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tv   Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. "fun day monday" september 12th. hope you had as good a weekend as hoda did. >> what? >> you do. perfect illusion by lady gaga. >> lady gaga. >> ga-ga. >> yes. we have a great show today. >> we do. >> great celebrity news. disappointing depending how you feel. is the bad blood over between taylor swift and katy perry?
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>> and the always fashionable lilly, front row seat to fashion here in new york and she'll tell you how to get your hands on the great styles on the runways. >> from hairless to "star trek," the talented zachary -- what is it? quinto. >> so, here to talk about his new film "snowden" extraordinary and may have a few surprises in store. don't miss zachary quinto. >> and guess who's singing for us? >> the man keeps making music! >> he's a doll. such a sweetheart. and one of my christmas specials. stayed at my house, i really got time to spend with him. sometime us do somebody with somebody that's just in and out, but when somebody's staying at your house, like when you have breakfast, everybody's in their robe. it was nice. you had a busy weekend? >> i ended up working at the susan g. komen rate for the
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cure, which was a great day. >> you usually do that. >> a gorgeous day, by the way. >> usually in october. isn't it? >> yeah. they moved it up earlier this year. an incredible family, got to walk with them part of the way. the woman up front is pregnant, about to have a baby and fighting true breast cancer. lots of wonderful people. everywhere you turned, wackyious f wacky outfits, and then there was mary from another network, she was there. >> that's okay. every fights together. you know? >> then i dragged joel to a concert. first of all, when you think about taking a man in his late 50s to a concert you don't think meghan trainor, but, radio city. the average age was 8 to 12, and they were there with their mothers. we got up, blocking everyone's
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view, kept sitting down, lots of shrieking, but she puts on a great show. who's here with their mom. me, too! i'm here with my mom. if you want to bring your show that makes you feel good at the end of it. >> and it's not vulgar and kids can see it. >> yeah. she's a doll. >> you did stuff all weekend long. i did nothing, except have the worst case of heartburn i have ever had in my entire life. >> you have ever had it before? >> years ago, one little incident of it, and, sad. louis and jill came to my house saturday night. it wasn't their fought, but i don't eat dinner usually and don't eat late. i was up all night long. when you don't have heartburn you have nothing in the house to battle heartburn. frank had tums. i thought it will go away. never went away. the next day i was supposed to go on -- i never cancel
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anything. >> never. >> in upstate connecticut i couldn't make it. at the end of the show i'll tell you my favorite thing and wouldn't be here today if it weren't for it. >> over the counter? >> it's over the counter. >> don't you love when you get the right medicine? no. i love it. it's like you find the thing that you need. >> at the time, something that works, but i had a great time with jill and louis and some other friends. okay. today is the national day of -- always something -- today is something that should be every day. it's encouragement. >> oh. >> what would you like to have, be encouraged about? >> what would i like to be encouraged about? >> uh-huh. >> probably just -- you know what? i think sometimes in life when you want to do something, or you want to get something you think of all the obstacles in the way so you don't try for it, you don't do it. i think a lot of people have that. it's one of those things if you spend your life trying to figure out the odds of something happening you'll never do it. >> right. >> just forget the odds. just do what you're going to do. >> yeah. >> what about you? >> you know, there's a wonderful
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scripture do not we're any well-doing. makes sense. why get weary in well-doing? what you get weary in well-doing. not supposed to. keep it, get up, just keep doing good, no matter what happens, always choose doing good. you can help me with that, and also my heartburn. so -- lift somebody's spirits today. high five somebody for a job well done. yeah, yeah! guys, yeah! or call somebody who may be going through a rough time. >> a good day to do it. >> we're supposed to guess what this is. this product. i can think of some kinky things but i'm not sure i could -- well, i didn't say anything specifically but obviously so could you. go to our facebook page and guess. we're going to reveal the answer. >> may be a -- >> ladle. >> like lifting a boiled egg. >> that's what i think. >> or what else? pasta.
