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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  August 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tragedy in south jersey, an eight-year-old girl caught in the crossfire in camden has died days after being shot in the head. and searching for answers, what the fbi is asking from philadelphia mayor jim kenney. coming to a close, the rush to get to the jersey shore before the end of the summer season. good morning and will come to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. it's 6:00 a.m. this saturday morning. let's get you started with a look at how your saturday weather is shaping up. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has your neighborhood weather. good morning. >> good morning.
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and the forecast for us definitely a good one to get to the shore because we are still talking hot temperatures through most of our area. here is the good news, though, even if you are staying in philadelphia, parts of the suburbs, we are looking not as humid as yesterday. so the feel like temperatures aren't going to be as rough as they were yesterday even though we're still talking 90s for some of your forecast highs. we're staying dry your saturday as well. humidity is not looking to bump back up until early into your next workweek. we're also talking the potential for another heat wave to wrap up august which has been a very, very hot august with a lot of 90s in that forecast. so your radar and satellite right now shows us what i was talking about. clear conditions, no clouds to track on satellite, no rain to track on radar, not in our vicinity. instead we are looking at a sunny forecast through and through saturday and sunday. right now here are the temperatures that we are sitting at. 62 for mt. pocono, lancaster
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sitting at 67 degrees and same for reading at 67 as well. philadelphia in the mid 70s. 74 where we're currently sitting. wilmington 68, dover the upper 60s. in delaware very high heat into those 90s later today there and along the shore that's where temperatures differ just a bit, we are looking at highs that will be low to mid 80s. we will talk more about those forecast highs along the shore, we're also going to take a closer look at when chances of rain move back into that extended forecast. it's not until next week so we will look at that coming up. beach season is quickly drawing to a close. down at the shore people are making the most of the last weekends of summer despite the heat and some rough surf. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in atlantic city for us this morning soaking all of those final moments up, monique.
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>> reporter: hi. good morning to you. i can tell you we've been here for all of maybe 20, 30 minutes and we have seen a few folks walking, getting their morning walk in, and some haven't been home yet so they are walking back to their hotels. you can see the boardwalk still pretty bare behind us. if you're coming to the shore the word this weekend is exercise caution and keep your family and friends safe in all the excitement. you will notice fewer lifeguards as college students are back on campus, sea isles beach patrol said teachers and students comprise 94% of their staffing. ocean city's beach patrol began earlier this he can would. there's a high risk of rip currents this weekend which can add to the danger factor. >> as we get tighter obviously we will increase restrictions. >> it's a great atmosphere. a lot of people, family, kids. there's rides. we did the rides. >> reporter: the heat and
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humidity predicted for the weekend are welcome news for boardwalk vendors. after basking in the sun during the day and cooling off in the evening the boardwalk is where people head at night. here is a list of activities down the shore. this weekend in north wildwood the wildwoods triathlon, 5k and kids race kick off at 15th avenue and beach this morning. in wildwood the roller derby tournament will entice competitive skaters. at cape may pirates invade the historic cold spring village during the sea fairer's weekend and the red bull global rally cross ac being billed as the fasters and most exciting racing in motorsports. don't forget to bring your insect repellant. in the few moments i have been out here mosquitos have bitten me at least three times. i'm going to hop in the truck
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and get that deep woods off. back to you, lin -- lauren, excuse me. >> thanks, monique. autopsies are scheduled today for this south jersey couple found murdered inside their home and the suspect police arrested is their own son. a relative discovered the bodies of edward and rosemarie coles yesterday at their home in gloucester county. nbc 10 was there as investigators collected evidence. police say the relative told officers that the couple's son ryan coles was also in the home. nbc 10 learned that edward coles worked as a repair technician at a music shop he once owned but sold to his cousin. the news came as a shock. >> we have people and customers who come specifically to us because of ed's work and reputation. i will just miss ed's sense of humor. >> authorities charged ryan coles with his parents' deaths. he was taken to a hospital for evaluation before going to jail.
