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tv   Today  NBC  August 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 sha in rockefeller plaza. >> what happened to august? >> don't say that every year. >> because of the olympics, they get through it quicker. it started, ended, now it's september. >> having that, that's lights down low for country music sirpg jessie james decker. >> she is darling.
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>> she's the mother of two, keeping the spark alive with her latest sexy single. she will be with us in a little bit. jessie james sang other song before she came here on the show. it was a great one, too, i can't wait to here this one. we know how good you moms are. we found three deserving daughters who say they desperately feed makeovers. >> they all needed to. >> anyway, we will reveal their new looks in a couple of minutes in there speaking of school, you will feed to hit the books when we play "who knew?" >> oh, no. >> since it's wines day, we will answer questions about our fate beverage. we have leslie. >> they are back together again. we haven't had the band together since they were here. >> we have some more time. >> catting with hoda. >> here we go. >> gratitude turns what we have into enough.
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>> hmm. >> is that snuenough. >> is it us as enough? >> isn't that right? >> when i consciously say in the morning, i am going to look to be more grateful, consciously say, that's a part of your job today. it's amazing. >> do you remember in the makeup room this morning, i was telling you, when you look around for things, i was telling kathy, i was getting a man cure and there was a woman non-communicative getting a man cure. she had trouble walking, she had a helper that was waiting. this woman was giving her a pan cure. when they were over, they were hoping the woman to get into the wheelchair. she was grunting. you couldn't understand what she was saying. all of a sudden, she looked up at the manicurist and said, "i love you." i watched the manicurist say, requested i love you, too." she wheeled right out. i looked at the manicurist and said i have been helping her the
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last ten years. i thought to myself, like kindness, acts of kindness. >> things have changed so much in our world. i have lived a long time. >> that makes me cry was cruelty. but now everywhere you turn, it seems to be people hurting one another, you almost become annoyed to it, you know. but when you see a kindness, that's what's rare. sadly. >> let's make sure you know what you are looking for. >> it's there. >> so it's time for our wine bot. we love this one, get ready to click etty clack on twitter. >> do you prefer taking a bath? are you a bath person or a shower person? >> i'm a bath girl. >> you know, my mom always took baths. some of my happiest memories were sitting on the side of the bathtub with my mum. we'd sing, ♪ hajit singh little, little, da
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dea. >> what about as a grown women? >> i still do. it's what you used to. i take a shower twice a week to watch this. i am a bathy girl. >> i take showers in there especially, you get off your feet. >> i like the shower because i let it run, i like that steamy water, i can watch it all go down the drain, all my troubles down the drain, all the stress from the day down the drain. i don't use as much water as when you take a bath. >> hoda, you said you get in there sometimes forever and ever. >> you are always a friend of water. >> i wear a shower cap, when next when i'm not wearing my hair. i put on a big huge blooming shower cap with flowers on it. it's hideous. >> will you take a picture? >> it keeps it so dry, purple flowers. when it comes on. >> okay. >> we want you to go team klg if
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you like a bath, team hoda if you like shower. >> showers going to win. >> i don't know. it might be next-and-neck. >> you always get a shower. fought every place. >> i do, i have to say in your defense, i think there is one time you are totally off your feet, you are not standing. i prefer to wash it all down the drain. >> do. >> all right, today is hutch day. hutch day humping. okay. you need something to brighten your mood. >> yes, we do. >> here's the first guy. how about this from the fast and the furious and so much more jas jas jason statham. >> that boy. >> he looks a little like -- >> yes, he does. >> yesterday, we fell in love with country singer chase. >> we love him on the show.
