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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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poll. clinton now has 48% support from potential voters. she leads donald trump who has 42%. just last week, clinton led by 8 points. >> that's how big her lead is right now in the push for pennsylvania. new monmouth university poll came out this afternoon, shows 48% of potential voters are backing clinton right now, 40% are picking trump. vice presidential candidate tim kaine is in lancaster right now, about to take the stage any minute. and nbc 10's lauren mayk has been talking to voters today. she's joining us live from there. lauren? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, we're inside the gym at the boys and girls club here in lancaster. let me show you what's happening right now. we're waiting for tim kaine to take the stage. hillary clinton's running mate has been ramping up attacks on donald trump as he makes his first swing across pennsylvania. tim kaine making a stop in lancaster county. the democratic vice presidential
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nominee trying to make inroads in a traditionally republican county. but in a year that has an untraditional republican candidate. >> we have two candidates that are out there that not sure they're the best for the country. >> reporter: a race that has also gotten nasty, with more than two months to go. how are you feeling about some of the rhetoric and language being used? >> the worst campaign i've ever seen. >> on both sides? >> yeah, on both sides. >> who do you blame for it being so bad? >> donald trump. >> reporter: roger daugherty came to see tim kaine today, hoping for policy talk on global warming. and looking for details on education. >> what are we going to do about education? how can our kids go to college? i have two young boys in college right now. i don't know if they can stay in college or not because i can't afford it. >> reporter: this is research for her. have you decided who you're going to support yet?
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are you still making up your mind? >> i'm still making up my mind. they say a lot of different stuff about, like, of course the other half of donald, but i don't really know, i didn't pay attention until this week when i think about my kids in school. >> reporter: labor day traditionally starts another phase of the campaign when voters who maybe were not paying attention all summer start to make decisions. again, we're waiting for tim kaine to take the stage. i will have a full report coming up at 11:00. live in lancaster, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> we'll see you later tonight, lauren. the fbi expected to release new documents related to its investigation into hillary clinton and the e-mail scan cal. the faa has to release the documents by law. earlier this month the agency gave the government portions of its files into the investigation. donald trump is gearing up for several events out west. his plane touched down in fresno
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a few hours ago. then trump will fly to washington for an event later tonight in everett. tomorrow, he will be in arizona to deliver his immigration plan. now to the weather and trouble in the tropics. it will impact our weather as we head into the holiday weekend. at the jersey shore, there are already hazardous conditions. video from cape may this afternoon. not too many swimmers in the water. the big waves, check out the situation in bethany beach, delaware. those waves are huge. sheena parveen is here with a look at the rip current risk. sheena? >> yeah, jacqueline, that's going to be the main thing as we go into this labor day weekend, the threat for rip currents. and they will be increasing across your labor day weekend. so the first threat is because of this little system right off the coast of north carolina. that is tropical depression
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number 8. it's not very impressive but it is causing threats at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. this is for today through tomorrow. that storm will be heading out to sea. it's not going to move in, it's not going to give us rain, but it is going to affect the rip currents at the beaches. be very careful if you go into the water especially this weekend as well. you might just want to go out up to your knees or so. this is the second reason why. it's off the coast of florida, another tropical depression, tropical depression number 9. it's going to cross florida, move out into the atlantic. it will still stay offshore similar to what tropical depression 8 is going to do. but again, it will be increasing our threat for rip currents at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. so by this weekend, friday through sunday mainly, that's going to be our next threat of rip currents. again, be very cautious this weekend. sky conditions look great. i'll show you that labor day weekend forecast no matter where you're heading, all coming up.
