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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to thirsty thursday. it's september 8. who is that? >> that is luke bryant. >> a great show for you to day. look at this beautiful lady in our kitchen. that is haley did you have. and that necklace is wearing you beautifully. >> i might need that. >> she's a new mom. she has handsful and a meal for busy parents that is just six ingredien ingredients. it has shrimp and pasta. >> it z. >> and butter.
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>> better than butter. all right. then time for hoda to make another dream come true. these have been wonderful this week. >> they're fun to do. >> we feature a story who worked tirelessly in his community. he doesn't want any praise for it. wait until you see who surprises him. also, two ladies on the big apple get away are going to head home with gorgeous new looks. our ambush makeover team finishes their magic. >> you may remember her from "american idol," now country sensation lauren elaina has a bold new look and sound. she's doing great. she's going to sing her new song for us that she happened to co-write with megan trainor. >> she's in good company. >> all right. so the verse is in on ryan lochte. >> can we wait on that for one moment? i want to thank everybody coming out yesterday to win foot country club and golf course. i went with my friend ann. she does all the beautiful angel jewelry, paintings and things. and my friend riri had her
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gorgeous jewelry. i had my stuff. a large portion of the sales went to children's hospital. so lovely ladies. that is a painting that i've been waiting for two years are before. ann just finished that and i hung it in my guest room two weeks ago. >> it's gorgeous. >> it's like four feet by six feet tall. isn't it gorgeous? >> she distinct credible work. she has stationery, too. if you can't buy a painting, can you get stationery. now ryan lochte. >> okay, we hear reports there are reports that he has received his punishment for all the stuff that happened in rio, remember the incident with the gas station whether he said that he was robbed at gun point and covered up some altercation. anyway, so we understand that the verdict is he is suspended for ten months from swimming. united states olympic committee will not officially confirm that but a usa swimming has indicated that something will be announced today. >> you knew something was going to happen. some people are saying it's not actually a fair judgement
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because -- >> well, michael phelps, do you remember when he was busted for dui twice? >> yeah. >> he ended up getting a six month suspension. so the question was is ryan lochte's too severe for what he did? there are two ways you can look at it. one is ryan locket i didn't remember -- ryan lochte's story tanlted how the u.s. was viewed there at the olympic games. michael phelps was off-season. >> not that it's okay. >> he could have endangered people, obviously. he was arrest ford drinking and driving. so anyway, that's -- again -- >> we would love to know what you think if you'd like to go to our facebook and let us know. what do you think, hoda? it seems a bit harsh. >> when i was in rio and realized how devastating it was to the people there and working so hard and you're like ugh, why? >> okay. let's plof on from. that. >> yeah. >> all right. there is more fun.
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>> this is kind of a little bit weird. >> there is very weird. >> do we have to sat word? >> you can a urinate if you prefer. >> do you ever get urination anxiety? you know you go to the doctor and say fill up the cup and you don't have to go. >> i always hate to put my name on it. >> give me a sticker. >> because people can come in and do something with it. i don't -- i just -- >> i don't know. it just sunt houldn't be sittin around. put it right outside the lady's room door. >> the whole thing is weird. so mel b, she had to perform on command when on shah though called running wild. so here is the story. he got stung about a jellyfish. >> yes. >> and some people believe -- >> he was catching so it they could eat it for dinner. >> and it stung him. some people believe that urination helps whether you get stung by jellyfish. so anyway, just watch.
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>> we're going to show it? >> yes! >> i don't want to tee on myself. ready? >> oh, no. no. no. no. no. >> tee on demand when somebody is in pain is very difficult. almost. >> this is nasty. >> come on. >> it's not coming. >> come on. there we go. oh, my god! >> there we go. >> ugh. >> okay. >> there you go. don't say i never did anything for you. >> she saved my life. >> no, give me five. >> that's the other hand. >> ewe. >> one more reason i'm not going to do that show. i love him personally. wonderful guy. >> everyone does his show. they do all kinds of crazy things. >> i know. i know. >> by the way, in case you
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wonder, the medical unit, they say she didn't have to do. that urine does not cure a jellyfish sting. that is a myth. >> they think that maybe it can actually make things worse and the jellyfish won't like it. it may make the yell l jellyfis toxic. >> here's the thing, i would think that when you're near the ocean when there are waves. you know rubbing water does make you go. don't you feel like sometimes you don't have to go and thennure at the ocean and you're like, oh, my gosh, i have to go back in. >> sometimes if i can't sleep, i put on the sleep machine thing and i have waves. >> do you? >> yeah. >> sometimes i run the faucet if i need to go and i can't. i just let it run and then running it makes me go. >> well -- force. >> okay. anyway. so what is the worst song ever? >> don't even say it. i'm not. i'm not going to. i get in trouble all the time.