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>> he's a football star, reality star, a sweetheart of a guy. >> i love a guy with a baseball cap on backwards. >> very cool. >> ease going good boy. >> give me eye candy. >> oprah is becoming icandy, yes, yes, she is looking good, 62-years-old, nothing wrong with that. she looks slimmed down. >> fabulous. >> look how much weight she's lost. >> for her tv series "queen sugar." >> she looks fantastic. >> were, she's a spokesperson for weight watchers. it's been nearly a year. she hasn't released her total weight loss. she says she is not finished yet. in january, she lost 26 pounds. how many months past that? >> eight. >> dating. they have been towing. >> here's what her boyfriend of
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30 years, she wants steadman to be able pick her up and carry her. >> across the threshold? >> i think without breaking his back, she said. >> she said i can straddle him without breaking his back. did she actually say that? >> se did. >> here's what's cool, though, when are you a bigger girl, i know what that feels like, to be picked up by somebody you feel -- >> danetie. >> like you watch in the movies where somebody got picked up and karpd on tcarried on the bed. i'm sorry, i weigh 150. it's hard, it makes you feel subconscious not free and sexy. you like to think so? >> no. >> so "dancing with the stars," we talked about it. >> really the 23rd year. >> oh, i'm so excited. >> one is "brady bunch" star
10:08 am
portia. >> marsha tweeted me. >> you are big, hoda. >> then i retweeted her. i tweeted her the thing. >> listen she said, hi, hoda! i'm a huge fan! thank you so much for the shout out! >> we found the clip, marsha, marsha, marsha him we tweeted that clip. she tweeted thank you. i tweeted you're welcome. >> i'm happy for you. you know what, if you are a bachelor or a bachelorette fan, i guess there are many of you. we have news. >> let's bring them in now. she doesn't understand. >> i am so excited. so yeah, last night they announced a new "bachelor." it is going to be this guy nick vile is his name. it's a controversial choice. it's a wildcard pick. >> why him? >> this guy has been in my life five years. he has been on two seasons of
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"the bachelorette." both times he came in runner-up. he went all the way to the finals twice. now he's doing back door in paradise. i think this girl will be letting him go. he's coming on as the bachelor. years ago, andy dorfman, at the very end, when she let him go, he said about the fantasy suite, if you didn't love me, why did you make love to me? and for the first time ever that anyoned a said what happened in the fantasy suite. now everybody talks about it. at the time he was seen as a villain. he has been kind of redeeming himself. now back door on paradise, i love this guy. so much love. >> does he know you are available? >> i do like him. he's older, 35, season 21. >> 21? >> "dancing with the stars" is
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23. they did just of "the bachelor." >> we can't wait until it picks up. anything you don't watch and love in. >> no i'm an easy audience. >> you are the best. we love you. >> should a guy bother a woman wearing head phones? >> here's that question. >> that should have been our wine bot. by the way, you are killing me. >> you know why? no one has time to take a bath. >> i highly recommend you take a bath. honestly, relax a bit. lucksuriate. be grateful. >> maybe people don't want to sit there. they want to get a shower and get out. >> i think so. >> pick this, you are standing. have you your head phones on, are you weight on the street for something, whatever. duping a guy should wake up to you and start a conversation? duping that's a good approach? this is one of those questions that came up in that dear prudence thing, the advice was
10:11 am
the following...a guy should smiles, point to her head phones and say, take off your head phones for a minute, if you want a conversation? i think that's horrible advice. >> we have a friend that told us somebody did it the other day, she thought he was looking for directions. she basically took off her head phones, said, do you you need to find somebody? what did he say? i'm just looking for a girl with a smile. >> yeah. >> that did not work. >> don't pretend to be doing. >> i don't know, we'd love to know what you think. >> people don't seem to be able to meet anybody army. what's going on? >> i think you are signaling the people stay away. >> i do think you are right. post-people have them on. even if you are working down the street for normal interaction, have you with strangers, you don't have anymore, because people have head phones. >> that's why we're called the first host, what is it called? host or -- >> menopausal?
