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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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e. welcome to it all. comcast. changing lanes, problems on i-95, after a truck carrying pennies overturns on the highway. bridgegate heads to court on the bridge lane closing scandal. and the commander in chief forum. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 6:00 a.m. good thursday morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. 72 degrees right now. it's going to get hot and steamy let's get for meteorologist bill henley. hi, bill. >> we're 30 minutes away from sunshine.
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we will see bright sunshine and a big warmup on the way. lehigh valley, you can see scattered clouds there. by lunchtime, 87 degrees that's in lehigh valley and still climbing. and in philadelphia, 72 degrees to start with. here come the mid-70s at 8:00. look at the winds out of the southwest, by 11:00, 85 degrees, we'll be soaring into the 90s this afternoon. and the winds out of the southwest that's a direction that brings more humidity. you can already feel it this morning. >> expect for a hot one. plan on dressing lightly if you're heading out the door. 95, feels like it's closer to 100 degrees this afternoon. 90s for the suburbs, new jersey and the lehigh valley. looking for relief. you'll find it at the shore, partly to mostly sunny skies. first thing early this morning, we had rain showers that moved through the area. 2:00 to 2:30 in the morning. a look at new castle area, right
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across 95, this is exactly the same time where a massive accident has caused problems. that's? jessica boyington has been following the "first alert" traffic center. jessica, the latest. >> that's right, bill, we're watching breaking news, as rain moved through this area around a2:00, this accident also occurred, an overturned truck carrying a load filled with pennies. there's pennies all over the road. if you look up closely, you can see a little sparkle of the pennies all over the place. you can see a lot of crew here on the scene. they also have to get the truck back up on its feet, so to speak. and then we also have to get all of these lanes back open with the debris. and again, it's new castle. we can go to the maps here and take a look at what the delay looks like behind the scenes. all traffic right now being diverted off at airport road. right before this scene at route 141. seeing pretty massive delays because of it. once you get off on airport
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road. it's going to be a sticky detour because of big delays behind it. either way, you're stuck in pretty big delays. you can jump on 495 and access 95 that way especially headed northbound and trying to get on the pennsylvania side. we'll have an update in ten, tracy. we're continuing to follow that breaking news on i-95 that jessica has been following all morning for you. a tractor trailer overturned spilling pennies on the highway. nbc10 deanna durante is live in new castle. what can you tell us about that accident and the pennies all over the highway. >> reporter: we've got a couple of different vantage points to show you as they try to upright that tractor trailer. heavy equipment brought in, cranes beginning to lift some of the pieces on the tow truck to get them out of the way. as you take a look from skyforce 10, you can see the progress
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being made here. there's a number of heavier vehicles in order to lift the debris out. you can see the tractor trailer apparently flipped over across those three lanes and landed on the side near the guard rail. the pennies you can see what's in front of the cab. we're told that the driver of the truck was treat ted scene. he was the only vehicle involved in this accident. delaware state police still trying to figure out what caused this accident. here and again, deldot and psp not saying when the road will be open. you can see the progress being made, some of the debris has been cleared off the road. right now, those authorities, deldot and delaware state police saying to avoid the area. we're standing near the construction area which is adding to the mess here because people are getting off and finding there are detours when they get off the highway. the accident is i-95, r i-95,
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near the split of 295. you want to avoid this area here because we're being told that the road is going to be closed for a significant amount of time. bad news for drivers. reporting live in new castle county, deanna durante. 72 degrees. new from overnight, fire officials look for the cause of this fire that swept through a home in moorstown on cox road. the fire started in the garage and then spread to the house and attic, despite heavy damage. no one was hurt. no one was at home at the time. 6:05, jury selection is scheduled to begin for the so-called bridgegate trial of two former associates chris christie. bridget gel and bill baroni are accused of scheming to close leans on the george washington
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bridge allegedly for punishing the mayor for not supporting the governor. david rothstein has completed guilty to conspiracy charges and is cooperating with prosecutors. a man is now charged with assaulting a federal delegate at the democratic national convention back in july. walter weeks, a bernie sanders delegate from delaware county turned himself into police yesterday. he was charged with indecent assault. the alleged incident happened at a center city hotel during the dnc. 6:06, both hillary clinton and donald trump say they'd make the best choice for the military. >> the two candidates duked it out last night. >> we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> this wasn't a debate. this wasn't face-to-face.
