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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. donald trump will make his case about why he's ready to lead the world's most powerful military. a preview of the announcement about to happen in center city, philadelphia. the day of new beginnings for thousands of students in our area. we'll check out the first day back to school and why class is ending early today for others. and apple of your eye. the big reveal happening today for the giant tech. we begin with breaking news. this morning, sky force 10 is live over a school bus depot in egg harbor township, where an explosion injured a construction worker. crews were working on an underground fuel tanks when and explosion occurred. one worker sustained burns on
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his arms and chest. no students or school employees were hurt. osha is on the scene, investigating. of course, stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app, as we continue to update you on this breaking news. right now at 11:00, donald trump is back in philadelphia. he is ready to take aim at his critics and convince them why he is the most qualified person to be the next commander in chief. and here's a live look right now at the union league in center city, philadelphia, where donald trump is about to give a foreign policy speech in this room. he's expected to talk about his approach to isis and nation building. trump's speech comes just hours before a commander in chief forum on nbc 10, where trump and his democratic rival, hillary clinton, will talk about the military and national security. and a new nbc news/survey monkey poll of voters who are currently serving or previously served in the u.s. military find strong support for donald trump.
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55% say they would vote for trump if the election were held today. only 36% would vote for clinton. the poll also showed 53% of those voters were very or somewhat confident in trump's ability to be an effective commander in chief. former president bill clinton is campaigning for his wife today in orlando. hillary clinton's campaign will also make a push for pennsylvania today. her daughter, chelsea clinton, will campaign in carlyle and in state college and she will be in scranton tomorrow. on the campaign trail yesterday, clinton and trump both courted veterans and their families. clinton pointed out contradictions in trump's plans to fight isis and said he insults veterans with his rhetoric. meantime, trump said if he's elected, he'll give his generals 30 days to come up with a plan to quickly defeat the islamic state group. and tonight, clinton and trump will face off at nbc's commander in chief forum, as we give you a live look at the
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stage at new york city's intrepid sea, air, and space museum. the two presidential candidates will appear separately to discuss national security, military affairs, and veterans issues. you can watch the commander in chief forum hosted by the "today" show's matt lauer tonight, 8:00 p.m., right here on nbc 10. and a water main break sent gallons of water down summer dale avenue overnight in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. water rushed into the street after an 8-inch underground main ruptured. this happened just after 2:00 a.m. crews turned off that main and they'll be back later to make repairs. the intersection was shut down for a while, but it is now back open. summer vacation is officially over for philadelphia public school students. they went back to class today. nbc 10's cameras were at the dale friedman world academy in
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mt. ari where school superintendent dr. william hyatt oversaw the traditional bell ringing to mark the start of the academic year. students we spoke to were excited to begin classes glen. >> it's amazing. it's great, because you're waiting for the end, but it's also amazing, because it's a new beginning for everyone and you get to meet new people. >> this is the first year the hill-freedman world economy has had a 12th grade class. and happening now, philadelphia archdiocese students also are going back to school today. nbc 10 was in andorra, where classes began at the immaculate heart of mary school. also happening now, catholic school students are back in class in delaware county. principal john keely welcoming students back to st. thomas, the apostles school in glenn mills. meanwhile, the heat and humidity are leading to shorter school hours in mercer county. all trenton public schools will have early dismissal for the rest of the week.
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high schools will send students home at 12:30. middle schools will end their day at 12:45. and elementary schools will let out at 1:00. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a hot day for the first day of school, and temperatures will continue to soar, as we give you a live look over market street. krystal klei is here now with our forecast. hi, krystal. >> reporter: hi. the focus of our forecast shifting to the heat over the next several days, because we're looking to a return to the 90s here in philadelphia, as we move around our area, a lot of upper 80s and into 90s for the next sever days. feeling a lot like that summer heat, even though we're now into september. so for tomorrow, the humidity also going to start to bump up. that means we're going to have those feels-like temperatures coming into play, feeling hotter than the actual temperature. and for your weekend, we're looking at staying dry.
