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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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being felt here. lifeguards up and down ocean city's seven-mile stretch made seven rescues today. they said the number is lower because of the restrictions in place. dad and daughter of marlton are grateful for the warning. >> i'm glad. it's really bad. it pulled me out a couple of times. >> you're 6 feet tall. >> i'm a little bigger than i'd like to be, but it took me down a couple of times. it's really scary out there. >> reporter: some beachgoers who were fishing said the waves were crashing over them. so they called it a day. and high tide, we checked on it, not until 7:00 tonight. so the tidal changes could also intensify a rip current. the beach patrol chief called me a short time ago and said over the phone, cydney, let the swimmers know, quote, it's getting rough out there. please remind them no matter what beach they're swimming on today, tomorrow, also through the labor day holiday weekend,
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please make sure to do so in front of the lifeguard stands, because, of course, this is when we see less manpower on the beaches with those lifeguards who are heading back to college. live in ocean city, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> it can happen so fast, cydney, thanks. the delaware beaches, they're also seeing choppy waters this week. this is video of the surf in dewey beach. krystal klei has more. >> this is something we'll be watching over the next several days right into your weekend. let's talk about what's causing this situation. tropical event number 8. as it is projected to track along the coastline, it will affect our zone for today and your wednesday, with that moderate risk for dangerous rip currents. we go from tropical depression number 8 to number 9. this one sitting to the south of
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florida. already bringing a lot of activity into florida. and it will continue to bring showers there. but once it pulls through florida and heads along the east coast, yet again, going to be bringing us that potential moderate risk for dangerous rip currents. that will be your friday, saturday and sunday. that is shaded in blue, for parts of the delaware beaches as well as along the jersey shore. this is something we have to watch into the long labor day weekend. let's also talk about the heat. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it still feels like summer, but as we go into labor day weekend we're going to get relief from the heat. a good changes in our weather pattern by the end of the week. in the meantime, another day around 90 degrees, mostly dry across the area with the exception of a few showers in cape may county. 88 degrees right now in philadelphia. allentown 87 degrees. here's what's been happening. yes, it's been feeling a lot like summer. the normal high is 83 degrees. and we've been well above normal
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since friday. we've been in the 90s. across the week we were in the 90s. tomorrow will be around 90. thursday, we'll start to see more of a change. some showers come, and by friday, temperatures in the low 80s. and that will be the big dip as we go into your labor day weekend. so we are talking about a big cooldown in the forecast. i think a lot of people will like it. it comes with lower humidity, too. coming up, krystal will talk more about what will happen into the labor day weekend. you can also track the heat and humidity anytime you want. keep an eye on your labor day weekend forecast. get live radar and neighbor-specific forecast right at your fingertips on your smartphone or your tablet. nbc 10 is following a developing story. the number two in command for isis was reportedly killed in an attack in syria. he was also the spokesperson for the terror group. he spent six years in u.s. custody after being jailed in
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iraq. u.s. officials have not confirmed how the isis leader died. here at home, this afternoon on the dead hi shootout right on the atlantic city expressway. it tied up traffic for hours yesterday. five people are now charged in connection with that gunfire. and we've learned police are looking for a third vehicle this afternoon. we're hearing the frantic 911 calls for help. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg got his hands on those calls, also spokes with the victim's family. ted? >> reporter: jim, within the past hour, new jersey state police released photos of that third vehicle that may have been involved in the gunfire. which sent bullets flying on this busy highway in broad daylight. 911 calls came from startled drivers who witnessed the rolling shootout on the atlantic city expressway in the middle of the afternoon. >> is anybody hit?
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>> yes. two different vehicles were hit. >> i don't know. it was in the middle of the expressway. two different vehicles were shooting at one another. >> reporter: in all, five people were shot, one killed from the gunfire yesterday in atlantic county. this ford expedition that finally stopped at an egg harbor township wawa was hit with some 21 bullets. one man and a 16-year-old boy were wounded. 22-year-old rosemont octavius dead in the passenger seat of a nissan on the nearby garden state parkway. >> like what happened, who did it, where was it. >> reporter: octavius' brother and one of the wounded men have scheduled hearings at the county criminal courthouse in mays landing before the shootout. it's unclear if some sort of confrontation there prompted the gunfire.