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>> no. >> i'll think of it in a second. >> we are more at home with our technology than we are with one other. post-human. >> forbes came out with a list. think about this. do you know how much modems get paid? all right. the list came out of the top paid models of this year. of this past year. so, here's what they make, here's who they are, number five, a tie between gigi haddid and rosie huntingly, they look similar. >> gorgeous girls. >> kendall jenner with carley klose 10 million. >> godmother needs some. >> the second highest model earned $10.5ple. finally coming out way ahead of the game, giselle bund jen, 30 million. she retired, that's it? >> i want to make that much when i retire, don't you? >> her last cat walk.
10:13 am
>> just from broadway. >> she will still do tons an tons, for print and everything else. >> you are probably right is there watch hoda tonight on seth myers. >> who is up that late on nbc? >> andy cohen is. >> he is up that late. >> what are we talking about? >> i don't know. but it's going to be interesting. probably you. i hope not. three deserving moms go from updated to a complete hair makeover. >> ♪ there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. it's something many moms have experienced when your kids start to weigh in on you, oh my gosh, mom, get a haircut. >> yeah, you look so old fashioned. >> so we found three young women who nominated their deserving moms to receive updated thoughts to kick off the new school year. giving these moms their cool new looks is celebrity hairstylist
10:17 am
ted gibson. >> it's so fun. >> we have three young ladies, they need a little work. >> i had to convince them to do it. >> don't you need a little patchering? >> i think most women don't have the opportunity to go into the salon, i think it's so important. pause that time of being able refresh yourself and feel better about yourself, i don't know why any woman in america don't want to do it. >> the same reason they don't take a bath. they don't know how great it is. let's bring up our daughters, kayla happens to be a producer for "weekend today." why duping your pom needed a re-do? >> my mom has had the same bleach blond, really big ''80s haircut. so i kind of just wanted to give her a new look. she just recently lost a lot of weight. i think she's deserving, i know, she's for just. don't get pe wrong. >> we will bring in her picture. >> you might want to take a breath. >> get ready to see your pom.
10:18 am
here she comes. >> oh my gosh. >> [ laughter ] >> oh, wow! >> oh, my gosh. >> she brought you downstairs. you look like a mod well your eyes and hair. wait, are you freaking out from kayla? >> you look beautiful. >> listen, she came to the salon last night. jason, the color of this line, oh. so beautiful. >> go over and love your pom, honey. >> you look so beautiful. >> oh, tell us about it. >> look at that. >> you know, when you have the opportunity to go and get your hair done, it changes everything, #have your hair done. >> your eyes are popping like crazy. why are you shaking? >> she never thought of bag red head. >> i love it. >> i have to tell you, it's so hot. all right, kim, we love you. congrats on the first one.
10:19 am
>> she looks like she's from the island. >> you said that, didn't she? is there yes. >> let's bring up our next young lady, julia, julia is here, hi. >> she is always making sure my sister and i look nice, i think she deserves this makeover because she spends more time on us than her. >> all right. a lot of mommys do. i'm not up with of them. >> amber will come out in a second. all right. are you ready? anne marie. let's see the new you. >> oh, doll. look. >> you look awesome. i love that. >> so tiny. >> what duping? >> you look so pretty. >> thank you. >> tell us what you did. >> you know, color, over 50% of women color cheat their hair. up with of the things she said is she wanted to be a brunette again. her hair color was keep of drab and uneven, so we put some brew
10:20 am
fet in there. what do you think? >> i love it. it feels so great. >> good. >> i love it. take her to lunch. >> let's bring tara out. hi, wheaty. >> hi. >> why duping your mommed intoed a little re-do? >> like she works a lot. when we go out, she's home working. so she never gets a treat for herself. >> she is getting a treat today. >> are you excited to see her? >> yes. >> we know what your mom suzanne looks like before. suzanne, let's see you, come on out. >> wow! . >> beautiful! >> wow! what do you think, honey? smr it looks good. >> well, you know, bangs instead of botox i say. it helps to bring out her eyes, i think suzanne was a little apprehensive of cutting 10 to 1512 inches off. look at the length. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great.