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investigators are working to find a motive in this case. now to a developing story. nbc 10 has confirmed that the fbi has requested documents from philadelphia mayor jim kenney's campaign. a campaign representative said it is fully complying with the request but can't tell us what type of documents they're providing or what prompted all of this. kenney was elected mayor last november after more than two decades on city council. happening today, upper class men will move into their dorm rooms at rowan university in glass borrow. from 8:00 to 6:00 the students will unpack and guest to know their classmates. it will be a similar scene at west chester university. fall glasses begin there on monday morning. an 8-year-old girl who was shot in the head by a stray bullet in camden has died. gabriel hill-carter was taken off life support yesterday. gabby was playing near her home on wednesday when several men
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started shooting at each other. she was caught in the crossfire. there is a $12,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of gabby's killer. a candlelight vigil will be held for two-year-old jamille baskerville. police say he died at the hand of his mother's boyfriend. zacharay tricoche is accused of meeting jamille to death. they said he moved his girlfriend over an argument for groceries then attacked the toddler. in bucks county police are looking for a pair of pickpocketers targeting unsuspecting mothers. take a look at this video from inside a chick-fil-a in bensalem township. police say on wednesday the man and this couple moved close to two women sitting with their children. the man grabbed a wallet from the purse of one of those mothers. police say he then spent $1600 at the target store across the street. >> tlaes the most angering
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thing, i think, is that you're so close -- they were so close to my kids and -- yeah. who would do something like that? >> police suspect the pair are responsible for other thefts. they are warning women not to sling their bags over chairs. if you recognize the couple in the video, call police. a break in the case of two murdered nuns. their murders shocked a mississippi community they served. this morning what we're learning about the suspect who is now in custody. and shot because of a bicycle. the robbery attempt in a philadelphia neighborhood that left a teenager in the hospital.
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and welcome back. here is a live look outside philadelphia looking out into center city, a little different than it was an hour ago, we have the sun up and things are going to be very sunny through the rest of today. as you get out this morning these will be the best
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temperatures you see today. things are going to start cranking up as we move into your afternoon. right back to some of us in the 90s. here is your planner across your neighborhoods. 79 at 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia, by 1:00 p.m. a jump to 89 degrees and we should maybe our way into the low 90s, forecasting a high at 91. by 5:00 p.m. we are at 90 for that expected temperature. into parts of the pennsylvania suburbs we should see mid 70s around 8:00 a.m., 1:00, 86, 5:00 p.m. 87 for your temperature and upper 80s for that official forecast high of 89. lehigh valley no rain in today's forecast. 86 degrees by 1:00 p.m. and similar into the afternoon. similar through delaware as well where we should see temperatures around the upper 80s, low 90s. 78 at 9:00 a.m., 88 by 1:00 p.m., just a degree shy of that in new jersey at 87, the same as we move into 5:00 p.m. and there's the relief we've been
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talking about along the jersey shore. we start already higher up here, 78 for the forecast temperature but we don't see a ton of warming as we get into the later part of your day. 82 by 1:00 then we move into the evening hours, 5:00 p.m. we are at 80 for the temperature. sunshine and just a few spot clouds, might notice a breeze along parts of the shore. we will talk more about the forecast extending through your weekend into your next workweek coming up. a lot of excited parrot heads out there this morning, jimmy buffett will play the pp & b pavilion tonight. as always buffet is expected to sing his signature classic "margaritaville" that was inducted into the grammy hall of fame this year. prejudice and paranoia, just part of the war of words being wanld by the presidential candidates. the latest on the verbal assault coming up next. ged by the presi
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under i+-w)est in the murders o these two nuns in mississippi. the sisters were found stabbed to death in their home thursday night. police found their missing car a mile away. the nuns provided medical care and counseling for their small town located in the second poorest county in the nation. police are holding rodney sanders on capital murder charges. today italy is observing a day of mourning as the death toll from the earthquake has risen to 290. most of the victims are from the town of amatrice. the mayor says aftershocks damaged two crucial roads possibly cutting off the town.
