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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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right now, 40-mile-an-hour maximum winds. only moving at 2 miles an hour. so it's going to take its time. but look at this area of rain, on the computer projection going into 8:00 this morning. this is right from the most accurate computer model in the world, just in within the past hour. confirming other models showing this. saturday 8:30. it may still be dry. although it's cloudy. and then the storm comes close enough to have some of this rain, and some of this wind hit us, especially saturday night, and into the day on sunday. a track like that would mean a lot of rain and some wind. it's not like we're going to get a direct hit from a major hurricane or anything, not another sandy. this is a rainstorm for the most part. it just happens to happen right at the wrong time. >> all right, glenn. there is another threat looming
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along our coastline. as you know, all the tropical activity is creating a dangerous rip current risk right here at the jersey shore, and at the delaware beaches as well. poses a hazard to swimmers. we have live team coverage at the ocean and in our first alert weather center. we begin with ted greenberg live in ship bottom this afternoon. ted? >> reporter: well, jim, lifeguards tell me the surf isn't quite as rough today. but the risk of those dangerous rip currents is actually higher. on this red flag beach day in harvey seed ars, carol mckinney felt the force. >> pretty strong. >> reporter: people here and in other jersey shore communities found swimming restrictions today. no boogie boards and lifeguards kept folks from going in past their knees because of dangerous rip currents fueled by conflicting waves and wind. >> when these two elements
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collide, the surf coming from the east and the wind coming from the southeast makes rip currents happen a lot easier than they normally would. >> our kids are little. we depend on the lifeguards to keep them safe. so whatever they say, we do. >> reporter: gaston is expected to lessen in the next two days. but tropical storm hermine currently in the gulf of mexico could deliver even rougher and more dangerous conditions over labor day weekend. >> we don't go in after hours, swim near a lifeguard. if you're not swimming near a lifeguard, stay out of it. you're better off. >> reporter: and in at least one jersey shore community, this has been a very busy week for water rescues. that part of the story is coming up at 5:00. that's the latest here live in ship bottom. now let's go to the first alert weather center where meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking that rip current risk. >> yeah, ted, as we go into the labor day weekend, we have a lot of changes coming, like glenn
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mentioned, with a tropical storm hermine. that's what we're looking at right now in the gulf of mexico. eventually, yes, it will get closer to us for the labor day weekend. very bad timing. but the one main thing that we're also watching, and we've been watching over the past couple days, is the risk for rip currents from this system once it moves closer into the atlantic. once it gets closer to us. look at the rip current threat from tropical storm hermine, saturday through monday. dangerous rip currents expected. so right now we have the dangerous rip currents at the shore from two other systems out in the atlantic currently. those will move away and hermine will get closer, which will give us a moderate to high risk of dangerous rip currents, rough seas. if it's on track for what we expect today, it will also come with quite a bit of rain. so hopefully nobody will be out in the water anyway. of course, as we get closer to your labor da weekend, we'll keep you very informed with the updates coming in. stay tuned right here to nbc 10.
