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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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rough surf down the shore. hermine may have stayed offshore, but the storm'sfects that are still keeping people out of water. miss eed opportunities. business owners are taking a hit, even though the storm did not. and labor day deals. see how some people are spending the holiday shopping for bargains. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, high tide is hitting right now at the jersey shore, where the surf remains rough thanks to hermine. this is a live look at cape may where people are trying to make the best of the holiday weekend. hermine did not bring rain or serious flooding to the jersey shore, but its effects are still being felt in the form of wind and rip currents. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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krystal klei is here. >> hermine is not affecting us in a way we were projecting a few days ago. that is from hermine, but you see the rain itself is off the coastline. this is going to still generate those large swells, which leads to still a threat for rip currents as well as that rough surf, and as a result of a lot of areas not suggesting that you get into the water today or even the next couple days probably because of the rough surf. but let's talk about that forecast and what happened with hermine. we've been saying this for the last 24 hours, we saw hermine just not making that turn like previously suggested. we were talking a lot of models showing that hermine was going to make more of a sharp turn our direction.
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that did not happen. she slowed to 3-mile-per-hour movement, which is very slow this morning. take a look at this. we've got those bands of heavy rain. they're about 75 miles outside of atlantic city. that is not a very large distance that we're looking at. meaning that as projected, if she'd been a little closer, that heavy rain would have been right over the shoreline. that's why previously we were looking at potentially one to three inches of rain, and then as we started to see her stay farther to sea, we pulled back on the forecast. not a big difference between rain, clouds, and sunshine. this was a tight gradient for us. and that meant that any movement from hermine was really going to affect the forecast. good news, though, really for us, as you see, because as a result we are dealing with the heavy downpour on labor day. more about the current projected track, and more on temperatures warming up in just a bit. >> hermine may be far offshore, but the storm still poses a risk
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for strong rip currents down the shore today. in cape may county where the warning signs are posted there. but the winds were not much to keep away these joggers and bikers along the boardwalk. many people are still trying to soak in the unofficial last day of summer. after initial concerns of major flooding, it's pretty quiet today down at the delaware beaches. but that's not sitting well with businesses there. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains. >> up in lewis and other low-lying spots, they've been concerned about flooding with this morning's high tide. overall, no major problems, but if you talk to business owners, they've got a little bit of a problem. >> this is labor day today. i mean, look at it. you know there should be twice as many people here. >> reporter: if you want to come down to the delaware beaches, you won't have trouble parking. lots of folks didn't come down when they heard the forecast. many others went home early. this family is glad they stuck it out in rehoboth even if it's a little windy. >> the beaches haven't been too
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crowded. restaurant reservations have been pretty easy. we feel bad for the businesses. >> is it a missed opportunity? yes, it is. >> reporter: this guy owns a newer shop that makes all sorts of european breakfast creations and they counted on a big holiday weekend. honestly, the owner isn't exactly happy with all the weather forecast that scared people away, but he says he totally gets it. better safe than sorry. >> it looked like an overreaction. but if things had really turned out, then what would we have said? >> reporter: there's a tiny bit of cleanup after the wind and rain, but it could have been a whole lot worse at the beaches. today, we were with the head of the rehoboth beach control as he assessed the conditions. he made the call to lock up the ocean. anyone swimming will be told to get out. >> it's dangerous for them. because this type of wave is so strong that it will knock the kid down, actually drag them back out to sea. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, it's going to be a much smaller crew of life guards here in rehoboth. if you really do want to swim in the ocean and they allow you to do so, do some homework. fi
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find out where the life guards are going to be and swim in front of them. if you don't, you're taking your life into your own hands. it's dangerous out there. >> good advice. people in cape cod are waiting to see what hermine brings to the new england coast this week. yesterday was a picture-perfect day with a steady breeze, and many people packed the beaches for one last day before getting ready for hermine or getting out of town. forecasters are predicting strong wind gusts, more than two inches of rain, and minor coastal flooding. so florida now. it's cleanup time following hermine. yesterday, governor rick scott toured some of the most damaged areas in central florida. hermine made landfall in tallahassee friday morning. emergency officials say nearly 750 homes were placed under mandatory evacuations, and 15 people are being housed in a shelter. keep track of hermine this labor day holiday by keeping a hold of the nbc 10 app. check out our interactive radar and the forecast for your neighborhood.
