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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now tracking hermine, this is live first alert radar as you can see this storm is making its way slowly toward our region. this morning we're talking the timing and how long the storm will linger. on this busy holiday weekend storm preparations replaced fun in the sun at the shore yesterday adds beachgoers braced for the impact. and breaking news out of atlantic city, a police officer is in surgery right now after a shooting early this morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors.
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within the past 15 minutes we received confirmation from officials in atlantic city that an officer is in surgery after a shooting early this morning. nbc 10's pamela osborne has been live at the scene. we will get to her in just a moment, but first we want to talk about the first alert that we have issued because of tropical storm hermine. this is a big deal so pay attention. first alert meteorologist krystal klei keeping a very close watch on this storm that's moving to our area, you can see just below krystal that first alert radar. right now it looks like it's hovering over north carolina, virginia, but you told us earlier that delaware could soon see some of the effects of the storm. >> we're already seeing cloud cover that's spread across our region that's because of the storm though it is well to the southwest of us still. rain is starting to creep into delaware and that's going to happen this morning. currently the tropical storm sitting at 60 mile per hour max winds, that's the update as of 5:00 a.m. so we're seeing updates every few hours on this system and of course we will be
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keeping you up to date with those details. what we're looking at right now with this tropical storm is that while it's seeing those max winds at 60 miles per hour it's also moving along the east-northeast at 21 miles per hour heading our way and it is likely to stall out right near us, just off the coast here for monday through wednesday feeling the effects of this. not good news for us. if this was quickly to move by us then we just feel some high winds, heavy rain, maybe a brief period of some coastal flooding concerns, but instead as this continues to churn right over us that's when we start to see the big issues and major threat around the shore and beach zones. locally that's what we are talking about is coast at flooding, also have a concern of those high wind gusts picking up, especially sunday into your monday. this is the forecast rain totals. now, our major flood concerns more so will come from wave heights increasing and pushing in, but rain will be an issue as well. starting this evening you see
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mostly the focus will be along the shore, nothing terribly high. overnight into your sunday look at the numbers bumping up. this is one model projection, this is not a guarantee, but it shows while the shore may be hit with an inch and a half in some areas by sunday evening, farther inn hand maybe less than a tenth of an inch, close to a quarter of an inch around parts of philadelphia and that is all we're seeing, then you go later on through why are monday and this model is extending rain even into parts of the suburbs as well, we could see some showers moving in allow the focus is going to be philly down through and especially along the shore where we could see close to 3 to 4 inches of rain through monday night. this will be very dependent on the track of hermine because if it goes just a little farther to the east that gradient is going to pull further meaning not as much rain for philly. that's something we will talk more about in a few minutes. all right. now back to that breaking news out of atlantic city.
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a police officer is injured on the job after a shooting there. ntsb 10's pamela osborne is live on the scene with new information. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, since we saw you last we have been able to confirm that an atlantic city police officer was shot, he is in surgery right now. i'm going to step out of the way and show you where this scene is kind of unfolding right now, a pretty big scene. the chief of the atlantic city police is confirming to us that the shooting happened on south arkansas avenue between atlantic and pacific. this is right outside of the caesars palace parking garage. there were about a dozen evidence markers on the ground that we counted there. this investigation is far from over. police from several departments and agencies are on scene right now. some dressed intact cal gear, we've seen k-9s as well. almost all of the officers we've seen walking around had their guns drawn this morning. it would appear as though they're actively searching for someone. we have seen police in cruisers with lights active going up and
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down this busy tourist area. again, we can confirm right now that a police officer has been shot, we are working to get more information about his injuries and how he's doing right now, but again, that's the very latest and, again, an active scene. it appears as though a search is going on right now, we will give you another update just as soon as we have more information. rosemary. >> pamela osborne live in atlantic city for us this morning. on thursday there was an apparent murder/suicide attempt at the tanger outlets near the scene of this shooting where pamela is located this morning. investigators say on thursday a man shot and killed another man inside the zumiez clothing store, then he walked into the white house black market store where he turned the gun on himself. did he survive. police say both men had once dated the same woman. back to our continuing coverage of tropical storm hermine. the forecast is serious enough that the big beach concerts this weekend down the shore are canceled. those ones in atlantic city. also the wildwood block party and music festival was supposed