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also, download the nbc 10 app, that's going to keep you safe as we go into the weekend. and we will always have aletters on there for you, as we continue to tweet the forecast. make sure you download the app. donald trump's surprise visit to mexico, a country he has called a source of rapists and criminals. this is video of trump's plane arriving in mexico city. trump is meeting with the president of mexico right now. >> that meeting comes hours before the republican presidential nominee delivers a highly anticipated speech about immigration, and nbc 10's keith jones joining us right here in the studio with trump's last-minute trip to mexico. >> it follows an invitation from mexico's president. but the trip is a politically risky move for trump with ten weeks before election day. they're meeting at the presidential compound right now. security is tight there as protests are expected. turning its campaign, the
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republican nominees referred to some of the mexican community in the u.s. as, quote, rapists and murderers. the rhetoric so shocking at times that earlier this year mexico's president commented. latinos told nbc 10 trump's visit is too little, too late. >> he's just saying what people want to hear. at the beginning he said he didn't want to do anything with latinos. now he knows that latinos are part of the community. so he's just following orders now. >> from mexico, trump will head to arizona, where he will try to set the record straight on his immigration policy. his speech tonight at 9:00 comes after weeks of confusion over whether he still supports deporting all of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. a senior trump aide tells nbc
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news the republican nominee will focus his speech on the differences between his illegal immigration plan and hillary clinton's. jackie? >> keith, thank you. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's campaign had a surprise of its own today. vice presidential nominee tim kaine stopped at an hispanic center in bethlehem. nbc 10's lauren mayk was there. >> she's joining us live in bethlehem with more on kaine's message today. lauren? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, tim kaine laid out his case against donald trump. and the virginia senator has a very friendly way about him. so sometimes his attacks may not sound that harsh, but listen to the words he uses. his message is that with what voters know, donald trump can't be trusted. on his visit to the lehigh valley, tim kaine reaching out to hispanic voters in spanish. his stop at a hispanic community center came as donald trump readied a visit to mexico. kaine said he'll be watching,
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but he doesn't expect much to change from the republican nominee. >> what we see from donald trump during the campaign, i think shows his heart. and the visit, and the speech i'll follow with interest. but the thing that's important is this -- is that everybody just remember his actions have been ones that have been very frightening to the community and very divisive. >> reporter: clinton's running mate continued his tough talk on trump inside the hanover township community center. >> he's just failed to follow the rules that everybody else has to follow. >> reporter: it's his second day of a swing through pennsylvania. debuting new lines of attack on trump's willingness to release his tax returns and details on his business dealings. >> until he gives us the information, we can't answer them. and until he gives us the information about his foreign ties, there is not one reason for one voter in this country to trust donald trump. not one. not one. >> reporter: trump is also expected to make a play for this
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region. >> talk to people. people are left behind. i don't understand why they said trump will be of any help to them at all. >> reporter: sending tim kaine here fits into the strategy in several ways. this area is one where donald trump's economic message could resonate. it also has a growing hispanic population. so they're taking advantage of him kaine's ability to speak to them in spanish. live in bethlehem, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> all right, lauren. and hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail today visiting the battleground state of ohio. she addressed the american legion's annual convention in cincinnati. the democratic nominee dismissed donald trump's visit to mexico as what she called a photo-op. >> certainly it takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours.
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and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> clinton also said her work as secretary of state shows that foreign affairs is daily hard work. today both campaigns focused on strengthening ties to the hispanic community, and to give us a little insight nbc's chuck todd is joining us live. chuck, thanks for being here this afternoon on nbc 10. polls show hillary clinton with a big lead among hispanics. we know that. so how critical is the hispanic vote, first of all, and specifically how important was today's meeting by trump in mexico with mexico's president? >> well, let me take the second question first with trump. that part of it, we don't know for sure yet. i think a lot -- you know, trump's outreach, or sudden outreach over the last week to hispanics, to me looks less about reaching out to hispanics and more about trying to reach out to the suburban white republicans who have been the first republicans to sort of reject the trump candidacy. they've been either sitting in
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undecided, pondering clinton or even thinking about a third party. i do think this outreach is less about reaching out to hispanics and more about reaching out to skeptical suburban white voters who vote republican normally, but don't like trump. what trump says tonight in his immigration plan, what that looks like, that will go a long way telling whether he's serious about wooing sis hispanics or not. how critical they are? it's the fastest growing demographic groups in any battleground states that we track. if you look at florida, north carolina, virginia, colorado, georgia, and arizona, those are six states that are in the battleground right now. all have significant growing hispanic populations. and they're all in either toss-up or lean clinton territory because of how poorly trump is doing among hispanics. if he's going to fix his problems in places like arizona or florida, it begins with fixing problems with hispanic americans. >> big night tonight along those
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lines. chuck todd live in new york. thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> you got it. breaking news right now. the nfl draft is coming to philadelphia. nbc 10 has confirmed that the 2017 draft will be held right here in philly. they're expected to make it official tomorrow. this would be another in a list of major events that have come to philadelphia in the last year, including the pope's visit and the dnc. now, to this. philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot and wounded three people, including a 12-year-old girl. the girl was leaving a corner store on west clearfield street in north philadelphia around 6:30 last night. that's when the gunfire erupted and one of the bullets hit her right thigh. she is in stable condition. the other victims also survived. police are searching for the driver responsible for this deadly hit-and-run. a gmc yukon hit a motorcycle on whitaker avenue just before 11:30 last night. the yukon then drove off.
