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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  September 11, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. 15 years later, this morning the country reflects and remembers the lives lost during the terrorist attacks on september 11th. communities around our region are honoring the victims and survivors to show the world we will never forget. how you can participate and pay tribute, that's coming up. hillary clinton is apologizing to donald trump supporters, just ahead" the comments she made that trump says will cost her big time in the polls.
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good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors, it's 7:00 on this sunday. let's talk about the weather first. we know a lot of people may be heading to the eagles game and as meteorologist krystal klei has been telling us looking pretty good out there. >> yeah, the forecast is looking a lot better than, say, just yesterday where we were still talking 90s. yesterday we hit a high of 95 degrees, exactly where we were expecting those mid 90s, it was humid, felt hot throughout the day. today a little different. this morning not quite yet feeling the changes, it's still a warm and somewhat humid start, but if you're heading out here is what you need to know. it's not going to be as hot or humid today in comparison to just yesterday. as you move into the night it will be a much nicer evening. tailgating plans, the game itself or maybe if you have something planned tonight overall looking way better than the last few days. here are your temperatures right now,el 0 degrees northeast
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philadelphia, 77 wilmington, 86 mount holly, along the shore upper 70s, upper 60s mt. pocono. these numbers tomorrow morning totally different, 50s and 60s expected. we will take a closer look at the change in temperatures, why it's happening and most importantly we will have more details on that football forecast all coming up. we will see you shortly. let's take a live look right now at ground zero. hundreds of lives were lost here in the terrorist attacks on this day 15 years ago. that's when two planes flew into the twin towers. now to a live picture from the pentagon where a third plane hit. today americans are pausing to remember the victims and they are reflecting on where we've been ever since one of the darkest days in this country's history. in our area in old city the philadelphia fire department and police department along with first responders will honor the
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fallen. they will meet at the fireman's haul museum and march to the betsy ross house for a remembrance ceremony. bells will also toll at the garden of reflection in lower makefield, bucks county. drew smith was there last night. >> reporter: they called it the peace through light service, a gathering in lower makefield township at the garden of reflection, the official pennsylvania september 11th of memorial. >> some days, yes, it's been 15 years but other times it's like it happened five minutes ago. >> reporter: it's anniversary that never gets easier for the families of 18 people from bucks county who died in the 9/11 attacks, their names read aloud, including judy reese's son. >> joshua reese, tower 1, 105th floor. around the garden young student volunteers put together thousands of paper doves decorated are the names of all the victims.
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>> i think that kind of touched these children. it's not a number. they actually saw these individual people. >> reporter: in camden county people celebrated patriotism in a haddon heights church dedicating the end of the program on america's heroes with a specific focus on september 11th. >> i've been wearing a flag every day since then to remember those people, innocent people, who died that day. >> reporter: a decade and a half later the world is a much different place because of what happened that day. >> something that we as americans never thought we would see and it makes it a little difficult. >> reporter: but it's moments like this where a strong community finds comfort. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new this morning thousands of flags are in place in pennsauken camden county to mark the lives lost. volunteers put out the flags with the names of the victims on them at the town's 9/11
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memorial. the night time flag placement event has become an annual tradition at the corner of merchantville avenue and route 130. a memorial ceremony will be held here at 12:15 this afternoon with patriotic songs and release of doves. hundreds of runners will hit the streets in norristown. they will take part in the travis manion montgomery county hero fund 5k race. travis manion was killed in 2007 after his unit cake under sniper fire in iraq. proceeds from the run will help the foundation that bears his name as well as the montgomery county hero fund. norristown lawyer sean cullen and his wife created the fund. >> montgomery county hero run is specifically for police, fire, military, first responders that are hurt in or on the line of duty here in montgomery county and the goal of that is so that in the event of tragedy we immediately are available to help them and their families. >> the run will begin at 9:00 this morning on main street at
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the foot of the montgomery county courthouse steps in norristown. in delaware an interfaith service will be held at 4:00 this afternoon to bring together faiths in a stand against terrorism. senator tom corporal will take part in the commemoration service at holy rosary church in clay month. if you had a' like to find out what's happening in your community go to or tap the nbc 10 app. both presidential nominees are marking today's 9/11 anniversary by attending the official commemoration at ground zero. donald trump is a native new yorker and hillary clinton was the senator from new york at the time of the attacks. neither will be on the campaign trail today, continuing the tradition of setting aside partisan politics on this somber anniversary. clinton, though, is stepping back a bit from comments she said about trump supporters.