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to be held tomorrow, that is off. thursday night nbc 10 was there as the zach brown band performed in atlantic city. florida georgia line was supposed to take the stage tonight, blink 182 supposed to perform on monday. as i mentioned, those shows have been canceled. atlantic city's mare i don't remember says that given the extreme weather conditions pre ikt difficulted for the beach this weekend we were left with no other choice. there are no special plans in place for the possible rain that will impact the annual made in america festival in philadelphia. here is a live look at the stage in center city. thousands are expected to watch rihanna and coldplay perform. the parkway has been transformed into a grown-up fun zone, there are five stages where dozens of acts will perform all day today and tomorrow, there are eastern carnival rides. concert goers tell us they aren't too concerned about
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hermine. take a listen. >> i don't care. i do not care. rain on me i am still going to be out there. >> porch cho, umbrella, what are you doing? >> nothing. >> no plans. >> no, no plans. just embracing the moment. >> keep in mind roads all around the art museum are closed so if you don't need to drive in that area over this weekend, don't. stay away. by the way, the gates open today at noon. let's get back to hermine. right now the tropical storm is hitting the carolina coast with strong winds and rain. this is a live look from myrtle beach, south carolina. south carolina got hit pretty hard yesterday. the center of the storm crossed through this area last night. right now hermine of course is over north carolina. let's take a look at some of the destruction that its left in its path. the storm pummeled the florida island of cedar key yesterday damaging homes and pearce. folks will send today cleaning up and making repairs.
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farther south in pinellas county, florida, hermine left several neighborhoods under water. it wasn't easy for this truck to get through the flooded roads. >> watch as a tree falls on to a home in georgia. winds from hermine brought down several trees throughout the savannah area yesterday, the crews have been working through the night to clean everything up. we have sent our radar on wheels storm ranger 10 out to track the storm. yesterday we were in north carolina, today we are driving up the coast to maryland, following the path of hermine. the radar can extend 75 miles and it can show you views inside the storm that you can't see and get anywhere else. we have got you covered this labor day weekend, it's all on our nbc 10 app. so download it. in case you don't have it yet. you can use the app to track hermine, get the latest path, also weather alerts sent
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straight to your phone. keep in mind this is a free download in case you don't have it yet. 6:08 on this saturday. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, one-on-one with donald trump and he took some shots at philadelphia's mayor. >> you have tremendous violence in the streets of philadelphia, your mayor is doing a terrible job here. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk gets trump's take on philly. plus mayor jim kenney responds to the name calling. plus tracking hermine, there is another live look at first alert radar as the storm is pushing just a little bit closer to delaware. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has an update in just a few moments. and breaking news in atlantic city, a police officer is in surgery right now after a shooting early this morning. we're live in a.c. as we work to get more information about what happened here. stay with us.
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welcome back. our eye still on tropical storm hermine, we are looking at right now the heaviest rain still just to the south of delaware, you see in norfolk that we're looking at some of that yellow orange showing up on radar, those are pockets of heavy rain. these are some of the bands pulling out ahead of the storm. the northernmost edge of rain right now with tropical storm hermine are sitting right along that borden between maryland and delaware. thick cloud cover if you move further north but now rain is starting to move into delaware meaning areas like rehoboth beach likely to see the first showers of hermine and then that will continue to extend up the jersey shore as well. the whole area including through the bay looking at that tropical storm warning in place for us right through your labor day weekend with those conditions expecting 30 to 50 mile per hour winds gusts around 60 miles per hour possible especially as you move right along the shoreline. in fact, this is just one model
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indicating your possible wind speed. so we start this morning mostly showing the highest winds farther south but if we put this into smoegs look as we move through your saturday to 3:00 in the afternoon, seeing those wind speeds pick up to the 30 mile per hour range around cape may and atlantic city as well and that continues. this is that wind that's going to be pushing in moisture and pushing those waves along the shoreline. now we're through 3:00 p.m. on your sunday. what you're seeing here still we're looking mostly at the strongest winds right along the shore but if we can into your sunday evening, check this out, we go sunday night into monday early a.m. hours, 3:00 a.m., that purple color not something you want to see on the board. that is in excess of 60 mile per hour wind gusts that we are looking at the potential for along the coast. that could help with more flooding, pushing those waves on to land as well as helping to bottleneck the water in parts of the bay meaning you look at
