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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  September 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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outside in philadelphia, temperatures are actually more so in the upper 70s. it's feeling hotter already than it truly is. coatesville a little better off sitting at 73, 76 the feels like in allentown, a lot of 70s as we move into new jersey as well. trenton broke a record for heat yesterday, today 74 for the feel like this morning and atlantic city also broke a record for heat, currently feeling like 78 degrees. we had records breaking all over the place. here is a look at your radar and satellite map, not a lot going on anymore. we did see showers that moved through allentown, low lying fog is possible early on this morning. the potential for showers because the rest of today is looking sunny to mostly sunny with scattered clouds moving in and out through the day. as we move tonight into early tomorrow we could see some spot showers. there is a look at your temperature versus your feels like temperature in the red. above 100 for the feels like, that starts at 1:00 p.m. and
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will last through 5:00 p.m. very hot temperatures, much better sunday which does include the forecast for the eagles game. we will get to that in just a bit. we have moved up now to 5:31 on your saturday morning and new this morning firefighters tell us an electrical problem blew the cover off a manhole in south philadelphia. nbc 10 at 16th and mckeen streets where the incident happened just before midnight. the firefighters couldn't tell us what the electrical problem was, but there were no power outages in the area, but you can see there was quite a scene and police had to cordon offñc9c paf the street. happening right now folcroft police officer christopher dorman is on patrol, this is his first shift since he was shot seven times just a few months ago. dorman's 12-hour patrol shift ends at 6:00 a.m. and monique braxton is live outside the
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folcroft police station with more. pretty remarkable recovery, monique. >> reporter: that's right, ted. not too many people survive being shot seven times and then being able to return to work. now, our camera was rolling for what you could call a miraculous return to the job. officer chris dorman's family and the officers he now calls his brothers and sisters were on hand when he returned to work a 12-hour shift. >> i like working, i like the job i have, it's the best job i have ever had. i'm not very good at sitting around, so sitting around my house watching tv was kind of boring. >> reporter: two of the seven shots fired at officer dorman hit his old bulletproof vest. he is wearing a loner overreaction night tonight. police charged dante island with attempted murder, he is in jail awaiting his next hearing. in the next half hour you will hear more from officer dorman as
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he returns to the job and is about to wrap up his first night back. live for now in folcroft, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. two people are in the hospital after an armed standoff with police in wis philadelphia. police responded to a call about a woman screaming on south millick street yesterday afternoon. officers were talking to the woman when they say a man started shooting at them from the back of the house. the woman who was shot in the arm ran to a neighbor's home. the armed man then retreated to the basement with two other adults and four children barricaded inside the house. s.w.a.t. officers went into the home and brought the man out with a gunshot wound to the leg. happening today, a unity day event in abington township aims to foster better communication between the community and the police department. it's a joint effort by the police and the naacp. the groups will meet in crestmont park in willow grove to reaffirm their pledge of
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cooperation. >> citizens are reluctant to come to the police to complain about the police and this agreement establishes guidelines where they can go to the naacp or other leaders in the community and have them come to us. >> today's event will feature police demonstrations, food and music. it cobs off at 9:00 this morning and runs until 5:00. more than a dozen puppies and dogs rescued from flooding in louisiana are now in our area and they need new homes. the dogs now at the camden county animal shelter in gloucester township can be adopted right away, the animal shelter took in the pups to ease overreaction crowding in louisiana. so far one of the 18 dogs rescued from the floods has found a new family. >> we are just looking for a home for 17 more of the dogs from louisiana to get rescued and get adopted. so if you've got a good home, a got pet mind and pet hard come on down and adopt a dog.