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take a listen. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. >> in a statement the democratic presidential nominee says she was grossly generalist i can and regrets saying half, but clinton also says she will continue to call out racist rhetoric. donald trump is criticizing clinton's comments saying that she made, quote, the worst mistake of the political season. >> trump's campaign is trying to win over more women voters in pennsylvania, in fact, just yesterday the campaign introduced the pennsylvania women for trump statewide leadership team. the group is made up of more than 45 republican women who want to share their message about why they are voting for trump. it's seven minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday and we are talking zika fears. mosquito spraying in florida
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continues as business owners anxiously wait for the all clear from the cdc. we will tell you what needs to happen for officials to lift the travel ban to miami beach. we are just hours away from the eagles home opener and the birds have a new qb leading the force. coming up in sports we will hear from rookie carson wentz about his nfl debut. third president?
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welcome back. if you have plans to go to the eagles season opener versus cleveland today, very good news, the forecast is looking perfect to be outside. 78 will be your temperature for that tailgating weather as we move through your morning hours into the early afternoon. kickoff time will be at 82 degrees, 1:00 p.m., got that scattered mix of clouds and sunshine out there, mostly sunny as we move through your afternoon, that's because the cold front will pass. it's also going to keep your temperatures at bay. instead of talking mid 90s like we did yesterday we're talking mid 80s, 86 is your forecast high. it will still be warm out there but not nearly as hot as yesterday and even better the humidity is going to drop behind that cold front. meaning that while this morning it might still feel a little sticky out there it will not be feeling like that as you move later in the day. it will be that crisp air outside. there's a look at rehoboth beach. going to the delaware beaches, the jersey shore the thing to do, 80 at 10:00 a.m.
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look at the forecast temperatures in the afternoon, just to the low 80s. with that mix of clouds and sunshine should be a very nice day today. actually very nice in the days to come. we will check in on the temperature up and downs coming up. greta friedman has died, she is the iconic woman in that photo being kissed by a sailor in times square at the end of world war ii. you can get an idea of what the photo looks like, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. the 92-year-old died thursday at a hospital in richmond, virginia, the famous pose is captured on film and seen by millions. this statue depicting the photo draws tourists in san diego. a planned 9/11 tribute could get an nfl player fined by the league. we will show you what the titans starting linebacker wants to do today and why police officers in new jersey and new york are standing behind him. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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the family favorite. yoplait. jury selection continues this week in the market street building collapse trial, the trial will determine who should compensate the victims of the 2013 collapse in center city, philadelphia. the victims are suing the owner of the building that collapsed, the salvation army and the demolition contractor, among others. you will remember six people died and 13 more were injured when a four-story blik wall collapsed on the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market streets. this week the pennsylvania supreme court will hear arguments in a case that challenges the state's public education funding system. six school districts, parents and community groups filed a
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lawsuit claiming the department of education has failed to give school children the resources this he need. two of the parents in the case have kids that attend schools in philadelphia. the lower marion school board meets tomorrow evening for the first time since a judge ruled that it must redo its budget for the school year. the judge called the district's 4.4% tax increase unlawful. he capped any increase at 2.4%. the judge found that the district's budget would plan for multi-million dollar deficits, a rainy day fund of sorts but year-end audits found multi-million dollar surpluses. the district is already appealing the case. now to news on the zika virus. so long as the number of zika cases holds steady in miami beach the centers for disease control could lift its travel advisory for the area. according to a report from the miami newspaper the cdc would lift the ban on september 19th so long as there are no locally new contracted cases.