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that means the chances of rain not in the forecast for several more days straight. in fact, it looks like it could be more than a week before we start to talk those chances of showers spop, here are your temperatures right now in philadelphia. 82 degrees. allentown also at 82. and wilmington right now in the low 80s. so currently outside, temperatures looking nice. atlantic city sitting at 80. and mt. holly, still in the upper 70s, with 79, the current temperature. on your radar and satellite, so what we're looking at for us, it's still just those clear, mostly sunny conditions. you look a little farther off the shoreline and hermine, what is left of hermine, just some of those spotty showers out to sea, moving out to sea over the next several days here. we could see a sprinkle over parts of atlantic city, and at the coastline, but it's not looking like that's very likely for us, and over the next several days, as we talked about, it's going to be a dry and hot forecast that we are shifting gears towards instead of talking rain chances. hermine, no longer that main headline, if we look at those
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clearing conditions. coming up, we're going to talk more about what you see at the bottom of your screen, the seven-day forecast and 90s continues. we're also going to be taking a look at what to expect over your weekend. >> all right, thank you, krystal. bill cosby's sexual assault trial will begin in montgomery county on june 5th of 2017. this is video of cosby walking out of the courthouse in norristown yesterday afternoon. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constand in his cheltenham home back in 2004. defense wants the case moved out of montgomery county, saying that it would be hard to get an untainted jury pool. >> the media has presumed him guilty, not incident. the media has championed the causes of his accusers. >> we've spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people all over the country and outside of the country. >> district attorney kevin steel talked about his motion of 13 other women who claim they were sexually assaulted by cosby
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testify during the trial. cosby has pleaded not guilty. meanwhile, this morning, police are looking for a man seen on this just-released surveillance video, stealing a minora from a philadelphia synagogue. police say the man was walking with a group on tomlinson and summerton last month, he took off from the group and grabbed the minora from the front lawn of the synagogue and community center. nbc 10 spoke to the rabbi there. >> the minora is a very special minora, because it was dedicated by a member of our synagogue in memory of his father. and now we're standing with a synagogue wildfire the high holidays, without a minora. >> the rabbi says the minora is valued at around $5,000. and fire has destroyed an old bridge at the jersey shore. the flames broke out last night on the beesleys point bridge. the bridge dates back to the 1920s, connecting summer's point with upper township, but it was
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no longer snin service and crew were in the process of tearing it down when this fire started. no one was hurt. a judge ordered two men accused of shooting an atlantic city police officer to remain behind bars unless they can post bail. 29-year-old demetrius cross and his alleged accomplice, heamart chisholm, were arraigned yesterday. police say they were involved in an armed robber yesterday. police officer josh bedel observed the confrontation and was shot in the head as he was getting out of his cruiser. he's in critical but stable condition. another officer shot and killed a third suspect. and the atlantic city community is coming together to help that injured officer. and that includes a 9-year-old girl who's showing the that you can make a difference with just a glass of lemonade. addison koppel spend yesterday evening selling lemonade and pasta in atlantic township to raise money for the officer and his family.