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>> he went to court with a group of guys. the next thing they know they said he's dead. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to track down this black dodge ram pickup truck with a temporary delaware tag that also may have been involved. a photo taken after the shootout shows the truck's left rear bumper clearly damaged. a total of five people have been charged with weapons offenses so far, including four from the expedition, and the driver of the nissan who wasn't hurt. >> we were just trying to take it all in. it's just too soon. we didn't expect it. >> reporter: state police say it is not yet clear who shot who. witnesses say that dodge pickup truck got off the expressway in the pleasantville area. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. a 13-year-old boy is now charged with a shooting that injured himself and an 11-year-old girl in south philadelphia. police say the boy was waving
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the gun when it went off. it happened last night on edding terrace just before 9:00. he was hit in the hand. the girl was shot in the knee. both are expected to be okay. it is still unclear who that gun belonged to. a rude awakening for several south jersey families early this morning when a car crashed right into several houses and parked cars. they believe the driver was under the influence when he lost control in camden. he was thrown from his car. and the damage and debris littered the street. people who live in the neighborhood tell nbc 10 they thought they heard an explosion. >> i started screaming, get out of here. >> we're not in any wreck. >> reporter: the driver's in critical condition this evening. six families were forced out of their homes while crews inspect the structural damage. philadelphia firefighters are keeping an eye out for more small fires at an historic church after a massic blaze destroyed it yesterday. crews were back at that scene
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this morning in overbrook. investigators believe the fire started in the basement. they are still searching for a cause, though. that fire started yesterday morning in the building known as the church on the hill. it's been there for more than a century. it was home to five congregations. fire crews did save the homes behind the church. in decision 2016, coverage now. donald trump appears to be chipping away at hillary clinton's national lead. in a new poll, clinton is ahead by six points. 48% to 42% there. last week clinton led trump by eight points. the road to the white house is weaving through pennsylvania this week. today democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine described trump's campaign as a con job. kaine said trump is being too secretive about his finances, foreign ties, taxes, and even his health. kaine said the republican nominee has utterly failed to
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answer basic questions about his finances and background. >> donald trump even promised -- he promised that if he ever decided to run for president, he would release his own tax returns. you see what a promise is worth? >> kaine also questioned trump's ties to russia, suggesting the republican nominee would not prevent russia from invading american allies. lauren mayk is joining us live from the campaign trail now, where kaine will hold a rally later tonight. lauren? >> reporter: jim, folks are starting to show up and be let inside here at the boys and girls club. and this is tim kaine's second of three stops here in pennsylvania. as you just heard there, he has really been going after donald trump. it is tough talk. but we'll see how it goes over. i spent the day today talking to folks in this area. i can tell you, they're not happy with what they're hearing on either side.
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at lancaster central market, there's fresh produce and a frustration about the presidential race. >> i don't feel good about it. >> why? >> well, it seems like it's already -- what, we're 70 days out? >> reporter: he's a democrat, he says he's voting for hillary clinton. but he isn't thrilled with the candidates or the rhetoric. >> hold your nose and vote for one or the other, or hold your nose and shoot somebody. it's not good. >> reporter: we found voters on both sides unhappy with the choices. >> we have a tough race. we have two candidates that are out there that are not sure they're best for the country. >> have you made up your mind yet? >> i think i'm leaning towards trump. only because it's the best of the two. >> reporter: brian campbell said he struggled with the choice this year. over at the turkey lady's stand, susan is still struggling. >> i don't think i'm ready to commit yet. i'm still watching, reading, listening, looking.
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>> is that unusual for you? to not know? >> by this time, yes. yes. >> reporter: now, before i came here to this venue, and started talking to people who actually had come to see tim kaine at this event, i really didn't run into anyone who was excited, very excited about their candidate. they were either undecided, they were unsatisfied with the candidates, or they were unwilling to tell us who they were going to vote for. live in lab caster, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. happening now, eric trump is helping his father's campaign open a new office in lackawanna county. the office will focus on grass roots opportunities, and the push for supporters in northeastern pennsylvania. trump's running mate, mike pence, stopped by a legendary restaurant today. he greeted customers at the varsity and ordered favorites off the menus, chili dogs, onion
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rings and frosted orange drinks. all of the former living presidents have made a pit stop there. a new attorney general in pennsylvania today. the state senate unanimously confirmed bruce beemer as the new top cop. governor wolf nominated him earlier this month after kathlecat kathleen kane was terminated. democrat josh shapiro will face off against republican john rafferty in november. new jersey governor chris christie shot down a bill that would have raised the state's minimum wage. he announced his veto today. the bill would have bumped the rate to $10.10 in the next year, and then up to $15 an hour in the next five years. but it isn't dead yet. they'll get to vote on it in the
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upcoming election. a federal judge has thrown out three lawsuits in connection with a mass shooting at a municipal building in the poconos. newell opened fire killing three people and injuring several others. some people filed the lawsuit saying the township should have protected them from the shooter. but a judge said that was not the township's responsibility. newell pleaded guilty a little over a year ago and was sentenced to life in prison. philadelphia neighborhoods going organic while getting a face lift. the city broke ground today on the fresh grocer of mon you momentum road. it will offer organic foods, and include a beer garden and wine department. the new store will open early next year. camden county is thanking the veterans wounded in action and thanking them with a special parking spot. this morning officials showed off the first of eight spots in front of the gloucester township campus in blackwood.
