actually saw the lights. but just to hear that, it's a shame. to hear a little girl in the mix of all of this, get shot. >> i can't imagine what she's going through at this point in time. i assured her that we're going to do everything we can to bring the cowards responsible for this, bring them to justice. >> reporter: and police also tell me they will need residents to very quickly ditch their no-snitch attitude and speak up for the sake of this 8-year-old victim. we also just learned that camden metro police in a joint effort with the prosecutor's office and the citizens' crime commission will be putting up a reward today for information that leads to an arrest.
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that's part of the flyers that are being handed out now, lauren. we'll continue to follow this through the day today, and bring you any brand-new information on nbc 10 news beginning at 4:00. for now, we're live in south camden. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> all right, thanks, cydney more that new information. a south philadelphia police officer was hit by a car so hard, it knocked him right out of his shoes. the sergeant was making a traffic stop when a car hit him around 12:30 last night. the sergeant was thrown about 15 feet into the air. a tow truck driver chased down the person who hit that sergeant. the sergeant is in stable condition in the hospital right now. more details just into nbc 10 about a woman killed zip lining at a delaware state park. state troopers tell us the victim is 59-year-old tina werner of felton. investigators say felton was standing on a platform about 35 feet in the air, waiting to get on the zip line when she fell.
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it happened yesterday at go ape treetop adventure at lund pond state park in bear. troopers say the investigation is ongoing, but that they do not suspect foul play. six bullets went flying into that home in germantown late last night, while three adults and five children were inside. one of those bulls struck a woman. you can see the bullet holes in the front window of the home on 21st street. a woman inside was hit. a man who was outside the home was also shot. they are both in stable condition. now, it's not clear if both shootings were related. police say the gunman intentionally shot inside that home, but they don't know who the intended target was. police tell us the man was shot in retaliation for a fight earlier yesterday. detectives are talking to witnesses and they're going through surveillance video, l k looking for more clues. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. the heat and humidity is making a comeback today. nbc 10 in media, delaware
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county, where people were out and about before the return of that sticky weather. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, bill henley, is keeping an eye on all of that for us. bill, just how sticky are we talking? >> well, a lot more humid than it's been lately. we've had a couple beautiful days, but today the humidity is creeping back in. and so are some clouds. you can see some scattered clouds in the suburbs. look at king of prussia. those are fair weather clouds, but there is a possibility some parts of the area could see an isolated shower this afternoon. 82 degrees right now in philadelphia. nice warm-up is on the way. you can see those scattered clouds over the city. 86 at 1:00. the humidity coming in on winds that are picking up. 13-mile-an-hour winds at 1:00 this afternoon. they'll be blowing at 4:00. look at the clouds increasing. we'll see clouds increasing in the suburbs and lehigh valley. that's where we could see some showers, even an isolated thunderstorm is possible, as we warm into the 80s. a bit warmer and dry in delaware, though the clouds will be increasing this afternoon, and near 90 degrees in philadelphia. it will feel like it's in the
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90s today. you can see the clouds that are moving in from the west and showers just off to the northwest. this was our first possibility of showers. a few sprinkles moving into the hazelton area right now. more showers to the west, we'll be watching for those showers and a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. but today is just the beginning of the heat and humidity. it really gets hot and humid heading into the weekend. a look at the weekend and beyond when i come back in a few minutes. lauren? >> thanks, bill. pennsylvania is moving to prevent drug abuse by creating a prescription drug database. starting today, state law requires physicians to review the advisory of first-time patients before putting them on opioid painkillers and other controlled substances. the legislation also allows doctors to go online to see if a patient is getting prescription drugs from more than one doctor. it's an effort to crack down on a practice known as doctor shopping. pharmacists will maintain the electronic database. a follow-up now to a story
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that has some accusing a local radio station of racism. the pennsylvania chapter of black lives matter says they will meet with the management of 97.5 the fanatic tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. that is as one host tried to move past this controversy. >> welcome back to normalcy. >> that's all host mike mi missinelli said to open his show after finding out a station producer regularly called in as a fake black caller named duane from swedesboro. he even had a twitter profile. he played on racial stereotypes. this is what missinelli said yesterday when a persistent caller asked him to talk about this story. >> i said all i need to say about that tomorrow. i hope people will indulge. all it does is further fan the flames here. and we're about letting this thing just die. >> missinelli maintains he didn't know the caller was fake.
