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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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remembering 9/11, the country comes together to honor the lives lost, a report from ground zero is straight ahead. we're also showing you the local tributes and traditions on this somber day. how communities around our region are making sure we never forget. and now to a live look
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inside the link where it's game day for the eagles. also today vice president joe biden will be on the field to responders. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's just after 6:00 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. the other big story today of course is the weather. we have been dealing with oppressive heat. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei. we know that we are going to get a little bit of relief but right now already in the 80s in some parts of our region. >> temperatures are still holding tight to that very warm above average feel because for the last four days straight we've seen temperatures hit the 90s in the afternoon. that is completely unseasonal for this time of year. what we're looking at, though, as we move today, a much better forecast. these are your feel like temperatures right now, so what it feels like outside due to the humidity still hanging in the air as well as the temperatures
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that did not cool much overnight. feeling like 82 degrees in philadelphia, 80 allentown and dover 76, for vineland and 75 in atlantic city. your feels like not looking good. we are not going to warm a ton in the afternoon because of a cold front. it sits to your west right now but will be heading our direction this morning. it will bring us cooler and dryer air pushing out the higher humidity. by this afternoon a much more comfortable and fallike day. there you can see where the front is hanging, that's where the thicker clouds, rain is and that will be moving our way as we move along. one other effect of this cold front will be changing your wind direction. currently still that on shore breeze, holding tight to moisture and winds are light to breezy, as the cold front passes it's going to shift the wind direction, that will bring in winds more from the north and west and dryer air as well. we will take a look at a better
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forecast for today as well as into your next workweek coming up. here is a live look at new york city as the nation pauses to remember the 15th anniversary of 9/11. the memorial at ground zero this morning will be very similar to the first service one year after the attacks. there will be moments of silence, bells ringing and the names of the dead read aloud here. now to a live look at the pentagon where the victims will also be remembered this morning. president obama will be here to honor those killed when a plane hijacked by al qaeda terrorists slammed into this government building. the 40 passengers and crew members who died trying to stop the hijackers of flight 93 will be honored in shanksville, their names will be read at 10:03 a.m., the moment the plane crashed into a field in western pennsylvania that's how a memorial site to the victims. >> hundreds of runners will hit the streets in our area in
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norristown, montgomery county, to pay tribute to the victims. the runners will take part of the travis manion 5k race. travis manion was killed in 2007 after his unit came under heavy sniper fire in iraq. proceeds will help the foundation that bears his name as well as the montgomery county hero fund. norristown lawyer sean cullen and his wife were the ones who created the hero fund. >> montgomery county run is for police, fire, military, first responders that are hurt in or on the line of duty here in montgomery county. in the event of tragedy we immediately will available to help them and their families. >> the run will begin at 9:00 this morning on main street at the foot of the montgomery county courthouse steps. again, in norristown. in delaware an interfaith service will be held at 4:00 this afternoon to bring together people of different faiths in a stand against terrorism.
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senator tom carper will take part in the service. if you would like to see what more about what september 11th memorials are happening in your community we have a full list, just head to the nbc 10 app. later on this morning at the eagles game vice president joe biden will take part in a tribute to first responders. biden will join 120 first responders in holding the american flag during the national anthem. monique braxton is live in south philadelphia this morning where it's going to be a busy, big and emotional day. monique. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. this is the first time that vice president joe biden has not part of a national observance on 9/11, but nonetheless it's going to be a bittersweet day here at the link because of the somber memorial that will take place on the field and the passion for the game with eagles fans. look at the barricades, they were in place when we arrived more than an hour ago as well as for the first time in my
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remembrance that the link has been all aglow at this time in the morning. also in the distance you can see the green lights, that is where ticket holders will enter the field. everyone is scanned, bags are searched, the terror attacks on 9/11 changed life as we knew it when we participated in the past in america's favorite past time. the eagles 2016 season kicks off this afternoon, they will face the cleveland browns on the gridiron as you know. it's coach doug pederson's first nfl head coaching position and the birds have a new quarterback, carson wentz. >> i don't really make things bigger than they need to be. i still view it as a football game, don't get me wrong, it's a big deal, big moment for me, but i'm not trying to make it bigger than it needs to be. it's still just a game of football and just an inherent confidence that i have about my game and about myself. >> reporter: and this morning i have been reading predictions, many are calling it an eagles