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today one vet said it's more precious than even the bronze star. >> if you tell me that you value the purple hearts more, it's because they had to shed their blood to get it. >> more parking signs will go up at camden county libraries and government buildings. speaking of parking, philadelphia is putting several restrictions in place around the ben franklin parkway ahead of this weekend's made in america festival. parking is prohibited on pennsylvania avenue from 22nd to 23rd street, as well as park town place from 22nd to 24th. those restrictions will continue for the next week. for more information on septa service and made in america's musical lineup, all you have to do is tap the nbc 10 app. dozens of activists upset over the epi pen price hike delivered petitions to the petitions today. more than 600,000 consumers signed petitions to deliver to the doorstep of mylan outside
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pittsburgh, who increased the price more than 400%. yesterday the company said it will offer a generic form for half the price. the activists are calling for regulatory reforms to stop pharmaceutical industry price gouging. mylan ceo defended the price putting the blame on a broken health care system. back to our weather now. a massive tropical depression in the atlantic is heading toward the north carolina outer banks now. the winds are expected to increase to more than 40 miles per hour with heavy rain, as the storm moves closer this afternoon, that storm expected to make a turn, and then head back out to sea tomorrow. and then all eyes will be on tropical depression number 9, down in the gulf of mexico. that's churning up the waters at the delaware beaches, also at the jersey shore, creating that rip current risk that we've been telling you about this week. krystal klei is back now to tell us what we're in for. krystal? >> we'll take a look at that in your forecast moving into this
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weekend. coming up in a moment. but let's start with your temperatures out there right now. because it is hot again out there. we're 88 degrees in philadelphia currently. 87 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. and 87 as well in the lehigh valley. upper 80s delaware. right around 80 along the jersey shore which is what we were expecting today. temperatures are looking good along the shore. if we zoom in here, you can see we've got 70s out there, upper township at 77 degrees. mays landing 87 degrees. right now, atlantic city sitting at 78 currently. 80 the temperature in little egg harbor. temperatures are okay, but again, the beaches at times may see the rough waters. temperature-wise, we'll track a decrease finally. one more day with the heat on. 91 in philadelphia. then we drop to mid-80s. that comes with storm potential showers, possibly thunderstorms out there. then we dry out again. look how much lower your temperatures are, lower 80s
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friday, saturday, as we move into that long weekend. dover, a chance of thunderstorms your thursday, dropping down to the upper 70s by your saturday. allentown, upper 70s as well. plenty of sun. as you move into your weekend. and in wildwood, pretty consistent with the temperatures, 83 tomorrow, then to the lower 80s, upper 70s. that chance for storms something we have our eye on for your thursday. your hour-by-hour, some clouds out there. a spot chance of rain that moved through atlantic city earlier. that has since moved out. we're going to continue with spotty clouds out there as we move into your evening. then we go overnight into your wednesday morning. again, some clouds mixing in with clear skies through your afternoon. mostly sunshine out there. more clouds start to build in as we move into wednesday evening. that's when we have the potential for storms to roll in. showers picking up in our future radar. by the overnight, early morning hours of your thursday there, 4:30 a.m., that moves by scattered showers continuing near cape may.
