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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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pair of thieves enter, scan the room and appear to settle on ruth. >> she places the male suspect's jacket on the chair that backs up to the woman with the three children. her pocketbook is slung over the back of the chair. he sits down, maneuvers the chair around and starts helping himself to the contents of her pocketbook. >> reporter: when the crime is done, the couple finishes their lunch. ruth hadn't seen the video of the crime until we showed it to her. >> i never saw him at all. it's scary. he was very visibly close to me and i wasn't aware. that's scary. >> reporter: what happened next is less of a surprise. the woman heads across the street to target and has a $1,600 shopping spree buying untraceable gift cards. ruth was alerted to the theft after this woman walked out of the store, gift cards in hand. >> who would do something like that. >> reporter: now, police right now are continuing to look at more surveillance images from that target. they say that the couple got
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away in a silver sedan. and that they went ahead to philadelphia and tried to use ruth's credit cards again, but this time the credit card company was on to them and they were declined. if you know who these people are, you're asked to call police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. let's talk about the weather. we're facing a double summer threat today. first, the heat and humidity. and no one is feeling it more than these football players in bensalem. they were sweating it out on the field. even steamy in the stands, too. >> it's pretty hot out here. but it's worth it. it's worth it to watch them play. >> as always, the key, staying hydrated. there were plenty of drinks to go around here. the other threat we're talking about is dangerous rip currents at the shore. this is a live picture right now at the scene in cape may. those rip currents could impact families, many, many families on
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the sand right now, planning to cool off on the coastline this weekend. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is with us now. >> glenn, lots to talk about. >> it's pretty hot at the shore today, but it will get a little bit more comfortable as we go through the weekend. the temperatures, of course, have gone up. 87 yesterday. 92 so far today. feeling like 96 over the weekend. pretty close to 90 degrees. but not quite as hot or humid as what we've seen today. now, the temperatures don't look so bad. 93 in mount holly. one of the hot spots, atlantic city at 94 degrees. but it feels like it's a lot hotter. 96 in mount holly, 97 atlantic city, 101 in vineland, and 102 degrees in dover, delaware. 102. the way it feels. not going to be feeling that hot tomorrow. but let's see other parts of
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delaware and how it feels. dearborn woods, 102. harmony hills, 101. 103 in dover as we showed you. this one looks a little bit off. i think it's too high. lewis beach, 91. bay vista, reporting 104. bethany beach, 94 degrees. it is steaming hot in delaware. now, as we go through the night tonight, it's not going to cool off much. temperatures down into the 70s in most places. look at the p.a. suburbs, the lehigh valley, down into the 60s. they were in the 70s this morning. so it's an indication of a little bit lower humidity. but you notice the clear skies. we'll see if they stay clear through the weekend in just a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. families heading to the jersey shore to enjoy one of the final summer weekends will face a threat in the water. >> there is a rip current warning in effect for swimmers. we can't say that enough.
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ted greenberg is live in ocean city, which i'm sure right now, ted, is packed. >> reporter: it is packed, and very hot right now, keith and denise. we have a land breeze, not a lot of relief off the ocean. tell you what, when they're fully staffed at the height of the summer, ocean city has 43 guarded beaches. right now, that number is down to 33. as coastal communities all along the jersey shore try to stay vigilant with fewer eyes on the water. search city lifeguard pat has a little less company these days. when it comes to his colleagues. >> most people who guard here are in college. so, you know, as college is starting, people are leaping and the ranks are thinning. >> reporter: that leaves fewer lifeguards on duty. >> the water running out in that area -- >> reporter: with a growing threat of dangerous rip currents. >> you've got to stay balanced.
