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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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financial field. jousting with the jets tonight in a game you'll only see on nbc 10. breaking news. the latest track for hurricane hermine arrived just moments ago. because of that track, there's a new tropical storm watch for parts of our area. this gives us a better idea of what the storm will bring us as it moves our way. >> it is threatening to impact our region over the labor day weekend. a live look right now at the coast. this is cape may today, where beachgoers are wondering what hermine will mean as they prepare to say farewell to summer. we have live first alert team coverage in the weather center tracking hermine. and the impact the storm could have this weekend. >> we begin with sheena parveen with more on where hermine is right now. >> well, hermine is still in the gulf of mexico. it is a category 1 hurricane, but it has increased in speed, moving 14 miles an hour, and will be making landfall tonight somewhere in florida, right
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along the florida panhandle, closer to the tallahassee area. just in, we now locally have a tropical storm watch as we go into the weekend because of hermine and as it moves closer to us, what it means for our weather. the entire jersey shore, the sussex county beaches in delaware, tropical storm watch until sunday around 4:40 in the afternoon. this means as we go into part of your labor day weekend, you can expect tropical storm conditions. that is certainly a possibility. now we'll go back to hurricane hermine, spinning in the gulf of mexico. so it's still very far away. heavy rain bands moving onshore in florida. but the center of this storm, the eye of the hurricane is still about 120 miles offshore. tallahassee right in the path. rain heading in that direction. there you see the eye of the hurricane. that's pretty well defined. and we have one buoy that just so happens to sit closest to the eye of the storm. wave heights there 20 feet, winds gusting near 60 miles an
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hour. so again, it's a weak category 1 hurricane, but as far as the storm is concerned, it's very strong. more heavy rain heading towards the florida panhandle toward tallahassee. heavy bands moving through gainesville. in the tampa bay area, look at these heavy rain bands approaching. chances are you've seen a lot of flooding. if you look at the buoys near the tampa bay area, wind gusts 60 miles an hour, and wave heights over ten feet. the storm expected to impact our area over the labor day holiday weekend. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz standing by with a closer look at the newest track just released. >> yeah, sheena, of course, the timing could hardly be worse, happening on a big holiday weekend. and a slow-moving storm affecting multiple days at the beach. we're seeing the track of the storm now starting in the gulf
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of mexico. and generally heading into florida. and then up the east coast. at least inland of the east coast. there's the center of the storm. and as we go through the next couple of days, take a look at a couple of things. the new track just in minutes ago from the hurricane center. 80-mile-an-hour max winds late tonight, 60-mile-an-hour max winds even while it's inland. friday afternoon. 50-mile-an-hour max winds even when it exits north carolina. so it could still be a tropical storm, maybe extra tropical, or a combination, but it doesn't matter, 50-mile-an-hour wind, with a big storm and a lot of rain, that's a significant storm. and this is the latest track. sunday, monday, tuesday, not moving very much. just spinning around offshore,
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and that's going to keep spinning in winds and churning up the waves. here's the latest future radar. you can see by saturday morning, just starting to get a little bit of light rain in southern delaware. but by later in the day, especially in the evening, we're going to see some of the rain, and as the storm strengthens offshore, watch what happens. some of the rain starts to come back as this storm strengthens. so more on that coming up in a little bit. >> all right, glenn. count on the nbc 10 app to track hurricane hermine this weekend. get live radar, the latest forecast and weather alerts for your neighborhood or for your holiday destination. that app is a free download. all eyes are on hermine at the jersey shore. today's rain kept the beach clear here in cape may today. beachgoers and businesses are hoping for sunshine this holiday
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weekend. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson is live in atlantic city. >> brandon, how are the crowds there right now? >> reporter: well, keith and jacqueline, the crowds are great. we have people that will be here for the next four days. in the last 30 minutes, i spoke to the organizer of the beach concert going on at this stage behind me. he told me between that concert and the made in america concert in philly which they also produce, they expect 150,000 people. and that doesn't even account for the people that are out here on the boardwalk. like i said, they'll be here for the next four days, some of them. it will have a great impact on a city that has had financial problems recently. the beach is packed with visitors. we're here on the shore for the last big vacation weekend of the summer. that cash goes a long way to helping businesses on the boardwalk and the hotels. and so far, the weather, or impending forecast isn't keeping them away. >> atlantic city has had tough times. tough news coming out of there.