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he's working with authorities to find alternative routes to get aid to the victims. now to decision 2016. both major presidential candidates are off the campaign trail this weekend, but the schedule for republican donald trump is causing a bit of confusion in a state considered a must win for him. we're talking about arizona. yesterday trump's campaign director there said the candidate canceled an event in phoenix on wednesday but a short time later trump tweeted with that the event was on and would be held at a bigger venue than first planned. the latest polls show trump leading hillary clinton in arizona. the state department says it will not finish releasing hillary clinton's daily schedules of meetings while she was secretary of state before election day. the federal judge ordered the department to begin releasing them months ago. the trump campaign claims clinton gave special access to donors to her family's charitable foundation. clinton is attacking trump
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for his record on race. here is what she said on msnbc yesterday. >> he has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, he has attacked a judge for his mexican heritage. >> yesterday both candidates released ads portraying the other as racist. clinton ridiculed trump's attempts to reached out to minority voters, trump slammed clinton for her comments 20 years ago about gang members. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will campaign in pennsylvania next week. the virginia senator will attend events in erie and lancaster on tuesday and then in the lehigh valley on wednesday. no details yet on exactly where. we've also learned that president obama will campaign for the clinton/kaine ticket in philadelphia on september 13th. no specifics have been released on that. the president's visit is part of clinton's push for pennsylvania. nbc 10 is your station for decision 2016 coverage. we will be following the candidates as they come to our area. for the latest updates from the
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campaign trail just tap the nbc 10 app. donald trump's latest stance on immigration will be a top subject for discussion on nbc's "meet the press." it comes your way tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. a very happy saturday. here is a look at your neighborhoods right now, temperatures 60s and 70s out there. 64 degrees in the lehigh valley, the pennsylvania suburbs 61 for that temperature currently, 69 in delaware and then a bit warmer at 74 philadelphia. the shore even at 72 degrees and then south jersey as we move a little farther inland those mid 60s at 66. we drop down into philadelphia some of your neighborhoods, mostly 70s we do see some 60s out there, 60 in park side. at the airport 74 degrees and society hill 76, pens port 78,
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fox chase sitting at 72 degrees, somerton in the mid 60s at 65. very nice start to the morning out there. the humidity lower today. if you have afternoon plans that is very good news for you. bad news still hot out there in the sunshine bearing down on us you see no showers in our area, we just see that farther to the west, way farther to the west, there is some storm activity but that's not going to be moving our direction anytime soon. looking at the summer heat, check out august here. so the red indicates temperatures that we saw in the 90s, the yellow temperatures in the 80s. i did fill in for what our forecast is as we finish off the month. count those out, you get 16 in red, 5 in yellow meaning more days in the 90s than the 80s this august. very hot putting it one of the hottest on record as we finish off august we will get that official average temperature for the month. this is very, very warm for us
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and of course above what is typical with our temperatures. on our hour by hour, here we're looking at clear conditions, that starts your morning saturday, 6:00 a.m. roll this along, lunchtime, still no channing out there. you can guess what's going to happen here, still in the clear as we move forward, no change in the forecast as we move along, each through to your sunday morning other than a few spotty clouds that are out there as we move into sunday morning. there are your neighborhood temperatures for today. 91 center city, somerton 90 degrees, lansdale 89, allentown the same, cookstown 90 for the temperature. into new jersey 88 trenton, and ocean city there's where the relief is along the shore in the lower 80s but upper 80s also in the forecast for delaware as well. the blitz is back. catch up on the best action from high school gridirons around our region coming up next.
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degrees, lansdale 89, allentown high school gridirons around our there's something out there.
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that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. it's 6:23 on this saturday morning. tonight the eagles play their third pre-season game at indianapolis. you can only watch the game
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right here on nbc 10, your official eagles station. our live pregame coverage starts at 6:30 tonight. john clark has a special interview with eagles long snapper john dorn bau as well as brent selleck as he enters his tenth season with the eagles. it's that time of year again where the high school gridiron dominates friday nights. a good ones in lansdale. la sale college high school to face north penn. we will start off with skylights. courtesy of sky force 10. la sell at an early deficit turns to madden and he bounces off tack letters. lasalle is in business. inside the red zone north penn's defense would stiffen. the pass is complete but out of bounds. la sell falls 33-24 this this
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one. father judge talk tai taking on council rock. tom weldon appears to be stopped. no. later in the dry an impressive rumble from joseph for another first down. all father judge in this game. it rolls 40 to zip. shelled dam ham hosting cb east. later in the drive dillon jones is in trouble, forced to cheltenham. >> defense dominating at pennsbury. it's a sack for pennsbury. the second half frankfurt leading then demarcus goes to lewis, this leads to a pennsbury touchdown, they win 10-6 over frankfurt. morning action in the city,
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kensington head to head. attempt to go punt and campbell recovers it. bell shuts out kensington 24-0. let's go to bensalem. temperatures into the 90s causing cramping for those players. onzk[ the field pen wood tirre avoids the pressure and connects with fields who takes it in for the score. pen wood wins 20-9. ben franklin electrons taking on the west philly speed boys. it's ben franklin with all the speed in this one. jones breaking off a 20 yard run to set up a touchdown. they win 34-0. >> you're watching the game of the week on nbc 10. >> we love the spirit. the new coach getting his team ready for battle against upper darby. the fryers move it, harmon plays running back and linebacker.