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the motorcyclist died. police followed a trail of motor oil and antifreeze and then they found the yukon abandoned with the license plate removed. new video shows a man wanted for an unholy act. police say this man broke into our lady of calvary church in northeast philadelphia earlier this month. you can see him break the stained glass window of a door to get inside. then the thief takes a money box from the wall and steals money from a second box before taking off. the same church was burglarized in february. from our delaware bureau, expect to pay more if you get caught tect ting while driving today. a first offense will cost you $100, instead of $50. and if you get caught again, it will cost between $200 and $300. supporters of the bill say a number of drivers, many of them young people, have just ignored the ban on texting while driving. westchester university is going green today.
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they unveiled the new bike sharing program. it's called zagster. nbc 10 was there for the ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon. you can sign up for $30 member ships and they can take the bikes out. the university is hoping this will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while easing traffic and parking congestion. holiday weekend, of course, just a few days away now, and the traffic headaches are already starting. we're not just talking about the drive to the shore. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway where the two-day made in america festival kicks off this saturday. that means big road closures for drivers in center city. the inner lanes of the parkway between 20th and the numbered streets. the closures in effect until next tuesday morning. now to a story about parking wars. if you live in philly, or have
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driven there, you've seen cars parked right in the median. now there's a push to get rid of them. as nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal found out, there could be a head-on collision tonight. >> reporter: it's a philly tradition as old as the automobile itself. south philly locals parking in the middle of broad street. >> you always park on broad street. you can park there all night long. >> reporter: it's technically illegal, but for decades the city has looked the other way. now a growing group of residents are fed up, asking the mayor to enforce the law and send out the tow trucks. they've gathered 1,200 signatures. one petitioner writing, mr. kenney, tear down these cars. they say it's a safety issue. >> the most egregious example of cars being actually in the turning lanes, in crosswalks. it's just a parking lot for vehicles. >> reporter: but they say these spots can be life savers.
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>> they're readily available. there's about 180 of them. >> reporter: mark ferguson parks here every week. he's organizing a counterpetition to save the spots. >> i'll come home at night, it will take me seven minutes to get home. it will take me about 30 minutes to find a parking spot. that's no exaggeration. >> there is nowhere to park. >> reporter: so far the city hasn't taken sides, but talk is swirling and change in south philly does not come easy. >> absolutely. they've been doing it for years. years. how to you think people are going to react? >> reporter: tonight's meeting is happening outside on the corner of broad and shunket at 6:00 p.m. they'll be signing the petitions to keep the median parking alive. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. history was made in the skies today for the first time in more than 50 years, a commercial flight departed the u.s. for cuba. jetblue flight 387 arrived at santa clara this morning about an hour after taking off from ft. lauderdale, florida. today's flight opens a new era
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of travel between the u.s. and cuba, which stops during the cold war during 1961. jetblue is the first american airline to resume flights to cuba, but other airlines will soon do the same. turning now to trouble in the tropics. people on hawaii's big island are preparing for what could be its first hurricane in years. the national weather service has issued a hurricane warning as madelyn moves west. the storm is weakening, but it is still a hurricane. here's a live look at hawaii's big island where the storm is on track to skirt, or hit the island's southern edge. forecasters say the area could see hurricane strength winds of up to 80 miles per hour. a state of emergency has been declared for parts of florida. the national hurricane center said a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico has strengthened into tropical storm hermine. this is video of crews loading up sandbags. hermine is expected to make landfall overnight thursday into
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friday morning. more than 8,000 national guard troops are on standby. of course, this begs the question, what does that mean for us? in just a few days we have a big weekend. >> we do. it could force you to change some of your plans over the weekend. glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking this storm for us. glenn? >> yes, it does look like it is going to impact our weekend. at least indirectly at the shore, with the big waves. most likely, clouds and rain, partly because the system is so big. you can see thunderstorms starting to build up around the center. that's one of the things that has not happened recently. but you can also see some of the high clouds curving up to the north. that's an indication, high pressure building above the storm, and that's one of the ingredients that helps it strengthen. so it is expected to strengthen. it may never become a hurricane. it may not become some monster storm with the winds.