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new developments today in the a.c. expressway shootout that left one person dead, four other people shot. we have learned police have charged five people, including a teenager, some of them are in the hospital. >> tonight a third vehicle is wanted in connection with that highway shooting. ted greenberg joins us live from hamilton township with more. ted? >> reporter: jackie and jim, tonight we also obtained 911 calls that came in, as the rolling shootout unfolded right in the middle of the afternoon. >> reporter: as bullets flew in broad daylight on the atlantic city expressway, other drivers frantically called 911. some answered by dispatchers in hamilton township. >> is anybody hit? >> yes. two different vehicles were shooting. it was in the middle of the expressway. two different vehicles were shooting at one another. >> reporter: late this afternoon, we spotted state police continuing their search for clues along the highway in
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atlantic county, a day after five people were shot, one killed from the gunfire. three men and a 16-year-old boy inside this suv were wounded. troopers found 22-year-old rosemont octavius of egg harbor township dead in the passenger seat of a nissan on the nearby garden state parkway. >> we're still trying to get, like, what happened, who did it, where was it. >> reporter: his brother and one of the wounded men had scheduled hearings at the criminal county courthouse in mays landing before the shootout. >> he went to court with a group of guys. the next thing you know they said he's dead. >> reporter: investigators want to track down this black dodge ram pickup truck with a temporary delaware tag that also may have been involved. a photo taken after the shootout shows its left rear bumper clearly damaged. a total of five people have been charged with weapons offenses so
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far, including four from the expedition, and the driver of the nissan who wasn't hurt. witnesses told authorities that dodge pickup got off the expressway in the pleasantville area. investigators say several guns have been recovered, but it remains unclear who shot who. live in hamilton township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, horrifying moments inside a crescentville home early this morning. police investigating the violent home invasion there. a woman says a van broke into her home, tied up her family, and then sexually assaulted her. nbc 10's brandon hudson is in that neighborhood. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. happening right now, parishioners in overbrook are outside their church that was destroyed in a raging inferno yesterday. the good shepherd united press be ter yan church burned for hours. the exact cause is unknown. the reverend said the church
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houses five different congregations. this is a live picture right now. about 50 people gather outside that church to pray. about 300 people use this church each week. new at 6:00, the wife of a retired new jersey police officer is now charged with killing him in a florida hospital room. florida police say jan sacowski suffocated her husband back in may. they arrested her last night. he was unresponsive after routine back surgery. he retired after serving 25 years as a trenton officer. new jersey hourly workers will not make more money next year. today governor chris christie vetoed raising the minimum wage. christie said having it go up to $15 over the next five years would put too much of a burden on small businesses. democrats hope to put it on the november ballot. three years ago, voters approved raising the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. you'll notice the parking restrictions are shifting into
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high gear for this weekend's made in america festival. parking off-limits from 22nd to 23rd street. also park town place from 22nd to 24th street. those restrictions will continue for the next week. for more information on septa service and made in america's musical lineup, just tap the nbc 10 app. a philadelphia neighborhood is going organic. the city broke ground today on the fresh grocer. the store said it will offer organic and fresh foods at affordable prices. it also will include a beer garden and wine department. the site used to be a path mart supermarket. it will open next year. there is a new attorney general in pennsylvania tonight. this afternoon state senators in harrisburg voted and confirmed bruce beemer as acting a.g., after kathleen kane was convicted on perjury and other charges and then resigned. beemer will fill the last five months of kane's term. >> to make the attorney general's office a place that
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the citizens of the commonwealth can be proud of, that the citizens of the commonwealth feel they can come to to answer or help them when the situation warrants. >> coming up in november, voters will decide between democrat job shapiro and republican john rafferty for the next attorney general. you have to go left or right. over the years five drivers have gone straight into a family's yard and house. the family now begging deldot to help them out. te bo time on the baseball field? the attempt to switch sports. i'm tracking the tropics. i'll show you how it will be impacting your labor day weekend, especially if you're heading to the shore.