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clinton went first. she says she'd defeat isis by air power and disrupting online communications. trump criticized military leaders. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. they've been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing to our country. i have great taste in the military. i have great faith in commanders certainly. but i have no faith in hillary clinton and the leadership. >> trump outlined one of the policies saying immigrants who are not citizens should be allowed to serve the military under special circumstances. one of the questions hillary clinton addressed last night was the scandal surrounding her personal e-mail account. last night, a democrat on the house oversight committee released an e-mail exchange between clinton and colin powell. powell admit he is did it himself doing business with foreign leaders. clinton said the fbi powell
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advises her. and citgo is filing papers that says it will appeal a judge's decision to pay $120 million for its part in an oil still in 2004. a federal judge ruled that citgo did not provide a safe place to dock for an oil tanker from venezuela. a tanker struck a submerged anchor spilling 264,000 gallons of oil into the river. the spill killed dozens of birds and cost the government nearly $100 million to clean up. penn state is offering voluntary retirement packages to more than 1200 faculty and staff members. it's all to address what the university calls budget and other workforce challenges. if you take the retirement package, you'll get a one-time lump sum payment of base salary. and those eligible have some september 30 toth decide if they'll take the deal. and the story we fold you
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about yesterday, the closing of itt tech campuses. community college of philadelphia wants former itt tech students to contacts them about enrolling in classes this fall. four of the itt tech campuses were in our area. the miss america heads to the third and final night of preliminary competition in atlantic city. last night, miss arkansas, lindsey shields won the talent portion. miss maryland took the swimsuit competition. miss america will be crowned sunday night. 9 minutes after 6:00. it's going to be a sunny day today. the last few morning, we've seen a lot of clouds, fewer clouds this morning as hermine has finally started pulling away from our area, so we're not going to see her influence quite as much which means we're going to see more sunshine. we're getting a muggy feel in the air. that mugginess will stay with us
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through the afternoon. the humidity is going to feel even hotter. it's going to be a warm and muggy evening. there will be scattered clouds. we had showers overnight last night most of the area will stay dry. none of that rain that we really do need. 60s for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. most of the area is in the 70s. andorra is 69 degrees. also 69 in summerton. but it's low 70s for germantown and graduate hospital. and that's our starting point. it's going to be a quick warmup today. and the winds have shifted. that's the other change as hermine pulls away from us. it's drier air, it kept things cooler. but not today. the southwesterly, sore west-southwesterly winds going to pump the humidity, look at our weather. 86 degrees. at 11:00. and into the 90s this afternoon.
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and look at the feels like temperatures. the heat index topping 100 degrees for at least a couple hours this afternoon. and that will not be the end of the steaminess. it's going to continue for days. the three-day outlook for philadelphia. 95 today. 93 tomorrow. and 94 degrees on saturday. the heat wave for the suburbs, 90s right into saturday. and for the lehigh valley as well. low 90s, thursday, friday and saturday. saturday a little bit steamier than friday. we'll get a little bit of a humidity break tomorrow but it's not going to feel all that great. the jersey shore will be in the 80s. but interior new jersey look at that heat wave. right into saturday. delaware, low 90s for today and tomorrow. up to 94 degrees on saturday. but that's when things will start changing over the weekend. a look at the weekend forecast. and end of the heat wave with the 10 day on 10 when i come back. bill, if your normal way to
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school is 95 in new castle county. listen up. >> jessica boyington has an update. >> right. we're watching skyforce 10 overtop of the scene right now, so we're getting an exact live picture right here. you can see the truck full of pennies that has overturned. right now, look here. that's not debris on the road. it is pennies there also is debris, though, on the road because the truck overturned. it's a big mess. everything is mangled here. all of the lanes completely closed. they have trucks on the scene. they're trying to pull the truck up as you look, a lot of delays. as we zoom out we see huge delays. all of that track is being diverted off of airport which is right in here. you can see where they stop all traffic. it seems slow on the opposite side, heading southbound as well. people wondering what's going on on the opposite side. this traffic almost looks like
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it's at a complete standstill approaching that scene because all of that, all. heavy lanes at the worst time, almost in the heart of rush hour, at least in the beginnings of it, moving into one lane and crawling off of airport road. you're going to be in big delays when you take 95. my advice, don't take 95. if you do, you're going to sit there and maybe try to climb on to 495 and hit 95 back up on the top of it past the scene especially towards the philadelphia area or heading towards pennsylvania. right now, delays on 95, remember all traffic is being diverted off of airport road. apple unveiled a new iphone, and this morning week getting a closer look at the device. >> next, we'll tell you about the changes to the iphone 7. including one feature that will no longer be included. 6:13, throwback thursday, we'll show you video of a young carson wentz where he shows off
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a mix of accuracy and comedy.