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but what i'm concerned about is the rain. you've got 1,000 miles worth of rain up there. if you have the wrong kind of track, you're going to get a lot of rain out of this. here are the possible tracks. the spaghetti plots we've been showing you. they have shifted. they have pretty much all shifted to the west. so here we are on saturday. and the tracks are -- they're over land for the most part. look how many of these lines are close to the philadelphia area. and the jersey shore. we just have one or two solutions that are far enough away so that we don't get impacted. that's why we're increasingly confident that there will be rain for much of the area for at least a part of the weekend. so here's what i expect as of now. this may change later on tonight or tomorrow. we've got several days to fine-tune this.
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the clouds thicken with rain at night. but could affect delaware, extreme south jersey, let's say later saturday afternoon. sunday, the rain becomes heavy at times. i think suntsds's going to be the worst day. it's going to be windy, especially at the shore. the heaviest rain, the greatest number of hours of rain. on monday, labor day, morning rain, especially at the shore. and then gradual clearing. kind of windy. so it's not a total washout. but you're going to have to plan around this. now, as we go through the evening, we have a front coming through tonight. you can see with showers and thunderstorms, but that is later this evening, generally after 9:00. that moves through the area. once that does, we're pretty much in the clear until -- look what happens saturday. that is a rain area from hermine moving up in this direction. and as you can see, it's hard to
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miss when you have an area that big. so the planner is showing some of the storms later this evening, possibly into the morning rush. the suburbs as well, lehigh valley. it's not going to be nearly as warm tomorrow. the heat wave is over after today. delaware, new jersey, jersey shore doesn't get anything until 6:00 a.m. and now how about the weekend. friday is nice. saturday, the clouds thicken up. rain at the jersey shore in delaware before the end of the day. sunday, i've got rain everywhere. this is a windy symbol. so the strongest winds in south jersey, jersey shore, and delaware. we'll have another update coming up a little bit later. >> all right, glenn. air travel can be a headache. but a new plan could kind of ease your worries. >> still ahead, the new plan to keep your bags from getting lost at the airport. plus, a special start to the school year. how these dads are giving kids a memorable first day back.
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a proud mom. see the new addition revealed today at the philadelphia zoo. the mystery the zookeepers are still trying to solve. first, a look at the cloezing bell on wall street. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent
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crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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meet the philadelphia zoo's cute new addition. today the public got its first look at a baby gorilla, just five days after its birth. you can see the baby being held by its mother, 21-year-old honi. zoo staffers don't know the baby's gender yet. why? because the mother's been holding on to the baby so closely they can't tell. once they determine the sex, the zoo will hold a naming contest.
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holding tight. >> yeah. in one week, a special moment for hundreds of philadelphia students. and not just because it's the first day of a new school year. >> it's because their dads are going to be right alongside of them as part of this million father march. organizers laid out the plans for next wednesday's event. men to their children's educational success. >> we're going to encourage more men to come out. please encourage more men to be involved in their education, and keeping safe of our children. >> some students and their parents have also signed a nonviolence pledge. this is the ninth year philadelphia will be taking part in the nationwide event. back to our big story today at 4:00. a storm swirling in the gulf that could impact our holiday weekend. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking tropical storm hermine. glenn? >> that's right. it just developed a couple of hours ago. the latest models out this
4:26 pm
afternoon show it could be a hit-or-miss. but if it hits, that storm is going to bring us some soggy weather. maybe some really heavy rain. i'll show you the possibilities next in my first alert forecast. every year around this time, we ask business owners at the beach how they did. this year when they answer me, they have big smiles on their faces. you're looking live from mexico city where donald trump is speaking to mexico's president about his visit this afternoon. he said he had opened constructive conversations with trump. we'll have more on the face-to-face meeting coming up.