6:27 am
28 years, bonner-prendie up 8-0. raburn throws deep for coal and coal gathers t he's gone. 28-23 fryers. the excitement has them literally falling through the fence. nobody hurt. warriors down to their last leave but bonner friendy is there to ice a spectacular finish. here is the new coach on a thrilling win. >> i'm feeling on top of the world. this is a great, great7ió neighborhood rivalry. our boys worked really hard this off-season, it's kind of like a thanksgiving game for us, we really don't have one so it's our turkey bowl. >> that's it for the blitz. back to you. the summer season is winding down. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in atlantic city. >> reporter: if it looks like i'm doing a dance it's because the black flies are biting me. you can see beach patrol folks
6:28 am
walking. have explained to me because of the way the wind is flowing or lack thereof you are going to find a lot of black flies on the boardwalk. you better walk quickly and do some dancing while you're doing t live in a moment. hopefully the heat will make those flies go away, we are looking at a hot forecast. you see a live look radar and satellite not a cloud to track. we will talk more about the sunshine, the heat and what we expect into next week.
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shot because of a bike. the search for a robber who targeted a teen and his ride. and college, right, the threat by faculty at pennsylvania universities that could impact classes across the state. top honors for two olympic champions from new jersey. where you can go to see local medal winners as they're giving welcome home celebrations.
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good morning. and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm lauren mayk. it's 6:30 on this saturday morning and it's a hot one. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei for a look at your neighborhood. >> i feel like i've been on repeat this august because we keep talking these hot conditions heading into the weekends. no different for us today. we are looking nights this morning but it will be hot into the afternoon. 74 where we're sitting right now in philadelphia, starting out okay and actually the humidity is going to be lower than what we saw yesterday, so not quite as muggy into the afternoon. 68 your temperature along parts of the pennsylvania suburbs for your temperature 70 in new jersey, mid 60s in the lehigh valley and 68 in delaware. that's a live look outside. a lot of sunshine in these cameras. then we have flipped the board over to look at the forecast highs for today. you are going to see a lot of upper 80s, lower 90s out there. 91 hot and sunny in
6:32 am
philadelphia, 89 for the suburbs and then talk about some consistency here. 90 new jersey, 89 lehigh valley and delaware. calm start to our temperatures right in that 1 to 2 degree range of the upper 80s to lower 90s through your afternoon. you see scrolling at the bottom your seven-day forecast, we have quite a few more 90s to hit before the end of august. radar and satellite for us, no rain, no clouds to track. what we will be tracking today is the sunshine, those temperatures climbing and actually that's what we're going to be tracking for the next few days to come. coming up in a few minutes we will talk more about the potential next heat wave and also details on when the next round of showers might move through. hard to believe, but it's almost time to say good-bye to the summer season at the shore. but with another weekend of hot weather it is going to be pretty busy there. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in atlantic city, she's braving the heat, braving apparently the bugs and she has a look at what to expect today.