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>> there are tongs for pasta. >> wait. >> it says, careful -- something. careful catch. >> careful catch. maybe it's for -- a hot whiffle ball. >> tossing a salad! see? >> i still prefer something kinky. we want to wish miss america congratulations. >> gabby shields from arkansas, great name. 21-year-old student at the university of arkansas where she is majoring still, i guess -- >> i love her name. savvy. her mom named her savvy. >> i almost named cassidy jazzy. >> you did? >> uh-huh. >> why didn't you? >> frank said, no. >> it didn't go with cody. >> cody and jazzy? >> no. because frank didn't like it. i wanted to name her jasmine and her nickname would have been jazzy. >> that's a good one. >> but, no. the last to be called for
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that doesn't qualify. >> can we zoom in? >> don't you wish you could put your fingers on it, zoom in, zoom in, zoom in? >> just say it's for a role. okay. there she. fresh out of the shower, baby. >> oh, yes. >> is it for a role if you have a man bun and you're jogging? maybe has to grow his hair long for a role but doesn't like it
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when running because it's hot? i put my hair up when i'm running? >> you know what? >> you don't want it on the back of your neck. >> i'm going to give that gorgeous man all the rope he needs. you know? >> not that way -- anthony had a very lonely weekend, apparently. >> he must have. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> are re introducing our secret? >> finding out later. >> oh, okay. >> oh! we should have been using that. >> yeah. >> a new machine we're going to try to use that's -- since we don't have an audience, we only have anthony. and anthony and raul and jimmy -- rope -- by the way, usually every day we ask, what's your excuse? he's not miked. >> laughter today. >> i have to go and steam a lobster, to which we always say. >> "is that what you call it?" one of our things. >> we have to get you miked. >> so we have sound effects.
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it we're boring, or if we -- or if kath says -- >> we have to shorten them. [ laughter ] >> yes. because we're lonely, too. we don't have an audience, except for you guys. okay. i don't know how to pronounce his last name? tony baseal? >> basil. >> like art basil. okay, tony basil. from the song "mickey." you know the song? ♪ hey mickey, hey mickey >> i love that song. rock & roll hall of fame one of the groundbreaking singles of the '80s. she is now 72 years old. >> it happens if you're lucky. >> and she was dancing for students as a workshop. look at her. she got moves! >> toni basil. good for her! >> and look at the shape she's in. you keep moving like that. >> works with a choreographer.
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>> well! >> doing flip-flop -- that's fantastic. >> crazy! >> have you seen the moves dick van dyke's been making and he's 90-something, right? >> no, i haven't. >> the whole point is keep moving, hoda. >> ah, that was awesome. you're right. way to go! [ laughter ] >> no. no, no, no, no! where's the applause. ah -- no. we don't have an applause one. >> we have this one. what the [ bleep ]! >> don't go away. our favorite things a little later and, lord, am i grateful for the ones i've got. >> and the hollywood gossip this weekend. "today buzz" right after this. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh
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10:14 am >> hi, ladies. >> hey, jack. >> how are you? >> big wedding with the pitch perfect crew. >> right. anna camp and schuyler aston got married over the weekend. >> i like that. >> aren't they great? >> everybody on the film set? >> they met on the film set. they started dating and then new year's they got engaged in hawaii and just had like a joint bachelor, bachelorette party. cowboy theme just last month, but rebelle wilson was there at the wedding in california, along with elizabeth banks, brittany snow was one of the bridesmaids. having fun and so glad for them. also -- >> what fun? >> butch patrick. >> a/k/a eddie muenster, 63, just got married. >> he's my age! there's hope. >> who did eddie muenster marry? >> laila murray and they got married in front of 90 people. it was like a picnic sort of setting, and they had met before
10:15 am
and then reconnected just recently, and i guess the love was too strong, he has to propose and they're moving into his grandmother's historic home in missouri. >> do i sense a thawing between taylor swift and katy perry? >> could it be possible? >> katy perry waiting for her food to be delivered, don't know exactly where. decided to take questions from fans on twitter. one asked, every collaborate with taylor swift. sure, if she ever says i'm sorry. >> for what? >> that's the thing. twit e goes into a frenzy. 20,000 retweets because of this and it all goes back to this interview that taylor swift had done with "rolling stone" magazine about the song "bad blood" asked who the song was about. as a female star who she felt was trying to sabotage her arena tour by trying to steal her tour staff. >> oh, i remember that, the staff, snapchat, right. >> was there truth to it? >> that's the thing. taylor swift has never confirmed
10:16 am
on denied that fact but after katy perry's comment, hmm -- i think you have to kind of just, probably say it might be true. >> i feel like taylor's always working on new music. isn't she? new stuff? >> right. since 2008 or so. >> yes. >> every two years in october she puts out an album and was, at new york fashion week with her friend gigi hadid saying she's back in the studio now. begs, is she putting out an album this october? could be. that's been the trend for so many years. >> for years couldn't get away with that. took months to do the finishing of a cd. you know? now everything is done and putting it out, manufacturing. >> quickly. >> put them out a completely different world, mps. >> our girl amy poehler got an emmy. >> creative arts emmy. this is news, because amy poehler has been nominated 17 times and never won. >> like susan lucci. >> right.
