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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tragedy in south jersey. an 8 year old girl caught in the crossfire in camden has died, days after getting shot in the head. searching for answers. what the fbi is requesting from philadelphia mayor jim kenny. coming to a close.
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the rush to get to the jergsy shore before the end of summer. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, a south jersey family, heartbroken after a couple was found dead in their home today. the suspect? their own son. good evening, i'm keith jones. edward and rosemarie coles' bodies were found. we've been covering the story all day long and are joined from penfield drive. the home there. what have you learned? >> reporter: police say a relative couldn't reach the couple by phone, so he came here to their house on penn field drive. he said they were dead. when police arrived, they found the couple's son inside and said he was responsible for their deaths. late into the evening police worked to find out why edward
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coles junior and his wife rosemarie died. bags of evidence collected at the home. a family member told police about their deaths around 11:30 this morning. the suspect is their son, ryan coles. seen here in this facebook photo. he faces a $1 million bond. >> it's been a shock. >> reporter: she is edward's cousin. she bought coles' music in 2012 but kept him on. >> we have people come here because of ed's reputation and his work. >> reporter: what will you miss about him? >> his sense of humor of. >> reporter: although he's gone, he won't be forgotten. he worked on many of the instruments in this shop which will continue to be used by children in school. >> we just want to make sure that ed's legacy continues
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through the business and helping kids find their passion for music. >> reporter: she told nbc 10 she didn't know ryan well and never worked with him. she like many of the coles' neighbors are trying to wrap their heads around this. police did take ryan cole to the hospital for a mental evaluation. he's now in jail. the gloucester county manager will perform autopsies to find out how they died and what caused their deaths. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. also new at 11:00, an 8-year-old camden girl shot in the head by a stray bullet has died. gabriele hill carter was taken off life support this afternoon. three was playing across the street from her home on spruce street wednesday when several men started shooting at each other. she was caught in the crossfire. a $12,000 reward is on the table for information leading to the arrest of gabi's killer. also new tonight, two police
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officers suffered minor injuries after this accident in north philly. skyforce 10 over westmo montgomy avenue. there are reports that a driver hit the cars and crashed into a wall. ♪ now to the weather. a humid night at penn's landing where people braved the heat to see peabo bryson. worth it. hotter than $100 100 degrees in parts of the area. >> we will be seeing a bit of a break in the humidity. the temperature not as high, but it's going to be a hot weekend. 93 for the high today. felt like 96 or 7. and philadelphia, over 100. in parts of delaware and south
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jersey. saturday and sunday, pretty close to 90 degrees. humidity's down a little bit from what we've seen. 82 at this hour of the night, 78 in wilmington. so, yeah, it's going to be pretty warm to start off the day. we have a land breeze right now, near 80 degrees at the shore, but it's not going to be 90 at the shore like it was today. more on that and the rest of the week's forecast coming up. glenn, as people gear up for the end of summer, may not feel like august, but beach season, sadly, it is quickly drawing to a close. we went down to the shore where people are making the most of their time despite the heat. most of the rough surf. >> reporter: this summer looks like it will be one for the record books, at least for the number of hot days we've had. the conditions are surprising for this recent transplant from
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the south. >> tennessee don't get this hot. it's been miserable here. >> reporter: but she says there are few places more inviting than the refreshing ocean off the jersey shore. families down for the weekend enjoying every last minute because the summer clock is ticking down. >> i'm kind of happy the kids get to go back to school, woo, back to school. >> reporter: many shore life guards are already back at school, and that's something you'll notice the next couple of weeks. >> as we get tighter we're going to increase restrictions. >> reporter: we watched atlantic city lifeguards pack up for the night, but still people headed into the water. a man on an atv tried to warn them of the danger with the high rip current risk this weekend. visitors and vendors are thankful for the start of another sunny weekend. >> it's a great sphere,atmosphe people, kids. rides. >> reporter: a big music stage has big acts coming in next