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station management didn't respond to our request for a comment. the local chapter of black lives matter says they have suspended a meeting. meanwhile, josh innes lost his job amid the racial controversy. on tuesday, the 94.1 host harshly criticized his use of stereotypes, but his comments went too far. they have suspended innes in the past. innes had seen his ratings drop sharply over the past few months. pennsylvania will now offer support and oversight to charter schools throughout the state. governor tom wolf set up a division within the state department of education to review finances and programming at charter schools. the division will help the schools set goals for students, boost involvement by parents, and increase the school's accountability to the public. there are 160 charter schools
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and 14 cybercharter schools in pennsylvania. time for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. how's it looking out there as we edge on into midday? >> we are edging into an accident here on the schuylkill expressway. a little bit of delays because of that, lauren. this is right around belmont avenue. the westbound lanes are approaching the accident scene, so you can see that's why there's some pretty big slowdowns there. 49 minutes right now, that's very heavy for this time of morning. headed westbound from the vine street expressway to the blue route, but lanes are still getting by. you can see, traffic is moving, it's not too bad. you can see on the eastbound side of the schuylkill, everything is feeling a bit better. also watching for the university of pennsylvania move-in day. that will be until 6:00 p.m. today. the right lane will be closed until 43rd street and 44th. spruce street will be closed between 34th and 38th. also watching for a vehicle fire out in abingdon, fire under control, but the situation is still there. moreland road and old york road.
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listen up if you live in new jersey. things are changing at the motor vehicle commission and it could save you some time. in october, the nbc is getting rid of fees for online transactions. the idea is to get more people to use the website rather than waiting in long lines at offices. the idea behind that is so that fewer people will go to get their license renewed all at the same time at the end of the month. up next, reduced to rubble. the efforts continue in three italian cities to find survivors from yesterday's powerful earthquake as an aftershock this morning rocks the same region. plus, who's now assisting in the rescue and recovery efforts? plus, tornado damage. the cleanup is underway after severe weather ripped through parts of the midwest. temperatures are climbing and the clouds are increasing in the lehigh valley. still some blue sky to be found. still some time before any showers takes place this afternoon. but that is a possibility later
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today. look at the weekend forecast and beyond with the ten-day on 10, just ahead.
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drone footage is giving us a bird's eye view of the earthquake damage in italy. rescue crews are racing against time, looking for survivors. the death toll rose to more than 240. nbc's bill neely has an update. >> reporter: from the rubble, a small voice. rescuers find a little girl, trapped in the ruins.
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come on, julia, they urge her. then pull her out. julia is bewildered, but alive, clinging to her rescuer, amazingly, uninjured. life amid so much death in the broken town of amatrice, that woke this morning to aftershocks and a rising death toll. they worked overnight to pull people out, but mostly, it's bodies. they are going through the rubble here by hand, trying to match the bodies they've found with the possessions here, to more easily identify them. but mostly, they're using these earth movers. it is now the case here, more of recovery than of rescue. an historic town, nearly every building now cracked or destroyed. it's a small place where everyone knows everyone, and where they all know the death toll will rise again.