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at 6:17, we continue to follow this breaking news on i-95 after a tractor trailer overturned spilling pennies on the highway. they were unstamped pennies heading to the u.s. mint in philadelphia. the northbound side of 95 remains closed at the accident scene near the 295 split. nbc10 traffic reporter jessica boyington will be back in just minutes to help you avoid this. apple revealed its new iphone 7 and instead of adding a feature, apple has removed one. the iphone 7 will come without a headphone jack. you can just not put wireless headphones into the lightning port used to charge the phone. the change means that the phone is now water-resistant.
6:18 am
it also features stereo speakers and has a battery that lasts two hours longer than the iphone 6. sold out crowd cheering for the boston return to philadelphia. bruce springsteen and the east street band played at citizens bank park last night. the first of two shows also at the forum tomorrow night. carson wentz will lead the eagles in the first game of the season this sunday. >> before we get to see him hit the field, we're getting a look at a young wentz and his incredible aim. ♪ >> that's good. >> he made this video for a laugh with a couple of his videos. it's posted on youtube. it shows the boys what seems to be incredible shots with throwing paper into a trash can. that's fun and creative. >> very nice.
6:19 am
let's hope the paper tossing skills will help him beat the panthers on sunday. we'll have the interview ahead of the game. you can watch it "gameday kickoff" at 9:30 a.m. and after the game, the "gameday final." >> you can't edit on the field. you actually got to do it. let's check in to see what's happening on the roads out there. >> we continue to follow that accident on the road 95 new castle, northbound. jessica. >> right. all lanes are blocked with the overturn truck in new castle in delaware. all northbound lanes are blocked. this is approaching route 141. you can see there's a massive cleanup under way there. pennies all over the road and big delays behind it. as we zoom out a little bit with skyforce 10 on the scene, look at all of the traffic diverting
6:20 am
off the ramp. they're diverting all the traffic off of airport road. besides avoiding i-95 which i would suggest they do. all of the lanes of traffic, beginning with rush hour traffic, a lot of people on the roads. back to school, back to work, there's also additional cars on the roads anyway, think of it that way. one, two, three -- at least four lanes moving into one. a nasty backup behind it. alternates instead of 95 altogether take route 1, hop ton route 14. and get back on i-95 that way. it's still going to take awe a lot of time. give yourself extra time. bring your breakfast with you in the car. we'll have your updates and more shots from skyforce 10. 20 minutes after 6:00, a live view from crowley stadium in delaware. it's the beginning of what is going to be a hot day. at this hour, we're seeing 60s
6:21 am
in greenville, claymont and newark. it will warm into the 90s this afternoon. it's not just the temperature goes up. the humidity is also increasing. we feel the steaminess in lewis and rehoboth beach. during the day, heat index, the feels like temperature, takes it past the 100 degree mark in philadelphia. come tomorrow. a little bit of a break. still going to be hot. 98 will be the feels like temperature. that's a bit of an improvement. on saturday, look at this, right back topping 100 degrees. we've got three days of steamy weather that made it into the low 90s in philadelphia. the humidity wasn't all that high yesterday. it's a different story today. we're watching the satellite and radar. there go the showers from overnight. they are now offshore. just a slight chance we'll see showers popping up in parts of the area this afternoon. hour-by-hour forecast. at 2:00 this afternoon. look at new jersey southern
6:22 am
burlington county. ocean county. and you may see a possible thunderstorm at 6:00 this evening. and then those showers move offshore. you'll be watching a line of showers farther off. these showers expected to fall apart. just a slight chance of some moving in in lehigh valley by early tomorrow morning. during the day tomorrow, with heat and humidity, we could see pop-up showers, but no widespread rainfall. so the temperatures are going to take off for the next few days, keeping today, but still hot on saturday. for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley, south jersey and delaware, all into the 90s. then we get some relief on sunday. the heat comes to an end but a warm summer day. 10 day on 10, 95 today, a steamy day on saturday. temperatures start coming down on sunday. look at monday. that's going to be a nice day. story in the morning. 82 in the afternoon. brilliant sunshine. on tuesday, the temperatures
6:23 am
come back up, 88 degrees on wednesday. then fall starts moving in. this will feel like it. thursday, 78 degrees with a chance of showers. 70s on saturday, another chance of showers coming in on saturday. >> thanks, bill. a reputed philadelphia mobster is no longer welcome to wager in pennsylvania. we'll tell you about the latest for joey merlino. plus, the olympics, we'll take you back to rio for the paralympics. we'll tell you about that.
