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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  August 27, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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summer. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. it's about 8:30 on this saturday morning. let's get a check on your weekend weather with meteorologist krystal klei. >> good morning. right now temperatures look good, so if you're getting a an early start to those outdoor activities today things will be all right. 77 in philadelphia, pottstown 71 degrees, upper 60s mt. pocono, elsewhere mostly 70s, dover 74, same thing for atlantic city and cape may already at 80 degrees. on your radar and satellite it's clear out there, no rain, no clouds for us to track in today's draft. it's going to be a lot of sunshine to mostly sunny conditions out there. you can see with our wind speeds currently not an issue, 7 mile per hour winds in philadelphia, wildwood at 8 and atlantic city those winds at 7 mileacs< hour. notice the direction of your
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winds right now, dropping down from the north-northeast that's going to be bringing us right now that land breeze. we are looking today at winds that are more on the light side and right now along the shore you see not a big issue. later today some light to breezy winds, though, expected about 10 to 15 miles per hour for your forecast wind speeds there and as we move forward temperatures are going to be cranking up all around this region. speaking of the shore, though, with he do have our own nbc 10's monique braxton who is out at atlantic city right now dealing with some of the affects of those winds, monique. >> reporter: hi. good morning to you. i can tell you that we've been here for a couple of hours now, the sun has been up for a few hours as well. since we last spoke to you we've been checking out the activity on the boardwalk as well as what's going on down on the beach. despite the absence of lifeguards at this early hours and the huge risk of rip currents surfers are in the ocean. we did some checking on the way
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here and most shore cities report fewer lifeguards watching a wider area of the water. we spoke to folks out exercising this morning. >> it's great, it's one of the last weekends of the summer so it's great to get out here early, get a nice run in. one, it's pretty quiet, not too quiet. i love running on the board walk. >> we've been dealing with the flies, the black flies that bite. i never heard of this. how do you handle that? >> i've just gotten out. i think they usually come out at the end of the summer, i just ignore them. >> reporter: i did some digging as well to see what is happening here today in north wildwood. the wildwood triathlon 5k and kids race are under way right now. also in wildwood the roller derby tournament is going to be enticing competitive skaters. at cape may pirates are invading the historic cold spring village during the seafarers weekend. here in ac the red bull global
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rally cross ac is being billed as the fastest and most exciting racing in motor sports. in just a few moments ago a lady approached us to say don't forget about my event and that is a one mile swim here along the water that gets under way at about 10:00. live for now on the boardwalk, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to a developing story. the fbi requested documents from philadelphia mayor jim kenney's campaign. the campaign representative said it is fully complying with the request, but it can't tell us what type of documents they are providing or what prompted all of this. kenney was elected mayor last november after more than two decades on city council. an eight-year-old girl who was shot in the head by a stray bullet in camden has died. gabriel hill-carter was taken off life support yesterday. gabby was playing near her home
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several men started shooting at each other. she was caught in the crossfire. there is a $12,000 reward for information leading to her killer's arrest. autopsies are scheduled today for this south jersey couple found murdered inside their home and the suspect police arrested is their own son. a relative discovered the bodies of edward and rosemarie coles yesterday at their home in west department forward, gloucester county. nbc 10 was there as investigators collected evidence. police say the relative told officers the couple's son, ryan coles, was also in the home. nbc 10 learned that edward coles worked as a repair technician at a music shop that he once owned but had sold to his cousin. the news came as a shock. >> people and customers come specifically to us because of ed's work and reputation. i will just miss ed's sense of humor. >> authorities charged ryan coles with the deaths of his parents. he was taken to a hospital for
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evaluation before going to jail. investigators are working to find a motive in this case. new from overnight, a 19-year-old man is in stable condition after he was shot during an attempted robbery. police say two men tried to steal his bike on west chelton avenue in germantown. the victim shot -- fought back, that's when he was two police officers have minor injuries from this accident in philadelphia. police tell us a car hit several police vehicles before crashing into a wall. the driver is under arrest. in bucks county police are looking for a pair of pickpocketers targeting unsuspecting mothers. take a look at some video from inside a chick-fil-a in bensalem downship. police say on wednesday the man in this couple moved close to two women sitting with her children, the man grabbed a wallet from the purse of one of those mothers, police say he
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then spent $1600 at the target store across the street. >> that's the most angering thing, i think, is that they were so close to my kids and -- yeah. who would do something like that? >> police suspect the pair are responsible for other thefts. they are warning women not to sling their bags over chairs. if you recognize the couple in the video, call police. the death toll from the earthquake in central italy rose again this morning to 290. most of the victims are from the town of amatrice. the mayor says aftershocks damaged two crucial access roads possibly cutting off the town. he's working with authorities to find alternative routes to get aid to the victims. today is a national day of mourning in italy. mourners gathered this morning inside a community gym for a state funeral in honor of the earthquake victims.