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that's around your lunch hour. so wednesday night into thursday we're looking at the possibility of showers and thunderstorms affecting our forecast. we skip through your friday into your long labor day weekend. we can talk temperatures. philadelphia first here, looking at the temperature over the next several days, we're going to see the temperature rising, saturday, sunday, into your monday. but mostly clear and 81 on your saturday. then sunday we're at 83. and by your labor day, 85 degrees. so if you plan on breaking out the grill, things are looking very good as you move into the long weekend with the temperatures warming up some. but mostly staying on the dry side at this point. if you're heading to the shore, maybe getting that last shore trip before you prepare for the cooler weather ahead, this is what we're looking at. 79 your temperature saturday in avalon. margate the same. upper 70s for saturday. sunday we see the mid to upper 70s as well. by monday, the lower 80s along parts of the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. but remember, that comes with
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the rip current risk. at this point, moderate risk. something we'll be closely monitoring, especially with tropical depression 9 as we follow that track moving into your long weekend ahead. we're looking at 91 in fairmount. around 88 for chestnut hell. in the suburbs, 87 for you tomorrow. as we move along parts of elwin, 89 schwanksville. we do have that threat that we are looking at on the jersey shore, as well as the delaware beaches. the rip current risk. wilmington, dover at 86. mostly sunny for tomorrow. not expecting the storms again until wednesday night on into your thursday forecast. and then with that, that's also the second day we're looking at that rip current threat due to tropical depression number 8, which is right now off the coast
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of the carolinas. >> a lot to keep track of. we're following a developing story from hollywood, where there could be new problems for rapper chris brown. >> plus, dramatic dash cam video shows the crash that created a pileup in new york. you'll see the end to the drama still ahead. later, olympic dreams dashed. the airline problem that kept one man from taking the trip of a lifetime to brazil and how nbc 10 responds. this helping to relieve the financial burden of his heart ache. straight ahead, whoa, baby, the strange symptom that sent one woman to the hospital. and the miracle doctors discovered. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. down across the board.
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los angeles. a woman told police singer chris brown pointed a gun at her and threatened her while she attended a party at his home. brown is refusing to speak with police. the investigation is ongoing. dramatic dash cam video to show you. this massive pileup on a new york highway and also the brave actions of bystanders to rescue a driver. you can see the tractor-trailer slams through the line of traffic along route 17. this was in binghamton. then you watch as the car in the left lane bursts into flames there. witnesses ran to the car to help put out the fire and pull the driver to safety. she had only minor cuts and bruises. the tractor-trailer that caused the crash had faulty brakes. a medical emergency that became a surprise birth. this is wild. a utah couple discovered they were eight months pregnant. >> this always surprises me.
4:25 pm
how somebody doesn't know that they're pregnant. they checked into a hospital sunday when brook was having seizures. after running tests doctors found that it was a pregnancy that triggered the medical scare. the surprise was extra-special for the new mom who never thought she would be able to get pregnant and deliver a child. >> it's been crazy. i've had every emotion really. she never had any sickness, never felt her stomach move. >> both mom and baby girl are doing well. the couple also is in the process of adopting a child. >> it's beautiful. >> there you go. surprise! >> big-time. on the list of many people's dreams is going to the olympics. i was one of them. check it off the list. and watching all that competition. >> and also, a bucket list one local man planned to take. bus his dreams were dashed. a flight delay made him miss it all. the refund fight that followed got him nowhere. so he called "nbc 10 responds"
4:26 pm
for help. you'll see how the team took on his battle, next. and the heat continued today. but we're looking at a drop in temperatures as we get to your labor day weekend. we'll look at the neighborhood weather in your neighborhood. canine communication. the scientific proof your pooch may actually understand more than you thought.
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turning to "nbc 10 responds." a man said he was all set to board his plane for a flight to rio for the olympics. can you imagine how exciting that was? but what happened at the airport left him grounded. >> then he found out he might not get a refund. so he contacted, who else, but harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. harry, what happened here?
4:30 pm
poor guy. >> this was a heartbreaking story when i started talking to this guy. listen, this wasn't some ordinary trip. it was a life-long dream to see the u.s. compete. but over a few short hours, his efforts to make his dream come true was dashed. these are the moments he planned to witness in person. the 2016 olympics, an event that was on his bucket list. >> i've been planning this for years. >> reporter: he booked his trip online. flying jetblue out of newark, and then azul in orlando. but the troubles started before he even board the the first flight. plane problems delayed his flight two hours, four hours, then seven, making it impossible to make the connection in orlando. >> they kept on telling me, we're finding a way for you. >> reporter: but he said jetblue never did. and later gave him even more bad news.
