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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> the donald going off script again before he returns to camping, new information emerges about both candidates' health. a fascinating study on why the u.s. economy is lagging. and uber's driverless cars hit the streets. exciting new hope in the fight against breast cancer remember. a new test that's four times better. >> incredible images in the wake of a massive and powerful typhoon. >> i'm frances rivera.
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>> i'm amman moy mohyeldin. >> focusing on the fitness of both nominee, trump threw out any restrapt and discipline he previously had shown, going off script and teleprompter, for the first time in weeks, launching this attack against hillary clinton's stamina? >> you think this is so easy in this beautiful room that's 122 degrees? it is hot and it's always hot when i perform, because the crowds are so big. these rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd. i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't know. i don't think so. >> that broadside came after trump made another inskrupt
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unscripted move on the "dr. oz" show. >> if your health system is so good, why not share the records? >> i have no problem. should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? it's two letters. up with is the report. the other is from lennoxville hospital. >> may i see them? >> yee, sure. >> those were all the tests just done. >> trump answers questions and an affinity for fast food among other things. more extensive information will be available soon. no time line has been given him here's what dr. oz, himself, told nbc's kate show about his sit-down with trump. >> i treated the stage like it's a doctor's office temperatures first thing i do when i moot a person is do a review of systems, a checklist from the head to the toe itself, i asked him about head issue, brain issue, heart issue, lupg issues,
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bladder issues. then i said you should be transparent. i was surprised. i looked at them and process them quickly. if the doctor was my patient, he did good for a man of his age. >> trump's full interview with him will air later this morning. >> pressured to share more medical information, hillary clinton released her recent exams, following her pneumonia diamondback notifies. the doctor that carried out that exam says clinton resumed well sapped fit to do the presidency. however, she has several doctors visits throughout the presidential campaign, at up with point feeding a tube replaced in her ear to release a sinus infection. tim kaine is placed in good health. mike pence said he's going to release his records in the coming days. trump's one on one came after he visited clint, michigan, for the
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first time, to be attackled by a pastor when he released his remarks. take a listen. >> china now, if you look at what is going on, a trade deficit of $500 billion. hillary failed on the economy just like she's failed on foreign policy. everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now, hillary clinton. >> excuse me, mr. trump, i invited you to talk to us, not to give a political speech. >> okay. that's good. i will go back on point thank you. okay. flint's pain is the result of so many different failures and i must say that, no, i never, never would, never would. never would and, frankly, "time" magazine as you know they reported this year that the federal government have a long
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way to go to bring flint back and i look at the damage done and the damage can be taken care of. >> thank you, thank you pastor. >> trump also visited up with of the water treatment plans at the heart of flint's lead crisis, taking a 50-minute tour of the facility. we now have word after recent reports into trump's until and namesake foundation, a pro clinton super pac correct the record is now offering money for dirt on the republican nominee. david brock told nbc news no tidbit of information was too big or too small, saying, quote, we're case everything. >> this all comes as a series of battleground polls have trump gaining momentum. he is narrowly beating:t in florida and ohio and in nevada. a reversal from recent weeks. after new hampshire's union leader makes history announcing
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they will not be endorsing a republican for president for the first time in 100 years. new hampshire's leading paper is endorsing libertarian nominee gary johnson. a look ahead, clinton is back after three days recuperating. she will be giving a speech in north carolina sand expected to swing through washington, d.c. for a gala. trump will deliver an economic speech in new york. he will reveal the tax plan. he takes an interview with the "tonight "show. and tim kaine will be in the granite state. clinton surrogates bill and chelsea flood ohio and new york. while checkpoint and trump battle it out, former president jimmy carter isic spooing out t. 91-year-old says the country hasn't been there politically you the mulltuous since the civil wars, saying, as political affairs in america are concerned, we are at one of our
