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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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hour by hour when i'm back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your labor day traffic. jessie? >> not much going on right now, bill, especially on an early monday morning and labor day as well. we're not dealing with the construction over on the vine street expressway. our cameras around 24th street showing that right here. no problems or delays in either direction. westbound traffic right here headed towards the schuylkill or eastbound towards 95. you'll have no problems doing so. also watching the schuylkill expressway. no big backups or delays to report. still quiet and a good trip eastbound. speeds into the 50s there as well. also watching route 73 around the atlantic city expressway, no problems or delays here if you're headed down the shore or maybe back home earlier this morning, no big problems or delays as well. you can see with no backups, we'll have updates for you. as you just heard from bill, the threat from hermine is not quite over.
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>> if you're going to the shore, it will be dangerous to go into the water. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in ocean city. good morning, pam. >> good morning, vai, rosemary. it's a little bit windy here this morning. it's a little bit dark outside but the waves are already crashing pretty hard this morning. i don't know if you can see the foam there from where they're breaking up against the shore right now this morning. we're seeing intensity already. if you're headed out to the beaches this morning, that's something to keep in mind, that those water conditions, although the weather might be pleasant may be dangerous inside. officials in cape may county will be monitoring, high tide as well as low tide again today. they're keeping an eye out on that potential for some coastal flooding because of this storm. that's, again, the very latest here right now this morning. we'll be here throughout the morning and continue to monitor conditions down here and we'll let you know what's going on. back to you guys. >> live in ocean city this morning, thanks, pam.
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waves are wearing away part of the shoreline in north wildwood. more rough surf could be on the way. in delaware, hundreds of people packed the boardwalk this weekend. hermine's push out into the ocean was a pleasant turn of events for beachgoers and business owners. we found a number of people who took their chances in the water. >> really happy it wasn't raining. >> still one to ten, how would yousome up the day. >> ten? >> i wouldn't give it a ten because it's really windy and you can't go in the water so i'll give it a seven. >> sussex county emergency management still has concerns about flooding. officials there are focused on low lying areas. nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong will be live in rehoboth beach coming up in the next half four. people on cape cod are
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awaiting to see what hermine brings to the new england coast this week. yesterday was a picture perfect day with a steady breeze. a lot of people packed the beaches for one last day before preparing for hermine or getting out of town. forecasters are predicting strong wind gusts, two inches of rain and minor coastal flooding. >>? ( r)z florida it's cleanup . hermine made landfall in tallahassee friday morning. nearly 750 homes were placed under mandatory evacuations and 15 people are being housed in a shelter. >> as we continue to track hermine, you can can be too, by using the nbc 10 app. use live interactive radar to see how the storm is moving. developing now in syria, at least 13 people are dead after a string of bombings this morning. the bombings happened in four different cities. the governor of one of those cities says a car bomb hit a
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military check point killing two soldiers. we'll continue to watch the story throughout the morning. in other news this morning, vai, philadelphia police have a person in custody, accused of killing a woman by it hadding her with a car and then beating her with a shovel. this happened at west rockland and north franklin streets in olney last night. the woman was pinned under the car. medics were able to free her when they arrived at the scene. police arrested the man they believe is the suspect. they also say they recovered the murder weapon. a 4-month-old child is expected to be okay after being throw from a car during a crash in east falls last night. this happened on the ramp just off roosevelt boulevard in the evening, the child did not suffer any serious injuries. it's unclear what caused this crash. police continue to investigate. 4:34. in atlantic city, police officer continues to fight for his life after he was shot in the head. this happened around 2:00 saturday morning.