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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♪ the cauldron is burning once again if rio. the flame was lit last night for the start of 2016 paralympic games. 23 paralympic events ranging
6:27 am
from archery to wheelchair tennis. meanwhile, olympic officials have temporarily banned ryan lochte from swimming. the u.s. committee has suspended lochte for ten months. that means he will miss the world championship. lochte said he overexaggerated the story about the robbery at a gas station. >> if this was something that happened a year before the olympics, then it's a completely different story. but think of it as somebody being suspended right after the super bowl. >> rio authorities charged lochte with making a false report. and we want to know what you think about lochte's suspension. join the conversation on social media. is the punishment fair? let us know what you think. and we're following breaking news on i-95 after a tractor trailer overturned spilling pennies all over the highway. we'll have an update on the traffic.
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change in the commute, pennies cause problems on i-95 and it's impacting drivers in delaware. heat wave. temperatures will soar today and how it will stick around for days. making their race, donald trump and hillary clinton take the stage in the commander in chief forum. >> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." it's 6:31. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. a lot to get to today but let's begin with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. a steamy forecast. >> yeah. you can feel the humidity this morning. the temperatures will be soaring into the 90s. the humidity is already higher so it feels a bit muggier even though the temperatures are close to where we were yesterday at this time.
6:32 am
69 degrees. just a few minutes from sunrise. 69 in the suburbs. new jersey down to 67 in the lehigh valley. 71 degrees in delaware. philadelphia is 72 degrees. we will see a quick warmup during the day today. and the suburbs will be move into the 90s this afternoon. not bad at 9:00. 76 degrees, partly sunny skies. look at the three-hour change at noon time. 87 degrees. and right into the middle 90s this afternoon. 94 for the suburbs. 95 for philadelphia. it will feel closer to 100 this afternoon with the higher humidity. delaware, the lehigh valley, interior new jersey all heading into the 90s, while the shore will reach into the 80s this afternoon. mainly dry during the day, but we do see showers overnight and heavy downpours, too. this is the first thing between 2:00 and 2:30 this morning. heavy downpours across 95. right in this area, where 202
6:33 am
and 141 cross 95, some heavy downpours. and that happened early this morning. and that's about the same time of the big accident that really made a mess of the commute in that area. jessica boyington has the latest. jesse. >> bill, i'm watching it from skyforce 10, live on top of the scene right now in new castle where all lanes of 95 northbound are completely blocked off. there was a truck filled with pennies that overturn. cars around able to move through the area, even if they get the truck out of the way because all pennies have slipped outunderneath. they do have to get that out of the way. all lanes are closed around 141 at this scene and they're diverting off all traffic around airport road. there's a huge delay line the scene. all of the vehicles in place. a lot of police activity as well. blocking off the road. you can see just out ahead, the first exit before hand.