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game. we can tell you that some cleveland browns fans have also arrived. this the 15th anniversary of 9/11, vice president joe biden will lady a commemoration ceremony as you know, first responders and military personnel will take to the field with him. so the secret service is also here making sure that conditions are safe for everyone and just moments ago eagles fans tailgating fans, were allowed to go into the parking area. we're going to have more on the observances today as well as how the fans are behaving because, you know, they have such a great reputation, rosemary. >> monique braxton live for us in south philadelphia. nbc 10 is your official eagles station, you can pregame with us this morning, we have a one hour special show that starts at 9:30. you can see more of a exclusive interview with carson wentz and of course we will break down all the action after the game, that's on eagles game day final
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after sunday night football. 6:07 on this sunday. some more good news for eagles fans, you have some decent weather ahead and you can get down to the game for free. septa's broad street line will run to and from the game today, miller lite is sponsoring the free rides program to make sure that fans stay safe. those rides start at 9:00 this morning, they run through 9:00 this evening. in addition to its regular train schedule septa will be adding ten extra sports express trips to the link. wilmington police are warning people about a spike in car break-ins just in the last two weeks. thieves have broken into several cars by damaging or even removing the windows. those thieves have stolen things of value that are in plain sight, gps devices, sunglasses and loose change. people say many of the thefts are targeting newer model you had aees. this weekend pham lee and
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friends are werg a delaware olympian fred massly died at his home. he competed in luge, he was also the flag bearer in the 1984 games in share yaf voe. he was 56 years old. 6:09. just about 83 degrees outside. coming up on nbc 10 news today, tonight a new miss america will be crowned, but last night all about the shoes. we will take you to the atlantic city boardwalk for that big parade. then the doctor is in, kids getting schooled by dr. j., plus a current sixer takes the court.
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let's take a look at your planners for today. starting out in philadelphia, 79 where we are currently, this temperature may take a little bit of a dip in the next couple hours, 77 at 8:00 a.m. then climbing but not by a lot. 10:00 a.m. we are at 79 degrees,
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as we move into your afternoon way better than yesterday, in fact, i switched over from showing the feels like temperatures to your wind speeds because we are not going to have an issue with those heat indices today, instead what it is is what it will feel like outside because humidity is going to drop. 84 degrees by 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.el 4 as well so peeking around 86 between that. for the eagles game your temperatures in those mid 80s. delaware 79, 8 a.m., noon, 80, same situation, mid 80s in your afternoon and breezy later in the day. winds won't be terribly strong along the shore but temperaturewise we only rise into the low 80s with a mix of clouds and sunshine as we move both through your morning and into your afternoon. overall this forecast much more comfortable and things get even better in the days to come. we will be taking a look at the ups and downs of your temperatures over your workweek coming up. this is definitely not your typical bike ride. yeah. can't even show you much of it.
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that's because thousands of people dared to go bare for the eighth annual philly naked bike ride. the ten mile ride began at the art museum yesterday and weaved its way through center city. the purpose of the naked bike ride is to promote positive body image and cycling safety. a new miss america will be crowned tonight at broad walk hall in atlantic city. the 52 contestants had plenty of fun during the show us your shoes parade on the boardwalk. the women designed the shoes to celebrate the spirit of their home state. good luck to our local contestants, samantha lambert is representing pennsylvania, brenna we can is competing as miss delaware and amanda dee bus represents delaware. center city district restaurant week begins today. participating restaurants will be offering three-course dinners for $35 a person, many are offering lunches at 20 bucks. the event runs through friday and sunday the 18th through the 23rd.
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almost quarter after can have on this sunday. most of us probably remember exactly where we were when we learned about the terror attacks 15 years ago today, but some high schoolers weren't even born yet. coming up, teaching 9/11 in the classroom. we will show you how one educator is doing just that. [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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6:16 on this sunday. dozens of!bf# people came toget in philadelphia to push for civil rights equality and racial justice. nbc 10 was in center city yesterday for the kweerg racial justice institute, it was a training event for lgbt activists and allies, attendees took part in a number of workshops on top picks like a conversation about faith, race and lgbtq people.