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week, and people we talked to said they'll be coming back for that. nbc 10 news. now to a developing story out of philadelphia. the fbi has requested documents from jim kenny's mayoral campaign. they can't tell us what type of documents they're providing or what prompted this. he was elected mayor in 2015 after several decades on city council. now decision 2016. in an exclusive interview, donald trump's personal physician tells nbc news he wrote a letter saying trump would be the healthiest president in history in just five minutes. >> at the end, i get rushed and i get anxious when i get rushed. so i try to get four or five lines done as best as i can. >> dr. harold boresteen has been
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his physician for 25 years. he's gotten more attention as trump's allies have questioned hillary clinton's health. her doctor says she has no serious health issues. meanwhile, the government says it won't finish releasing clinton's daily schedules during her time as secretary of state before lelection day. this comes months after a federal judge ordered the government to begin releasing them. she has been defending the work of her family's foundation, denying that she gave special access to its donors when see was secretary of state. in an interview with msnbc today, clinton attacked trump on his record on race. >> he's been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color. he's attacked a judge for his mexican heritage. >> today both candidates released ads portraying the other as racist. the clinton campaign ridicules trump's attempts to reach out to minority voters while trump
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slams clinton for her comes about gang members. and clinton will get a big assist in her push for philadelphia. president obama will come to campaign for clinton. no specifics have been released. she will also get help from two local groups, today for pennsylvania's future and the national council of araza. they went to neighborhoods to recruit democratic voters. overseas, the death toll from that earthquake in central italy is now at 281. most of the victims are from the town of amatrice. it's at least 15 more, that's number of people that remain unaccounted for. meanwhile, strong aftershocks from the 6.2 magnitude quake is hampering efforts. a memorial was held for the
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victims. hundreds attended. tomorrow is declared a day of mourning. a state funeral is scheduled, italy's president will attend. coming up, targeting distracted moms. how a pair of pick pockets is pulling a fast one on families in our area. and growing zika fears. the action the fda is now taking to stop the outbreak from spreading across the country. glenn? >> could another heat wave be headed our way? plus a look ahead at your labor day forecast. coming up.
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major developments tonight in the fight against zika. the fda wants all american blood banlss to begin screening for the virus. testing is already under way in parts of puerto rico and florida where there have been zika outbreaks. officials say the move will ensure that safe blood is available for all americans needing a transfusion. this comes as the cdc announces the case of a person with no sim tops unknowingly transmitting the virus to a sexual partner. back here at home, police want to find a pair of thieves
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targeting unsuspecting moms, take a look at this chick-fil-a. a man sitting with a woman moves near two others sitting with children. the man grabbed a wallet from one of their purses then spent $1600 at the target across the street. >> that's the most angering thing, i think, that you're so close, they were so close to my kids, and, yeah. who would do something like that. >> police suspect they're responsible for other thefts and women shouldn't sling their bags over chairs. back to school shopping is in full swing here and all across the country. according to the national retail federation, the average family plans to spend $673. more than $200 will be used for clothing, shoes and new uniforms, but even though new outfits are great, many kids aren't ready to head back to the
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classroom. >> i want summer to last forever. >> it's stressful, i guess. i don't really want to go back. >> enjoy the last couple of weeks. >> thank you. >> and that retail report also says that 46% of parents said they plan to shop online this year. that's actually up from last school year. parents can take advantage of free shipping at some sites to avoid long checkout lines. this shot over manayunk where unusual foot traffic took place. these are the budweiser collides dales. . >> it's warm in parts of the area. but some of the suburbs, down to 73 degrees. but in the city, philadelphia, it is pretty warm. it's 85 in penns port, 84 in
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society hill even at this hour. but 73 in andorra, a little cooler air starting to come in, and it might actually feel a little bit more comfortable tomorrow. still going to be relatively hot the next couple days, then weaver' gwe've got a triple of 92s, looks like another heat wave. if we get to 90 on sunday, it could be an extended heat wave, but it's not going to last to monday. it's going to be cool at night, comfortable during the labor day weekend. especially the first part. but, as we end august, the warmest august in the recorded history of philadelphia looks like a pretty sure bet. and for tomorrow, pretty sure bet that the humidity's not going to be as big a deal. look at this. summerton for example, high temperature 90, going to feel like 90.