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this is a way to put a smile on a lot of people's faces. it will have a great economic impact. >> reporter: that would be regional president of live nation, who helps put on the beach concert. they have another one later on in september. he said in addition to bringing the people here for the concert, they also help with temporary jobs for the people who live here in atlantic city. live in atlantic city, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. almost game time. we have a live look at lincoln financial field. eagles look to wrap up a perfect preseason when they take on the new york jets here tonight. we are less than two hours away from the start of the game. nbc 10 is the only place to see all that action. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in south philadelphia. surrounded by a lot of green, tim. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of green. not quite as much as usual. it is the last preseason game. the weather is a little iffy. a lot of people just starting to get here now. going to be a lot of backups in
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the game. folks coming to the game aren't going to see carson wentz. but another win would be nice. hopefully the momentum rolls into the regular season, that starts a week from sunday. >> i'm thinking play-offs. >> listen, you want to think play-offs? why not. tailgaters this afternoon clearly an optimistic bunch. >> the way they looked throughout the preseason, if they can play like that throughout the regular season, i think we can at least make it to the play-offs. >> reporter: most people didn't expect much this season. they didn't expect much sizzle either. last week's win in indy, it was a good one. >> our defense is beautiful this year. we're looking real good on defense. >> reporter: the defense looks good, most of the wide receivers seem to be catching balls. they hope they win this week's division and make most of the sundays interesting. >> i'm a die-hard eagles fan. >> reporter: if the rain holds off, it will be a nice night for
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the game. always nice, of course, on your couch watching the game on nbc 10. a lot of guys out there playing for their jobs tonight. hoping for a spot on the roster. as we get closer to the regular season. i know i'm going to go home and watch this game tonight. i think it will be pretty awesome. i have a lot of things i'm looking for. a lot of reasons to watch tonight. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, thank you so much. nbc 10's coverage starts at 6:30 tonight. game time 7:00. and then stay with us after the game for eagles preseason final. nbc 10 is the official tv station of your philadelphia eagles. another major football headline today, the nfl draft will return to philadelphia. we say return, because our city hosted the first-ever draft way back in 1936. then it was in new york for decades before chicago got the honors for the last two years. newly drafted players will have their big moment on the ben franklin parkway, and their careers will begin at the art museum steps. nice. an estimated 200,000 fans will be in town for the draft.
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and it will generate $86 million locally. former eagles quarterback said the credit goes to the fans. >> i do know this. there's incredible passion for football in this community. that's why we were selected by the national football league. >> we bleed green. tickets for the draft will be free. but you'll have to win a lottery to get them. more street closures today in preparation for the budweiser welcome america festival. a live look at the ben franklin parkway. tonight at 7:00, 22nd street between the parkway and pennsylvania avenue will go down to one lane. it will remain that way until tuesday. the festival kicks off this weekend. it is two days of music featuring rihanna, lil wayne, on saturday cold play and d.j. callus. headline on sunday. just a few of the 50 acts performing on five stages. buy single-day passes or two-day
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passes through ticketmaster. gunfire at a busy shopping complex in atlantic city has left one man dead and another wounded. authorities are calling it a murder and attempted suicide. workers at the zumez store said their manager was shot and killed inside by another man, it all happened around noon. investigators say the suspect then went across the street to the white house black market. and that's where sources say he shot himself after being confronted by an off-duty police officer from out of town, who then got the gun away from the suspect. shoppers were locked inside other stores during this ordeal. >> they locked us in. they made us go in the storage room. >> everybody was crying. the little kids were crying. >> the names of the two men involved have not been released but sources tell nbc 10 the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of a woman whom the victim was currently dating. no word on the suspect's condition. right now at 5:00, traffic appears to be moving okay along
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i-95. the morning commute, though, a much different story. take a look at the video. a major crash involving a fire truck, and a tractor-trailer, shut down 95 for an hour hours this morning. the firefighters were responding to another two-car crash in the southbound lanes when the big rig slammed into their truck. nbc 10 photojournalist pete cain saw the crash as it happened. he was there to give this exclusive video. >> normally when i come up on an accident, the firemen are the ones that are going to help people. it was just so eerie that they were the ones that needed help. >> five philadelphia firefighters were treated and released from the hospital. the truck driver, meanwhile, is recovering at jefferson hospital. from the shore, to the city, and everywhere in between, people are watching what the weather will be for the holiday weekend. all eyes are on hurricane hermine. we have a look at the path and its track as it approaches
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florida. and gains strength. meteorologist sheena parveen is putting the final touches on her forecast. she'll break down what this storm may mean for us. don't miss it. plus, back on track. the first of septa sidelined cars will return despite more slowdowns in september.
