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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's going to be a gorgeous day let's get to meteorologist bill henley who has got the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. bill. >> it's a change in humidity. but there's still clouds across philadelphia. this is a live view across delaware. but those clouds are producing a few very light scattered showers with one exception. it's looking a little bit more impressive. a little heavier, now moving into cumberland county but this is tending to fall apart. you might see a sprinkle or two and it's going to be very isolated. and scattered clouds in delaware, 68 degrees right now, already clearing from the lehigh valley. 65 degrees in new jersey, those clouds will thin out. temperatures will come down this morning before they head back up. we're a little less than two hours away from sunrise. 70 degrees or just shy of it in philadelphia, it will warm into the 70s this afternoon. 78 degrees in philadelphia, the
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suburbs, 77. and middle to upper 70s for delaware, lehigh valley and new jersey. and just a little bit cooler at the shore. high of 75 degrees. mostly sunny skies. and you'll feel that drier air at the shore today. a closer look at the forecast hour by hour. first, jessica boyington has the "first alert" traffic. >> that's right. we have changes in cherry hill township. we're still in the southbound side. so that's all the same. new jersey turnpike headed southbound just around route 70. multivehicles involved. two trucks and another vehicle as well. we're still seeing traffic moving by the scene. so it's not causing any major delays and the expressway still closed right behind broad street. on the west side here where traffic is being diverted off the exit ramp. the west side and east side is closed on brought street on the schuylkill expressway. i'll give you an update, on construction on the off ramp
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that was closed earlier has reopened. on cottman avenue, you're good to go. that typical morning construction in place where we have some lanes blocked but no big problems or delays. heading into center city. we'll check on the new jersey turnpike when i come back. a united plane that left from newark yesterday evening was diverted to denver after a report a suspicious device on board. when it landed in denver, passengers were taken off and investigators searched the plane. passengers were rescreened and went back on the plane. it landed in san diego after 1:00 this morning. six people were tiaken to te hospital after a crash on the new jersey turnpike on cherry hill. "first alert" traffic reporter is keeping an eye on that for you.
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hillary clinton and donald trump back on the campaign trail. matt delucia complains. >> good morning. the question of health has been a big question, with hillary clinton's bout with knew phone ma, clinton's doctor issued a statement saying she was diagnosed friday with noncontagious bacterialle pneumonia. adds that she's recovering with antibiotics and rest and that clinton is healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. meantime, republican nominee donald trump, he says that he has the stamina to be president. he spoke with dr. oz in an episode that will air today. in that interview, trump brought along his medical records. trump says he feels just as good as he did when he was younger. >> it's two letters. one is the report. and the other is from the hospital. >> may i please see them. >> yeah, sure. >> those are the reports. >> those are all of the tests
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that were just done. >> at a rally last night in ohio, trump said that he wants clinton to get better and to get back on the campaign trail. clinton is scheduled to return to the campaign trail today starting with a rally in greensboro, north carolina. live in the digital operations center, i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." and following that, colin powell's hacked e-mails with the website suspected to russia leaked the e-mails. the retired general calls trump, quote a national disgray and an international pariah. and powell wrote about clinton's e-mail scandal saying, quote, her minions are trying to drag me in. here's what's new, trump fired back on his twitter account saying i was never a fan of colin powell after his weak understanding of weapons of mass destruction in iraq, we can do much better. for complete coverage of
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decision 2016, we're less than eight weeks away from the general election. you can tap the nbc10 app to watch the one-on-one interviews with the presidential nominees and their running mates. we have new details about a woman found shot in the driveway of her home. troopers found her in lower macungie lane. so far, no one is in custody. atlantic county continue to investigation the deaths of a man and woman near north oxford avenue near monmouth avenue. they apparently died of gunshot wounds. the authorities say there's no threat to the danger. and governor jack markell signed a bill yesterday that requires ballistic information and others to be entered into a state wide data basis.