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mosquito control teams have been spraying insecticide in the area to kill the mosquitos that can carry the virus and the crews plan to continue the spraying operations over the next two weeks. and we will begin by taking a look at some of those neighborhood temperatures. right now we are looking in the philadelphia neighborhoods, westbound area at 77 degrees, germantown the same, 78 graduate hospital and 79 that temperature at the airport. fox chase 78, bustleton already at 80 degrees outside. this morning temperatures are on the warm side and this is the tail end of that heat wave that we've been dealing with. we hit the 90s yesterday just as expected and it was very humid through the afternoon. good news is while it's still a little humid this morning and temperatures are still up right now they won't be rising quite as much in the afternoon because of that cold front that will be affects us. along the shore 77 your temperature at cape may courthouse right now, 76 in
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dennis township. a lot of mid 70s out there, summers point, atlantic city in the 70s, little egg harbor 75 degrees. these temperatures going to warm into the lower 80s, of course, a little higher farther inland. current wind speeds around 5 to 15 miles per hour, wildwood 12 mile per hour winds, currently still seeing that winds come in from the south and southwest but that's a change from yesterday where it was directly from the south. and the bigger change will be coming chlgt if you look farther along to our west notice they are coming in almost directly west to east and northwest to east. that is what we're going to be dealing with as the cold front passes, that's where the front s that's why you see the change in independent with. once it moves over us wind direction changes, it pushes out the moisture we do have in the air and we look much more comfortable as a result. 86 in philadelphia, dropping to the lower 80s by monday. 79 monday in dover. allentown as well dropping to 79, only low 80s today and even
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wildwood getting in on that action at 83 degrees. look at monday, tuesday, along the shore if you can extend your weekend, mid upper 70s. should be very nice as well as very sunny. next chance of rain very isolated here and it's this morning that we see it on your model very spotty. it almost completely dissipates any chance. so by 11:00 we push the clouds out and are looking at a sunny forecast for your afternoon. 3:30 should be very nice in those mid 80s and a clear overnight as well. here are the temperatures today, 86 center city, lansdale 85, allentown in the lower 80s. along the shore lower 80s, delaware low to mid 80s and the same for new jersey. we will take a look at that ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. runner nia ali brought an olympic medal home to philadelphia. to celebrate her old neighborhood brought the party to her. we will take you there after the break.
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7:23 right now on this sunday. just about 83 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. this is a live look at ground zero. one world trade center. where in a few hours hundreds will gather to remember the lives lost and the heroism in the midst of terror on that day. it's been 15 years since the twin towers in manhattan, the pentagon and the pennsylvania countryside in shanksville were all struck by hijacked passenger planes killing 2,996 people. on this 9/11 police unions in new jersey and new york are showing their support for an nfl player who wants to wear special red, white and blue cleats on the field today, but instead titans linebacker avery williamson says he is going to auction the shoes to benefit operation warrior wishes. williamson says he doesn't want
7:24 am
to cause any trouble after the nfl warned him that he would face a fine for breaking uniform rules if he wore the cleats. a number of new york and new jersey police associations have told williamson that they will pay any fine for him if he does decide to wear the 9/11 cleats. happy sunday to you, danny pommells from csn. it is game day, the eagles kick off their season against the browns this afternoon and carson wentz who was supposed to watch and learn will just skip that watch part. wentz tweeted yesterday tomorrow can't come soon enough. beyond blessed to be able to play this game i love. here what he had to say about playing in his debut earlier this week. >> no doubt i'm going to be excited. i'm already excited, i'm trying to just control a little bit and focus in all week.