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all-time lows in history. harvard business professors are pointing to the politics in the country. and it dropped for the fifth consecutive year. saying, quote, we believe the nation's political system has now become america's greatest competitive weak ness. >> three days after an arson fire lit up a mosque, police say they have their suspect. joseph michael schrieber alleged attack carried out on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 targeted the same mosque where omar mateen once worshipped. surrounding video helped match him to footage of a man seen running away from the crime scene. version versus uncovered a reign of evidence against him, including anti-islamic media posts and once consistent on video. the alleged arsonist faces 30
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years in prison if convicted. >> listen up, folks in the pittsburgh area are getting a glimpse of the future after uber launched a pilot program to test its fleet of self driving cars. >> here's the question. just how safe is this new technology. we got tike a test drive. >> reporter: self driving uber picking up their first customer in a pilot program. >> we will go in a driverless uber. it has about 20 cameras, we'll see what we can do. they have outfitted forbid fusions with radar. uber engineer hovers over the wheel in the driver's seat. another monitors real time data on a laptop. >> it's our time to go for a spin, it's a diver i drooifrless car, we when be doing much driving. >> it sees the world in 3d. >> reporter: there are 600
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people inside uber's research lab. >> we can build cars safer than people. that's the objective. >> reporter: regulators aren't on board while up with was killed using the pilot function in may. ours stopped working mid-way through the drive. i had to put my hands on the wheel and reengage to make a right turn. they say they will soon issue guidance on deploying driverless vehicles. >> we have a long way to go. it can't be the wild west out there when people's lives are in the hands of cars run by computers. >> that's not stopping uber from zooming ahead into a few front ear. >> no doubt pass tfascinating. >> you are right. just ahead when it comes to increases in your paycheck. which states grow the fastest. which ones are lagging? >> first a check on the weather with bill karins as he is tracking multiple storms for us.
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>> impressive, supertyphoon meranti. these are thousands of pounds of shipping containers blown over near taiwan. how about this, on your scooter, sheet metal. oh. the helmet saved him. pretty impressive stuff. back to the safety. tropical storm julia has moved off the southeast coastline thankfully, windows are at 40 miles per hour. it's all off shore. that's great. the forecast path butts it off the florida coast. we will have large waves. >> that will be the worst of it out there. we are lucky to not have any impact from julia. here's a closer look at the day ahead. we're also going to watch some thunderstorms today possible, forth dock, south dakota, down through areas of iowa and nebraska. there is a chance for wind damage, few want to talk about a
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or lower-back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. >> right. take a look at this under surveillance caught on camera. a woman's bag up in smoke. her ecigarette batteries exploded. they pack a punch. they're delicate, too. luckily, no one was injured, i'm pretty sure someone will be upset about that luis vuitton purse completely ruopped. >> i would be upset, too. research shows that people disproportionately die from smoking-related diseases t. group asked president obama to ban men toll tobacco, saying the ground work has been done when he gave the faa power to
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regulate the industry in 2009. they called on his strong and decisive leadership to give our community against tobacco. medical tests are providing new hope, molecular breast imaging, mbi, is a new test given in addition to mammograms. >> that is shown to be four times better at finding cancer. under the test, patients are injected with a tracer drawn to cancer cells, making tumors easy to identify, especially for women with denser breasts. since half of women have denser tissue, they say it's the prominent detection yet. south florida today, hillary clinton is headed back to the campaign trail after taking three days to recuperate from pneumonia. she will hold a rally before addressing the congressional hispanic caucus institute tonight. the atlantic first marine conference in walk t. president is expected to announce he is
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>> this morning on tsa, dogs are put to the test. they look at how effective they really are. >> european stocks are mixed at the moment. which states seen the biggest rise of all americans? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's a mixed bag across europe and asia today ahead of the u.s. market opening. yesterday, we saw stocks dipping a bit. this is, of course, off the back of uncertainty of whether or nott the feds will raise hikes later this month. we saw a boost late in the day. apple announced the iphone 7 actually sold out in all colors globally ahead of them hitting the shelves on friday. another storm, it seems as if america's average income has risen over 5% in 2015. the big question is are they going to keep rising now? a new survey tops the list.