10:17 am
she wins this for an appearance on "snl" with tina fey. co-sharing. a precursor to the actual emmys coming up this sunday. ironically not there to accept it. >> well, you get a little tired of waiting for them. believe me. i knee! [ laughter ] >> but the question is now, with her and tina be showing up to the primetime emmys this coming sunday? >> congrats to her. jack, thank you, hon. good to see you. all right. one of hollywood's most talented stars. can you guess his secret talent? >> zachary quinto reveals all, >> zachary quinto reveals all, right after this. when the twins arrived, >> zachary quinto reveals all, right after this. it changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. perfect, right? oh, you can't be serious. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments on brands like samsung, graco and ashley. uh, no. the things you want, the credit you deserve. now you can.
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♪ >> what did you say?
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>> you said kinto. >> i said quinto. say it again. >> one, two, three -- >> all: quinto! quintessential actor. >> there you go! good segue. >> tv series and films but known best from his role in the iconic spock in the newest "star trek" movie. >> or is it spoke? kidding. taking on a new real-life role in the new movie "snowden" playing glenn greenwald, helped publish findings about the government's global surveillance program. >> the documents eventually released to the public there was plenty of hesitation along the way. take a look. >> tell us -- did the white house make any speck claims about national security they would prevent you from publishing? >> no. i asked them repeatedly, and i had no standard answer. >> there you go. what more can you want? you can go out and know that you're safe. >> glenn, i'd like to talk to alan before we go any further.
10:22 am
>> when does he land? >> no. absolutely not. we're sitting ducks here jenin. >> you were in that hotel in -- >> yeah. >> a riveting film. welcome. >> nice to be back, thank you. >> touch my leg again, please. just like that. yeah, yeah. anyway, you, i'm sure, are familiar with the story. >> i was, i was. >> what was your first thought when you heard about what ed snowden had done? >> i probably felt like a lot of americans, that's intense and probably has nothing to do with me. felt like a big swooping thing, and then the more i read about the actual indiscriminate and unilateral intrusion of privacy the government was engaged in, the more i got -- woke up. >> yeah. i think everybody was surprised. especially because it will been said under oath there congress it was not happening. >> interesting is, a lot of people had a certain perception of ed snowden in their head, and when you look at the movie, you totally have a different perspective. >> what you really understand,
10:23 am
you know, through this them, i think is that he's always tried to find waves to serve his country, actually. tried to enlist in's armed forces in 2004. when that didn't work, se set out to get into the government. through his service he was confronted with reality he couldn't stay silent about. >> it oliver stone seek you out, say i want you? >> he did. that was cool. >> pretty cool. >> i grew up on -- i can't tell you how many times i've seen "jfk," "platoon," i've loved him since a kid and he shaped my appreciation for film in so many ways. so to get to work with him was -- >> how did you react when he want ud specifically? >> i was full of -- i couldn't believe it, in a way. heels old school. he literally just called. >> he did? >> i love that. >> i know. actually used a telephonic device, probably afraid of being
10:24 am
spied on so he actually called. i was in a kr on the way to some event and somebody called me from my team, yeah, oliver wants to talk to you. >> oliver. >> in a car, everybody be quiet. turned off the radio to hear what he was saying. incredible. i feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. >> it's going to change a lot of people's perceptions. my thought is, how much is actually true? apparently everything except for one thing. i'm fill mulling -- >> what's the one thing? >> i can't say, because it will be -- >> in the film, you mean? >> yes. there's one device. i'll tell you in commercial break. i don't want to spoil anything for anybody. >> traveled to moscow nine times, met with ed. this is really an account of his journey from 2004 until -- >> it's going to start a bunch of discussions. >> thank you, zachary. >> thank you. >> you are the quintessential everything. >> now you're never forget. >> never. snowden.