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>> reporter: and people flocking to beaches to cool down from another wave of hot weather. >> we just want to make sure no one is in a position where we have to go in and save them. >> reporter: at the height of the summer, surf city's baby beaches have two lifeguard stands. now nearly all of them are down to one. >> the rules that normally apply, swim where there's a lifeguard, they apply even more now, because the lifeguards are pushed to the limits a bit. >> we always try to find them because of the kids. it's important for us to be right in front of the guards. >> reporter: in ocean city, similar risks. >> the current is really rough. the waves are coming in set after set after set. >> reporter: and a dwindling team of lifeguards. >> we had to close a stand or two because of the availability of the guard staff. always give the ocean the ben filled of the doubt and realize it's a strong body of water. >> reporter: again, lifeguards are urging you only to swim when they are on duty. but they say if you do choose to swim at an unprotected beach, go
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into the water with a partner, also make sure someone on the sand up here is watching you and in the ocean, watching to make sure there you're okay. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, thank you. whether you're heading to the shore or maybe here at the water park in campbell beach, in pocono mountains, take the nbc 10 app with you. you can get the first alert forecast at your finger trips right down to the neighborhood you are in. new details in a murder mystery in new castle. police have charged a woman with carrying a delaware student who dreamed of being a doctor. tim furlong is live in new castle where he's been digging into the suspect's past. tim, what did you find? >> reporter: denise, from facebook and records, we've found some stuff, but why would she want to murder this young man anyway. i can tell you this, once the crime stopper reward was doubled
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by the county in this case, the tips, they just started coming in. >> what happened here is the epitome of a tragedy. >> reporter: police say dpel a wear state university student malcolm evans didn't know cheryl jennings. they say on july 9th at 4:00 a.m., she fired a bullet into malcolm's car as he went to work at fed ex. the aspiring doctor was pronounced dead a short time later. >> why? someone would commit such an unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man? >> reporter: jennings family members wouldn't respond to my questions today. >> this is everything that happened -- >> reporter: they said police were here a couple of weeks ago gathering evidence in jennings' house on wednesday. they came back with a s.w.a.t. team. she showed me the pictures. they broke down the front door. >> in 15 minutes you saw them bring her out. >> reporter: they didn't know each other, but charging her with first-degree murder means police believe she meant to kill
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them. the affidavit on the case is sealed. from my dash cam all that's clear is from malcolm's house, he would pass her house. he was shot as he drove this stretch of baywatch road. >> this was a tragic case, extremely sad for the evans family. a bright young man, future cut short. >> reporter: police say jennings has a criminal record. a felony conviction shouldn't have allowed her to have a gun in the first place. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. over montgomery county, about an hour ago, as crews put out hot spots after a townhouse fire. this was the scene. several townhomes were damaged. but no one was hurt. a day of strange smells in cleaning up along one street of philadelphia's kensington section, g street between erie
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and fanango is closed because of a chemical leak at a warehouse there. the chemicals are used to make plastic. people were ordered to stay in their homes. the order has been lifted, but the smell may still be there. officials say it may take several days to secure the leak. a little girl who police say was kidnapped by her father in northeastern pennsylvania. police found 3-year-old ava burn this afternoon in new york city. she is doing just fine. her father, robert, is now in custody. authorities say he abducted the girl this morning in a scranton wil wilkes-barre area. last week, a driver hit someone on railroad avenue, left them lying on the road and then took off. the victim was critically hurt. the car's a 2000 to 2005 buick le sabre. if you can help, you're asked to contact police. amtrak is getting some help
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to make a smoother ride for passengers along its northeast corridor. vice president joe biden spoke today at the train station in wilmington that bears his name. he announced the new funding that will improve infrastructure and the efficiency of the rails. he was an amtrak rider during his days in the senate. last week the federal railroad administration awarded $25 million to amtrak. the money is for 11 projects, including help implementing positive train control. nearly four years after superstorm sandy, more funding is on the way to people still recovering along the jersey coast. governor chris christie is expected to make that announcement at any moment now in thoms river. they lost at least half of its dunes when sandy struck. the storm devastated the ocean front coastline causing catastrophic flooding and tens of billions of dollars in damage.
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the death toll in central italy's earthquake has risen to 278. a state funeral will be held tomorrow for some of the victims. and the italian government has also declared tomorrow a day of mourning ffrlts rescuers have pulled nearly 250 people alive from the rubble following wednesday's quake. you may have caught this. hillary clinton and donald trump taking their dispute over race to their advertising now. take a look. >> trump management was charged with discriminating against african-americans and breaking federal law. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i've always had a great relationship with the blacks. >> hillary clinton's ad is already running in key battleground states including pennsylvania. it accused trump of being racially insensitive. trump fired back with an ad that focuses on clinton's use of the words "super predator" in the 1990s. it features former democratic presidential nominee bernie sanders.