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♪ the budweiser made in america festival is in the books. yesterday, fans turned out in droves on the ben franklin parkway for the second and final day of the concert. dozens of artists performed on multiple stages during the labor day weekend tradition. coldplay closed out the final night. former president bill clinton was spotted at the festival. he took some selvl -- selfies. the former president was there to encourage the crowd to register to vote. on this labor day, the democratic ticket is focusing on jobs. hillary clinton and tim kaine will be in cleveland today. the campaign says today is all about celebrating american workers and organized labor. earlier this morning, kaine was back in pennsylvania campaigning with the man he hopes to replace in the white house. kaine invites president joe
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biden, who spoke in pittsburgh at one of the largest labor day rallies in the country. kaine said democrats believe in management and unions working together, not against one another. and just hours after he made a surprise appearance at made in america here in philly, former president bill clinton participated in the labor day parade in detroit this morning. his visit comes two days after donald trump campaigned in the motor city, making a stop at a church and touring ben carson's childhood neighborhood. happening right now, bernie sanders will be on the stump in new hampshire. this is a live look at the new hampshire afl-cio labor day breakfast in manchester, where sanders will be the keynote speaker. it is the first time he'll campaign on his own for hillary clinton. now, on yesterday's "meet the press," he talked about his future with the clinton campaign. >> people are going to be saying in the weeks and months to come, it's me playing an active role,
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not only trying to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states, but that, in fact, we create a movement for this campaign and for the future. >> sanders also said he would advise clinton to stop all contact with the clinton foundation. chuck todd asked the governor to elaborate on donald trump's immigration plan. >> build a wall. we're going to enforce the laws of this country. we're going to end catch and release. we're going to do all of the things that politicians in both political parties have been talking about for more than a generation. he's also said there's going to be no amnesty. and no path to legalization. if people want to get legalized or want to get right under the color of the law, they need to leave the country. >> pence said he would release his tax returns in the next week. he also weighed in on the issue of donald trump's return. pence told chuck todd that trump will release them at the
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conclusion of the current irs audit. labor day is meant to honor american workers. but many businesses are using the unofficial end of summer as a chance to offer holiday sales and back-to-school deals. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in delaware county with more on a different kind of holiday shopping rush. monique? >> reporter: that's right, denise. hundreds of thousands of students all across our area head back to school this week. and that means today is the day to go to stores like this one and shop for much-needed supplies as well as clothing. we went along for the trip. >> all i want is for summer to be over. >> reporter: carts like this will be full as parents and students prepare for classes. the momentum is building until the school bell sounds. backpacks and lunchboxes line the aisles, along with uniforms, crisply pressed like they should
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be. we found one kindergartener trying on his belt. how cute is he? most students admit they're ready to go back to school and all they need are clothing and supplies. >> we bought two shirts and pants and some shoes. >> we get up very early. and we get a good start. we wanted to get here before it got busy. >> so i got a binder so i can hold, like, all my stuff. and i got some paper and pencils. and then i got some pencils to put in my pencil holder. >> last time i was here this day, the lines were around the store. >> so tell me what last-minute items you had to pick up? >> i need some laminating pouchs for some things i'm going to hand out to the kids and i want to have them back in good condition every day. >> reporter: we did catch up with teachers as well as students. most merchants we spoke with tell us they're fully stocked, but surprisingly, one big box
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store told us that their pickings are slim. they actually admitted they're now moving in the halloween items, so after all the school shopping is done, then it will be time to shop for the costumes. live in havertown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> more on that coming up in about 30 minutes. a lot of labor day shoppers may notice stores are already offering christmas sales. the decorations are arriving earlier than ever before. we'll look at what's behind this so-called holiday creep ahead in our next half-hour. folks who live in chester county might want to be on the lookout for an uninvited guest at their labor day barbecues. take a look. this black bear showed up at a house in west town township yesterday. they believe the same bear has been popping up in ridley creek park as well. game officials say black bears typically are not hostile and will avoid people. but if you see one, do not approach it. tragedy in the middle east.