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis
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tropical storm brewing right there in the gulf. threatening to bring us a partial soggy holiday weekend. we're also tracking a danger in the water right now here at the jersey shore. and the delaware beaches are rip current risks that pose a hazards to swimmers. both of these had the potential to impact your holiday weekend plans. >> nbc 10 is here to inform you now so you know exactly what you could face. live first alert team coverage tracking both sides of this weather story and how the labor day weekend is looking so far in delaware. we begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who is tracking the tropics. glen? >> right, jacqueline. we're focusing in on the gulf of mexico, because that is the storm that is directly coming up in this direction. it's also very large, and the center is starting to get a little bit better organized. we're getting thunderstorms more around the center than we have in the past several days. this storm has been on the map for a long time, as you probably heard. and it's creating tremendous
4:31 pm
amounts of rain going into florida. and it's going to continue doing that. look at this area of rain that goes from the gulf of mexico all the way up through the north carolina coast. we bring some of that up in our direction. there's going to be a lot of rain. we also have a tropical depression just offshore, in north carolina. and hurricane gaston way out in the atlantic. the combination of all of those are having an effect. and so my forecast for saturday through monday, dangerous rip currents, along with rough seas. and more on that coming right now facing that problem with those risks along not only the jersey shore, but the delaware beaches, too. first alert meteorologist krystal klei live in ocean city to talk more about that. >> reporter: yeah, glenn, you're exactly right. i'm out here in ocean city right along the shore right now. it's a nice day.
4:32 pm
it's sunny. people really enjoying themselves out here currently. but what you don't notice right off the bat is that as you just mentioned, hurricane gaston already affecting us in some ways. in fact, the waves a little choppy out there. the winds have picked up this afternoon. and as you just mentioned, the first of several systems going to be affecting us. i've been checking wave heights, expected around 3 feet today. but by this weekend, looking at forecasts possibly up to 7 feet for those wave heights. that's thanks to what has now become tropical storm hermine that will be heading our direction. we've got the threat of the stronger waves, those taller waves, which can affect boating, and of course, those on the shore this weekend. and then there's that silent worry, the rip current risks. something you can't necessarily see just by looking out at the water. you just see the stronger waves. but that pull, a channel of water that pulls right back into the ocean will be much stronger
4:33 pm
than most people can swim. that's what we're concerned about. on top of that, now the projected track for rain in this area. those are all things we're going to be continuing to track. and keep you up to date on as we move forward. live in ocean city, krystal klei, nbc 10. >> this is a big weekend for visitors and businesses. taking advantage of the last few big days of summer at the delaware beaches. >> tim furlong is live in rehoboth beach where people are out enjoying the sand and sun. including you, tim. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, guys, i was at the indian river inland today, the weather was good. i was about this close from borrowing somebody's long board on the beach. i think a lot of us, including many businesses on the beaches, wish 2016 could have an endless summer, it's been that good down here. this family from collegeville, p.a., here at the indian river inlet. they aren't alone. a good crowd for a wednesday. waves finally rolling in for the surfers. and for beach businesses --
4:34 pm
>> this summer has been fantastic for us. >> reporter: delaware paddle sports and so many other beach businesses telling me this summer rocked. they're still tricking out paddle boards and kayaks. >> we'll have a big weekend at the beach. all the businesses are ready. >> reporter: in rehoboth, city officials say they've had a record season. parking revenue is up. they said since sandy, more new yorkers have come down to spend money. gus said his 61st summer on the boards has been great. but he said he still has a lot of food to serve up, because they don't close until thanksgiving. >> i can't get off. i'm 60 years old. and i'm still working. i can't get out. >> reporter: these two ladies here, they have to get out. leaving the beach until next july. headed back to western maryland. the weather today making their trip away from the coast even tougher than they expected. >> i don't want it to end.
4:35 pm
we don't live around a lot of beaches. so when we come, we want to stay and not ever go back. >> reporter: i don't blame her. the spring season was bad with all the rain. they're hoping for weeks and weeks more of nice weather. once the tourists leave, a lot of locals come out of hiding. if you want to come down here, this nice looking family here getting ice cream, have a good weekend in the fall, hotel prices go down. they would love to have you here in southern delaware. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> enjoy the last gasp of summer. >> yes. lost luggage, a concern among a lot of travelers. but what if an airline promised it wouldn't happen. >> that's really appealing, isn't it? next, the new plan to keep a closer eye on travelers' bags. and make sure they end up where they're supposed to. don't forget to cast your vote for the high school football game of the week. it's that time of year again. this week's choice downing town
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east at north penn. go to to vote. or text your vote to 610-624-4111. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. feds are stepping up the fight against the opioid abuse and addiction crisis in this country. the obama administers announced it will distribute money to all states. funding will focus on reducing too many prescriptions for painkillers, increasing access to treatment. don't miss generation addicted. nbc 10's extensive look at the heroin crisis in the delaware valley. that's tonight at 7:00. and then join us for a facebook live chat with's vince la tanzio coming up at 7:30. it is one of the biggest headaches when you travel. i can attest.