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she said when she heard about the tragedy, she just wanted to help and would want someone to do the same thing for her and her family. >> really sad, but it's fun to do this for hum. and it's really fun to do it for a special reason. that's the best part. >> the galloway township police department gave addison a plaque to say thank you for all that she's done. addison says she wants to be a police officer some day with the k-9 unit when she grows up. starting today, faculty at pennsylvania's 14 state universities will vote on whether to authorize a strike next month. the voting will continue through friday. faculty members have been working without a contract since june of last year. their union says the state hasn't negotiated fairly. state officials say they want to reach a fair contract. and happening today, the cherry hill police department will hold a meeting to educate the community about its use of body cameras. the meeting is at 7:00 tonight at the cherry hill municipal building. the department says officers will begin wearing the cameras next month to build trust with
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the community and encourage transparency. and we have new details this morning from bucks county, where a community is keeping its police force. council members in penndale voted last night not to disband its police department. penndale has one full-time chief and ten part-time officers. if the department had been disbanded, it would have been taken over by middletown police. >> time for a check tonight roads with nbc 10 traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> watching a couple of things, we're looking at the ramp to the schuylkill expressway to the vine street expressway and to the westbound schuylkill as well. delays behind the scene almost cleared out of the way. you can see the vehicle in the accident scene earlier up on a tow truck now. all that traffic is moving by nicely, with no big problems or delays. everyone back to work and back to school this morning. so we did see a little bit more of a heavier commute and we'll expect that for the rest of the
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week and for the next coming months as well. out in anningdale, watch for an accident, old welsh road and easton road. if you're heading over into philadelphia, watch for some construction over the ben franklin bridge. that's headed westbound. the walt whitman bridge, nice and clear. vai? >> thank you, jessica. a police officer was shot in the line of duty, delaware county, will return to work this week. christopher ado christopher doorman will be back in uniform on friday. it's been more than two months when dorman was shot several times responding to a call. the shooting suspected is charged with attempted murder. and there's new information about the obama administration's deal with iran that freed four american prisoners back in january. plus, technology fans are counting down the minutes to apple's big announcement. what the company is expected to reveal and unveil today. krystal? >> looking live outside, nice conditions in ffd. some clouds overhead. we're going to talk about the heat, though, and how long you might see 90s in that forecast, coming up. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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happening now, a live look at the union league in center city, philadelphia, where republican nominee donald trump is getting set to deliver a foreign policy speech in this room. we're told trump will take the stage just after 11:30, so a little more than 15 minutes from now. and later tonight, trump will participate in the commander in chief forum here on nbc 10. he'll take questions from
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military veterans. hillary clinton will also appear. and president obama continued his visit to laos yesterday -- today. the president toured a 16th century buddhist temple. after touring the temple, mr. obama talked to local buddhist monks and posed for a photo with them. president obama arrived in laos yesterday, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit that nation. apple is expected to unveil a new iphone today, and that could have heads turning about what is missing from the new device. whenever the company unveils new products, it goes to great lengths to keep it all secret until the last couple of minute. but that doesn't quiet the explanation online and in silicon valley. nbc 10's joleen kent has a preview of this afternoon's big announcement. >> reporter: apple under major pressure to make a big splash. the most valuable company in the world, widely expected to unveil a new iphone 7 today. the company that made earbuds a
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fashion statement now said to be eliminating them, according to a website that focused on apple products. introducing new wireless ear buds that connect via blue tooth. >> whatever they do with that space, it better be good, because users are used to plugging in your their headphones, and if you want to change our behavior, it better be a great reason. >> getting rid of the headphones could allow the phone to be thinner. apple watchers also anticipate the company will issue a new and improved watch, with a new gps feature, plus a longer-lasting battery to satisfy user complaints. sales of the apple watch has disappointed analysts since it launched two years ago. apple currently lagging behind fitbit and xiaomi in the wearable category. last week, samsung recalled 2.5
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million phones linked to fires because of its lithium ion battery. >> we have one more thing. >> but as for today's big announcement, analysts say anything could happen. apple's known to keep a surprise up its sleeve until the very last minute. >> that was nbc tease joleen kent reporting. apple is staying mum and not commenting on any rumors today. taking a look at your neighborhoods right now, temperatures mostly in the 80s out there. we're at 82 degrees in the lehigh valley. philadelphia sitting at 82. and parts of the pennsylvania suburbs, 81 degrees. right along the shore, 77. the current temperature, of course, these temperatures are going to be bumping up as we move throughout today. we've been slowly seeing the temperature rise the last several days. today we're talking 90s later on for some of us. here's your philadelphia neighborhood. the germantown sitting at 80. westmont area up to 84 already. and graduate hospital, 86 degrees there. we also see mostly those low
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80s, parkwood at the upper 70s right now. right now, 79 degrees. as for your jersey shore neighborhoods, a little more relief here temperature wise. right now, 81 at cape may courthouse. 79 at ocean city and atlantic city sitting at 78 degrees. little egg harbor, right now, 76, bumping up to the 80s as we move through the day. on your radar and satellite, this is what's left of hermine. we see the potential for some spot isolated showers along the shoreline here. otherwise, staying out to sea, as we've been seeing. not having a huge effect on us, other than still those winds picking up in that breezy rain for philadelphia, into parts of new jersey, as well as along the shore. here are your current wind speeds. 14 miles per hour in philadelphia. coastal, with only at 8 miles per hour, and you can see those double digits as well, wildwood up through atlantic city, 12 to 16-mile-per-hour winds. those winds from the north, on the drier side.