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>> we can't hear it though. >> i can. i can hear it. oh, now i can, yeah. >> we're wasting water. we have a show. >> we're wasting it. i hate that. run the water all the time when shaving or brushing his teeth. i would go over and turn it off. >> you don't like it running. >> i don't like wasting water. it's a precious -- >> is it still running? >> it's a weird day. >> g.q. magazine named the worst rock song ever. are you ready? here it is. ♪ we built this city on rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ we built this city we built this city on rock 'n' roll ♪ >> "we built this city on rock 'n' roll." >> i mean, 1985. >> it's guy sing along song. apparent lit band hated the song. they said it is one of the worst songs. they didn't like it. it was jefferson star ship.
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they wanted a number one song and they sold out. the lead singer said she felt like she was throwing up on the audience whether she sang it every time. >> which covered almost everything that a human being can do in a nasty fashion. >> all right. great slick. we hear you. are you ready for i hoda? this is a good one. ready? i'm going to tee it up for you. danon shea, this is when you're getting trod go out on a date your husband, boyfriend and you know that he would rather stay in and it's a very sexy song. so it's getting ready to go out and he wants to stay in and you're going to go home early. listen. ♪ you're beautiful hair up, hair down another 20 minutes ♪ ♪ out the house i'm walking i'm already thinking about leavin' ♪ ♪ got to get you back in my shirt
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get you out that dress get you out the shoes you like so much ♪ ♪ everybody at the party is checking your body out i don't mind because you're coming with me ♪ i snow it's only 7. 367892 looking at you i'm already ready to go ♪ how hot is that? how hot is that? ♪ are you ready to go >> come on, it's what you want him to sing to you. you're in the party. he wants to leave! ♪ >> i love it that it makes hoda so happy. >> isn't that what you want him to sing to you? >> no. to me one of the sexiest songs is that bob skaggs song. come up with this. >> yeah. >> you'd know it. >> no. no. >> how are we ruining this moment? >> because i have a better one for you. >> love, look what you've done to me. right? older people go, yeah!
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>> older? >> anyway. you can find that on ihoda apple mudic. >> you should listen to the bob skaggs song, you'll freak. reminder, you can find us on sirius/xm 108. you should listen to hoda every monday and wednesday at 2:00 p.m. >> two lucky ladies came to new york, one got what she was looking for. the other was completely ambushed. >> our big makeover reveal next don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] you get relentless protection.
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we have fabulous author jill .artin we love her. >> all right, kids. >> today i found two beautiful women who didn't have a clue how beautiful they were. and it was just so much fun to work on them. i can't even begin to tell you. >> the first one up is marianne. she is 70 years old from spring lake, new jersey. she retired now but she and her husband own two roller skating rinks for 25 years. she has two kids, five grand daughters. she's in town seeing shows and enjoying a nice get away with her husband. she wanted to be ambushed this morning because she says she needed a change. take a listen to her story. >> marianne, you're already crying. >> i know. >> why is it so important to you? >> this is a big year for me. i turned 70 in august. and october 1st we were married 50 years. so it's a big step. i'm really excited. and this is like the icing on the cake. >> great. >> what was that face whether she said 50 years. >> i have no memory of it.
10:15 am
>> and we're going to remind you by giving you this beautiful gift. so we're so excited for you. >> thank you so much. thank you. this is great. >> husband bob. >> yeah. >> he is waiting patiently. all right. bob -- please leave your blindfold on for just a second. here is marianne dill before. all right, marianne, let's see the new you. wow! nice! wow. all right, bob, it is time. please take off your blindfold. check out your bride. >> wow. where is she? wow. >> you want to see yourself? >> yes. >> all right. marianne, turn around. >> you look 18, like whether we got married. >> oh, my gosh. >> put your glasses on. wow. you look so hot. >> oh, my gosh. i love it! >> turn around. >> we have to get married again. >> what did you say? >> i have to get married again. >> i'm in. >> gorgeous.