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if you think you live on a dangerous street, wait until you meet a delaware family. >> they've had not one, not two, but five vehicles hit their house. tim furlong says help is finally on the way. >> reporter: the video of the latest scar to smash onto her property last week. it destroyed the above-ground
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pool. >> i don't think there would have been one fatality. it probably would have been a few. >> reporter: the family lives in the belvedere neighborhood near newport. this isn't the first time they've had to clean up a car accident. when cars come over the overpass, you have to go left or right. going straight isn't an option. but five drivers have gone straight, right through danny and tara's house and yard. >> actually came through, pushed all the cabinets, all this was pushed halfway to the middle of the kitchen. >> reporter: danny tells me in 2013, a driver crashed through their kitchen, $88,000 to repair. they were out of the home for eight months. they live in fear of the next driver to hit them. all about bad sometimes drunk drivers at a bad intersection. tough to believe deldot hasn't solved this, right? >> i've been e-mailing them since 2010 asking for something to be put in place. >> reporter: they've been replacing the big brake signs. the family says these boulders
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haven't helped much either. for years, deldot told the family they were concerned a guardrail here would more seriously injure the drivers who hit it. they said, what about us being injured or kill? they will now install a barrier here. >> i hope this is the answer. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we'll follow up on that. meantime, a 5-year-old's wish came true today. he got to be a new castle county police officer. >> yeah. angel zamora has terminal brain cancer. the make-a-wish foundation granted his wish to be a cop. they brought him to the carousel park, gave him a uniform and plenty of officers showed up to greet him. >> every time he saw a police, he'll get excited. he always had toy guns. i know it's a blessing for us, and a blessing for him as well. i will remember this the rest of
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our lives. >> angel has a rare form of cancer. he doesn't have much energy, but his parents say he definitely smiled today. >> for a little guy going through so much, nice to see the community coming together for him. >> they really did. the parents can notice that difference that he was happy today. >> great day for them. turning to the weather now. and changes in the air, sheena? >> yeah, especially by the end of the week. you'll start to notice those changes. it will get cooler. we're going to have less humidity. but until then, we're still going to stay hot and dry, until thursday. thursday is going to be our next rain chance. the cool air gets here afterwards. tomorrow, sunny and dry. 90 degrees just like today. by thursday, showers around. mid-80s. then friday, 81 degrees. sunny, low humidity. friday's going to be a fantastic day. pennsylvania suburbs, near 90. rain thursday, friday, around 80 degrees. and sunny for a high temperature. lehigh valley near 90 tomorrow. rain thursday. by friday, temperatures in the
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upper 70s. new jersey near 90. as well as delaware. tomorrow along the shore, dry, mid-80s to low 80s. by thursday, everyone has that rain chance. and then by friday, everyone's dry. much cooler. low humidity. that's going to make a huge difference. the good news is, it's going to last all the way through your labor day weekend. so cooler temperatures this labor day weekend. humidity stays low across the weekend. it will feel fantastic. but we do have one threat we have been watching. dangerous rip currents along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. so today and tomorrow, and then we go into friday and through your labor day weekend, we're going to keep those rip currents at more of a moderate risk. it could be a little higher in some cases, but for now we'll say we expect them to be fairly dangerous. you want to be very cautious if you head out there this weekend. right now, though, we'll stay dry for tonight and tomorrow afternoon. here's wednesday at 2:00 p.m., nice and dry. tomorrow night we could have some showers flaring up through the poconos and lehigh valley.
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then we go into your thursday. thursday is a day where you'll need an umbrella. scattered showers and storms possible by the afternoon. doesn't look like too much. but we will see those changes. and by friday, even bigger changes. sunny, dry, and the cool air finally starts to move in on friday. tropics, though, they're fairly active. we have a tropical depression off the north carolina coast. another one off the coast of south florida. the first one which is giving us the rip current risk today and tomorrow, that's tropical depression 8 off the north carolina coast. expect it to be a tropical storm as it moves away from the united states. but still, it's going to impact our shore and delaware beaches. so again, be very careful if you're heading out there and going in the water for sure. tropical depression number 9 is in the gulf of mexico. this one is also going to take a turn. tropical storm possibly by the time it moves onshore in florida. anywhere from the florida panhandle to just north of tampa, by tuesday bringing them a lot of rain. for us, though, we don't expect the rain from it. it will stay just offshore.