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>> you called out president clinton for defending secretary clinton's use of the term super predator back in the '90 rs when she supported the crime bill. >> it was a racist term, and everybody knew it. >> earlier this week, trump called clinton a bigot, and accused her of using race baiting to lure black voters. clinton said trump has unleashed the radical fringe within the republican party. next week president barack obama will be in philadelphia to campaign on behalf of clinton. he'll talk about the high stakes of the november election, and encourage people to register to vote. this just in. the stock market has closed after what's being called a rocky day. it's the result of federal reserve chair janet yellen suggesting that an interest rate hike is coming. she made the case for a hike mentioning solid job market and improved outlook for the economy and inflation. but she stopped short of offering any timetable. we have a live look at the board on the new york stock
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exchange. trading ended and the dow finished the day down a little more than 50 points. pennsylvania's 14 state universities could soon hit the picket line in a few weeks. they'll decide whether or not to strike beginning september 7th. the union working without a contract, going on for 14 months. the state isn't negotiating fairly they say. the state system of higher education blames contract delays on financial strengths. classes begin on monday. meanwhile, the newest st. joe students have touched down on hawk hill. they're settling in this afternoon after heavy lifting, more than 1,250 freshmen make up the class of 2020. they'll head to class for the first time on monday. a new driver's license center in norristown goes high-tech, promising better customer service. pennsylvania governor tom wolf joined other state officials for the grand opening today. the new center uses more
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technology than in the past. making the process of getting or applying for a license much easier. >> what this center is, is a reflection of what we actually do and what we're trying to do in government. we want to make it more efficient. we want to make it more customer friendly. this is what we're talking about. >> the governor says people who use the center will move through lines faster than ever before. new concern in camden about a recent spike in drug overdoses linked to heroin. the city responded to 29 heroin overdoses between tuesday and thursday. a good number of those were the result of people using free samples of heroin labeled with a batman stamp. none of those turned deadly, thank goodness. police believe the batman batch first popped up in camden about two weeks ago. all blood banks in the country will have to start testing for the zika virus. that's after a new advisory from the fda. until now, only blood banks in areas with active zika
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transmissions will require to test for zika. blood banks already test donations for hiv, hepatitis, west nile virus and other blood-borne viruses. there are no confirmed cases of zika linked to the rio olympics, that announcement from the world health organization. zika first erupted in brazil. there were concerns the olympics might cause the virus to spread faster because of all the visitors and athletes who might carry it back home. new developments in the case of a california judge under fire for the sentence he handed to a college swimmer convicted of sexual assault. he has removed himself from handling criminal cases. he requested that he be assigned to civil court. he first became the subject of widespread criticism after sentencing former stanford swimmer brock turner to just six months in jail. turner could have faced up to six years in prison after being convicted of investigation you'lly assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus. the pennsylvania senate will
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reconvene this sunday for a vote to possibly name the state's new attorney general. governor tom wolf has nominated bruce beemer to take over that seat. beemer was a one-time high-ranking aide to kathleen kane. she resigned after being convicted of leaking grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. the boss has done it again, bruce springsteen has broken his own record for his longest u.s. show. >> he did it with a few surprises, too, in his home state of new jersey. >> you're my best friends. i love you more than anyone else in the world. >> that's a marriage proposal there involving two fans, that marks the end of springsteen's concert at metlife stadium last night. the show was just shy of four hours. that breaks the previous record for the group's longest u.s. show of 3 hours 52 minutes. that was set on tuesday.
