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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  August 28, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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mother theresa will soon become st. theresa, and a camden county priest is making a trip to rome to watch it all happen. i love my baby so much. i wish she was still here. >> crying out for help. a mother calls for justice, after her 8-year-old daughter is killed by a stray bullet. the temperature is starting to climb this morning. get ready. we're in for another hot day. >>announcer: nbc news starts now. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. it is 10:00 a.m. let's get a check on the sunday weather with krystal klei. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, we're going to be hot but we're used to it. it is the tail end of summer,
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and today is a good type of hot. it doesn't come with the humidity. dry and hot throughout the day. if you want relief, there is the live look outside cape may. that's one good location to go, the shore areas, and that will include right up through parts of both the delaware beaches and the jersey shore, right as you move interior, that's when temperatures start to get hotter, closer to the 90s. more heat on the way. it is not just for the weekend. we're also looking into your early next week here. tracking those 90s, remaining in some areas. that's what we're looking at today. if you want a quicker look at the numbers, you can see them at the bottom part of your screen scrolling. clear blue skies across the board. we're at 78 in the pennsylvania s subur suburbs, mid 70s, lehigh valley, 80 in delaware, looking very nice and sunny out there. lots of sunshine to spare. we could see moisture tomorrow,
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with humidity rising and the potential for storms does pop up as we move through the workweek. we're going check in on when the possibility moves in and we we'll talk more about the heat wave and how long it lasts, coming up. mother theresa will be declared a saint. monique braxton is live in kolg collin collingswood. we're here at the trans blessing to work with her in three different corners in the world. >> i first met mother in rome around 1970, worked with her and the sisters in the slums of rome, and went to cull cat at that -- calcutta, and in washington, years later, i was able to connect with her again with some ministry work there.
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>> we know according to the catholic faith, at least two miracles preceded, as well as this canonization. their those with us. >> one was a woman named monica a in india that led to it. i believe 2003, i was there for from brazil, a gentleman had a brain tumor, many brain tumors in brazil and the church does all it can to definitively recognize without a doubt that plausible scientific explanation for that healing. >> what are you most looking forward to during the con nanzati -- canonization. >> the memories it will trigger, the gifts of the great for her holiness and the vision of how many people in the future can be helped and healed and the grace
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we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: the canonization ceremony takes place in rome. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. in central italy, crews continue to clean up after this week's deadly earthquake. a bulldozer demolished one of the heavily damaged buildings in amatrice this morning. a majority of the 291 people killed in the earthquake were in that town. crews are also searching for any possible survivors within the rubble and the country is remembering those who died. mourners gathered for a state funeral for some of the victims yesterday. the death toll from wednesday's earthquake would rise as recovery efforts continue. several people are still unaccounted for. before that service, italy's president visited amatrice, and
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we just showed you some of the damage there a moment ago. the president didn't get to see all of that in person, though. he could only go to the edge of town, because it was just too dangerous to go any further. we have breaking news now out of trenton. we have confirmed with police that an off duty officer was involved in a deadly shooting last night. authorities tell us the officer fired on two people at the intersection of roosevelt street and west ingham, one person has died. we'll have an update this afternoon and on the nbc 10 app. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot two men in the city's brewerytown section, killing one of them. shooting happened around 9:30 last night on new kirk street. a 25-year-old was shot in the chest and later died at the hospital. a 45-year-old man is still in the hospital. in this morning, a man who
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was shot in the face in philadelphia is in critical condition. the shooting happened just after 2:00 this morning in summerton. medics took the victim to area health. they did make an arrest in the case, and they've recovered a weapon. new from overnight, a woman hit by a car while crossing rooseve roosevelt beautiful regard is from critical condition. nbc 10 is on the scene in feltonville. the accident happened on the inner lanes just before 1:00 this morning. you're looking at the car stomped at the scene. we're working to find out more details, including the condition of the driver. i love my baby so much. i wish she skwas still here. >> mourning her daughter, the 8-year-old was killed by a stray bullet and police are still looking for the shooter. gabrielle hill carter was taken off life support on friday. her loved ones joined together to call for justice. nbc 10 was there at 8th and
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spruce street where they held a candlelight vigil. the girl was playing there wednesday evening, when several men started shooting at each other, and a bullet struck her in the head. loved ones and neighbors are pleading for help in solving this case. >> i imagine if you know something that will bring justice, come forward. >> feel the pain the family is feeling and then come forward. see the visuals, hear our voices. >> authorities have doubled the original reward in this case. it is now $24,000. police have surveillance video from around the crime scene, but have not yet released it. a family gathered to remember 2-year-old jameel bass kerrville jr., the mother's boyfriend beat him, and he got up set after his mother was
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shoved over a fight over groceries. the family is still in shock. >> he is a joyful baby. for him to lose his life this early is -- it is just hurtful. and i -- i just can't believe that my grandson is -- i'm never going to see my grandson again. >> she said she is willing to forgive the accused killer, but she'll never forget what she lost. zachary triccocci is charged with murder. a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition after nearly drowning. last night, the toddler was in an aboveground swimming above in winslow township. it is not clear if her parents were there with her. the child is being treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. in decision 2016, donald trump stirs controversy with a tweet, as he tries to win over african-american voters. plus this. >> all of a sudden, it was a huge, loud noise. >> they thought it was an
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explosion. scary moments in the sky, when a southwest airlines plane lost part of an engine in midair.