7:25 am
i will be real excited but once that kickoff happens, once we're playing ball it's just football again and at the end of the day i will look back and realize how special of a moment that was for me. >> it's human nature. my butterflies will be going, too, it's my first game as well. you get into the course of the game, you get past that one, two, three plays into the game and it settles in and is football. >> patriots and cardinals going at it, both teams should be in the playoff hunt but chris collinsworth says there are no sure things in this league. >> you know, if there's whatever 12 playoff teams and usually six of them make it back and six of them are like, wow, i would have never picked kurt warner and the rams to win the super bowl in a million years. that's what makes it so great and so fun. and rivalry renewed on the
7:26 am
college gridiron, penn state and pit going at it for the first nittany lions were down, but on the come back stral mccorely to barkley. five minutes left more from barkley. two yards and a cloud of dust lead down to three on that touchdown. he had five on the day. lead, mcsorely to hamilton, right off his mitts, can't come same drive mcsorely this time he has a man. penn state loses a wild one 42-39 they host temple next week. >> speaking of the ouls, temple hosting stony brook and easy breezy day for the cherry and white. phillip walker three touchdowns, two going to kirkwood including zip. our play of the day comes from central michigan.
7:27 am
the game is over, this is an untimed play, but cmu running a play after the oklahoma state grounding penalty, cooper rush hail mary to kroll and he pitches it to ellis who has an angle, guys are chasing him and he is into the end zone. they win 30-27 but the play never should have happened, the game should have ended with the grounding wg-penalty, they get chance and make the most of t that's college football for you. let's go to baseball. mikel franco won't play today because of a thumb injury. he did pinch hit last night and hopes to play tomorrow against pittsburgh. phillies starter jared eye cough was dealing but max scherzer was even better. tossed 6 2/3 shutout frames. bryce harper still good. here he is living the hard knocks life off pat shuster, three run shot. phillies take it on the chin
7:28 am
3-0. to shoek. claude giroux said he wasn't feeling very well but did play in a 5-2 game over u.s.a. jury u was temporarily forced to leave the game after a hit by pavelski on friday night. to tinnite)uqz tennis. kerber battles back for a triple match point, pliskova hits it long. kerber wins her second slam this season, will take the number one ranking from serena williams. mls action, union up 1-0 late but look at this off the corner kick the ball works its way near side and is headed home by montreal's mancusu. they settled for one point in the 1-1 draw. i'm danny pommells from csn.
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7:28 on this sunday. just about 83 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. today marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. we will show you how communities around the country are recognizing this somber day in history. that's still to come. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. hallowed ground, here is a live look at ground zero where thousands of people will join millions across the country to pause, remember and honor the lives lost on september 11th. on this 15th anniversary of the attacks the prbravery of th passengers of flight 93 will be recognized in shanksville, pennsylvania. we will show you the tributes all over our region. in terms of our weather, we are expecting a cool down today just in time for the eagles home
7:32 am
opener. we will get relief from the oppressive heat we've been feeling lately. we will have those details in just moments. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today, thanks for being with us, i'm rosemary connors, it's just after 7:30 on this sunday. let's start with the weather. it's still a little bit warm out there, but meteorologist krystal klei insists it will get better. tell us about it, krystal. >> we are still starting on the warm side and that's because we are on the tail end of that heat wave. we had four days in the 90s, today is the day that should break. with a cold front heading our direction the temperatures you see now won't warm a ton more into the afternoon. so that's the good news. we are at 79 in philadelphia right now, same for the pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey, delaware, 77 and upper 70s as well in the lehigh valley. winds not tear bee high, 5 to so miles per hour right now and we do have cloud coverage overhead. but those clouds are going to
7:33 am
push out, we will have clouds to sun as we move through your late morning, early afternoon. temperatures not going to warm a ton in comparison to yesterday when we saw 90s. we are at 86 the forecast high in philadelphia, the suburbs at 85 degrees, same for new jersey, lower 80s the lehigh valley and 86 your forecast in delaware. flipping over to the shore your forecast 83 degrees with that mix of clouds and sun as well. here is the look at your clouds and radar. the front hangs off to our west but it's heading our direction. we will check in on the effects of that cold front, your temperatures looking very nice even into your workweek coming up. 15 years ago a september day that began like any other became one of the darkest in our nation's history. the twin towers were reduced to rubble, the pentagon was in