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the pros. 76ers center jalil observing afford joined dr. j. erving at the salvation army in wissahickon yesterday. it was a star studded weekend of events that raises money for the salvation army. i think we're going to head to weather in just a moment. here we go. >> sometimes those computers like to do their own thing. let's take a look at your temperatures. 79 degrees in philadelphia right now and 79 in allentown, coatesville 75 degrees. good news is that today we are not talking 90s although this morning the numbers are warm to start out with again. 76 mt. holly, trenton 77 and atlantic city 75 degrees. we didn't break a record
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yesterday in philadelphia, but we did make it to 95. take a look here, we are looking at your right now temperatures, now we are switching over to your 24 hour range change in temperatures. yesterday morning at this time actually some of us are warmer than yesterday morning. 3 degrees warmer in trenton. so i know when you see these you're thinking, oh, no it's going to be another afternoon like we saw yesterday but it's not going to be. it's all about the cold front heading our direction. right now it's sitting over central pennsylvania but already it's starting to advance. you see that the rain as you see the leading edge of the front. what's happening is the rain is mostly looking like it's going to clip the northern parts of our area, maybe an isolated shower into philadelphia or new jersey, but not looking likely as it front continues to follow these arrows along it will be ushering in dryer and cooler air behind it. you can tell where it is, the cloud coverage, moist air and behind it dry air, much better
6:19 am
for us. it's going to push out the moisture by your afternoon, that's going to drop the äo ]ono carrierringringconnect 576a little better this morning but not very likely. and then as we move along very, very low chances until about
6:20 am
wednesday night and that's not even looking great at this point. so overall this is a dry forecast as we move through your next workweek. instead of talking rain it will be all about the comfortable temperatures. here they are for today. 86 in center city, somerton 85 degrees. lansdale 85, west chester [ffdñ. 82 easton. we scroll up and we will go to parts of new jersey as well as delaware. very similar temperatures also, 85 trenton, but look at this along the shore almost no difference, either, that's a little different than what we've been seeing, we will just be in those low 80s and breeziness today, 86 your temperature in wilmington. across the board nice temperatures today, even more of a dip to come, your ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. thanks, krystal. 15 years later 9/11 still on the minds of us who were alive during the attacks. 9/11 was an event that changed u.s. history forever and
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although most high schoolers weren't even born yet when it happened crystal knowles goes inside a classroom to see how students are learning about that tragic day. >> reporter: students sit still hearing every work mark j)ñrpsp has to say. >> my office was two blocks from the towers themselves. >> reporter: recapping his experience working as a lawyer in lower manhattan back in 2001. >> i was there as events were unfolding. >> reporter: the world trade center under attack, planes crashing into the north and south towers, showing video so students can grasp the scale of this terrorist attack. spesner calling his mother, lila spesner, she was at work that morning at the world trade center. >> i had no idea whether my mom was okay. >> lila giving these students the inside scoop of what, if anything, happening inside the building. >> when the first plane hit i
6:22 am
had just arrived at my office, all of a sudden there was a tremendous shuttering and i actually was knocked to the floor. >> mark holding back tears as he and his students are holding on to her every world. >> no one ever in their wildest dreams could have imagined that the towers would collapse. >> some students have a connection with 9/11 as)v>i÷ we. tessa was only two days old when her grandmother was at emma booker elementary. >> she was a teacher when bush was in there reading to the kids. some guy come in, talked to bush while he was reading to the kids, he told my grandma something has happened, i have to go. >> but eddie duffy wasn't even born yet. >> my aunt was on the brooklyn watched it happen. >> every year mark turns the day of remembrance into a speechable moment. >> that was crystal knowles reporting. that teacher says he started doing this, sharing his life experience and what he and his mother were doing on 9/11 with
6:23 am
his students, he has been doing it since 2010 and has plans to continue. 6:22 right now on this sunday. coming up on nbc 10 news today, fighting zika, we will tell you when the cdc thinks it may be able to lift the travel ban to areas of miami beach. a john deere 1 family tractor there nevwith quik-parkt? lets you attach and go. imatch quick-hitch gives you more time for what you love, so it takes less work to do more work. autoconnect drive-over mower deck? done. they're not making any more land. but there's plenty of time if you know where to look. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month.