4:40 pm
like a lot of people can. dealing with lost or delayed bags. delta wants to change that by tracking your luggage. the airline has announced it's investing $50 million in tracking technology. it's called radio frequency identification. it wirelessly identifies tags attached to items. the technology is already used at many warehouses to track goods. experts say if approved successful for delta, other airlines will likely follow suit. hopefully. >> that would be nice. philadelphia's magic man, he's done it again. >> yeah. eagles long snapper jon dorenbos wowed the judges last night on "america's got talent." i can't wait to see it. we'll show you it to you next.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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how about this guy. getting a lot of talk, isn't he? job dorenbos may not shall the eagles standout on the field but
4:44 pm
he's known for his magic off the field. >> he performed again on "america's got talent" last night. this time he had the celebrity judges showing off their football skills. so a little twist there. dorenbos made all the judges snap or throw velcro footballs at a map. he then asked howie mandel to open a locked treasure chest, full of loose coins. the judges were fooled into thinking the amount of money added up to the number of chosen states. what happened next left them speechless. >> do me a favor, pick one quarter up. the state is on the back of that. hold it up. >> this one is alaska. >> there you go. simon! simon went to alaska! >> this one is wyoming. >> wyoming. there you go. >> this one is -- can you see what this one is? this one is -- wait, wait.
4:45 pm
texas. >> there you go. there's a map in there. why is this important? this map wasn't for me as a kid. it was for you guys. simon, you would find your way to alaska. heidi, you always wanted to go to wyoming. >> oh, my god! >> there you are, hoeie going to oklahoma! >> jon dorenbos! go birds! >> peace out, baby, go birds. we'll find out tonight if he did it enough to push him through to the final. i'm feeling good about it. how about you? >> they were loving him. i didn't get to see it last night. >> i didn't either. we were working. >> good stuff. go jon, and go birds. the live show is at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. that is not the last you'll see of jon dorenbos on nbc 10. he'll be at the fourth and final preseason game against the jets. join us before the game at 6:30 for eagles preseason kickoff,
4:46 pm
for exclusive interviews and inside look at the team. all right here on nbc 10, your official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i've been tracking this storm for days. and now tropical storm hermine has formed in the gulf of mexico. it's not that well organized. the minimal tropical storm, but it's got tremendous amounts of rain, as you can see. some of it going into florida right now. we're also looking for thunderstorms developing around the center. and we're getting more and more of that. so conditions are becoming more favorable for this to strengthen over the next couple of days. but we have this tremendous area of rain. this isn't just rain, these are clouds. of course, the higher they are, the more likely they are to have rain. but that's my concern. my concern is more about rain than wind out of this thing, by
4:47 pm
the time it's over. and these are the potential tracks. there's by friday. yeah, it's kind of going to the florida panhandle, isn't it. most of them are inland. as we go into saturday, by this time, the clouds should be up here. and the rain should be approaching. and then so many of these come very close to the east coast, to the jersey shore. and this is labor day. now, it doesn't have to come right on top of us. to mess up the weekend. it's a huge storm, remember? not a lot of wind, but a lot of rain. expecting a lot of hours of rain. here's the latest computer guidance. again, this is just in the last couple of hours. there's friday. it's still not raining. we've got a nice sunny day friday. saturday, the storm's close enough so we have a lot of clouds, maybe start getting some
4:48 pm
rain in delaware, and at the jersey shore. and there we go, saturday night, and into sunday, most of the models have that kind of a timing for the worst of it. now, one of the other things i'm concerned about is the blocking potential as we go into next week. causing the center of this storm not to move very much. there's sunday, the heaviest rain, and the wind. there's monday. labor day it's moving out. or is it. it's not that far out. we need it to move more. otherwise the clouds hang in there for monday. so saturday the clouds thingen with the rain coming in at night. sunday appears to be the worst day with heavy rain and wind, especially towards the shore. but even the philadelphia area. morning rain at the shore, gradual clearing, and windy for monday.