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that, again, concerning for flooding to continue through your monday and right through your monday afternoon, tuesday as well. all thanks to that stall out that hermine will see over the next several days. we are going to track the path of hermine coming up in a bit. 6:14 on this saturday. new this morning, four people are hurt in an accident on roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's cress antville neighborhood, it happened at the boulevard and whittaker avenue around 1:00 this morning. as you can see a jeep and silver sedan collided with the jeep flipping on to its side. right now we are working to find out the extent of the injuries in this case. we have new video from an overnight fire in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene here on south 60th street around 4:00 this morning. here is what we know, an elderly victim from the home next door had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation, the flames damaged three homes in all, the cause this have fire is now
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under investigation. and right now we continue to follow breaking news out of atlantic city. a shooting investigation is under way, a police officer injured. here is the police chief of atlantic city, henry white. >> two of our officers were on routine patrol in the area of the unit block south, north on campus avenue when they confronted three males in that unit block. at this point i don't know what the reason for the initial stop was but as the officers were getting out of the car the males opened fire on our officers, striking one who is -- right now he is in the hospital undergoing surgery. one of the males was shot by our officers and he is currently deceased. right now we are looking for at least two other suspects in this shootin
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shooting. >> thank you. >> thank you, chief. >> so obviously the investigation still going on. most of atlantic city police department has been here on duty since 3:00. i'm very grateful for their immediate and quick response, including those that are off duty and even on vacation and i'm most grateful for the surrounding towns and the police officers that have come in to help with the investigation, along with state troopers and of course the county prosecutor's office. we're doing the best that we can. i have a great deal of respect for our police chief and the immediate coverage that he is doing right now to ensure that
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everyone is safe in the city. >> and what are you telling people who are in town visiting for the weekend because you've got quite a bit of an area blocked off right now. what are you telling people? >> so i think it's a little bit too early to make any statements right now. the incident did occur at 2:34 this morning so it has been quite a period of time. we do have a lot of police officers on the streets, both in patrols and in cars to ensure that the streets are safe again. it's daylight hours, we realize it's labor day. my concern at this point would be for the weather and the 35 mile an hour sustained winds and the 50 or so mile gusts that we are expecting. so a good time to be staying in. if you are on a property, you know, enjoy the amenities of that property, but not only because of the shooting, but
6:18 am
because of the weather this isn't a time to be out. >> there was another isolated incident earlier this week at the [ inaudible ] this obviously is a police-involved shooting but do you have any response to the violence? >> no. it's a sad commentary on society and when you look at people that are upset with the amount of assault weapons that are available so easily to the public these are good examples of what happens when there is too many of these assault weapons in the wrong hands. >> is the mall going to be open, any of the restaurants or surrounding areas? are you asking people to stay back a little bit while you guys do this investigation? is that something you are able to -- >> the outlet and mall stores will be open today. we are not asking anyone to stay back. as soon as we wrap up our initial investigation here at the crime scene stores will be open then. >> we've been listening to a news conference, a briefing from atlantic city's mayor and police chief about a shooting that
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happened overnight. here is what we know from that news conference, two officers were on patrol in atlantic city and they stopped three men, it's unclear exactly what the nature of this interaction was, why they stopped the men, but according to the police chief the three men who were stopped opened fire on those two officers. one of the officers was shot and is now in surgery in the hospital. we will most likely know more about that officer's condition after surgery. also we know that one of the suspects is dead, police obviously returned fire in this case and we're learning that they are looking for at least two other suspects. this is all happening in the heart of atlantic city near the bass pro shops and caesars parking lot. pamela osborne is there live on the scene, she will continue to give us more information throughout the morning. we will take a quick break. we will be right back. 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should.