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into the link, you see the football field ready for the big game this afternoon at 1:00. anybody heading to the game you are in luck because it's going to be sunny outside, breezy, much less humid than we have had the past few days. meteorologist krystal klei will have all the details coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast. take a look at this, dozens
6:26 am
of men and women spent part of their weekend competing in a cliff diving event in whales, men dove into the sea from an 88 foot platform while women took off from 65 feet, a czech diver won the men's event after just recently recovering from an injury that left him not able to walk properly. an australian woman took the women's title. 6:26. as long as the number of zika cases holds steady in miami beach the centers for disease control could lift its travel advisory for the area. according to a report from a miami newspaper the cdc would lift the ban on september 19th as long as there are no new local contracted cases. mosquito control teams have been spraying insecticide in the area to kill the mosquitos that can carry the zika virus and they plan to continue the spraying operations for the next two weeks. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, we are remembering those who lost their lives 15 years
6:27 am
ago in the september 11th terror attacks. nbc's jay gray will join us live for a live report. that's still ahead. and take a look at this board, four days we've seen 90s but the heat wave comes to an end today. much more comfortable temperatures and dryer air. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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today, remembering 9/1115 years after the tragedy that changed our country forever, a live report is coming up from ground zero. it is wentz time, eagles rookie qb will play in his first game ever today in the nfl and the pressure is certainly on. we will hear from him in an exclusive interview. warm start to our morning,úñ but cooler weather is on the way and it's less humid. here is a live look over center city where at the moment we're starting off in the low 80s but
6:30 am
meteorologist krystal klei says don't worry, we will definitely not get into the 90s. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's 6:30 on this sunday. let's start with the weather, get you set up, especially for anybody who may be heading to the game in afternoon at 1:00. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei, she has the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> on the eagles season home opener i'm glad to be able to bring good news to the forecast. this morning we still have some of that warm humid air left over, it's going to be bumped out by this afternoon. right now you're seeing the effects still. 79 the temperature in philadelphia, also looking pretty warm at 79 in the suburbs and 77 new jersey. across the board these temperatures warmer than they should be this morning. 79 lehigh valley and delaware at 77, live cameras showing us as
6:31 am
the sun is starting to come up that we have clouds hanging overhead, that's because we are ahead of a cold front that's going to pass, it's going to be affecting our temperatures by your afternoon. a little more sunshine and we will see the humidity start to drop. so a hot humid start to your day will turn into more of a warm and drier afternoon. 86 is your forecast high in philadelphia, mid 80s for the suburbs as well as new jersey, lower 80s in the lehigh valley and 86 in delaware. along the shore about 83 for the forecast temperature later today. not a huge increase in your temperatures, finally breaking away from the 90s and even better yet that humidity dropping down. let's take a closer look at the cold front. this is what we're going to be tracking our eye on as well. not looking likely we will see much in terms of rain, maybe an isolated shower early on this morning but most activity staying to the north and northwest of us. we will talk more about that potential for spotty showers as we move into today and then the
6:32 am
dry out in the days to come, plus more on temperatures, highs that drop into the 70s. here is a live look this morning at new york city as the nation pauses to remember the 15th anniversary of 9/11. memorial ceremonies will be held today at ground zero, the pentagon and shanksville to honor the nearly 3,000 people killed in the terror attacks of 2001. now to a live look at the pentagon where president obama will talk about a changed nation 15 years later. he will observe a private moment of silence at the white house at 8:46 this morning, that's when the first hijacked plane slammed into the north tower of the world trade center on september 11th, 2001. the 40 passengers and crew members who died trying to stop the hijackers of flight 93 will be remembered in shanksville this morning. their names will be read at 10:03 a.m., the moment the plane crashed into a field in western
6:33 am
pennsylvania. it's now a memorial site to those victims. new this morning in our area thousands of flags are in place in pennsauken camden county to mark the lives lost. overnight volunteers placed the flags with the names of victims on them at the town's 9/11 memorial. the nighttime flag placement has become an annual tradition at the corner of march antville avenue and route 130. a memorial ceremony will be held here at 12:15 with patriotic songs and the release of doves. at 9:30 in old city the philadelphia fire department, the police department and first responders will honor the fallen. mayor jim kenney will be there as well. it starts at the fireman's hall museum on second street, everyone will march to the betsy ross house around the corner for the remembrance ceremony. there will be ceremonies happening all over our area today. we have a full list of events on