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well, the rescuers admit they don't actually know how many people here are missing, because as well as the locals, there were hundreds of tourists in this area. and they are working amid hundreds of aftershocks. there was one this morning, 4.7 on the richter scale. that is enough to bring down fragile buildings. so there is still real danger here. back to you. >> that was bill neely reporting. a team of 30 refugees have been helping the rescue efforts. most of the migrants are from africa and they were staying at a nearby hostel when the quake hit. the group has also donated their pocket money to the cause. people hurt in the attack on american university in kabul are recovering this morning. the attack began yesterday with a large explosion that officials said was a car bomb. gunfire followed, as suspected militants fought their way into the complex where foreign staff and students were working. 12 people, including 7 students, died in the attack.
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doctors at this afghanistan hospital say more than the -- many of the injured victims are still in serious condition. breaking news out of texas. a car collided with a school bus in justin, texas, about an hour from dallas. in a tweet, the school district said students on the bus at the time of the crash were safely evacuated and there were no major injuries. well, take a look at this flattened starbucks in indiana. the coffee shop was destroyed by a tornado yesterday. about a dozen people were hurt when the tornado touched down. republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence, who's indiana's governor, took time off the campaign trail to get a firsthand look at damage and meet with survivors. nbc's tammy leitner is surveying the damage in cocomo, just north of indianapolis. >> reporter: mother nature's wrath caught on cell phone video in indiana. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> reporter: in the town of cocomo, a tornado taking down a
11:17 am
starbucks with customers still inside. >> how many -- >> we don't know. we're trying to get into the building. >> reporter: then, relief. >> everybody got out okay. >> three or four of us worked together and got the doors off and got them out. >> reporter: eight tornadoes confirmed in the state. the intense storm system bringing loud cracks of thunder and spotting massive funnel clouds that left behind a twisted path of devastation. >> glad you're all right. >> reporter: george took shelter in his bathroom, as his home collapsed around him. >> i said, dear lord, if it's going to be my last moment, make it quick and not very painful. >> reporter: he made it out unharmed, but his neighborhood is nearly destroyed. >> just thankful that my kids weren't here. >> reporter: late wednesday, indiana governor and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence left the campaign trail and headed home. >> we'll be here as long as we need to be. >> reporter: this morning, a familiar heartbreak. a community again picking up the
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pieces. >> that was nbc's tammy leitner reporting. with homes destroyed and sweeping power outages, the red cross set up a shelter to give people a safe place to spend the night. the cocomo event center sheltered up to 200 people who needed a place to stay. some were there because they were without power and told they couldn't return to their homes, others went because they had no place to go home to and were hoping to meet up with family members separated by the storm. >> all we have is all our clothes and we've been out in the soaking rain all day. but i'm still hearing to know their dad is okay. >> reporte >> more than a dozen buildings were destroyed when another tornado touched down in ohio. massive flooding in iowa swept away an rv and nearly everything else in its path. severe storms hit the northwestern part of the state earlier this week, triggering the flood. at least one person was killed
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when his car was swept away by fast-moving water. multiple roads have been closed or washed out due to flooding. 19 minutes after 11:00, you can feel it in the air. it is warmer and more humid than yesterday. and this has a lot to do with it. the wind has shifted and we're seeing more wind today than we've seen the last couple of days. and that's bringing the temperatures up into the low 80s in philadelphia. wilmington and dover also in the low 80s, while allentown is not far behind, and right at 80 for vineland, mt. holly, and trenton. the temperatures are a little bit warmer than yesterday. they actually feel warmer, because the breeze is also bringing in more human conditions. and that's going to continue. the winds are picking up. we'll see those winds at 13 miles an hour during the day today, in wilmington. 14-mile-an-hour winds in dover. and it's that southerly or southwesterly direction that's making all the difference today. as steamy as it is today, it gets hotter and steamier
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tomorrow. the temperatures will be soaring. we'll see them climb into the 80s this afternoon, but it's going to feel like more than 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. áñ skies. a few more clouds later this afternoon, and into the evening hours, in philadelphia. and we might even see a brief shower in the suburbs or in the lehigh valley. 80s this afternoon, the clouds -- complete cloud cover at 6:00 and they start breaking at 10:00 tonight. might not see a shower in the lehigh valley. you'll probably definitely not see it in the delaware area. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. cooling to the 70s tonight. it won't cool down quite as quickly this evening, thanks to the higher humidity and some of the clouds that are around. new jersey, sunshine, no sign of showers today and clear at the shore. clear for the low 80s this afternoon. 80 degrees at 6:00 this evening. by the time we get to the weekend, the threat of showers will be past us. this afternoon, you can see a little bit of activity moving through the hazelton area right now.