11:20 am
humidity not going to bump up too much yet. but in the days to come, this does look like sympathetic we'll have to deal with. these number will look a lot more like july than september. 90 for us, feels like 92. thursday, 95 degrees, your forecast high, feeling like right around 100 degrees. so this is very hot for this point in the year, our average temperature, 81 in philadelphia. friday, 93 for your forecast temperature, feeling like 96. and we don't escape it yet, saturday as we move into your weekend, also very hot. 95, the forecast with that feels-like at 99 degrees. here's the hour-by-hour. if you're wondering about rain potential, not looking very good. we've got some clouds that are hanging over parts of new jersey through your lunch hour. through 5:00 p.m., some showers will build off well to the west of us. doesn't look like it will shift into our area, except maybe the farthest western points. we look along the shoreline here, maybe a spot shower picking up around 5:30. not looking likely, most days
11:21 am
out of at sea. that will continue into your thursday morning, just a mix of clouds and sun as we see the sun coming up on your thursday. as for your neighborhoods today, there's the 90s we were talking about. right at 90 were center city. summerton at 89. a little mix of clouds and sunshine. mostly on the sunny sty. suburbs, lansdale 589. and in the lehigh valley, 89 for kooxtown, as well. looking at parts of delaware and new jersey, very similar in your temperatures. 88 for eastern township and 86 in trenton. atlantic city, a little lower at 82 degrees. same for ocean city and cape may and some clouds hanging alone the shoreline. and in delaware, wilmington at 89. these feels-like temperatures will start bumping up in the days to come. more on the rise in temperatures in just a bit. >> those of you playing high school football, drink plenty of water. looks like you'll be in the low 90s on friday. here are your options for this friday.
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penn ridge versus perkiomen valley, lasalle taking on mall vin prep. head to nbc 10 to vote or text 610-624-4111.
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this week's wednesday's child has a flare for style and fun and he's hoping to find a forever family to give him the stability, the support, and the family he really needs. i would like to introduce you to
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samar. >> reporter: samar loves fashion and looking good. so we came to l.a. fitness for a workout and a zumba class. this 17-year-old has the moves, but what he would really like is to move in with a loving family that he could call his own. >> i want a mom. a mom, dad, siblings, but they would have been older. >> samar is bright and fun and talented, but all he's known is the instability of bouncing from place to place in the forest care system. he craves a sense of permanence, stability, and love. >> significant others come and go all the time, but your fare is going to stick. they'll be there for your good decisions and bad decisions and that constant love, support, and guidance. >> samar is this week's
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wednesday's child. >> and to help make samar's dream and the dream of my wednesday's child come true, call 1-866-do-adopt. focus on philadelphia, up next, a live look at donald trump's speech in an effort to win over voters in the crucial swing state of pennsylvania. and it sounds like a sacene from an action film, but this is a real-life nightmare. an american tourist is hurt after jumping off a cliff running away from an attacker overseas. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty,
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and i approve this message. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. happening now, decision 2016, republican nominee donald trump is about to speak in center city. it's a live look at the union league on broad street, where he will deliver a foreign policy speech. he is expected to talk about his approach to isis and nation building.