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we're tracking hermine which was upgraded to a hurricane just over an hour ago. it is gaining strength as it makes its way toward florida. the latest track is in tonight. meteorologist sheena parveen will break down what it could mean for us ahead in her first alert forecast. there's bad news and good news in the septa slowdown tonight. septa was forced to pull 120 rail cars out of service for repairs earlier this summer. it announced today four of those cars are back on track. as nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal reports, commuters' problems could get worse after labor day. >> reporter: with summer winding down, college students like nathaniel head back to school amid a massive shortage of septa train cars. >> the trains get packed. it's hard to find a seat sometimes. >> reporter: but today a sign of real progress. for the first time since the problems began, a fully --
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to decision 2016 coverage. donald trump back on the campaign trail today. reinforcing his border wall strategy. but his aggressive rhetoric on illegal immigration has covered up what could be an historic policy shift. republican nominee campaigns through the battleground state of ohio today. he's the first major party candidate in modern history to propose limiting legal immigration. today he outlined a new screening test for immigration into the u.s. that will weed out those who don't share american values. >> we will get all of the bad ones out. we have a lot of bad drug dealers and gang members and cartel people. we know who they are. the local police and the police in the country know exactly who these people are. but they're not allowed to do anything, because the leadership is so bad at the top. >> late this afternoon on twitter, mexican president enrique nieto reiterated what he
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said when he told trump yesterday, quote, mexico will not pay for a wall. on the other side of things, vice presidential nominee tim kaine said trump, quote, caved and choked by failing to discuss his demands that mexico pay for the wall during trump's vis et with nieto. kaine told the crowd in new hampshire today that trump's casting of mexican immigrants as criminals is similar to past discrimination against irish and jewish people. matt lauer will moderate the nbc news and msnbc commander in chief forum with both hillary clinton and donald trump. the first joint candidate event ahead of the general election will air live next wednesday night at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we are tracking changes in our labor day weekend forecast. it's all because of hurricane hermine, which is now a hurricane. a live look at rehoboth beach. overcast skies right now.
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sunny tomorrow. but going into your labor day weekend, we're going to see things really deteriorate. conditions will be deteriorating. category 1, still in the gulf of mexico, a weak category 1, but it has a little bit of time to strengthen a bit more before it moves on land in florida. heavy rain bands here. look at the newest most updated track from the national hurricane center. moving onshore maybe around the tallahassee area in the florida panhandle by late tonight, early tomorrow morning, as a category 1 hurricane. then continuing to move through the southeast maybe as a tropical storm. then heading up towards the mid-atlantic states, a little bit farther offshore now. for sunday, monday and tuesday, this system could very well be almost stalling offshore. at that point it would continue to stir up the seas. we would continue to have the rip currents at the beaches. for your labor day weekend, sunday, monday, right offshore we do at least expect some rain and quite a bit of wind to be impacting part of the area. closer look at the hurricane as it spins.