6:34 am
that's where the diverted traffic is going. it's all lanes of 95 rig$95 rig that are being force off of this exit. so big delays behind that. and, of course, avoiding notify would be a great alternate for you. otherwise, you can head down to route 1. you can take 495. those roads are a little bit backed up because this traffic is diverting itself off of there as well. lower merion, watch for a disabled vehicle on lancaster avenue and foxglove lane. and philadelphia police have a man in custody suspected in two separate crimes. a man in a home on oakmont street said he heard someone forcing open his front door. he ended up struggling with the man who was armed. the intruder hit him on the head and took off with a laptop. officers then spotted him and chased him and arrested him. police say the man robbed in the home invasion and his wife and a
6:35 am
woman robbed of her purse all identified the suspect. officers recovered items from both scenes. 6:34, hillary clinton and donald trump taking the stage last night to make their case in the commander in chief forum. nbc10's matt delucia is live in the digital information center. matt, this was not a debate but a first look at what will we expect from both candidates. >> right, both candidates try to get the tone set in how they would lead our military and our country. donald trump saying he's the right person to make that change. hillary clinton on the other hand arguing that trump would be dangerous. nbc commander in chief forum held on the aircraft carrier "intrepid" in new york. among those topics discussed, clinton's e-mails, sending troops into battle and isis. and donald trump defends his remarks that he knows more about isis than the generals but would
6:36 am
not talk about how he would defeat isis. >> let me tell you if i like maybe a combination of my plan and the general's plan or the general's plan, if i like their plan, matt, i'm not going to call you up and say, matt, we have a great plan. this is what obama does. >> hillary clinton, she went first in the forum an criticized trump. she firmly promised that no american troops will be deployed into iraq or syria. and she questioned trump's ability to run the country and its military. >> the last thing we need to do is play into the hands of isis, going after american muslims, defaming a gold star family, the family of captain khan. making it more difficult for to us have a coalition with muslim minority nations n snations. that is not going to help us succeed in defeating isis and protecting our american homeland. >> the first formal debate is schedule for later this month. live in the digital operations
6:37 am
center, i'm matt delucia. jury selection is slated to begin in the so-called bridgegate trial. former christie aide bridget kelly and appoint tee bill baroni are accused of scheming to close lanes on the george washington bridge allegedly to punish the mayor lee for not supporting the governor. another christie appointee to the port authority david rothstein has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and is cooperating with prosecutors. pennsylvania casinos are now off limits to joey merlino. if merlino is caught inside of a p.a. casino, he'll be charged with trespassing. he's been banned from the new jersey casinos since the 1980s. >> happening today, we're learning more about a new component of new castle county 911 service. it will enhance communications at a place that accommodate large amount of visitors that
6:38 am
includes schools as well as shopping malls. a high school in north jersey postponed its season opening football game because of an outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease three players in pequannock contracted the disease and five more players got sick even after locker rooms were sanitize. school doctors recommended posting the friday night games until november. it can spread through coughing, sneezing and other close personal contact. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 6:38. we've got a muggy morning. part of the reason, in parts of the area, we have rain showers overnight. cape may is driving out overnight. the clouds are starting to thin out. didn't see any rain in sea isle city. we'll see a lot of sunshine and temperatures will be climbing into the 90s this afternoon for
6:39 am
wilmington. while at the corresponshore, th temperature nrts s in the 80s. and fast moving and reaching into new jersey, a slight chance of a pop-up shower. most of the day it is going to be dry, hot and humid. 72 degrees this morning. for philadelphia, near 90 degrees starting at lunchtime. and mill 90s this afternoon. the suburbs, scattered clouds and sunshine. it's fought the normal breeze we saw with hermine offshore. hermine has pulled away and it's weakened and we've got a westerly wind bringing in the humidity. and pop-ups, too. for the lehigh valley, there is going to be a few scattered clouds but plenty of sunshine, near 80 degrees at 10:00. right on through the 80s into the 90s this afternoon.
6:40 am
new jersey, 67 degrees right now. there's still some clouds around this morning. they break 80 degrees at 10:00. 86 at lunchtime. and here come the 90s. even though it's the low 90s, it's going to feel like middle or upper 90s. south jersey, a big warmup at the shore. you'll see temperatures in the 80s today after starting off with a few showers first thing this morning. 79 at 10:00. by noon time, 82 degrees. a chance of showers, looks like out of the picture for the rest of the day. in delaware, 71 degrees, with clouds thinning out, sunshine will quickly warm temperatures into the 90s. it's not just today, it continues right on through the weekend. much of the area experiencing at least one last heat wave before some fall weather will finally move in. i can see that happens with the 10 day on 10. i'll show you the timing when i come back in a few minutes. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. a tractor trailer accident happened before 2:00 a.m. this
6:41 am
morning. luckily, the male driver, only minor injuries. you got to think about it, a lot of pennies. >> i don't know, it's going to take at least until 9:00 before it reopens but jessica boyington has you covered. she can gift around that mess. >> at least, vai, i nominate you to count those pennies. it will take a long time. lots of pennies, thousands of pennies on the road actually. skyforce 10 overtop of the scene of this tractor trailer accident. looks like they're making progress. they're moving the trailer around. you have the lanes blocked and zooming out, you can see no traffic approaching the scene. this is airport road diverting all traffic off at that point. down to single file. four loaded lanes of 95. so we're seeing huge massive delays and all of that traffic on 95 completely at a crawl.