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another school year begins and another round of volunteers is lending their services to help keep philadelphia students on the path to graduation. city year philadelphia held a year of service. more than 200 volunteers took the pledge yesterday. they will assist students in 18 philadelphia public schools. the volunteers were reminded that they will benefit from the program just as much as the students. >> and, remember that your service here matters to you as core members, it is important in your own lives, for your own growth. the leadership experience you will gain will last a lifetime. >> nbc 10's parent company comcast was city year's national opening day sponsor. a tradition of the miss america pageant plays out on the atlantic city boardwalk later
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today. it's the show us your shoes parade this evening. each contestant creates a costume and one of a kind footwear to celebrate the spirit of their home state. this year the parade will feature a 9/11 tribute. tonight a new miss america will be crowned at boardwalk hall. from miss america to american girl, fans can now shop for the popular dolls in montgomery county starting today. a temporary american girl store opens later in morning at the king of prussia mall, the store features dolls, books, accessories along with the signature doll hair salon. if you go this weekend you can enter a contest to win a free doll. the store is part of a recently opened expansion at the mall connecting the court and plaza. now you don't have to walk outside. the mall is now the biggest in america on a square foot basis. now to decision 2016. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> she could walk into this
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arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching -- >> next hear what else he told a florida crowd about his opponent, plus clinton's reaction. also mystery from above, ahead hear where dozens of birds suddenly dropped out of the sky.
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welcome back. we are looking live outside philadelphia, big dark scene because the sun is yet to rise. what i can tell you is it's already feeling a little soupy out there. temperatures also still up, we're at 78 degrees currently, winds are light so they are not going to assist with any relief today. it's all about the heat. this heat wave we are looking at
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is going to continue through your saturday. don't want to be a bearer of bad news, but look at these temperatures as we get into the afternoon. we are sunny to mostly sunny, mix of clat erred clouds through your afternoon. pick up into those 90s in the afternoon, we should peak in the mid 90s with feels like temperatures hitting the triple digits and even above that, in fact, up to about 104 would not be a surprise. looking in the suburbs here, 76 at 8:00 a.m., by noon 88, so a little better off. not by a ton, though, we are right into the 90s as we move into your afternoon and the same in the lehigh valley. upper 80s lunchtime, low 90s by 4:00 p.m. delaware much of the same here, 89 at noond and we should move into the mid upper 90s in delaware. new jersey 92 by 4:00, the shore a little better off. we get into those lower 80s, feels like temperatures, though, mid upper 80s. even along the shore it will be feeling hot out there. chances of rain, though, good news, really not going to affect
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the forecast much. tonight into early sunday morning isolated chance as you see that blip of green showing very low chances, philadelphia through dover. reading a little better off. each day spotty chances but atlantic city not looking likely to see showers except early sunday morning, a very low level chance. chances of rain not very high. dry conditions for us. the better news is once that small chance moves through it will pull the moisture out for it meaning tomorrow's forecast is better. we will get to that in just a bit. now to decision 2016. both donald trump and hillary clinton appear to be taking a break from the campaign trail today. but trump came out swinging against his rival during a rally in florida last night. >> because she is going so protected she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody about 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she
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wouldn't be prosecuted. >> the republican presidential nominee slammed clinton's handling of his e-mails during her time as secretary of state and attacked the fed's decision not to press charges. pressure keeps building for trump to release his tax returns. his running mate, mike pence, released a decades worth of his returns yesterday. hillary clinton's campaign responded saying, quote, we're pleased to see that one member of the trump ticket has decided to meet the long held threshold for disclosure in a modern day presidential campaign. >> ever day that goes by this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. it's not -- it's not a serious presidential campaign. >> while appearing at a national security event in new york clinton criticized trump's recent appearance on russian-funded television and his continued praise of russian