6:34 am
the nbc 10 app. this morning bells will toll in bucks county at the garden of reflection in lower make field. drew smith was there last night as the community came together to remember the lives lost. >> reporter: they called it the peace through light service, a gathering lower makefield township at the garden the reflection, the official pennsylvania september 11th memorial. >> some days, yes, it's been 15 years, but other times it's like it happened five minutes ago. >> reporter: it's anniversary that never gets easier for the county who died in the 9/11 attacks. their names read aloud, including judy reese's son. >> joshua reese. >> reporter: around the garden young student volunteers put together thousands of paper doves decorated with the names of all the victims. >> i think that kind of touched
6:35 am
these children. it's not a number, they actually saw these individual people. >> reporter: in camden county people celebrate td patriotism in a haddon heights church dedicating the end of the program on america's heroes with a specific focus on september 11th. >> i've been wearing a flag every day since then to remember those people, innocent people, who died that day. >> reporter: a decade and a half later the world is a much different place because of what happened that day. >> something that we as americans never thought we would see and it makes it a little difficult. >> reporter: but it's moments like this where a strong community finds comfort. drew smith, nbc 10 news. let's head now to new york city. nbc's jay gray is live this morning from one world trade center. good morning, jay. >> reporter: hey, good morning, rosemary, always good to talk to you. you can see one world trade just over our shoulder here, it's now again a hub of international
6:36 am
business but also hallowed ground, it's a place where today thousands will pause along with millions across the country to honor and remember. there was debris falling from the tower, it was pitch black outside because the smoke had blocked out the done light. >> reporter: 15 years. >> people started screaming and running and saying, run for your life. don't look, just run. and so we started to run and run and what was happening was the tower was collapsing. >> reporter: the memories and images have yet to fade nor has the resolve. >> literally out of the ashes we have rebuilt stronger and taller. >> reporter: in new york, washington and shanksville there are reminders every day, but on this day, the anniversary of the attacks, the nation pause toss remember andrea if i recall a commitment to 2,996 lost.
6:37 am
a promise made by firefighters who raised this american flag from the rubble that day. >> the symbolism of what they did in raising that flag is really what resonates with people. >> the iconic symbol has been lost for more than a decade only recently recovered and returned to ground zero where it continues to inspire a nation that refuses to give into terror and refuses to forget. now, out of respect for this day both presidential campaigns have not -- decided not to campaign at all, though both of the candidates will be here. they won't speak, just a part of the memorial here. that is the latest live in new york, rosemary, back to you. a little bit later this morning in our area at the eagles game vice president joe biden will take part in a tribute to first responders. biden will join 120 first responders in holding the american flag during the
6:38 am
national anthem. in afternoon the eagles kick off the season against the browns in the home opener. the birds have a new coach and a new rookie quarterback. the eagles dumped qb sam bradford just last weekend in a trade with minnesota that brings two draft picks to philly in the next two years. wentz hasn't seen any action on the field since the first pre-season game when he hurt his wrist. so he's been healing and been getting ready in practice this week preparing for the real deal. in an nbc 10 exclusive john clark asked wentz about the adjustment. >> it's been pretty busy. obviously, you know, which is normal, but getting those reps that, you know, i kind of missed out on was really big, but they've gone really well, the reps have gone well, the guys have been really receptive to everything and i think we're looking good and all of us are ready to go. >> you can watch more of that exclusive sit down interview with carson wentz a little bit later on this morning. and then stay with us for the
6:39 am
pregame after nbc 10 news today, it's our one hour eagles special, it starts at 9:30 this morning and of course we will have the game later on. then we break down all the action on eagles game day final after sunday night football. nbc 10 of course is your official home for the philadelphia eagles. 6:39 on this sunday. coming up on nbc 10 news today, clinton's apology, we will have more on why she's stepping back from those remarks she made about trump supporters. and a hero's homecoming, a new jersey fencer who made history at the olympics in rio is greeted with plenty of fanfare, we will take you there after the break. ♪
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starting with that live look outside philadelphia you have those clouds hanging overhead this morning, that's going to be a different forecast as we move into your afternoon because we're going to see this shift over once the cold front passes. so let's take a look at your planner for today. 9:00 a.m. we are at 79 degrees, by 1:00 p.m. kickoff for the eagles game 82, the temperature, very nice start to your afternoon moving to the mid 80s. in the suburbs we go from partly cloudy to sunny conditions out there, 80 your temperature at 1:00, low 80s through the afternoon. lehigh valley upper 70s at 1:00 p.m. looking into delaware 82 your temperature at 1:00 p.m. that continues through 5:00. we will peak in the mid 80s in the afternoon. new jersey at 82 as well by 1:00 p.m. and 80 for 5:00 p.m. if you're heading to the shore it's a good bet you will have a very nice day. we will start to see more dry