11:30 am
trump's speech comes just hours before a commander in chief forum on nbc 10, where trump and his the democratic rival, hillary clinton, will talk about the military and national security. meanwhile, a group of veterans held a news conference in center city where they denounced trump. they said trump would endanger national security because of his temperament. take a look. >> you hold awesome power. the greatest military of the world has probably ever seen. and you need to demonstrate restraint with that. it's not a car you can take out for a ride and nuclear weapons aren't the camaro you get to see how fast it gets to 100. >> the vets who support hillary clinton also criticized trump for saying he always wanted to win a purple heart, when he accepted one as a gift from a supporter. and happening now, bill clinton is set to speak on behalf of his wife in orlando. he's supposed to tell the crowd about mrs. clinton's economic
11:31 am
plans. tonight's forum will feature both hillary clinton and donald trump taking turns on the deck of the "uss intrepid" taking questions from boast current and former members of the u.s. military. but both are facing skeptical voters. nearly 60% of americans say they don't have confidence in trump's ability to head our armed forces and 52% say they lack the same confidence in clinton. nbc' peter alexander has a previous of what we should expect tonight. >> reporter: facing their first fierce battle, hillary clinton and donald trump's test tonight, to portray themselves as a cell commander in chief. clinton launching a preemptive strike on air, blasting her opponent as unfit to lead, targeting his controversial comments. >> john mccain, a war hero -- >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured, okay. >> still, our poll shows trump
11:32 am
leads clinton by 9 points. the letter showing those who support trump to verse the hallowing out of the u.s. military. not to be outdone, clinton out with a statement saying she has 95 retired generals and admirals supporting her. the candidate also weighing in on global hot spots like, north korea. >> what i would do very simply is say, china, this is your baby, this is your problem, you solve the problem. on syria, ducking the question on whether he supports a regime change. >> look, we have a problem. it's called isis. s suz isis is fighting syria. >> and on russia. even using vladimir putin to bash clinton. >> putin looks at her and laughs. then he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> reporter: clinton firing back. >> we're going to work with our allies, not insult them. we'll stand up to our adversaries, not cozy up to them. >> reporter: in a closing race,
11:33 am
clinton's trying to get back on offense, hammering trump for refusing to release his tax returns. >> he clearly has something to hide. we don't know exactly what it is, but we're getting better guesses about what it probably is. >> reporter: trump slamming clinton after the fbi revealed is after its interview with her about her private e-mail server she repeatedly couldn't recall key details. >> if she really can't remember, she can't be president. she doesn't remember anything. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. you can watch the first commander in chief forum hosted by the "today" show's matt lauer tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. and checking out our nbc 10 headlines, a water may be break sends gallons of water streaming down summerdale avenue overnight in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. water rushed into the street after an 8-inch underground main ruptured just after 8:00 a.m. crew s turned off that lane and will be back later to make
11:34 am
repairs. and students headed back to class today. nbc 10 cameras in andorra this morning, where students returned to school after a nice summer break. and officer christopher ado dorman will be back in uniform on friday. it's been almost two months since dorman was shot seven times while responding to a call. the shooting suspect is charged with attempted murder. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> warm day down the shore for these folks that are there. we can see that flag flapping, as we take a live look at cape may, new jersey. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, krystal klei, is here with the forecast. a nice day to go down the shore. >> it would have been a nice day to go down there. right now, we are just looking at some clouds out there, spotty showers that are off the shoreline, and temperatures are feeling very good. we'll get to that in a moment. this is what's left of hermine, still just spinning out at sea,
11:35 am
and now going to be taking that trip farther east. not really affecting with us, aside from we just saw that live look, the winds picking up. that extends inland through philadelphia. what you're looking at, the winds are picking up, maybe an isolated shower into the afternoon along parts of the jersey shore, although, again, everything is mostly going to be staying autosea. we shift from your radar to your temperatures right now. 82 currently in philadelphia and 84 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. so some clouds scattered out there, but you see a lot of blue sky as well in these cameras. this is a pretty nice day we've been seeing so far. it will be getting hot. in new jersey right now, 82, same for the lehigh valley, delaware at 82 degree as well, with the sunshine outside, as we look at frawley stadium. and then we flip this over and take a look at your forecast highs today. 90 in philadelphia. we are starting with what's going to be a trend of 90-degree days, even though it would be more average for our highs to be our current temperatures in the low 80s. 89 in parts of the suburbs for
11:36 am
the afternoon. 87 a little lower in new jersey and 88, the lehigh valley. delaware forecasting a high up to 89 degrees later today. plenty of sun to mostly sunny out there along the shoreline. still those breezy conditions, forecasting highs remaining in the low 80s, about what we're seeing now. not going to see a ton of warming as we move later on into the day. in the lehigh valley, as we move into your afternoon, here's what to expect. 2:00, we'll be at 85. 87 by 5:00 p.m. notice, no rain in this forecast. we are not tracking showers as we move throughout today and through the next several days. in fact, this is a very dry ten-day forecast that will be ahead of us. you'll get a peak of the seven-day down below, but we have more of an extended forks for you. your ten-day on 10 coming up. >> let's check back in right now at the union league in center city, philadelphia where we are still waiting for republican nominee, donald trump to give a foreign policy speech. he's expected there any minute now at the podium.