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we're taking a live look outside philadelphia. very nice conditions to start off your sunday morning. if we can keep these temperatures all day, it would be perfect. but the temperatures will start climbing and we'll see 90s later today. 90 is the forecast high for us. that would be the third day of 90s, meaning we hit another heat wave and then we continue. 91 for monday, tuesday as well. but monday we pull in extra moisture, isolated chances of storm around new jersey. sunday, in the suburbs, 88, and up to 90 degrees as well through tuesday. in the lehigh valley, almost consistent. the difference will be increasing the humidity on
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monday into tuesday. then we look at new jersey, 89 for today, then 91 on monday, the shore, a little better off, but into the mid 80s by monday. delaware, again, almost the same. 89, your forecast high with the sunny conditions on the ten-day forecast, big drop in temperatures, we'll get to that in a bit. parents know installing a car seat is no easy task. well, now a company called for moms has come up with a car seat that does the job itself. they showed it up at philadelphia's franklin square yesterday. it uses robotic technology and it uses sensors to make sure that it is installed properly. it monitors the seat for any changes before each ride. it also links to your cell phone. he is just 18 years old, but he made history in the air. the high flying feet that's landed him in the record books, just ahead.
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decision 2016. donald trump is making a push for african-american votes, but he is coming under fire for a tweet that mentioned it. now, yesterday, in iowa, trump told a mostly white crowd that democrats have failed black communities. the republican presidential nominee also mentioned the shooting death of nba star dwayne wade's cousin, saying it quote, breaks our hearts. earlier yesterday, trump tweeted about the shooting, wrote dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i was saying, african-americans will vote trump. hours later, trump tweeted condolences to the victim's family. it ended a week where both trump and his rival leveled racial attacks. on the democratic side of the race, hillary clinton got her first presidential briefing,
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pulling into an fbi facility in white plains, new york. clinton attended similar briefings as secretary of state. donald trump had his first security briefing earlier this morning. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage on air and online, from updates from the campaign trail, just tap the app. donald trump's stance on immigration will be among the topics on nbc's "meet the press today." join chuck todd later at 10:30. two fire trucks crashed in minneapolis. highway officials say the truck veered off the road and hit a barrier before rolling over. a local tv station reports the fire crew was from michigan and on its way to utah to fight a wild far. passengers aboard a southwest airlines flight got a
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scare in midair. the plane flying from new orleans lost part of an engine just after takeoff. it sounded like an explosion said one passenger. it made an emergency land anything pensacola, florida. they're refunding the flight and giving them a future voucher. at just 18 years old, laughlin smart became the youngest pilot to complete a solo flight around the world in a single engine aircraft. smart left on his journey on july 4th and welcomed home yesterday. volunteers from our area are in louisiana, helping flood victims get back on their feet. nbc has been there documenting their good work. the southern baptist convention cooked hot meals yesterday, members of the red cross loaded them into the back of a truck. they drove into the affected areas to deliver the food to residents and volunteers.
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what drives people to just pick up and go to another state and lend their time. >> i think to myself that it only takes one storm to wreck a person's life, and that could very well happen to me. >> already, the red cross has delivered more than 450,000 meals to flood ravaged areas. be sure to check out the nbc 10 app for more stories. good morning, everyone. here is your temperatures, right now. we're at 80 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington, 80, vine land and look at atlantic city, 82 degrees, interior, of course. we're looking at temperatures as we move along will be on the toasty side again, right back to the 90s. heat wave number six we're talking about. quite a few 90 degree days, this
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will wrap up august with all 90 degrees. today, forecasting a high of 90, we go 91, monday/tuesday and wednesday, still at 90 degrees. so we're looking at a six day stretch by the end of it where temperatures are right at or slig slightly above. it is followed by a big drop, thursday and friday, 80 degrees for your forecast temperature, going to feel great as we move into the long labor day weekend where things will climb a bit yet again. on radar and satellite, no showers to track this morning. we're pretty dry. you go farther to the west, but not expecting storms for us today. tomorrow, very isolated potential. here is the look. so if you start to see the deeper blue, that's wh we he could see isolated severe strong thunderstorms. we're not in that category. there a small chance of a rain shower moving through and that's in the afternoon for tomorrow.
