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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  September 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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tropical storm is moving up the coast, working its way from florida to north carolina as you can see, it poses a significant threat for our area. we're talking about the jersey shore. we've got you covered with what you need to do to prepare for whatever the storm brings. rain on me, i'm still going to be out there. >> concert goers tell us they are not concerned about the wet weather from hermine that could impact philadelphia's made in america festival this weekend. we will have a preview as we mark the unofficial end of summer. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's 5:00 on this
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saturday. we are following two breaking stories this morning. in atlantic city we're following a shooting near in popular shopping area, but first the breaking weather story, tropical storm hermine. meteorologist krystal klei has been watching the track of this storm and has updated information. >> that's right. we're looking at those updates that have been coming in through the early hours of this morning. now, the track itself still looking similar to everything we were reporting to you yesterday meaning it stalls near us. updates on conditions, though, still a tropical storm, hermine is, and we're looking at those winds at 60 miles per hour the max speed at this point. it will continue in that tropical storm category as long as winds stay below that 73 mile per hour threshold which we do see currently. as for the system itself, what we're looking at is that today it's still sitting to the southwest of us. it's moving to the northeast at 22 miles per hour and it is likely still to stall monday through wednesday, in fact, just
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minutes ago getting in an updated look at the forecasted projection of this system showing that it may not start to really move out until about thursday morning. bad news for us because when it lingers near us that can continue to push those higher wave heights into shore and lead to the coastal flooding concerns. so locally still talking that concern in our forecast and that rain/wind mix as well lingering along the shore for several days. as you move farther inland the chance not as good for an extended period of rain although the potential will still be there, particularly on your sunday. let's take a look at what we've got going on with your tropical storm warning, it is in effect right along our viewing zone, the jersey shore as well as the delaware beaches through the delaware bay, potentially could see issues even along the delaware river. remember, 30 to 50 mile per hour winds, gusts up to 60 possible. this is the look at tropical storm hermine right now, right
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near norfolk we see some of the heaviest rain, we're going to start looking more closely as this moves forward what it could mean for us rainwise but right now this is current in norfolk, over half an inch per hour, same if you go off to sea a bit offshore. we're looking at pockets of those heavier rain showers moving through and that will linger in our area in the days to come. we will talk more about the timing of those showers coming up. now to that breaking news in atlantic city, a shooting investigation is under way near a popular shopping area. nbc 10's pamela osbourne is live in a.c. this morning to fill us in on the details. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, we've been on the ground here for about 20 minutes and what we see are more and more police officers rushing into the area. now, this is columbus boulevard here, take a look, you can see police have set up a perimeter. the only people going in and out of that area are police officers right now. new jersey state police
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confirming to us that this is a shooting incident. take a look down the road, you can see some more flashing police lights there as well. i can tell you that we're seeing officers arrive here to the scene, they have their long guns out, drawn here. this is the bass pro shop, you can see police using this as a staging area right now we see officers in helmets, it looks like they're doing some kind of briefing right now. it would appear as though they are looking for a suspect, again, everywhere you look on every single corner this morning flashing lights, heavy police presence. they are asking people to avoid the area that they're trying to search right now, we're going to continue to follow this information, i'm checking in with police to see if we can get any more details for you about this shooting, the nature of the shooting. as soon as we have that information we will see you again for another live report. reporting live in atlantic city i'm pamela osbourne. today's shooting follows what police called an apparent murder/suicide attempt at the
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nearby atlantic city outlets. investigators say a man shot and killed the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend inside the zoomy's clothing store then walked into white house black market where he turned the gun on himself. he survived, an off duty police officer from out of town was able to wrestle the man as he tried to shoot himself. now back to our coverage of tropical storm hermine. folks spending the labor day weekend at the delaware beaches and down the shore need to be prepared for this storm. brandon hudson checked out some preparations in sea isle city. >> reporter: you can get a feel for how windy it is by looking at how the street sign is moving and the wag is waving right above us. some of these storefronts are already preparing for the bad weather that's expected this weekend. an arcade room full of families at the boardwalk casino, staff