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there you see the very well-defined eye of the storm. lots of heavy rain bands. when we talk about hurricanes, we tell you the right side of the hurricane in the direction of motion is the strongest. that is very clear here. as it moves to the northeast, look at the right side, all the heavy rain bands moving into the tampa bay area. the left side, not much. but as it moves into the northeast, we're going to start to see our winds increasing and also the rain chances increasing. locally, though, we have clouds around. this has nothing to do with the tropical weather. this is a different system. a few light showers moving through south jersey, but tonight we'll clear up a bit more. we have a tropical storm watch for much of the area. close to the jersey shore and delaware beaches for your labor day weekend. this just goes to show that we expect high winds. we expect rain, which could be heavy at times. as we go through saturday, sunday and possibly monday. the rip current threat has already been in the forecast for the weekend. it could very well extend through most of the beginning of
5:20 pm
next week as well. moderate to high risk. we expect rough seas, especially saturday, sunday and monday. so keep this in mind this weekend. we do expect, again, deteriorating conditions, especially closer to the shore and delaware beaches. for tonight, we're going to see clouds decrease across the area. for your friday, actually going to be a really nice day tomorrow. sunshine, highs around 80 degrees. the clouds move back in saturday. this is noon on saturday. the rain to our south, that is part of hermine. so saturday by noon, we could still be dry, north and west of philadelphia, south jersey, delaware starting to already possibly see rain and wind. the wind will be increasing especially sunday. sunday afternoon. so everyone may not see the rain. again, the track, once this storm makes landfall later tonight, the track may even change a little bit more. the intensity of the forecast may change, too, once it starts interacting with land. the computer models will pick up
5:21 pm
on it a little bit better. so for tomorrow, you'll want to stay tuned, because we'll have way more updates. conditions, though, locally, very nice. 81 degrees and sunny philadelphia. along the shore near 80 degrees. saturday we'll see the rain increasing, especially along the shore. temperatures dropping now to the 70s. take a look as we go through sunday, monday, tuesday. even as we go through the first half of next week, we could very well continue to see the storm system stalling offshore. so we could still have rain lingering at the shore for your labor day monday. so as of now, again, we have a lot of updates coming in. if we go through the day, we'll have more track updates later on tonight. we'll have another hurricane track update. but it is expected to make landfall tonight in the panhandle of florida. once it interacts with land it will be weakening and the computer models will get a better idea of what other weather systems will be steering it and a better location of the track. >> everyone has plans this weekend, whether they're going to be at the shore or made at
5:22 pm
america. so many people crowding ben franklin parkway, keep a close eye on this. >> exactly. the track of the storm will be determining our weekend forecast. that's why we have to pay such close attention to it. and of course, the intensity forecast as well. >> sheena, thank you so much. they call him the boss for a reason. he shows up, sometimes changes have to be made. in fact, one town decided bruce springsteen is worth an extra 15 minutes.
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a rocket explosion at cape canaveral, florida, today. nasa said the space x launch site was doing a test firing of its unmanned rocket when the blast happened. it shook buildings several miles away and destroyed a satellite that facebook was planning to use. no one was hurt. it's not clear what caused the explosion. a massachusetts town extended its concert curfew for bruce springsteen. he's performing at foxboro september 14th. the typical concert curfew on a week night is 11:15. the town voted to extend it to 1 11:30.
5:26 pm
springsteen has been performing three to four-hour sets. foxboro is the latest stop on his tour. after being cut from numerous sponsors, olympic swimmer ryan lochte just got another endorsement deal. the 12-time olympic medalists signed with a company cold robocop. it makes hand-held alarms. its slogan, the company said the alarms can get you out of a bad situation. now, this is the second endorsement deal for lochte. last week he signed with pine brothers. the company with the slogan forgiving. hurricane hermine is taking aim at florida and threatening to impact our area for the holiday weekend. >> we know you are packing, you're making plans now, nbc 10 is here to help you prepare with team weather coverage. sheena? >> that's right. now we have a tropical storm watch for parts of new jersey and delaware for your labor day weekend. hurricane hermine may be strengthening before it makes landfall. i'll show you the yun dated track coming up. and storm ranger 10 is on
5:27 pm
the move. it is our new high-tech radar on wheels. this video just in from washington, d.c./maryland area. that's where storm ranger 10 is now. we're sending it south to better track hermine as the weekend goes on. just one of the many tools we have of what's coming up weather-wise, when it comes to your holiday weekend. iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey..