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your monday. very isolated at this point. not looking likely, although some clouds and the humidity will start to bump back up beginning tomorrow. here is your neighborhood forecast for today. 90 in center city, 89 in summerton, doyles town,ly lehigh valley, 90s, over to new jersey, trenton, 88, the same for 89, eves township and ocean city, sunny there, also looking at that temperature along the shore point, atlantic city at 82. then into delaware, 89 for wilmington, smyrna, just a smidge, wednesday is the next chance of storms, and you see thursday through saturday, when we drop off the temperatures in the lower 80s, as we move into
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the end of the weekend, that's when we'll start to pull back the upper 80s. shehere is a live look of t museum of art as it gets hotter today, and two-lanes will be closed at 7:00, more road closures coming this week, for the festival made america next weekend. just tap the app for what to expected. you're looking at last year's festival, drawing more than 100,000 people. musical acts this year include rihanna and cold play. you can choose from gourmet food trucks and stands. the made in america festival along the ben franklin park way runs next saturday and sunday. the eagles get a strong performance from their starters in a preseason match up with the colts. coming up next, the highlights from indianapolis. hello!
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the eagles are a perfect three for three in the preseason, this after last night's win over the colts. sam bradford and the offense hit their stride, hitting 17 out of 20 passes and a pair of touchdowns. one of the catches went to dorial green beckham. bradford summed up the bird's dress rehearsal for the regular season. >> obviously tonight to come out, you know, to execute the way we did, it was nice. you know, i was really happy with the communication up front at the line of scrimmage. i thought our tempo in and out of the scrimmage, getting to the line quickly, but the execution was great. something we can build on moving forward. >> the eagles wrap up the preseason on thursday night against the jets. live coverage on nbc 10 start at 6:30. sometimes all you need is a second chance. that's especially true for some
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young gymnasts in oklahoma. nbc 10 national correspondent, dave gutierrez reports. >> reporter: for sheridan ramsey, strength is a balancing act. >> strength is getting through something that you thought you couldn't get through. >> reporter: she is among the 50 young gymnasts at aim high academy. >> when the tornado hit it, was the scareyest part. >> reporter: jennifer patterson is the founder. credited with saving the children's lives, minutes before the storm roared through. firefighters swooped in, carrying them to safety, one by one. >> it is sad, but you know what, we're going to be bigger and better than ever. >> reporter: since then, with no permanent space, practice has been a struggle, the future of
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the gym up in the air. the girls told replacing the building could take four years. >> i'm thinking some of these girls may not ever get to experience that, if it takes that long. >> reporter: it seem likes forever. >> forever. >> reporter: so on this day, what they think is a birthday party at a studio in town, they have no idea that a local businessman, with a $1 million donation, will allow them to[4รง keep this gym for themselves. ramsey and her friends -- means more than any medal. >> they never lost hope. and when you have faith in something that is bigger than yourself, that miracles can happen. >> it has definitely made me love the sport even more. now that i know, like, i am stronger than a tornado. >> reporter: a lesson learned
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off the am -- mat, that sometimes the most strength is revealing. dave gutierrez. >> what an amazing story. when we see these weather events, the lasting impact on people's lives. >> years later, it could take four years. really great story. your forecast, starting with the live look outside cape may, this will be the kind of place you wants to be today, for sure. it will be hot. we saw the 90s yesterday and we'll see them again today. 90 is the forecast high today. 91 monday/tuesday. humidity will start to increase a bit starting tomorrow and really into wednesday. that's when we have the chance of storms moving in. but following the cold front, much better. we're at 84 on thursday, friday, 80, and then there is at labor day weekend forecast as well. we get to the upper 80s by monday. >> this is one of those last shore weekends, at least people
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have good beach weather out there. >> very nice out there. >> thanks, krystal. that's it for nbc 10 this sunday, "meet the press" is coming up here next. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great sunday.
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this sunday, trump 3.0. donald trump's evolving positions on immigration. is he now against deporting undocumented immigrants? >> there certainly can be a softens because we're not looking to hurt people. >> or is he still for it? >> there is no path to legalization, unless people leave the country. >> or is he not sure? we'll ask the head of the rns reince priebus and the clinton foundation under fire amid pay for play accusations. if hillary clinton wins, will that foundation need to be shut down? finally, the toxic state of this campaign. >> through it all, he has continued pushing discredited conspiracy theories with racist under tones. >> hillary clinton is a bi


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