11:37 am
when he arrives there, we'll bring you live coverage of that. later tonight, trump will participate in the commander in chief forum here on nbc 10. he'll take questions from military veterans and hillary clinton will also appear. there's new information today about the obama administration's deal with iran that freed four american prisoners back in january. there was a deal that involved hundreds of millions of dollars and critics insist amounted to the president paying ransom. ron allen reports from laos where he is traveling with the president. >> reporter: the obama administration has said all that money, $1.7 billion, was owed to iran, settling a decades-old domestic dispute about a failed arms deal. an agreement, they say, that coincided with the prisoner release and the implementation of the iran nuclear deal. the president has insisted the deals were not connect, and not ransom. >> we do not pay ransom for hostages. >> reporter: but critics of the deal with iran say the administration have refused to
11:38 am
reveal complete details about when and how the cash was sent, and said hundreds of millions of dollars of cash could end up in the hands of terrorists iran backs. when asked whether an additional $1.3 billion had been sent to iran, just like the initial $400 million payment. >> haven't been as specific about the mechanism of the payment for the $1.3 billion in interest, other than to say we had a similar arrangement with a central bank. >> the administration insists that some of these details must be kept secret, and that it had to use cash, because the international sanctions against iran. still, republicans on the heel have introduced legislation to ban all payments to iran and to demand billions from the ream to congressmen sate victims of terror. >> ron allen reporting from laos. now video showing the suspects in an armed robber in north philadelphia. surveillance cameras captured the two men before the crime happened on saturday. police say the two men you see
11:39 am
here are suspected of holding up two men at gunpoint near 18th and susquehanna. one of the suspects allegedly shot one of the victims in the legs when the victim chased after him. and a bank robbery near phoenix, arizona, led to a police chase that was broadcast on live television. take a look. helicopters following the action. the pursuit happened after the bank robbery when a suspect shot at police. it ends when officers in unmarked cars forced the suspect's suv there, the dark vehicle, to spin out. a third vehicle pins him against a fence. an officer then approaches the suv and opens fire. a sergeant spoke about the shooting moments after this chase ended. >> he already shot at police officers. he's endangered the police for half an hour now, has he's driven throughout the city, recklessly. >> the suspect died at the scene. two other people of interest in the bank robbery are in custody. no officers or bank customers were hurt during the ordeal. an american tourist is recovering in a hospital in
11:40 am
thailand after falling off a cliff while trying to escape a man who was allegedly molesting her. the woman told police that a man offered to help guide her back to her hotel instead took her down a remote path and tried to remove her clothes. she said she fought back and bit his ear before running away, only to plunge off a 150-foot cliff and breaking her spine. police caught the alleged attacker who faces 5 to 20 years in prison. and police in new york are asking for the public's help to help find these thieves who have been stealing ice cream. yeah, the crooks have swiped more than 1,200 containers from pharmacies and convenience stores in manhattan over the past ten months. now, they take the good stuff, haagen-dazs, ben & jerry's, and sell it at discount prices to bodegas and corner stores. the thieves have also stolen energy drinks as well as cold medicine. well, tonight is night two of the preliminary competition in the 2017 miss america pageant
11:41 am
in atlantic city. last night, miss district of columbia won the swimsuit round and miss tennessee won for talent. the new miss america will be crowned sunday night. and one of the most memorable moments of the u.s. open happened after a match ended. take a look at this. caroline wozniak hit an autographed ball into the stands at flushing meadows. watch the girl in the yellow shirt. right there. nice grab. one-handed. it was a terrific catch. yeah, she knows it. she's looking around, not quite sure what to do with the ball, but she's got a souvenir to take home. and wozniak has a date with number two seed angelique kerber in the finals. a new study reveals just how often americans are dining out. why eating out usually means eating more and some smart tips to save you time, money, and help cut down on those calories. and we're talking another heat wave in the forecast, potentially. we'll take a look at how long we'll see a stretch of 90s,