10:25 am
it's sa-now-den. and do you ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. they give awards for spelling but everyone knows cheese.s. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar
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and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. can you spell delicious? delicious. d. e. l... it's so easy now. new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe. maybelline's new brow drama pomade make it happen ♪ maybelline new york about 10:30 and fall just just be around the corner. let's get your first alert meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> final days of summer. this is how it should be. cool mornings, sunshine and low 80s in the afternoon. cool spot right now, lehigh
10:27 am
valley, 67 degrees in easton, but with sunny skies, 67 to the upper 70s, and that's where the numbers will stay, the humidity so nice and low. making it for a comfortable day all around with temperatures in the low 80s, one exception, the jersey shore, 76, with a sea breeze blowing there. >> thank you, bill. how about a late morning check on the roads with francesca. >> this is the westbound traffic on the skuyou do see 14 minute delays, heading towards the expressway. on top of that we're looking atten ann accident in plymouth. we've been watching this for quite sometime now, to avoid this intersection, folks, take hillcrest road on toward the blue route. >> thank you. philadelphia and fbi hope new photo also help catch a serial bank robber, the most recent one
10:28 am
happened in center city on south 11th street. investigators say that same bank was hit last sunday. today, 100 veterans injured during military service will be cycling through the area as part of the ride to recovery, beginning in arlington, virginia, on the 9/11 anniversary. they'll travel from york, pennsylvania to montgomery county, wrapping up in new york on wednesday. we'll have a full hour of news coming up, and now back to "the today show." i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:29 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
10:30 am
it's fun day monday and a big week here in the big apple. new york's fashion sweek in full force. >> yes. in its 75th year and taken overt city with more than 150 shows in all of these different locations. guess what? our resident fasionista has a front row seat! >> i sure did, and i did pull a few strings to get you an all-access pass behind the scenes behind the hottest shows and events with some of the biggest names in the business. >> oh! >> it wouldn't be fashion week without the catwalk and one of the most anticipated shows is tommy hilfiger. joining his this week, superstar gigi hadid. >> they welcomed me timely into their family, and just let me really feel like they wanted my opinion and wanted the collection to really reflect
10:31 am
what i wanted it to. >> i want to know biggest fashion do and biggest fashion don't? >> once told if you don't know what to wear to a party, wear jeans, t-shirt and heels. >> never overdo it. when in doubt, underplay it. >> well, except when it comes to his show. pier 16 was transformed into tommy pier, or what you might call a fashion carnival. >> oh! thank you. >> you're welcome. enjoy. >> fashion people -- as the sun set, stars like taylor swift and martha hunt took a front-row seat to watch gigi struck her stuff. strut her stuff. this is where the show action happens, but all the real action is backstage. here at designer show, artists from the visionary team craft the perfect look to complement the vision. >> makeup almost like an accessory. it really finishes the character
10:32 am
or the woman. >> lucky for us, it's one that works both on and off the runway. >> as you can see, it's a gorgeous flawless skin. it's a velvet eyeshadow. velvet eyeliner and velvet matte lip. it's very livable and breathable and it enhances the girls' natural beauty. >> you can also say the same about the clothes. as a go-to for first lady michelle obama, definitely know as thing or two about effortless style. shopping his collection today. let me show you what i'm buying. that, my friends, is a fabulous print. pants. when it's all over, what's the first thing you do? >> i take a deep breath. i take a glass of champaign and just keep drinking. [ laughter ] >> kind of what kathie lee and hoda do almost every day. >> you know, they have it right! >> another fashion staple, exclusive a-list events like the
10:33 am
star-studded reopening of the cartier mansion. i scored an invite to mingle buy the guests. what's your trick to transitioning from daytime to evening? >> i have people do it for me. i don't dare to do it by myself. it wouldn't turn out like this. >> what is your favorite look on a woman? is it, like, yoga pants? athleisu athleisure? all dolled up? >> know the answer. boots. >> get technical. >> ankle up to the knee and the right boot over the knee, yeah. >> there are diamonds in the store with my name written all over them. ♪ >> i'm going to take two of these. can i get a glass of champaign, please? thank you! cheers! >> look at me.
