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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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flooding begins. the jersey shore and delaware beaches are dealing with hermine's impact tonight, but it will only get worse tomorrow. cars under water in virginia tonight. this is what hermine left behind before moving closer to our area. tracking on radar, you can see hermine is hundreds of miles
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off-shore, but it could soon make a sharp turn back toward our region. nbc bay area breaking news. right now at 11:00, the jersey shore is under a state of emergency, and that means crews are prepared to deal with heavy surf and flooding that could grow much worse than tonight. good evening, i'm denise nakano. our region is feeling hermine's impact but it is only the start of the storm for us. right now the eye of the storm is hundreds of miles off the east coast near virginia and helded our way. you are looking live at cape may. hermine is moving away from land, but it could loop back toward us tomorrow. the storm is sustaining about 70 mile per hour. we have gotten a brand-new storm track we are examining to te tell you where the storm is held. nbc 10 is tracking every angle from the jersey shore to delaware beaches and here in
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philadelphia. let's begin with glenn "her kahn" schwartz. when should we expect the worst of it. >> i would say about this time and into tomorrow morning will be the worst conditions, and that will be right along the coastlines of new jersey and delaware. inland conditions won't necessarily be too bad. matter of fact, tonight we have at least partly cloudy conditions. the center of the storm is way down to the south off-shore, and not moving closer to the beaches. it continues to move away. now, at 13-miles-an-hour, still 70-mile-an-hour winds. as long as it keeps doing that the chances of enough of a sharp left turn to bring really, really bad conditions goes down. it is like a heavy truck. it is going fast, it's got to slow down before it can stop and then turn. that's what is going on. it is still moving out. by 8:00 a.m. but then the turn starts. how sharp is that turn?
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how far does it go to the west before turning back? those are the big questions here and very, very critical. only 50 miles makes a big difference. there it is up to hurricane force winds, and as the storm gets closer that pushes the heavier rain and the stronger winds with it. even by tuesday and wednesday of next week it is still on the map, only a couple of hundred miles from land, at least some portion of the northeast. these persistent east winds caused that flooding despite the fact that the center of the storm is so far away. of course, if it would come straight to the coast it would be even worse. so, it is cloudy and windy tonight. we just have minor coastal flooding at the shore today. we will have moderate coastal flooding to major later tomorrow night as the rain develops in the afternoon at the shore. the rain lingers on monday. and the flood threat, minor in
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philadelphia. it will be heaviest or worst at lewis beach and rehoboth beach. that is tonight and into monday morning. look at the forecast for philadelphia tomorrow. not so bad until close to midnight. suburbs partly sunny. lehigh valley partly sunny. pretty nice day, a little breezy. in new jersey we see the clouds increase, the wind and the rain comes later on tomorrow night, although at the jersey shore, of course, the conditions are much worse. more on what to expect from this storm day by day, neighborhood by enabled in neighborhood in a few minutes. >> along the shore you can see the waves crashing on to the beach in atlantic city from our camera on the steel pier. as glenn mentioned, hermine's flooding threat begins to get much worse. all are under a state of emergency as officials prepare for high water, heavy surf and
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beach erosion. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted green joins us live in west wildwood tonight. ted state attorney: this is high tied in west wildwood. you can see we have water in the street here. this is pretty minor in nature, but far more serious flooding is expected in days. along the jersey shore rising walters. >> we're swimming in here yesterday state attorney: now bernadette mcollum is bracing for what could be near record flooding around her house on cape may. >> i will stay until the water gets above my ankles and i will sta shelter elsewhere state attorney: cape may could see some of the highest water from hermine especially tomorrow night and monday morning. some plan to stick it out. >> we've been here 15 years. if we have to kayak up this little street we will. >> maybe it is time to leave,
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but i'm here right now state attorney. >> although not mandatory, many beach communities have been encouraging vild tors to leave the barrier island before conditions become treacherous. earlier this evening blowing sand and beaches being eaten away. the angry ocean has caused this damage to fourth avenue beach in north wildwood. >> we were here with our granddaughter yesterday and it was flat, now there's a couple of foot drop. >> we're here for another week. what are we going to do for another week? we have no beach. >> for most these are dangerous waves. surfers in cape may call them perfect. >> it is very big and very shallow water. it is pretty scary, but -- >> normally on labor day weekend it would be very tough to find a parking spot on the main road into this town. tonight there are only about three cars.