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president vladimir putin. 5:42. today feels like summer everywhere, but everywhere you look are signs of fall. pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season, but beer drinkers, listen to this, there could be less of your favorite fall brew. next hear what's behind a pumpkin beer shortage. mething o. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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available at your vet. quarter of 6:00 right now on your saturday morning. a sticky start to the weekend. 78 degrees here at nbc 10 as we take a live look at the ben franklin parkway looking towards the art museum. temperatures across the region will be heating up again into the mid 90s with just a little relief near the shore. well, tomorrow marks 15 years since the september 11th terror attacks. this year two organizations serving military members, law enforcement and first responders will team up on the anniversary. hundreds of runners will take to the streets of norristown to
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raise money for the organizations and to remember those who have died in the line of duty. and as nbc 10's deanna duan tee shows us it's not too late to tend your support. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it by looking at his office. sean collin is a norristown lawyer, but lately he's spending his days handing out t-shirts and filling out registration forms for this weekend's travis manion montgomery county heroes race. >> the moneys would go to a combination of travis manion foundation which is a worldwide foundation that supports military individuals and their families. >> manion was killed in 2007 in iraq. his community came under sniper fire. while his actions saved that of his unit he was fatally wounded in the attack. while proceeds will help the foundation that bears his name it will also support law enforcement who made the ultimate sacrifice. colin and his wife created the montgomery county hero fund that stands ready should a local hero
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need them. >> the montgomery county run is for police, fire, military, first responders hurt in or on the line of duty in montgomery county and the goal of that is so that in the event of tragedy we immediately are available to help them and their families. >> reporter: that run is going to shut down downtown norristown. >> we felt it was important to have it right here in norristown. we are going to be able to highlight and showcase the town and the ability to bring a lot of people in. >> reporter: and one unique reason to bring the race back to norristown this year on the 15th anniversary of september 11th, as runners make their final turn they will go back an actual beam from the world trade center, a symbol of those who lost their lives 15 years ago. if you are still interested you can register for the race until late saturday night. in norristown, nbc 10 news. health officials in boston hope tests will solve the mystery of why 47 birds fell from the sky in week.
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the birds dropped out of the air thursday, rescuers were able to save 35 of them. two cats also died and a third cat became sick. city officials are looking at everything from a virus to environmental poisoning to something intentional. the birds that died are being sent to tufts university to be tested. test results are expected to be made available early next week. you may have trouble drinking your fill of pumpkin beer this fall. that's because of a shortage of pumpkin supplies. brewers say heavy rain at the beginning of the season resulted in the delayed growth of pumpkin seeds. this means the plants will grow, but not until later in the year. pumpkin beer is really only popular until halloween. it also has a very short shelf life. i hope there's enough pumpkins to carve for halloween. let's look at your temperatures out there this morning. we are in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs here.
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west down township 73, unionville 72, exton in those low 70s, forth washington the same and bad minister at 72 degrees. a little better off if you move farther into the suburbs than in philadelphia where some of those temperatures are still in the 80s this morning. we drop down to your shoreline, we are looking at a lot of 70s, cape may point 76 degrees, upper township 73, atlantic city 77, same for little egg harbor where we are looking at a temperature of 76 degrees in morning. not a bad start. if we could hold on to these temperatures all day it would be a great forecast for your saturday but temperatures will be bumping up quite a bit and that's all over the board. we are looking at an increase to the 90s and for the shoreline the upper 80s. radar and satellite showing us we don't really have anything in our area anymore. we did have scattered showers, pocket thunderstorms that rolled by allentown but that was earlier on overreaction night, now that's moved off to the northeast of !bz] we will see lingering scattered
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clouds throughout this afternoon's forecast. as for your temperatures, it is a very obvious difference. you can guess where the cold front moves through, right? we are looking at a temperature today in philadelphia, 96, next day, bam, down to 86 degrees, that's a big drop we see. look at by monday, all the way down to 82, much better for this time of year. same in dover, dropping down into the upper 70s there with a high today in the upper 80s. allentown 93 degrees and we drop down to those 70s as well on monday. wildwood mid 80s today dropping to the mid 70s by monday into tuesday. upper 70s. much more comfortable as we get into your following workweek. on the hour by hour just some clouds out there this morning, most of those roll off, we're looking clear conditions to partly cloudy as we move into the afternoon early evening. 6:00 not showing a ton of cloud cover except if you're heading to the shore. by 6:00 a.m. you see what is the