11:21 am
there is a chance, maybe into the lehigh valley and suburbs, but not a very big threat for today. we'll be watching the hour-by-hour forecast, but radar this afternoon shows at 1:30 this afternoon, we could see some scattered, mainly light showers moving to the lehigh valley and pretty much falling apart. you might see a sprinkle in montgomery county or in bucks county, and then we'll be in the clear for the rest of the day. as far as the weekend is concerned, sunshine and 90 degrees on saturday. hot, yes, but the humidity will be dropping on saturday. another warm day on sunday. at the shore, look at the cooldown for sunday afternoon. 75 degrees, while the rest of the area is looking at temperatures in the 80s on sunday. the ten-day forecast, well, we do have a chance of some wet weather coming into the area by late in this forecast. the next five days should be dry. temperatures soar tomorrow afternoon, after we get near 90 today, into the middle 90s tomorrow. saturday and sunday will see lots of sunshine and a bit hotter on monday, 92, the high
11:22 am
temperature. pearl cloudy skies on monday. we need some rainfall, a good chance of getting some showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. but by thursday, friday, and saturday, sunshine is back. 90 degrees on thursday. and then still quite warm on friday, but the temperatures will be heading down a bit for friday and saturday. and the humidity will be dropping next saturday as well. lauren? >> thanks, bill. up next, the power of a sneeze. i'll show you new video of just how fast and how far a sneeze can travel. plus, change of heart? the company responsible for the dramatic price hike in epi pens makes the move to help out some patient who is depend on the life-saving drug.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the maker of epi pens says it will expand programs and offer the advice at a lower cost. mylan was hit with heavy criticism after it hiked prices for the pens over the past decade. the two-pack can cost over $600. but they will now double eligibility for a patient assistance program that can cover out-of-pocket costs for uninsured and underinsured families. the ceo, heather bresh, appeared on cnbc this morning to talk about the controversy. >> i want everyone who needs an epi pen to have one. as a mother, i'm going to tell you, it breaks my heart. there's no one out there that shouldn't have it. i know the tragedy that strikes.
11:26 am
we've worked tirelessly with advocacy groups, i've been on the phone daily. >> epi pens can be used to stop potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. as kids head back to school, a new video is providing a reminder of why kids should cover their nose while sneezing. scientists at m.i.t. say the largest drople leslets from a g sneeze typically land within 3 smaller droplets can travel up to 25 feet. your dna can determine how much coffee you drink. european researchers identified a gene that affects how the body tolerates a caffeine. they found people with a variation of this gene drank fewer cups of coffee each day, because the caffeine stayed in their bodies longer. that means they require less
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coffee to get the same caffeine hit than those without that gene variation. more name calling in decision 2016. what donald trump just said about his democratic rival, hillary clinton, and we take a closer look at a recent claim made by the clinton campaign. and apparently, bigger isn't always better. why the size of new homes is shrinking and what's sparking the trend. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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checking out our nbc 10 headlines, an 8-year-old girl remains in critical condition after being shot in the head last night, outside her camden home. she was rushed into surgery at cooper medical center and is fighting for her life. we're told her mother is by her side. police are still searching for the suspect. philadelphia officers arrested a driver they say struck a police sergeant who was making a traffic stop along main street and manayunk overnight. the sergeant was thrown about 15
11:31 am
feet into the air. a tow truck driver chased down the car that hit the sergeant. the sergeant is in stable condition in the hospital right now. a man and woman are recovering from gunshot wounds after bullets started flying in germantown last night. the gunfire went into a home on 21st street, hitting the woman. police say the gunman intentionally shot inside that home, but they don't know who the intended target was. the man was hit outside the home. it is not clear if the two shootings are related. hotter and more humid conditions are returning today. nbc 10 was on kelly drive, where people were getting a morning bike ride or some roller blading in for a workout, and let's check in with meteorologist bill henley for a look at our first alert neighborhood forecast. bill? >> lauren, the crowd is growing at cape may, new jersey. that's a live view from the
11:32 am