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montana. tennessee and oregon and rounding out the bottom, idaho and new members colorado it's hard to remember with average incomes falling. over the last several years, the average american makes less than in 2007. guys. >> thank you very much. we'll appreciate it. still ahead, tv's highest paid actresses. we'll fill you in. >> check this out. a giant inflatable moon balloon on the loose in southeast china. it rolled down roadways, over pedestrians and vehicles after strong winds broke it loose at a nearby festival. it's also light. >> it looks face fake. it is fascinating to watch. they call at this time furious moon. you can see why. you are watching "early today." you are watching "early today." tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow
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america has voted. the winner of the $1 million and the star of the headline show in las vegas is grace vanderwaal. >> i saw that last night. it's incredible. >> you see it now. it's incredible. that's 12-year-old grace vanderwaal. the singer/songwriter has been a viral sensation. now she's on to headline her
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show in vegas, a much better wallet, too. >> she is absolutely talented. we will hear from her in years to come. forbes released its list of highest tv paid actresses. highe. sophia vergara brings in the dough. "scandal" kerry washington and giuliana margolies is among the top ten. >> my dvr is packed in full. >> "modern family" is a big hit in our time. we watch it again and again. >> for those still waiting for your multi-million dollar pay days. how about this, kristen bell, mocked the gender pay gap in a video for the huffington post. >> why outsource all your productions far away countries like india, china and narnia,
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when we have the cheapest and best work force right here in the good us of a. women. with paint sourcing, women are a bargain at the work place, you only have to pay them snemp e 77 cents on the dollar. >> i make 60 cents. who are you bill gates? >> i make 55 cents who is she jay zee? >> no, come on, those are men. >> it's a funny subject. it's a funny commercial but a very serious subject in hollywood. >> this is what i like about kristen bell and her husband dak sheppard, they get involved, fighting the paparazzi shooting their kids. >> actor tom hardy from the "revenant" turns 39. oliver stone turns 70 and tommy lee jones is also 70. so if are you born today, you are if good company. this is "early today." company. this is "early today." our daughter, libby, is convinced that the washing machine will eat her buddy antonio. so when it's time for his much needed bath...
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," on the road to recovery, a police officer shot in the line of duty expected to be released from the hospital. the debate over health, today, hillary clinton turns to the campaign trail as we learn a few details about donald trump melt status. and of course, you'll pay more for drinking water, but the fight is on to pass the bill off on someone else. 4:30 this thursday morning, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we're back to fall weather today. let's get to bill henley, "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> we still have clouds over the city and much of the rest of the
4:29 am
area. and even a few sprinkles moving through philadelphia radar. you have to look close to see them. there's not much here, and there won't be any of these around today. but the clouds with us this morning giving us a few rain drops. 69 degrees right now in delaware. low 60s for the lehigh valley. a look at the suburbs at 65. 69 degrees in philadelphia. we will see the clouds clear out. a nice bright sunshine will warm atemperatures up after holding pretty steady to start with. 67 through the night, reluctant to warm up. we're heading towards the upper 70s this afternoon. that is normal for this time of year. i'll show you how quickly the clouds will clear and how warm we'll get for each of the areas during the day. hour-by-hour look at the forecast when i come back in just a few minutes but first, jessica boyington has the "first alert" traffic. >> thanks, bill. starting on the new jersey turnpike just around exit 4 which is route 73, reports of an
4:30 am
overturned tractor trailer that isn't tying up anything yet. it's over in the right-hand shoulder. so traffic is still moving by on the southbound side of the turnpike at this time. traffic is not moving on the vine street expressway. we're showing all traffic diverted off to broad street exit. westbound in between the schuylkill and broad street is actually closed. watching route 422 for drive times here. no big problems or delays. that's an eight-minute trip from the schuylkill expressway from 29 to that point into the 60s. and atlantic city police officer shot in the head less than two weeks ago could get out of the hospital as soon as today. the ac police department said the officer is in stable condition and will be transferred to a lehigh facility when he's ready. he and his partner interrupted a robbery outside in the


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