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bruce springsteen has two performances at citizens bank park. there's still hope he'll surpass that four-hour mark next month. the added sunshine today, one of the reasons it got a whole lot hotter. 92 in philadelphia. 89 in some of the p.a. suburbs. 92 in much of new jersey, lehigh valley, delaware, in the low 90s as well. it's more than just the staemt. it feels like 101 in vine raund. 96 in mount holly. 102 in dover. it's pretty hot out there. let's show you the temperatures in the city of philadelphia. 92 at the airport. but it's 95 at society hill. 94 penn's port, 94 in somer tomorrow. 91 in bustleton. just about everywhere is over 90, except for andora at 89 degrees. and the humidity is much higher,
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too. we've got a hot end to a hot month. as you can see, we've got most of the next week at or above 90 degrees. and then it starts going down just as we head toward the labor day weekend. but as we end the month of august, it's going to be the hottest august ever recorded in philadelphia by a good bit, because of all that hot weather that's coming in the next week. for tomorrow, the feels-like temperature is going to be closer to the actual temperature. that's a sign the humidity is going to be downsome. somerton 90, feeling like 90. dublin feeling like 88. allentown feeling like 89. very, very close. the humidity is not all that high. it is higher in -- at the jersey show. 84, feeling like 87. longport, 84, feeling like 91 in cape may. at least the temperature, the
4:19 pm
air temperature itself won't be 90 degrees like it has been at the shore today. shore, 84 saturday, 81 on sunday. more of the sea breeze keeping things comfortable. one of the reasons a lot of people go to the shore this time of the year. near 90 degrees both days over the weekend. now, in the tropics, we still have this disorganized mess here. it's now just off the cuban coast. you can't even find the center to it. but there are thunderstorms now developing near what we think is the center. and if that continues to be the case, we can't really see the center of circulation here, so that's a good thing. because it's headed into very warm waters. and as it goes the next couple days, the track, if it does develop, would take it just to south of florida, and into the gulf of mexico. it's got a better chance of developing in the gulf of mexico, and some of the computer
4:20 pm
models then curve it up toward the florida coast. others take it into texas. of course, once it gets into the gulf of mexico, that would definitely cause problems. because not any way to miss land once it does that. beautiful weather in the poke oh nols. look at that. low temperature 59 degrees on saturday. 62 on sunday. we'll see how long all this beautiful weather lasts a little bit later. glen, thank you so much. it is about to get a little bit harder to steal an iphone. >> the changes apple is making to protect you and your smartphone. plus, staying at the speed limit. the new proposal that would force truckers and other big vehicles to slow down on our nation's highways, and keep you safer. plus, a heroic rescue caught on camera. you can see an officer pull up to the fiery car here. we'll show you what happens next inside that burning car as the passenger's pulled out. first, here's another look at the view of the closing bell.
4:21 pm
nasdaq finishing up, the dow jones and s&p 500 closing down. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips
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like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. a wild scene at an airfield in omaha, nebraska. the driver of that truck rammed into the plane you see here. but that's just part of the story. police say the man behind the wheel scaled a security fence, stripped down to his underwear, jumped in the running truck and then gunned it, right for the parked plane. he's facing a slew of charges this afternoon, and people were boarding the plane but no one was hurt. this heroic rescue that played out in georgia. a police officer's body camera rolls as he pulled up to a burning car that had just crashed. the driver unfortunately passed away. a passenger, though, trapped in
4:25 pm
the back seat with all the doors jammed shut. the officer's fire extinguisher does little to put out the flames. so he bends a door frame back to pull the man through a back window. you see that process happening now. look and listen. >> come on, man! >> wow. hard to see there, but the passenger is out. minutes later the back seat of the car was scorched. just unbelievable. heroic, best way to sum that up. other news. british billionaire entrepreneur richard branson is on the mend after surviving a serious bike crash. >> and he has the pictures to prove it. branson posted photos of his injuries after flying head-first off his bike in the british virgin islands. he said he thought he was going
4:26 pm
to die. he ended up with a cracked cheek, torn ligaments and sot nasty cuts you see there. back-to-school prep is on a lot of to-do lists this weekend. >> nbc 10 is your guide to get ready. what you might be forgetting on those checklists. you want to stick around for that. plus, staying under the limit. there is a new plan to stop speeding, big rigs, buses and oversized vehicles, how the fed is going to slow the pace next. we're feeling the heat. the 90s are back and so is the humidity. but is it going to stay like that through the weekend? the answer next in my first alert neighborhood forecast.
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after a couple of days of
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comfortable weather conditions, a change has arrived. the steamy and sticky weather has returned. plenty of people will do their best to hide from the heat at the shore, possibly under an umbrella. the scene at cape may where the cool waters will be a popular place this weekend. but those waters are expected to be choppy. a tropical storm out in the atlantic means they're at enhanced risk of rip currents along the coast. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. >> glenn, the one thing for certain, the steamy stuff is back. >> yeah, absolutely. and it's even steamy at the shore. 94 degrees at atlantic city, at the airport. 92 in philadelphia. 92 in dover. 91 degrees in allentown. of course, that doesn't tell the whole story. it feels like it's 96 in mount holly. 97 in atlantic city. 101 in vineland. and 102 in dover.