6:42 am
so your best bet, believe it or not, is to completely avoid 95 altogether. even right here, route 58, reerch past that point. or get off right around route 7, to route 1 at the bottom. take route 1, hop on to 13. and get on to 495 which also crosses through notif95. right before it goes into pennsylvania. that's an option for you there. local detours, we're following that local road detour but you're going to be stuck in massive delays. watching mass transit. newark, septa, train 200 running two cars short this morning you can expect overcrowding on platforms, tracy. 6:42, a viewer tells us a new mattress kept her tossing and turning all night. and the problem continued for months. and now "nbc10 responds"
6:43 am
stepped in. plus, tiny homes for the homeless. we'll tell you how a local community is pushing back against a church trying to help people a place to stay. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
6:44 am
6:45 am
pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:46 from the nbc10 delaware bureau. neighbors took on a church in the battle over tiny homes. >> the pastor wants to build 15 tiny homes for the homeless people for a couple hundred bucks a month. >> i transition to a place that be similar to what you'd have in regular society, your own place. >> we're not talking about a mother, a couple children she lost her job. we're talking about people who are chronically homeless that basically -- i mean, they can walk, they can talk, and they
6:47 am
can carry a collection plate. >> church has to go through leag legal hurtles and zoning changes before they can make the tiny village. a woman said a store sold her a mattress that sagged after a couple months. when she tried to get results from the company, she got nowhere. >> she contacted "nbc10 responds." >> she paid more than $1800 in may 2015. she expected to last years. >> this is where i slept. six months later, it started to cave in. >> reporter: in certain spots the bed would sag. >> i'm not sleeping, i'm comfortable. >> reporter: she complained to the furniture store last november. days later the company sent someone out to suspect the
6:48 am
mattress but the result left her frustrated. >> i get a call a few days later they tell me that the measurements were within normal range and that there's nothing i can do about it. >> reporter: rosy say acme furniture denied the request to see the mattress. she contacted "nbc10 responds." >> i see all the stories that you do. and you did another story on a mattress. i said, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: a few days rons said ashley furniture came out to inspect the mattress and then gave rosen good news. >> my problem has been resolved. >> reporter: the company promised a full refund of $1894. and she used that money to buy another mattress elsewhere. >> thanks, harry. i really appreciate it. i'm going to sleep better. i'm very happy. >> reporter: outstanding. >> i really appreciate it. >> reporter: harry hairston,
6:49 am
"nbc10 responds." >> ashley furniture sent an e-mail saying the company prefers not to comment but they appreciate it. >> reach out to us on the website. the phone numbers are right there on the screen. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. we're finally seeing clear skies. the we've seen lots of morning clouds. we do see clouds in the distance and we also see the sun coming up this morning. mainly in the clear in lehigh valley, easton, showing a hot day. temperatures muggy this morning. very close to where they were. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 70 in new jersey. sunshine, 71 degrees in delaware. some of the suburbs have dropped into the 60s. fun in west bradford township.