marquis de lafayette hotel. some clouds overhead, getting a break from the sunshine right now, but there's more sunshine on the way and it stays dry at cape may. the cape may courthouse, 81. cape may point is 76. 76 in atlantic city. delaware, sunshine and high cloudiness. a little bit hazy, too, and more humid. the temperatures have already warmed into the 80s. marshalton is now 85 degrees and 81 in claymont. the entire area will see a warm-up warmer than yesterday and a bit seamier, too. lansdale warms up to 87 degrees this afternoon. and the lehigh valley, there's an isolated shower, storm the possibility late this afternoon. could see that with temperatures in the middle 80s. was it's going to be hard to find most of the afternoon. and nonexistent for new jersey. at the shore, the temperatures will be coming down a little bit this afternoon with winds coming in off the ocean. those winds a little stronger today than yesterday. and that's bringing in additional humidity for
11:33 am
wilmington, too. 88 for wilmington. we're not the only spot heating up. the tropics getting more active, too. i'll take a look at the latest possibility of hurricane formation when i come back, in just a few minutes. lauren? >> in decision 2016, donald trump is turning tables on hillary clinton, calling her a bigot. today she's expected to give a detailed response. nbc news national correspondent, tracie potts, is in washington with a preview of what she'll say. >> hillary clinton is a bigot, who sees people of color only adas votes, not as human beings. >> reporter: donald trump is going after the african-american and latino vote by claiming democrats have done little to improve the lives of minorities. clinton's response comes this afternoon in reno. she's expected to argue what she told cnn last night, that
11:34 am
trump's shifting republicans who are disturbing extremist views. >> someone who is, you know, very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: clinton insists her meetings with secretary of states broke to laws or ethical rules. >> there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. >> she called trump's shift on immigration desperate. instead of mass deportations, trump now says he's willing to work with immigrant who is came here illegally, but want to stay. >> my priorities will never change. jobs, wages, and security for americans. >> reporter: his campaign says, expect more details in the next two weeks. and we could find out more today when trump sits down with latino and african-american leaders in new york. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new details now about the pulse nightclub shooting rampage in orlando. the survivors will not be
11:35 am
getting hospital bills in the mail. the orlando regional medical center says it's exploring other ways of getting paid, including insurance companies, and one orlando fund, a charity set up to help the victims. 49 people died and 53 others were wounded in the attack on june 12th. a court hearing will be held today on proposed settlement agreements. the automaker admitted to rigging certain vehicles to cheat emissions test. in june, volkswagen reached a $14.7 billion settlement to head off civil claims against the company. starting in october, you can tour the home of late pop star, prince. the singer's family says it will offer guided public tours of paisley park. fans will be able to see the recording and mixing studios, reversal resumes, sound stage, and concert hall. tickets for the tours go on sale tomorrow. prince died of an accidental overdose of the pain killer,
11:36 am
fei fentanyl in april. hope solo has been suspended for six months from the u.s. women's soccer team. solo's suspension was for conduct that is counter to the organization's principles. the goalkeeper called the swedish women's soccer team cowards, after the heavily favored u.s. team lost to sweden in the olympics. solo was previously suspended for 30 days, back in 2015, following a dui arrest. "sports illustrated" is labeling simone biles, katie ledecky, and michael phelps the greatest. and they have been out basking in their olympic glory. >> that's michael phelps. he appeared as a guest host last night on "america's got talent," and he got a huge reception. the olympic superstar partnered with nick cannon to reveal which acts would move on to the semi-finals. and olympic swimmer katie ledeky, she threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the washington nationals game with
11:37 am
the orioles last night. the d.c. area native was a special guest at the game. the 19-year-old starts her freshman year at stanford in september. and gold medal gymnast simone biles returned home to texas yesterday. the 19-year-old was greeted by fans and city leaders in houston, who proclaimed the day, simone biles day. also, her hometown of spring, texas, held a parade in her honor. sales of newly built homes jumped to the highest level in nearly nine years in july, and prices finally dipped a bit. as cnbc's diana olick explains, that may have less to do with builders lowering prices and more with buyers opting for smaller homes. >> it's happening in brandywine, maryland, at mid-atlantic builders, and across the nation. the average size of a newly built home is shrinking for the first time since the end of the recession. >> mostly, it's financing. it depends on the markets, but in our market, it's been financing's driving the deals.