10:16 am
isn't it beautiful? >> come on. i love it. i love, love, love. >> great work. >> right here. i promise you, we have another 50 yearsing to. here's what i did. i made her hair, of course, she had gray hair. 20 minutes today we med her hair soft blonde color. will blend through. then, of course, we have the great stylist. the hair was too far off her forehead. new look. >> i love the jacket and the jeans! >> i love it. >> they're all from talbot. a great piece for fall is a leather blazer. >> round of applause for marianne. can you go right over there. our second lady is sheila miller. she is 55 from a beautiful part of california, dana point. she's in town with an extended family reunion.
10:17 am
she is a volunteer with church and very involved in jail ministry. she likes hiking. she has four children and two granddaughters. she wasn't planned on being ambushed this morning but with these experts, how could she go wrong? let's listen to her story. >> you said a lot of words to me about how your feeling before thinlt view. so tell everyone. >> well, i'm shocked. i'm nervous. i'm stunned. just going to be an amazing experience. >> i promise that. what do you think of all this? >> well, sheila is a beautiful girl. i can't imagine her being any more beautiful. but i'm thrilled that she has this opportunity. i love her. >> awe. i love him. okay. we're very excited to take care of you for three hours. >> thank you. >> jill, that why you're so happily married because you said exactly the right thing. >> happily married when sheila is your wife. >> wow. all right. let's find jewels. let's take one last look at sheila before. and bring her out. sheila miller.
10:18 am
>> wow! pretty. >> beautiful! >> wow. all right. take a look at your bride. >> whoa! you're a 12 or a 13. >> this guy is charming. >> wow. >> thank you. >> can you stand with her if you like. vunlt seen yourself yet. are you ready? spin around. >> it's amazing. oh, my gosh. >> you look gorgeous. beautiful. >> wow. >> spin right around. >> okay. >> she had the dark hair color. what i did is softened it into a brown. i added the blonde larger pieces of color. >> i love it. >> again, swept away bangs. great shape. >> and that is a darling outfit. >> outfit from talbots. >> all right. let's bring marianne back out. here are our ladies.
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the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. snifrment. as the seasons change, so should your nail color. it may be time to swap out that bright neon for a warmer hue. >> here with the shimmers and shades sure to be this fall's most popular polishes is today's style editor bobbi thomas. >> hi, darling. >> this is a fun way to shift into fall when it is so hot out. >> yeah. >> ready for boots and sweaters. i really love the nail update and if you're throughout looking for something edgy but not too harsh, navy is making a really big come back. what i like about navy is for those that think blue is too bold, tracy, georgeous here from my team, she is showing off this
10:23 am
beautiful color. it's a sophisticated way to get that deep flair. it is really pretty this season with a little shimmer. the cult favorites when it comes to navy. opi is known for the russian navy. and then etsi is known for the midnight cami. and there is brand new navy after midnight and rolling in the deep. i love nail polish names. they're so much fun. >> everybody asks me on twitter, is this opi. over the taupe. >> also metallics in general are set to make a comeback. glitter is in the nail polish, too. sephora has this formula. it's about jewel tones with sparkle. >> it's already in it. >> yeah. but there is another big craze happening. we talked about the chrome nail polish trend. but this near effect trend, if you go on to youtube and watching. you're watching people use chrome powder. this is a liquid. it reminds me of murcury. you paint it on wet.
10:24 am
but as it dries, it starts to have this mirror effect. >> okay. >> can you see that? >> yeah. it looked like a mirror. >> yeah. >> why is there red on the rest of your finger. >> i'm going to show nut next step. you see how it dries? >> that is weird. >> you're going to look weird the rest of the day. >> all right. so next you'll see on the nails that i have red nail polish but it is huge this season. big brands like chanel and orbe are launching brand new classic reds. and this is just a helpful tip. this is a cute icle nail sticke. this helps you get perfect application. so you just peel it off. >> so i listed all of those online. what i'm really excited about, the warm toasty nudz. cad kathie lee, you're favorite. there are so many new nudz. blackout has a really cool collection that launched for people with deep erskine tone. you can get warm taupy shades that don't feel too bay.