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life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. and welcome back. we're beginning with a look tabooey data again, this is off the coast of parts of north carolina, virginia, where we are seeing tropical storm hermine hit the hardest. right through norfolk where we are looking at some of the heavier rain moving through and that band extends right out to sea. look at these wave heights that we are looking at, 16 feet, 15 feet, 13 feet all above that 10 foot range that we are looking at right now. as for wind speeds, just off a little farther from the shore from norfolk we are looking at 54 mile per hour wind gusts reporting. so when we are talking about expecting high winds for us this is a good indicator as to why. this system going to continue to move to the northeast and bring those winds into our area. we actually track a little
6:23 am
farther north, not yet seeing rain in these areas but you can notice some of the buoys that are in the back bays are measuring wind speeds really at 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts. we are looking at winds already starting to pick up a bit and today along delaware beaches, the shore, that's where i expect the highest wind gusts today, they won't be nearly as high as sunday into monday. right now 60 mile per hour wind gusts, east-northeast 21 miles per hour that's the direction it's heading, there is all the rain to the north and the right side of this system. the northeast will see the bulk of the heavy storm activity, a lot out at sea currently. this is the projected track as we move through, we move through sunday morning, notice it is now down to the south of us, with he continue from your morning into your monday morning at 2:00 a.m., not only do winds look higher, around 70 miles per hour, but now it is very close to us, meaning the swells, the wind generated wavelength that we see, these higher waves, they
6:24 am
are going to start pushing into the shore, into the delaware bay potentially affecting the te river with some minor flooding. that continues through your tuesday as well, look at how little this is moving and that's when you have the big issue. stalls out near us. we see the effects of continual flooding concerns thanks to the wind generated higher wind -- or rather wave heights. that's not until thursday that it finally starts to track out with the new updated track for us from this morning. this is your labor day weekend forecast. what we're tracking is temperatures mid upper 70s focusing on cloud coverage. if you are near the lehigh valley the suburbs today maybe a sprinkle or two into sunday into monday. if you mo of into philly as well as starts of the jersey shore and delaware beaches that's where we are tracking the heavier potential for rain, especially sunday into monday, we could see periods of very strong showers and of course that's also where we're concerned about the coastal
6:25 am
flooding. this could become historic depending on the track of hermine. it just pushes a little closer into us and that's when we have those really big problems to deal with. >> it seems like the fact that this storm may stall for so long that's really going to be the extent of the impact and the damage to our area. >> yeah, you think about if it clips by for half a day and you have those stronger winds, the higher wave heights maybe you see minor flooding push in. if day after day you're continuing to push the water forward it has nowhere to go but inland. >> we will be checking in with krystal throughout the morning. stay with us. donald trump's visit to philadelphia yesterday prompted this clash between a protester and a supporter. james landber of bucks county was hit offer the head with his own democrat for trump sign as protesters clashed trump met privately with members of the
6:26 am
african-american community. the republican presidential nominee has been campaigning hard for minority votes. critics called the appearance a publicity stunt, but those attending yesterday's event disagree. that includes philadelphia congressional candidate james jones who spoke to trump about the economy. >> and we talked about how to bring more jobs back into america and i believe he can be able to do that. he's got a background in business, he is not a politician just as i am not. >> trump will be in detroit today but before he left the city of brotherly love he took a parting shot at philadelphia's mayor. he made the remarks about mayor kenney during a one on one interview with nbc 10's lauren mayk. >> i went to school here. i know the city very well. to see how far it's gone down, the inner cities and the neighborhood where we are in right now, i can't even believe it. >> reporter: trump talking about philadelphia. on a visit pushing for african-american votes, the republican nominee had harsh words. >> you have tremendous violence
6:27 am
in the streets of philadelphia, your mayor is doing a terrible job here. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney, a democrat, is striking back telling nbc 10, quote, several words come to find after reading the candidate's comments but perhaps minute come poop is the most family friendly. kenney says serious crime is down 2.2% in philadelphia. trump's outreach to african-american voters has included appeals like this. >> you walk down the street you get shot. >> reporter: in our one-on-one interview i pressed for how he would make a difference. >> what's your plan to deal with gun violence? >> you have to have strong police, you have to have strong community support. you don't have any -- the support and the police together are not working. >> reporter: what about the guns on the streets. >> the guns on the street you have to take them away from criminals. this he know who they are. >> reporter: trump wants to withhold funds from so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal requests to hold wanted undocumented immigrants, philly is one of
6:28 am
them. >> de defund sanctuary cities. >> reporter: group? >> we hold back money. the sanctuary cities are a disaster in this country. >> would that include medicare money. >> we hold back whatever we have to hold back. >> reporter: i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news.
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6:30 right now on this saturday morning. we continue to follow that breaking news out of atlantic city, a police officer shot and in the hospital in surgery at this hour. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at the scene in a.c. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, we also know that one of the suspects was shot and killed by police. there is a search for two more suspects under way right now. another update when i see you next.