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police witnessed three men holding up another group of men on the sidewalk between caesar's parking garage. one of the suspects shot one of the officers. the second officer shot and killed one of the suspect. two other men are in custody in connection to this case. quick reminder that septa is running 0 a holiday schedule today. tomorrow, septa is hoping to ease the burden as students and workers head back to their normal routines. new regional rail schedules go into effect tomorrow. trains will be returning to the media elwyn line. septa is also working to replace cracked steel beams on nearly 100 regional rail train cars. get the full schedule right now on the nbc 10 app. tomorrow bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom. a pretrial conference will be held in norristown. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee back in
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2004. oh, dear, you can see why. >> the man behind the sign say they is no mistake. the story coming up. rough seas. this cruise not as bad as it looks. no thank you. to that cruise. 64 degrees. what a nice start this morning. ready for a beautiful day. the wind will be kicking up. it's all because of hermine still hanging offshore. 64 degrees at 4:36. neighborhood forecast just ahead. ,$88doooooorw
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on the roads for you early this labor day monday morning. cameras around montgomery drive, a 12-minute trip eastbound from
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the blue route to the vine street expressway. watching construction, throw, on the boulevard headed northbound around the wissahickon avenue southbound ramp. that's closed right now. the shoulder, the right shoulder is still blocked in the area. no big delays moving past it. 422 looks great as well. still in the green there. nine minutes from that eastbound drive time from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. bridges doing great so far as well. if you're heading into philadelphia, the ben franklin bridge is okay. no problems over the burlington bristol or scheduled openings. same goes for the tacony palmyra. more updates when i'm back in ten. thousand your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> live view of cape may at 4:39 this morning. it is dry and will likely stay dry for much of the day. rough surf, rip currents will still be an issue. there's still a potential for flooding late this morning, early this afternoon. at time of high tide. philadelphia in the cool, 64 degrees. we will see the winds elevated even inland today. and northerly wind with hermine way offshore, 14 mile-an-hour
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winds as we head into the 80s. the humidity will stay low. northerly wind takes care of that for us, keeping the humidity low. the suburbs, you'll see sunshine, a cool start, down to 61 degrees. we could drop down into the 50s this morning and a quick turnaround by lunch time, 77 degrees. climbing into the low 80s. it wouldn't be warmer except for that northerly wind. even the suburbs, up to 12 miles an hour. the lehigh valley, stand by for sunshine, 70 degrees at 10:00. near 80 degrees at noon and then into the 80s, even with that breeze blowing 86 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon for the lehigh valley. new jersey, winds will be stronger. those are 15 mile-an-hour winds this çafternoon. 80, limiting it to the very low 80s. look at the cool start, 55 degrees right now in new jersey. we're still eyeing the shore. you'll see sunshine, clouds, there's a slight chance of a shower later on. it's now far enough, hermine offshore, the chance of any showers has come way down.
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there will be clouds and sunshine this afternoon. the winds will be stronger, 18 mile-an-hour winds at 4:00. 81 degrees and some higher gusts at the shore as well. for delaware, stand by for a nice warmup after a cool morning. 61 degrees, low 70s at 10:00 and the low 80s this afternoon. 80s and comfortable conditions sounds great. if you've been watching the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you know there's serious heat on the way. i'll look at the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in just a few minutes. rosemary? >> see you shortly. thanks, bill. 4:41 and this year's made in america muse imfestival brought some big names to philly. it always good. >> rihanna, coldplay, bill clinton? yes, the president was spotted enjoying the show. we'll tell you the political motive behind clinton's festival appearance. then, is he ready? the eagles rookie quarterback might be taking the reigns sooner than expected. we'll hear from eagles gm howie rosen thinks.
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4:43 right now on this labor day. here's a live look at the marina in cape may. meteorologist bill henley tells us down the shore in cape may, it's just about 65 degrees this morning. not a bad start. we are still keeping an eye on hermkneujz though the storm has pushed farther north and pushed farther out to sea, because there's still the possibility of flooding. meteorologist bill henley will have more details on that throughout the morning. ♪ >> the budweiser made in america festival is in the books. yesterday, fans turned out in droves on the ben franklin parkway for the second and final day of the concert. dozens of artists performed on multiple stages during the labor day weekend tradition in philadelphia. coldplay closed out the evening. former president bill clinton was also at the festival, taking
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selfies with fans and he talked with beyonce and jay z. the former president was there to encourage the crowd to register to vote. on this labor day, the democratic ticket is focusing on jobs. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine will be in cleveland "today." the campaign says it is all about celebrating american workers and organize laborer. kaine will make a stop in pittsburgh and clinton will be in cincinnati. >> yesterday, on "meet the press," the former presidential candidate talked about his future with the clinton campaign. take a listen. >> we're going to be seeing in the weeks and months to come me playing an active role, not only trying to make sure donald trump does not become president of the united states but that in fact we create a movement for this campaign and for the future. >> on "meet the press," sanders also told moderator chuck todd he would advice clinton to stop
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all contact with the clinton foundation. the republican vice presidential nominee mike pence also made the rounds on "meet the press." chuck todd asked him to elaborate on donald trump's immigration plan. >> we'll do all the things that politicians in both political parties have been talking about for more than a generation. he also said there will be no amnesty and no path to legalization. if people want to get legalized or want to get right under the color of the law, they need to leave the country. >> pence said he would release his tax returns in the next week. he also weighed in on the issue of donald trump's returns. pence told chuck todd trump will release them at the conclusion of the current irs audit. well, it's not the neighbor a chester county homeowner expected to be, you know, creeping through his yard this weekend. take a look. this black bear showed up on a property in westtown township yesterday. the state game commission
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believes this is the same black bear that's been popping up in ridley creek park. game officials say black bears typically are not hostile and they will try to avoid people but if you see one, do not approach them. 4:47 right now on this monday. a new street sign in haverford township, delaware county is catching some people's attention. it appears that the sign is misspelled. >> turns out that's exactly what a township official was aiming for. the sign says dear crossing as in d-e-a-r, dear. dear as a term of affection for children. the official that had the sign made tells us he combined his love of puns with wanting to keep kids safe.ç >> speaking of things being dear to us.