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as of now, that's the forecast. by saturday, it will be the closest. and by saturday we'll be looking at the threat for rip current risks at the shore. so be very cautious of that. your weekend forecast for everybody, looks really good. sky conditions, mostly sunny. 81 saturday in philadelphia. 83 on sunday. monday for your labor day 85 degrees. so nice cooldown compared to what we have seen for most of this summer, really, most of this month especially. if you're heading to the shore, 79 saturday. 75 sunday. 80 degrees on monday. but again, the rip current risk at the shore and the delaware beaches, of course, the rest of the area, really looking nice and dry. amy? thanks so much, sheena. doug pederson talks about the position battles that will go on in thursday's preseason finale. tim tebow and his baseball workout.
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i'm amy from csn. eagles wrap up their preseason at lincoln financial field against the jets on thursday. michael kendricks is likely the only starter who will see starting time. starters usually don't see game action, but it's a crucial game for many players looking to make the team. doug pederson talked about the position battles on thursday. >> we've still got young guys in the back end of the secondary. receivers are the same way. we've got our offense. i mean, really, this is a great challenge for all the players in this football game.
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to get one last substantial amount of reps. and to really put themselves on tape. >> now, checking on the growing controversy surrounding 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. yesterday it was eagles rookie mike ta various is apologizing for being a distraction. kaepernick has not backed down from his stance sitting during the national anthem saturday. a move that met with harsh criticism. today eagles head coach doug pederson was asked about his stance on that behavior during the national anthem. >> i don't necessarily have a policy per se. i addressed it with the team. and listen, i can appreciate everybody's opinions, and i respect everybody's opinions. but at the same time i feel it's important and obviously out of respect for the men and women of our country that sacrifice in order for us to coach and play
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this great game. so i get it. i understand it. but at the same time, i encourage everybody to stand. >> checking in on a former nfl quarterback tim tebow. he's on the baseball field. having a private workout. today in hopes of starting a professional baseball career. reports say a venezuelan team has already offered tebow a contract. here's tebow on his baseball workout. >> i had fun. i think it went pretty well. obviously this form of workout is a little different from what i'm used to. but being out there, running the 60, throwing it around, catching fly balls, but the most fun is trying to hit live pitching. >> ryan howard in the starting lineup against the nationals tonight. may be the last time for a while pete mccain tommy joseph will get more regular playing time at first for the rest of the season. back to you. >> amy, thanks. now for a look at what's
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coming up at 11:00 on nbc 10 news. a piece of history written in a bathroom wall. >> the discovery that happened today right here in our area.
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philadelphia's fbi division hit the diamond for a good cause today. the second straight year they took on the all-star baseball league team. and they had a lot of sunshine out there to do it, too. >> yeah. a lot of sunshine. it was nice today. >> yeah, it was great. >> low humidity. that's what we like. today really was not that uncomfortable with the humidity. and we like to compare that to what we have been feeling for most of the month of august. and look at how we're going to start september. tomorrow still near 90. mid-80s thursday, showers and storms around. mid-80s, friday, saturday, sunday. looking good. even though the sky condition looks great, the one thing we'll watch is the rip current risk at the shore. that's going to be an issue for labor day weekend.
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>> the beaches will be packed. that's our news. thanks for watching. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. "nightly news" is next. breaking news tonight. hurricane watches and warnings just issued. a triple threat up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to hawaii, bracing for impact. also breaking, isis says a leader at the top of america's kill list is dead. did the u.s. just take out the major strategy it is at the top of so many attacks. and under fire for a profanity laced attack. and a case that grips the nation, reveals herself publicly for the first time. the mission she is on. and amazing rescue. a heart stopping pileup caught on camera.


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