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italy's president and prime minister were among those in attendance. hundreds of people also showed their solidarity with the victims' families by gathering outside of the gym. rescue dogs are helping to search the rubble for survivors. the dogs are useful in the first days after an earthquake, they can sense the presence of people and they have access to areas where heavy machinery can't be used. dozens of dogs are reportedly searching for victims in several different towns. in decision 2016 a doctor gave donald trump a glowing bill of health. well, now an nbc exclusive, that doctor is telling us how that letter came to be. >> i had five minutes, i sat right at this desk and wrote that letter while the driver waited. >> just ahead hear the story behind that letter. hello!
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we're looking live outside right now in philadelphia, this is a shot of that beautiful skyline into center city. here we've got clear blue skies and that can be said all over the place, now looking wilmington, delaware, sunshine bearing down across our region. forecast for today calls for sunny to mostly sunny conditions. 11:00 a.m. 85 in philadelphia, move along to 90 at 3:00 p.m. and 86 by 7:00 p.m. it will be hot. humidity is lower so not going to feel that sticky weather that we saw yesterday in the afternoon. 11:00 a.m. in the suburbs sunny 80 for your temperature. 87 by midday. and in the lehigh valley we go from 79 at 11:00 a.m. to your afternoon thoseye. upper 80s mg in as well. those temperatures that you see in the upper 80s going to be consistent into your sunday, too. actually as we move into your next workweek we're talking potentially in some areas another heat wave building in. we will take a look at how high those temperatures get and we will talk more about the next
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chance for storms moving in. all of that will be coming up in just a few minutes. today philadelphia firefighters and paramedics will help get kids ready for the new school year, it's coming. they will hand out more than 100 backpacks to elementary school children. wrong place, wrong time. nba star dwyane wade's cousin is added to chicago's long list of gun violence victims. we will have details on the investigation coming up.
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now to decision 2016 and an nbc news exclusive. donald trump's personal physician said it took him just five minutes to write a letter declaring that the republican presidential candidate would be the healthiest president ever elected. >> i thought about it all day and at the end -- i get rushed and i get anxious when i get rushed so i tried to get four or five lines done as fast as possible. >> dr. harold bornstein has been trump's position for 35 years. the four paragraph letter he wrote about trump's health last december is now getting more attention in light of questions raised by trump about the health off@ñ democratic candidate hill clinton. her doctor said she has no serious health issues. the state department says it will not finish releasing hillary clinton's daily schedules of meetings while she
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was secretary of state before election day. that report from the "associated press." a federal judge ordered the department to begin releasing them months ago. the trump campaign claims clinton gave special access to donors to her family's charitable foundation. clinton denies that. on another front clinton is attacking trump for his record on race. yesterday. >> he has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, he has attacked a judge for his mexican heritage. >> yesterday both candidates released athds portraying the other as racist. clinton ridiculed trump's attempts to reach oit to minority voters, trump slammed clinton for her comments 20 years ago about gang members. a judge has temporarily blocked the university of north carolina from forcing three people to follow the so-called hb-2 restroom law. the judge ruled the university must allow two students and an
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employee to use restrooms matching their gender identity. the hb-2 law requires transgender people to use restrooms to correspond to the sex on their birth certificates rather than their gender identity. new from overnight, a man is under arrest in the murders of these two nuns in mississippi. the sisters were found stabbed to death in their home thursday night. police found their missing car a mile away. the nuns provided medical care and counseling for their small town located in the second poorest county in the station. police are holding the suspect on capital murder charges. chicago is mourning another victim of gun violence. and she's related to one of the sports world's biggest stars. someone who is also an anti-gun activist. nbc reporter katy kim has the details. >> reporter: a prayer circle outside soldier hospital to mourn nakea aldridge.