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live in west wildwood i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. in delaware tonight a little drizzle out there but it was dry for much of the day and people tried to spend time outside before the wet weather moved in. nbc 10's brandon hudson joins us live from rehoboth beach. how are conditions there right now? >> denise, it is very windy. we had rain a couple of hours ago but that stopped. right now the threat of hermine isn't keeping people away from the boardwalk or from the beach. we saw a few people walking down the sand just a few moments ago, and this is what they came to see, these large waves crashing inland. the sea foam gives you an idea of where the water has gotten inland since about 6:00. people plan to ride the storm on out. the spokesman for sus sex county says they're concerned the storm is taking a while to move through. >> jackie morrison and her
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friends didn't expect to spend their labor day beach trip like this. >> we thought we were going to get some sun and we got storm, and i'm not mad at that state attorney. >> it is not stopping them from getting sand in their toes and seeing what hermine has to offer so far. for most of the afternoon the roar of the ocean was enough to attract a large crowd to take photos. >> what was it like out there for you? >> windy and sand blowing in your eyes. >> you got some sand in your face. >> yeah. what can i tell you. >> it is a good look for you. >> it is? >> yeah. >> i'm going to turn to the wind again. >> as the beach patrol added extra sand, families stayed on the boardwalk. a pleasant surprise to the businesses which stayed open. >> we thought that we might not even have opened this morning but, you know, people were knocking on the windows and doors asking, what time do you guys open? >> a spokesman for sussex county says the biggest concern at this hour is flooding. they plan to open up the emergency operations center at noon tomorrow to keep an eye on the flooding in the lower lying
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areas including rehoboth beach. live at rehoboth beach, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> tonight we are using the tools in our arsenal to track hermine, which includes stormranger 10. it is a radar on wheels designed to give you more detailed information about the storm's path. we know you will be on the move this holiday weekend, so take nbc 10 with you. see the latest news of the storm and specific flood threats. plus, interactive radar is all on the nbc 10 app. new tonight, two suspects are caught and face attempted murder charges in a shootout that left and at lan tick city police officer in the hospital and another man dead. it happened overnight in the heart of the casino and shopping district of atlantic city. nbc reporter cydney long joins us live with the latest on the investigation. police said the motive was armed
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robbery? >> it was. these officers witnessed a group of three men hold up another group of men on the sidewalk beside caesar's parking garage. beside caesar's parking garage. when police got out of the car that's when bullets started that's when bullets started flying and everyone took off running. surveillance video paints only parts of the picture. these pictures show three men following another group down the sidewalk. detectives won't tell us who is who, but of the six one is dead and two are charged with attempted murder and the others were innocent victims of robbery. >> i'm happy they got the guys because i'm out here walking. >> for visitors shopping and enjoying the holiday weekend didn't realize but say they are playing for the atlantic city police officer shot in the head. >> that's sad, that's sad. at the end of it all they're here to protect us. >> the wounded officer's partner returned fire, striking one of the gunmen who has since been
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i.d.'d as jerome camden. >> he was collapse pd and deceased. >> spent hours canvassing and collecting clues. they say the robbery victims in the video cooperated fully. >> if they were still on the loose how comfortable would i be staying the weekend? staying the weekend? i probably would head back to d.c. to be honest with you. >> a source confirms state police were involved in the capture of 19 year old and a 28 year old, both of cumberland county. we are told they were arrested in millville without incident. both are charged with two counts of attempted murder on both of those police officers as well as gun, robbery and conspiracy charges. live in atlantic city tonight, cydney long, nbc 10 news. let's keep tracking hermine to show you how the storm is going to impact your holiday weekend and into next week.
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no matter where in our area that you live. and next, made in america kicks off on the parkway but for most say despite the looming weather the show mug on. the new england 10 first alert severe weather update is brought to you by
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in america concert is just wrapping up. nbc 10's randy gil enhall joins us live outside the festival grounds. randy, hermine might be a problem, but tonight fans are happy. yes, tonight was great. rihanna just wrapped up minutes ago, but the concern is tomorrow with threats of heavy winds and possibly rain. ♪ on the main stage tonight little wayne and two chains with thousands dancing in the streets on a cool summer night. made in america is awesome! one small hiccup when a crowd of hundreds rushed on to one of the side stages. >> it got crazy. >> witnesses say a performer told them all to climb up and  dance, but authorities quickly shut it down. >> i guess people took it seriously and jumped on stage. a lot of pushing. >> officials here also tracking approaching tropical weather. wind guests picked up throughout the day, we caught up with fans
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who just arrived after leaving the jersey shore. >> you know, my parent are at the shore closing up. it is crazy. i like sandbags, we have a bunch of those. it should be fine. >> and another day of music tomorrow. promoters say this festival goes on rain or shine. >> we are planning for rain, so we're just trying to be prepared for that. if we have to wear the clear ponchos, then we have to, but -- >> not going to stop you? >> no, absolutely not. >> back here live, expect traffic delays in the area for the next hour or so. the big headliner tomorrow is cold play. if the rain bands reach philly it could affect that evening concert. and i think it will be later on during the evening when the best chance of rain is. the longer hermine keeps moving that way, the lower the chances of rain reaching the philadelphia area during the day tomorrow or even into the early evening. the center is 270 miles away.