4:31 pm
yeah, the humidity is way higher. and as we head to the shore, let's check that out. 73-degree ocean temperature, but it's also a west wind. so it's 90 in ocean city. 94 in summers point. 90 at holgate. 91 at stone harbor. 90 degrees at the shore today, and not as hot over the weekend. it won't be like that saturday and sunday. it will be warm, but not 92 degrees. you can see how dry it is here, the nearest clouds back in illinois. and so we're clear for the weekend. we'll see how long that lasts in a few minutes. it is back to school time. this weekend lots of families in our area will be shopping and getting their kids ready to go back into the classroom. >> it is no easy task. so we sent nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal out to see what parents face as they hit the stores.
4:32 pm
hey, randy. >> reporter: as you guys mentioned, this weekend will likely be the busiest for back-to-school shopping. some of the parents scrambling at the last minute. we asked them how much they plan to spend, and what not to forget. the back-to-school countdown is almost up. >> lots of scotch tape, lots of pencils, lots of fun erasers. >> no budget usually. they just get what they need. >> reporter: the palmer family is hoping to spend less than $100 on your must-have basics, like glitter pens, elmer's glue and sharpies. >> we made one trip to get the school supplies and spent about $75. >> i'm excited. but i'm a little scared. i'm going into a new school. >> reporter: over in chestnut hill today -- >> $33.10. >> reporter: -- it's the grand opening at the artisans craftman store. >> crayons, water colors.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: offering discounts to students and teachers. >> a lot of kids really like the jelly roll pen. >> reporter: it's a good place to stop if your child is taking an art class this year. and don't forget all the other unexpected necessities, from cleaning supplies to ear bud headphones, things to pick up you might not think of, we got this advice from parents on the front lines. >> i think hand sanitizer is one we always appreciate. to combat all the germs. >> my son is going to 6th grade this year. so he needed a math calculator. >> reporter: that adds up. >> that adds up. >> reporter: but experts say it's actually new clothing, outfitting for the new year that makes up the bulk of your budget. at 5:00 we drop into a conshokocken uniform store to make sure kids fit the dress code. some families can spend close to $300 on clothing. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> randy, thank you so much. back-to-school preparations don't just include shopping.
4:34 pm
tap the nbc 10 app for doctors, and free giveaways coming up in our area. trucks and buses may be soon be told to slow down. the government wants to limit how fast large vehicles can travel on the nation's highways. this is a live look at the scene along the schuylkill expressway. the government's proposal would cap a speed with device on vehicles that weigh more than 2,600 pounds. that cap would be 60, 65 or 68 miles an hour. the government says capping speed for large vehicles will reduce the more than 1,100 deadly crashes involving heavy trucks each year. using a stolen phone to catch iphone thieves. there are reports that apple has filed an application for a patent to capture biometric information to identify unauthorized users. it could record a person's fingerprints or collect audio and video for police to venues to find the thieves.
4:35 pm
a new study looks at the effects of looking after active natural gas wells using the fracking. they're twice as likely to suffer from migraines, chronic nasal and sinus symptoms and severe fatigue. they believe the air pollution, noise and bright lights produced by the drilling are likely responsible. one of team usa's olympians was in the house today. >> yeah. literally in the house right here at the nbc 10 studios. next, fellow villanova alum, kyle lowery, talked about winning gold in rio and how it compares to the wildcats title victory earlier this year. villanova won the national title, i like to throw that out there occasionally, denise.
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meet the newest resident at the marine center in brigantine. this 140-pound sea turtle is recovering from wounds she suffered after being struck by a boat. she was rescued near the oyster creek nuclear plant in ocean county. the staff of the marine mammal center hopes to be able to return her soon. for now, they say she's eating well, and ready for a taste of fresh crab. philadelphia native kyle lowry left town when he became an all-star point guard in the nba. >> but he's back this weekend showing off the gold medal he just won in rio and paying it forward. lowry is hosting a youth basketball clinic tomorrow that runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 57th and wayne. lowry played for villanova when i attended there as an undergrad stopped by nbc 10 this morning comparing the wildcats' win this year to his gold medal. >> this is special. this is really special. the cats got their championship.