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the search for survivors now under way after a deadly collapse. we'll have the details coming up. plus, new details about the rocket explosion. we're finding about what the accident could cost spacex. a look at hermine. right now, still offshore. we've just seen an update in that potential track. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime,
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and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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a parking garage under construction collapsed this morning in tel aviv, killing at least two people and injuring 17 others. four people are still missing and rescue teams have been sifting through the rubble to look for survivors. the collapse caused a chain reaction that brought down a construction crane and part of another building. investigators are trying to figure out what triggered the initial collapse. the g20 economic summit in china wrapped up this morning, but what may have been an even bigger meeting was taking place on the sidelines. president obama and vladimir putin met informally for about 20 minutes today. the two agreed to keep up negotiations over a cease-fire agreement for syria. their discussion came hours after diplomats from the two countries failed to seal a deal at providing access to aid for syrians. they also spoke about cyber security. >> what we cannot do is have a situation where suddenly this becomes the wild, wild west,
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where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in competition. >> members of both leaders' administrations will be meeting again soon to discuss their plan for syria. it wasn't criminal, but instead panicked passengers who caused a security breach at los angeles international airport yesterday. police pulled over a driver in a stolen vehicle outside a terminal, and as they arrested him, officers asked travelers to move inside. but in the rush, some passengers moved past a security area without being screened. the terminal was evacuated and about 2,000 passengers had to be rescreened. several flights were also delayed. a scare yesterday came one week after a false alarm caused panic at l.a.x. passengers ran on to the tarmac after reports of an active shooter. a loud noise was mistaken for shots fired inside at least
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three terminals. two people were killed in two shootings and a stabbing along the west indian day parade route in brooklyn early this morning. two more people were hurt when a motorcycle they were riding was hit by a car. the parade is a colorful celebration, but has been marred by violence in recent years. last year, a former aid to governor andrew cuomo was shot and killed by a stray bullet. an amtrak train was delayed this morning after hitting a car caught on the tracks in south carolina. the train was heading from florida to washington, d.c. when it crashed just after 11:00 last night. passengers say they smelled some kind of gas and when they looked outside, the train had pushed the car a couple hundred yards up the tracks. >> the train came to a complete stop. in fact, i was talking to a passenger a few minutes ago that said that they heard what they thought was debris underneath their cabin. so it's possible that parts did
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come off and flew underneath the train. >> amtrak says none of its crew or passengers were hurt. it's not clear if anyone was inside the car when the train hit it, or if they were hurt. an israeli satellite owner says he wants $50 million or free flight from space x after a satellite was destroyed in this explosion last week. officials with space communication say the company also could collect more than $200 million from the company that built that satellite. the rocket exploded on the cape canaveral launch pad thursday during a routine test. it was on a mission to help facebook bring the internet to parts of africa. hundreds of people were trapped in their homes yesterday when heavy rains caused the savana river to overflow. some people took the risk of wading through the water to get out. the city was hit hard by two tropical storms in 2013, leaving dozens of people dead. some residents say the mexican government has not resolved the
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issues that led to the deadly flooding. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and let's talk more about tracking hermine. first off, let's talk about what we're seeing right now. so, where we're seeing hermine, that's the path she's taken so far. out to sea, currently winds at 70 miles per hour, moving now to the northwest, that's a big change now starting to see that curve a little better. earlier, we were seeing movement to the north. so now starting to pull back closer to land. and a little faster than this morning. six miles per hour instead of three. i want to explain why this could have been a crucial situation for us and why we had that forecast out and made the necessary changes as this track started to change. we said it was all about the track here. there's where she is. saturday morning, that's where hermine was projected to be centered by today. you can see that difference. remember, just a few minutes ago, i was talking, those heavier bands of rain 75 miles out. that's the difference right