10:25 am
>> awesome. thank you so much. >> thank you, bobbism e. >> he before fibromyalgia, i was energetic. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. lliz assumed all dressings were made equal.. assume nothing. unlike some other guys, these kraft dressings have no artificial flavors no synthetic colors no wonder it tastes so good. tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. starting to warm up out there. let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> hey, vai. sunshine, more humid and it is getting hotter by the minute. 81 in philadelphia. look at sunshine over center city.
10:27 am
86 at lunchtime. at 3:00, 93. and the winds out of the west, that's dragging in more humidity in the area. 90s this afternoon. we'll feel like it's close to 100 degrees. vai? >> bill, thank you. with today's heat, the reading school district is dismissing its middle school students early at 12:15. the schools don't have adequate air-conditioning systems. and trenton public schools are also shorting their days tomorrow -- today and tomorrow. trenton district has 22 schools, but not all of them have central air-conditioning. well, we've been following breaking news on i-95 in newcastle for several hours now. this tractor-trailer overturned early this morning, spilling unstamped pennies all over the highway. the driver suffered minor injuries. let's get an update on the situation on 95 with nbc 10 traffic reporter, franchesca ruscio. >> we're seeing a left lane that has reopened, but the right lanes are remaining closed from
10:28 am
95 to 295. it has reopened, but use caution. we're looking at another accident that has just popped up in the whitemarsh area. expect some delays in that area. also to a live shot of the schuylkill expressway. looking green, it will take you anywhere from 12 minutes >> thank you. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. and you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. have a great day. we'll see you at the top of the hour. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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it's thirsty thursday. hoda's been playing fairy godmother helping viewers check things off their bucket list. she gave a young mom a big surprise on her favorite tv show "law & order." what do you got today? >> i have a surprise for the sweetest, most humble people i ever met. he is merrill powers. he changed thousands of lives. he runs a vsalvation army in chicago and meals on wheels. and merrill never takes a break. that was until we forced him to with a surprise visit from one of his idols. >> merrill powers, head of a salvation army senter in chicago, has spent the last 24 hours grilling a feast for the community. he has no idea this whole party
10:31 am
is actually for him. >> captain merrill. >> he has his wife nancy to thank for that. >> he wants people to feel loved. the person that maybe hasn't had anybody shake their hand. >> there you go. >> he wants to shake that hand. >> like tom murphy, when he first met merrill, tom was living in a tent. nobody would hire him. >> he never put me down because i was homeless or anything else. he just offered me the opportunity to prove myself. >> merrill's calling is to help others. but he does have another passion. >> barbecuing. secondary sweetheart let's call it. >> a food network fanatic, he won his share of ribbons but mostly merrill grills for those in need. >> you want to talk to merrill, you have to get through me. >> the highlight to have day's party, merrill's pulled pork, secret rub and another secret. one of merrill's all time
10:32 am
favorite celebrity chefs. bobby flew in from new york to help me surprise him. >> you ready for the plan? >> let's do this. >> come on. >> good afternoon. i hope everybody's had a chance to get some food. hi. >> merrill? >> yes? >> i'm hoda from "the "today" show." >> hi. >> hi. i didn't mean to interrupt you. but i wanted to let you know that we came here today for you. >> okay. >> you're beautiful wife nancy told us about this remarkable, remarkable man and she said he does nothing but give. and so we decided to come here and to honor you. >> thank you. >> we understand you serve so many people and we also understand that you make a mean barbecue. they say you love those shows, the cooking shows. you love those? >> i love cooking shows.