10:21 am
it makes me feel really pretty. >> you are pretty. >> awesome. >> thank you so much. >> look how beautiful everybody is. >> all right. mother and music star jessie james decker, gets a surprise on her children playing ] what a wonderful thing. that a slice of hot... bubbling, california mozzarella awesomeness has the power to do this... [ child ] stop it! mmmm. yum! [ mooo ] you're welcome! return to real food. dairy products made with california milk. from our family farms to your table. return to real. look for the seal. go sensationally bold! new color sensational loaded bolds from maybelline new york. loaded with hyper-color pigments... for one-stroke intensity... and honey nectar. sumptuous feel. maybelline's new loaded bolds.
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> you are about to get schooled in a game of who knew? >> which of the following celebrities was fought a val no valedictorian of their high school? i think i know this one? get ready to play with our crowd after your local news. after your local news. >> an when the twins arrived, after your local news. >> an it changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. perfect, right? oh, you can't be serious. fortunately there's
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well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 10:30. let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill was just telling me, the fog has cleared out. >> long gone. we've got sunshine. look at boathouse row. a little bit of a breeze blowing. we'll see plenty of sunshine, that light breeze not going to
10:27 am
bring in the humidity. in fact, the humidity stays low this afternoon. the temperature, that's climbing. already 80 degrees in south jersey and at the shore. 79 in philadelphia at the airport, but there are some 80s. manayunk is 80 degrees and look at northeast philadelphia. at philadelphia in the northeast airport, 82 degrees. >> now let's get a check on traffic with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. jessica? >> vai, we're watching 95. that earlier accident we're talking about has cleared around the betsey ross bridge, but we're still seeing some small delays that remain as everyone gets out of the way here. right around bridge street is where we're watching 35 minutes. the last time we saw you about 25 minutes ago, it was way over an hour of a delay. clearly some improvement there. average speeds are into the 20s, we're watching a disabled vehicle into the right-hand shoulder, vai? >> jessica, thank you. this morning, philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen who shot and wounded three people leaving a corner store, including a 12-year-old girl. this shooting happened on west clearfield street around 6:30
10:28 am
last night. the 12-year-old was at the glass store when the shots went off, hitting her in the right thigh. she and a man who was hit in the ankle are in stable condition, but another man hit in the neck are not doing so well. he's in critical condition. police recovered two guns, but they don't know the motive for these shootings. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news coming up at the top of the hour. and of course, you can always get the latest news and weather t with nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day and we'll sue yo in about 30 minutes.
10:30 am
>> we are back on this wines day wednesday, today we have a back-to-school pop qui just for you. over the street from 30 rock. she is ready to hand out $100 for those that get the questions right. they get a fabulous autograph books. here with me is the good house keeping editor can one and only megan murphy. before the break, we answer this question, which is not valedictorian of their high school, i thought i said, i bet it's funny guy jimmy?
10:31 am
>> he is a fun guy, maybe not as part is as david duchovny, he went to princeton and aisle and alicia keys graduated the top of her close and she chose colombia records. >> she sure did. you got it, honey, what's your name? >> kathy from illinois. >> come on, kath, i love people named kat h . >> c. >> c? >> oh, you know what? plus [ applause ] none of the actors were high school aim during the filming.
10:32 am
not even close. olivia newton john, she was 29. john travolta was 24 eastern caniki was 37. still old. >> back to you. >> jo jo, from pittsburgh. >> do we love the steelers? >> yes, ma'am. >> we do. let's do it. here we go. finish the lyrics of the sam cook sopping, it's called don't know much rabbit history. deep know much about biology. >> don't know much about history. ♪ don't know much bi ♪ don't know much about sipes books < musical notes> ♪ don't know about the things i took < musical notes>. >> what did you say? >> the things i took. >> she was close. >> she was pretty close. >> can you finish it for us? >> i don't know what is it?