6:50 am
70 degrees. and st. david at 70. 60s to start with, new hope, 65 degrees. that's one of the cooler spots this morning. it won't last. temperatures soar during the day today. it's not just the temperatures but the humidity. that's where it's ramping up. it will be in the low 90s. by lunchtime today it will feel like 100 degrees. look at that feels like temperature. the heat index topping 100 degrees in philadelphia today. and for much of the area. heat, humidity, sometimes, you get pop-up showers. we've had showers overnight. they're offshore. that's a thunderstorm right now but safely offshore. there's a chance, just a chance we'll see a pop-up shower is. more likely in new jersey, ocean county and a heavy downpour and then showers are out of the way. 11:30 tonight you can see showers farther off in northwest. early morning hours you might see a shower in allentown but cooling showers really out of
6:51 am
the picture for us for today, for tomorrow. and saturday, look at the temperatures, into the 90s. so we've got a heat wave for philadelphia, the suburbs. lehigh valley, south jersey. at the shore, 80s. a break in the 90s for sunday. it looks like even cooler going into monday. the next few days, it's going to be steamy, hot and humid. finally, a cooler day on sunday. even more pleasant monday. sunshine, tuesday, 85 degrees. another warmup, near 90 degrees on wednesday. but here comes fall-like weather for thursday, friday and saturday, it will be nice, too. especially nice, if we get some of that much needed rain next thursday and saturday. >> look at those temperatures. bill, thanks. nine minutes before 7:00. let's get you to the roads we've been watching all morning long. i-95 in new castle. >> jessica boyington gets us up to speed. we have skyforce 10 live
6:52 am
overtop scene and exactly what it looks like. a tractor has fallen to its side and spilling a truckload of pennies everywhere. thousands of pennies on the road. right around route 141, you can see no cars traveling right here. diverting all traffic off. just up ahead. this is airport aroad in here. airport road runs from one lane at least on this off-ramp. as you look closer. that's four lanes or so of 95. of rush hour 95 through delaware, being diverted to one lane. they're at a complete stand stihl. i would imagine this is the same cars we've been watching from the front here for last hour or so. that northbound traffic is really getting nasty right now. unfortunately, all of the alternates in all of the different areas that people are trying to get off on are starting to jam up. route 141, massive delays there.
6:53 am
all traffic being diverted off of airport road. your best bet, believe it or not, is just to avoid i-95 now. route 42 around the atlantic city expressway. just typical delays right now with everybody back to work and school heading back to philadelphia. next, we'll run down the headlines and the stories we'll be following for you throughout the day. and we're getting ready for another week of high school football. here are this week's choices for the high school blitz game of the week. you can vote by texting or calling the number on your screen. go to or the app. we'll have the vote for you at 11:00.
6:54 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag:
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"i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. [ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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we're about three minutes before 7:00 a.m.
6:57 am
skyforce 10 live with breaking news we've been following throughout the morning on new castle, delaware. tractor trailer overturned i-95 northbound. pennies are spilled. as you approach the 295 split, "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington will have an update in just minutes. meanwhile, here are the stories we're following. jury selection is going to begin in the so-called bridgegate trial. the two are scheming to close lanes on the george washington bridge allegedly to punish the mayor of ft. lee. the first rockets that will collect samples from an asteroid will reach it in 2018 and return to earth five years later. scientists hope the asteroid can provide clues to the origin of the system since it contained materials formed during the same season.
6:58 am
the nfl season kicks off. the super bowl champions den 54 broncos. and it's hosted the season opener every year since 2004. kickoff at 8:30. coverage begins at 7:30, right here on nbc10. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington here with breaking news and skyforce 10 live over top of the scene of 95. out in new castle county, delaware. there's an overturned truck that pennies spilled all over 95 right now on the northbound side. you can see all of it -- all of them right here. everything. just a lot of debris in the area. they have trucks here. and crew on the scene, trying to get the truck back upright and get it out of the way. in addition they have to clean up a lot of debris in the area. this is 95 northbound. all traffic is being diverted
6:59 am
off airport road. your best bet take alternate routes and avoid 95. schuylkill starting to dedelays as well. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. just a minute before 7:00, we've got sunshine. a beginning of a hot and humid day. 60s for much of the area. the suburbs, lehigh valley. delaware had showers, it may have contributed to that accident. we'll see sunshine and a quick warmup, 85 degrees at 11:00. wins coming out of the west or southwest. we'll feel those in philadelphia, too. that's going to boost the temperatures and humidity. just a little bit of a breeze this afternoon. and the temperatures this afternoon, into the 90s, but with a higher humidity, it's going feel like it's closer to 100 degrees for much of the day today. if you're looking for cooler temperatures you'll find that at the shore. they're not cool, 86 degrees
7:00 am
this afternoon. >> bill, local updates throughout the morning. certainly in i-95. good morning. top guns. donald trump and hillary clinton make the case for being the next commander in chief at our exclusive forum. trump courting controversy for suggesting it's time to replace some military leaders. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> and heaping praise on vladimir putin. clinton going out on a limb with this vow. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> while defending the way she handled sensitive information as secretary of state. >> there's no evidence my system was hacked. >> this morning did either of them prove they're ready to lead? banned from the pool? suspensions expected to be announced today for the four american swimmers involved in that gas station incident at the olym


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