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says it's usually a lot busier on friday night. >> yesterday was more busy because i guess people that the storm was coming. >> hermine is putting businesses jersey shore dodges a bullet. >> maybe a drizzly day and if that's the case the people will walk the boardwalk and respond to the stores. >> reporter: along the beach families made the most of the day which may be the best chance to play in the sand and water all weekend. >> you can tell that the rip current is starting to pick up a little bit. >> reporter: sea isle is no stranger to storm. earlier this year it was hit with a nor'easter. while there is concern again people who are visiting told us they aren't going anywhere. >> i think we're going to stick it out unless we're told we have to leave. we have everything that we need. >> we're staying on the bay so we see some of the boats, it looks like they're moving them out. >> we can't have the summer end this day. >> you're trying to enjoy the most of it right now.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: i spoke to a pizza shop owner right around the corner he told me the forecast alone may scare away 30% of his customer base. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. the forecast is serious enough that the big beach concerts this weekend in atlantic city are canceled. last night we were there as the zach brown band performed. florida georgia line was supposed to take the stage tonight and blink 182 on monday, but now those shows have been called off. atlantic city mayor's says given the extreme weather conditions predicted for the beach this weekend we were left with no other choice. we should also mention that the wildwood block party and music festival is canceled as well. the party was supposed to be tomorrow because because of tropical storm hermine the city was called off the event. now, there are no special plans for possible rain impacting the annual made in america festival in philadelphia. here is a live look at the stage on the ben franklin parkway in center city. all is dark right now but will
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light up later. thousands are reacted to watch rihanna and coldplay perform. the parkway has been transformed into an adult fun zone, there are five stages where dozens of acts will perform all day today and tomorrow, there are even carnival rides including a giant ferris wheel. concert goers tell us that they are not worried about hermine. >> i don't care. i do not care. rain on me, i'm still going to be out there. >> you wear a poncho, umbrella, what are you doing? >> nothing. >> no plans? >> no, no plans. just embracing the moment. >> the roads all around the art museum in philadelphia are drive in that area, if you don't need to get in your car, don't. the gates open today at noon. you can track hermine right through the labor day weekend with the free nbc 10 app, whether you are going to be at the made in america festival in philly, down the shore at the delaware beaches, we have you covered with the app you will get weather alerts sent right to your phone and you can follow
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realtime developments on the storm's path. eight minutes past 5:00 on this saturday. new from overnight, four people are hurt in an accident on roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's crest antville neighborhood. this happened at the boulevard and whittaker avenue around 1:00 this morning. a jeep and silver sedan collided here. we're still working to find out how serious the injuries are in this case, we will keep you posted. this morning we are tracking hermine as you can see the latest update puts this storm right over north carolina, partially into virginia as it heads up the coast. we will have more on how the storm will impact our labor day weekend coming up. plus this -- street between a donald trump supporter and a protester. we will have more on why trump was in philadelphia and what he had to say when we come back.
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tropical storm hermine right now moving through parts of north carolina into virginia, you can see in norfolk we see some of the heavier rain band moving through, that's the yellow/oranges that you see, this extends out to sea at this point and as expected the right side of this system, the heaviest activity, the most intense activity, that is typical when you're dealing with tropical storms and the projection still very similar to what we saw yesterday as we move through the next several days meaning looking to affect us pretty seriously along the shore. now, if we zoom in almost now seeing rain moving into delaware, right near ocean city, maryland, we see some of that more moderate rain falling, that's going to start to creep farther to the north and northeast as we move along today into tomorrow before it lines up very closely with our area. currently from atlantic city rain still about 80 miles to the southwest, later on today, though, chances of rain will
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creep into delaware and through the afternoon, evening as well along the coastline. that's something we will have our eyes on. this is the time we're tracking. so p.m. rain/wind mostly for the delaware beaches, the jersey shore for us on our saturday. sunday, though, heavy rain, high winds in those locations with rain extending through new jersey into parts of philadelphia. for your monday, rain and high wind continuing along the shore but starting to pull out that chance of rain farther inland. we will look for closely at this track coming up. as krystal tracks hermine's march up the coast we will look what it left behind to the areas south of us. that's next.