4:49 pm
that's the way it looks now. this could definitely change as we go into the next couple of days. it's a long time before that hits. the suburbs, we have some thunderstorms coming through. overnight tonight, and into tomorrow, at least in the morning hours, and the weekend at the shore. remember, friday is the best day. saturday starts getting wet to the south. sunday, soaking rain just about everywhere. >> all right, glenn. our "nbc 10 responds" team has been hard at work this summer. cash back. >> they've been helping a lot of people. today they hit a big milestone. we'll show it to you, along with their greatest successes, next.
4:50 pm
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now an update from the "nbc 10 responds" team. more than 3,000 of you have reached out to our team so far with your consumer complaints. >> today we've hit an exciting milestone. "nbc 10 responds" harry hairston looks back at the month of august. >> "nbc 10 responds" hears from dozens of viewers every single day. and whenever we can, we want to put your stories on tv. and on so you know how we can respond to your problems. remember mark? he said his pool liner faded after just one season. >> all the color was gone. >> reporter: after we got involved, fred's got a new liner. free of charge. and sent us this "nbc 10 responds" cam. >> thank you, "nbc 10 responds," for putting the color back in our tropical paradise. >> reporter: there was erica, her story part of our expansion
4:54 pm
to include telemundo 62 responde. it's "nbc 10 responds" for our spannic speaking viewers. pedro heard about a deal on a cell phone plan that seemed too good to be true. turns out it was. but we helped turn things around. >> i want to thank nbc 10 for all your action. >> wow. >> reporter: and carlien couldn't get her air conditioner repaired for weeks in the heat of summer. >> i felt you could help me like you helped other people. >> reporter: and we did. neil got the repairs she needed. >> this is real. harry is awesome and he's cute. >> reporter: whatever your consumer complaint, reach out to us, so we can help you. >> so happy. can i hug you? >> sure thing. >> thank you. >> thank you so much! unbelievable. >> thank you so much, harry. you're my hero. >> you're our hero, too, harry. it's been an mazing four months. we haven't seen on television all the people you've helped.
4:55 pm
>> that's right. we can't get all of the people we help on tv. but we do our best. at least get out there and respond to them. as a matter of fact, take a look at this. i want to show you some of our consumer investigative center. our team is hard at work every day, from refunds to repairs. our producers working behind the scenes. they've helped return thousands of dollars to our viewers. >> and "nbc 10 responds" is really reaching a major milestone today. >> yeah. this is very special for us, because we're able to say we've given so much back to the community, take a look at this counter. our counter hit six figures now. that total of money recovered for you is now at $102,007. and that really shows how many people that we've been able to help. how many people we've reached out to. and, you know, they're deserving of this help and getting their money back. and we feel really good about doing what we do. >> you should. that number keeps growing. congratulations to the whole team. it is easy for people to try to
4:56 pm
get in touch, right. >> for sure. folks, it is so easy. all you have to do is take a look at your screen right now. you can file a complaint at, and telemundo for our spanish speaking audience. or call the numbers right there on your screen. and we promise, we will respond to you, and it just feels good helping folks. and when they get help, we feel great. >> and maybe somebody out there will get a hug. >> you never know. >> "nbc 10 responds," great work. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> jim, jackie, harry, we are tracking a pair of weather stories that could impact your holiday weekend plans. the surf's already kicking up at the shore. swirling and swelling is a result of dangerous weather thousands of miles out to sea. and this is just part of the equati equation, right, sheena? >> that's right, keith. we're tracking tropical storm hermine. i'll show you what you can
4:57 pm
expect and what the computer models are showing us, coming up next. and coming to philadelphia, as the eagles get set for their preseason finale, the nfl has just announced something sure to have local football fans smiling. those stories, and much more ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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tropical trouble. dangerous weather far out to sea, is kicking up the surf at the shore.
5:00 pm
a developing situation that could impact your holiday weekend. surprise sitdown. donald trump meets with the president of mexico. a country he's condemned throughout his white house run. parking wars. the neighborhood fight to keep a south philadelphia tradition from becoming a thing of the past. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts with the developing two-part weather situation. part one being tropical storm hermine. it formed in the gulf of mexico this afternoon. and it's now threatening to change the outlook for our labor day weekend. part two is already evident along the coast. a live look at the scene in cape may tonight. there are swirls and swells resulting from more tropical weather, that's miles out in the ocean. we have live team weather coverage of the changing storms tonight. >> sheena parveen, krystal klei and sheena


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