11:38 am
and people -- builders are adjusting their product to meet the affordability issue. >> more entry-level buyers who need mortgages are coming back to the home-buying market, and neons more demand for smaller homes. >> at one point during the -- before the great recession, we were probably averaging 4,200 square feet a house. now we're 2,800 to 3,100 square feet. so, yeah, they've shrunk quite a bit. >> reporter: the average size of a home built from april to june was over 70 feet smaller than it was in the first three months of the year. >> there's a mix issue, where as more and more boomers buy houses, they may be smaller, because they don't need all the square footage. >> reporter: and as for the youngest home buyers, the millennials. >> this is all storage for all your pillows. >> reporter: smaller can also mean tiny, from microapartments to tiny homes, as long as the place is tricked out with all the top techie amenities,
11:39 am
bigger, clearly, isn't always better. diana olick, cnbc, washington. it is a birthday party and everyone gets a treat. what's in store for visitors across the country, as the national park service turns the 100 today. and it's going to feel like 100 tomorrow. and we're getting a little taste of the additional humidity today, along with some scattered clouds. that's a live view from center city. a look at tomorrow and the weekend and tomorrow and beyond. the ten-day on 10, just ahead.
11:40 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a kremlin deception. that's what our partners at are calling a recent claim by the clinton campaign. nbc's keith jones looks at the insinuation that donald trump is associating with a possible russian spy. >> there are real questions being raised about whether donald trump himself is just a puppet for the kremlin in this race. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign manager, robby mook, insinuates on national tv that presidential candidate donald trump, compromised national security. >> the gentleman he brought with him to his security briefing just last week is someone who's on the payroll of the "russia times," which is basically a propaganda arm of the kremlin. >> reporter: so who is this mysterious man referred to only as the gentleman. it turns out it was retired lieutenant general, michael flynn. >> no, he's not a russian spy. >> reporter: until two years
11:43 am
ago, flynn was a director of the intelligence agency under president obama. mook says this past december, flynn was sitting two seats away from vladimir putin at a tenth anniversary gala for "the russian times," known as rt. >> turns out the whole thing comes from one paid appearance at a conference that rt held. so to say he's on the payroll is like saying hillary clinton's on the payroll of goldman sachs, because she gave a paid speech at goldman sachs. silly. >> reporter: to more representation, this time in the form of a tv ad. >> in hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in, illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. >> reporter: the ad claims, under trump, terrorists and dangerous criminals are kept out. >> under clinton's plan, she would deport dangerous criminals, terrorists, all the same people that trump is talking about. >> reporter: believes the claim is based on a senate bill, supported by
11:44 am
clinton, that would allow immigrants with two misdemeanors to stay, provided they meet other requirements. the ad contains other false claims. >> hillary clinton is going to have open borders. well, she's not going to have open borders. she, in fact, supported legislation that would increase funding for border security. >> reporter: the trump campaign spent nearly $5 million on the ad that's airing in four states. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> a heads-up for parents. 25,000 strollers are being recalled because a baby in an attached infant car seat would fall out. the recall involves step-n-go travel systems sold under the safety first brand and manufactured by doral juvenile. if you have one of these strollers, the company says you should stop using the strollers with the infant car seat and contact safety first for a free repair kit. new this morning, a local real estate developer is teaming up with a home improvement store to build furniture for a homeless shelter. the goldenberg group partnered
11:45 am
with lowe's to construct records for families staying in west oak lane. 150 volunteers joined together for the project this morning at the lowe's store in plymouth meeting. if you're one of the millions of american who is filed for an extension on your taxes this year, the october deadline is fast approaching and with every tax deadline comes more evidence of a multi-billion-dollar threat. identity theft. as scott cohn of cnbc's "american greed" reports, protecting yourself is now a year-round concern. >> reporter: your wallet, stolen. your computer hacked. what do you do? call your bank, check. your credit card company? check. but don't forget your taxes. if you're a victim of identity theft, this may not be the first place to come to mind, but it should be. because to an identity thief, your tax return is a potential gold mine. >> they are taking those funds that would normally be sent to the taxpayer, and diverting them