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there. so that would have been the difference with us seeing the heavy rain and the stronger winds. again, that was the projected track as of saturday morning. by sunday, we saw that it was not going to be happening, which is why we changed the forecast. now hermine out a little farther, meaning not looking to affect us quite as completely. but the latest update on hermine now making that change to the northwest has changed her projected path. so take a look here. monday night, really starting to curve closer to land. this doesn't look like it will be as much of a threat to us in terms of more flooding, heavier rain, higher winds. but it could start to affect areas like boston, cape cod, into parts of rhode island and even eastern long island. take a look at this. look how far in the track is now suggesting that hermine goes. now, the good news is the winds are going to start to weaken. at 65 miles per hour by tuesday morning. but that track now projecting the cone moving right over some parts of land. so this is the potential movement. something we'll have to watch if
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she continues to curve to the northwest. this is at 8:00 a.m. wednesday, but notice the drop in winds. now at 45 miles per hour, so we're falling out of that tropical storm forecast that continues to drop along to 40 miles per hour at 8:00 a.m. on your thursday here, and that's when it will completely move off to sea. but there is some focus now, a little farther to the northeast of us, where land may see a bigger impact if hermine does push closer in, that could lead to more serious flooding in those locations. looking at your current advisories in place, coastal flood advisory is still in place for us. so we are still looking at the possibility, especially with high tide hitting right around 11:00 a.m. along the jersey shore, delaware beaches, that we could see some of that coastal flooding. now more at the low to moderate level, more likely we would see some minor flooding in areas with the swells from hermine still pushing water inland. the bigger threat still in place, rip current, high risk for dangerous rip currents. rough surf today, tuesday
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potentially even through your wednesday. so that means that getting in the water still not a good idea around our shore points. looking at your temperatures here, 73 at mount pocono right now. potstown at 75. that's the same for philadelphia. some of us should increase to the low to mid 80s. here's your neighborhood forecast. temperatures this afternoon, 85 center city. notice we're looking at sun mixing with some clouds pretty much across the board here. the suburb, westchester, 83, lands dale at 84. into the lehigh valley, the mid 80s. also looking at mostly just sunshine. maybe a little more cloud cover new jersey through the shore, where we are looking not necessarily at rain, but more clouds. 83 ocean city. wilmington at 82. we'll get to the ten-day in just a bit. >> thanks, crystal. attention, expectant parents. a new study says you could predict a child's risk for developing asthma while still in the womb. we'll explain coming up.
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plus, oh dear. it looks like a spelling error, but it's no mistake. see why a sign in one local community is grabbing so much attention.
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y242cy y5yy
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the zika virus is spreading rapidly in singapore, with now more than 200 cases. officials from the world health organization say singapore just saw its first case of zika a week ago. the country has moved quickly to
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try to contain local spread of the virus. it's not clear if it's the same strain that caused at least two outbreaks in florida. the size of a fetus during early pregnancy may determine that child's risk of developing asthma. british researchers used ultrasound on 2,000 pregnant women to track fetal growth. children with a smaller fetal size during the first and second trimesters had an increased risk of asthma between the ages of 5 and 15. larger fetuses were at a reduced risk of asthma and had better lung function. cruising into trouble, passengers on one ship got a rough ride all thanks to hermine. we'll hear from one local man who's onboard, coming up. it's called the holiday creep. stores offering christmas deals ahead of labor day. we'll look at why it starts to look a lot like christmas earlier than ever before.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby.