6:32 am
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moving up the coast, tropical storm hermine is hammering north carolina right now and getting closer to our area. mother nature doesn't care that it's labor day weekend, we're checking in with folks down the shore in campers in delaware who tell us they are ready for whatever hermine brings our way. and breaking news in atlantic city, a police officer is in surgery after a shootout near the casinos.
6:34 am
an update from the scene is next. quite a bit to get to this morning. two breaking news stories that we're following. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's 6:30 on this saturday. let's begin with hermine's wrath and path, we are tracking the storm's latest movement. krystal klei has more on the impact for our region. this could be with us for quite a few days. >> yeah, that's exactly right. unfortunately the path we are tracking suggests that we are looking at stalling out near us for several days. sunday through monday, tuesday, even wednesday. already feeling the effects, a live look outside in philadelphia the cloud coverage hanging over us is ahead of tropical storm hermine. temperatureswise we are at 69, i don't expect us to warm up much today because of the cloud cover and shore points maybe only a few degrees difference from this morning through this afternoon. winds are at 10 miles per hour, they are much higher already
6:35 am
along the shore. take a look right now, cape may, we can see if you look closely some of the trees just shimmying around out there, the flag whipping in the distance. we are looking at those kinds already picking up along the shore. so if you have your boats out there, if you have plans out there today, i would suggest that if you have boats you are taking anything loose, tying it down or taking that out of the bay if you can. as for plans to drive to the shore, i wouldn't do it this weekend with that potential for flooding moving forward. looking at radar and satellite showers aren't there yet but they have now moved into the southern most part of delaware, we are about 30 miles away from cape may at this point, those showers are sitting. so late this morning into your afternoon parts of delaware and then along the shore may start to see rain but the flooding concern itself actually comes from coastal flooding with those wave heights increasing as the system gets closer to us. that's the big problem. if it hangs close to us for days, then we've got that coastal flooding concern just
6:36 am
continuing with the push of high wave heights along the shore. and with that water nowhere to go but inland, that's when we start to see these serious problems right through monday into tuesday. we are at a moderate to high risk for dangerous rip currents as well although as we've been saying it is it is not suggested that you are out at the beaches in general. rough seas, something else we are expecting. we've been taking look at different live cameras showing rocky seas already outside, that's going to continue for the next several days. more on the path of hermine coming up. now back to that breaking news out of atlantic city. right now a police officer is in surgery after a shootout near the casinos. investigators are searching for two suspects on the run. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in a.c. with an update. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, we just got a major update from the chief of police as well as the mayor of atlantic city. we now know what led up to that
6:37 am
shooting. it happened around 2:34 this morning just outside of that caesars parking garage that you see right there. there were two officers on patrol, they went to stop three men, police say it was a routine stop, they don't know the nature of the stop just yet, but the chief tells me those officers were getting out of their patrol car when at least one the suspects opened fire. one officer was shot, police officer returned fire, shooting and killing one suspect. two men took off, that is what this search is is that we've been seeing and reporting on all morning long. the main scene was at south atlantic avenue, there we counted about a dozen evidence markers on the ground there. as you know this is a very popular leader. here is what the mayor is saying about what's happening here today this morning. >> you have a lot of police officers on the streets, both in patrols and in cars, to ensure that the streets are safe again. >> reporter: and that injured officer was taken to the
6:38 am
hospital, he is undergoing surgery right now. again, this is a very busy holiday weekend, you can see the malls just right here where people shop, we're told that will be open today, so no worries about that. if you're concerned about trying to get into this area but, again, give police a little room to work because this still is a very active investigation, a search for suspects. back to you, rosemary. >> pamela osborne live in atlantic city for us this morning. back to our coverage of tropical storm hermine. down the shore people are preparing for the possibility of coastal flooding, high winds and beach erosion. here in brigantine homeowners put up mesh fence to go protect their properties from the high tides and some folks had to get their boats out of the bay before the town closes its boat ramp at 2:00 this afternoon. in delaware people are also preparing for what hermine has in store for them this weekend. some folks we spoke to have canceled their plans, others are hoping for the best. yesterday many families were setting up their tents and