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and also how guns are recover and processed as evidence. nbc10 has uncovered new figures that shows the murder rate in philadelphia is up 10% from last year. >> that follows a rash of shootings or stabbings. 13 people were shot or stabbed, five of them killed over just a 15-hour period since tuesday. they're still tracking down leads. nbc10 discovered as of september 13th, there were 2,003 homicides this year which is the highest since 2012, when the city totaled more than 330. >> not setting any records, by any strep of the imagination, but it's frustrating because we're talking about human beings. >> they say investigators are using computer statistics to help stay ahead of the cases. bucks county is reaching out to students impacted by the
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sudden closure of itt tech campuses. today and next week you can get information about how to enroll. tuition is only $100 a credit if you live in bucks county there are campuses in levettown and philadelphia. the community collelecollege of philadelphia is also reaping out to students affected by the closures. patients can treat this posttraumatic stress disorder in new jersey. governor christie signed a law allowing new jersey to be the 18th state for people to use medical marijuana on ptsd. our partners at the philadelphia business journal report cab drivers had 40% fewer rides in july compared to the months before uber x became
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available in 2014. full-time jobs are now part-time work. 5:07. 69 degrees right now. jim kenney delivered an address at the united nations headquarters and the experience took him back to his childhood. >> our eighth grade class trip was to new york city from south philadelphia. and this building is one of the stops. it was amazingly impressive to me in 1971. and just standing in this place speaking to you in that same building as mayor is just kind of overwhelming for me. >> kinney spoke about the affordability stopability project he says it's quality education for all, more working class jobs and better infrastructure in communities. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> in our communities, you'll see different weather today. cape may, right now, a few
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clouds overhead and dry. but there are some scattered sprinkles around. no big change. the winds have changed direction, and at the shore, temperatures right at 70 degrees, the whole day, atlantic city, ocean city, inland just a little cooler but not much cooler because the clouds are still overhead. right now, 69 degrees in philadelphia, 66 in mount holly. and 70 degrees in vineland. if you stepped out the door, you'd say, wow, it's cooler. but most of the area is not cooler. mount holly and vineland. the exception is allentown, four degrees cooler. it's the humidity that's dropping so much that's making it feel cooler. most. area will be cooler. 90s in philadelphia yesterday -- that's not happening. sunshine, 66 degrees. still a few clouds scattered around at 8:00. but sunshine by noon time. and 78 degrees this afternoon. the suburbs starting to clear out already. 62 degrees at 8:00.
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then it's low 70s at noon. 75 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and look at the lehigh valley. skies have already cleared. they'll cool down a little bit more by 8:00. 58 degrees. and then it's low to mid-70s this afternoon with the humidity staying low through the day for delaware and for south jersey. a few scattered clouds in delaware this morning. low 70s at noon time. 77 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey, clearing out. nicely. and holding in the low to mid-70s during the day today. it's the shore that will be a little bit cooler with that sea breeze. at the degrees at lunchtime. and a little cooler with a few scattered clouds but low humidity. what we're not seeing much of is rain. and we certainly do need it. since the beginning of the month, little to no rain. we had pop-up showers. northeast philadelphia got showers. nothing significant. so we're abnormally dry. that could change this weekend.
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a look at the weekend forecast and beyond when i come back with the 10 day on 10 in just a few minutes. 5:11. we told you about that accident on the new jersey turnpike in cherry hill. nbc10's jessica boyington has more. >> the good news about the accident scene is that the new jersey turnpike is still open third morning. traffic is allowed to move through from cherry hill township in new jersey on the southbound side of the turnpike. now, two trucks were involved and another vehicle. so, a few vehicles there over into the shoulder. right around the route 70 area. if you really want an alternate, you can take 295, that will be okay for you. 73, right around 295, no big problems or delays here. construction over the vine street expressway, on its way of clearing out. we might see relief in the next couple of minutes before the time you head out the door, you
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should be fine. checking in with the schuylkill skgs and conshohocken, no delays. 12 minutes from the blue route into the expressway and speed into the 60s. tracy. feeling the fallout, a controversial law in north carolina is still prompting backlash from the public. we'll tell you what the state is now losing because of house bill 2. a 5-year-old boy is rushed to the hospital after school box. they thought the little boy was eating candy, but it actually was something much worse. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." it's a quarter past 5:00 a.m. good morning, delaware county. this is a live look from media, near the corner of the state and south jackson street. kind of quiet there right now. and it's 56 degrees. the atlantic coast conference is moving all of its championship games out of north carolina because of the state's bathroom law. the decision affects ten championships this season, including the acc titled football game that was to be played in charlotte in december. this is just the latest protest against house bill 2, which requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to their birth certificates. on monday, the ncaa said it was relocating seven of its championships scheduled to be played in incom ed ied in north.
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in an exclusive interview with the "today" show roger goodell said the league is investing in a new program to counter head injuries. play smart. kevin kolb, desean jackson, lesean mccoy to name a few. speaking with espn designed to help the players. >> well, he's really trying to protect us after football. you know, he wants to protect the guys, especially the quarterback. they're more likely to get a lot of blows to the head. i think he's try doing whatever he can to protect us. >> the nfl is committing $100 million to this new play smart initiative. meantime on the ice, the national hockey league is also looking to cut down on concussions in their league. the nfl is adding more concussion spotters. they'll watch games in a centralized locations to check for symptoms in the players.