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toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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hermine may be traveling farther out to sea, but the storm still poses risks for strong rip currents down the shore today. nbc 10 in ocean city, cape may county, where you can see the warning signs out there. many people still trying to salvage what's left of the holiday weekend by getting out on the boardwalk. the same rip current risk forced beach patrol crews in rehoboth to lock up the ocean, at least for the morning. but overall, no major problems from hermine, just the minor erosion and cleanup from the wind and rain in some spots. krystal is here with the forecast. >> she's making that now pronounced turn to the northwest that we've been waiting for. that has now happened. and as a result, we're seeing projections for maybe more of an effect to land a little farther to the northeast of us.
11:31 am
so what we're seeing currently is cloud cover that's moving through parts of new jersey, scattered in delaware, and then into pennsylvania, a good mix of sun and clouds. rain obviously is going to stay off to sea here. but take a look, if we just track a little farther to the north, around cape cod, boston still thick cloud coverage, but we're starting to see scattered showers move through. and it does appear that over the next couple of days, they may see a larger effect from hermine now. this is a bit of a shift in the forecast, now making her way closer to land than out to sea. this is expected to only last for around 24 to 48 hours, as we start to see that more obvious shift back out to sea. for us, though, here's your temperature. we're at 75 degrees in philadelphia. 78 in parts of the suburbs. low 70s in new jersey and mid 70s from the lehigh valley through delaware. these temperatures won't be bumping up a ton more. we're talking some of us low 80s. others up into the mid 80s
11:32 am
today. really turning out to be a nice labor day for many locations. that mix of cloud and sun out there at 85 this afternoon in philadelphia. also in the mid 80s for the suburbs. a little lower in parts of new jersey, the lehigh valley, and delaware. so we are looking at temperatures today in the 80s. but that will be changing more on 90s returning in a bit. hermine is still churning in the atlantic and bringing a dangerous storm surge to the northeast. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: right now, hermine is meandering, there's a tropical storm warning in effect for this area, not expecting rain, but strong winds and rip currents, keeping swimmers out of the water on this labor day. after slogging through the south and the mid-atlantic, this morning hermine is spinning off the northeast coast, kicking up dangerous waves and rip currents. >> the pace of the storm is even slower than they predicted, so
11:33 am
we can imagine that some of these effects will last now through wednesday. >> reporter: long island under threat of storm surges. this the view from a cruise ship anthem of the seas. from new jersey to delaware to maryland, the dangerous conditions keeping swimmers out of the water, even with sunny skies sunday. >> people really didn't think it was going to be this nice, but as you can see, it's definitely not a day to go swimming. >> reporter: in ocean city after saturday's washout, the financial hit already stinging on this labor day. ice cream shop owner george mccrory estimates hermine cost him 80% of his weekend business. >> we usually get the crowd before school starts. so it's a big deal. but you can't fight mother nature. >> reporter: virginia hit hard by weekend flooding. and after hermine made landfall in florida friday, authorities there are still surveying the damage as the storm's torrential
11:34 am
rain led to swollen rivers and new flooding sunday. hermine's aftermath not over. at least two deaths have been blamed on hermine. one in florida. the other one in north carolina over the weekend. some coastal communities now preparing for the possibility of coastal flooding and other tourists are trying to make the best of this labor day. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, mo montauk, new york. >> some passengers set sail for what they thought was a beautiful labor day weekend cruise. some people from our area were aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. that ship taking off from new jersey and had to sail around hermine to get to bermuda. we talked to robert mchugh, a point pleasant man who was with 75 friends and family going to a wedding. during the facetime interview yesterday, he told me a lot of people were not feeling well because of seasickness. but he said things could have been much worse. >> it's not like it was a
11:35 am