10:34 am
>> there you go. [ laughter ] cheers! >> cartier knows how to throw a really, really good party. ♪ >> but rumor had it the night was just were getting started. now, this is the v.i.p. service. everyone knows it's not a party unless there's an after-party. >> oh, my -- >> i take it back. i thought hoda had the best weekend. lilliana had the best. >> while i was at home with heartburn. >> struggling on until wednesday. you have time. fashion week is about trend setting. the newest trend see now, buy now, many designers making the collection available to buy right after the show. this jacket i'm wearing -- >> gigi opened the show in this jacket. it's monday, wore it friday, i already have it. >> that is --
10:35 am
>> sha should become a trend. >> that piece showed you what fashion week is all about. everything! aaron will be singing in a bit, got to go. >> you're right. his biggest hit is on our president's play list and we guarantee aaron nerve many newest song will be on yours. >> no time in the morning? no problem. we have breakfast to fuel your family in just minutes. yummy! >>
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billions of probiotics everyday. the day with a healthy home-cooked breakfast. realistically who has the time? just something with enough protein and fiber to fill you up until lunch. if she bunks the whole thing, got to have a huge breakfast, here with easy and healthy grab and go breakfasts, madeleine. >> have a little something to sustain us in the morning. right. don't have to be bleary-eyed getting up. new science, something to set you up for the day, don't get
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over-hungry for lunch. kath, you say you're not hungry. 100 to 300 is good. most important, stay full. people complain, eat all this stuff and am starving. it's protein, protein, protein. added for breakfast, it can be quick and easy and actually very healthy. she's are shakes ready to drink and have added plus of having a vitamin mixed in with it. >> okay. >> they come in a variety of flavors. get them, look for 25 to 35 grams of protein and low sugar, because you don't want to be fooled by something that is sickeningly sweet. looking for protein. holding you over to lunch. get the shakes you take along with you. these you can put the cap on, in case you don't drink it all at once. buy the powders, single serving, really good on the go, or -- >> a teeny sip to see? >> just looks -- >> so unappetizing to me. i'm sorry. >> you're not a big breakfast
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eater. it can get you started. full of protein. >> that's a vanilla. >> okay. >> i wouldn't want to drink the whole thing. it's sweet for me. >> that's something that, you know, everybody can pick as much as they want. something else if you want to drink it. not a lot more work but you can get a bit full of fiber and fruit. >> i'm for this. >> protein powder, fiber isn't enough to hold you to lunch but you can make your stuff ahead of time. >> what's in there? >> fruits and vegetables. mix together. put it in. add protein powder, a little water. >> make it easy and delicious. throw a banana in. >> do whatever you want. anything left over or don't want to be bothered, get frozen stuff. just as good. not a better person because you're at the farmer's market. >> people judge you. >> yes, they do. >> what i end up doing usually on the weekends, having a boiled egg. >> eggs are back. the best digestible source of protein. >> eggs never left me! >> really good. a whole egg is great. two are going to sustain you, and you can eat them at home,
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peel them, put them in a bag, take them to work. it's going to sustain you as well as something that everybody wants. >> what? >> a little breakfast sandwich. thinking, gosh, calorie bombs, fatty, but you can look around and read the labels. some processed ones like these jimmy dean delights. 200 calories, egg whites, low-fat cheese, canadian bacon, which is lean. >> only 200 cali ares? >> 210. enjoy. instead of saying not going to get it. why not? and kid-friendly, also for adults. kids love waffles but boost up protein putting on nutbut whatever you like and sliced fruit. eat is every day and put different fruits on. if your kid is suspect, cut in half, waffle on the top. don't know what's in them. these are grab and go. if you can -- >> like a little pb & j. >> these are, but instead of -- in case you can't eat nuts. this is good, too. or the yogurt in a tube, which
10:43 am