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>> i wonder where you were going with that. >> wanting to be careful on the roads. >> there's an accident in one of our cameras around wissahickon avenue, the off ramp. the northbound side of the boulevard, you can see it underneath this overpass and partially blocking that ramp as well. police activity on the scene. it's not blocking off any of the lanes either. all traffic moving through on the boulevard right now. we'll keep you updated on of course. also watching the p.a. turnpike, for drive times, westbound or eastbound, 22 minutes from valley forge to route 1 with speeds still into the 60s. checking in with mass transit, everything running on time or close to schedule. septa, patco, d.a.r.t., new jersey transit and amtrak. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> skies are mainly clear. philadelphia, 64 degrees. 12 minutes before 5:00.
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we will see sunshine today. but we're also going to see the wind kicking up. but the strongest wind is going to be at the shore. live view of cape may marina the winds could top gusts 30 miles an hour this afternoon. but with hermine forrer this offshore, they're not going to hit tropical storm strength. that's good news. temperatures, they've been cooling down, really pleasant. look at the lehigh valley. 56 degrees right now. the suburbs in the low 60s along with delaware, 64 degrees in philadelphia. there are 50s in interior new jersey and at the shore, 62 degrees right now. into the low 80s this afternoon. well need sunshine to see that kind of warmup. inland, 50s for mays landing and mullica township. nice dry air in place. the winds will be ramping up during the day today. our hour by hour futurecast winds shows at 11:00, the strongest winds for atlantic city, wildwood and rehoboth beach. we could see flooding at the
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shore and for the delaware beaches, even the back bay is potential flooding as we head into the late morning and very early afternoon. then the winds will be elevated but the tides will be coming down. the flood threat will decrease during the late afternoon hours. there's a potential for another round of flooding late in the evening. the winds will continue to die down as hermine stays in the neighborhood just offshore, just close enough to spin some clouds into the area. satellite shows those clouds along the coastline this morning. you will get breaks of sunshine but there's the rain way offshore. stays dry for our area and mainly dry at the shore. that's going to inch a little bit closer to the storm but the chance of showers, the heavy stuff is all going to stay offshore. there's hermine, 70 mile-an-hour winds moving to the north at 3 miles an hour. that's definitely slower than yesterday. here's the futurecast that shows the spinning that will continue as we go into the afternoon hours. these showers get closer to the
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coastline but more likely to reach cape cod than our area. as we go into the evening hours, those showers are a little bit closer, so the chance of showers will continue into tuesday along the coast. look how noyce and clear it stays inland. temperatures, they'll be warming up today. 85 degrees. that's a little warmer than yesterday for philadelphia, 87 degrees tomorrow afternoon and stand by, even though it's after labor day, we have a heat wave coming. 90s starting on wednesday and the temperatures really heat up for thursday and friday. 94 degrees and much çmuggier, too. the humidity, much higher, especially on friday. partly sunny skies. no sign of any rain showers even on saturday and finally cooler this weekend. the heat wave will break sunday with a high of 87 degrees. vai? >> bill, just when i thought fall was almost here. got another heat wave down the stretch. here's a live look down the shore, beach avenue and cape may.