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tracking hurricane hermine. you can see the storm hovering near florida. it will eventually head toward our region after making landfall in florida's gulf coast overnight. in tampa, streets have already turned into ponds. as several inches of rain have fallen. some cars are trying to make it through the high water there. it is extremely dangerous. rough surf is churning up along the beaches. we have live first alert team coverage in the weather center tracking hermine and the impact the storm could have here this weekend. >> we begin with sheena parveen on where hermine is right now. >> hermine is still in the gulf of mexico. it is a category 1 hurricane. now we have the newest track from the national hurricane center. and it could get a little bit stronger before it makes landfall in the florida panhandle. it's continuing to move to the north-northeast 14 miles an hour. we expect by labor day weekend, all the way up the east coast, tropical storm watches and warnings. we have a tropical storm watch now for the jersey shore and the
5:31 pm
delaware beaches. that's going to run through sunday afternoon. we will be watching the timing of this very closely. we expect high winds, heavy rain for part of the area, too. make sure you stay tuned here, because we'll be updating this tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, of course, going into your weekend. it spins in the gulf of mexico, a lot of heavy rain bands now approaching the tampa bay area. there's actually a tornado warning now. that's what happens with a lot of hurricanes, if you're on the right side or north side of it, you end up getting severe weather with it. well defined eye of the hurricane, 115 miles from the tallahassee area, but closer to the coast there, that's where we expect it to be moving on land. and we just so happen to have buoy data near the storm. wave heights 25 feet in the gulf of mexico. winds gusting still near 60 miles an hour. it could strengthen a little bit more before it hits land. heavy rain bands moving up into
5:32 pm
the florida panhandle. also near the gainesville area. more heavy rain heading there. there's the tornado warning north of tampa, very heavy band of area heading toward the tampa area. buoy data close to the tampa area, winds gusting near 60 miles an hour. wave heights still around 11 feet. so again, this is a very strong storm. churning up the waters in the gulf of mexico. once it hits land, it will be weakening a bit, but it will also be heading toward our area. it will impact part of our weekend forecast. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a closer look at the in you track. >> yes, sheena, in general, it's in the general direction of what the track looked like earlier, with some minor adjustments. one of the adjustments is to actually make it a stronger storm as it comes up into the mid-atlantic states. this is the latest radar picture. and you can see, that line that sheena is talking about, is getting close to tampa.
5:33 pm
they haven't even seen the worse of the rain yet. the storm surge, fortunately it's not very well populated here, because that storm surge is going to be devastating. 80-mile-an-hour winds as it goes inland tonight. only dropping to 60-mile-an-hour winds as it goes into south carolina. 50-mile-an-hour winds by saturday afternoon. and 60-mile-an-hour winds by sunday. now, how does that happen. it strengthens again. now, whether it's a tropical strengthening, or like a type of nor'easter strengthening, it's strengthening. and that means the winds are stronger, the waves are higher, and the problems last longer. the tropical storm watch is only through sunday, because they only issue them up through 72 hours. that doesn't mean the threat is over after sunday afternoon. because there it is on tuesday. still not that far offshore. remember, it's a big storm.
5:34 pm
and spinning those waters in, and it doesn't allow the waters to die down after the high tides. so each low tide doesn't go far down enough, the next high tide goes up even higher. the futurecast, saturday morning it should start off dry for that weekend, but heaviest rain, delaware beaches, south jersey, the lowest chance of rain, the least significant rain, north and west, lehigh valley, berks county, for example. there we are on sunday, the storm actually gets closer to the coast. so sunday is the heaviest rain. and the strongest wind. and this thing could be hanging around for a couple more days after that. >> so count on the nbc 10 app to track hurricane hermine this weekend. get live radar, the latest forecasts, and weather alerts for your neighborhood or your holiday destination. the app, of course, is a free download.