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monique. >> reporter: hey, there. it is the dawning of a new day down the shore, something i learned this morning and that is the whole situation shoving black flies. the beach patrol said this time of day when there isn't a wind you can expect the black flies to come out. so learning lesson for all of us, but it is still wonderful here down at the shore. take a look at our video that we have for you, when you arrive you will notice fewer lifeguards as college students are back on camp campus. we did checking of shore reports. sea isles beach patrol tells us teachers and students comprised 94% of their staffing. ocean city's beach patrol says they begin reducing staff earlier this week. there's also a huge risk of rip currents this weekend. which can add to the danger factor. people seem to be taking it all in stride. >> it's a great atmosphere. a lot of people, family, kids,
6:34 am
there's rides, we did the rides, food, great atmosphere, weather, stuff for the older kids, younger kids, for everybody. >> reporter: the heat and humidity predicted for the weekend are welcome news for boardwalk vendors. after basking in the sun during the day, cooling off in the evening the boardwalk is where people head out at night. here is a list of activities down the shore we have been able to put together for you. i did some digging to see what's happening here today. in north wildwood the wildwood triathlon 5k and kids race kicks off at 15th avenue and the beach this morning. in wildwood the roller derby tournament, no down enticing the competitive kate skaters. at cape may pirates invade cold spring village during the seafarers weekend and in ac the red bull global rally cross ac is being billed as the fastest and most exciting racing in
6:35 am
motor sports. along with the beautiful sunrise you see some stager has been set up here as well as the backdrop. that's because live nation is setting up for its labor day concert and that is just what businesses hope people are going to do, return for one more last fling during the labor day holiday weekend. we're going to move now, i have to get away from the black flies and find out where there is an ocean breeze this time of day. so we will see you coming up in about an hour and a half. live for now along the boardwalk in ac, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, monique. it's 6:35. new from overnight, a 19-year-old man is in stable condition after he was shot during an attempted robbery. police say two men tried to steal his bike on west chelton avenue in germantown. the victim shot back and was shot. two theon9m attackers took off y handed.
6:36 am
autopsies are scheduled today for the couple found murdered in their home alleged by by their own son. police arrested rhine coles who the relative said was also in the home. nbc 10 was there as investigators collected evidence. authorities charged ryan with the death of his parents. he was taken to a hospital for evaluation before going to jail. investigators are working to find a motive in the case. faculty at pennsylvania's 14 state universe could hit the pickett lines in just a few weeks. the faculty members will vote on whether or not to describing beginning on september 7th. the impact could trickle down to all 14 universities including cookstown and west chester university. the union working without a contract for 14 months says the state is not negotiating fairly. the state testimony of higher education blames contract delays on financial strains. classes begin on monday. amtrak says nearly $2.5
6:37 am
billion loan will allow them to boost seating on the northeast corridor by 40%. vice president joe biden announced the loan in wilmington yesterday talking about how the money will be used. it's not enough just to improve the train sets, you have to improve the train stations, you've got to improve the safety mechanisms, you've got to improve the track, you've got to improve the whole array of things that are necessary to make it work. >> biden was a frequent amtrak required during his more than 30 years in the u.s. senate. commuter daily between his wilmington home and washington, d.c. today it will be top honors for two olympic champions from new jersey. gymnast laurie hernandez will get a heroes welcome in her hometown. at 16 she is the youngest member of the u.s. gold medal team in riokm @(t&hz a tribute is also planned today for olympic swimmer kelsey
6:38 am
werrell. in rewerrell took the gold in the medley relay. a couple is strand dead on a deserted island for almost two weeks. how they were finally able to signal rescuers from the u.s. navy. and back to school spending. see how much families are shelling out for school supplies this year and the biggest budget breakers.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back. good morning. here is a look at that forecast for philadelphia today. the planner as you get ready to head out, this is what you can expect. we are at 74 this morning, time is 6:41 a.m. 76 degrees by 8:00 a.m. really a nice start out there because we have got the
6:41 am
sunshine, winds are on the lower end, you see it's 7 mile per hour currently. on top of that we are looking at lower humidity today. 82 the temperature at 10:00 a.m., we start to bump that temperature up to the upper 80s noon through 2:00. we should make our way into the lower 90s yet again. yesterday we hit a high of 93 degrees, today forecasting a high of 91 degrees by your afternoon hours in philadelphia. now we shift over to new jersey. 80 your temperature 10:00 a.m., by noon 85 degrees, sunny to mostly sunny outside, peak temperature up to the upper 80s with winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. might see a bit more strong breeze, we are not saying windy but breezy conditions along the shore about 10 to 15 miles per hour as we move into your afternoon. let's talk the five-day stretch, though, comparing philadelphia and new jersey. very similar. upper 80s, low 90s for your saturday, upper 80s for sunday and then a return of another