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>> just going to register her kids in school, bullets that fly around and have no name decided to find its way to her name. >> she had just releekted to a neighborhood near 63rd and calum calumet. police say she was in that area when two men approached another man on foot in an apparent gang-related hooked she was caught in the crossfire. >> she wanted a better life and better education for her family. >> relatives say niykea was pushing a stroller at the time. >> it'sw)a% just -- it's tragi >> reporter: and the timing of it all, cruel, says family. nykea's aunt and her cousin dwyane wade of the chicago bulls participated in a town hall about chicago's violence. >> it's deep rooted and this is something that didn't start today and is not going to end tomorrow. >> they are cling to go faith in
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their heart bra he can. >> we don't understand it but we are not going to ask god why. we just ask everyone to continue to pray for us. >> that was katy kim reporting. dwyane wade tweeted this yesterday: my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. #enough is enough. and we will begin by taking a look at your temperatures this morning. 69 in the lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs at 73 degrees, in philadelphia now already up to 77, it will be a hot one later today, hot and sunny. good news, though, not quite so humid. delaware 74 degrees, south jersey 73, along the shersy shore 76 degrees. there will be relief for you if you go to the shore because temperatures aren't going to be cranking up as high as they will as you move inland through the day.
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looking right down into parts of the philadelphia neighborhoods, 79 in center city currently so holding on to those upper 70s, brewerytown as well, low 70s for plant i don't think and andora 69 still. pennsport, society hill at 80 currently and still those mid 70s fox chase, bustleton and somerton low 70s at 72 degrees. radar and satellite this is a much wider view than we saw earlier, clear for us, then you look farther west, we have clouds way further west, areas of heavy rain that are passing through the chicago area and farther north up now into michigan. that's what we're looking at. but that not affects us. we are going to stay on the dry side of things as we move forward. hot end to the month actually. we see 90s more often than not this month and if we look through the forecast to the end of this month wednesday we will see more 90 degree days than 80 degree days officially. 90 for your saturday, tomorrow
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looking at 89, right back up, in fact, looks like we will hit another heat wave here, 92 monday, tuesday and your wednesday. finally a dip in temperatures thursday into from i here, we drop 85 do you know to 80, still mid 80s for your saturday. that long weekend ahead of us for labor day weekend looking better off. hour by hour forecast here, we are going to stay dry. 3:00 p.m. no change in conditions, sunny to mostly sunny. then we go into the overnight, you see still those clear conditions overnight and then into tomorrow morning same deal, not tracking any clouds, just sunshine in that forecast. and here is a look at your shore cast if you're headed to the shore, the relief we were talking about, 83 avalon. radio hobby et beach, atlantic city around 83. notice both days on the mostly sunny side of the forecast and as we are looking in the afternoon winds just picking up
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10 to 15 miles per hour. we will have more on your ten day forecast in just a bit. it's ten minutes to 9:00 on this saturday morning and students are gearing up for school 0d the gridiron. next reporting the spotlight on your teams and your kids in high school blitz.
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. school blit it's that time of year again where the high school gridiron dominates friday nights. a good one in lansdale as philly's number 6 team la salle college high school to face number seven north penn. we will start off with your skylights. the south found itself in an early deficit and turns to madden and he bounces off tacklers.
8:53 am
la salle is in business. inside the red zone north penn's defense would stiffen. third and goal la more's pass is complete but out of bounds. la salle falls 33-24 in this one. father judge taking on council rock. tom weldon appears to be stopped. no. he busts free for a first down. later in the drive another impressive rumble from joseph for another first down. all father judge in this game. it rolls 40-0. cheltenham welcoming cb east. jenkins says we will have none of that. no gain. later in the drive dillon jones forced to throw it away. cheltenham held scoreless in the first quarter. in the end cb east dominates cheltenham. pennsbury, morale escapes the first tacklers but cannot evade the rest. a sack for pennsbury. demarcus goes to lewis who makes a reception at the 1.