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here's stories making hbs on nbc 10 news at 5:00. one man is dead, another wounded after gunfire erupted at a busy shopping complex in atlantic city. a manager was shot and killed inside a store around noon. the gunman then went to the store white house black market where he shot himself. investigators are calling the incident a murder and attempted suicide. also, the first of septa's sidelined rail cars returned to the track today. septa officials say commuters could be in for even more slowdowns next week as students head back to school. train schedules should be back to normal by early october. five philadelphia firefighters are out of the hospital after a tractor-trailer slammed into their truck this morning? they were responding to another two-car crash in the southbound lanes when the big rig slammed into their truck under the chestnut street overpass. the crash closed 95 for four
5:36 pm
hours. bands of rain from hurricane hermine are already flooding some parts of the florida coast. tampa, look at this, streets have turned into ponds and several inches of rain have fallen. strong winds are churning a rough surf along the beaches as hurricane hermine makes its way toward land. nbc's sarah rosario joins us live from cedar key with more on the effects of the storm so far and the measures being taken to keep people safe. that includes volunteer evacuations, sarah. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, keith. and as this hurricane gains strength, it is continuing to deteriorate here in cedar key. now the biggest concern, especially for people not in the path of the storm, is a storm surge. and the threat of possible tornadoes. with many people already dealing with flooding, those people are prepared for things to get worse. with rough surf, gray skies, and empty beaches, residents living along florida's gulf coast are
5:37 pm
bracing for hurricane hermine, barreling toward florida's shoreline. >> this hurricane is strengthening. we're going to see landfall about 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: >> we've done everything we can to prepare. >> reporter: their town in florida's big bend is at the center of the storm's cone. >> getting rid of debris, strap things down, move things inside. >> reporter: they plan to ride it out. 51 counties now in a state of emergency are making the same preparations. gathering sandbags to keep the water out. but in some parts of the tampa bay area, it wasn't enough. pictures from the air show just some of the flooding. >> this storm, hurricane is life-threatening. >> reporter: today florida governor rick scott closed all state offices to give people more time to prepare. his message echoes that of forecasters predicting downed trees and power lines. >> the danger of life-threatening storm surge, this is a serious situation. >> reporter: while some are
5:38 pm
already dealing with a mess to clean up, others are bearing down, prepared for what's to come. for people choosing to ignore the mandatory evacuation orders, if they stay here and have to call 911, there will be no one here to save them. local officials say they're not putting first responders at risk, or in danger to help people who aren't heeding the warnings. reporting live in cedar key, sarah rosario. keith, back to you. >> sarah, thank you so much. again, we are keeping a close eye on what hermine will mean for our area. the latest track of the storm is out. meteorologist sheena parveen is updating her forecast as we speak. don't go anywhere. a comprehensive look at what this storm could mean for your holiday weekend plans is coming up. the storm may be a big deal for us. it will impact your plans. stay with us.
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preferential treatment when applying to georgetown university, part of an effort to atone for profiting from the sale of slaves back in the 1800s. in 1838, two priests who presided over the university sold 272 men, women and children to pay off school debts. the university will reach out to those descendents and give them the same admission advantage of students of alumni. many people with chronic pain may find relief from therapy that don't involve medication. government researchers studied the effects of yoga, tai chi, massage and other therapies on patients with a variety of ailments. acupuncture and yoga were helpful in managing back pain. massage therapy works well for people with neck pain and many migraine sufferers found relief finding relaxation techniques. instagram is giving a way to get a closer look at people's
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posts. the app is adding a pinch to zoom feature, so you can zoom in on photos and videos, or on someone's profile. so far this is the only available. for ios users. it will likely debut for android users soon. analysts say this is instagram's latest move to keep up with competitor snapchat. another early arrival, starbucks pumpkin spice latte. does that mean summer is coming to an end? fall officially begins in starbucks stores tuesday. it made the return today, a fall favorite since it was introduced in 2003. since its debut, more than 200 million of the popular drinks have been sold. >> people love it. the eagles are preparing for their last preseason test. the birds battle the jets at the linc. up next, we're joined by csn's john clark to who and what we can expect on the field tonight.
5:43 pm
we're still tracking hurricane hermine. it will make landfall in florida tonight. i'll show what it means for your labor day weekend forecast.