6:43 am
air moving in, it will be a bit breezy as well and low 80s for forecast highs. good news because it has been very hot. several students are expected to be okay after they were overcome by the heat at a high school football game in wilmington. this happened at baynard stadium. firefighters and paramedics treated three cheerleaders and fans who got sick. 6:43 on this sunday. just about 83 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. coming up on nbc 10 news today, cracking down on cleats. we will tell you why the nfl won't let this player wear these special cleats as a tribute to the 9/11 victims. plus we will tell you who is promising to pay the fine for him if he decides to.
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6:46 am
♪ ♪ after 15 years the wounds of 9/11 still run deep. this ceremony yesterday at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city honored the 343 firefighters who died in the terror attacks. it also paid tribute to the 127, many of them first responders, who died after the attacks from complications and diseases connected to the recovery efforts. police unions in new jersey and new york are stepping up to support an nfl player who wanted to wear special red, white and blue cleats on the field today. but titans line baker avery williamson says he is instead going to auction off the shoes to benefit operation warrior wishes. williamson says he doesn't want to cause any trouble after the
6:47 am
nfl warned him that he would face a fine for breaking nfl rules. nfl rules stipulate that players shoes must be black or white with team colors. many new york and new jersey police associations have sold williamson that they will pay any fine if he does decide to wear the 9/11 cleats. the olympic medalist who was the first u.s. athlete to compete while hearing a hijab is now back home in north jersey. hundreds gathered in marcus mariota wood to welcome fencer ibtihaj muhammad with a parade and special ceremony yesterday. she won a bronze medal in the women's team saber event during last month's games in rio. here is your neighborhood forecast, we will take a look at some of those temperatures in parts of the suburbs. west bradford township 75 degrees, uk listen township in
6:48 am
those mid 70s, also all at 75 degrees exton at 75, mt. vern 74, north wills.7 degrees, so numbers not terrible this morning but warmer than they should be, really we should be talking 60s and we will get to that as we move into tomorrow morning. we have that cold front that's going tok affecting us dropping those temperatures. wilmington 78 and also at 77 degrees reedy point, dropping a little farther south lincoln 76, felton 76, lewis beach 74 and rehoboth beach at 76 degrees. mid 70s through delaware, upper 70s through parts of the suburbs this morning. not going to warm a ton in comparison to yesterday. follow the arrows, this cold front has been tracking along this morning, it's got an area of rain right up against the cold front but notice it looks like it's mostly going to clip to the north of our area, maybe just in parts of the lehigh valley, can't rule out an isolated shower through parts of
6:49 am
the suburbs, philadelphia into delaware and then that should pretty much break apart as it moves into new jersey, but very isolated potential for showers. otherwise it will be the clouds with this front, but as you take this front and you draing it across the map these clouds will go with it. so we've got drier cooler air behind it and it will be more clear air by your afternoon, mostly sunny conditions out there. your forecast winds will pick up a bit into the afternoon, we're talking breeziness. 10 to 20 mile per hour wind speeds and also your wind direction is going to shift. instead of pumping in from the south that on shore breeze we will see coming in from the north and west which will allow for that drier air to filter in and push out the moisture meaning the humidity plummets by your afternoon. such good news for us in september. the heat wave is ending which means temperatures are going to feel way better outside. we have had in the 90s the last four days, we hit 95 on saturday but your sunday today just at 86 degrees. here is the ten day on 10, it gets even better in the days to come here. 86 today, look at monday, 81
6:50 am
degrees, very nice start, overnight lows are going to be in the 60s then the 50s here with 70s your forecast highs thursday, friday we are back to the low 80s as we move into your next weekend and sunday, monday potentially tuesday we will start to pull in that next chance of some showers and thunderstorms. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton is stepping back a bit from comments she said about donald trump supporters. take a listen. >> put half of trump supporters. what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. >> in a statement the democratic presidential nominee says she was grossly generalist i can and regrets saying half, but clinton also says she will continue to call out racist rhetoric. donald trump is criticizing clinton's comments saying she made, quote, the worst mistake
6:51 am
of the political season. end quote. once that kickoff happens, once we're playing ball it's just football again. >> he says he's ready to play. he better be. we will hear more from eagles rookie qb carson wentz and coach pederson who talks about his own butterflies that's coming up in sports.