6:42 am
heat wave with low 90s monday through wednesday. that's something we may need to adjust but at this point 90s continue, chance of storms does not pick back up until your wednesday forecast. that's when we could see showers and thunderstorms popping up in the area. back to school shopping is in full swing in our area and across the area. according to the national retail federation the average family plans to spend $673 this year. more than 200 bucks will be used for clothing, new shoes and in many cases uniforms. the kids like getting knows new outfits, but a lot of them say they are not quite ready to head back to classes yet. >> i want summer to last forever. >> it's been stressful, i guess. i don't really want to go back. >> electronics are a big expense for parents. they will set you back $200 with college students paying the most for them. island rescue, a couple who took off on a short boat trip
6:43 am
ended up stranded for days on a desert -- deserted island. the search and rescue operation that paid off with a little help from above. and zika blood fears, the reason federal health officials want all blood donations screened for the virus. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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sounds like it's a script for a movie. the u.s. coast guard rescued a couple from an uninhabited island in the south pacific. they signaled for help by writing s.o.s. in the sand. a navy aircraft crew took these photos after a ship spotted flashing lights on the island. authorities began a week long search for the couple when they failed to arrive at their
6:46 am
destination in a motorboat. there are new developments in the fight against zika. the fda wants all american blood banks to begin screening for the virus. testing is already under way in puerto rico and parts of florida where there have been zika outbreaks. the move will ensure safe blood is available for all americans needing a transfusion. this comes as the cdc has announced the first case of a person without any zika symptoms unknowingly transmitting the virus to a sexual partner in the u.s. whirlpool is recalling 15,000 microwaves because they could catch fire. the company says the microwave hood combinations were sold between january of 2014 and april of this year. it's received five reports of fires. if you own one of the microwaves stop using t unplug it and contact whirlpool for a repair. this weekend you can shop for a cause at macy's. the annual charity event started yesterday and runs through tomorrow.
6:47 am
customers get 25% off most purchases with a $5 donation to the march of dimes. today kids can get a free buzz cut to begin the new school year. this is a live look at the battle ship new jersey. the haircuts will be given in the same shot where tailors will get their buzz cuts. men can also get a trim but that will cost you a $10 donation. there is stormy weather to our west this morning, a flash flood swamps downtown kansas city last night. heavy rain submerged cars and triggered a series of water rescues. after the flooding subsided emergency crews checked vehicles to see if anyone was trapped but they didn't find any victims. starting out with your neighborhoods right now, these are dropping down into your location and you see in parts of the suburbs we are at 70, west bradford township.
6:48 am
exton 65 as we continue rolling this along you can see mostly it's in the 60s meaning mostly it's a very nice start to your morning and even better off we aren't dealing with quite as high of humidity today. yesterday we had those feel like temperatures that were much warmer than the true temperatures, today not going to be so much the case. same for the shore. the shore will see relief also we're not talking as hot of temperatures in the afternoon. right now 72 in ocean city, atlantic city 73, the same for little lake harbor, farther south cape may point sitting the 76 to kick off your morning. there we are not going to see a ton of warming into the afternoon as temperatures should only make their way to the low to mid 80s later on. that's your temperatures as they sit right now. then we move forward and you look at your wind as we're looking currently, very light, 3 miles per hour philadelphia, coatesville, even along the shore here only 3 to 7 miles per
6:49 am
hour, atlantic city to wildwood. this is an offshore breeze so we aren't pulling in that sea breeze at this point meaning we aren't going to be feeling more stagnant conditions as we move into the beginning of your day, breeze will pick up as we hit the afternoon hours. it's going to be a holt end to a very hot month. we've been seeing a lot of 90s this august, in fact, we have seen more 90 degree days, it looks like on that full forecast than 80 degree days in philadelphia. that is if we continue with this forecast. so today we're looking at a high of 91, yesterday we hit 93, sunday 89 is the forecast temperature, a little bit there but then we should hit the next heat wave. 92 for your monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have got a cool dowñ in store, though, look at that drop there. thursday 85 and by friday it's 80 degrees, things will pick up a bit more, though, by your labor day weekend. if we extend this out four days across the region. staying around the 90s in