11:46 am
to their own bank account. >> reporter: it's as simple as a thief filing a return and claiming a refund under junior social security number, before you do. in 2014, the scam cost the agency $6 billion, and cost millions of taxpayers untold headaches. getting the situation resolved and getting your refund can take months or more. the problem exposed in the latest "american greed." one hacker collected more than $5 million in refunds. he stole from the living and the dead. >> it was over 1,900 tax returns that we have identified were associated with him. it's possible he had done much more than that. >> reporter: what can you do? get your taxes done early. >> our first tip is to file early to beat the crooks. >> reporter: if you think your identity might have been stolen, no matter what time of year, contact the irs right away. above all, treat your identity, especially your social security number, like your most valuable possession, because it just might be. scott cohn, cnbc's "american greed." today in philadelphia,
11:47 am
independence national historical park is marking the national park services' 100th anniversary with a day full of activities. that includes family-friendly games and treats, and a picnic and concert on independence mall. it's part of a year-long celebration. >> we have been celebrating all year long, across the entire national parks service. our theme has been, we don't want just a birthday cake on one day. >> independence national historical park is one of more than 400 national parks all across the country. and just yesterday, president obama named the newest national park katana woods and water national monument in maine. dealing with a sick or injured child can take an enormous psychological toll. it can also have a devastating financial impact on a family. well, one local organization is working to help people in our area facing these hardships. christine dubona-mowgli is the
11:48 am
executive director of fred's footsteps. and they have a big golf outing coming up. christine, thanks so much for being here with us. we'll talk about that outing in just a moment. but for those who may not be familiar with this organization, tell us how and why it was founded and what you do? >> so fred's footsteps was founded 11 years ago. my dad was fred, and he passed away from cancer. and what we heard at that time was how he had helped so many people in ways that we just didn't really know about. and small ways that seemed small to him but were big to others. we started the organization in his memory, to help families carrying for seriously ill and injured children. we help them with their everyday living expenses, if one or both parents is out of work, and also home modifications and equipment. >> and you mentioned some of the things that you're helping them with. tell me about the financial strain that this can put on a family. >> so we found that many of the families that we work are working families who may have
11:49 am
insurance, but when a child is ill and one or both parents have to be out of work, nobody's covering their mortgage and their rent and these everyday living expenses that begin to pile up, and when they want to be there around the clock for their child, it's near-impossible to make that decision between being at bedside or going to work. so that's where we step in and are able to provide that relief, so they don't have to make that decision. >> so, how does that work. do you basically know, at this point, what they're going to need? do they have to know specifically what they need help with? or can you kind of help them along with that, as well? >> we can help them along with that, as well. the program is really structured around the fact that no two families are alike. we work with amazing social workers at the area hospitals, who help to identify what the need is for that specific family, based on their specific situation. and then we, from there, help them to figure out where the funding we provide for them can cause the most impact in their lives. and help them really get over the hump and get back to some
11:50 am
sort of stability in their life or a new normal. >> and this outing, this golf outing will help you with that? >> yeah, fred's footsteps is our largest fund-raiser, our 12th year having this event. and we're really excited to welcome golfers at both philadelphia country club and golf mills golf course this year. >> all right, fantastic. thanks so much, christine, for telling us about the organization and planning this event. now, here's a little bit more about that upcoming event, the 12th annual golf fun day to benefit fred's foot steps. it's happening monday. for more information, you can head to our website, we put the information there. it's or you can check out the nbc 10 app. again, christine, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. well, today and tomorrow are your last chance to help in spreading the word about free money to those making a difference. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits in our community. this is called 21st century solutions.