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with kids back to school, family schedules are a lot tighter now. that means people are trying to save time by eating out. but what all that eating does, is it healthy? >> reporter: the american culture never tasted so good or have so little time to spare. so on average, people in the
11:45 am
united states eat out at least three times a week. >> we tend to eat on the run, because our lives are so busy. registered dietitian carol woeland says it's because often times we forget to pack our lunch and in turn, we're packing on pounds. >> at the end of the day, we work a full day, we're tired, we're hungry, and we tend to make more impulsive food choice. >> reporter: she says that impulse to grab and go leads to eating twice the calories at a restaurant than you would eat at home. and it comes when we are not prepared. her suggest is to plan ahead, setting aside a day of the week to divide meals to store in the fridge or the freezer. >> if you have three or four containers you're to do for the week that you grab and go in the morning, it's great. >> reporter: still not possibility, she also recommends company like homefresh and blueapron, who deliver to your door. these give good portions, fresh ingredients, a calorie count, and estimated prep time. and if all else fails, you still don't have to with places like eatfitters, mindfitfoods, and
11:46 am
snap kitchen. >> that was haley hernandez reporting for nbc. the dietitian also recommended prepared foods at the grocery store like rotisserie chicken. nfl is providing its players with concussion information and training in the form of a new video. take a look. >> this is really serious stuff. this is your brain. this is your mind. this is you. don't risk you. >> the video features medical experts and former nfl players discussing the proper steps for dealing with concussions. the league has been criticized in the past for how it has dealt with brain injuries. and the new nfl season gets underway tomorrow night. it's a super bowl rematch between the panthers and the broncos. our coverage begins at 7:30. nbc 10 is also your official eagles station. head coach doug peterson talked about whether his expectations for the season have diminished now that the birds are starting rookie quarterback, carson wentz, this sunday. >> i think my expectations for the team are extremely high.
11:47 am
we need to win football games. maybe the perception outside of the building is a little different. but i don't believe in that expectation, which probably leads to, you know, hey, a young rookie quarterback, you know, don't expect much this season, that time of -- that's not my expectation at all. >> join us for eagles game day kickoff at 9:30 sunday morning. we'll have an exclusive interview with the new starting quarterback, carson wentz, and we'll break down all the action after the game on eagles game day final. well, a local year-long project is entering its final phase. several months ago, we told you about the philly block project, an effort to document one philadelphia neighborhood through photographs. the subject is south kensington. a neighborhood bordered by west burke street to the north, west gerard avenue to the south, west front street to the east, and west american street to the west. joining us now to give us an update on the project is sarah
11:48 am
stolebrook. welcome back. we had you here in february. give us an interview of the philly block project. >> thank you for having me here again. >> the philly block project is a year-along collaboration between the philadelphia photo arts center, hank willis thomas, and the residents of south kensington to create a narrative about the history of the neighborhood, as well as its current look, through photography. and so when we spoke last, we were in the midst of collecting photographs from residents for our first exhibition that included archival photographs submitted by residents. >> we're seeing like people eating dinner there. just snapshot of everyday life. tell me what kind of insight people will gain by looking at these photos? >> that south kensington has a long, rich history that includes being an industrial corridor, where hundreds and thousands of families lived and worked in the
11:49 am
neighborhood, as well as people who have been there for 30 years and have raised generations of families. >> do you think people feel more connected to their communities when they see what it looked like 30, 40, 50 years ago, 100 years ago? you know, do they feel a connection, do they feel a sense of history, with where they're living? >> yeah. i think it's really important. we all save photographs from generations past. and if we're lucky enough to look at them, it becomes a real sense of pride. >> and i love the aspect of just everyday pictures. people doing what they're doing. those kids we saw standing there, in their front door, presumably either just arrived from school or getting ready to leave for school. >> we all have a relationship with photography, now more than ever. so i think it's really interesting for the neighborhood itself, but also for people