10:33 am
>> how you doing? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you and i have something in common. we speak through our food. and as soon as i got to this neighborhood, i could smell where you were cooking. and so i'm here to taste your barbecue. >> oh, my. >> how about some food, snerve. >> come on! >> all right. >> that is amazing. >> that's so delicious. >> i would like merrill to have a new friend when he is watching the shows to be able to say i met him. >> add a little more. >> you got it. >> to say, you know, i cooked with him and had a story to tell. >> i hope you like my potato salad. >> definitely trophy worthy. >> trophy worthy. >> cooking for bobby play, check. but nancy has one more wish for her husband. >> i don't even know how many
10:34 am
lives you've touched. so we just found a handful. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i would do anything if he could truly see the impact that he makes. >> thanks for helping me get my life back on track. >> what does it feel like seeing physically what you've done? >> i'm proud of them. the beauty of being here is a miracle every day. and, you know this is just a few of the miracles. >> thank you. thank you. >> hoda, don't you love it? >> i love it. he said i'm proud of them. >> yeah. >> humility is a beautiful thing. we should all try more of it. >> by the way, merrill spends two days making turkey for the center. so our friends at butterball donated 150 turkeys for every
10:35 am
thanksgiving for the next decade. >> oh, my gosh. stop it! you are destroying my makeup all week long. >> tune in tomorrow, final bucket list wish this week. >> and this one is unbelievable. time to head into the kitchen. haley has a 20 minute meal for a busy weekend and wearing the world's greatest necklace ever. we'll be right back.
10:36 am
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[gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, can you help me? wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowing] turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. now that summer is over, kids back to school, parents need to get a dinner on the table. >> our food team actress haley did you have is a new mom. she hosts a cookie channel to come up with a simple meal that can be ready in 20 minutes. we've been drooling over this all day. >> it just smells like brown butter in here. right? >> i don't know what it is. it is delicious. >> what do we do? >> so this is actually i recipe from the new show haley for
10:40 am
america. it is also a recipe i make at home all the time. so few ingredients. basically butter, mizo, ingredient i love to cook with. it's an every major grocery store. but it sounds really decadent and dressed up. >> delicious taste. >> yeah. and crushed red pepper and shrimp and past yachlt that's it. >> okay. >> can you use any pasta i'm sure. >> any pasta. whatever is in the pantry. we dump this in boiling water. always salt your water. super important. >> okay. >> what is that? >> that is just makes the water starchier which we'll come back to later. >> okay. >> so another great trick for not making a pasta stick together is give it a really great stir off the top. 30 seconds or. so you are ghaet column notary public. there. >> yeah. >> that's going to keep it from sticking together. just make sure you stir it really well for 30 seconds or so. >> okay. >> so your little girl is 15 months and eegt everything now. >> she is a chow hound. oh, my god.
10:41 am
>> oh, my goodness. look at her. >> she loves her sunglasses. >> i cannot believe. that. >> okay. the butter is going to go right in the skillet. you're going to cook it on low. you don't want to burn butter. >> no. no. >> no burned butter. we don't like. that we want it to brown. so just on low. it starts to bubble and you'll really smell it turn nice and nutty. >> yeah. >> then you're going to add the miso paste. it comes like. this. >> yeah. it is like peanut butter. >> it's going to go right in. there. >> okay. >> how much is that? >> this is like two tablespoons of it. >> all right. depending on how much you're cooking, you're going to put that all right in there. add the crushed red pepper. >> this feeds how many people, sweetie? >> i would say for four people. >> you want lemon? >> this is actually the pasta water. >> exactly. >> and this is going to help -- this is going to actually break up your pasta as it starts to stick together. it's a great way to rehydrate it.
10:42 am
>> okay. >> it also can kind of like make this sauce a little thicker. add in a little like. that whisk it together. you want to go really slow. you don't want a thick sauce. just whisk this and as it heats up, the miso will melt down in the butter. you want to go slow. you don't want to heat it up. >> this is what is taking the 20 minutes actually. >> yes. >> it's not the other stuff. the shrimp is going to go right in there, too. >> okay. and all these are just going to lay into that sauce. >> usually shrimp cooks quickly. >> on the low, it is going to take a while. >> all right. >> it's on the low, you know? >> yeah. >> all right. so now that you have it all cooked up -- >> we get to try it. >> how about that brown butter. >> something is going on down at that end. >> all righty. >> here kat. >> scoot on down here. this is what it's going to turn noochlt it's going to be really
10:43 am
frag ran fragrant nutty sauce. all the pasta goes right back in. there and then this is when that pasta water is helpful. did it go all right in there. >> oh, my gosh. bam. >> this is nice. i wand to try all the finished ones. >> this recipe go, to >> she has written songs with megan trainor and shared the stage with carrie underwood, now former "american idol" lauren alaina is going to sing for us next. >>nd a'm i going to eat. i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes...