7:34 am
flames, a pennsylvania field flames, a pereck annuage of an airplane and nearly 3,000 innocent lives were lost. this weekend we honor their memory once more, we stand with the survivors who still bear the scars of that day, we thank the first responders who risked everything to save others. >> this morning president obama is paying tribute to the victims, the survivors, first responders and those who have served our country on this 15th anniversary of 9/11. here is a live look at ground zero in new york city. the names of the victims will be read here in the next few hours at memorial services to remember the nearly 3,000 victims. at the pentagon the president will speak during a remembrance ceremony, he reminds americans that the terrorists cannot defeat us and we must vefr give into fear. the 40 passengers and crew members who died trying to stop the hijackers of flight 93 will be remembered in shanksville this morning. their names will be read at
7:35 am
10:03 a.m., the moment the plane crashed into a field in western pennsylvania. it's now a memorial site to those victims. jay gray has more from new york. he is near one world trade center. >> reporte >> there was debris falling from the tower, it was pitch black outside because the smoke had blocked out the sunlight. >> reporter: 15 years. >> people started creaming and running and saying run for your life. don't look, just run. so we started to run and run and what was happening was the tower was collapsing. >> reporter: the memories and images have yet to fade, nor has the resolve. >> literally out of the ashes we have rebuilt stronger and taller. >> reporter: in new york, washington and shanksville there are reminders every day, but on this day the anniversary of the attacks the nation pauses to remember andrea if i recall a commitment to 2,996 lost.
7:36 am
a promise made by firefighters who raised this american flag from the rubble that day. >> the symbolism of what they did in raising that flag is really what resonates with people. >> reporter: the iconic symbol has been lost for more than a decade, only recently recovered and returned to ground zero where it continues to inspire a nation that refuses to give into terror and refuses to forget. jay gray, nbc news, new york. >> at 9:30 this morning in old city the philadelphia fire department, police department and first responders will honor the fallen. mayor jim kenney will be there as well. they will march to the betsy ross house for the remembrance ceremony. new this morning thousands of flags are in place in camden
7:37 am
county to mark the lives lost on 9/11. overnight volunteers placed flags with the names of victims on them at the town's 9/11 memorial. the nighttime flag placement has become an annual tradition at the corner of merchantville avenue and route 130. a memorial ceremony will be held here at 12:15 this afternoon with patriotic songs and the release of doves. the american red cross hopes that you will honor the heroes by saving a life yourself. every two seconds someone in the u.s. needs blood. today blood drives are being held as part of the 9/11 annual national day of service. to find out where you can donate in our area go to the nbc 10 app, we have a complete list of donation centers in our communities. 7:37 on this sunday. philadelphia still celebrating nia ali, the hometown hero heads back to her home neighborhood to show off her olympic meddle. le. . .
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a germantowngr neighborhoos showing the love for hometown olympic favorite nia ali. she scored a silver medal in rio as part of a historic sweep in the women's 100 meter hurdles. yesterday the 6300 block of sherman street turned into a big celebration, big party in honor
7:41 am
of the athlete. friends, family and even some local city and state representatives showed up to cheer for nia one more time. >> she inspires me to be a better person. >> all it takes is hard work, dedication, focus and faith and you have to have strong faith and really believe in yourself and believe that it's possible. >> good advice. nia's run is far from over. she hopes to keep on going all the way to the 2020 olympics in tokyo. 7:41 on this sunday. the sashes are ready, hair is done now the count down is on. 52 contest events in atlantic city are vying for a crown. first they have to show their shoes. and those winds are starting to change direction as we're seeing a cold front moving in. we will take a look at how it affects philadelphia, delaware and along the shore.
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7:45 am
3,000 people killed in the terror attacks of 2001. there will also be event in our area including a ceremony at the garden of reflection in lower makefield, bucks county. greta friedman has died, she is the woman in the iconic times square photo being kissed by a sailor it he end of the world war ii. the 92-year-old died thursday at a hospital in richmond, virginia, the statue depicting the to et toe draws tourists to san diego. the eagles have their opening game against the cleveland browns today at lincoln financial field, it's the first game as head coach for doug pederson and the team will be led by rookie qb carson wentz. nbc 10 is your official eagles station, pregame with us this morning, our one hour show starts at 9:30, you can see more of our exclusive interview with carson wentz, but of course we will break down the action on eagles game day final that's after sunday night football, kickoff for the eagles is 1:00.