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effect of the cold front, some spotty showers off to to our west. those spotty showers may move into our area, i think this model is going a little heavier on the rain than it truly will be, but we could see spotty showers overreaction night tonight into sunday morning. that will move off and we will feel better outside. today re humid, feels like temperatures in the triple digits. tomorrow for the eagles season opener better temperatures, 75 tailgating, kick off 1:00 p.m. 81 degrees and by the end of the game 86 degrees with that mix of clouds and sunshine out there. it will still feel hot at the game but it won't be nearly as hot as it will be today. this is a look at your shore cast, scattered clouds out there as well, but temperaturewise not too bad, 85 avalon saturday, 84 sunday, certainly can get out to one of the delaware beaches or the jersey shore. stone harbor 87 degrees, we will be at 83 into your sunday and we are right around those same 80s
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through atlantic city as well. we will be right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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554 on your saturday morning as we take a live look at beach avenue in cape may. temperatures at the shore will be a bit cooler today but across much of the region look for highs in the mid 90s. 78 already in cape may. that music means one thing, it is time for the high school blitz. public league schools canceled their games because of the heat. still plenty of gridiron action for you. interboro looking to stay perfect hosting neumann goretti. thomas breaks she. they shut out neumann goretti
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36-0. springfield hosting upper darby, springfield takes the draw, takes off. right towards our camera, right in your living room. right past into the end zone. 40 yard score. springfield wins 48-14. let's take it to the sky in south jersey, gloucester city lions hosted the clayton slippers. washington throats in high in the air, they win 34-3. >> rough night for audubon visiting west deptford. west deptford's peter oreo brings it down. west deptford wins. haddonfield hosting collingswood. you're going to see them, it's collingswood's abdul bengura 82 yard kickoff return. that's all the offense they would muster but the
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collingswood would fall 35-7. camden catholic hosting camden. vazquez can't come down with the ball, he is pretty frustrated with it, but camden catholic would come back for an joefr time win 22-15. pennridge at perkiomen valley taking on the vikings. pat land nails a field goal. vikings go on to beat pennridge 38-20. st. marks at newark, big night for st. marks palmeri. look at him go. if you're scoring at home it is 92 yards. breaking tackles left and right. he is gone. that's a touchdown. st. marks wins it 27-7. conrad and christiana. conrad's mary park brown one-handed grab touchdown. they win 43-8. time to reveal next week's
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voices for the high school blitz game of the week. parkland at easton. st. joe's prep at archbishop wood and cb west at north penn. call or text your vote or vote on line at nbc i'm amy fadool. have a great saturday everyone. 5:57. a hero police officer shot seven times is back on the job in delaware county. good morning, monique. >> reporter: hi, ted. he is about to complete a 12-hour shift. he came back with a lot of fanfare. he didn't really want it. we'll tell you what's going on after the break. and we continue to talk record, near record heat out there, but as we look at your weekend it's part teamy, part comfortable, the details on your weekend. steamy, part comfortable, the details on your weekend. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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right now a folcroft police officer is finishing up his first shift back on the job since he was shot seven times in the line of duty. my relationship with the fans in philadelphia is like no other. >> allen iverson thanked philadelphia fans at his hall of fame induction in what some are calling a speech for the ages.
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and the heat is on again. we broke records across the region yesterday and it could happen again today. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us, it is 6:00 on this saturday morning. yes, expect more heat and steamy humidity today. let's get started with first alert meteorologist krystal klei in the neighborhood weather center. >> it has not been feeling like september. the average for today is a high of 80 degrees but we are almost there and we are at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. we are at 78 degrees right now in philadelphia, mid 70s in parts of those pennsylvania suburbs, same for new jersey, the lehigh valley and 77 that temperature in delaware. so temperatures are already up this morning and then it's already kind of sticky outside, that humidity certainly something you are going to feel as you step out the door and that's going to continue right on through


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