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quarter after 5:00 on this saturday. right now just about 69 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. we continue to track hermine. take a look at live first alert radar. the tropical storm is marching up the coast and heading our way
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just in time for our labor day weekend. the impact will be different depending where you live. that's why it's important to follow the first alert weather team. meteorologist krystal klei will have an updated forecast in just minutes. there is concern that the storm could intensify this weekend as it heads back over the atlantic. nbc's jay gray shows us the damage so far and how some people are now preparing before the big holiday weekend storm before it hits them. >> reporter: the first hit may have been the most violent, the wind ripping apart buildings, pulling down trees and power lines. the rain, then storm surge, 12 feet in some areas pushing water into places it's not supposed to be. daylight revealing the extent of the damage, scattered for miles, across the strike zone. >> this hasn't happened in years. >> reporter: more than a decade since a hurricane made land fall in florida. >> as the hurricane moved through our state more than
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253,000 ft. lauderdalians experienced powerhouse. >> reporter: inland it lost a bit of its power but little of its punch. a tropical storm as it pushed into georgia continuing to shred most everything in its path. >> my wife heard a lot of noise around 2:15 i think a transformer had blown or something. >> reporter: the storm gathered speed as it crossed into the carolinas continuing its path of destruction, a path that forecasters say could take it into the waters of the atlantic, growing again to hurricane strength as it skirts the eastern seaboard, threatening areas like cape cod where tourists are trying to get in at least one more day of fun. >> we're going to enjoy what we can. >> reporter: while for residents bracing for the storm. >> we're putting extra lines on the boats and stuff like that. >> reporter: this long weekend will be anything but a holiday. jay gray, nbc news. savannah, georgia. we are closely watching hermine's track to the north with the potential for a big impact here in our area, especially along the shore.
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we get more now from meteorologist krystal klei. krystal you just got an update at 5:00. tell us about it. >> we're looking at that projection of where the system may track. it's still looking similar to what the previous projections were showing us meaning that it's going to be stalling out just off the coast of us, that system then creating those large swells that unfortunately push those larger waves along the shore and lead to that worry of tidal flooding. this is what we're looking at, today a minor threat will start late in the day into the night, but it's going to be getting worse your sunday and especially sunday night into monday. that at this point looking like the biggest concern for showers as well as high winds and the forcing of those waves on shore. looking at the back face, this is also going to be a concern because it may be worse there, flooding might not be able to reseed as easily. if you think of this during high tide you push in those highest
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water levels they try to recede but with the next high tide ten hours later you build on that so the back base might work as an en cloesh our to hold in the higher level of water. we're talking the delaware bay also under that tropical storm warning, warning meaning it is eminent, it is going to happen that we will see flooding concerns and that tidal flooding is possible saturday right through your monday as things ease up tuesday, wednesday, although the projected track doesn't take it out until wednesday, thursday. what we've been talking about here the center still right near parts of north carolina, the heaviest rain stretching into parts of virginia and then off the shore at this point. heaviest rain is the yellow and oranges that you see so norfolk seeing a part of the heavier rain at this point moving through this morning. we look a little farther to the north, salisbury right along ocean city in maryland just now getting the rain, this is going to start to creep into delaware,
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cape may, atlantic city to follow as we move later in the day, but the cloud coverage is already quite evident with this system, this is a very far reaching tropical storm that we're looking at. so here is your future cast, this model showing us right now the rain is focused mostly over parts of north carolina, then we move along, though, by your saturday evening, now the rain stretching into parts of delaware as well as new jersey, maybe some light showers creeping into philadelphia although that better chance will move in on your sunday. this is when the track gets closest to us, so that's when we could see the heavier rain and continuing those major flooding concerns, but that fingers, this will go into your monday, 9:00, this system still right near us, this is bad news, much better if it had quickly skirted by but instead with that lingering system we come with the lingering concern for flooding. we will continue talk about this all morning.