category five hurricane or anything. you know, it was a storm with some tropical force winds, right? >> the anthem of the seas is no stranger to rough waters. the trip got caught in a violent storm in february. it caused damage on the boat and the captain had to reroute the cruise from the bahamas back to the u.s. passengers there received full refunds. keep track of hermine this labor day weekend with the nbc 10 app. check out the interactive radar and the forecast for your neighborhood. happening right now, eagles coach doug pederson is holding a news conference in south philadelphia. this is a live look. he just announced carson wentz will start as quarterback next sunday now that sam bradford has been traded to the vikings. we'll monitor the news conference and let you know what else coach pederson had to say. philadelphia police have a murder suspect now in custody accused of running over a woman with a car, and then beating her
11:36 am
with a shovel. it happened at west rockland and north franklin streets in the city's ulney section last night. the woman's body was pinned under a car. police freed her body when they arrived at the scene. they've arrested the suspect and recovered the murder weapon. a 4-month-old child is expected to be okay after being thrown from a car during a crash in east falls. it happened last night on a traffic round just off roosevelt boulevard. the child did not suffer any serious injuries, and it's not clear what caused the crash. police are continuing to investigate. an atlantic city police officer continues to fight for his life this morning after he was shot in the head. it happened around 2:00 saturday morning. police witnessing three men holding up another group of men on the sidewalk of the caesar's parking garage. when police got out of their car, bullets started flying and everyone involved took off running. one of the suspects shot one of the officers. the second officer shot and
11:37 am
killed one of the suspects. two men are in custody in connection with the case. a reminder that septa is running on a holiday schedule today, but tomorrow, septa is hoping to ease the burden as students and workers head back to their normal schedules. new schedules go into effect tomorrow. trains will be returning to the elwin line. septa is working to replaced cracked steel beams on nearly 100 regional trail trains. you can get the full schedule on the nbc 10 app. bill cosby could learn the date of his felony sex assault trial when he returns to court tomorrow in montgomery county. cosby is accuse of drugging and molesting a woman he mentored at temple university back in 2004. the charges come after his deposition in the victim's lawsuit was unsealed last year. his defense attorneys say he only testified after being told he'd never face charges. but a judge found he never had immunity.
11:38 am
decision 2016 coverage. the presidential campaign isn't stopping this labor day. donald trump is campaigning in ohio. hillary clinton is hitting the road, too. nbc's tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton's plane takes off, with her in it, starting with the press traveling today. >> happy labor day. let's give a big round for labor. >> reporter: the clinton in battleground states, including bernie sanders going solo for the first time on her behalf. >> there is no question in my mind that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate. >> reporter: bill clinton is in ohio today. so is tim kaine. he's also stopping in pennsylvania. defending clinton. >> when she received the e-mail, the material that was classified, which is supposed to be flagged and identified as classified in many instances was
11:39 am
improper improperly labeled. >> trump's not gaining. he just lost another republican. >> we cannot for the future of the party be associated with this kind of message and with this kind of tone and tenor. >> reporter: trump's surrogates are having a hard time explaining what he'd do with 11 million law-abiding immigrants here illegally. >> maybe some of them have to be thrown out, but not necessarily all of them. >> he's been completely consistent on this point. >> reporter: mike pence says he'll release his tax returns this week and promises that at some point, trump will, too. but we still don't know if that will happen before the election. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. happening now, bernie sanders on the trail in new hampshire, as we take a live look at the new hampshire afl-cio labor day breakfast in manchester, where sanders is the keynote speaker. this is the first time he's campaigned on his own for hillary clinton. we're not even through the labor day holiday, but some shoppers are already planning for the next holiday, and the
11:40 am
holiday season after that. >> reporter: as scary as it may be to already see halloween merchandise on store shelves, two months before the night of trick or treating, did you notice the shopping phenomenon known as christmas creep got going this year even before we got through labor day? wal-mart kicked off its christmas layaway campaign last friday to get consumers in a buying mood. >> over the past few years, we've seen a trend where consumers tend to buy gifts all yearlong. >> reporter: fred shelton at fat wallet and other retail experts say christmas creep gets earlier and earlier because that's what many consumers want. >> they're taking advantage of seasonal sales, maybe when certain things are in stock and they might not be in stock or not as readily available during the holiday. >> reporter: he says the current