4:31 pm
>> it was literally -- there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: he said jetblue told them the next available coach seat on azul would be in eight days. or he could fly first class the next day, for an extra $6,000. >> i wanted to cry. >> reporter: he said he asked jetblue for a refund on his coach seat. >> i should know something in six to eight weeks. >> reporter: with hopes to still make it to the games, he contacted "nbc 10 responds" right away. we contacted jetblue. it wouldn't comment on his case, and didn't book him on another flight to rio. but one week later, jetblue sent him his refund. sooner than expected. he sent us this "nbc 10 responds" cam message, and credits us for the early delivery. >> thank you very much. i greatly appreciate it. >> now, he tells us he still plans to fulfill his dream of going to the olympics. he's already saving for the 2020 olympics in tokyo.
4:32 pm
we're going to add his $648 refund to our nbc 10 and telemundo 62 recovery counter. that counter is now at $96,935. >> it is heartbreaking when that delay keeps stretching out longer and longer, and you know you're going to miss your connection. >> yeah. >> and not much you can do. >> so glad he got his money back. when we headed for rio, we were delayed a couple of days. they initially told us it would be seven days. our bags were gone for five days. >> you were ready to call harry, right. >> we had you on speed dial. we were close to calling you. >> you two should talk. >> we should. i'm glad he got his money back. what heart break for him. thanks, harry. >> 2020 will be easier. if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc 10 responds," fill out the form on our website or call the number on your screen. we're looking back at four months since our big launch. we'll be celebrating a
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milestone. we'll tell you all about that tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. this was really a perfect day to get out there, play on the playground. these guys sure had the whole place to themselves, though. in newton park in oakland, camden county, a lot of kids this week trying to soak up the last days of summer before you have to sit at that desk. and listen to the teacher. let's take a live look from camel beach. this is the place to be to take a dip and maybe cool off. these last days of august are turning out to be a little bit warmer than what we're used to, right? >> meteorologist krystal klei joins us with the latest. >> the average for today, 83 degrees. obviously above that yet again. we're at 88 right now in philadelphia. eckhardt looking warm again, 87. mount holly, nearly 90 here. 88 in wilmington, 87 dover. atlantic city at 80 degrees.
4:34 pm
now, these temperatures, this is the silver lining, they are just slightly lower than what we saw yesterday. you see all the negative scrawls, that's the 24-hour change from yesterday. we're about five degrees lower than yesterday at this time. still, the big cooldown is on its way. that's a couple days out at this point. then comes the temperatures, much more comfortable than what we've been seeing. currently clear conditions out there. other than a few spot rain cells that tried to move along the shore. they're mostly moving off. right now, not tracking any storms in our area. and it doesn't look like we'll be tracking storms at least for a couple more days. but we still are tracking the tropical systems. tropical depression 8 and 9. so coming up, we're going to talk more about those tracks in just a bit. a new tropical destination has been added to the zik a danger zone. that's coming up next. plus, the power of a song. how a mother's singing voice can help newborn babies. all new at 5:00, a dog who
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defies death. you'll watch the video and wonder how it ever happened.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. some moms might think they cannot carry a tune. but their singing voice can help premature babies thrive. scientists in norway say the singing helps stabilize newborns' breathing while in the nicu. the babies were also discharged three days earlier than other preemies. it's been nearly 15 years since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. researchers are now finding a link between ptsd and cognitive impairment for first responders. they followed hundreds of men and women who helped with the search, rescue and cleanup efforts. workers diagnosed with ptsd or depression after the attacks are more likely to show early signs of degenerative brain disease, like dementia and alzheimer's.
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centers for disease control and prevention is issuing a zika warning for people traveling to the british virgin islands. cdc also says there's new evidence the zika virus may cause hearing loss in babies. experts say it is best to screen all children born to mothers who were infected with zika. apple's ceo said the company will appeal the european union's decision ordering them to pay up to $15 billion in back taxes to ireland. the eu claims ireland gave illegal tax benefits to apple and must now recover the back taxes plus interest. tim cook said the iphone maker never asked for nor received special deals from ireland. he says apple has followed the law since it opened its factory in the city of cork more than three decades ago. so, will ryan lochte return to brazil to face the charges against him? >> the olympian's response to that question is next. also, serving her civic duty. taylor swift showed up for jury duty but did not have to stay.