7:46 am
we're taking look at your lehigh valley neighborhoods, temperatures mostly in the 70s right now, we are looking at a temperature of 77 in reading and aaa sitting at 76. right now mostly 77 allentown, whiteha whitehall, you see a lot of 77, 78 degrees in bethlehem. what we're looking at is mid upper 70s. this is warm for this time of year this early in the morning but that's because we are still dealing with some of the warm air hanging over us from yesterday when we saw temperatures all the way up into the mid 90s in the afternoon in philadelphia, low mid 90s in surrounding areas. today the temperatures will not be warming that much. here is why. radar and satellite showing us we have some showers lining up with this cold front but most are just going to clip the northern part of our area, otherwise as it front drags across very isolated chance of rain in philadelphia. we will see some clouds roll by
7:47 am
and behind this front we have all this cooler and drier air. love the sound of that. temperatures are going to be lower and the air is÷ónññ goinge drier meaning humidity not going to be a big issue and that leadñ feels like temperatures. let's start with the lower high temperatures, take a look at some of the numbers on the board here, quakertown 85 degrees, allentown 84 thisa;"ñ afternoon should be sunny to mostly sunny by later in the day, even ocean city looking very nice at 83 degrees. we will talk more about your shorecast coming up in just a moment. let's talk about the dry conditions because they're going to linger for several days here. rain chances almost nonexistent through your tuesday across the board, wednesday it will be in the evening hours, we will have a slight chance popping up, but notice it's not a good chance, reading through atlantic city very limited potential as we move along the next few days. now let's talk about your shorecast. if you're heading to the shore for a day trip temperatures look good, low 80s consistently across the board, 83 almost every location from margate to
7:48 am
rehoboth beach and water temperatures will be feeling nice as well with that mostly sunny forecast. 86 in philadelphia, drops to 81 on your monday and then still in the mid 80s tuesday, plenty of sunshine out there, staying dry, no chance of rain all the way through saturday and look at those 70s, highs at 74 thursday and 76 friday. we get back into the 80s next weekend, that's when we could see our next chance of some showers and thunderstorms sunday, monday, and potentially tuesday. >> thanks for that. 7:48 on this sunday. sunday "today" with willie geist is coming up next on nbc 10. good morning, willie, tell us what you a're working on. >> good to see you. good morning. coming up on sunday "today" a special show devoted to remembering 9/1115 years later. we will take a visit to one place particularly hard hit on that day, my hometown of ridge wood, new jersey, i went back to spend time with old friends who each lost a parent in the twin towers to see how they're doing. plus we will catch up with a new generation of first responders in new york city who
7:49 am
joined the new york police and fire departments to hopper their loved ones, the heroes who died on 9/11. and harry smith joins us with a look at how our world changed in an instant forever on that day. all that and a i lot more when we get started on a special edition of sunday "today." rosemary, i will send it back to you. >> thanks, willie, we will see you shortly. this morning we also check in with chuck todd, the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and how our country has changed will be the focus of discussion this morning on nbc's "meet the press." we're going to check in with chuck todd in a little while, we will get to him in a few moments. we do want to give you a preview of what's coming up on "meet the press." it airs this morning at 10:30. chuck todd will be speaking to jeh johnson, he will also have a panel of other guests talking about our nation's security 15 years after 9/11. again, we will check in with chuck todd a little bit later on this morning. we're going to take a quick break.