11:41 am
summer clearance sales are a perfect example of that. people find what will be gifts three months from now. but certainly not everyone buys into christmas creeping into september, and really won't like the black friday ads some retailers are planning the day after halloween. >> it's a good opportunity for parents to talk with their kids. but how many families actually sit down for dinner together? we'll have the results of a new survey and tell you what organization is doing to try to increase the number. and a live look outside philadelphia. we've got some clouds, temperatures still in the mid 70s, but enjoy it while it lasts, because we're talking about your next heat wave coming up.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> many students will be starting a new school year tomorrow, but their parents will be getting an important supply on their shopping list. a new survey from the food marketing institute found that only 57% of parents eat dinner with their children every night when the children go back to school. 71% of parents say in their ideal world, they would want to have a family meal every night. the fmi foundation is encouraging americans to join national family meals month and pledge to have one more family meal at home every week. a new street sign is drawing a lot of attention. it appears the sign is
11:45 am
misspelled, but it turns out that is exactly what a township official was aiming for. it says dear crossing, as in d-e-a-r. it's meant as a term of affection for children. chris connell, the township official who had the sign made tells us he combined his love of puns with his mission to keep the streets of haverford township safe for kids. he wants the sign to be a reminder of everything we hold dear to us. museum members can take a free tour of the battleship new jersey. guests get to travel five decks down to the bottom of the massive 16-inch gun turret. bring your union i.d. today is the last day to get out and enjoy roller skating at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. take a look at this time lapse video. a steady crowd laced up their roller skates and enjoyed the view of the delaware river and
11:46 am
the ben franklin bridge. summerfest is coming to an end as kids get ready to head back to school. there's the lodge for a mini golf course and a play area for the kids. speaking of things to do, even if you've lived in philadelphia all your life, you can still find new things to do in our area. one local author has created a helpful guide. the book is called "100 things to do in philadelphia before you die." it was written by irene levy baker and it's available online. the author joining us now. i've got to ask you, you came here 25 years ago. what made you decide to write this book about philly? >> well, i fell in love with philly almost from the beginning. i started working with the philadelphia convention visitors bureau, which gave me a chance to give tours to travel writers, the most jaded writers. every city is trying to impress them. i noticed what surprised them, what delighted them. and i spent the last 25 years exploring the city since then. and i share those secrets in the book, 100 things to do in
11:47 am
philadelphia before you die. >> and we've got some major gems in the city. what would be the highlights for you? >> there are some places i really enjoy. i visit the bruno brothers frequently. written house square. reading terminal market. but the book includes the obvious and some hidden gems. >> you have set us up in categories, from food and drink, music and entertainment, culture, history, sports and recreation, shopping and fashion. can you give us a sample from each of those categories? >> sure. one of my favorites in sports and recreation is the big red peddle tours. those are the 15 passenger bikes you see around center city. during the day, they do historic tours by bicycle. in the evenings, they do pub tours. one of the places they stop on their pub tours is mcgillen's old ale house. mcgillen's is the oldest continuing operating tavern in
11:48 am
philadelphia and one of the oldest in the country. it was open the year abe lincoln was elected president and has been going since, it has survived the civil war, prohibition, the depression, and is still family-owned and operated. >> so how long do you think it's beginning to take for somebody who wants complete the bucket list? how long will that take? >> well, that's a good question. no one's asked me that before. i guess we should ask people to do that and see how long it takes them. they can get the book on amazon, and start at number one and see how long it takes to get to number 100. >> is it ranked in any particular order? >> it is not ranked, because everybody's a little different. so what i did was include itineraries for young families, families with teens, dating, empty nestors. to give people an idea of things that might -- so they can make their own list. >> this is a great thing for adventures and people who love
11:49 am