11:51 am
and the goal is to support organizations the that are implemented new and innovative programs. the deadline is tomorrow. the application is on our website, gorgeous weather the last couple of days, but you can feel the difference in the area today. and see it, too. more high clouds are around. if you're heading out right now, the humidity is climbing. the wind has picked up. a breezy and warmer day today. and this afternoon, it will feel like it's the 90s. and there will be more clouds increasing this afternoon and into this evening. even a slight chance of a shower later today in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. so far, it is dry. 80 degrees in the suburbs. 81 in delaware, and up to 82 degrees in philadelphia. pretty nice day at the shore. partly to mostly sunny skies, already in the low 80s. and we'll get a lot warmer there, because the winds have kicked in. but inland, we'll see the temperatures climb into the upper 80s. and with the additional humidity
11:52 am
today, it's going to feel more like it's near 90 this aftern n afternoon. pemberton is 81. princeton was in the 50s this morning, now 81 and climbing. with the winds this afternoon, topping 10 miles an hour, that's that humid air that's going to be coming into the air during the day today and staying with us overnight tonight, and you'll really feel the heat tomorrow. the temperatures have been warming up, yesterday, 86 degrees. closer to 90 today. but they soar tomorrow. 99 degrees and it will feel like 100 degrees and possibly even a little bit more tomorrow afternoon. and it won't be as cool tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will bottom out in the 70s in philadelphia. tomorrow afternoon, that's 2:30 in the afternoon, 99 degrees, the feels-like temperature for philadelphia. 100 for trenton. steam heat before we get to the weekend. with the heat and humidity comes
11:53 am
the chance of some scattered showers. we're seeing some very scattered, very light showers heading just to the poconos this morning. a few more to the west. another chance of some showers coming in later tomorrow. but most of what we're going to be experiencing today and again tomorrow are the muggy conditions. keeping an eye on the tropics. we're watching two systems. gaston has just now weakened, no longer a hurricane, now a tropical storm. that one is expected to head out to sea and take a big right turn. so stay away from landmasses. this next area could become a tropical storm in the next several days. if that happens, hermine would be expected to move towards florida and into the gulf of mexico. but it's still uncertain and it has yet to form. our weekend, looking pretty nice, actually. sunny and warm. the humidity drops for saturday, but it stays hot on saturday and close to 90 on sunday. if you're looking for cooler temperatures, the shore will cool into the 70s on sunday
11:54 am
afternoon, after a warm, sunny day on saturday. all-around, a pretty nice-looking weekend forecast. ten-daying on 10, the temperatures same tomorrow, 90 for saturday, not quite as hot on sunday. back into the low 90s on monday. we need some wet weather. doesn't look like it's going to be here until tuesday and wednesday. and then sunshine returns for the rest of next week. we'll be right back.
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thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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