6:39 am
trailers at the indian river inlet south of dewy. the director of the delaware state park says if you are going to be here this weekend make sure everything loose is tied down and all your awnings are stowed away, they will blow away and could hurt someone. people here tell us they're going to try to enjoy the water and have fun despite the forecast. >> we are just hoping for the best, see what -- where this hurricane are, either they keep going or die out. we will see how it goes, ride it out. if it gets too bad we will just go somewhere else. >> delaware state parks say if you want to cancel your reservation they will be very liberal with these cancellation policy this weekend. we have sent our radar on wheels, storm ranger 10 to track hermine. yesterday storm ranger 10 was in north carolina and today we will drive up the coast to maryland following the path of hermine. the radar can extend 75 miles and can show you views inside the storm you can't get anywhere
6:40 am
else. nbc 10 has continuing coverage of hermine on our app, you can use it to track the storm's path and get weather alerts sent right to your phone. our meteorologists update their forecast as soon as they get new information so definitely download the app if you don't have it yet. we will be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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tropical storm hermine continuing to churn up the waters right now off the coast of parts of north carolina, virginia, but as it heads our direction this is what we're looking at, flood threatwise. minor tidal flooding threat starting your late saturday, getting worse, though, especially sunday into monday. that's when it looks like hermine will clip closest to us and really be able to push those high wave heights into our
6:43 am
shore. the back bays looking at where flooding could be the worst because the waters may not be able to recede, especially if things line up with high tide, if you get that push of water into the bay and tries to funnel out, high tide hits again that's when you could see issues in the bay areas. in the delaware bay and the river we could see tidal flooding possible starting today but especially your sunday, monday the focus. the track suggesting that even through tuesday this will be lingering near us. your radar and satellite shows us where it is right now. right now centered still to the southwest of us, areas like norfolk looking at some pretty heavy rain that's moving through. looking at the rain rates reporting rights now, pockets heaviest in yellows, oranges and reds, 1.34 inches per hour. this is moving along kind of rotating around the system look in areas like cape charles a little farther north about a third of an inch per hour, also starting to pick up.
6:44 am
winds ahead of this are starting to affect us along parts of the delaware beaches, the jersey shore, pamela osborne just said in atlantic city winds are starting to crank up. we will talk more about winds and where hermine is moving in a few minutes. 6:44 right now on this saturday and i believe we have some video to show you from the high school blitz. let's take a look. we will have these highlights from all the business games this week plus which teams you can vote for in our game of the week. let's take another look at the first alert radar, you can see hermine hovering right now over north carolina, still pounding that coast, moving up toward virginia as krystal klei just mentioned and heading toward our area. she's going to have more of the details on how long it's going to linger in our area and how long we're going to be feeling the effects of hermine coming up. fo rs .
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hi, everyone, i'm amy fadool from csn. we will get you to the high school blitz in just a moment. temple opening its season at home against army, the owls operating without their starting running back, didn't matter here. the backup carried it six yards for the touchdown. the owls found themselves down 8 in the fourth. phillips gets picked off, that would seal it. temple goes down in their season opener to army 28-13 the final. let's start the high school
6:48 am
blitz out in southern california. st. joe's prep out west to take on oaks christian. prep's deandre swift committed to georgia this past week, it's a screen pass, swift is his name and that's what he is, 90 yards to the house. prep wins 49-17. north jersey bergen catholic to face woods. bergen beats wood 34-16. back closer to our area lincoln and south philly, auguston to johnson. he does the right. they win. 24-28. matt ray hill loops it to ryan donnigan blue devils roll 42-6. rocker wins 34-26.
6:49 am
>> central is fired up for which is hicken. rogers gets the lancers on the board first, central goes on to win 27-21. >> time to reveal our game of the week option for next friday. pennridge versus perkiomen, northeast against i'm hote tep r la salle versus malvern. coach todd ryan's raiders won seven games last year look to make it 2-0 this season with a win over east last night. >> cheerleaders at west chester east firing t-shirts at the home fans. they love that. east firing shots at radner defense on the field. j.d. carol gets free, he is gone, west chester shuts out radner.