10:33 am
>> it was don't know much about the french i took ♪ the french i took >> it was in at animal house" a popular sopping. >> another one, hoda. >> hi, what's your name? >> emily from st. luis, obusiness co obisco, california. >> cheerleader! >> with that money, she can buy more, which would be great. >> the cool thing is originally the writers had an interpretation to have making a national do you meanary. no, it's not going to sell, it became this all the actors did their own stunts, because they when to the a four week cheer
10:34 am
leading catch. >> what are your names? >> lauren and blake. >> did you say blake? i knew i liked you. here's your question. all right . >> a. >> don't you mean yay! ? >> that's exactly what she plante. >> it was european socialism, not that they offered that in my high school. in the opening mon log, are we going to see it? >> yes, a very iconic shot. so the answer is european socialism. >> thanks very much, megan. good to see you. now where there's wine, there is always a good time, we will answer all your wine questions right after this. those two are always happy. always a little buzzed. always. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie
10:35 am
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>> lounge do you keep a bottle of wine buff open it? >> how long do you keep it before it goes bad? interest we have an executive food and wine editor, award winning author and wine expert. >> hi all. >> glad to see you are getting along aglen. >> we are him. >> we were a little concerned. >> every relationship goes to -- >> we went to a local wine store well got some questions. so let's listen to our first one. we will see it right there in the monitor. >> if i use a fine bought him of red wine, to make a beef
10:40 am
burgundy and i don't use the complete bottle of wine, what is the best way to preserve the wine for later use? >> oh, good question. >> the answer is, the best place is in your belly. >> drink it, baby. >> if you cannot finish the bought him, are you fought our friend. actually, wine is pretty hardy. you just want to keep it away from air t. best way is to simply recork it. put it in the refrigerator. it will last for days. its great. >> the corks are synthetic now, hard to get them back in there. >> that's right. >> you can buy the bottle stoppers. >> you can put them back if. you can't finish it in a couple days. otherwise, you can use private pre serve, a gas that lays down a little layer that protects the wine. >> it's a good guess? >> yeah. >> it's odorless and colorless glass that is what wine makers use in wineries. >> i few that. i think we have another question. let's listen. >> hi, i have a 2007 bought him
10:41 am
of pinot noir from oregon, i am thinking, how long can i keep it laid down and cooled before i open it? >> the answer is, three quick things, one, first one is real estate, location, location, location, temperature, temperature, temperature. you can't keep it below about 65 degrees, drink it. because it's fought going to survive for five or ten years. >> it will, you won't like it. >> it will be in the bottle. it won't taste like it should t. second thing is what wine is nit the pinot noir doesn't age, that's good within ten or 15 years of the vin vintage, in 2007, what she has in oregon was a lightifies but not more aging, obviously, to that guy, drink it now. >> at his age? >> no the wine thing. >> you better drink it up. you may not live that long. >> are you over 50, baby. >> i'm in great shape.
10:42 am
>> another question, i'm pretty sure. >> i want to know how you choose which wine to pair with your cheese souffle? >> ogood question. i will start you off with white wine, the decoy, a champagne blanc. i like white wines with keyess. you combine the taste ness of a sauvognan blanc. >> i like the spaghetti barbera, it's lighter. it's got some crispness, cheese has fat. it cuts right through, this is $19 bucks. it's a steal. it's really good. >> move on to our next question. >> okay. >> oh. >> hi, i'm wondering, what wine glass goes with what wine and how many do i feed? >> okay.
10:43 am
>> a very good question. well, i always say, any glats with wine in sit a wine glass. okay. so. >> i drunk out of a lot of things, trust me. this one is kind of the all purpose shape that i recommend to people. >> you don't have to get it. >> size matters. you have to get it well done. have you to have a tulip shape. so it focuses on flavors. this is a great all purpose wine. >> if you want to go more, do a little more, get a white wine, a red wine and the champagne. you could have all the bases. >> it depends on how many people you have over. >> if have you wieven, pour it. >> real quick. >> wait a minute. >> i'm a lover of red and white wine. so what is the best option for wine that it wouldn't break the bank for the fall in. >> i say drink pink, drink pink, drink pink all year long. this is a beautiful rose from france.