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the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. she's the georgia nature they've captured america's heart when she performed on "american idol" at just 16 years old and landed in the runner up
10:49 am
position. we're talking about country music sensation lauren alaina. and her debut album hit number one on the country clart. she toured with jason aldeen and luke brian and alan jackson. >> now she's out with a new single, road less traveled off herself titled lp. we're so happy for you. >> hey. >> you have a band and everything. >> i know. >> we love you. you were working with megan trainor. >> actually. i wrote this new single with her. >> she's one of your new best friends. here she is. >> take it away. ♪ why do you keep on staring that mirror, mirror it ain't
10:50 am
fair at all ♪ ♪ drez sizes can't define don't let the world decide what's beautiful ♪ ♪ you won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules ♪ ♪ history gets made when you're acting a fool ♪ ♪ so don't hold it back and just run it show what you got and just own it ♪ ♪ no they can't tear awe part ♪ if you trust your rebel heart ride it into the battle don't be afraid take the road less traveled ♪ ♪ wear out your boots and kick up to the gravel ♪ ♪ don't ab frayed take the road less traveled on ♪ ♪ oh, whoa oh, whoa take the road less traveled on ♪ ♪ don't follow anyone march to the rhythm of a different drum ♪ ♪ why do we analyze break out and criticize the crazy ones ♪
10:51 am
♪ oh, you won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules ♪ ♪ history gets made when you're acting a fool ♪ ♪ so don't hold it back and just run it ♪ ♪ show what you got and just own it ♪ ♪ no they can't tear you apart, no ♪ ♪ if you trust your rebel heart ride it into battle ♪ ♪ don't be afraid take the road less traveled ♪ ♪ wear out your boots and kick up the gravel ♪ ♪ don't be afraid take the road less traveled on ♪ ♪ oh, whoa, oh, whoa take the road less traveled on ♪ ♪ oh, whoa oh, whoa ♪ ♪ take the road less traveled on ♪ ♪ put your hands up she me that you're one of a kind
10:52 am
put your hands up let me hear your voice tonight ♪ ♪ if you trust your rebel heart ride it into battle ♪ ♪ don't ab frayed take the road less traveled ♪ ♪ wear out your boots and kick up the gravel ♪ ♪ don't ab frayed take the road less traveled on if you trust your rebel heart ride it into battle ♪ ♪ don't be afraid take the road less traveled ♪ ♪ wear out your boots and kick up the gravel ♪ ♪ don't ab frayed take the road less traveled on ♪ oh, whoa oh, whoa ♪ ♪ take the road less traveled on
10:53 am
for ♪ oh, whoa oh, whoa ♪ ♪ take the road less traveled on traveled on ♪ ♪ take the road less traveled on ♪ >> whoo! lauren alaina! >> there is "today" on nbc! you did it! narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists -
10:54 am
and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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10:56 am
all right. before we get to our teases, we have an announcement to make. it's a huge announcement for our girl amanda. it is amanda's birthday. come on up. amanda, our new orleans girl. come on! your cake and your champagne. >> amanda. we would like to make a toast you to. we love you. >> thank you, darling. we do. >> and we're so glad that you're
10:57 am
part of our family. our little family. >> thank you. >> don't you love amanda? >> everybody loves amanda. tomorrow, another bucket list surprise for one lucky fan. >> and tricks that can make your kid's home work easier which means easier for you. >> and prepared to be amazed. we're going to try to set a record on the show. >> have a great day, everybody. >> and it's tommy's birthday, too. where is tommy? where is tommy?
10:58 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
10:59 am
that's my plan.
11:00 am
summer still has a strong hold on us. dangerous heat and humidity grips our region. just how hot it will feel outside today. a penny for your thoughts. we bet drivers in delaware have plenty of negative ones this morning after an unusual spill snarled their commute. tebowing on the baseball field. the team that just gave this nfl quarterback a shot at professional baseball. right now at 11:00, football season kicks off tonight and fall is exactly two weeks away, but this sultry summer weather refuses to let go. here's a live look outside at boathouse row in philadelphia where temperatures are soaring right now. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with a


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