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county community is mourning the loss of a volunteer firefighter. eric feltyberger was a lieutenant with the pioneer fire comp÷e in jenkintown, the firehouse is draped with black bunting. the 43-year-old died wednesday when he accidentally fell from the third floor balcony of a friend's apartment. >> the community knew eric because he was part of
7:53 am
everything, fire prevention, you know, funerals, dedicated to helping the community itself. >> one of a kind guy that, you know, it's -- you know, we're going to have a hard time. >> feltyberger's funeral will be held on friday. dozens of people came together in philadelphia this weekend to push for civil rights equality and for racial justice. nbc 10 was in center city yesterday for the queering racial justice institute, it was a training event for lbgt q. activists and allies. attendees took part on workshops on top picks like a consideration about faith, race and lgbtq people. new from our delaware bureau. wilmington police are warning people about a spike in car break-ins. in the last two weeks thieves have broken into several cars by damaging or removing the windows. those thieves have stolen anything that's valuable in plain sight, easy passes,fzf gp devices, sunglasses and loose
7:54 am
change. police say many of the thefts are targeting newer model audis. pretty big weekend for these kids, more than 100 local kids got the chance to learn the game of basketball freight from the pros, jahlil okafor joins dr. j. at the salvation army in wissahickon. it was all part of the erving youth basketball experience, it raises money for the salvation army in philadelphia. a new miss america will be crowned this evening at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the 52 contestants had plenty of fun yesterday during the show us your shoes parade on the boardwalk. we wish good luck to our local contestan contestants, samantha lambert
7:55 am
representing pennsylvania, brenna week is completing as miss dj and an eamon debus represents delaware. center city restaurant week begins today, participating restaurants offer three-course dinners for $35 per person, many offer $20 lunches, the event runs through friday and sunday the 18th through the 23rd. all right. let's get a quick check of our weather from meteorologist krystal klei. krystal, hopefully getting a little better out there. >> it's going to be. this morning you will still notice the humidity is up just a bit and temperatures warmer than they should be, 79 philadelphia, allen down 78, 76 vineland but we are not going to be warming a ton because of this cold front that is heading our direction. as it moves over us it's going to start to push out the moisture, pull in drier air and drop those temperatures just a bit. we are not going to see a huge drop but some of us 10 degrees difference, some of us a little lower like the shoreline down to 83. %6 philadelphia
7:56 am
later today, the lehigh valley at 83 and delaware at 86 degrees. overall temperatures better off than they were yesterday when we saw those 90s and feels like that were even higher. there is a look at the forecast over the next seven days, 81 on your monday and then the mid 80s by your tuesday, check out those 70s on your thursday into friday and then there's your weekend forecast for you, so we've got those lower 80s on the board, this is going to be much more fall-like and much more typical for this time of year. the average for today is 80. so even this 86 which is about ten degrees lower than yesterday, that's still six degrees warmer than average. also notice we have no chance of showers as we move through this forecast until next weekend. so this is a pretty dry forecast and more fall-like forecast, especially excited about those mid 70s thursday, friday, 74, 76, so that's something we will have a close eye on for very comfortable conditions. >> been a while since we've seen 70s on the board, even a little while since we've seen low 80s. >> absolutely.
7:57 am
that heat wave we had lasted four days in the 90s which is very not typical for us to see in september. the temperatures dropping down to the lower 80s, that's more normal for your september. >> it seems like normally this time of year we typically start to see the leaves beginning to change late august, early september. taking a little while for that. >> so i come from an area where that doesn't really happen so i've been super excited to see the fall change of leaves, i'm like let's get the ball rolling on this. it should start to happen now that we're seeing temperatures taper off. last year this time we stopped seeing 90s. hopefully we have that theme this year. >> we can't leave you without mentioning the eagles. home opener today at 1:00. perfect weather. we have you covered today. we have our pregame pre everything starting at 9:30. it comes up after nbc 10 news today. we have more of our exclusive interview with carson wentz and then of course after the game we will break it all down on eagles
7:58 am
game day final after sunday night football. that's going to do it for us. we will see you back here at 9:00. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:59 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
8:00 am
>> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> the basket of deplorable. >> what is aleppo? >> the future of wireless audio. >> we're getting back to the normal one. good morning and welcome to a special edition of "sunday today" on this 15th anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. i'm willie geist. this morning we'll take stock of the country a decade and a half after its darkest day. nicole wallace joins us in a minute. she was in the white house when the attacks took place. we will also check in on those people whose lives were changed


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