4:40 pm
the legal concern that kept the pop store out of the jury pool. we're taking a live look outsite rehoboth beach. things look good right now, but there's a danger at the shore and the delaware beaches. we'll talk more about the tropical troubles ahead. all new at 5:00, signal from space. the distant blip that has some of the world's smartest people scratching their heads.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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ryan lochte is keeping quiet about whether he'll return to brazil to face charges for filing a false police report. he said they're just trying to get it over with. he admitted to matt lauer that he lied about having a gun held to his head at a rio gas station where he and three teammates stopped to use the restroom. he offered to reimburse jimmy
4:44 pm
feigen for a fine he had to pay to leave brazil. a pop super star performing her civic durt. >> taylor swift posed for pictures with other potential jurors at the courthouse. this was in nashville. she was reporting for an aggravated rape and kidnapping case. the judge dismissed swift when she explained the concerns about her own upcoming trial with a fan groping her at a meet-and-greet. she said she's happy to serve on a jury for any other type of case. a busy week for the eagles jon dorenbos. >> he's just a few hours from taking the stage live on "america's got talent." dorenbos has made it all the way to the semifinals in los angeles. his birds teammates will be watching. the team is holding an event at lincoln financial field and will broadcast the performance on the jumbotron.
4:45 pm
we asked dorenbos, which is harder, preparing for a game or live performance. >> both. they both kind of have their stresses, if you will. you just have to prepare, and believe in yourself, and have enough confidence in yourself, and what they say, luck is preparation meets opportunity. when you're prepared you don't feel the stress as much. these are just things i love to do. >> "america's got talent" airs tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. the eagles are back in action later this week. a live look inside lincoln financial field where the birds take on the jets thursday night at 7:00 in their fourth and final preseason game. we'll have the story of one player who overcame a severe injury to reclaim a top spot on the roster. all the eagles action 6:30 right here on nbc 10, the official home of the philadelphia eagles. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> starting off a look at the temperatures in your neighborhoods right now.
4:46 pm
philadelphia neighborhoods, with esee 90s. germantown sitting at 93 currently. 90 parkside. upper 80s out there as well. the airport actually checking in at 88 also. if we shift over farther here, 88 for bustleton. we're looking at 89 currently in somerton. a lot of us right around 90 degrees which is what we expected. it also leaves us in the hot territory again for today. looking at some of the delaware neighborhoods, same situation, harmony hills at 87, wilmington at 86. farther south we're looking at felton, 84. a little better off there. these temperatures, though, will be seeing a drop. it's a couple days away. but we will have a dip in temperatures which will pull us closer to what is average this time of year. in fact, things are looking good by your labor day weekend. philadelphia at 81 on saturday. 83 sunday. notice those icons. this is very important if you have outdoor plans. mostly sunny for your saturday,
4:47 pm
sunday here. lehigh valley going to be at 79 saturday. 81 sunday. and look at the shore forecast. we've got upper 70s to mid-70s. and then labor day, if you're off, we're looking at temperatures also sitting very nice, close to typical for a lot of areas. 85 in philadelphia. the suburbs 84 degrees. and delaware at 84 degrees on your labor day as well. sunny to mostly sunny. the forecast dry. just a little warming over that three-day period. what we do have to focus on are those tropical systems. the tropical depression 8 sitting off north carolina right now, going to be bringing rain to that area. not necessarily to us, but today into tomorrow, it will lead to that rip current risk. we're at a moderate risk right now for the dangerous rip currents. a little break on your thursday, then we're talking tropical depression number 9, already dumping rain over florida. this is the path it's taken so far with winds at 35 miles per hour. expect it to wrap right through florida along the east coast. and then near us. not bringing us rain, but again,
4:48 pm
for delaware beaches, and the jersey shore, that potential is a problem. this is the outlook, the areas shaded in blue, really our viewing zone, the beaches, in this area that are going to be under this. we're going to put it up for today, through your labor day weekend. so big heads-up for folks that are getting out one last time to the shore this weekend. now, let's talk about your ten-day on 10. 90 your forecast for your wednesday. tomorrow, still hot, still above average. but look at thursday. we pull in the chance of storms wednesday night, overnight, early into thursday as well. 85 your temperature. so a bit of a dip. even better, though, as we move to your friday at 81. saturday, 81 as well. this weekend shaping up beautifully if you want to be outdoors. things will start to warm up, though, into your next work week. notice icons here, though, we're showing still mostly sunny to sunny, as we start to warm up. temperature at 90 for your wednesday. we've got the lower 90s for
4:49 pm
thursday, friday, both at 93 degrees. we're not necessarily escaping the 90s entirely, but we are escaping them at least for a few days. which happens to be on your weekend forecast. >> looks great. >> yeah. >> i'm not complaining. are you? >> no. i've heard a lot of people today saying, the surf's up. i want to head out to the beach. but you really do have to remind them with the rip currents it's dangerous. >> be in areas that the lifeguards are keeping lookout. very helpful in situations like this. >> and it can happen in an instant, right? you get caught and then you're pulled, and before you know it you're under the water. >> it can be very very dangerous. we'll be checking on it over the next couple of days. >> parallel to the shore, right? that's what i always hear. krystal, thank you. a little boy with a big dream. he got some help making it come true today. >> the 5-year-old is battling a rare cancer. but today he got to forget about hospitals, doctors and treatments. how he was able to live like one of his heroes, next. all new on nbc 10 news at
4:50 pm
5:00, chipotle's free food giveaway as it tries to win back customers. it's the kids who can be clambering for this one.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay!