experiences. >> i think it's a great thing for anyone who's ever said, what should we do this weekend? open the book, and do it. >> okay, thanks for joining us. if you want more information on how to get the book, we posted a link on our nbc 10 mobile app. irene is also holding several upcoming book events, including on saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. next tuesday, september 13th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the local author book fair, at the katz jcc in cherry hill. september 15th, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and thursday at 7:20 p.m. in elkin's park. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> continuing to look at hermine here, you see that we still have all the rain, pockets of heavier rain, some of the bands you see out farther to the northeast of us. but all of it offshore. we're dealing with the cloud coverage today. now starting to see some of that
11:50 am
rain clipped into parts of cape cod. let's talk about the track of hermine. you see the blue line. that's the track. this is a little time lapse of its movement over the last several days here. we watched right there the slowdown that happened over the weekend. now it has made that big turn. we've seen hermine start to make the turn back to land. now seeing more of a threat to land, but that would be to the northeast of us, not necessarily in our area. we are still looking at threats that are mostly on the lower side. so rain. start off with that. not likely for us today. maybe some spotty showers your tuesday. we'll get to that in a moment. tidal flooding. we're looking at a minor threat. we haven't seen a lot of this issue, but with high tide just hitting right now, some areas may feel the effects. maybe some of those low-lying points along the shore at a minor threat. winds at the shore. going with gusts up to about 30
11:51 am
miles per hour for later today. and then those winds will kind of hold in the breezy to windy category into your tuesday. but rip currents still at a very high threat, meaning going into the water still a bad idea. and beach erosion in a minor to moderate threat, we have already seen some beach erosion in some of those shore points as well as along the jersey shore. if this had been just a little closer track, which earlier models were projecting, that rain would have been over us. instead, it's out to sea and it is clipping areas to the northeast of us. we move this throughout the rest of your day, through 9:00, still going to be out to sea. cloud coverage mostly just hanging along the shore. a lot of points going to see a mix of sunshine. this continues to swirl out well to the east of us. but rain moving over long island. these bands are trying to get close. not necessarily making it to us. that's tuesday morning. notice we get some spottiness moving through pretty quickly
11:52 am
tuesday afternoon along the shore. some spot chances of rain there. but again, not going to move over us through the next couple of days. temperature trends, though, that's something to talk about. because once hermine starts to move out wednesday into thursday, temperatures bump up. one, two, three days in the 90s. another heat wave on the board. philadelphia. also looking at those three days in the 90s for dover, allentown even, up to 92 your thursday, friday. check out wildwood here. we see a little dip in temperatures, but even into the mid 80s through your friday. so that forecast, it really does shift from talking about a tropical system to talking about the heat. there's a look at your seven-day forecast. 90s through your saturday. as we finish off your weekend into next week, back to the 80s.
11:53 am
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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working families from all over the area are celebrating a day off at the 29th annual tristate labor day parade in penn's landing. the parade started at the local 19 union hall, and the family fun also included food, games, crafts, kids' activities and live music. a first pitch flip from gold medal olympic gymnast laurie hernandez. the new jersey native threw out the first pitch at last night's
11:56 am
mets game at citi field. she showed off her front flip before the throw, a gymnastic trick that won her silver on the balance beam at the rio games. krystal is back with a final check of your forecast. hermine just keeps moving offshore. >> we're looking at that forecast affecting our area, but not necessarily a direct impact. the rain is offshore still at this point. hermine has made a little turn now to the northwest, which we were expecting to happen. let's take a look at your radar. you can see that there's where the rain is. it's still off the coast from us, but it is starting to clip parts of cape cod as well as nearing long island, the eastern most portion. so those areas could see more of an effect to land, especially with some of the coastal flooding. that's something we'll have to watch out for there. >> some rip current risks. >> yeah, for us, that's going to be the next couple days at least. >> okay. thanks, krystal. thanks for watching. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great labor day. - welcome to the "nbc primetime preview" show,
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