6:52 am
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happy sundayv to you, danny pommells from csn. the eagles kick off their season this afternoon. carson wentz who was supposed to watch and learn will skip that watch part. wentz tweeted yesterday tomorrow can't come soon enough. beyond blessed to be able to play this game i love #fly eagles fly. here is what he had to say about playing in his debut earlier this week. >> no doubt i'm going to be excited. i'm already excited i'm trying to just control a little bit and focus in all week. i will be really excited but once that kickoff happens, once we're playing ball it's just football again and at the end of the day i will look back and realize how special of a moment that was for me. >> it's human nature, my butterflies will be going, too, it's my first game as well.
6:55 am
butterflies will be flowing, but you get into the course of the game, you get past that, you know, one, two, three plays into the game and it settles in and it's football from there. >> of course, join us back here later today for sunday night football right here on nbc 10. patriots and cardinals going at it, both teams should be in the playoff hunt but chris collinsworth says there are no sure things in this league. >> you know, if there's whatever 12 playoff teams and usually six of them make it back and six of them are like, wow, i would have never picked kurt werner and the rams to win the super bowl in a million years, but that's what makes it so great and makes it so fun. >> rivalry renewed on the college gridiron, penn state and pit going at it for the first time since 2000. nittany lions on the come back trail, 40 yard touchdown. five minutes left more from
6:56 am
barkley. two yards and a cloud of dust. he had five touchdowns on the day. lions with a chance to take the lead, mcsorely to hamilton, can't come up with it. same drive mcsorely this time going to the end zone. he has a man -- not anymore. penn state loses a wild one at 42-39. they host temple next week. >> speaking of the owls, temple hosting stonie brock, an easy breezy day temple crushes stony brook, 38 zip. >> central michigan, the game is over, this is an untimed play, but cmu running a play after the oklahoma state grounding penalty, cooper rush hail mary to jesse kroll and he pitches it to corey ellis, guys are chasing him and he is into the end zone.
6:57 am
what a touchdown, a walk off one at that. they win 30-27 but the play never should have happened, the game should have ended with the grounding penalty, they get a chance and make the most of it, that's college football for you. let's go to baseball. mikel franco did not play last night and will not play today because of a thumb injury. he hopes to play tomorrow against pittsburgh. jared eye could have was dealing through six shutout innings but max scherzer was even better: bottom 8, still no score, bryce harper still good. here he is living the hard knocks life. three run shot his 24th of the year. phillies take it on the chin 3-0. >> to hockey. flyers captain claude giroux said he wasn't feeling very good but he did play. friday night he was temporarily forced to leave the game after a
6:58 am
hit by joe pavelski. tennis, women's final, angly kerber versus pliskova. kerber was down 3-1 in the third set. battles back for a tlim match point. kerber wins her second slam this season. will take the number one ranking from serena williams. mls action, union hosting the montreal impact, union up 1-0 late, off the corner kick, the ball works its way near side and it's headed home by montreal's mancosu. union settle for a one point in the 1-1 draw. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from csn.
6:59 am
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. 15 years later, this morning the country reflects and remembers the lives lost during the terrorist attacks on september 11th. communities around our region are honoring the victims and survivors to show the world we will never forget. how you can participate and pay tribute, that's coming up. hillary clinton is apologizing to donald trump supporters, just ahead" the comments she made that trump says will cost her big time


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