8:54 am
this leads to a pennsbury touchdown, goes on to win 10-6 over frank ford. good morning action in the city, kensington going head to head. kensington attempt to go punt but the ball breaks free. bell shuts out kensington. let's go to steamy bensalem. on the field penn wood tirrell avoids the pressure and seconds with fields to take it in for the score. pen would win 20-9. ben frankly taking on west philly. ben franklin with all the speed in this one. the electrons zap the speed boys 34-0. we love the spirit.
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the new coach of broner bendy. looks like a linebacker. 28 yards, bonner-prendie up 8-0. coles gathers it, he's gone. 28-23 fryers. the excitement has them literally falling through the fence. thankfully nobody hurt. warriors down to their last leave but bonner-prendie's mill son ices a fantastic finish. here is the new coach on a thrilling win. >> i'm feeling on top of the world. this is a freight maybe hood rivalry. our boys worked really hard this off-season. it's kind of like a thanksgiving game because we really don't have one so it's our turkey bowl. >> that's it for the blitz. back to you. summer is quickly coming to a close and a lot of people are down the shore to make the most
8:56 am
of these final weekends. monique braxton will have a live report from atlantic city. >> and we are looking at a forecast where things not quite as humid as yesterday but still a very hot weekend ahead of us. we will talk temperatures for your saturday, sunday and more on the week ahead of you.
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hitting the beach. lots of people are heading to the shore this weekend to enjoy the last few weekends of summer. we will take you there. and without a second thought two accept at that police officers jumped into action to keep a passenger alive and it's all caught on camera. and welcome home. right now the olympic gymnast's hometown is showing her just how much they love her. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news. i'm lauren mayk. it's 9:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. let's get a check of your weekend weather with meteorologist krystal klei. good morning. >> good morning. it is shaping up to be a good saturday. hot, but good. you can see outside north wildwood we already have people out jogging, riding their bikes and this is the perfect time to do it because temperatures right now are pretty good. 60s, 70s, nearing the 80s in
9:00 am
some spots but later today that's when the heat will really be on, we move into the 90s in areas like philadelphia. so let's talk about those temperatures. we will begin by taking a look at those current conditions out there. 81 in philadelphia right now, mostly sunny.h 78 in the suburbs and that's the same in new jersey. mid 70s lehigh valley and delaware already at 80 degrees as well. lots of sunshine out there across all of our live cameras. then we flip the board over to the forecast high temperatures, this is where you see those 90s make their debut. 91 in philadelphia, 90 new jersey, upper 80s for areas like the suburbs as well as lehigh valley, delaware. plenty of sign in this forecast so hot and sunny. i'm leaving out the phrase humid because we are seeing that humidity drop a bit compared to what we saw yesterday. conditions a little more comfortable. while it will still be hot better off than what we've been seeing. that could change, though. more 90s ahead.
9:01 am
we will look at that in just a bit. this morning we're take you down the shore. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in atlantic city where there's still some time for some summertime fun, right, monique? >> reporter: that's right. and the boardwalk is starting to come to life, you see people out cycling now, also we have been talking to people who are walking to breakfast spots. since we last spoke to you we've been watching folks heading out to the atlantic and the early morning bustle on the boardwalk. we did some checking on the way here and most shore cities are reporting fewer lifeguards watching a wider area of the water. despite the absence of lifeguards who are teachers and college students headed back to work and the huge risk of rip currents surfers tell us they're wiegd the waves. others have come to ac to gamble and party. >> it's my brother's birthday so we are here for the weekend. we are actually here until sunday. >> you got here yesterday?