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we are counting down to kickoff. a live look at lincoln financial field. the eagles set to take the field here against the jets tonight. they look to remain perfects in the preseason. john clark is live at the linc. >> one last preseason tune-up, john. >> reporter: yeah, carson wentz is warming up behind me, but of course he's not going to play. we do expect to see linebacker michael kendrick getting some snaps. eagles tell us that doriel
5:46 pm
green, beckham will start at the receiver position. and really, it's the battle for the guys trying to make this team that we'll see tonight. one thing to watch around the nfl tonight is anyone else sitting for the national anthem. of course, colin kaepernick out of protest sat for the national anthem. take a look at what else he is doing. he has been wearing socks that depict police officers as pigs. and he released a statement saying that he condemns the police officers who have taken advantage of their positions, and that it makes other police officers who are just trying to do their jobs look bad. here is eagles coach doug pederson and his stance on his eagles and his players standing together for the national anthem. >> i can appreciate everybody's opinions, and i respect everybody's opinions. but at the same time, i feel it is important and it's obviously out of respect for the men and women of our country that sacrifice in order for us to coach and play this great game.
5:47 pm
so i get it. i understand it. but at the same time, i encourage everybody to stand. >> reporter: as i said, you see carson wentz, a live look at him warming up. and you see him running very well. look at him. the mobility. his arm strength. but he's just not a hundred percent for the eagles to put him out there tonight. we'll have a lot more coming up at 6:20. for now, live from the linc, i'm john clark, back to you. >> get much more information tonight at 6:30. the eagles' preseason kickoff, jets and eagles. and then the post-game show afterwards. good stuff to watch. well, our top headline, hurricane hermine. yes, it is a hurricane now. and we have to watch the track very closely, because our labor day weekend forecast depends heavily on the track of this storm.
5:48 pm
right now, it's in the gulf of mexico, category 1 hurricane. a weak category 1, but it could strengthen more before it makes landfall tonight in the florida panhandle. somewhere around the tallahassee area. it's moving to the north-northeast 14 miles an hour. so the speed is increasing. it will be moving onshore tonight, into early tomorrow, then crossing through parts of south carolina through friday. then it moves offshore into the weekend. but close enough to us to be affecting our labor day weekend forecast. so here's the updated track from the national hurricane center. there's sunday. there's monday. there's tuesday. we expect it to slow down as it moves offshore. so expect the rip current risks to stay high. also, it could be giving us pretty windy conditions at the shore, and the delaware beaches. and also some heavy rain. so i'll show you that in just a minute. but we do expect the heaviest rain and windiest conditions at the shore. so now we look at your labor day weekend forecast. here's how we've changed it based on the track of the storm. we could see some rain starting later in the afternoon saturday.
5:49 pm
mostly for south jersey and delaware. temperatures, we have dropped them into the 70s because of the wind direction. more cloud cover through sunday. again, this heavily depends on the track of the storm. we expect more updates tonight at 11:00. also as we go through the day tomorrow, any track changes we'll be updating this as well. as we go into monday, that does look like a better day for the beaches. but remember, the rip current risk is still going to stay very high. so dangerous rip currents at the shore. that's another concern that we're watching saturday, sunday and monday. also, tomorrow, moderate to high risk there. very rough seas. we will be watching this storm closely as it relates to your weekend forecast. for now, though, we have a few light showers around the area. we'll see skies clearing out tonight. and then we go into friday. really nice day tomorrow. then there's a look at saturday. so far, the computer models showing the rain moving into south jersey. new jersey and delaware seeing the most rain, the most wind,
5:50 pm
and now we're looking at sunday. sunday, rain in parts of new jersey, and delaware. some of this could move as far inland as philadelphia. maybe farther north and west. but it depends on where the center of this storm is. the storm has not made landfall yet. it will make landfall tonight in florida. then after that, we'll be watching for any track changes. because, of course, that depends where the moisture's going to be and the highest wind speeds. the intensity forecast we'll get updates throughout tonight and through the day tomorrow. what you can expect as of now. this is subject to change. afternoon rain new jersey and delaware for saturday. spreading inland later saturday night. how far inland, again, is going to be drld by the track of the storm. sunday, heavy rain at times. mostly new jersey and delaware. highest winds at the shore. that's where we have a tropical storm watch right now. and for monday, we expect some rain lingering at the shore. and gradual clearing as well. but it will be windy. now, here's a tropical storm watch. beaches and delaware in sussex
5:51 pm
county, all of cape may county, through sunday. so far tropical conditions possible. those would be wind gusts near 50 miles an hour, or greater. so we will be watching that very closely for any updates. currently, the clouds starting to clear north and west of philadelphia. the rain going with it. but as we go into tomorrow, even more clearing. so here's your forecast as we go through tomorrow. temperatures around 80 degrees. it's going to be a really nice day tomorrow. you would never know that we have a tropical system heading our way. we'll see low humidity in the forecast, too. temperatures in robbinsville 82 degrees. wilmington 80 degrees tomorrow. we'll continue with the nice conditions throughout tomorrow evening. but it is the weekend forecast, again, that we'll be watching very closely. so more updates coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. coming up next, we'll have another track update, too, as we go later into the evening. the work is far from easy, and it's taking several days.