4:40 pm
but this one for me, in my personal life, this is much more special. >> lowry said he always dreamed of playing in the olympics. speaking of which, another local olympian will have a special day this weekend. gold medalist gymnast laurie hernandez will be honored in her hometown in new jersey saturday. there will be a motorcade in town followed by a welcome home celebration. a north carolina woman paralyzed at her bachelorette party is proving once again nothing can hold her back. >> this time she's going to new heights to do it. we'll take you on her next adventure, coming up next.
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the story of a remarkable north carolina woman. >> she's proven once again that nothing can hold her back. take a look.
4:44 pm
and that is rachel chapman jumping out of an airplane. chapman has lived the past six years of her life in a wheelchair after being paralyzed in a freak accident at her bachelorette party. she was married a year later. last year, her daughter was born with the help of a surrogate. now she's conquered a new barrier by leaping out of an airplane. a tandem jump there. the crew was there on the ground as she touched down. >> what was it like? >> it was scary at first, just getting out of the plane. >> chapman says sky diving is always something she wanted to do. and she wasn't about to let a wheelchair stop her. now to a different type of flying. the eagles have landed in indy, ahead of their preseason matchup against the colts this weekend. >> this will be the game where we see many of the starters really in action, really playing past the first half. csn's john clark joins us live from indianapolis where the team
4:45 pm
just arrived a short time ago. hi, john. >> reporter: they call this the dress rehearsal for the regular season. this is the biggest and most important preseason game. the starters are going to play the entire first half, play into the third quarter. could possibly play the entire third quarter. once again we're not going to see carson wentz and no jordan matthews as well. the birds arrived in the last hour and a half here in indianapolis. we're going to see some debut. stephen tulloch, and stefon wisniewski. he said he will absolutely be ready for the season opener. so is head coach doug pederson that jordan will not have played in the preseason. >> it's hard. it's difficult because you're working on timing things and different routes, and
4:46 pm
combinations, you know, during the course of the week. but these guys have played together now the last, you know, last year, and really have -- sort of have a good understanding with one another. >> reporter: you can see the eagles preseason game 7:00 tomorrow night right here on nbc 10. and stay tuned for our pregame show. eagles preseason kickoff, join us before the game. we're going to take you inside those eagles huddles, the pregame pump-up in a brand-new way. nbc 10, your officials eagles station. we'll have a live post-game show immediately following. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll hear from some of the birds as they arrived here in indy. i'm john clark, back to you. well, the heat is back. 92 degrees in philadelphia. but it felt a whole lot hotter during the day. low 90s just about everywhere
4:47 pm
else. lehigh valley, delaware, a lot of places in the low 90s. let's fatake a look at some of e p.a. suburbs. lehigh valley, 92 degrees at landon, 88 in reading, 98 in hopewell, 90 in allentown, 92 in bethlehem, and 90 in easton. those numbers in the lehigh valley and berks county, one of the areas that we focus on. well, focusing on looking at some clouds. we don't find very much. you won't find much in the entire state of pennsylvania. not much in ohio, either, as far as any kind of rain. so we don't have any threat of rain over the weekend, or into early next week. it's going to be hot, mainly dry all the way through the rest of the month. it will end up being the hottest august ever recorded. but next weekend, labor day
4:48 pm
weekend, it's a different story. now, rain chances as we go through the weekend, virtually none. and creep up a little bit by wednesday. we've got maybe a 30% chance in philadelphia. at the jersey shore, not much of a chance through all those days as well. so it's a pretty good time to go ahead and wash your car. tonight we've got dry conditions p. it's not going to be as humid. so some of these readings are actually going to go down below 70 degrees. look at that. allentown, 64. quakertown 67. reading 65. it wasn't like that this morning. we had lows in the 70s across most of the area. there's proof that the humidity is down. tomorrow, temperatures get into the 90s, perhaps, again in philadelphia. but the humidity is lower. so it won't feel like 96 tomorrow.