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the spotters will be able to remove players from a game. an explosion in a monmouth county mall left a purse smoking. a lithium battery exploded and thick black smoke could be seen pouring out of her purse. we've seen that with the hover board and more recently the samsung phone. 5:17, if you use martin luther king drive in philadelphia park. the water department is doing work along the schuylkill river. mlk drive westbound will close between 9:00:30 and 3:30 between sweet briar drive. 5:17, let's take another road, the blue route. >> jessica boyington, what are you seeing? >> watching the blue route, it looks okay. we do have a disabled tractor
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trailer over here into the right-hand shoulder. this is a spot where we typically see that around the mid-county toll area. a lot of times trucks pull over here. other than that, it looks fine. it's not blocking any lanes and everybody is moving by the scene just fine. we're also still watching an accident scene out in cherry hill township over in new jersey. there's two vehicles involved. actually two tractor trailers and another truck -- and other car, excuse me, at the new jersey turnpike southbound on route 70. now, it's over in the right-hand lane. right-hand shoulder. traffic is moving by the scene. if you want, you can take 295 as an alternate. no problems or delays for the most part on the turnpike on 295. also admiral wilson boulevard, we're good here. this is right around the ben franklin bridge area. we'll update from the new jersey turnpike all morning. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. just about 19 minutes after
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5:00. a nice breeze is blowing. you see the flags moving in front of the art museum this morning. that is a comfortable breeze blowing. the humidity has already dropped. it's going to blow the clouds out of here. still some scattered clouds in delawa delaware, and south jersey. clearing skies and temperatures have already dropped in least high valley and the suburbs. and we're seeing the numbers drop in philadelphia too. andorra, chestnut hill. and westmont area, 69 degrees in philadelphia international. and 69 degrees in torresdale. sunny day, we're track a few sprinkles this morning. really nothing more than that. they will not last once the clouds are out, we will be dry. until we get to the second half of the weekend. see the showers, nebraska, south dakota and anorth dakota, that's a possibility for us. knack, we're expecting those to move in during the day on
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sunday. we've got a long way to go, we've got nice weather ahead of their arrival for today and tomorrow. as we go through the day on friday, they move through the midwest. come saturday, we will see those showers in western pennsylvania at saturday at 9:30. moving through our area on sunday. it will stay through the west on sunday afternoon. we've got beautiful weather ahead and much needed rainfall. great weather for saturday. the humidity will be staying lower, too. afternoon temperatures for low 80s in philadelphia, the suburbs. 80s for lehigh valley. south jersey and delaware. here comes the thunder shower threat. it will start in the lehigh valley and philadelphia and eventually spread to jersey and at the shore. on monday, there's a chance we'll get more rain fall in the area. temperatures hovering in the low
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80s but for today and tomorrow, nothing but sunshine. low humidity. in fact, even lower tomorrow morning which means a cooler morning. 58 degrees, back in the 50s saturday morning. sunshine, a few scattered clouds on sunday. not an all-day rainfall. but as the day goes on showers will be increasing and continue into sunday night and monday morning. monday afternoon, we're likely drying out and it's dry for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday with high temperatures in the 80s. philadelphia's controversial soda tax isn't even in effect yet and now there's a new push to stop it. just ahead, hear about the lawsuit now involving that tax. also, classes cancelled. that was the case at two rutgers college campuses. just ahead, hear why some of the student has to is sleep in the school's gyms.
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it's 5:24 and 69 degrees outside. happening today, allentown's ppl center will prepare for this weekend's professional bull riders event by bringing in 140,000 pounds of dirt. similar to what you see here. the dirt will become the stage where the best bull riders in the world will compete friday and saturday night. north philadelphia progress plaza has a new marker. he came the first african-american owned shopping center in the u.s.
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at the progress plaza, ministers across the country opened up businesses in distressed neighborhoods. >> it meant the culmination of one man's dream, tenacity, intelligence, commitment and hard work. now, i'm not talking about me, i'm talking about reverend sullivan. >> the site has currently more than a dozen tenants. well, you may have some trouble getting your hands on apple's new iphone 7. landon dowdy is here with cnbc business news to explain why. landon. >> that's right, tracy. if you're expecting to pick up a new iphone tomorrow, you may have to wait. the first round of the iphone 7 is sold out worldwide as is the new jet black version of the smaller iphone 7. that means if you go to the store on friday, you will not be able to buy one site, but you can still place orders online.
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wall street ahead of a slew of economic data out, a drop in oil prices dragging on the dow. but the nasdaq moved higher. and that's thanks to apple which had its best day if two months. a report on unemployment, retail sales and inflation and manufacturing. up on 32 points to 18034, the nasdaq rising 18 to 5173. tracy, back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. landon, thanks. 5:26. and 69 degrees. there's still some clouds in the area, but the humidity is already breaking. and the wind blowing on the linc in south philadelphia, the neighborhood forecast is just ahead. but what's. happening on the roads this morning? jessica boyington is monitoring the situation in the "first alert" track center. >> right, and i'm the only one
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with this information, bill starting on the boulevard, 17th street, north and south, no problems. but we do have a problem on the new jersey turnpike. i'll update you on that at 5:30. also, new details on the crisis in atlantic city and what officials are now asking for as they face a crucial deadline today. also bridging the gap. we'll tell you about a program at two local colleges that will help students out with their loans. >> announcer: sponsored by comcast business. built for business.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," hillary clinton and donald trump will be under the spotlight today as questions still surround their health. and the soda tax battle. the philadelphia's controversial law just months away from going into effect. but hear how a lawsuit to put that plan on hold. and out in the dark. a reche chanceled classes at two campuses. 5:30, 69 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it was a nice day. let's start with meteorologist bill henley with the "first alert" neighborhood weather. bill. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. you can feel the breeze. it is blowing clouds through the area. with those clouds a few


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