9:02 am
>> yes, we got here last night and we ain't been asleep yet. >> i wasn't going to go there. >> we ain't been asleep yet. >> what are you doing right now? >> trying to wait for one of these places to open up so we can get some breakfast. >> reporter: now, i did some digging to see what is happening down the shore elsewhere today. in north wildwood the wildwood's triathlon 5k and kids race is under way throughout the town. in wildwood the roller derby tournament is having a hosting time with competitive skaters. at cape may pirates are invading the historic cold spring village during the seafarers weekend in cape may. here in ac the red bull global rally ac is being billed as the fastest and most exciting racing in motor sports. a lady came by and said don't forget my thing. at 10:00 the popular one mile ac
9:03 am
pageant swim is relaunching. it is the 87th year and it's historic. once in a lifetime everybody says even though it's one mile it's one mile you won't forget. live for now in ac, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new this morning a man is dead after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a car in springfield, delaware county. nbc 10 was on the scene on springfield road just after 5:00 this morning. police say the motorcycle was going too fast and went out of control. they say the driver of the car was able to stop before the crash. that driver was not hurt. a septa passenger thanks two officers for saving his life during the rush hour commute. the man met with his heroes yesterday. the septa officers found the man unresponsive on a train thursday afternoon. the officers performed cpr until the man regained his pulse. he was treated and released from
9:04 am
the hospital. it's not clear what caused him to have that medical emergency. from our delaware bureau, a woman is now charged with first degree murder in the death of a delaware state university student. a neighbor in the rutledge community of bear showed us photos of police arresting cheryl jennings on wednesday. they say on the morning of july 9th she fired into the car of 19-year-old malcolm evans. the aspiring doctor was on his way to work. police say there is no known association between evans and jennings. his family spoke about what it's been like these last weeks without an arrest. >> wondering who and why someone would commit such an unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man. >> police are still investigating, so they are not releasing a possible motive in this case. a first degree murder charge does imply that this was not random, that police believe jennings intended to shoot the
9:05 am
victim. this evening a candlelight vigil will be held for two-year-old jamille baskerville, jr., he died at the hands of his mother's boyfriend zacharay tricoche. he is accused of beating jamille to death inside their apartment last weekend. prosecutors say he shoved his girlfriend during an argument over groceries then attacked the toddler when he started crying. police in montgomery county want your help. take a look at these surveillance pictures of a bank robber. the man was wearing a phillies hat and black bandanna when he held up the pnc bank yesterday. police say he walked into the bank, handed a note to the teller and got away with some cash. now to decision 2016. both major presidential nominees are off the campaign trail this weekend but the schedule for republican donald trump is causing some confusion. in a state considered a must win for him. we're talking about arizona. yesterday trump's campaign
9:06 am
director there said the candidate canceled an event in phoenix on wednesday but a short time later trump tweeted that that event was on and would be held at a bigger venue than first planned. the latest polls in arizona show trump leading democrat hillary clinton. >> llc's running mate tim kaine will campaign in pennsylvania next week. the virginia senator will attend events in erie and lancaster on tuesday, then in the lehigh valley on wednesday. no details yet on exactly where. we've also learned that president obama will campaign for the clinton/kaine ticketä i philadelphia on tuesday september 13th. no specifics have been released on that. the president's visit is part of clinton's push for pennsylvania. donald trump's latest stance on immigration will be a top subject for discussion on nbc's "meet the press." that comes your way tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today it will be top honors for two olympic champions from new jersey.
9:07 am
gymnast laurie hernandez will get a heroes welcome in her hometown. at 16 she is the youngest member of the u.s. gold medal team in rio. a tribute is also planned today for olympic swimmer kelsey werrell. the swim club in west hampton burlington county will host a reception this afternoon. in rio she took gold in the women's 4x100 meter medley relay. zika fears, the continuing spread of the zika virus in florida has the fda calling for a change when it comes to blood donations. coming up we will tell you how they hope this helps stop the virus from spreading nationwide.
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welcome back. so in the last half hour we took a look at parts of philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley. now let's take a look at planners in parts of delaware and new jersey. at noon 86 will be our temperature in delaware, we are up to 89 by 4:00 p.m. some of us should see temperatures right around 90 degrees in delaware. by 8:00 p.m. already dropping down to about 78. in the evening looking fairly comfortable. new jersey at 85, noon 88, by 4:00 p.m. and then notice the shore looking very good. 81, 4 paul manafo 81. low 80s saturday and sunday at the shore, low 90s to upper 80s
9:11 am
saturday sunday in philadelphia. looking at the next possible heat wave with low 90s your monday, tuesday and wednesday in philadelphia. a little different butly warme still for monday at the shore. 86 degrees mostly sunny we don't see chances of rain again until wednesday where we could see some showers and thunderstorms in the mix for your wednesday forecast. otherwise this is looking like a pretty dry forecast moving forward. we will talk more about those 90s and the ten day extended forecast for philadelphia coming up. it was a humid night last night at penn's landing but plenty of people braved the weather to see peabo bryson close out the smooth jazz concert series. they enjoyed the music for free at the great plaza. a message in the sand leads to a rescue of two people on an uninhabited island. that story is coming up next. and a swimsuit ban captures the world's attention and
9:12 am
diechds a nation, the ban has been overturned but lawmakers say their battle to stop full bodysuits on beaches is not over. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. now be sure to tag your mother today, guns can be bought or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey
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as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. it's 9:14. this next story sounds like the script for a movie. a u.s. coast guard rescued a couple from an uninhabited island in the south pacific. they signaled for help by writing what you see there, s.o.s. in the sand.