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despite the box better than expd conditions, chris christie has declared the state of emergency to bring in the national guard. >> signing the declaration of emergency was to give me the most flexibility. it would be much too late if the storm started to track west for me to declare an emergency then and try, in difficult weather, to get guardsmen in. down the shore, seven people are recovering this morning after a boat accident in ocean city. the boat was in the back bay here yesterday when it hit a wooden bay marker right near 16th street. the boat was able to dock. three adults and four kids went to the hospital for minor bruises and injury. people who set sail for a labor day weekend cruise had a rough ride on the water. local passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, they took off from new jersey and had to sail around hermine
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to get to bermuda. we talked to robert mccue, a point pleasant man who was with 75 friends and family going to a wing. during a skype interview, he told us, a lot of folks not feeling well because of sea sickness. he said things could have been worse. >> it's not like it was a category 5 hurricane or anything. its with a storm with tropical force winds. >> still a big deal. the anthem of the seas is no stranger to rough waters. the ship got caught in a violent storm in february. it caused damage to the boat and the captain had to reroute the cruise from the bahamas. passengers on that cruise received full refunds. another cruise ship ran into choppy waters, thanks to hermine. the carnival pride brought a ship to port in baltimore because of the conditions at sea. the cruise was traveling back from a trip to the bahamas. well, it's starting off
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we're watching the boulevard right now. small delays behind an accident scene on the northbound side around wissahickon avenue and that southbound ramp to wissahickon avenue is closed right now with police active there on the scene. a few cars involved there as well. not really major delays but definitely slowdown behind the scene. that's the boulevard northbound. we'll have more updates on this when i'm back in the 5:00 hour. all right. thank you, jessica. angels pitcher, matt schumaker in the hospital after taking a line drive off his head. kyle sager spoked a 105 mile per hour comeback. he did manage to get to his feet and walked off the field under his own power. the angels say he is doing well. he has a small skull fracture and small hematoma. the phillies hit the road after finishing their latest home stand with an 0-6 record. the braves completed the sweep yesterday. the phillies mace the marlins tonight in miami.
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>> a couple of fans hauled in tough catches at citizens bank park. how about this guy? tumbled over the paback of his seat. then later, this fan equipped with a glove made a diving catch in the stands. yes. sign that guy up. good form. and he used two hands like they teach you in little league. nice. today, eagles coach doug pederson will address the media during a news conference. we know the number one issue is going to be this weekend's surprise trade of sam bradford. >> we could learn who will get the start at quarterback for the birds on sunday. some reports say it will be rookie carson wentz. it's between the first round draft pick or veteran chase daniel. wentz is hurtç but eagles gm howie roseman said he put in work over the past few months. >> we have to remember, he was here the whole offseason. he was able to get all the reps on the field, prepare for the
4:59 am
preseason, play in that game and at the same time, the luxury of having veteran chase daniel here. >> they think it's going to be wentz. we'll tweet out any updates on the quarterback situation during this morning's news conference. the eagles take on the cleveland browns this sunday, of course at 1:00 p.m. at the linc. >> we'll have to see what happens. >> it will be interesting. i do think they'll go with wentz. daniel hasn't looked so great in the preseason. >> you think wentz is ready or what? >> he'll have to be ready. that's just what happens when you get drafted number one. you have to be ready to go. >> all right. for more of the stories we're following an nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. >> here's a look at the nbc 10's first alert weather radar, tracking hermine. those threats include flooding and rip tides in south jersey and delaware. we have live team coverage this morning to keep you safe during the labor day holiday. beach emotion. hermine is already leaving a mark on our area.
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we'll show you the damage this storm has caused as the region braces for rough surf. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. >> let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. he's got more on hermine, again, pushing further out. that's the good news here. there still are concerns as we mentioned the flooding. he also has our neighborhood weather. >> maintaining strength at 70 miles an hour. the winds are strong. look at the heavy rain offshore. that will likely stay offshore. now moving to the north at just 3 miles an hour. it's expected to come closer to the coast. so we still will see an impact from hermine. just not the heavy impact that it looked like it was going to cause earlier. it will be on the move but look at this. weakening instead of string thejing. the latest from the hurricane center shows it


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