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donald trump's visit to philadelphia yesterday prompted this clash between a protester and a supporter. james land. ber was hit over his head with his own democrat for trump sign. as protesters clashed trump met privately with members of the african-american community, the republican presidential candidate has been campaigning hard for minority votes. critics called the appearance a publicity stunt, but those attending yesterday's event disagree, that includes philadelphia congressional candidate james jones who spoke to trump about the economy. >> and we talked about how to bring more jobs back into america and i believe he can be able to do that. he's got a background in business, he is not a politician just as i'm not. >> trump will be in detroit today, but before he left the city of brotherly love he took a parting shot at philadelphia's mayor, made the remarks during a
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one on one interview with nbc 10's lauren mayk. >> i went to school here, i know the city very well. to see how far it's gone down, the inner cities, the neighborhood we are in right now, i can't even believe it. >> donald trump talking about philadelphia on a visit pushing for african-american votes, the republican nominee had harsh words. >> you have tremendous violence in the streets of philadelphia, your mayor is doing a terrible job here. >> now mayor jim kenney, a democrat, is striking back tells nbc 10 several words come to mind after reading the candidate's comments but perhaps nincompoop is the most family friendly, serious crime is down 2.2% in philadelphia. trump's outreach to african-american voters has included appeals like this. >> you walk down the street you get shot. >> in our one-on-one interview i pressed for how he would make a difference. >> what's your plan to deal with gun violence. >> you have to have strong police, you have to have strong
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community support, you don't have any -- the support and the police together are not working. >> what about the guns on the streets. >> the guns on the street you have to take them away from criminals. >> trump has been critical and wants to withhold funds from so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal requests to hold wanted undocumented immigrants. philly is one of them. >> de defund sanctuary cities. >> completely? >> we hold back money. sanctuary cities are a disaster. >> would that include medicare money. >> part of trump's argument that he would make cities like this one safer, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. now to trump's rival. the fbi has released its notes from hillary clinton's recent interview with agents about how she handled her e-mails during her time as secretary of state. the notes total 58 pages and show there were many things clinton did not know about classified information. for example, she told the fbi she didn't know the letter c on
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an e-mail meant confidential. back in july the fbi director announced that he would not recommend criminal charges against clinton. 5:24 on this saturday. talk about an unwelcomed backyard guest, coming up we will tell you how this car ended up wedged under a deck in northeast philly.
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information on this, continue to stay with us throughout the morning. in other news a family's deck is ruined in northeast philadelphia after this car went right over that pool and crashed. this was the scene along jameson avenue yesterday, the car was hit by a truck, then it jumped a curb, plowed right through the fence before crashing into the deck. we spoke to two brothers inside the house at the time of the accident. take a listen. >> and it was just like a normal truck roaming around until it had multiple times and it struck our house. >> i told my brother that it was a car crash and my brother was like, what? >> yeah, i'd say the same thing, too. a little bit of good news here, neither of the boys was hurt and the driver of the car was not injured, either. 5:27 right now on this saturday. we are tracking hermine as the tropical storm works its way up toward our region and we're following some breaking news out of atlantic city. nbc 10's pamela osbourne is on
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the scene of a shooting investigation. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, we are on arkansas avenue right outside of the caesars parking garage, you can see evidence markers here, this area heavily guarded by police, we will have another update when you see on the other side of the break. and we have just updated that forecast track for tropical storm hermine, we will take a look at where this goes, how long it lingers near us and how that made affect events like the made in america concert. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer,
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and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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we are tracking tropical storm hermine after battering florida and as you can see now the carolinas, this storm is heading our way. we will have new information on its path next. our worst threat from hermine is along our coast, officials at the delaware beaches and jersey shore are warning people to tie it down or stowe it away before the storm gets here. and philadelphia is keeping an eye on hermine and the rain it could bring during the made in america festival which starts today but so far there are no special plans in place to deal with the wet weather. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's 5:30 on this saturday. we are following two breaking stories of course the approach of tropical storm hermine and a shooting investigation near a popular shopping area in atlantic city. we will get to that in just a moment but first let'set


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