4:53 pm
and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. the local police department welcomed this newest officer today, but this hire was like none other. >> that's because he's only 5-year-olds. the young cancer patient who had one of his wishes granted. >> reporter: new castle county police made a big deal for the newest officer. >> the police did a phenomenal job getting everyone together so
4:54 pm
quickly. >> reporter: their newest officer is just 5 years old. he has terminal brain cancer. >> i'm sure he's happy. he can't show it. but it's been his dream to be a police. every time he saw police, had ewould get excited. >> reporter: when the make-a-wish foundation heard about his story, they brought him to carousel park. the s.w.a.t. team met them there. as did an army of uniformed officers and detectives, many on their own time. they made angel an honorary captain. >> make-a-wish called us friday afternoon. time is of the essence here. we had a great opportunity to wake up today and do something great, to do something good, and this was it. >> reporter: due to his condition, angel doesn't have a lot of energy but mom and dad definitely saw some smiles today. he was just diagnosed in february. doctors have told the family most patients with his rare condition don't live over a year. mom and dad are trying to make every day special for him. they're asking for your prayers as well. >> every prayer counts. god's listening.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: now hoping captain angel gets the miracle he needs and years down the road can watch video of this special day. >> it's a blessing for us. it's a blessing for him as well. i will remember this for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: in pike creek, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> looks great in that uniform, doesn't he? >> i know. they want to make each and every day so special. >> and they did it so quickly. that's our news at 4:00. here's news at 5:00. nbc 10 investigates, what we found out about epi pens and why you wait longer for a cheaper alternative. nbc 10 exclusive next. and the tropics are going to be causing some rip currents along our shores as we go into the labor day weekend. i'll show you what you can expect. plus that important labor day
4:56 pm
weekend forecast coming up. plus, the controversy captivating the country. refusing to stand for the national anthem. the eagles new coach is opening up about what he's telling his team to do when the music starts for the birds' preseason finale. that story straight ahead.
4:57 pm
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
4:58 pm
labor day danger. a look at the trouble brewing along the coast in time for the
4:59 pm
holiday weekend. >> shootout fallout. today's arrests and what we now know about the deadly exchange that had bullets flying along the busy expressway. miracle must. the eye-popping video of one dog's escape from death. nbc 10 news at 5:00 begins with the exclusive epi pen uproar, and the reason you'll have do wait longer for a cheaper alternative. the pharmaceutical firm behind the life-saving drug has been battling to block a generic after a public firestorm over skyrocketing prices. the company that produces the epi pen announced it would have a cheaper version available in weeks. >> george spencer discovered that same company and its partners effectively stalled approval of the cheaper alternative. right, george? >> keith and jacqueline, yesterday mylan said it will launch its own generic epi pen
5:00 pm
that will be steeply discounted, $300 instead of $600. but a cheaper generic version has been stuck in regulatory red tape. we asked why, and we learned mylan has fought a fierce war to stop a low-cost epi pen from hitting pharmacy shelves. >> and then i jab it in my legs for ten seconds. >> reporter: haleigh andrews and her mother have used an ep i pen several times for the young gymnast with food allergies. there are just seconds to act. >> we can't go without the epi pen. it's a matter of life and death. >> reporter: the company behind epi pen mylan now says it will make a generic version of the drug that's 50% cheaper. but the nbc 10 investigators uncovered documents that showed mylan and its production partners have fought for years to stop a cheaper version


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