9:15 am
a navy aircraft crew took these photos after a ship spotted flashing lights on the island. authorities began a week long search for this couple when they failed to arrive at their destination in a motorboat. the top administrative court in france has overturned a ban on burkinis. a court found a mediterranean beach resort breached fundamental freedom by banning the burkinis. the ruling to set a precedent for 30 other towns that are imposed bans on their beaches. new developments in the fight against zika. the fda wants all american blood banks to begin screening for the virus. testing is already under way in puerto rico and parts of florida where there have been zika outbreaks. officials say the move will ensure safe blood is available for all americans needing a transfusion. this comes as the cdc has announced the first case of a person without any zika symptoms unknowingly transmitting the virus to a sexual partner in the
9:16 am
u.s. amtrak says a nearly $2.5 billion loan will allow it to boost seating on the northeast corridor by 40%. vice president joe biden announced the loan in wilmington yesterday. he talked about how the money will be used. >> it's not enough just to improve the train sets, you have to improve the train stations, you've got time prove the safety mechanisms, you've got to improve the tracks, you've got to improve the whole array of things that are necessary to make it work. >> biden was a frequent amtrak rider during his more than 30 years in the u.s. senate. commuting daily between his wilmington home and washington, d.c. this week's wednesday's child is filled with energy and enthusiasm. and he's hoping to find a forever family who shares his love for music and for life. nbc 10 introduces us to nasmir. >> do you like this? huh? you've got rhythm.
9:17 am
>> nasmir or nas as his friends call him loves music and dancing to we brought him to radio station ben fm and their legendary dj host marilyn russell who hooked up nas with swag. >> these are the goggles i was telling you about. >> ms. marilyn surprised nas with a homemade cub cake. he has some learning disabilities but loves to talk and wanter about his favorite artist michael jackson. >> i think hour he talking about shake your body down to the ground. >> his favorite thing, family. >> a little bit different in what i'm seeing now. not like a family that can -- not bad health, not bad health problem, you know. >> okay. >> it has to be a family that can take care of me for a -- longe longest time. >> he has so much energy and so
9:18 am
excited to be around people. he loves to be active, going outside, playing around with his friends, basketball, football, walks, loves going to the to rs to check out what's new and exciting, loves the mall, loves interacting with people. >> nas is this week's wednesday child. >> if you'd like to make nasmir's dream come true go to our website and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center, that number is 1-866-do-adopt. today upper class men will move into their dorm rooms at rowan university in glassboro. from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 this evening the students will unpack and get to know their classmates. it's also move in day for returning students at west chester university. fall classes begin there on monday morning. and the newest st. joe students are settling in on hawk hill. their move in started yesterday
9:19 am
and continues today. more than 1,250 freshmen make up the class of 2020. they will head to class for the first time on monday. if you are a parrot head and you know who you are, tonight is the night to be in camden. ♪ buffet will play the bb&t pavilion this weekend. the concert is part of his i don't know tour. as always buffet is expected to sing his signature classic "mark reitville" that was inducted into the grammy hall of fame this year. let's get a check of your weekend weather. sounds like a not bun but maybe a little more comfortable. >> that's right because the humidity won't be as high as yesterday. if you were outdoors yesterday it was a muggy one. that's not going to be nearly the case today. looking at the jersey shore temperatures already starting to warm up. 81 cape may point as well as cape may courthouse, upper 70s
9:20 am
as well, summers point 80 degrees and 79 the temperature right now in atlantic city. so we go from those jersey shore neighborhoods switching over to delaware neighborhoods now. a lot of 70s on the board. harmony hills 77, wilmington 80, middletown in the upper 70s, harrington 78 degrees. quickly into your afternoon they will make their way into the upper 80s and lower 90s. speaking of the summer heat, the end of the metrological summer is the end of august and we will start to see that change of temperatures, but for now check this out, yellow 80s that we have seen, red 90s we've seen. if you look we've finished off the month for you with our forecast conditions, still a lot of 90s ahead. if you count them out, 16 in red, 15 in yellow, meaning more days in the 90s than in the 80s this month, a very hot august for us on record. looking at tropical$ satellite now remember we have been watching some of those tropical systems they have not developed into tropical storms at this
9:21 am
point. what you're seeing here is the satellite view of what is still a disturbance that we have our eye on. now, whether or not this turns into a tropical storm still at large, we also see a disturbance that is sitting directly to the east of the coast line. but this system we have our eye on for a couple of reasons. these are potential paths for this as it moves through into mid next week. you can see some models do have arching right on through areas like tampa. these are just possibilities. this is still a disorganized system. there is no guarantee this will happen. as it moves into the warm waters of gulf it could strengthen. that's something we have to watch regardless of its strengthening we will see a goodment a of rain hit areas of florida as well as up into parts of the gulf coast throughout the next few days. this is something we will keep our eye on throughout our later newscast as well. we will have more on your forecast here in philadelphia coming up after the breaks. .