6:50 am
philadelphia, upper 80s in dover and close to the 90s as well. allentown by monday, tuesday 90s. the look in wildwood lower 80s saturday, sunday, mid 80s by your monday. there's the check of why you are shore cast. if you're heading to the shore low 80s avalon, saturday, sunday, plenty of sunshine across the board. delaware beaches may be a bit warmer. it's time to head to new york and check in with the "today" show team. sheinelle, craig and stephanie join us live from studio 1-a. what are you guys working on this morning? >> hey, lauren. >> lots of stuff to talk about this morning. coming up on this saturday morning more concerns over the zika virus spreading in florida, with that tropical storm system brewing to the southeast of the state, we have the latest on the storm path and what florida officials are doing about it. maine's governor is under fire yet again, this time for an explosive and expletive voicemail that he left on a
6:51 am
state legislator's phone, why the governor said he left that message and what his constituents are saying about it. plus, who you would you like to make extra cash just by selling what's already in your closet? we will show you the new ways technology can help you do that. >> those stories and much more when we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today." >> some closet cleanout to look forward to. thanks, guys. we will see you in a few minutes. hi, i'm ron burke, the eyeing else played their pre-season game in indianapolis tonight against the colts. john clark is in indy and gives us a couple players to keep our eyes on. >> isaac seumalo on the offensive line the rookie left guard is out with an injury so stefan which is knew ski gets his chance to see what he can do. listen to what stefan tells me. >> being with the ones in a game
6:52 am
is a great opportunity to show that i belong there and should be there all season. >> do you think you can win the starting job here? >> yeah, i think so. >> we will see the first apgs in the pre-season from rookie running back wendell smallwood, he can't wait to show everybody what he can do. >> i'm real excited, it's been a long time coming. this week i'm back, i was full go practice and ready to play in my first game. >> still no carson wentz or jordan matthews. in indianapolis, i'm john clark, csn. >> phillies and mets starting a series. close game in the fifth until will florence blows it out with his first career grand slam it comes off adam morgan and mets down the phillies by 9-4 final. arena bowl, philadelphia souls quarterback threw six touchdown passes. the soul beat the rat letters 56-42 the owner gets his hands on an arena bowl trophy for the second time. congratulations to the soul.
6:53 am
that's sports. i'm ron burke, consider. sn. .s. n.
6:54 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
6:55 am
five minutes to 7:00 on this saturday morning. here is a live look at cape may. it is going to be a hot one out there today, another day in the 90s, but we should have some lower humidity so hopefully a little bit more comfortable for
6:56 am
you. plant i don't think got a visit from the budweiser clydesdale yesterday. sky force 10 was over main street where the horses were promoting the made in america festival. the labor day weekend event in philadelphia begins one week from today. the animal care and control team in philly is extending its national dog day special through the weekend. the shelter in north philadelphia waived adoption fees yesterday in honor of man's best friend. the event helped so many dogs find families that the team decided to run the promotion again today and tomorrow. also happening today, you can sample beers while getting a taste of the outdoors along the skull kill river. a pop up beer garden called parks on tap will be held at paint park from 1:00 to 11:00 p.m. the event has been moving from park to park throughout philadelphia over the past several weekends. and it's really neat to see. people seem to be enjoying it.
6:57 am
>> i love when you drive and go, oh, that's where it is. let's take a look at your forecast for the next ten days. a live look outside looking over the parkway, the art museum. gorgeous shot, lots of sunshine out there. that continues through your weekend. 91 today, 89 sunday and a stretch of 90s it looks like at this point through wednesday, chance of rain does move in on wednesday as well. then we drop the temperature off a bit for your labor day weekend. >> high of 80, that's just -- >> friday looks fabulous at this point. >> a hot one out there today. >> absolutely. make sure you're staying hydr e hydrat hydrated. the humidity will be lower today. >> we will see you for an update in 25 minutes and we are back for a full hour of news at 8:30 this morning. the "today" show is next. have a great saturday, everyone.
6:58 am
iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning. breaking overnight. under arrest. one man behind bars charged with capital murder in the death of two nuns. a crime that rocked the small town of mississippi and the nation. this morning, how the police were able to move quickly and capture the alleged killer. flooding fears. all eyes on florida as a tropical system in the caribbean is closer to landfall. major concerns it will dump up to 10 inches of rain. the middle of the country slammed by flash flooding forcing drivers to flee for their lives. governor under fire. maine's top official facing calls to resign after leaving a


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