you can freeze and make it like a little popsicle. >> well done! good going. >> grab and go breakfast ideas go to -- the website. >> from new orleans to new york stained a new side of aaron neville you're going to really enjoy. the man can do anything, right after -- is this! hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. the city concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. that unmistakable voice in new orleans is aaron neville from "tell it like it is" was released 50 years ago. >> no, it wasn't, aaron. >> stop it xm. >> since then recorded chart-topping hits like "don't know much" with linda ronstadt and "everybody plays the fool." >> on tour showing a funkier more personal side to this brand
10:49 am
new album, he co-wrote every song "apache." welcome! >> nice to be here again. >> so this is a new sound. you've been around forever! >> yes. >> forever and ever and ever. now, is this just part of the evolution of being an artist? >> part of the evolution. just keep on going. >> we cannot wait. >> and apache is with us today. maybe -- >> your dog's name is apache. weren't wait to hear your song, air. >> cool. thank you. >> aaron neville, everybody. ♪ what's waiting around the corner, what's burking around the bend ♪ is this the beginning, the beginning of the end ♪ should i turn around ♪ ♪ or keep straight ahead
10:50 am
get up see about that or just stay in bed ♪ you never know where life will take us, is it waiting just to break us ♪ and it's time to believe i got to keep holding on ♪ i've got to keep holding on ♪ can't you weak we must be strong ♪ ♪ can't believe it can go wrong ♪ ♪ when you get what you deserve sometimes life throws a curve ♪ follow all your ♪ and going the extra mile and always muster up a smile ♪ you never know where life will take us, is it waiting just to break us ♪
10:51 am
sometimes it's hard to know what's going on ♪ what's going on ♪ show me a time, ooh when you're out there ♪ if you hear me ♪ ♪ oh, oh, 'cause it's been so hard ♪ is it hard, ooh-ooh ♪ hard to believe what's going on ♪ oh, oh, what's going on ♪ ♪
10:52 am
♪ it's on the horizon, we've heard it in the sky ♪ never saw it coming turning on a dime ♪ oh-oh, keep on running ♪ thinking all the time ♪ you've got to keep on moving or you'll be on the other side ♪ ♪ you never know where life will take us if you wait until it breaks us ♪ when it goes on and it's time to believe, oh, what's going on ♪ what's going on ♪ oh-ooh ♪ >> yeah! >> whew!
10:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] the blues brothers here. >> whew! that was awesome. >> aaron neville. better than ever. thank you. >> thank you. >> plus, we're going to have our "favorite things" next and the mystery product. where's the -- >> "today" on nbc. come on over, apache! there you go. there you go. >> come here, baby! newspapers know there you go. >> come here, baby! the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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10:56 am
okay. before we share our "favorite things." remember this gadget? talked last week about "running wild with bear grylls." this is disgusting. remember when mel b. tried to urinate to get the -- >> just got it out of my mind. >> from bridgewood, ohio, they got it. this is called a -- pee cup. just use your imagination. >> oh, you can carry the
10:57 am
specimen around. >> doesn't everyone want to? >> no. we're not going to show them, use your imagine -- >> come on over here, joann. >> so. okay, what's your favorite thing. >> my favorite is i had the most horrendous heartburn and went to my cvs and got pepsidac. it's great. >> i love a hair product pap great conditioner you put on once a week called olaplex perfecter number three. wet your hair, put it on, leave for ten mithts. >> did you say the word "wet." >> rinse your hair, then shampoo it, then conditioner and here it is. >> wow, hoda. >> >> how much? >> $29. >> $29. >> and -- >> the product is called -- >> this is called -- >> careful catch. >> nots the hair stuff. >> okay. carol burnett will be with us tomorrow. >> oh!
10:58 am
we love her. >> all your relationship narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve
10:59 am
this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together.
11:00 am
that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. the eagles, as a carson wentz era. hillary clinton's health and hiding her diagnosis. what does it mean for decision 2016 moving forward. skyrocketing injuries. the reason why more youth soccer players are on the mend. right now, we're following several fires in our area. sky 10 was over east germantown section of the city. the fire is under control and we're working to find out if anyone was hurt. also over this house fire in delaware county over a short time ago. you can see firefighters on the roof at h


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