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you can barely see it because there are thunderstorms around the center. stormranger's in louis, delaware looking for some precipitation and finding just a couple little light sprinkles, but it is there. that's where some of the worst weather is going to be occurring once the storm gets closer. so the stormranger can go wherever we need it to go to see the storm the best. the wind now up to 70 miles an hour. it is moving east/northeast still at 13 miles an hour. it is moving away from land at the moment, and as long as that happens we're okay shape. that's going to be the case at least through the morning, but then we get a bit of that left turn, that's the latest forecast from the hurricane center, continuing to predict that turn, but just how far left is it going to go and bring back some of that moisture and the stronger winds? but we know it is going to not move a whole lot over the next few days, that's for sure.
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to the flood threat, does continue to be on the minor side in the area. louis beegt and rehoboth beach tomorrow night, that's when we expect the major flooding. the times of high tide 10:00, atlantic city 10:30. rehoboth beach, monday morning's high tide will be another big one to be concerned about. now, how close are the strong winds? 65 miles away from the 40-mile-an-hour winds. so even the storm is 270 miles away, the stronger winds are much closer than that. the 54-mile-an-hour winds are 120 miles away, so that storm has to go to the left quite a bit for us to get winds of that speed. so, again, we're in better shape tonight than we were earlier. the forecast tracks out of the computer models, still pretty
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much all tending to make the curve to the left and not let it go on off to the north, certainly not through monday or monday night, maybe by tuesday or wednesday. we have a couple of solutions heading it out to sea, but not much. during the day tomorrow, philadelphia, not bad. temperatures in the 70s, kind of breezy, maybe some showers later in the day. but a big difference between the city and the shore. next few days, here's philadelphia, 76, partly sunny. monday 77, windy, and of course it all depends on how close hermine comes back to the coast. the p.a. suburbs not predicting rain there, lehigh valley, no rain. pretty nice day with partly sunny skies and less wind. it is a different story at the jersey shore and parts of delaware, especially southern parts of delaware. tomorrow, a good bit of rain, and monday even more rain. again, the course of the future
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here depends on how much of a turn that storm makes, and it will have to be making that turn within the next 24 hours. i mean this is very difficult to predict. >> yeah. and the farther it goes out, the sharper the turn it is going to have to be to cause us the worst problems. >> and right now it is moving farther away from the coast at this point. >> that's the good news so far. >> thank you. we will be right back. sechlt
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. the future of the eagles franchise is now. traded quarterback sam bradford, so all eyes on rookie carson wentz. here is john clark with a look into the future. >> the plan was for carson wentz to sit and watch and learn in his first seon, but the plan has been scrapped with the eagles trading sam bradford. carson was hurt in the birds
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first season game, so you thought sam bradford would still be here. but howie roseman got an offer from a desperate viking team of first round pick next season and a fourth rounder that could get better the following year. >> this was not our blueprint, not part of the plan, but as we sit we have to be flexible and we have to be able to take advantage of opportunities that give us an opportunity to get where we want to go. >> my initial reaction was surprise, something that, you know, i really didn't think was a possibility. it kind of caught me off guard, but, you know, i think after the surprise, you know, i was quickly filled with, you know, excitement for a new chapter. >> if carson's ribs are healed looks like he will be the starter quarterback week one against the cleveland browns. i'm john clark, csn. and here is a live look at the shore in atlantic city. glen is back with a last look at hermine's track toward us next.
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well, we're going to have a pretty decent start to the day, even in the afternoon. the winds just starting to pick up. it is tomorrow night and into monday when the winds really do increase quite a bit. the 10-day forecast gives us
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some sunshine during the day tomorrow, and then it will be determined by the track of the storm, but once it moves away we're into heat toward the end of the week. just because it is still moving east and tomorrow at least going to start off nice, it doesn't mean we are out of the woods. we still have to watch for that turn. make sure you stay with us on air and on the nbc 10 app as hermine impacts our region. stay safe out there. sechlt
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we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. i'm jake tapper. and if you google me, you'll see me in a t-shirt. [ laughter ] but first, another big endorsement for donald trump, as former rival ben carson has agreed to throw his support to the businessman. we go now to florida, where


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