5:52 pm
>> they are jackhammering their way through old rock and tearing it all out. they're doing it free of charge. the story straight ahead.
5:53 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
5:54 pm
more high school students in camden will be taking the bus to school this year. in the past, district policy
5:55 pm
provided passes to students living at least two and a half miles or more from school. after the community held a walk to show just how dangerous and far that walk is, the district changed its policy. the superintendent announced that passes will be given to students who live two miles or more from school. >> one thing to look at data, and budgets on a spread sheet, and to make decisions, it's a whole other thing to actually walk the walk. and to work collaboratively with community leaders to better understand the needs of our students. >> the new policy means 200 more additional students will take the bus to school this year. a warm welcome on the first day of classes for these students at universal high school. dozens of men from the neighborhoods were there to greet the students and faculty. and wish them well. for a new school year. universal reed is the only career technical high school in pennsylvania.
5:56 pm
philadelphia students will have a new look when they head back to school next week, thanks to the 17th police district and unisex hair designs. at the event kids 15 and under got back-to-school haircuts for just $1. a philadelphia grandmother who is battling cancer has one less thing to worry about tonight. arena stone is fighting stage 4 cancer as she raises her three grandkids. severe flooding in their home's basement was causing health problems for the children. a charity stepped in. crews from bq basement systems came to make the repairs. >> working hard in the heat all day, and they're donating this great thing for arena, free of charge, which is incredible. >> workers will spend a total of three days water guarding the basements. coming up, all new at 6:00
5:57 pm
tonight, a philadelphia man spent more than 40 years behind bars. tonight he's a free man ready for a fresh start. only nbc 10 was there as he walked out of prison. his story, next. i'm tracking hurricane hermine. we'll talk about the coastal flooding it could bring to the jersey shore, among other things. stay with us.
5:58 pm
hurricane hermine, the storm is getting stronger as it churns in the gulf.
5:59 pm
rain and floods, people in florida are bracing for the worst as the storm is just hours from landfall. storm hits home. a live look at the beaches along cape may. the question is, when will it get close to us, and what will it bring. tracking hermine, it's already raining heavily down in florida as we look at this massive storm on the radar. just an hour ago, our region was put under a tropical storm watch. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. the first alert weather team has you covered on this storm. check out the flooding in florida. this video came in to us just a short time ago. as you can see, the streets are flooded. the waves are whipping around in the ocean. those are some of the things we can expect along the jersey coast this weekend. we have team coverage this evening. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is from florida and she's covered many hurricanes. we have our own hurricane
6:00 pm
expert, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we begin with sheena with details on where this storm is right now. sheena? >> yeah, jacqueline, it's still spinning in the gulf of mexico. it is a category 1 hurricane, so it strengthened this afternoon. it still has a little more time to strengthen in the warm waters of the gulf before it makes landfall somewhere along the florida panhandle. right now it's moving to the north-northeast 14 miles an hour, swinging heavy rain bands into florida. like you mentioned, jacqueline, yes, we do have a tropical storm watch for the jersey shore and delaware beaches through sunday. this means tropical storm conditions are possible over part of your labor day weekend. we could see wind gusts near 50 miles an hour. expect rain through parts of the area. and of course, that increase in cloud cover. closer look at hurricane hermine, well-defined eye of this hurricane. that eye about 110 miles offshore, near the tallahassee area, where it's expected to be moving inland. so the florida panhandle is going to see the strongest winds from this thing. we just


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