6:50 am
here is the winning coach after the game. >> i think it was mainly about our defense tonight. we -- you know, i don't know how many first downs we let up, but, you know, it wasn't many. our defense kept us in the game. >> that will do it for sports. i'm amy fadool. back to you. we're starting with our radar and satellite showing us that extensive cloud coverage that is ahead of the rain with tropical storm hermine. right now our entire viewing zone seeing the clouds out there, some of us a bit of a break, more spotty cloud coverage but a lot it's that blanket as you move into new jersey, delaware especially and in these areas the winds also picking up. first look at that line of rain, the outer edge of showers with hermine is now in the southern most part of delaware. this has been kind of a slow progression over the last couple hours, we have just started to see it move into delaware but the potential is later today showers may start to hit the shore as well.
6:51 am
this is the potential path we are looking at with different computer models. they all start out heading out to sea through tomorrow but watch as we move sunday into your monday and tuesday. all of that them curving right near us and as they curve near us that's when we get the bigger concerns for flooding, higher wind which can lead to even more damage along the shore. speaking of those winds there is the current wind spoo eds that we are looking at. if you are inland 5 to 10 miles per hour but along the shore now more in that 10 to 20 mile per hour range with the expectation that later today that might be 15 to 30 miles per hour, gusts even higher at times as we start to see that northernmost edge of the rain creeping into our viewing zone. this is the forecasted wind gusts, we start this morning as we said not too much of an issue except for these southern most portions of delaware we are seeing the higher winds pick up. we put this into motion and
6:52 am
through 3:30 this afternoon more into that 30 mile per hour range cape may into atlantic city, lighter into philadelphia. that continues to dip overnight into your sunday but watch as we go sunday afternoon/evening. we start seeing those higher winds along parts of the jersey shore 4:00 p.m., we are looking out for reds and purples and we get that as we move late into the day and then the overnight hours into your monday. 3:30 a.m. purples indicating wind speeds around 60 miles per hour. that's when you can see serious damage caused by those wind speeds that force of the winds itself can be as damaging as some of these storm surge or the water that starts to move inland and lead to that coastal flooding. here is the forecast force us, we are going to continue with cloudy to rainy conditions even in philadelphia, sunday, and then monday maybe some lingering rain although that will mostly be as we continue along the shore that we see that. the effects of this along the shore may be felt even through tuesday and wednesday.
6:53 am
for us we are looking at temperatures that will start to warm up after that three-day stretch. we go from 70s to upper 80s and then some 90s do return to the forecast. >> certainly not what a lot of people were hoping for on their labor day weekend as plenty of plans for the holiday but i think that's the point. we have time off so prepare. lock everything away, bring the porch furniture in and be safe. >> be safe and we've within saying this, but if you were thinking of maybe driving to the shore later today, honestly i would probably just change the plans at this point. >> i've been getting notifications, tweets from some of our viewers who say they've been down the shore like in margate and they are heading back for this very reason. thanks for that is correct krystal. we will be right back, we will have one more check on that scene in atlantic city in just a few moments.
6:54 am
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i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. in addition to tracking hermine we're also following some breaking news out of atlantic city. a police officer shot overnight and now in surgery. we have more information now from pamela osborne who has been live at the scene. pamela, fill us in. >> reporter: well, rosemary, there is an active search happening right now, take a look, you can see police have still shut off traffic here on columbus avenue and arkansas avenue right now. police say the search is on for
6:57 am
two people who shot at a police officer at two officers shooting and injuring one. chief henry white tells me the officers were on patrol, they were exiting their vehicle at the time they were shot, they returned fire, shooting and killing one of the suspects. the search continues for the other men involved. we will be checking in to see how that officer is doing, he was in surgery. we're also going to be following this very active search for the people involved. rosemary. >> pamela osborne live in atlantic city. we will get more from pam during our 9:00 newscast. krystal, you're watching hermine because we have to stay on top of the path of the storm. >> the track is going to be so important to us. this is a live look outside cape may, winds already picking up. this is the we are looking at. notice from today through tomorrow morning and then notice from sunday through tuesday almost the same distance of movement meaning we are looking at a big stall out near us, those flooding concerns as a result. >> that will continue to linger. all right. we will see you back here at 9:00 and then in 25 minutes for an update.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. hermine on the move. the tropical storm battering the carolina right now. the storm packing top sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. heavy rain causes problems for people who live near the shore and now hermine slowly moving up the east coast. expected to make a mess of the labor day weekend for tens of millions all the way up through massachusetts. dylan is tracking it all. on the hot seat. donald trump trying to reach out to skeptical african-american voters today with a visit to the detroit church. hillary clinton out of south


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