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upper may field, 90, going to field like 89, easton, feeling like 89. the humidity's going to be down many but at the beaches and parts of delaware, rehoboth beach, feeling like 88. now the weekend forecast is really pretty nice. it's going to be near 90 degrees, lower humidity. jersey shore in the 90s, but the sea breeze in the next two days, so it will be much more comfortable. and, in the poconos, very comfortable. 82 degrees both days, nice even comfortable at night. check out the tropics. we're still looking at this disturbance near the bahamas. still not organized. this one, that's the remnants of fiona. that may actually end up closer to the u.s. coast. so things getting pretty weird in the tropics.
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but the possible paths take it south of florida, and then it may regenerate as it goes into the guchl of mexico. up next, a report from indianapolis where eagle players are hoping to impress the coaches and secure jobs. and the city of philadelphia has a football championship to celebrate. highlights from arena bowl it xxix are next.
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hi, i'm ron burke. the eagles face the colts tomorrow in indy. john clark is in indianapolis with a couple players to watch. >> reporter: isaac seumalo, he
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is out with an injury, so stefen wisniewski gets his chance to show what he can do. doug peterson says isaac will not lose his job due to injury, but listen to stefen. >> it's a great opportunity to show that i should be there all season. >> reporter: do you think you can quinn the starting job? >> i think so. >> reporter: we will see the first action from wendell smallwood. he can't wait to show everybody what he can do. >> i'm really excited. it's been a long time coming. this week i was back, full goal practice. >> reporter: still no carson wentz or jordan matthews. i'm john clark, csn. >> you can catch eagles/colts tomorrow at 7:00. pregame coverage will begin at 6:30. phillies and mets, close game in the fifth until it a's
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blown open with this and the mets defeat the phillies, 9-4. and six touchdown passes, they defeat arizona rattlers. congrats. up next we head to the high school gridiron. it's the first installment of the high school blitz, next.
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it is that time of year again where the high school
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gridiron dominates friday night. right out of the box, a good one in lansdale. and number seven north penn. we want to start out with your skylights. turning to its playmaker, madden, looks like bouncing off tacklers. but inside the red zone, north penn's defense stiffened. third and goal. tyler moore's pass is incomplete, and it falls, 33-24. and council rock. tom weldon, is he stopped in the backfield? no, he busts free for a big first down. and another impressive rumble from joseph. 40-0. he says huh-uh, we'll have none of that. no game. later in the drive.
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dylan jones is in trouble, forced to throw it away. scoreless in the first quarter. in the end, cve dominates. mikey morel, and zach demarcus goes up top for a leaping reception, this would lead to a touchdown. morning action in the city, kensingt kensington. phelps shuts out kensington, 24-0. to steamy bensalem, the cheerleaders get the crowds going, temperatures in the 90s, causing cramping for some players. and edward fields iii, pennwood
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wins. and ben franklin with all of the speed in this one. jones breaks off a 20-yard run, set up a ben franklin touchdown. that's the speed, boys, 34-0. harris dominating. the lions are all over deep in dobbins' territory. tom o ha and the lions shut them out, 36-0. fans excited to see football back. anthony pay letty says i'll keep it. and the fighting tigers, they roll 42-13. now our contestants for next week's games of the week are strong. downington east and north penn.
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vote all week long on nbc there are your choices. as for this week's game of the week, a good old-fashioned delco slugfest.
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game of the week is brought to you by your local ford store, home of america's favorite
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brand. >> it's time now for our game of the week. a new era began as jack muldoon made his debut as head coach. >> you're watching nbc 10, woo! >> all right, lady, the new coach telling the team, they can play with upper darby. it's shawn harman, he plays running back and linebacker, looks like a linebacker, 28 yards. up 8-0. but bonner trailed late in the fourth. and cole gathers it, and he's gone. a 48-yard connection makes it 28-23 friars. the fans fall through the fence, thankfully nobody hurt. and to ice a spectacular finish. to the victor go the spoils. here's the new coach on a
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thrilling win. >> feeling on top of the world. the this is a great rivalry. it's kind of like a thank giving game. we don't have one. >> and that's it for the blitz and nbc 10 news at 11:00, the tonight show starring jimmy f fallon is next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jessica alba!


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