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9:24 am
commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. now we're going to meet aladdin, aboo and raja. amy joins us this morning. thanks for bringing these little ones in. they are adorable. i understand your feline foster challenge is being extended while we look at these cute little ones. >> it is, yeah, it was super successful and, you know, because of the nature of what we do we are an open end mission animal shelter we were doing really good on kitten space so we were just focusing on adults last week but then of course we got a huge influx of kittens. so we're extending it to include
9:25 am
kittens and extending the challenge until september 6th. plenty of time to take home an adorable baby like this or adult cat and help us save lives. >> these little guys need a foster home. >> fost erring is basically you are giving them a temporary home. right now they are too little to be adopted, they need to be at least two months old and two pounds and these guys are almost there, but not quite there. so when you foster you are opening up space in the shelter for other incoming animals to have a space. and, you know, you're going to give niece guys care and love until they are old enough to go home. >> so if you are a family and thinking these guys are so adorable i want to take one home, what are some of the things that you need to think about before you make that commitment? >> well, you know, for these guys it's a pretty short commitment, it's pretty easy. i would just make sure that everyone in your home is comfortable with it, you don't have any dogs that are, you know, might be a danger to the kittens for obvious reasons, but
9:26 am
it's -- it's pretty painless. part of the fosterf88$ challeng helping new people become foster parents and thanks to one of our supporter groups everyone that fosters is getting a free foster kit, that includes food, dry and wet, a litter box and scratch pad. >> it makes that commitment a little bit easier to get adjusted to. >> and i can say i've fostered before and it's a rewarding experience. anyone who is on the edge right now, it's a great way to see what it's like to have a pet in the house. >> as you can see some of them are a little bit more adventurous than others. >> if you'd like more information about this or any animal call the animal care and control team at 267-385-3800, you can also check out their website before we go let's get one last check of our weather. >> i'm so distracted. let's talk about the forecast. we are looking over the next ten days at very hot conditions, 91
9:27 am
for your saturday, 89 sunday and we are sunny for your weekend. then we hit those 90s through wednesday. so looking like another heat wave. >> well, thanks, that's all for today. for myself, for all of these adorable little ones and for krystal, thanks for watching. have a great day, everyone. enjoy that less humidity.
9:28 am
is one of those robots from an other bank, td bank's new intern, bart, we're training him to bank human. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning. at td bank we do things differently, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello! don't just bank, bank human.
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e, and this is "open house." this week we tour a cozy smart home in los angeles, visit a sun-filled penthouse in the heart of manhattan's trendy soho neighborhood. fashion pr maven alle fister shows us how she created a stylish yet serene escape. and we hit the campus of hofstra university for a diy dorm room decor challenge. see how designer courtney cachet helped transform the space from college dorm to designer pad. but first, we head to the pacific palisades estate ronald reagan once called home. this is the original reagan bar. as the story goes, he gathered all his trusted advisors around this bar on the night he decided to run for president. so it's pretty important. [theme music]


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