10:44 am
>> purple heart red, which is a really great red from nap pa valley. theifies thing is the percentage of the wine goes to the purple heart foundation, sports veterans, it was made for wine makers. >> thank you, sweetie. >> great to see you. >> nothing goes better with wine than a little romance. >> you should know. >> you should know. the new song what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. the family favorite. yoplait. what do you call yogurt that comes in amazing flavors and packs 6 grams of protein per serving? yoplait original.
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>> she made country music seem sizzle with the sopping "wanted" off her 2009 subtitle album smr we few her before, right now she is married with two kids, jesse james decker, things heat up when kids go to bed. jesse and her husband, the new york jets wide receiver, enjoying a big romance fight at
10:50 am
home. it inspired her latest single. it's called "lights down low." we were talking about two kids here last. another hit song and football season is right around the corner. >> we can't wait tory this song. will you perform it for us? >> yes. ♪
10:51 am
♪ ♪ you and we we're sitth in the kitchen < musical notes> ♪ 6:00 p.m., should i make a reservation? ♪ no, let's stay home < musical notes> ♪ 'cause i'm food with pancakes for dinner < musical notes> ♪ i'm if your t-shirt and we're playing lynyrd skynrd < musical notes> ♪ oh, let's stay home ♪ biebe turn the lights down low < musical notes> ♪ we ain't got no place to go shots turn on the storyio < musical notes> shots barefoot, dance with me now, ♪ ♪ dance with me now ♪ turn on the disco ball < musical notes> ♪ kiss me up against the wall
10:52 am
♪ laughing so hard we fall ♪ 'cause this is our fight ♪ gone that turn all the lights down low ♪ ♪ take it real, take it real, take it real slow? itself ♪ ♪ cause this is our night ♪ gone na turn all the lights down low ♪ ♪ run a bath and pop a little champagne ♪ ♪ i, i love the way we separate ♪ ♪ oh, 'cause you snow ♪ that i'm today with watching old movies ♪ ♪ playing footsie, ah under the new sheets ♪ ♪ oh, let's go sclts ♪ baby, turn the loits down low ♪ ♪ ain't got no place to go
10:53 am
♪ turn on the storyio < musical notes> ♪ barefoot, dance with me now ♪ dance with me now ♪ turn on the disco ball ♪ kiss me up against the wall ♪ laughing so hard we fall ♪ 'cause this is our night ♪ gone that turn all the lights down low ♪ ♪ take it real, take it real, take it real slow < musical notes> ♪ 'cause this is our night ♪ gone that turn all the lights down low ♪ ♪ oh. yay! awesome, that was awesome. we want to point out jesse does, she sings with a little piece of gum in her mouth. i love that. >> genius. >> i love it.
10:54 am
>> moist. >> we'll be back in a moment. >> yeah. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> this is "today" on nbc. i love it. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent now be sure to tag your mother
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honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
10:57 am
>> all right. er with going to check in on our wine bot. hoda won by a landslide, i few she would. >> i have never been happier than right now. and i'd like to thank the academy. >> all right. because you love showers, just silly. >> tomorrow, shopper vpa performance, britney spears will take us inside her vegas show. >> getting a good fight's sleep. >> and bobby
10:58 am
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the search is on. police in philadelphia are trying to track down the hit-and-run driver who they say killed a motorcyclist. and heading south of the border. republican nominee donald trump is about to take an unexpected trip hours before a big speech. and heat wave, day six. is relief in sight anytime soon? good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the search continues for a driver who took off after a deadly motorcycle accident. a gmc yukon collided with a motorcycle at the intersection of whitaker and loudoun avenues in juniata park. police fold a trail of motor oil


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