11:50 am
viewing the photographs to realize how connected and similar we all really are. >> we're all amateur photographers, especially now that everybody's got a cell phone. everybody can take photographs and it's really fascinating. the philly block project photo exhibition opens tomorrow and running until november 25th at the ppac gallery. and the philly block project will take place saturday. there'll be games and art workshops. for more information on both events, tap on the nbc 10 mobile app. thank you very much for coming back and sharing this information with us. and happening now, a live look at the union league in center city. republican nominee donald trump has just taken the podium. we'll listen in for a moment. >> based on this mission and this mission alone. we now have an administration and a former secretary of state
11:51 am
who refused to say radical islamic terrorism. and unless you're going to say the words, you're never going to solve the problems. it's very simple. >> donald trump beginning a foreign policy speech. and later tonight, trump will participate in the commander in chief forum here on nbc 10. he'll take questions from military veterans. hillary clinton will also appear. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're taking a live look outside of wilmington, delaware. this is a shot from frawley stadium. we have some clouds overhead. today, a mix of clouds and sunshine today, but still that sin bearing down on us with temperatures really starting to soar. on top of your screen, your seven-day forecast for your neighborhood. 90s out there in the days ahead. right now, here's your delaware neighborhood. temperature wise, looking at harmony hills, 82 degrees. reedy point at 80.
11:52 am
and middletown sitting at 81 degrees. we drop a little farther south here in smyrna at 82 degrees. a lot of those low to mid-80s already on the board later today. that's when we're talking some upper 80s and some of us flirting with the low 90s, as well. then into your pennsylvania suburbs. west bradford township in the upper 70s. euclid township, 82 degrees, and exton at 81. ma ma mallverne, 79. mostly in the low 80s at this point. radar and satellite, what's left of hermine still brewing out at sea here, not going to be really affecting us, aside from maybe some very isolated light rain possible along the shorelines of new jersey. but really, this is going to start moving farther and farther to the east. we've got a lot of activity over areas well to the west of us, not going to be bringing us much activity, though. instead, you've got this big period of kuf clear skies. that's going to lead to mostly sunny conditions and a heat wave
11:53 am
starting to build in our forecast. remember, three days in the 90s and then we go for that heat wave. let's take a look at temperatures here. today should start what would be day one. for your wednesday, 90 degrees. thursday, 95 degrees. friday at 93, and saturday, back to 95. these are your forecast temperatures for now. four days, it looks like we'll have those 90s on the board. yesterday was hot as well. we got up to 88 degrees. look at the average there. 81, where we should be. nowhere whereby where it's typical for september with those numbers in the 90s. also, still looking at that dry spell continuing. these are your chances of rain over the next several days. almost nonexist accountant here. philadelphia, very low, as well as dover. a slight up from friday into saturday here nor reading and into atlantic city, slight chances as we mentioned along the shoreline, but overall, not looking likely we'll see showers for quite some time. instead, we'll be looking at
11:54 am
that weekend forecast, looking good if you have plans saturday, sunday. mid-90s philly. 88 sunday. as we move into the suburbs, and a little dip, 94 for your saturday. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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today at 4:00, thousands of dollars of memories went missing after a family's birthday party for their daughter.
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>> sonny: you know, this was much easier before i went to paris. oh, you've gotten so big. >> gabi: yeah, she does tend to keep growing. >> sonny: yeah, but now i can see it happening again. i missed so much. but i'm home for good. okay, ari? [gabi laughs] okay? she's ignoring her daddy. [gabi laughs] oh, and gabi, you've got to put me on the top of your babysitting list. i mean it. i mean, if you and jj ever want-- >> gabi: jj's not-- jj's not here, okay? i don't know where he is. >> sonny: what's going on? >> gabi: nothing. you call. one call is all i've gotten since he took off to miami.


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