4:49 pm
and it may not even reach 90 in places like allentown, and quakertown. and that is just the beginning. now, in the tropics, we keep looking for a circulation with this thing. north of cuba. here in the bahamas. a lot of thunderstorms starting to develop. but not near where the center would be. that's what is needed for this thing to develop and to strengthen. now, if the remnants of it survive, going through the florida straits and going into the gulf of mexico, early next week, that's when there's a chance of a regeneration. over the next five days, we've got some pretty nice weather at the shore. it was in the 90s today. even at the beaches. not so over the weekend. a bit of a sea breeze. it's going to be warm. humidity not bad. just a beautiful weekend. just a beautiful weekend. and you can see we're in the 90s in philadelphia through the middle of the week.
4:50 pm
chance of showers on wednesday, as the low temperatures start to go up. an indication of the humidity going up, okay? so there we are on wednesday. look what happens. by thursday and friday, by friday, a high of only 80 degrees with a low of 59, as we head into labor day weekend. so right now, that's the labor day weekend there. saturday, sunday, monday. it gets a little bit warmer as we head through the weekend. but again, it's a fairly dry pattern. >> some concerns for rip currents starting sunday. >> yeah. and it's related to gaston. the storm way, way out in the atlantic. it creates these waves. and it takes days, but eventually they come toward the east coast and can affect us. >> all right. glenn, thank you so much. nbc 10 needs your help spreading the word about free money to those making a difference in the community. and time is running out, by the
4:51 pm
way. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits, we call it 21st century solutions. the application is right there on our website the deadline to apply is today. meanwhile, philadelphia mailman is celebrating a big milestone today. >> he braved heat, bitter cold, wind and rain to get there. next, the story of his remarkable career, and what he has to say about the idea of retirement.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
4:54 pm
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. he's delivered mail through rain, sleet and snow for half a century. >> thomas pender said he has no
4:55 pm
plans to retire. but the postal service could not let 50 years go unnoticed. with tears in his eyes, pender accepted the applause of his co-workers. the philadelphia native received a silver watch and praise from the postmaster general for his dedication. during this morning's celebration at the city's main post office, pender said he doesn't even think about retiring. >> you know, if you don't use it, you lose it. i keep thinking, you know, keep going. let's keep going. >> got to love that smile there. when pender began his job back in 1966, a stamp was 5 cents, and postal workers made about $2.25 an hour. >> congratulations on his 50 years. wow. >> incredible. coming up next at 5:00, the olympics may be over, but you can still celebrate our local athletes. see how you can welcome them home this weekend.
4:56 pm
plus, she was watching her kids, but a thief was watching her. tonight new video catches a pickpocket redhanded. a murder arrest leads to more questions than answers. tonight we hear from family members of the victim who want to know why someone would kill this delaware college student.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
murder mystery. police say they know who shot this student in delaware.
4:59 pm
but the why still has his family baffled. on the attack, hillary clinton has a new ad in pennsylvania. using trump's own words against him. watch your step. there is a risk for rip currents at the jersey shore this weekend. but will there be enough lifeguards to protect people at the beach? our top story on nbc 10 news at 5:00. a murder arrest leads to a lot of new questions. >> police say they know who killed this college student in delaware, but tonight family members and neighbors have no idea why he was even targeted. nbc 10's tim furlong has been following the latest developments from new castle county. tim, it seems there are a lot of questions, a lot more questions, in fact, than answers. >> reporter: yeah. i went through the neighborhood today. you said it, the big question at this point is why. why would anybody want to kill this young man. police are telling me they're still investigating at this point. they say they don't feel comfortable completely tipping their hand.
5:00 pm
the shooting happened here on baywatch road on july 9th. >> we didn't hear anything. i think it was 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: police say 19-year-old college student malcolm evans was on his way to work at the fedex. >> we've had the undivided attention and support and love of everybody in the community. >> reporter: malcolm's family has gotten plenty of love. on wednesday they got an arrest. >> they were sitting in the street out front. >> reporter: a neighbor shared her photos with me. detectives showed up and brought backup. >> before you know, the s.w.a.t. team was here. and then you heard a sound that sounded like a cannon. and obviously that was the front door. >> reporter: a few minutes later they walked out with 46-year-old cheryl jennings. police say she killed malcolm. they live a few blocks apart but they didn't know each other. with a felony on her record, she shouldn't even have had a gun.


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